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tv   Squawk on the Street  CNBC  April 19, 2013 9:00am-12:00pm EDT

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guns and the sniper rifles, tear gas and hostage negotiators, so each one of those teams, each one of those units can handle the incident. so boston should feel good, the resources there can handle multiple incidents. this will not be difficult to handle and once we find out the guy is there, if that's the case, at least an attempt to get him on the phone. he's 19 years old and he's clearly suicidal. they went on a mission last night. these two guys went to mission mode after the photographs were released and the one that killed the m.i.t. officer. they had another pressure cooker with them. they clearly were going to set that, so they were on a mission to go kill people, but it got busted up. he got shot. it was his brother and now he's
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barricaded. >> go ahead. i was going to thank you for your analysis this morning and we'll go back to boston in just a moment to get an update on what's going on, but we are managing that as the story progresses so thank you this morning. 9:00 a.m. on the east coast. you've been watching continuing coverage, bertha coombs is at the news desk and has the latest right now. >> as we've been reporting all morning a massive man hunt underway for the young man known as suspect number two. police have identified them and investigators have identified him as 19-year-old dzokhar tsarnaev. his brothers killed overnight. >> just a moment. we're taking some pictures right now. you're seeing some activity that's taking place from our affiliate. this is the boston affiliate and
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this is the boston affiliate and it looks like there has been again some activity that's taking place. it's a chaotic scene and that's why you tend to see a lot of movement and a lot of running around. there have been helicopters circulating in the area and our scott cohn in watertown told me he's been looking at some of these, too, let's listen in. >> we'll just keep an eye on all of this, reid, and come back to you. >> john. thank you so much. let's go with candy at the breaking news desk. >> we have information and this is coming from boston's children hospital their main campus in the longwood medical area has been designated as locked down right now and they're doing that because of police and federal security and this is all related to the search for the suspect here in boston related to the marathon explosions, of course, what they are reiterating here is that lockdown means that all
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patient appointments today are canceled and inpatients won't be discharged at all. they've gone forward and they're starting to notify parents, of course, with sked you would appointments. the hospital is fully staffed and they can take care of everyone there. boston children's is closed. patients and families there are being contacted, as well and the center in jamaica plains is closed right now. again, that's boston children's hospital on lockdown right now. of course, this is where the first lady was visiting yesterday at children's hospital and that is on lockdown right now and we will keep you updated with any more of the lockdowns and governor is urging everybody just to stay inside right now. >> it's amazing when you think it's like 12, 14 hours or something, 15 hours sense we first had the pictures of these two suspects and people wondered would they be caught and the public was asked to not try to apprehend and approach these
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guys because they're extremely armed and dangerous. how many would it be? >> we're going to get -- we're watching very closely. you never know when something is going to happen here, but let's get to carl quintanilla who is at the big board and joins us with a guest. >> it's after 9:00 a.m. east coast time and within the next half hour we'll have to deep an eye both on boston and on the markets which will not be easy joining me at post 9 and i know we'll fill you in as well. mitchell silvers is the director of intelligence analysis with the nypd, correctly director for intelligence and analytic solutions and k-2 intelligence. thank you for coming in. joe, becky and andrew were trying to get to the question that as the physical situation appears to congeal into a tighter space, how does law enforcement approach this scenario? what do you think the next few hours will look like? >> i think it will be a
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deliberative and careful process. as you say, they are closing in on the suspect and that is tightening. one of the concerns is does this individual have explosives attached to his body, has he taken someone hostage. is that wired explosively and we've seen that in other plots as the net tightened that the individuals decided to use explosives. >> we have boston p.d. on this, there's fbi, there's atf and massachusetts guardsmen. who is in the lead here? >> the lead will be the joint terrorism task force which is led by the fbi. so in a sense, they're organizing all of the constituent agencies and giving direction. i wonder, someone mentioned the events in the last three hour, this all was an attempted robbery. an m.i.t. rob shot and killed, grenades thrown from a vehicle. report of the dead suspect
