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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 7, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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>> i don't want for a moment to hide my amazement about the reaction today. today i did two "today show" stints or hits. like i hit matt lauer or something. the first was at 7:10 a.m. where i confidently stated we would get a better than payroll number because of the afp inputs, the challenger survey of layoffs and the weekly jobless claims. they were all rosy, which to me meant that we had to create at least 10,000 more jobs than the 125,000 forecast, more than that. nope. you can second guess me all you want. the reality is that almost every single service i follow took
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estimates up that trio of positive precursors. the second hit was for the west coast. that came at 10:01 eastern, 7:01 pacific. nine-minute move up from my first hit. monumental especially date the day after the president spoke at the democratic convention. i had a similar number of crows to the number that attacked the playground in the movie "the birds." let's not hide behind the unploinlt rate which went down. because only in america would fewer than expected jobs take unemployment percentages down. it's the anemic job growth that matters here. first the federal reserve meets next week. the classic bad news is actually good news story, we have to believe the feds got a present for us that might be better for the stock market, than even a strong employment number would have been. the fed is really potent not when creating jobs but when it comes to stocks. positions create money and all that money spills into
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someplace, particularly the stock market. as much as we like to think of ourselves as the center of the financial universe, right now its weakest link is europe, we're still bathing in the rosy eurozone bailouts. what's great for their banks is good for our banks. that combined with the bernanke soon-to-be similar laws numbers, the s & p 500 and the banks were fabulous today. bank of america is leading this market. third, last night the chinese pulled the trigger on some big stimulus projects that should help our industrial stocks. these projects i'm talking about things like roads, sewers systems, sub waste, united technologies or machinery business like caterpillar. did you see those stocks today? now of course we need them backed up with sunday night rate hikes or otherwise. stay tuned. i'll tell you. fourth, as much as we might
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appreciate the good work that intel's done for the p.c. industry over the years, the slow death rattle of the p.c., it's really starting to speed up. it's not weakness in technology. not. it's a secular shift meaning it's like kind of you can't stop it. towards smart phones and tablets. the notebook, net book and ultrabook all key to the growth story at intel are starting to lose out to the tablet in such a meaningful way that it's hurting this p.c.-based semiconductor company. how much is it hurting? enough to allow apple, google and amazon, all beneficiaries of the downfall of the traditional desktop computer keep driving higher, not lower. p.c. market is declining because of what the three titans are doing. their markets are growing so fast it's anything but zero sum. there's a rose beneath today's tech action. no president has been able to beat the rap of high unemployment since f.d.r. ticking up romney victory right
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now. romney has something to crow about now. that something is the most important jobs number the government issues. anything good for romney is considered to be whether you like it or not good for stocks. romney represents no increase in taxes for the rich who own stocks. everybody owns some i know. but the rich, that's what they do. including no higher capital gains or dividend taxes. lessened regulatory environment that will help the banks and improve the prospects of the oil and gas industries. didn't those two sectors act so well today. you put them all together and get a worse is better from bernanke, europe policies change, change in china that causes hope and revised chance of gop victory. all of which is a recipe for a stock market that wasn't crushed by a number that often does a whole lot of crushing. bottom line, look. unemployment number real bad for the president. but we aren't investigating whether it's easier to get a job or who's going to win for president. we're investing future profits and stabilities for our companies. that actually went up, not down
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in the last 24 hours. let's start with john in kentucky. john. >> caller: hey, jim, a big booyah to you. >> you're from kentucky. you must be lucky. what's up? >> caller: absolutely. hey, my question is about the brazilen mining company, balle. and i know some big news broke today within the industry about the glen corps merger. just wanted to get your thoughts on balle and how this news affects the mining industry as a whole moving forward. >> i'm glad you called is valet. v-a-l-e. many people call itvale. iron works's been down by a third in the last three weeks. this stock rallied along with many others because people believe the chinese are finally starting to stimulate and the iron inventories are lean. i think vale can go up for a
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long time before it gets expensive. ben in texas. >> caller: hey, jim. college station. curious about your take on the november elections and 2013 investment income tax rates and the potential impact on markets especially with regards to high dividend-paying stocks. >> matters tremendously who gets the house. if democrats have a big sweep then you're going to wish that you sold more stocks this year because your tax rate's going to go up and you got to figure the after-tax does matter on taxes didn't on stocks, unless you're in a retirement account. i never like to do as they say in the book of real money, don't do anything for the tax man. if you have a company that's real good, hold onto it even though you may not be able to get as good a rate when you sell because maybe you shouldn't sell at all because the stock's going to go so much higher. another day when the worst was expected but the market took it in stride. disappointing jobs in tech. but the market didn't blink. is the market acting like an idiot?
