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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  August 22, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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school. it's the anti-kors play. >> i said yes to that. i think shaking the trees in the market. 1390 stop. sold out of mcdonald's. >> fol le me on twitter as you always can. "power lunch" starts now. "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. welcome to "power lunch." listen. hear that sound? the ticking? that is the countdown clock that everyone with money in this market is thinking about as we get set for the fed minutes. we'll help you get ahead of the game irks sna's iran's president, mahmoud ahmadinejad and the war in syria spreading in to lebanon. having a big impact on oil and might be the beginning of those problems. and then come over here and take a look at this nike sneaker. why the urban league is telling nike take the new shoes off the
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shelves. first, simon is in for partner tyler on vacation. we have simon at the nyse. >> traders passing. good afternoon from the floor of the stock exchange. we'll start with the minutes and bringing ceo economics reporter steve liesman in a moment but this is a chance of the dow traded since the last time the fed release minutes july 11th. up at the best part. the s&p up 5%. the stock moves mean the fed less likely to embark on qe3 and the nasdaq up about 5.5% since we had last minutes of the fed. one thing is for sure, few people get as excited about this as steve liesman, senior economics reporter and will join us later in the program, sue, to discuss exactly where we are as now count down 59 minutes until we get that release. >> indeed, simon. thank you very much. as a matter of fact, right here,
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flew in from the
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now the corporate users. the stock is surging today up more than 7%. of course, it is a lousy performer since it came to the
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market. >> indeed. thank you. existing home sales numbers in this morning and those numbers showed that americans bought more homes in july. sales of previously occupied homes rose 2.3% from the month before and the analysts say it's another bit of evidence the market is picking up but slowly. the congressional budget office, simon, you have more on that. >> yep. economic outlook today and grim reading with the fiscal cliff is concerned. eamon javers has more on that. >> reporter: the congressional budget office is slightly bullish. they project gnat federal budget deficit for fiscal year ending september 30th will total $1.1 trillion and a bit less than the $1.2 trillion estimate for march. this is the fourth year, however, in a row with a deficit over $1 trillion. the reason for the downward deficit revision is a decrease in activity and the cbo expects
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the recovery to continue at a quote modest pace for the remainder of 2012 with real gdp growing at 2.25% up from about 1.75 for the first half and for 2013 as you say the cbo projecting a grim year with economic tightening resulting from the fiscal cliff and has to assume the country goes over written in current low. the cbo projecting recession-like conditions for 2013 with year over year gdp growth of negative 0.3% and a jump in the unemployment rate that year from 8.2% to 8.8%. now, all of this is engendering political response. we have a statement of the white house saying today's congressional budget office report only reinforces the urgent need for house republicans to follow the senate's lead and pass a bill to give middle class families the confidence that they won't see the taxes go up at the beginning
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of the next year so the white house blaming congressional republicans. you can imagine, sue, that the republicans on capitol hill have the opposite take on this. back to you. >> indeed i can. thank you very much. hyundai, the south korean car maker stepping on the gas in hopes of picking up u.s. market share. phil lebeau has that. hi, smil. >> reporter: hi, sue. this is the model news of them. this week rolling in to dealerships is 2013 santa fe. it's critical to the sales continuing to grow here in the u.s. the six passenger version comes out later this year, early next year. sales up year to date and look at the day's supply of hyundai droips for this brand compared to other brands in the industry. it's hard to find one in a hyundai dealership right now especially looking at the genesis coupe. those are in high demand and they're way ahead of competitors. this is why the company at the alabama plant is increasing production. they're in the midst of hiring
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and tooling up for a third shift to start in september. hyundai said no plans announced for a new plant in the united states but i said it was a big week. here's why. the chairman of hyundai is over here visiting executives at the headquarters and representatives at the two plants in georgia and alabama looking at shares of hyundai. so simon, this is a company that is at capacity. it needs to add capacity. the question is when. we expect to hear news in the next year or two. >> interesting. thank you very much. a market flash now with courtney reagan. >> look at shares of caterpillar and joy global. they make equipment for mining and seeing shares fall today as there's an announcement of shelving plans for the $20 million olympic dam project in australia. holding shares of caterpillar you're counting on that project. looks like you're disappointed at least right now. simon, back to you. >> thank you. it's cheap to invest there
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but is it too dangerous? talking, of course, after russia after an all-girl rock band sentenced to two years in prison and more of the detractors of president putin were arrested. before the break, let's bring in the big five movers on the session so far. the dow under pressure down 73 points. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 when i'm trading, i'm totally focused.