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having an ied on his person. characterize, scale from one to ten, level of danger as they get closer to this remaining suspect? >> i would say it's about a level eight. based on the fact that the other individual had an ied attached to his body, that was a real threat and law enforcement will be very careful as they close in. has new york ever had to deal with a situation that would compare to this? >> yeah, we have. in may 2010 when we had the times square bombing attempt there was a period of time during the first 48 hours when we didn't know who was behind the attack and there was essentially very vigorous investigation and almost a man hunt until the individual faisal shaz admade a run to the jfk airport and got as far as almost getting on the plane before he was stopped. surprising that these individuals sort of stayed in place in the boston area which
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raises the concern in my mind did they have more plots? did they have more devices that they planned on using and the boston marathon was only the first attack of many? >> all right. we should point out, speaking about just airspace, there say restriction over watertown, trying to get law enforcement a little bit of a clear space in which to operate. we were talking before the show this morning about motive here. we seem to know the who. we obviously do not know the y. if you've spent half of your life here as these suspects apparently have, is that domestic terrorism? is it your belief that this is related to chechen independence or more anti-american message from an islamic-funded group, perhaps? what do you think the motive could lead to? the motive is the practice and terrorism practitioners are frustrated by not having the moat of. the individuals took the time to have these devices and no claim of responsibility. they've been here for a long time and it sounds like more
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than ten years and the radicalization to some degree happened in the boston area and who underpinned that and who influenced them, did they travel overseas and these were some of the questions that they would need to have explored in the next 48 hours. >> things that surprised you as you woke up this morning and things that did not surprise you? >> frankly, the fact that they attempted a robbery as we're hearing seems like such a blatant way to expose themselves to law enforcement intelligence. if they are so stealthy that they can hide out for the first, two, three days after the attack. they have to assume that this would expose them to law enforcement or it seems like that may be where they made their primary mistake. >> we know nothing about the reason why they would do that. the first lay person speculation might be you're out of money and transportation does cost money. >> yeah. and the phrase desperate measures has been made this morning and that might have been part of it. i think -- are we going to bring
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back joe and becky, guys? >> thank you. we do have another guest to bring into the conversation right now. joining us on the phone is former boston mayor ray flinn. you served from 1984 to 1993. mr. mayor, are you in boston or the boston area today? >> i was at the boston marathon, actually. i've run the boston marathon many, many times and have lived here all my life. >> so watching the events of this week, it's been a horrific week to watch what happened to boston and watching the events unfold this morning. what do you think of all of this? >> i've been in politics in this city for many, many years, many decade, in fact, and i've also served in the diplomatic corps and visited numerous countries, cities, moscow, bosnia-herzegovina and i've heard about the terrorist organizations throughout the world and had to deal with them. the world has changed dramatically since 9/11 and i think local and u.s. security
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policies must reflect that. i've repeatedly said in boston that public safety must be the city's highest priority. i even said that it's a featured story in the boston herald. it now must become a significant part of our local public safety policies. it is in new york, i know, but it also has to be in other cities throughout the country because we're very, very vulnerable to terrorist activities. we are an open, free society. the boston marathon is an open sports event, but nonetheless, we have to ensure the security and the safety of the runners, the spectators and the volunteers, everybody involved. >> still, mayor flinn, knowing this, even having seen this in countries around the world this has to have come as a huge shock to have it happening in your own backyard and your own hometown. that's exactly right.
