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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 17, 2012 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game! they're going to go out of business and he's nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money." you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make
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friends. i'm just trying to save you a little money. i'm trying to coach you here. so call me at 1-8800-743-cnbc. do we worry too much? i found myself asking that question all day as the dow surged 100 points. s&p gained 1.19%. the nasdaq climbed 1.32 percent. i found myself asking because the litany of worries that i hear daily on tv and read on the web would frighten anyone out of the stock market. as we know from all the cash that's falling out of equities including probably today, that fright's having an impact, even as it clearly took a holiday into today's session. now, i am not advocating complacency, not after a beautiful day like today. that would be irresponsible. we do have a ton of things to be concerned about. why don't we do this. let's tick down the differences between what i'm hearing people worry about versus what's truly worrisome.
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so we get to the phony worry and the real worry. first the fiscal cliff. something very important has happened in the discussion of the cliff. and it's not that it's about to be solved. you see, in the last few weeks it's become very apparent that the president doesn't really want to negotiate, or he would be offering some spending cuts to match the speaker of the house's recent offer to vote for some tax increases. he feels he is offering spending cuts. i don't see them. they seem illusory. plus, we had far more senators and representatives saying they don't expect anything to come out of the negotiations to avoid the cliff. they've been saying it publicly, but from my two trips down there, they're saying it privately to me, too. that certainly sounds worrisome, right? but it's exactly the backdrop this stock market needs. think about the journey we've taken. we needed to go from extreme optimism, where we were originally about a deal, to a degree of optimism, where we've been just a couple of weeks ago, to a recognition that the president has said, look, i ran on higher taxes for the rich, not spending cuts. so we're going over the cliff.
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and i'll show you, republicans. i'm going to show you that people -- that you're going to be able to be tarred and feathered over this issue that you care more about rich people getting a break than you care about the other 98%. and i've got to tell you, it is a brilliant tactic because the president's laying the groundwork for a position that has the republicans in a pincher move. most republicans who signed the norquist pledge to never raise taxes will per se be regarded as being in the pockets of the rich. not a place you want to be after what we've been through in this country. the president is saying you know it will prevent you from getting hit with a primary challenge from grover, but we will come after you with populist candidates who will defeat you in the general election even after you got the grover norquist nod for keeping taxes down. or at least voting against them. in other words, we might be going over the cliff simply so the president can prove a point about who is really elected. of course, once we go over, the president and gop can get united on cutting taxes, and they can champion the other 98% without
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being perceived as being in the pocket of the rich. all this means that despite i don't expect them to be able to rise above any time soon, it means there will be a deal. it's just not going to be a deal in time for the end of the year, and that is now taking hold of the market. it will only take a couple of paychecks for the people of this country to be horrified by how much their taxes have increased. so what i'm doing is saying all right, what the market's starting to realize is there won't be a deal at the end of there's going to be a deal by the super bowl. so i'm calling this the super bowl agreement. i think there will be one by then. so if you can wait, i think you'll be rewarded, even as you may have to suffer through a small 4% to 5% hit at year end. i know next week. i don't think it will be more than that, though. but certainly some decline essential because the sentiment and understanding that our leaders have failed is getting palpable, and that's going to breed selling after a nice day like today. the leaders won't back, we all know that. it is a quandary. why the heck were we even optimistic for a second?
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i'm not being complacent here. i'm simply getting recognized that the president and the gop hate each other so much that they won't be able to agree on anything until regular voters notice the problem and start getting angry. the second concern, that there can be no end to the fed's new accommodative policy announced last wednesday of waiting to raise rates until the employment rate is much lower. yes, people are worried about the roaring inflation that the fed chief is going to be igniting simply because he wants to wait until employment's down to 6.5% before he starts raising. now, i actually can't believe people are actually worried about this. they're fretting about what happens after bernanke succeeds? how about worrying if he can succeed? we've become terrible creating jobs in this country and are much better at exporting jobs to other countries who then can pollute the heck out of the skies, make the stuff cheaper and then dump it here. we've done very little as a nation to help companies relocate here or repatriate cash. and we're perceived as a no-growth country as a place to invest in.