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49 minutes until the minutes of the last fed meeting are released. let's check in with rick santelli. >> thank you very much, simon. what a fascinating 24-hour period it's been if you're monitoring the fixed income markets. look at a chart of 10-year notes and certainly yesterday and down half a dozen basis points. net change to yesterday but 24 hours ago at a 126 intraday high yield and that 186 were a dozen basis points below. if you open it up to a two-month chart, many around me think maybe we have seen the highest yields as we start to get back in to odds of a european mode. chinese mode. weak retail sales in canada and some of the usda that of course is better. look at the corporate world.
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start ourt the eft. investment grade. lqd. i find this one very fascinating because it really had a big correction. it's righted itself from the historic last day of july high. look at this picture held up extraordinarily well. and especially when you think there's a lot of big fund managers out there saying be careful of high yield otherwise known as junk. we go from etf price to the spread, over one month, very well behaved. we want to monitor those to be sentinel and the equities if markets are turning. sue? >> thank you very much, rick. let's focus on the middle east which right now is a mess. the international atomic energy agency says iran is cleaning up a site that the group wants to inspect as in it's hiding evidence of whatever it was working on. yesterday iran unveiled a new missile it says is more accurate
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than anything else in its arsenal and capable of hitting all u.s. troop bases in that particular area. and then, of course, the situation in syria. the iranian-backed syrian arm is using tanks and helicopters to attack southern damascus and "the new york times" reporting today that that war is spilling over in to lebanon. those are just some of the reasons why oil has been up 7.5% in a 1-month period and if you take that out to a 2- to 3-month period we are up 10%. richard engel in new york for us again. good to talk to you. >> reporter: thanks. the middle east is a mess and broken as you described it. >> it's stunning how many different moving parts there are in that particular part of the world. can you give us an update, specifically relating to iran and does not seem to be stepping back from the nuclear ambitions? >> absolutely. you have to understand what's going on in syria as in some
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ways a proxy war that iran is backing the syrian government, hezbollah in leb nan backing the syrian government and looking on a map it's because iran supplies hezbollah through syria and there's an arc of shiite countries that want to stay in power and want to stay relevant and that is the dynamic playing out and you have the rebel who is are trying to fight against the regime of bashar al assad and fighting hell boll la on the ground and advisers good at crushing opposition. >> last time we talked to you we thought perhaps we were at a tipping point of iran and israel. are we still at that tipping point do you think or have thinged cothing s cooled off a bit? >> there's competing voices in israel thinking it's not a good idea to attack iran militarily.