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we never expected this. i always said that the boston marathon is one of the great events of boston history and it's not only the boston marathon, but it's patriots day as well and that holds significance for us. as little kids we hold the meaning of patriots day in history and the boston marathon to celebrate that in a family environment in a fun way. other people look at us differently. they look at patriotism as their enemy. they look at inon sense americans as targets. we are in a war here and we've got to deal with it accordingly. >> mayor, if you had to pinpoint some of issues, you bring up some of the difficulties in some of the ways that americans have to grapple with the idea of losing freedom, but also the idea of making sure that you feel secure in any of these areas. we talked to an analyst this morning who pointed out that the largest population of north secaucus former residents have
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to be in watertown, massachusetts, this is where this is all taking out and you live in a town that's a melting pot and has been for a long time. does that make it more difficult? >> boston area diversity has always been its strength, a large, young, student population, many from foreign countries have been our strength over the past years, over the past many years, but today we are vulnerable from international terrorist organizations that come into our city, come into our area and we are right in the middle of a global terrorist crisis in our country and our international security policies must be changed to reflect that, to train foreign terrorists who hate america, are at war with innocent americans and its institutions and that's why i say it's really time for a tougher and stronger new policies in order to protect america in its people. yes, immigration will be a part of our great country, and it
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also has to be controlled. >> do you think it ultimately has to change the fabric and culture of boston? >> there are some people that want to keep it the way it is. i want to make sure that public safetiet and security of innocent people is protected. that to me is the most fundamental issue and, yes, we'll protect our sacred liberties and freedoms, let's make sure we also protect innocent people from terrorist activities. >> ray flinn served as mayor of boston from 1994 to 1993 and thank you for joining us. >> we'll slip in a quick break. the latest situation on what's happening in boston and watertown. residents under lockdown. there's a shot of them earlier, but something is happening in watertown. we'll let you know if it happens under our watch. we'll be back.
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i am a believer. i'm a believer! i'm a believer. find a free foot mapping center near you now. go to or text feet to 467467 and learn how to save $10 on your orthotics. because life starts with your feet. we'll get you more headlines, first we have business headlines. mcdonald's reporting they had a slight rise in sales and u.s. restaurants fell about 9%. the companies missed earnings estimates by a penny earning $1.26 per share. mcdonald's beat revenue estimates and brought in $6.61 billion in the first quarter. boeing also cutting production of its 747 jumbo jets from two aircraft per month to 1.75, the aircraft due to lower demand for larger passenger and cargo
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planes and the first delivery of a 747 aircraft at the new production rate is expected early next year. separately, there are reports that the faa could approve boeing 787 dreamliner battery fix and in the plane's three-month grounding and that will probably be impacting the stock today. >> blackstone is ending its pursuit of dell ending the nationwide drop in pc sales and the move is founder michael dell and blackstone pulling out one month after it launched its will challenge to attempt to take dell private and dell shares are trading down in pre-market trading. general electric releasing first quarter earnings this morning and the company reported a 16% jump in earnings versus next quarter. last year on increased oil and gas drilling equipment sales and ge shed the last of its stake in nbc universal, and we have some breaking news, i believe. i'll go to beck owe this. we apparently have breaking news and not sure where we're going for this, but it does -- the
9:18 am
affiliate in boston. i take it back. art hogan is standing by at lazard in boston and the events of today have shut down a wide swath of activity and this is not boston, this is not business as usual in boston. at this point about a million point are asked to be sheltering in place where they are by the police. we spoke with art hogan earlier -- >> instead of going to art, the -- those are important -- ibm's down 10 at this point and the futures are now, they were up -- instead of going to art, no offense, but we are now down mostly because of ibm being down ten points after a weak earnings report. microsoft is up a full point after reporting results, but -- we've been watching everything that's happening. >> the fluid story, we thought we had some breaking news. >> we're trying to watch on both points as we approach the opening of the market which is just about 12 minutes away. earlier this morning it sounded like you had a difficult time