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no! the market's making sense because it's about profits, not about employment reports. "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, your next move. while the market shrugged off some bad news today, this is no time to get complacent. it's a jam-packed week ahead. stick around to arm yourself with cramer's game plan before you make your next zbluf after surging over 8,000% in just the past five years. but is this sky-high-rise at a ceiling or will our need for medical innovation mean this run has just begun? plus, frozen smiles? while averages have soared this year, botox maker allergen aegz stock has stalled. could it soon be ready to give your portfolio a lift? hold still. cramer's exclusive with its sco is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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now that you understand why we didn't get crushed today despite the awful jobs number we can dive right into the game plan for next week. right now we're being held up by the strength in europe and the anticipation of some economically stimulating rate cutting in china. we still need more demand in this country if today's bad news about the job number is going to be tomorrow's good news. and that's why for next week's game plan the most important days are wednesday and then really importantly thursday when the federal reserve meets, okay? big jam-packed thing here, okay? so you see this lousy unemployment number? it makes it even hard imperative that the fed take action. right now the market is saying ben where nan key has to help.
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must. i think he does have our back and he'll say once again that look, he's looking out for us. even if it's the gridlock in washington that's got everyone worried. sadly, uncle ben can't throw a bridge over troubled cliffs. this isn't simon and gar funk el. it's democrats and republicans. that in mind let's look at what else is happening next week. for our game plan we need to remember that the week as has always been the case these days starts on sunday, not for football but for china. we get a slew of economic numbers out of china. these numbers should be in keeping with all the other chinese numbers of late meaning disappointing. if that means we're going to come in on monday and the numbers disappoint and the chinese didn't cut rates, the sellers will come out for all the stocks that did the best today. coal, iron work, copper, machinery companies. they'll come out like clockwork. china admittedly gave us some good infrastructure news last night. but we need to see a followup on the rate cuts. more build programs or we are going to take away those big sweet gains.
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in terms of earnings, monday we can forget about facebook for once, please! and focus on two ipos that could have made you fortunes. palo alto networks in the thick of one of our major themes here. fire walls and cyber security and -- i told you to get in on both of these stocks before they became public in july. if you did so, you did great. five below has more than doubled from its ipo price. even if you bought the stock in the after market for once you're up 30%. palo alto 63% gain. these are the two best deals of the year if you ask me. they're exceptional companies. i think that five below especially has tremendous growth prospects. it's just in 17 states. that's got a nation-wide idea here. it has its own $5 instead of $1 niche. it's not a store that sells cold
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weather gear. palo a arkz lrkz orkalo alto gi cyber security. attitude morning we hear from united statesed natural foods. what a horse this has been. no way they can get this team of natural foods just a limited number of players. i think this could refocus people on haynes celestial and whole foods, neither is cheap. i still think they represent great values and can go higher over time. mondays tend to be down days as ritual in this market. why? because people keep waiting for the chinese to act and they're still hiding on the other side. we need them to get busy cutting. if they don't i suspect they'll be down again monday. invest in the co-op strategies getting back to even to buy haynes and whole foods. today's losses whole foods came back at the end of the day. i think unfi's number could refocus people and get those two moving. whole foods january 80 calls or february 65 calls for haine. not a lot of premium in those.
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remember you can get back to even. stop that at a level that could be higher than where the stocks would go if indeed they ever disappoint him. how about wednesday? that's the day when apple is expected town veil its new iphone. the stock tends to run into these introes and has sold off after them unless there was something so totally unexpectedly positive that it catches the traders flat-footed. you need to see one of the following. first, the new iphone needs to have a couple of breath-taking features that you and i probably can't think of but steve jobs might have thought of before he died. and maybe they were on the drawing board but just couldn't be done at the time. we need some what i call wow factor. we need my girlfriend siri to be more on her game and be able to understand more commands, although getting her to understand my moods may be a tough chore. what would cause people to get rid of their old phones and switch like everybody's? do you know that jobs was per
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rential yal perennially hassled by the need to recharge. maybe from the sun. he was smarter than anybody. that would tend to stock fly. if it were a better looking slightly cooler phone get ready for a dive that allows you to buy apple. it wouldn't hurt if the phone had a little ca in it like made with titanium. they still break too easily. pier one reports on thursday. this is important. why? because the stock's at a 352 week high going into its best season. filled with holidays. that seasonal bent of this terrific chain. do we see the results of their online efforts this quarter, too? could be. i know some people are worried. the company did run some end of summer clearance sales. but i feel confident the best is still ahead for this stock which we recommended at 8.40. is up a staggering 518% from its loets of 11 cents during the depth of the great recession. that certainly did better than your paycheck did.