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more companies would prefer to expand in asia than here, or even europe that i talk to. the bountiful energy found in america, all of the natural gas and all that stuff, i can think of just three companies taking advantage of it. and that's talking about exporting it. the partnership sign. a 20-year agreement with total today, cqp is the symbol there. the real problem is in the exporting of the cheaper, cleaner fuel that is natural gas. not burning it here. or manufacturing with it. the industrial renaissance as i've been telling you, as much as it just breaks my heart, is stillborn. it's not getting better. retail's a real worry. i think we've fallen off a gift cliff. so few companies i know are doing well this holiday season. it is looking like a total bust. courtesy of sandy, incredibly warm weather and, of course, the fear engendered by the serious issue that is the fiscal cliff. i see that weakness and i'm not crazy about these stocks, in
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general. but i think that the conclusion of the housing crisis is upon us. which means there will be more money going to building and fixing up homes in 2013 than there was in 2012. so that means there will be up comparisons, and that's good. there will be sure to buy housing-related play into the fiscal cliff jump if we get one next week. oh, and i'm including banks. they've really taken off here, too. in large part that is because the housing crisis is over. how about the rest of the world's growth? not that long ago we heard very smart short sellers write off both china and europe it was on a year ago that italy and greece would be following in disaster. of course, they subsequently turned out to be the single best places to invest for fixed income in the world. not only did the sky not fall, but you had to do some serious buying to keep up with the others around the world. that's still the case. we have been buying an etf for my travel trust. was there a more uniform agreement than the idea that the euro had to die and the weaker countries were going into a depression?
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i think they'll have slow growth for years. we know a ton of countries that could do very well in a low-growth environment. a year ago all the wise guys were telling us to avoid china because it was a house of cards. the course only grew more uniform through the summer and fall with the chinese market falling to multiyear lows. but in the last few weeks, china's economy bottomed during the summer as they were focused way too much on beating inflation. now it's become the best performer in the world, and i don't think you've missed the move which is why my trust has been buying an etf that mimics china. finally there's apple. we've become addicted to apple. we are deeply focused on its decline which continued in the a.m. today, taking out $500 right before the opening, while it rallied with the rest of the market into the bell. i'm sure some people feel it's now washed out. i for one welcome the shakeout. apple had gotten too hot. apple had become the only stock that people talked about, a sure sign it was overheated. the summer soldiers, the sunshine patriots, they're now headed for the hills. aided by analysts who can't take
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the pain and are anxious to distance themselves from a stock that they perceive to be a loser so they cut the price targets and their numbers. i don't know if their numbers are right. as painful as it might be, it's a cathartic move. one that should end in the tax year is over. no one stock should be able to reign over the others that are publicly traded. apple's reign is now ending, and that's good news, not bad. including only good news for apple as a sustainable run does not ever include a parabolic move. here's the bottom line. there's a difference frightened about anything versus the skeptical observer who can take advantage of opportunities. we are gone from being complacent to being overly worried and now it's time to be optimistic worried that the heightened worry of others will help us. let's go to ct in new york. ct. >> caller: hey, big boo-yah to you, jim. i'm talking to you today. a couple weeks ago i was in
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pain. i was in the house of pain. today it's tough, and i'm talking now ♪ hallelujah so now tell me, am i staying with it or losing my mind? >> this is controversial because i'm just going to tell you the news. and the news is is that apparently sales are very good for it, okay? if sales are very good for it, the stock can go higher. i actually tried to dodge a very bad move and got people out. you can say well, listen, jim, why are you telling people to buy it now? i'm not. i'm just telling people that the news is positive. there's too many other stocks out there that i'm trying to help you with. i can read you the news. i don't have any other insight. let's go to jim in florida. jim. >> caller: big boo-yah from sunny brooksville, florida, jim. >> sweet. what's going on there, partner? >> caller: first thanks for what you do for us. >> thank you. thank you. >> caller: i have some real solid stocks that have been about 25%ers for me for the last two, three years. >> okay. >> caller: with this pending fiscal cliff, i look at the
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market going down. i'm thinking of selling off a bunch of these shares and rebuying them at a lower cost once the bottom hits to increase my share quantity. i'm wondering if you think that would be a good strategy, and one might be good parameters on what to buy on, a drop of 10%, 20%? >> this is important. i'm thinking we could have a small decline. i don't think we're going to have a huge decline at year end. i don't think we'll get a deal done in time. what i want you to do is stay the course. no one ever got hurt taking a profit. and if you're worried about taxes, of course, you take some off right now. but be ready to get back in. i don't think we can be nimble enough to get out and get in. look at what happened during that ridiculous period with the debt wrangling last year where you made all the money that you had lost in about four days. if you didn't catch the bottom, you didn't get back in. that's what i fear. let's go to darrell in alabama, please, darrell. >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call.