9:19 am
getting into work, but you were there, and you told us at that point that lazard was there at this point, since then, the entire city of boston has been told to stay where they are. are you feeling trapped where you are. >> a little bit. we contemplate how do we go get coffee and how do we get lunch and it is a ghost town. as you look out the window there is no foot traffic and cars moving in the street. you go for a pretty long stretch before you see a car go by or a person walking by, so it really is a significant lockdown. >> okay. the situation again is one where you mentioned earlier, people who rely on public transportation couldn't make it into work today, but you did see significant people there on the trading floor? >> yeah. that's the case. a lot of people made the decision to cross all business lines here that today is not the come in or even try to do it. i would certainly say that this city is going to be in a virtual
9:20 am
shutdown mode, and if you are here you're not going anywhere and that will be the thing here. >> we are near the opening bell at the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. people are preoccupied with what's happening in that area, but what are they thinking when they look at the market? >> it's impossible to separate the response of what's going on and keep you focused on, ibm is a bit surprising and that's coming under pressure and it's a big earnings day and mcdonald's, chipot chipotle, across the board, and there's reaction to some of the earnings coming out and it's difficult to separate that fiscal or economic news with the emotional news that's going with this tragedy right now. have you been able to keep an eye on the volume that's gone through on pre-market activity? >> it's hard to know if it's a typical friday which has been one of the slower volume days of the year and the two slower days of the year, but get it
9:21 am
separated from the fact that people are just focused on this news story as it unwinds. >> art, people have been waiting for a correction for six or seven months and s&p went under its 50-day moving average. even though it's only down 2% and today it looked like there would be a rebound and now ibm, i think, like you point out has overtaken the good news from microsoft and ge wasn't gangbusters either, and we may be witnessing the beginning of something here. the long awaited -- who knows? the long-awaited pullback and the s&p goes below the 60-day moving average. >> you're right. we talked about this a lot. it's been a consensus call for a pullback that just hasn't happened and for the first time we have multiple catalysts and we set the table with earnings with the string of economic data and now we come into what's proven to be a less than stellar earnings reporting season and we have the consensus call for a pullback. so we'll see if this 2, 2.5, 3%
9:22 am
and this is the largest of the pullback in 2013 so far and we've set the table to have enough reasons for it. >> although, if this ends positively and we are hoping and praying it does, near-term, it happened on monday. if you had both suspects either dead or apprehended by friday that would be good news and that bolsters the positive feelings, we will see, but we're right in the middle of it right now, i guess. >> that's very true. >> it's hard to separate the emotional reaction with boston or the things happening in boston with the letters being sent that are sort of economic and what's driving markets on a fundament willal basis. this has been a week where the separation between emotional and economic have been very difficult to define. >> probably worth pointing out that the major averages are poised for their worst week of the year. the dow hasn't had a weekly decline of more than 0.12% in 2013 before this week.
9:23 am
>> yeah. itinteresting. on a week where and it has been typical of up one day, down the next and this is the first time we've seen consistent pressure and as joe points out, the sp and the significance of the folks watching it on a technical basis. there is room here for a pullback and the balance which is much bezzier next week gives us more bad news than good. >> and the -- compared to 9/11, obviously, 3,000 people dead and a couple of huge buildings, it's fine, but now, i don't know. this will be the notion that no city is safe and so easy to make with two disgruntled, apparently kids, this could change things at least the way how safe we're feeling at all times and may be bigger than we thought. art, thank you.