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beyond earnings on wednesday we get the usda crop report. this one's now become one of those duke and duke situations where people either buy or sell deer or pot ash on every turn. i don't want you to outthink it. we've had some rain in the countr it's likely that things aren't worse, meaning that more crops could be produced. we don't care. i want you to use any weakness to buy monsanto or dupont if you're conservative. as more seeds will be bought next year. that is what i know and price breaks give you a chance. also on wednesday, this is key, okay? we're going to hear from another supreme court other than u.s. supreme court. we'll hear from the german supreme court on the legality of germany's moves to save europe. let's hope the court understands that it would crush the world's economies if it says that germany can't legally participate in what's known as the periphery bailouts. what do we need from the german supreme court? i'm sure they've got some wise men over there.
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real just great barristers. but we need them to get with the outcast program. that it's okay to lend them some sugar because they are your neighbors. thursday we have the big g 20 meeting. if we get a little worldwide pressure on europe to talk about growth initiatives. a pro-growth g 20 initiative would be a sign europe knows you can't just keep layering on debt. you need some hope of paying it back through increased tax receipts. that can only be done with growth. judging by the fact they didn't even cut rates over there, that does matter for banks profitability to boost lending. i don't know how serious the europeans are about a longer-term return to strong economies. here's the bottom line. after the total non-reaction to today's hideous jobs number it's clear this market counting on the federal reserve to come back. that makes thursday the most important day of the week. get the fed statement and see what if anything ben bernanke tends to do about our ridiculous
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situation. stay with cramer. >> coming up, core holding? it's been one of the market's top-performing stocks after surging over 8,000% in just the past five years. but is this sky-high-rise at a ceiling, or will our need for medical innovation mean this run has just begun? and later, frozen smiles? while averages have soared this year, botox maker allergen's stock has stalled. but could it soon be ready to give your portfolio a lift? hold still. cramer's exclusive with its ceo is just ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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>> and so so cooperation in this region is vital for the economic growth. >> vtb, world without barriers. . companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever.
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chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ normally here on "mad money" we like to stay away from the battle grounds! but wednesday night, heavy in the tar heel state. ask us about qescor. one of the most controversial stocks out there. we got to take a closer look in order to explain what the heck is going on here. you know over the last 7 1/2 years qescor has had an
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incredible run. that's one of the reasons you've probably heard of it. i highlight edit on our seventh anniversary show. this was a 50 cent stock in march of 2005. now it's a $52 stock! penny stock to 52. hey, there's only a handful of companies that ever made that traverse. but lately qescor has run into serious turbos. got hammered over the summer. down to $35 the beginning of august. it slowly worked its way higher until this week when the stock shot through the roof soaring nine points to get back to 52 and change. it's been a real wild mrmr. mr. mr. mr. toad's ride on this one. were the bulls right with this rapid rebound? has qescor become the ultimate battle ground. a none hin situation where the bulls and bears will go on fighting each other inconclusively.