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the iranian economy is very weak. there is something of a war going on, a covert war, against the iranian economy. it is seeing tremendous inflation. there's growing frustration on the streets of teheran. this is because of sanctions. these are because of some of the tighter banking regulation that is have come in to effect and i think a lot of people in israel including members of the intelligence community think that as long as the iranian community continues the downward spiral that it would only help to unite the yiranian governmen behind the government if you launch a military strike and might not even have the impact that israel would like. >> let's turn to russia and sir yeah. i noticed a news item yesterday that russia and syria inked a deal where they will have an oil for oil products swap. in other words, russia will
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supply syria and keep its economy, syria's economy, you know, floated for a while. that does it not complicated things considerably for united states keeping to pressure president assad to step down and aside and we have russia actually fueling the syrian economy? >> exactly. and already russia which has a base in syria has been providing arms to the syrian government and now is providing them with a source of liquidity and allows them to buy russian weapons so they're providing some money that will eventually go back to russia itself. but they're also extending them a lifeline. they want to keep syria as a client state. syria was a previously soviet client state and russia wants the status quo to remain. russia sells a lot of products to iran, a lot of products to syria. and russia's worried that if syria goes, iran will be
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weakened and several of the customer bases could dry up with the toppling of bashar al assad. it is putting its eggs in that basket and keep that basket afloat to continue to buy russian particularly arms. russia doesn't sell aside from oil that much and except for weapons. >> indeed. great to get your perspective. thank you for joining us today. we continue our focus now on russia and now after two decades of trying was just granted entry in to the world trade organization today but will the rising prominence in the global arena and considerable oil wealth lure business and investments to moscow or still fragile economy and the crackdown make it too much of a risk? we have insight now. welcome to "power lunch." >> good to be with you. >> what do you make of the situation? first of all, is the risk too high specifically as it pertains to mr. putin seemingly putting
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down the iron fist again just last week to invest money there? >> as you mentioned, russia finally ceded to the w.h.o. today. it's sometimes seemed as if they would never finish the line but able to achieve it and a huge amount of prestige for russia and brings economic benefits, as well. the important thing to recall is that russia unlike china is not a manufacturing based economy. china saw an immediate boost to the economy once it ceded to the w.h.o. and it's a natural resource based economy, primarily oil and gas and the benefit to russia at least in the near to medium term is quite marginally. in terms of the risk and the case of the riot last week, this is disaster for the kremlin and they're not able to manage public relations very well. so instead of, you know, really
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taunting the fact they ceded to w.h.o. they're focused on the human rights regime. >> a lot of people look at russia, look at the natural resources. look at the fact that although there's a boom and bust cycle in russia we're aware of, when they're in boom times you can make a lot of money there but given mr. putin's tendency to try to control all things that smell of capitalism, is the risk/reward ratio generous enough to risk money there? >> well, i think it is and i think when you talk to u.s. businesses and foreign businesses generally on the ground there working they'll tell you that as in any emerging economy russia's challenges, no question about it. the returns are quite good. sure they have issues. corruption remains an issue, as well. but actually the business is growing quite well and this is a large part due to consumer
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demand. i think this is one area not fuelly appreciated. sellers growing significantly in russia over ten years. disposable income is on a par with some european economies and russians are great shoppers and really to some degree driving the economic growth and russia right now on target to produce about 4% gdp this year and comparing it to anemic growth in the united states or potential recession eu it is looking pretty good. >> indeed. a good point to leave it at. pleasure to talk with you. >> my pleasure. back over to courtney with a market flash. >> sue, coming to teen retailers, you get it right or wrong and not a lot of in between. american eagle got it right. raising the full year guidance. traders liking it. shares up almost 8% now. gaining some steam here. simon, back to you. >> thank you very much. speaking of doing it right, analyze these. next up, these wall street
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chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. welcome back. take a look at shares of best buy. trading lower despite the fact
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of board of directors authorizing a quarterly cash dividend of 17 crepts a share. headlines keep coming with this one. simon, back to you. >> thank you very much. time to analyze this on "power lunch." matt cheslock joined us on the floor of new york stock exchange from virtue. talk about the moves today and imperial capital upgraded las vegas sands to outperform from inline. thinking the next catalyst will probably be positive and that valuations will increase. the target they have is $62 which indicates 40% upside on this. >> i'm with them probably the short term. i think july revenues is weak. i think putting a lot of eggs in basket for them alone and the numbers at the beginning of september and reasonable to think to see $48 in this. i don't see 62 but i see 48. >> they believe that gaining revenues up as much as 10% in
1:26 pm
august. >> i like that call. >> key bank downgrading one of the largest automotive chains in the united states. group 1 automotive. the shares fairly value at this time. do you believe that around $54? >> yeah. i think so. one thing to think, this analyst with a buy of 44. it's gone to 54. making a pretty good call and valuation levels and the market likes what he said today as far as trusting him because the stock's down so i'll go with him and what he says. >> 54 with the stopping point option. wells fargo ungrading center point to out perform from market perform. the quote is increased confidence of center point to find opportunities to deploy capital in value-accretive projects. >> there's capital appreciation, yield. it's attractive for someone not
1:27 pm
risk, you know, is risk sensitive so you won't buy it and make two or three points immediately. it's a good call. >> thank you, matt. more from matt ahead in the program and the metals market is about to close and we'll be live from the nymex with those trades. also ahead, the big fight over sneakers with a big price tag. the president of the urban league will make a fall on the program for nike to take them off the shelves. find out why coming up next. th , backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. so go to today and see for yourself.