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i want to give you a birmingham boo-yah. >> i'll take it, thank you. >> caller: listen, i had bought some shares of wells fargo not too long ago and will do a little homework on it, finding out the federal reserve's going to implement the third bazzle accord from 2013 to 2018, changing standards on the capital adkwsy stress testing and market liquidity. i've been reading a little bit about how it could possibly decrease annual gdp growth. i'm wondering, what do you think that means for wells fargo, and would you consider it a buy/sell or hold? >> wells fargo is my favorite banks. it's one of my large positions for my charitable trust. why? 30% of the mortgage market is well. i am less concerned about the international. their balance sheet's pretty darn good. they can buy back a ton of stock. wfc is for me right here, probably one of the biggest stocks for 2013. we've gone from a state of complacency to being overly worried. i think caution is the key, okay? but it's time to take advantage
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of opportunities. there are plenty of them out there. simply because everyone is so worried about so many different things that it's keeping a lid on the market, one that you can take advantage of. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, fine print. the 30% move in publishing play scratcher for wall street this year. has the stock defied the odds and moved higher? as we count down to the new year. could its media brands continue to rate well as digital ramps up? or is it time to change the channel? stay tuned. and later, set sail? hurricane sandy battered the east coast. hitting america's boating industry especially hard. causing over $500 million in damage. now as americans start to pick up the pieces, cramer's taking to the high seas to help your portfolio achieve smooth sailing. don't miss the boat just ahead. plus, fearing the worst as we approach the edge of the
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fiscal cliff? tweet your questions and concerns @jimcramer #madtweets or send jim an e-mail,, and he might just answer you on the air all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer. #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to [ male announcer ] research suggests cell health
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we've been helping ideas move from ambition to achievement. and the next great idea could be yours. ♪ i would never come out here
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and tell you that the stock market always makes perfect sense. the truth is that in the short term, hey, you know what, even in the medium term, individual stocks, well, let's say their moves can be illogical, absurd or insane. and we accept this. it's just part of the game. every now and then the stock market will do something so contrary to our preconceptions
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that all we can say is, what the heck? consider the curious case of gannett, gci for all you home gamers. gannett is pretty much most popular, most colorful paper along with 81 other daily publications, mostly local papers, about 500 magazines. for years we have heard that print is a dying medium, and newspapers are pretty much on life support. that's been the conventional wisdom. and for most publications and most newspaper companies, this grim outlook, it's been dead on. yet gannett, on the other hand, has been on fire. the stock is up 35% for the year. much better than the 14% gain in the s&p 500 of the same period. so what the heck is going on? how is it that this newspaper company's performing like such a champ? we all know that there's no future in print, right? i mean, the internet was
11:19 pm
supposed to destroy the whole business model, right? >> sell, sell, sell. >> but not only is gannett not destroyed, the company is executing on a phenomenal turnaround plan, and the stock has been roaring. it's just 2 points off its 52-week high. how did gannett manage to pull this off? okay, first of all, rather than trying to fight the internet, gannett did something radical. it embraced it. the company now gets 26% of its revenues from digital activities. and in the latest quarter, that digital segment grew at a fabulous 23% clip. now, take their biggest paper, "usa today," which now is the leading news in the ipad and the number one app period on amazon's kindle fire. that cane gannett some brilliant moves. the most important one was personnel. it brought in a guy named larry kramer. no relation.