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avoid the are nthe carnage. qescor is not your typical stock. it isn't playing that fda roulette banking. the company has one drug on the market. a product called actar gel. but it's not a new drug that's untried or untested. qescor's rallied from 50 cents to $52 on the strength of this single product. i know. that may sound crazy. that certainly attracts the bears. but it makes sense because this actar gel has been approved for 19 different indications. in other words they have one drug. some people consider it a wonder drug. might as well be 19 different drugs. because it treats 19 different diseases. big ones multiple schlerosis flairs, infan tile spasms and nephrotic syndrome. they had been going higher and higher. they keep interdugs the gel to more doctors who use it to treat
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those 19 conditions already approved for. the company is testing actar on new indications. when the trials are done it can only gain fda approval to treat more diseases. so then what went wrong? what do people hate about it? why did qescor get clobbered over the course of july? okay. there's always been a lot of short sellers betting against this one and there still are. 44% of the shares outstanding have been sold short. that's an astronomical figure. people think this thing is just a joke is what this shows. but for the most part, the shorts were getting their heads handed to them until early july when a bunch of web sites started to report rumors about potential competition with qescor's one and only product. that's how the stock went from nearly 60 to 35 in less than a month. it was the rumors. if there really were some kind of competition on the horizon for actar gel, qescor's
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blockbuster drug, that would be a huge problem. come on. it's got one thing going. but it's now looking like the reports that knocked the stock down were really just nothing more than rumors. and in my opinion, we're going to be very careful here. let's call them rumors of questionable legitimacy. the short sellers suggest that a generic version of acth, a chemical that's a core component of actar gel, could hit the market within 6 to 12 months. several web sites have been laying the story out. that's freaking people. but to me, i got to tell you. i'm not buying it. how do i know that? i know that because there's a lot of paperwork involved in bringing a new drug to the market. the average wait time for new drug application for the fda is about two years. if there really were a generic competitor to qescor, the company would have to file a new drug application about a year ago. there are no records i could find of anything active. and the analysts who cover the stock and cost group agree with me. what makes all this really suspect is the fact that some online critics may be raising
11:30 pm
potentially false claims. or at least questionable claims that might not hold up under rigorous scrutiny. the shorts also point out to the fact that avartis already sells a much less expensive version in europe. they could bring it to the u.s. which could crush qescor's margins. but south side analysts tell me they won't do that. because for them to go through the studies required to get fda approval in the u.s. along with marketing expenses it could cost them hundreds of millions of dollars. more money than they'd likely recoup. economics? they don't seem to make sense to me for novartis. these are south side analysts. they're not all idiots, you know. honestly i looked this up and down. plus qescor's actar gel is not the same as acth. even if someone did come out with some kind of generic competition, remember. actar is approved for 19 different indications. somebody trying to challenge them would have to go through 19
11:31 pm
clinical trials. that's a huge barrier to entry right there. i don't want to be too hard on the shorts here. shorts bring a lot of attention to different situations. a lot of the shorts are convinced that qescor must be some kind of a scam. i can kind of sort of see where they're coming from, even if i think they're wrong. qescor bought the rights to this gel for just $100,000 back in 2001. so people think, who would ever sell it to them? can't be worth much. but actar is expected to do 480 million in sales this year, as much as 2 billion in peak sales. the shorts in the low price qescor paid, they seat company's big sales force and they assume actar gel is nothing more than pharmaceutical grade snake oil. i think that's wrong. you see, something a big change between 2001 when qescor bought actar for a song and now when it's selling the stuff for very high prices. in 2010 actar gel was created orphan drug status by the fda. these drugs treat diseases that afflict small groups of people
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so governments give the companies that make these drugs lots of extra incentives to make it worth while. because actar gel is an orphan, qescor can charge an arm and a leg for it because there's no other alternative. single prescription for nephrotic syndrome can cost over $200,000. the ultimate kick in the teeth for the bears, many of the short sellers seem to think that actar gel is a scam. but qescor told us the u.s. government has made them eligible for significantly lower medicaid reimbursement rate on actar. in the past they didn't make any money on medicaid prescriptions. they had to pay 100% of the cost back to uncle sam. now they only have to reimburse medicaid for 20% of the drug. the company's medicaid business went from a drag to being a big moneymaker like that. this could mean an additional $100 million in revenue next year. if medicare will pay up you better believe insurance companies will pay up, too. then we got very strong prescription data which sent
11:33 pm
qescor up another couple bucks. clearly doctors like this actar, too. sure it's a battlefield. even though the bears seem to be fighting a little dirty, i'm more confident in the bulls here because of the incredibly growth of qescor's only product is such a terrific story. plus the fact there are so many short sellers means that anytime i get any good news like the medicaid news this week, qescor's going to shoot through the roof. the shorts just don't seem to have the goods. jack in florida. please, jack. >> caller: jim? >> yeah. >> caller: this is jack in florida. the company i want to talk about is one you introduced last january on your speculative show. the speculation is opk health. >> right. >> caller: now, i've been following the company. you had a fellow on your show who's the chairman of the board. >> right. >> caller: now, philip has been buying stock since last november. a lot of stock. >> yes, he has. he buys regularly.
