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tv   Fast Money Halftime Report  CNBC  September 14, 2012 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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that's it for "squawk on the street." thank you very much for watching during the course of the week. we hope you have a great weekend. >> yep. halftime fast money report starts back at headquarters. all right, guys, thank you very much. welcome to "halftime." four hours to go until the close of this week on wall street. the rally continues. the dow industrials good for almost 41 points. here's what we're following on ha halftime. google is already there. apple is getting closer. winner of the week, who delivered more for investors? we'll debate that. but first, our top story is the rally. after ben bernanke fresh rally of stimulus. pete, so much for qe3 being priced in. >> the reaction is just dramatically yesterday, when you
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look at the three main catalysts that we have had, you go back and you can see the china stimulus and the financials for that matter, you look at the next catalyst which was clearly apple, everybody waiting to see what would be the delivery, that didn't disappoint either. the market continues to go to the upside and finally the fed, the fed put it out there, trading about 36 points higher. i will go back and continue to pound the table on this judge, we traded over 18.5 this will contracts in the options world last thursday and friday, we came this week, we trade 16 million contracts when you look back to wednesday. 22 million on thursday. and today, in an hour and a half, we traded over 11 million contracts. when guys say there's no volume, there is volume, it's shifted to where that volume really is. >> among the traders on the panel today, you've probably been the most cautious of everyone of late?
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>> definitely been the most cautious and for me when i don't know what's going on, which would probably describe 90% of the traders out there. 1442 was my line in the sand. you have to get more bullish or slightly less negative. my problem is, what i did sell at the range of -- it's called 1415, probably, you know, quick math here, you know, 4%, 4% basically lower from here, what i did sell was xau and hm. all of those safety bets didn't go anywhere. it's the high bet that that i missed. >> dr. j., where are you now? the viewers want to know. is the market going higher from here? >> yeah, it is. and one of the big reasons, scott, was of course, yesterday on your show, we were hearing the news from the fed and steve leaseman and of course, doing a
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great job breaking it down for us. in trader speak that's like saying forever, rates are going to be low for a long time. that was one big thing. another thing that we were talking about last night, apple, people think it's over. they announced the iphone 5. it's not over at all with that. number one, they won in court, they need to win a lot more, if they continue to win, people will have to change their phones that compete against apple. with this thing selling out in an hour online, i mean, that's such an amazing thing that it did and the fact that they're going to have just these ten days of september, basically, not even a full ten days to sell it, that means there's another point out there that people are going to be focused on for apple, like i say, that's going to drive this thing like crazy. >> steve, give me your top
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trade. >> my top trade is the market. i'm going to let the academics go out whether the economics are good or bad. they're losing sight of the rally in the market. while they debate this nonsense. it's global easing. >> what you're saying, weiss, buy industrials, buy technology? i want specifics. >> i bought the stuff that i hated the most before big ben came out. i bought mt, i was short and then went long. so, that's the trading part of it. long portfolio, i like -- the best sector stock that's you're asking, the best sector to be in, i'll tell you, fundamentals. >> real quick, steve, to your
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point, coal prices, those contracts are quarterly contracts. they're down to 170. the perplexing thing is, what do you with an a and r when they're all up 30% offer the lows? it's a dangerous spot here. >> absolutely. >> earnings where industrials -- >> this is "fast money" steve. i'm a serial dater. i'll will be out of those stocks before i get mid-quarter updates. i'm not short yet within the next week. i'll stay with my quality long. >> it underscores, pete, the difficult decisions that you have made. names look attract toif you, but you're afraid to pull the trigger for all of the reasons that i just mentioned. >> sure. you can go either go over to the
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european financials or stay right here. i look at a name jpmorgan, it's made an absolute scorching run to the upside. yes. but i think there's plenty more. they could $50 by tend of the year, they pay a great dividend yield. i see these financials still moving to the upside. whether it's bank of america, citi. jpmorgan has the best dividend. >> how about august 3rd? august 3rd is when you started to buy the financials. you can still buy them. but if you misd that first run, scott, you have a much more difficult decision. do you still buy the financials. take a look at bank of america, up 20%. do you still want to own it? i would say yes. but you don't jump in with both feet. >> judge, i think to peter's point about the volumes and where it's gone, we're 40% above