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he's an internet guy. although i know and love him, the former creator and editor of market watch to be "usa today's" publisher. kramer has made a huge difference as anybody who has read the paper since he's come in knows this, or the website. he's revitalized it and, of course, the "usa today" website, i'm calling it glorious. i love this. it seems like every time you go to it, it's gotten better. kramer is the first internet editor with print experience, and that means the world. plus there's a reason this is the most popular newspaper in america, that's because product actually does matter. content, we call it. you give people what they want, and it can be huge. even if you're operating in an industry that's supposed to be on its death bed. i read it and love it every day, particularly for the money but yes, i admit, i am more addicted to the sports sections. and it's not just "usa today." gannett has dozens of local papers, and those papers have websites that give them the presence in the $140 billion local advertising market that's traded internet companies like yahoo! or groupon.
11:21 pm
see the ad today? pass. could only wish for it. the company operates 23 television stations, 19 markets and the aptly named network that runs on tv screens in elevators. what should i look at? there it is. tv accounts for more than 17% of their revenues, and this part of the business is absolutely e en fuego. the revenue has increased by an astounding 38% year over year. that's huge part because of political advertisements. as gannett's local news stations, well, they're kind of exactly the kind of channels where the politicians, political organizations like to spend their money. and now that there's no real limit on what rich people can spend to influence elections, their tv biz can get a serious boost every other year. 2014 midterm elections, they will be great for this company's bottom line. most important of all, though,
11:22 pm
gannett has excellent and visionary management. five years ago when the economy was still in good shape before the onset of the recession, a lot of people were telling gannett to borrow billions to pay a special dividend or give a gigantic buyback. uh-uh, instead, even though the credit markets were still strong, the company chose to use its robust free cash flow to pay down its debt. that's how this newspaper company survived the financial crisis. and gannett has continued to clean up the balance sheet. it's reduced its debt by more than $2 billion. impressive. thanks to these moves, gannett now has the flexibility to invest in growth while also returning increased amounts of money to shareholders via bountiful dividend. the ceo wants to use their numerous local papers and digital platforms to become the local media play in america. it's a terrific strategy. it's clearly working. given that gannett's most recent quarter which reported back in late october came in much, much better. it blew my socks off. i said geez, this company's doing well. gannett announced an ambitious
11:23 pm
long-term strategic plan. their deal was to revitalize core business over the next several years while also turning over billions of smackers in 2013. by an astounding 150% which is why they still have a 4.3% yield. here's the bottom line. gannett has been roaring despite being a newspaper company, precisely because gannett has managed to escape the perils that have caused so many other print players to get locked into a death spiral. rather than taking on increasing amounts of debt, gannett's been paying down debt to make its balance sheet pristine rather than firing journalists willy-nilly to cut costs, gannett's been focused on creating quality content to the point where management believes they employ more journalists than any other newspaper company in the country. rather than fighting the internet, gannett embraced it with a successful digital business that's growing like a weed. that's why a loan of the newspaper stocks, i think gannett is worth buying. after the break i'll try to make you more money.
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coming up, set sail? hurricane sandy battered the east coast, hitting america's boating industry especially hard. causing over $500 million in damage. now as americans start to pick up the pieces, cramer's taking to the high seas to help your portfolio achieve smooth sailing. don't miss the boat just ahead. well, if it isn't mr. margin. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you found a better way to pack a bowling ball. that was ups. and who called ups? you did, bob. i just asked a question.