9:24 am
joining us now is larry glazer of mayflower advisers. he used to live in newtownville. you are in lockdown in newtown, massachusetts, near the mass pike, larry? >> we are in lockdown and i guess we're grateful that we're inside and we're safe, but we're very close to watertown, very close to where the scene of the events are. i feel confident we're not going to be shopping at the arsenal mall and getting our dunkin' donuts there, but it's definitely a nervous time in the surrounding communities. >> yeah. newtown would be even further -- i guess, we didn't hear newtown. we heard 320,000, but all between boston and watertown. you're maybe another two miles on the mass pike, right? >> exactly. we border watertown, and the immediate surrounding communities in watertown area are in lockdown and we've been asked to stay inside and public transportation has been shut
9:25 am
down and it is clearly having a disruption of business activity. all businesses in the immediate surrounding communities are all closed and so certainly these are communities that house a lot of people in the financial markets and a lot of fund managers, hedge fund managers and a lot of these people are actually working from home today because they simply have no means of commuting into the city. >> all right. larry. thanks for calling in. appreciate it. >> be safe. >> we're keeping a close eye on the situation in boston and the surrounding areas particularly in newtown. we are also preparing for the opening bell. we'll take a break right now. cnbc will be right back. at fidelity, we do it by merging two tools into one. combining your customized charts with leading-edge analysis tools from recognia so you can quickly spot key trends and possible entry and exit points. we like this idea so much that we've applied for a patent. i'm colin beck of fidelity investments. our integrated technical analysis is one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades
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that means we are getting close to the opening bell, just a couple of minute away and we've been keeping track on what's been happening in the boston area, specifically, watertown, massachusetts, this morning. at this point we do know that there is one suspect who was killed earlier this morning. there is a second suspect, at least another suspect who is being pursued. residents in the entire boston area have been asked to stay in their homes and stay in their businesses and stay where they are right now and stay out of the fray, but what you're looking at right here are pictures from earlier today in watertown. this is just a little bit earlier today. police activity has stepped up increasingly over the last 45 minutes or so and there have been s.w.a.t. teams that have been brought in and we were looking at pictures earlier of a house in particular that was being surrounded by some of those s.w.a.t. teams. the pictures you're looking at right now are police running toward that house. the whole situation began last night just after 10:00 p.m. east coast time and that is something that has started out at the
9:29 am
m.i.t. campus in cambridge and from there proceeded to watertown and that has been the focus this morning. there has been increased activity just over the last 45 minutes or so. we'll continue on keep an eye on all of that, but we are also watching as the opening bell approaches. carl quintanilla is at the nyse and he's been keeping an eye on everything there. >> i'm here with kayla tausche and david faber, as tense as things are in boston the wheels are about to turn. the opening bell about a minute or so away. so as a result, we're seeing the collision of those pictures that you're looking at and in this case today at the nyse, an ipo and in this case of seaworld. we just had a parade of penguins, dancers come through the exchange and make their way to the balcony, a celebration that had obviously been in the works for a while and that went ahead even with the developments in boston overnight. a lot of corporate news, of
9:30 am
course. you guys have covered it all morning long, ge, mcdonald's, ibm, google and we'll get up to speed on all of those and pretty interesting stories embedded in corporate america today. boston, of course, is going to be the focus. let's take a look at the opening bell here as we said earlier. seaworld, seas is the ticker and we'll talk more about that ipo, a blackstone exit, as i believe, david? >> that -- a blackstone exit there and a blackstone exit there this morning, carl and we may also get a chance to talk to deciding not to bid for dell and certainly not on a day that's otherwise focusing on the events unfolded in boston. investors seemed to like the seaworld ipo and the high end of that stated range and raising double what they originally expected to when they filed. so investors do want to put money into this work, put money to work in this deal even though it is a highly leveraged company
9:31 am