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average today on the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq. i don't take a look at the dark pools. but i know they're screaming as with el. when you look at the volume surge and the options that pete just addressed at top of the show, the reason you're seeing those volumes surge they're looking for alpha. we said it a mog ago that people were buying puts just under where the markets were. to get that alpha. to get that outperformance. >> scott, the biggest thing here is that there's no coindense that you're see bonds move up. you're starting to see the reallocation tree that we got a preview of over the last couple of months. now it's coming in full force. >> all right, let's -- hold on. let's get another voice in the conversation, bring in michael
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farr. michael, welcome. >> thank you. >> market going higher? >> the market is going higher. very uncomfortable time for a guy like me. i'm a slow money guy. i'm the marrying kind. it's kind of embarrassing. it's not cool. but, i do hang on to my stocks for a long time. but you can't fight this. the fed is there. the trends are there. bullish psychology is there. every bit of good news is being embraced. every bit of bad news. we don't care about fiscal cliffs. we don't care about europe. we're dismissing these fundamental concerns. >> it sounds like qe3 doesn't work quote, unquote. >> every time that the fed has stepped in another one of these easings of markets have done well. both the financial sector has
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done well. i think you stay in and i think, you still, hard thing for people to think about, hit them where they ain't. the bank stocks are moving up. there are opportunities. names like o'reilly automotive has pulled back a little bit. take a look at any of them. o'reilly pulled back. that's got some juice. even like a family dollar. on the lower end of the consumers. until those jobs appear will be spending money. >> you like jpmorgan, you agree with this notion have more to go? >> no question. i think the banks have more to go. i think the steepening yield curve. they're still great on value. but, i like that and goldman sachs, too, i think continues to make money. you can't bet against them.
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>> michael, i haven't heard you talk about any of these dividend payers. the retail investor has been watching the volatility. straight up since 1266. what about these dividend payers who have been out of favor, do you get back into those names now? >> i really, in large part, being the marrying kind, i haven't gotten out of them that have attracted me for a long time. it's grown 10%. if they fall short, they still have the 3.6% dividend. you still got a 10% stock. i can live with that in a safe world. they're going to be very hopeful, too, i think you still own those names. >> a year-end target that the s&p can still go, and to steve's point, if you're on the cusp of
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a great rotation, that you yo get money coming out of the bond market going into the equity market. >> this is where i'm going to irritate you, i think it can clearly go 5%, 10% higher by year end. it all depends on what happens politically with the fiscal cliff. if they pass it down to the second quarter of the next year. if the politicians don't do anything and we avoid a downgrade, i think the stock market does well by the end of the year. >> i like a lot of michael's picks. but i also like, one of my qe trades is las vegas sands and wynn. why is that? you saw that consumer confidence number today. that confidence number, it came out 79 points. it was through the roof to the upside. and i think these stocks, las vegas sands and wynn have corrected significantly from the
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high. i think the new opening next week over in china, i think that's going to be a huge thing for wynn. i would pile in for those. >> michael, why not commodities or materials? aren't they poised to go higher? >> maybe some yes and some no. how much was anticipated of qe? it was priced into a lot of everything else. >> that was a tough question on every single asset class that has moved. >> no question. so, for a guy, you know, like me who holds these things for a longer term, i like to understand there are real fundamentals there. >> thank you. michael farr, thank you. on the way, crude prices hitting 100 bucks a barrel today for the first time in four months. a look at what's driving the bullish activity? first, why the iphone frenzy is creating margin pressure for the
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wireless carries? an update on iphone 5 delivery times. big action there. lot of frenzy there. we're back in two. with the fidelity stock screener, you can try strategies from independent experts and see what criteria they use. such as a 5% yield on dividend-paying stocks. then you can customize the strategies and narrow down to exactly those stocks you want to follow. i'm mark allen of fidelity investments. the expert strategies feature is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account.