11:34 pm
>> caller: yes. but the last couple of weeks he's been picking up this stock. and the only thing come, up that i can see is november 6th is his earnings report. >> all right. >> caller: a lot of small reports have come out. but nothing to move the stock. the stock's been staying pretty steady. >> right. right. well, jack, let me tell you. first of all it's a spec. second, phil foster's made a lot of money doing -- he's been a great investor. so i kind of bank with him. but this is so speculative, please. i get it @jimcramer. it's no more than a spec. jim in delaware. jim >> caller: hey, cramer, how about an eagles eagles booyah? >> absolutely. i've got my helmet i mistakenly kicked. it agrees with you. i would take the eagles over cleveland. but that's my own. >> caller: my question is about
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astrazeneca. they're in bed with so many people. amjan,bristol mtoll myers. pfizer. >> this company is so despised, jim, it is so despised. i got to tell you, i think in the end while it doesn't have a lot of growth, i don't think it's such a bad buy here. i do like just for the record bristol-myers a lot more than i like astrazeneca. qescor might be a battlefield, okay? it's a new product that's just what the doctor ordered, though. i think the bulls are onto something and the bears? tough road to hoe. stay with cramer. >> coming up, frozen smiles? well, averages have saturday this year, botox maker allergen stock has stalled. but could it soon be ready to give your portfolio a lift? hold still. cramer's exclusive with its ceo is just ahead.
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[ bell ringing ] >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on "mad money." i want to start with mark in virginia. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: nvda. >> people are worried about the quarter. i'll say don't buy. harriet in ohio. >> caller: boo-yah, jim! from ohio. >> nice to have you on. >> caller: thank you. my stock is badu. >> i'm not recommending chinese stocks. i believe the cyclicals will rally there though. mark in missouri. >> caller: hi, jim. got a question on granger. >> there's a great company. any weakness, i buy it. it's a fantastic company. let's go to bill in california, please. bill. bill? speak to me. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead. you're on. >> caller: big boo-yah from the streets of bakersfield, california. >> i love it.
11:40 pm
got a minor league team i once threw out the first pitch. >> caller: i'm losing confidence in northern america tanker. >> i don't blame you. sit on the sidelines here. pete in south carolina. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. i bought bac, bank of america. >> my friend matt does a lot of my accounting. showed me the preferred stock. the bonds, the preferreds are flying. i think you can own it. charles in new jersey. you're up. >> caller: thank you, cramer. there was a stock split with con ed. >> i understand the utilities tis are weaker. use a new entry point, $58. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. [ buzzer ] >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td
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ameritrade. if september is so difficult why own stocks? that's the question i got the most on twitter other than from people asking for the recipe for my mad tomato sauce. >> i have tomato rash again. >> proceeds to charity from my farm stand. >> this tomato rash isn't going away. i have it bad now. it's wherever my clothes touch my -- skin. you know, contact point. not, here, but like here. [ scratching ] >> stay with cramer. >> cramer, another red cadillac boo-yah to you. >> good twitter movie. good youtube movie of me singing brown-eyed girl at red cadillac. ♪ you, my brown-eyed girl
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what do you do with a high quality growth stock when there are fears from the sell side analysts that growth could be selling. i'm talking about allergan, agn. medical es the et ticks and specialty pharma play that's one of the fastest growing drug companies around. it makes botox, breast implants, eyelash enlargers. it is not just a vanity play. there is a medical side with a big eye care business where they treat dry eye to glaucoma. my favorite thing is they keep coming up with new uses with old products. for example, they turned botox into a treatment for migraines. plus, allergan has a terrific
11:46 pm
pipeline. however the bears are worried the revenue growth may be slowing because of increased competition and the valuation. the stock is selling for 18.7 times next year's earnings. i like the issue a lot. i'm thrilled to have the chair man and ceo here on set tonight to talk about how the company is doing and where it is headed. welcome back. >> thank you, jim. thanks for having me. >> out's a funny thing. everyone says it was a terrific quarter, but you guys were the ones, i felt, that were very humble about the quarter. talk about how you were willing -- i mean certainly mr. edwards was to say we had head winds that made it so we weren't able to do what we wanted. >> for the record we are growing 9.5% in constant currency year to date. the reason i say constant currency is because all large multinational companies realize the u.s. dollar has appreciated virtually versus every other
11:47 pm