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ever since the horrific hurricane sandy rolled through the northeast wrecking everything in its path, i've been telling you that there are two sides to this natural disaster coin. on the one side, of course, most terrible, sandy was an absolutely horrible human tragedy. caused tens of billions of dollars worth of property damage. the flip side is that the superstorm could turn out to be an economic shot in the arm for the northeast and the entire country because it was that bad. because of all the ruined property. houses, cars. we've mentioned cars already. you name it. it needs to be replaced. and tonight i've got another company involved in the rebuild after sandy. this time it's a little different. i want you to think about boats. according to the boat owners association in the united states, over 65,000 recreational boats were damaged or lost thanks to sandy. when it comes to recreational boats, the hurricane caused $650 million worth of damage. that's the single largest storm-related loss since the
11:28 pm
boat owners association started measuring these things back in the '60s. out of all the boats registered in new york, something like 6.8% were damaged in new jersey, the figure was over 15%. so you have this big group of boat owners with insurance checks in hand which suggests to me we're about to see a big surge in boat buying. and that means the stock to own is brunswick corp. bc. the number one maker of boats on earth. now, you might think this would be a bad time to buy brunswick, given that this company makes some of the most discretionary items imaginable. basically a toymaker for the rich. and taxes on the rich are about to rise in a big way. even if we get a fiscal cliff deal. it will almost certainly include higher rates for the top 2% because obama refuses to budge from that position. if the wealthy are going to get hit with a major tax hike, does it really make sense to own the stock of a company that owns motor yachts? not only that, but brunswick also makes billiard tables, fancy fitness machines and bowling equipment. bowling may be more of an every-man activity. i've got my own ball and shoes, yet three quarters of its sales
11:29 pm
come from its marine segment which includes all of its boats. when tax rates on the wealthy go up in a couple weeks, won't that hurt brunswick's business? you know to an extent, it does matter. but i think it's already getting baked into the stock. i'm really not worried and let me tell you why. first of all, as bad as the fiscal cliff might be, the fact is, it won't nearly be as bad as the great recession. and by the way, that's an interesting compare because brunswick handled the great recession with flying colors. in the marine industry, about 30% of the dealers in the u.s. went under during the recession. isn't that extraordinary? but brunswick's dealer remained flat. they held in much better than the competition. they used the economic weakness to take share. plus the company took out $450 million in fixed costs during the downturn to come out even stronger than ever. that's the brunswick we're dealing with today. second, if higher taxes going forward mean there's slightly less demand for motorboats and fishing boats, you know what? i think that could be more than offset by the additional demand
11:30 pm
created by all those boats that sandy damaged or destroyed. and even before sandy, things were getting better for brunswick. over the last decade, the age of the average powerboat in the water has gone from 15 years old to 21 years old. wow! i thought cars at 11 years was a lot. that means there's a ton of pent-up replacement demand. we saw the same thing happen in the automobile market where the average car on the road got so old that it has led to a new surge. that's what that $15 million car build's about. i bet that's also going to be true for boats, and that's terrific news for brunswick. back in late october, brunswick reported a big 14 cent earnings beat off a 29 cent basis. the company also gave upside basis for the 2012 fiscal year. nobody really paid attention. on top of that, they announced a restructuring plan that should give their bottom line a nice boost going forward. the company is consolidating its portfolio and shutting down one of its factories in tennessee in order to cut costs. now, brunswick gets about 58% of its sales from the u.s.
11:31 pm
only 18% from the sick man that is europe. the company plans to expand its boat business aggressively into brazil which you know is the fourth largest global boat market. and brunswick only has 1% share at the moment. you know that can go up. brunswick's boat engine is roaring, plus the company's been cleaning up its balance sheet to where it has the lowest level of debt in more than seven years. it's giving you a juicy 27% gain since i recommended it a little less than a year ago back on january 30th. even after this move the stock is still pretty darn cheap, selling for just 12 times earning, 12.5% long-term growth rate and obviously this new kicker. the bottom line, hurricane sandy was a horrible tragedy. but as we recover from that destruction, there are opportunities like the 65,000 boats that were damaged or destroyed in the storm. $650 million worth of boats that will most likely be replaced and brunswick is the most likely place that they'll replace them at. let's go to elizabeth in florida, please. elizabeth. >> caller: hey, cramer.
11:32 pm
i called in october after that macro inspired downturn. >> right. >> caller: i asked you if that was an opportunity to increase my cost space and you said sell. once again i ask you with things improving in china, generator sales as a result of sandy and natural gas engines, is cummins a buy, hold or sell? >> i'm going to say it's a hold. i like caterpillar much more. stephanie link, co-research director with me in my charitable trust which you can follow along at the good news is out in cummins. let's go to john in georgia, john. >> caller: merry christmas and boo-yah to you. >> same to you, sir. thank you. >> caller: tractor supply. it's one of my long-term holdings. i know you sort of have not bought it, but i'm seeing a little bit of an uptick. [ inaudible ] can i keep it in my long term? >> okay, tractor supply.