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welcome back to fast money half time report. take a look at zyngan terms of the number of cents that it's up, it's not a lot, in terms of percentage, it's 4% to theup side. higher on the executive side. major leap toward online gambling. they want to try to get into it if regulations allow next year. a big change from words with friends. >> yeah, no doubt. thank you. i see a lot of folks interested in the name and buzz around it. but, boy, if i wanted to bet on online gambling i would go with somebody who's already in the space, not somebody who made
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farmville. >> lot of them have performed real well this week. >> zynga, if you're asking me on this one, i haven't liked it. i have never understood it and i continue to not understand it. at $3 a share i still wouldn't touch it. apple hit an all-time high, fast approaching 700 bucks a share, if you weren't up at midnight to preorder your iphone 5, you'll have to wait, there are reports that the device sold out within an hour, pushing back delivery dates. apparently on apple's own website, it says that delivery is now in two weeks. on carrier websites say it's still september 21st. en i'm going with apple. this is ridiculous. >> look at the size of the rollout, too, scott, all of the country that it's rolling out the iphone. >> scott and i had a nice bottle
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of wine last night. i said it was a little disappointing until it opened up. like the iphone 5. look at how this stock performed. pete added to the dip that it had during the preview of that event. now it's $40 higher. >> pete, what do you do then? what do you do with a stock that's almost 400 bucks? because it was already so high. >> right. if you listen to katie, she's from morgan stanley, covering apple since 2007, if you go back and look at where apple was in 2007 she was bullish, she remains bullish. some of the reasons her statistics that she's throwing out there for 2013, most of the street is looking at 160 million iphones sold. we're talking about somebody who remains very bullish. even though i know that there are going to be some conversation about apple and the
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new iphone, when you look at the iphone 5, the fact that it plays into the echo system, or the icloud, or the new maps. or the revamp ed apps. >> i mean, no one is going to pay 696 when they feel like they missed it. >> some people are. >> they'll do it. but upside calls the same way you could have played amazon to their introduction. you could have made 500% on the option. >> the other day when we were talking about the volatility in the options in apple, they were so high going into the event, the last couple of days it was too high, you couldn't jump in because the volatility was too high. since the launch and the conversation of the launch rather you can watch that volatility. >> look, 3 1/2 bucks away from
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700 away now on shares of apple. carrying the discussion, and the demarntd for the 5, good news for apple. but bad for staples. citing new iphone as the catalyst. staples tellecom. apple is gain are the carriers' pain. >> certainly in the near term. it could be as much $10 billion in subsidies. just from verizon and at&t. clearly earnings estimates need to trend a little bit. they were expecting an iphone to come out this fall. everyone was expecting a significant launch. even though expectations may be too low. so, i think earnings estimates particularly in the third quarter, and in the fourth
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quarter, it could be a little bit too high for them. >> when is the subsidy going to change? >> i'm not sure that it does. carriers are trying to instill a level of discipline into upgrades and subsidies in general, but clearly, in relation to the iphone, apple really holds all the cards. it's a hot hand set that the carriers are forced to deal with apple and you know, whatever apple wants to charge essentially right now is what the carriers are having to deal with. >> i got a couple of questions here, first of all, you're wrong. this is the most obvious thing that happens when you launch a new iphone. verizon said they don't expect it to hit the margin. the number three, the subsidies change. as a matter of fact, i ordered two iphones from verizon and i had an all you can eat data plan, they said you can keep that but you'll have to pay full price for the phone.
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if you want the subsidy for the phone, you got to come down to a share everything plan which is going to take your data use age to ten gigabytes. for people who are megausers on data, their price just went up significantly which adds to the margin and does away with the subsidy in another way to the consumer that verizon is paying. i think they'll continue to attack it and i don't think on a very, very obvious trade that you downgrade a stock we're going to pick up significantly more users and the yield is still extremely attractive. i would be buy more down a buck. thank you for the opportunity. >> first of all, yes the carriers have been more disciplined on the subsidies side, particularly with the rate plans and trying to get those shared data plans out there. i think that will certainly help particularly in the long run. again in terms of the absolute
12:23 pm
subsidies per iphone that hasn't changed since the original iphone was released. in terms of our downgrade this morning, clearly, more iphones that get out there and the more data that's used, that's all good for the carriers. but it's also two things, you look at valuation, we're at all-time highs for both verizon and at&t. on a relative multiple basis. and number two, certainly you're looking at or at least we are at a near-term, kind of qe3 risk trade. we view verizon and at&t, as a nice source of funds for people to put that trade on going forward. because they are generally viewed as more defensive e yield-like trades at this point. >> all in good fun in making
12:24 pm
money. >> we appreciate you coming on and depending the call. >> thank you. guys, you have a trade here with verizon and at&t. >> i was going to say -- let's throw sprint into the mix, too. >> it's up 8% in the last 15 days or so which is a big move for that stock. the options have tripled or quadrupled depending on what stock you bought. the new data plan they went to with at&t, i asked them about that new data plan, where you can share up to ten devices and share the data buying whatever, steve says, it's not unlimited. i like them and like steve and i like at&t and verizon as well. >> the biggest network setup is through verizon. second is aat&t. playing it safe you go with verizon.