with a lot of competition. becky and joe, you guys have been watching futures which are misleading for much of the morning and the story continues to be boston and we'll send it back to you. >> thanks carl and david faber. that's not the first time there's been a parade of penguins on "squawk box." >> that was not lost on us, believe me. >> we used to do that all of the time. >> it looked like a promising day for the future, but i don't know why, with ibm that was last night. microsoft quite a bit better than the results of ibm and we will see and this is what happens with watertown will play out in the markets. >> and it will keep volume down today, you would think, but we will see. we'll have more from carl and the team at the new york stock exchange in just a few minutes, but first bertha coombs joins us now from the breaking news desk and has the latest in the situation in boston. >> about a million people are being told to stay in their homes and not just the surrounding areas of watertown
9:32 am
where the suspects engaged in a should theout last night with police, but also in the city of boston, as well. we've gotten news fray number of companies including state street, genzyme and others who are closing today. athena health who is in watertown has a major office there has asked its workers to work from home or to work from other facilities today. let's get you caught up on what happened. essentially the main suspect now being sought who is alive, dzhokhar tsarnaev, 19 years old, a resident of cambridge is being sought. his brother was killed last night in the interaction with police, tamerlan tsarnaev who was 26 years old. it all started last night in cambridge. there was a shootout with an officer at m.i.t. on the m.i.t. campus. that officer having been killed last night, found dead in his police cruiser. the suspects then reportedly
9:33 am
carjacked an suv, and a chase ensued. at one point they did release the driver unharmed. they went into watertown which is just outside of cambridge, about 10, 15 minutes outside of cambridge and that's where there was a shootout with police. by 1:30 a.m., the first suspect tamerlan tsarnaev was dead and the second suspect was on the loose and being chased. this morning at about 5:00 a.m. police shut down the mbta. they have also now seen the shutdown of amtrak between boston and providence, a major shutdown. ed davis, commissioner of police, says this is a major man hunt. >> overall at this hour we've seen a lot of activity. they have surrounded the home in
9:34 am
cambridge of the suspects where both lived. the a.p. reportedly got in touch with their father overseas in russia. their father expressing shock saying that his sons were good young men saying that the suspect being sought now is a medical student, he says. he's a brilliant young man and had been studying to be a medical student. the older tsarnaev, the one who was killed was reportedly studying to be an engineer, but today people are wondering what may have prompted these two young men suspect in the boston marathon bombing to have led police on this chase and this violent chase last night. becky and joe, apparently during part of that chase they were actually releasing explosive materials from the car behind them. so it appears that they were really looking to lure police and really looking to get into
9:35 am
some major confrontation here. >> a lot of things will be answered as time goes by, bertha, why they let the one gentleman go, although i'm not sure if they let him go. he was running away and said they're trying to kill me. if you are interested in death and mayhem and you have a guy there it's surprising you wouldn't let him go. he'd have to escape. >> i can't believe where they have admitted they were behind that. >> they told the person whose car they carjacked. >> maybe we won't, but last night they might have thought fully that they were in the clear until 5:00. >> when they released the photos. >> they had no idea lord & taylor was looking down. >> watertown may be where the whole chase -- >> or might not be. i thought that initially that this gentleman -- this gentleman -- that this suspect had holed up -- >> terrorist. >> and part of boston, watertown has a lot of people from cac
9:36 am
awes us that live there and they think it's more of a coincidence that he ended up in watertown and let's get to someone who is there in watertown and scott cohn, and a lot of caution we're seeing here, scott. a lot of -- we've been seeing the authorities move into position for, i think, on the shots for at least an hour, haven't we? >> we don't know what exactly they're doing and the activity ebbs and flows and have been ebbing, you but it is, and the police continue to circle this part of watertown and it seems as though they're on to something, but then they move on. so in a little bit of a disadvantage in terms of seeing the big picture here being on one street corner in watertown, but, but make of it what you will. our k-9 units just going into a
9:37 am
neighborhood there. the police helicopter has been spending a great deal of time hovering over this area of watertown, doing reconnaissance and the like, and unit from every police department not region and authorities as well on this massive man hunt. >> scott, thank you again. that is scott cohn who is in watertown and that seems to be where law enforcement officials have focussed this man hunt over the last hour or so. we will continue to cover this situation in boston all day on cnbc. also the "squawk on the street" team will have the latest from the nyse when we come right back.