11:33 pm
i like tractor supply. there was an important upgrade today. the stock had been hit. it had been one of my stocks that i said money was going to pile into, and it had been the most disappointing of all them, but i think it's coming back. i would hold on to tractor supply. i bet you the sales went that bad anyway. i think people get very nervous about hurricane sandy. let's go to rafique in wisconsin. rafique. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. how are you? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: okay, great. i just need to know about this company called oshkosh. i'm watching the stock at $28, $30, it's not going too much up and down, you know. >> yeah. >> caller: find out about this and how the fiscal cliff is going to affect this oshkosh stock. >> i don't know. carl icon is there, cutting his stake. when he's cutting his stake, i don't want to increase my stake. he's too good to bet against, and that's what you would be doing if you were buying a lot
11:34 pm
of oshkosh. remember, we look for investing ideas everywhere. hurricane sandy caused a lot of devastation. and one of the things that needs to be repaired is boats. and that's why i think brunswick corp, bc, could be a very good investment. despite what you may be worried about with the fiscal cliff. don't move. the lightning round is next. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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it is time -- it is time for "the lightning round." you say the stock, i tell you to buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it's time for the lightning round. why don't we start with suzanne in florida. suzanne.
11:38 pm
>> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: do you still like gld, and what's your outlook for it? >> a lot of people are backing away from gold. they always back away from gold, and yet gold is a currency and i want some. i think it trades in a range, maybe goes down a little bit, but i think it's great longer term. one of my favorite positions. let's go to mike in utah. mike. >> caller: hello, jim. boo-yah from salt lake city, utah. >> good to have you on the show. >> caller: hey, my stock is patterson uti energy. i brought it in august, and i wonder if it's time to ring the register or buy more. >> i would ring the register because i think the domestic drillers are not doing that well. let's take it off the table. ruth in new jersey. ruth. >> caller: hi, jim. >> hey, ruth, how are you? >> caller: great. greetings from cherry hill, new jersey. >> man, that's where my grandparents are from! what's up? >> caller: wonderful. great town. >> yeah. >> caller: listen, thanks for all you do for us, cramer. >> thank you.
11:39 pm
>> caller: and my stock is hain. >> i want to own hain. people are panicking. they're wondering, what are you doing? it came down. a lot of people had big capital gains in it. i'm not concerned. i think irwin simon is doing a terrific job. i want to buy hain right here. let's go to bob in kansas, please, bob. >> caller: thanks, jim, for taking my call. >> you're quite welcome. >> caller: i have a significant interest in kendall morgan. and in view of the administration's attitude towards oil and gas, should i sell or buy more or hold? >> sir, a lot of people are very worried about the administration's view in oil and gas. i think that rich kendrick's done a remarkable job, i'm sticking by him. i'm not concerned. i think it's a good stock to own. i don't want to buy more, though. let's go to ahmed in california. ahmed. >> caller: what's going on? boo-yah. >> boo-yah to you. >> caller: priceline, is the price right for priceline right
11:40 pm
now? >> i think it's fine. i think world travel is fine. it's a $600 stock. those are very, very hard to own. i do prefer expedia to priceline because they also have all that corporate business that's done so well for them. let's go to karen in arizona. karen. >> caller: i'm sorry. a big -- you're the sexiest man, cramer. i'm always in the house of pleasure whenever i'm watching you. >> thank you. >> caller: my stock is sony. what do you think about it? >> sell, sell, sell. >> you can go up a little but i think their time has come and gone. i'm not a buyer. thank you for the kind comments. mark in wisconsin, please, mark. >> caller: yeah, jim, i was wondering about your thoughts on arena pharmaceuticals, arna. >> well, i saw that it's up today, i'm sure someone's going to make a call arena is going to go up. i have no real view on the stock, though. let's go to bob in ohio. bob.