currency in the world. that's probably our only issue. underneath it all i give a lot of reassurance to the consumer is alive and well. >> it was a split call. people have been worried that botox and the vanity side would be weak. that was the strongest and you were willing to go with the inference that the second half will be stronger than the first. >> double reason. we believe the market for neuromodulators which means botox and other companies that have come along. that grew double digit despite the economy in q-2 ander mall fillers, juvaderm, grew high single digit miss the united states. why will the second half be better? one of our competitors was taken off the market by an injunction. we are now regaining market
11:48 pm
share, year over year we should do better than market growth. 82% market share again in july. >> we spent a lot of time on migraine. i'm starting to see the ads. all these medical ads make it sound like you don't want to take the product. they have a million warnings. but are they driving people to the thousand some migraine specialists you have trained? >> we have both in print branded ads and unbranded ads which talk about the disease awareness about chronic migraine. we have tv ads unbranded as well. in a little way we could say there is a little bit of google
11:49 pm
how many minutes do they go through and do they go all the way to find a doctor. we have trained neurologists and there is the link. >> i promised you last time because you said, listen, jim. this is big. this is a big second half story. >> yeah. well, first of all, continual growth on this first indication and neurogenic bladders sounds complicated. this is incontinence related to people having spinal cord injuries. so this would be auto accidents, sports injuries and also people with multiple sclerosis or parkinson's. around the corner in 2013 we should get the approval from fda for the next and bigger indication which is called ideo
11:50 pm
pathic bladder which means severe incontinence. that's a huge population relative to the first two. >> we did see a slow down in optics. >> that was a blip. ophthalmology sales year to date was 9.5% in constant currency which is close to our long-term trend of around about 10% growth year over year. >> i mentioned your stock as one of the great growth stocks. i certainly feel better after all the questions. thank you, david pyott. you will hardly ever see it off 52-week high. "mad money" is back after the break. so uh this is my friend frank and his, uh, retirement plan.
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was there any great news today that caused chipotle to rally more than 24 points? maybe there was better same store sales, new restaurant concept that hit it out of the park? maybe a return to the growth it had before the slow down hit and drove the stock deluge? no, silly. what happened is lululemon reported a terrific number causing the stock to leap eight points on a new high. ulta salon, the fastest growing name in beauty delivered again with a dynamite quarter.
11:54 pm
very nice. catapulted the stock to a new high. what else helped? how about the fact of an upgrade of, up 17 points. we saw a dramatic slow down in job creation at the same time as the other high growth companies gave you good news. just so we are clear, good news at a yoga retailer, beauty store and online travel company? along with slower growth in the economy curtesy of the employment number can cause a mexican food chain like chipotle to rally. sound crazy? welcome to the nutty world of growth stock investing. where the entire cohort trades together and has a symbiotic form of pin action. it tends to plow away anyone who doesn't have experience playing this momentum game. i talk to you about how high multiple growth stocks are a sector of their own. the stocks though they are in
11:55 pm
separate industries because they are bought and sold by the same momentum-chasing money managers. there are buyers who feel em boldened to purchase expensive stocks when one gives you good news. especially where the environment is decelerating. i used to hate the stuff at my old hedge fund until, like dr. strangelove, i learned to stop worrying and love the momentum bomb. then i saw when ulta took off, boom, you have to go spot the green light in lulu. after hours, ulta jumps up six. take lulu if the numbers are good and more importantly go to the derivative, chipotle. i knew i could get ahead of the other guys. the important thing was how they were related by a common thread. it's the buyers, not the
11:56 pm
companies. often the trick to trading is to spot the pattern of the buyers, not the news of the companies. tau's key was to recognize good news when it came to lululemon. the apparel maker issued a better than expected number but it gave you a significant earnings boost and allowed strong same-store sales numbers. you have to have con vux in the company and yourself to know it is good news. plenty of short sellers tried to make it look ugly as if the good news wasn't good at all. once you saw the turn in lulu's stock you could see it could hold sway. not just that the stocks have momentum. they have haters who always bet against them. they are expensive versus other stocks even as they may not be expensive versus growth rates. one slip and they get crushed as we saw when chipotle was obliterated in july. not today. they rallied together. chipotle is the beneficiary not
11:57 pm
of news but of a fabulous growth stock sector move. stick with cramer.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
big, big week next week. when you see chinese rate cuts


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