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9:41 am
rail service suspended, amtrak service suspended as police try to zero in on that remaining suspect. joining david faber, simon hobbs, kayla tausche, and mitchell silver is the former commissioner of intelligence analysis with the police department and he's currently intelligence as we continue to watch the marks as well down 28 and all of those losses and then some created by ibm which is lowering the dow by about a hundred points. mitchell, any sense having done this for the city of new york, as to how close authorities are? >> they're pretty close. i imagine this will be resolved in the next 24 hours at maximum. the fact that they've got it locked down to this close of an area, the only remaining question is are there other assailants out there, other people who reported his support network when helped them plan this, were there friends and family who knew about this, but didn't want to bring it to
9:42 am
authorities and to some degree they played a passive role and that's one of the thing that authorities will try to find out in the next few hours. >> are you able to tell us what new york has been working on on this possible islamic russian chechnian link that has taken people by surprise that potentially al qaeda could have funded people through chechnya which obviously we don't know? >> new york city has been very aware of this for a number of years now. we've sent people, nypd to moscow after a number of attacks that were done by chechens and the idea was always to learn about the attacks and learn about the threat and bring that expertise back to new york city to inform efforts here. so the fact that it's a chechen, and the fact that it may have links overseas. and all things that have popped up are being considered here in new york. >> some recent interviews with family m uncles and speaking to a television station and the
9:43 am
father of the two sons speaking to the associated press, it seems they were taken aback by the fact that these two suspects actually were the marathon bombers. how long would it take to put this together? is it newly conceivable that they could have been unaware of all of this activity living right here this entire time? >> i think it was unlikely that they were completely aware and other plots we've seen is uncle, aunts, friends had seen a sign that a close person to them was radicalizing and changing before them and potentially going about building a device and for whatever reason they wanted to look away and not pay attention to it. >> we are joined on the phone this morning by new york congressman peter king, a member of the homeland security committee and chairman of the subcommittee counterterrorism and intelligence. thanks for being with us this morning. >> very well. >> is the manhunt as we just have spoken about it and then there are additional reports about hunts for other suspects, fears of other devices?
9:44 am
can you tell us what you know? >> actually, we really don't know, but that's a concern and i agree with everything mr. silver said. he was a tremendous asset to new york and the nypd. as far as this, i think that's why i'm hoping against hope that this second suspect is taken alive. interrogation and we can find out if there are others and whether or not they've left explosive devices around and whether or not there are more people involved and whether they've had other plans or larger cells. are there other operatives that the country would be under the radar and you're hoping as bad as this was that it was just two people, but again, it could be part of a larger operation, and you wonder if they put something as complex without help -- [ indiscernible ] >> any doubt in your mind,
9:45 am
congressman, that whether the suspects or their would-be accomplic accomplices, whether they're on the run or whether they're hunkering down are still intent on inflicting the most damage they possibly can? >> certainly, these two brothers were on the run as they possibly could and we have to assume anyone involved with them are just as committed. i don't think these two had any thought of escaping. they had no escape route and they had all of these explosives and after the marathon was over they still explosives and they were wearing suicide vests. these were not guys that were trying to escape. i think there would be a wave, whether it was boston or another place. >> they were going to go on their part. how many others may be involved? i don't know. >> congressman king, this is mitch. any sense if there's any
9:46 am
overseas travel involved with these individuals? as you know, we've seen it in a number of plots of individuals radicalized here in the united states, but the overseas travel is a key element for training and for expertise. >> that is being monitored now. we have not been briefed on that, but i do know that that is -- certainly in the last day or two they were looking for any type of suspicious, overseas travel. we have these two name, family m acquaintances and all of that will be monitored and they were very smart. the younger one went to cambridge school which is an honors school in the boston area and these were not downtrodden people. we also know chechnya has a history of providing al qaeda fighters in afghanistan. we have to see, was it a family matter? a close circle of friends? was there training overseas? i think we always make a mistake
9:47 am
trying to ridicule the weapons that terrorists use. people i've spoken to, this is a pretty sophisticated weapon that these two put together so they've done all of that on their own so they have got the heavy duty weapons they have all on their own and automatic weapons that they have at their disposal and always people helping them and i know even though we felt there was no chatter beforehand, maybe looking back as we go back find there were signal, and i think, this is the main message we get is that i don't think we can expect in the future to getting overseas intelligence and finding very much chatter. i think the attacks will be carried out by people who are nate of-born americans or people living here legally, under the radar screen about no known terrorist kecks and that's why it is so important that locals have an intelligence presence on