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gold steady near a three and a half month high. yak i can deangelis is live tracking the action. hi, jackie. >> hi there, simon. gold settling just above the $1,640 mark. that was the high end of the range we were looking at earlier this week. a trader telling me $1,640 is $1,620 and expect prices as high as $1,625 and depends on the catalysts. news of europe and the fed, as well. seeing a little bit of strength in the euro and meantime watching platinum prices at the highest level or hit the highest level since early may on the
1:31 pm
south african unrest. a trader saying 2012 surplus could be hit in half and market balance could be the deficit continuing to see unrest in south africa and copper prices today pulling back after hitting a one-month high. we had positive usda that and also that bhp decision to hold off on projects providing support to copper prices. the big move is platinum. back over to you. >> down here we're off the earlier lows and trading to the downside as you can see on the screen. mary thompson with the very latest. >> the waiting game continues. fed minutes out in about 35 moneys or so, simon, so investors waiting for that. this has kept the markets in a fairly narrow range today. weighing on the markets is continued concerns about the euro zone and pressure to the markets, comments of the white house after the cbo report talking about the fiscal cliff
1:32 pm
and the deficit. some traders saying the white house saying this reinforces the needs for the tax plans and pressure on the stock market an come back. take a look at the euro. saying earlier today the risk on trade off today and reflected in the weakness and it's come back approaching the release of those fed minutes. among the sectors you should pressure today suggesting the risk on trade is off are some of the more agrezive sectors of industrials, materials, financial and energy. all under pressure and retailers in an exception with home builders with the stronger than expected report and leaders there after very good numbers and positive forecast. walmart and home depot positive in the dow today and higher. express under pressure after the forecast weaker than expected and i want to point out fifth third bank. we haven't given this company. but the company said the federal
1:33 pm
reserve approved the capital play and buying back stock and a number of analysts with positive comments in the wake of that because that buyback program the larger than what they were expecting. we are expecting the fed minutes in just a couple of minutes so i'll be back with more on that and the market's reaction with that after 2:00. a slight outperformance today at the nasdaq. stocks not doing as bad ly as elsewhere. >> it's all about the stock down better than 6%, dell. slashing the full-year outlook. that's the story here. customers delaying their purchase of computers as they wait for the windows 8 operating system to be launched. also, want to point your attention to apple. after yesterday's move to the downside after that rare downgrade, buyers are finding it to be a great entry level. the stock up. another winner here at the nasdaq ebay hitting a 52-week high expanding the footprint in the mobile payment space and why it's up. a quick look at bed bath &
1:34 pm
beyond. upgrading it to buy. also upgrading the price target. the company writing that it's in a sweet spot of a low valuation. sue, sending it back to you. >> i'll pick it up if i may. tonight you have kayak reporting i believe and going to do an interview on "fast money" from the nasdaq and that's one ipo that we have been focused on out of many, seema. >> absolutely. especially after facebook's ipo just getting more, i guess, more flavor and color on how they're seeing their ipo going after the nasdaq. >> thank you. great. over to you, sue. all right. there was a lot of buzz yesterday from a "wall street journal" article saying nike breaking the $300 mark on the new lebron x sneaker, a report that nike disputes. one of the frequent guests is telling nike just don't do it. joining us now on the phone is president and ceo of the national urban league as well as the former mayor of new orleans.