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coming up -- top three trades. plus, how to play this rally. oil bubbles around the $100 mark. halftime report is back in two. how do you know which ones to follow? the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. get 200 free trades today and explore your next investing idea.
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all right, welcome back. we're at the halfway house making the turn on halftime right now with the top three trades. united health becomes the newest member of the dow, replacing kraft at the close of trade next week. >> they'll have to be buying unitedhealth. a safety bet. obviously safety bets are out of favor. i look for this stock to move higher on this news. and aig is up again today, up 51% to date. stephen you own this. >> look, i have talked about it a lot positively. stephanie links talked about it positively. the ceo has done a great job turning around the fundamentals. they bought back a significant
12:29 pm
amount of shares. 50% buy-back courtesy of the government that's not the best seller. i still think that it goes a lot higher. i think you can wait for a little pullback here. >> all right, staples popping on a report that it's being eyed by private equitequity. >> this thing traded 40 million shares. average leading up to that was more like 10. to see that, that's a big eye opener for most of us that are watching unusual activity. ubs comes out today and they say they're a little cautious on this chatter. but a lot of people bought into it. >> oil is close to $100 since may. the unrest taking place in the middle east. let's make a pit stop now with jeff, jeff, welcome back. >> hey, judge, how are you?
12:30 pm
>> single-handedly big ben catapulted crude oil over $100. right now, oil is going to continue to go higher. $103.27. technically is the next test. folks who pay oil, you see it floating on the two-day average. more room to theup side. we do need to be mindful of the middle east tension. they'll consider the strategic petroleum reserve. over a year ago, it was a horrible trade by the administration, it cost the u.s. taxpayers $2.1 billion. it was a temporary band-aid at the bump. i just paid $5 a gallon. >> what does it to the price of oil? >> it gives you a buying opportunity.
12:31 pm
no reason to be short here. you'll continue to see the price go up. >> again, give me a quick view on the ten-year trenchry? yield going over 2%. >> i think they're going to be hunkered down here, judge. curve is going to be steepen. no doubt about it. but 12 out of 17 policymakers yesterday on the fed said that rates will not rise until mid-2015, it's hard to fight the fed. >> you get a big rotation out of treasuries and even a bigger one into stocks. you're going to get awfully close, oornt you? >> agreed. we had this conversation a year ago. right now, i don't see this mass exodus. they can hold their purchases to maturity. >> killer, have a good weekend. >> all right, pal, take care. steve grasso, gooive me some
12:32 pm
energy trades. >> the names that have led, the refineries, valero, all of those names have been on there. they're head fakes. they continue to perform. so, i would still be in the refiner trade until it stops performing. still to come -- who had the best week, fed chief ben bernanke, apple's tim cook or facebook's mark zuckerberg? and we'll get the longer term prognosis from a top wall street strategist coming up. tal. up your game. up the ante. and if you stumble, you get back up. up isn't easy, and we ought to know. we're in the business of up. everyday delta flies a quarter of million people while investing billions improving everything from booking to baggage claim.
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ben bernanke is a modest man and yesterday's move was an immodest man. modest man with an immodest mission. he's putting all his chips on the table. >> he was talking about mr. bernanke's big move that ignited the market rally. not only a big week for big ben, mark zuckerberg revived his sagging stock price. who delivered the most for
12:36 pm
investors. zuc, cook or bernanke? >> i think all three. i like what zuck had to say. that was one of the wild card of the group. zuck came out and gave us reason why we should have hope for facebook right now. we know about the heavy valuations. what he defined margin businesses that they were definitely be growing into and other areas. because of that, and the emphasis on mobile that makes me say zuck. >> look at the chart. one week, up more than 16%. he saved face. >> this time around. i think in the longer term and i'm actually i talked about this the other day this isn't a trade. for me this is an investment. in the longer term they can deliver. and because of that, i think
12:37 pm
this stock can go a lot high zbler who delivered the most for the markets. ? >> i'm very happily married man, was i considered leaving my wife for bernanke, he spread so much joy for everyone in the world. it wasn't just facebook. >> don't shortchange him. >> don't shortchange tim cook. so goes apple so goes the market. >> i love tim cook. i feel like giving him a big wet one on the lips. >> first he wants to marry ben bernanke and now -- >> i told you i'm a serial dater. >> steve, i got a quick question, though, are you considered about the large numbers with apple in. >> i'm not. because i take aout the cash, 1
12:38 pm
times earnings, one of the most powerful brands in the world and still has lots of upside and lots of penetration. i got rid of my blackberry to get my iphone. plenty more people can do it. i'm fully abreast of all of the apple product and doc, who delivered the most. >> for a majority of eninvestors it was bernanke. people have diverse my case. so broad markets that's ben bernanke. as far as saving face with the company and perhaps getting those employees ramped up again it was zuck. but as far as individual shareholder basis it has to be tim cook, because it was a great presentation, a great product. the thinnest, fastest phone on the market and they'll be able to push some of these other guys out if they continue to win in court. >> hard to shortchange zuckerberg as well. america wants to love facebook.