11:41 pm
>> caller: jim, boo-yah from canton, ohio. >> oh, man. h-o-f, what's up? >> caller: i enjoy seeing your visit to timken last month but felt bad you didn't call me because i would have taken you to lunch. >> i was so busy watching the tires, i lost my head. >> caller: good team. they're a good football team. >> they're better actually -- they're better than the jags, i think. >> caller: jim, my question is on ford versus toyota. i've been a long-term holder of ford which seems to be finally doing well. do you think i should hold on to ford or invest in toyota? >> no, i think europe could turn for them. they've taken their medicine. the united states is good. i think ford is going to finally run. let's go to dan in michigan as i ignore the buzzer. dan. >> caller: hey, jim, thanks for taking my call and thanks for helping me trying to understand the stock market. >> my pleasure. thank you so much for the kind words. >> caller: my question is about weyerhaeuser.
11:42 pm
symbol wi. it's close to its 52-week high. do you think taking some profits -- >> no, no! i think this is a great housing play. i think 2013's going to be big. wy,, we are not a seller. we are a buyer! let's go to james in ohio, please, james. >> caller: yeah, hi, jim. this is james from ohio. >> all righty. >> caller: i'm a big fan of you. what's your opinion on next era energy? >> i am not a big clean energy guy. i like clean energy. i don't agree, by the way, sierra club has come out way too strong against fracking. i'd rather be in kinder morgan. there's an energy company that does cleaner energy, and that's fine for me. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, fearing the worst
11:43 pm
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before i answer your tweets, i need to catch up on some homework. first assignment, last monday. jason in virginia called in to get my thoughts on globus medical, symbol gmed unlike g-men who had a buy this weekend. a zero. but i said i had to do some extra research before i'd respond. globus is a pure play to the spine market which products taking share of the competition. it's a relative newcomer in the field so it has room to grow. it's developing very exciting new products and the stock is inexpensive. it sells for only 14.5% earnings. let's say there are some issues. only a few cents away from 52-week lows.
11:47 pm
so you know there must be some issues. what's wrong? unfortunately it faces headwinds it's got to clear before buying it big. first the company only became public in august. there's a big lockup in expiration next month that will allow lots of insiders to sell. we'll stay close to that. second, the spine medical device industry has been in secular decline for years. it's difficult -- we need to see a bit of a rebound in spinal procedures. third, globus has declining gross margins. and that is, unfortunately, very difficult. especially in the medical device space. you know what? let's be simple about this. johnson & johnson, that's the one you want to be in. j&j right here its 52-week high and looking great. louis spoke to me with a question about northern tier energy and its sky-high yield concerned me because whenever i see a stratosphere dividend like northern tiers, it's a 12% yield, it raises a red flag for
11:48 pm
me, a challenge flag. now, turns out northern tier is a variable distribution master limited partnership operating as a refinery. so the fact that the distribution is variable can make that yield difficult to nail down. so the company's refinery is located in st. paul park, minnesota, the highest supply of oil combined with limited refinery capacity, wow. something that is allowed them to enjoy above average margins. also holly frontier, northern tier is taking advantage of the spread between the lower crude and the higher priced crude. northern tier is up to 72% since its units began trading in july. what a home run. while the company can enjoy steady margins in the near future, i'm still going to prefer holly frontier, but this is a nifty situation, this northern tier. and because of the glut of oil, i expect the stock to continue to do well. really good idea. third, last tuesday, dean in new york asked about casey's general. it operates 1700 convenience stores in primarily small towns in the u.s. in the past i've been hesitant to recommend the stock because it faces margin pressures and
11:49 pm
it's up against a lot of competition. however, casey's had a nice run after a report of a solid quarter and the company could be reevaluating itself and maybe turn itself into a real estate investment trust. plus november same-store sales were strong. company's store remodeling, cost containment efforts starting to flow through to the bottom line. i think the current valuation is an intriguing entry point. i could see the stock trading up to 60, ten points above where it is now. sure, we'd like to see more of a return sign, but you know what? if you want to make a bet on casey's comeback, you can start a position, small position, right here. don't overstay your welcome if the stock does go to 60. let's me say this. all these ideas show me, once again, that we have the smartest viewers in the world who bring these to my attention. send someone a twitter was giving me heat, how could you not know northern tier? listen, there have been so many companies to go public, i do my best to know as many as i can, but more importantly, i'm happy to admit when i don't know something, so i checked it out.