1:35 pm
mr. mayor, nice to have you today. >> good to be with you today. >> nike basically say they're going to be several versions fazed in of this sneaker, one of which is lower priced. does that give you any comfort or not? >> we need to see exactly what the result is. my point most importantly is that at a time when parents and others are preparing to send their kids back to school, need to be able to afford computers, books, school clothing, this is exactly the wrong message for nike to send to parents that there's value in a $300 sneaker, $300 tennis shoe. and i think it's important for nike to go back to the drawing board and truly reconsider whether this is the kind of product they want to launch. but my message is also to parents. and that is, to not fall, sway and pray to items status symbols and not necessary for our children and our young people.
1:36 pm
>> you also released as part of your news release a number of different statements. one of which i'd like to read. you say, quote the economic crisis has escalated violence and crime in many urban communities. quote, tragically, overpriced sneakers are a false symbol of status often sparking violence, end quote. can you elaborate on that? >> yeah. you know, the idea that people have gotten in to fights and altercations of sneakers might shock some people's conscience but these sneakers have become in many respects a status symbol. you have to have a certain type of sneaker to belong to a certain group. you have to own a certain type of sneaker if you want to be, quote, accepted. i think we need to understand that while many of us as adults may not be aware that this is going on in the community that our young people and our
1:37 pm
children live it's a reality. what we ask nike to do is be responsible about this, take a pause and consider the effects of a $300 sneaker and consider the effects that elevating this product which is in effect a sneaker, to a high level status symbol, a status symbol in communities across the nation is exactly the wrong message to send. >> one, have you heard from nike? have you reached out to nike and have you heard from them? two, what about those withhold say, you know what? if it's a high priced sneaker then let the market dictate and parents should opt not to buy it? >> i think that's what we're saying. we are saying to parents they should opt not to buy it and saying to nike, yes, let the market dictate, but also, nike spends a lot of money promoting a very responsible image of themselves and i think consistent with the image their advertising promotes i think in
1:38 pm
this instance pausing and re-evaluating this product at this price at this time is the thing that any responsible corporation would do. >> all right. we want to repeat that nike, we reached out to nike and they did respond. we showed you their statement and we look forward to more communication of nike and mr. mayor, if you hear from nike or lebron at any rate, please let us know what you hear. >> we'll let you know. i appreciate the time. >> all right. >> thank you. up next on "power lunch," as years microsoft rapidly become one of america's favorite stocks. it's up 27% over the last year. should you buy it from year here? it's all about windows 8. [ male announcer ] let's level the playing field. take the privileged investing tools of wall street and make them simple, intuitive, and available to all. distill all that data.
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coming up top of the hour, the fed minutes out right top of
1:41 pm
the hour. will they add fuel to the summer rally or dim hopes for more central bank easy money? can't afford apple? we've got some hot lower priced stocks that won't break your bank. and separating fact from fiction on the campaign trail. we'll put statements from the obama and romney camps to the test. all those things coming up. top of the hour. sue, simon, back to you. >> thank you very much, mandy. looking forward to it. big afternoon. important headlines in the technology space. let's start with apple samsung. the patent trial now in the hands of the jury on the west coast. jon fortt's live in san jose. jon, when do we think they'll come through with some sort of judgment? >> that's the question, simon. anybody's guess. the jury's deliberating 9:00 a m to 4:30 pacific time every day. i have talked to experts saying if samsung wins on apple's patents expect things to
1:42 pm
continue as they have been with smartphones and tablets looking for the iphone and ipad and if apple wins they could make the products look different. it strengthens google's portion of the system and might be less eager to make it more iphone-like, sigh man. >> let's move over to hewle hewlett-packard reporting after the bell, a day after hp's rival dell did exactly the same and see how badly it fared in the course of the year. what should investors focus on? >> yeah, simon. there are a lot of cow pies in hp earnings. analysts looking for 98 cents of eps on 31.1 billion of revenue. emerge market pc buyers went for lower end machines. and consumer pc supplies were a
1:43 pm
problem last quarter. there aren't many reasons why that would have improved. the real question is full-year guidance. hp lowered the bar and with everybody else in tech doing it this quarter, will meg whitman have to lower it again? guys? >> stay with us, jon, because in a week as microsoft surpassing apple, we turn our attention to washington and the company bill gates and paul allen formed in 1975 despite years of treading water as you'll be aware, the stock microsoft has moved substantially higher in the past 12 months leading many to believe that the company finally turned a corner. remember, too, it's one of the most widely held stocks by institutions and hedge funds with 74 billion in net revenue and $60 billion in cash. for more now, jon fortt is still with us. quentin hardy joins us and analyst richard dockerty.