12:39 pm
>> it wants to love this stock, doesn't it? >> it had to go into an all-time low and he had to perform. >> he had the most to lose. ben bernanke satisfied the most investors. the kid turned facebook around. he had a great event. >> good way to end that discussion. will the rally be here today, gone tomorrow? david bianco, welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> lot of bulls on the panel today, they think the market is going higher that's right. the market has touched our year-end price target. don't chase this point. a time for discipline and patience. before the elections the market is likely to head lower. but if we get fiscal policy
12:40 pm
that's as strong as this monetary policy i think the market climbs into year-end. i think from here, we're topping out without positive fiscal policy. >> you know that we're not getting fiscal cliff before the election, right? >> we're not going to get any resolution to that before the election. we think the fiscal cliff is bridge after the election or early next year. signs that dividend and capital gains taxes stay low and companies take their foreign earnings put it to dividend likes. >> don't fight the fed, why are you fighting it? >> this has been the fed action that we welcomed in terms of that we have been disappointed about the labor market and some of the economic indicators of late. but, as bernanke said himself, there's only so much that he can do and i take some concern that the world economy has clearly slowed. it's waning on the profit
12:41 pm
outlook, especially the emerging markets. this is something that makes us less enthused about the earnings prospect. >> reporter: lot of people are talking about multiple expansion this morning that you get 14 times, you get 1550 on the s&p 500. you're not a believer? >> i think it certainly requires expension at this point. i think it's tied to elections and fiscal policy. we're now in what i would consider to be a fair pe range. 14 to 16. we're at about 14.5 the earnings we're generating right now. we could move higher. >> what part of the market do you think could most surprise you going guard here? taking into context that materials have done well as of late? where does the surprise lie? >> you make a good point. the qe risk takes away the risk
12:42 pm
for materials. now banks, and the largest banks, even more so than regional banks, the large banks continue to the upside. i think that can lead to more pe expansion from depressed levels at the big banks. for people who are looking for more upside into the next week. >> if you continue to see this rally, stocks move higher will you be forced to take another look at that price target? some have been bullish bumped theirs up? >> right, i have seen the market go in opposite directions than i was anticipating in the past. i tried to stay discipline as much as i can. i don't think the market is overvalued. i think it's fairly valued. i don't want to chase this market. i think patience is going to bear a dividend for those willing to wait. >> you're not ready to entertain
12:43 pm
the thought that you could have a massive rotation out of the bond market into stocks? >> i think that could happen over time. i just don't think that this market is going straight up, especially with the earnings season. for the first time it's going to be disappointing for the third quarter. year over year earnings should be negative. i think that's going to cause more anxieties before the elections. >> david, thank you for your insights. >> thank you. >> david bianco with deutsche. up next, we're tracking the e euro. [ male announcer ] the 2013 smart comes with 8 airbags, a crash management system and the world's only tridion safety cell which can withstand over three and a half tons. small in size. big on safety. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and the streetsmart edge trading platform from charles schwab...