11:50 pm
i liked it. now some tweets. this one is from steve bako @stevebako87. he would love if you could shed some light on how to play stocks such as limited brands when they announce the special dividend and the stock drops. you're getting the dividend. there's no real edge to it. if you liked the stock before, you should buy more of it if you like it. it's just -- they just deduct the price of dividend from the stock. so it's not like the stock's been hammered. it's just you've got it in a return to you. but i do like limited very much, and i think it's a buy. maybe that's the most important thing. here's a tweet from manny. he asks, hey, jim, with soda, soda stream getting to the super bowl in a big advertising push, do you see this as a buy, buy, buy? very controversial stock. this is a trading vehicle, i'm always reluctant to say buy it because then the next thing i know someone says listen, they can't maintain the gross margins, but i think it's probably a trade into the super bowl. i'm just not crazy about it.
11:51 pm
why? because i'm conservative. and i'm not trying to shoot the lights out. not in this environment. in this environment, it's paying to be conservative, and you're still making very good money. "mad money's" back after the break. keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter and tweet your questions, #madtweets. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪
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have you noticed some of these bizarre moves in tech lately? now that apple's become the
11:54 pm
whipping boy as one of the most hated stocks in the universe, something was exacerbated by the citigroup merciless call today. it went on a rebound in the afternoon. until today people have been fleeing not just apple but also of the apple-related plays. the plunge, for example, in the apple sound play as well as qualcomm, a semiconductor company, seemed to be willy-nilly regardless of what the analysts say. we own broadcom at, it's become a very tough hold even as it recently guided up, not down. and it's not dependent upon apple like so many of these other pure plays. but technology represents a huge chunk of the s&p 500. you've got to put it to work elsewhere in this sector. that's no mean feat. first you've got to deal with the fact that apple so called disappointing numbers. it would be nirvana just about every other player at least in the personal computer area. intel is no different. we heard from dell last week.
11:55 pm
there's nothing really worth owning there. despite goldman's brilliant call. hewlett-packard is a disaster. it's not done going down. western digital, two obvious suppliers, dirt cheap. but they ought to go private. seagate with a 5.5% yield. the obvious decline sent investors looking elsewhere in tech. where have they been going? first, they have sought to find stocks that have still beaten expectations handily. unfortunately, it's a very small universe. there's and most recently adobe. you also have two prospective earnings reports as proxies for tech. oracle tomorrow night and accenture. i expect oracle to be find although i worry so many people think it's going to be better than fine. i think accenture, that could be a surprise. the stock's really roaring, though. what else? we learned cisco might be selling its router business. something you might know is that blue box attached to your cable wire. i never understood the acquisition to begin with. i think the disposal will be well received. it's spread to a host of networking stocks, even as
11:56 pm
they've been missing quarters as well as a chip supplier we like very much. sure enough, other more industrial chip companies have been doing well. texas instruments. somebody downgraded it today. i don't think it's a sell. cypress semi, a non-apple device. it looks pretty attractive. so do analog devices. i don't expect great quarters but i know they're not apple. we talk to them all the time. they look cheap. those who think europe is turning around can look at, heaven forbid, tech data. finally, big data. i like emc for storage and streaming. my trust owns emc. i got total faith in the name. what's funny is all these non-apple plays, they don't have anywhere near the possibility of being better than apple, best product or even earnings momentum, but it doesn't matter. they are chips in the tech game and right now they have more value than apple. and all the players on its stage. i think selling an apple would quash down today. i don't recommend doing it. i'm an investor in apple. but there's still plenty of bullish analysts who would like
11:57 pm
to be more bearish. somehow i don't think they're done slamming the stock. gird yourself as i am, and keep in mind that that money desperately does want to go elsewhere. stay with cramer. stay connected to cramer on hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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