1:44 pm
for many people, richard, as you look forward for the future of microsoft, it's very much about the launch of windows 8. would you disagree? >> very, vur much tied in to windows 8 and affects hp. of course, hp has some legs out there besides windows and an exciting fourth quarter. >> quentin, where are you on microsoft? >> i think windows 8 is important but you have to remember that's something of the old world. that's the days when pcs were stand alone objects and that operating system generated all that cash for microsoft. i mean, it's not anymore. they're connected to the cloud through the internet and these multi-country data centers operated by google and amazon and apple. all of whom make their own devices and, you know, assist in operating systems and operate big data centers and software that interconnects with all that. i give microsoft a lot of credit here because they have moved from the old world in to the new.
1:45 pm
they have built the data centers. they came out with the surface tablet. they own piece of hardware. they have the xbox and trying to contend with the new world. the stock hasn't done well but fought an tried to move in to the new world well. >> do you credit it to mr. balmer moving them in to that new world and actually the stocks moved 27% in the last, you know, year. does that vindicate him? >> for years he's one of the pin ye piniatas in tech and maybe a payoff now. it's early days. i couldn't be sure. with individuals and with companies there's nothing tougher than coming to terms with your history and disassociating it with a new world. >> richard, do you agree with that? >> a little bit but more importantly microsoft gets a chance right now to redefine what the windows pc is with windows 8 from tablet to pc.
1:46 pm
think've done a number on the oems. shocked them in to saying we can compete with you. so microsoft has to communicate that to the customers and partners. they have fired shots over the bows. >> how would you sum up the feeling on the west coast to microsoft at the moment? >> i think what microsoft has right now that it hasn't had in recent memory is positive buzz, not just from people around washington but in general. what they haven't done is delivered the next generation product that's going to drive when's expected to be a good season for them. the stock price moved on expectations. we need to see with whether with windows 8 to expand in to tablets and folks like qualcomm and the chips do and really important. if they can expand the windows franchise or if they're gong to get eaten away by the folks outmaneuvered them in mobile and whether they can change windows phone 8 in to something that's a
1:47 pm
contender with ip s o and android and business enterprise side is a big, big thing for microsoft continuing to grow. >> we have kind of handicapped the fact that the stock has done very well over the last year and there were three scenarios set out by analysts on the street as to why the stock has run and three alternatives they think that microsoft has ahead of it. we kind of put together the three scenarios for you. one would be a dividend hike. the other one would be buy a company and the third would be to save some of that enormous amount of cash. richard, i go to you first. which one of those do you think is more likely? >> i think dividend hike is likely. it's career preservation. for balmer right now. and yet, the other two curtains you have got there of buy a company and save cash, always alive because steve balmer told me as long as the checkbook is fat and still in the pocket you
1:48 pm
get invited to parties. >> quentin, talk about number two. buy a company. who's out there? rim? >> i think they could buy rim. they could buy nokia. they could get further in to hardware that way. that would be a good way to go. i think having 27% up in the stock buys balmer a lot of time and they're going toe to toe with apple and google and ama n amazon. they all have a lot of cash. >> save cash. what do you think, jon? all right sitting on a lot of cash. >> they are. and they're playing very conservative. i think buy a company is a last resort for them. they need nokia to succeed. i think they're prepared to invest money to make sure that happens and don't want to if they don't have to. >> thank you all. appreciate it very much. >> thank you. we'll take a break and then next, peter thiel dumps the facebook shares. should he resign of facebook's board, as well? we'll talk about that. and as we head out, here's a look at how facebook and the other big social media stocks
1:49 pm
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so time for a temptation edition of the power rundown.