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tight turning, fun to drive 2013 smart. ♪ today on "power lunch" top of the hour, analysts in several key stock market sectors are going to weigh in what the fed big move means for their sectors. what are the trading opportunities now that the fed has put its foot on the gas? lower interest rates should mean lower mortgage rates? will it? whether it will be enough to give housing a boost. and what is in a warhol? find out if the famed artist is
12:47 pm
still a good investment? we'll tell you about it on ""power lunch"" at top of of the hour. now back to the other big redskin fan, scott whapner. >> rg3 delivers. the euro strengthening again in reaction to fed's announcement of more quantitative easing. what's your best way to play the move? let's bring in kathy, welcome back to "halftime" amazing move. i don't know how else to say it. amazing move in the euro this week. >> yes. we can't underestimate the sentiment here. >> everybody has. that's the amazing thing. >> i'm surprised by that, too. if you take a look at the move that we're seeing here, we're seeing a lot of short covering involved in this move as well. the central banks sent a very strong message to the market
12:48 pm
over the past few weeks, and i think the word unlimited is going to resonate across the markets, across the equity markets. >> you wouldn't sell into this euro strength at all if. >> not at all. i believe over the next couple of weeks you could see those gains compounded. i don't think it's going to be a one-way move higher. but i do believe that we could see further gains. it has gotten a little overextended. but i do believe there are other opportunities in the euro crosses. >> what is it? >> my favorite trade is to play this move is through euro/yen. no better currency to take advantage than is euro. it has a strong correlation with the s&p. secondly, i think the quantitative easing that we have seen in the federal reserve is negative for the u.s. dollar.
12:49 pm
the bank of japan intervention. euro/yen provides a nice opportunity on that front. a nice breakout that's now happening in the euro/yen. what i would like to do here in terms of taking advantage of this trade, i would go to long euro/yen on a slight dip. down to 101.75. with a stop at 99.75. and a target of 105. which, you know, is a pretty high target. scott? >> kathy, great to have you on today. don't forget money in motion tonight at 5:30 this evening. with more ways to play the currency market post-fed. coming up, your tweets. we'll be right back.
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brian shactman here at the markets desk. take a look to the upside. this dates back almost a week since the announcement of the china infrastructure investment. they're been on a tear. a&r up 28% in the last week. >> steve grasso, clf, anr, btu,
12:53 pm
aci. what's your biggest play? >> you have to believe this is about all ben at this point. >> isn't it? >> it is. how much more can it be about that, and when do fundamentals come in at all? anr is a good name to play, but you have to look at net coal prices. they went from 206 to 170. you would think the prices of these names should come in at 15%. they haven't here. i think they're topping. if you want to dabble, play very small. the risk is so huge on a lot of these names. >> look at the move in one week on anr. 28.5% in a week. >> i love that name, and i got out of it way too early. i sold some upside calls against the position i had in anr. so now i'm going to be done. i actually own the stock, but the calls i sold are way in the money. that trade is gone. take a look at two names you didn't pick up. walter and tech resources. both are many froing extremely well low off the lows, two names
12:54 pm
i prefer to the others out there, but all names are working in the same direction. >> the highest flub of 52-week highs this year. 6 of 10 s&p sectors are at multiyear highs. the home builders keep performing. toll brothers, dr, hupulty, jus some of the home builders. >> i think the numbers mean you're going to like them going into 2013 and 2014. and as far as the coal trade, got four times normal volume in anr. btu, since you asked about that, double normal volume. that's where people are getting alpha. again, they're buying the upside calls, out of the money calls to get it. a lot of them are buying things like a put underneath to protect the gains. >> why are you so bullish? >> i missed the whole way. i'm going to keep missing it. >> don't. >> if i have it in my portfolio, it's going to remind me how dumb
12:55 pm
i am for missing the entire sector, so no. >> we talked about home depot. they're not stretch companies is my point. you look at their valuations. it's not like they're well in front of themselves. they trade very, very attractive. >> seema mody is tracking everything on twitter for us. look at the tweets. seema, what's up? >> we've gotten a lot of different ideas from our online traders on how to play this federally. we go to the first one from paul tweeting "i'm staying long and strong, and i'm going to ride this baby up till the election." let's get to the next one. wesley says, "i'm buying protection in the xbs because volatility is low making it cheap on a relative basis." and we have the hand of santelli. he says "i want to sell my facebook shares to the fed. they're buying everything else. shouldn't they bail me out of fb
12:56 pm
as well?" some of questions from our traders right now, how long can this federally really last, and when will money managers actually start to book profits? that's some of the questions. >> steve weiss, they're not going to book profits as long as they're chasing performance. >> i'd ask the other question. exactly right. one of the managers that haven't been there with low allocations to equities going to get into the right sectors? to me, that's the operative question. i'd start to take profits right before the election actually. >> quite a few big names getting attention this week. putting themselves squarely in the spotlight. today we're launching a new interactive poll across the network. introducing the ego trip. we want you the viewer to vote on who went on the biggest ego trip this week. was it mark zuckerberg, ben bernanke, or tim cook? tune into "street signs" later for the big reveal. plus criticizing president obama like never before. bob...
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