1:52 pm
joining us julia boorstin and john carny. welcome, guys. kick off with the uproar still over peter thiel selling most of his facebook shares. should board members of start-ups be allowed to stay on the board if they dump their shares, julia? >> well, i think this is what investors do. he invested early. they usually sell out after the ipo. bigger question is whether he's a valuable asset for mark zuckerberg and a separate question is whether zuckerberg should have additional people on the board with more experience at public companies. >> john? >> i think absolutely he should stay on the board. he was on the board as an asset. he is smart with technology. keep him there and he was a valuable guy before selling the shares and valuable afterwards. as long as mark zuckerberg still finds he belongs there, he belongs there. >> okay. all right. then let's move on to criticism
1:53 pm
mounting over nike's reported plan of a sneaker of more than $300. nike has said we are going to come through with $180 sneaker and then if you want the nike plus technology to measure how you bounce along the court it costs you more. we don't have a price on that. julia, are you anti-capitalistic here? >> look. talking about tar getting wealthy housewives it wouldn't matter how expensive the shoes are. the problem is marketing an nike marketing the shoes to teenagers and often to teenagers in inner cities who can't afford them. i think nike does pride itself on the corporate responsibility. they have to be cautious on the marketing issue. >> i feel sure, john, you are buying a pair to wander around the cnbc newsroom. >> this is what i wear. you can get this for about 30 bucks. i'm not probably not the target audience for the shoe. >> yes. >> but i do have to say if people want to spend money, waste their money on these kinds
1:54 pm
of shoes, i think that's a deeper problem. not nike's problem for selling it to them. >> thank you for that. nice shoe action. finally, one of the secrets to the hit tv show "breaking bad" is out. where do you get the blue crystal? enter the candy lady. the store in new mexico making it for the show is now since they thought it was a good idea selling it to the public. good fun or sending the among message? >> i have to admit i'm a candy aficionado and reminds me of the j zbrets and cigars when i was a kid. i don't think it gets kids to do meth. this is all good fun. a pass in my book. >> john? >> my real question is are real meth marketers dyeing their meth blue? most pope lar brand meth because of "breaking bad" and i talked to law enforcement people saying it's blue methane not necessarily higher quality but
1:55 pm
marketing device and call it smurf dope and it is out there. >> you floored me again, carney. nice to see you both. thank you very much. >> you never know, simon, do you? with john carney comes out with. you never know. he does wear those sneakers around the newsroom. coming up in the next hour, with investors dumping dell and hp ahead of earnings after the bell, can windows 8 save the pc? "power lunch" is back in two. fidelity's etf market tracker shows you the big picture on how different asset classes are performing, and it lets you go in for a closer look at areas within a class or sector that may be bucking a larger trend. i'm stephen hett of fidelity investments. the etf market tracker is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea. exclusive to the military,
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here are the results of the yahoo! finance poll. here are the results. 64% of you said, yes. 36% of you said, no. very interesting. all right. markets are on the down side. we have the dow down 67 points. s&p down 4. eight points above the 1,400 level and significant and nasdaq composite down about 5 points. simon? >> yeah. we are waiting now for the fed minutes to be released and just before getting that stage in a minute and a half, matt cheslock with me here and talking about in broad terms in a negative day
1:59 pm
it's the sympathy moves of dominating the sector. toll brothers standing out today. >> absolutely. all the home builders up because of the etf. the underlying goes up and benefiting of toll brothers good numbers and from the negative side on the pc makers. dell, hp. hp release tonight and sympathy trade before that release tonight. >> yeah, sure, sure. interesting days v. a great afternoon. sue, over to you. >> thank you very much, simon. see you tomorrow. have a great afternoon. "power lunch" that's it for us. breaking news on the fed moments away. they will have it on "street signs" and it begins right now. we'll see you tomorrow. welcome to "street signs" where we have a big show on tap for you today. we have got the fed minutes. will they change their language?


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