9:48 am
the ground and on a national or international level is one thing, but only local police can really monitor what's happening in local neighborhood communities and that's why what the nypd has done is so effective and so necessary and i would hope that others would try to emulate that because only a local police force can really hope to get the intelligence needed on the ground to see for instance, people, why would two young guys be buying ball bearings and other components to have gone under that bomb and police, local merchants would say something and the monitoring by police with local businesses and also with the community any monitoring any perspective. i don't expect that a lot of foreign intelligence coming in and this is 9/11. ? so congressman, do you think the
9:49 am
way in which we protect society has to change or is changing? >> we should remind ourselves that we've gone this far because of what was almost an unprecedented solicitation from public help last night when the two photographs were released and everybody in the area was put on high alert. we had the former mayor of boston on the program and he said society was so vulnerable at this level we have to raise our reliance on human intelligence and it should become an integral part of our civil defense. do you think you have to acknowledge that and in a sense, activate that in some form better from capitol hill? are we spending our resources in this country in the right place? >> i think we have to do more to encourage as has been done in new york, if they see something, say something and also urge and encourage the local community to speak out whenever they see anything that's out of the ordinary, even if it involves people of their own ethnic group and their own religion and their
9:50 am
own persuasion. if they see something report it because it will come out of these local communities. >> i think there should be more direction on that. i think if more funding is necessary, absolutely, and they worry too much about political correctness and we have to get the message out and we also, though, i think, have to be telling local police and if we have to provide more funding at the federal level for them to build up their own intelligence unit and not just rely on the federal government and that's at the federal level. >> congressman? >> yes. our latest intel from nbc news is that attorney general eric holder and fbi director robert mueller were on the way to the white house to brief the president on everything they know thus far. none of us, obviously, are in that room, but what would you anticipate the next steps from washington is controlled on the ground by local police?
9:51 am
>> the fbi is monitoring it all and the fbi is working with the local police. i think they will be telling the president whether or not this plot begins and ends with these two people and also whether or not anyone else they were in contact with and if there was any connection. is there any connection with chechen operatives and we also run into a situation with russia and how it will impact operations. all of that will be brought out and they expect a full, extensive background from beginning to end and also covering the president as they are going back in time, whether or not there are any signals and tips that they may have missed which has been very understandable and something they may have seemed innocuous ten days ago may now be a lot more and again, and how we need to adapt and unusual travel
9:52 am
patterns and anyone attempting to leave the country. >> congressman -- >> and they'll be talking to the president as far as -- >> congressman? >> appreciate your time, and i do think we have breaking news. >> thank you. >> peter king. let's get to bertha coombs at headquarters. >> to what he was saying, police in an abundance of caution are checking on everything. authorities tell nbc news that they may be looking now for a second suspect in addition to dzhokhar tsarnaev. they say that the other suspect is believed to have taken a train from boston toward connecticut. according to officials, authorities and the accomplice and his direction were discovered during a car stop of a vehicle he was riding in with two other men. police didn't trust the answers to some basic questions coming from those men. they looked at the vehicle's gps data and they were able to learn that the car had dropped the third man off at south station and that's the end point for
9:53 am
amtrak in boston. so that's why a lot of the travel on amtrak has been suspended south of boston. they stopped a train in norwalk, according to our colleague, jonathan dienst from wnbc. they searched that train, but they didn't see any sign of a suspect and the train was being released to continue on. so at this point it seems police are looking for 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. his brother tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in a shootout with police overnight and they're looking for a second suspect, a person of interest in this case, carl? >> that is a key development, bertha, as the geographic area of interest, at least has obviously a lot broader than just watertown. we will take a quick break and bring you more developments on the markets and boston as "squawk on the street" continues. i turned 65 last week.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
massachusetts, as the concentric circles of interest expand as people try to make connections as to who might have known or dealt with one or both of those individuals. meantime, our scott cohn has covered this in boston. >> carl, the activity continues here in watertown where a police chopper continues to circle, but we know now that this man hunt has expanded and police saying there was an improvised explosive device discovered if boston, and we were just there early this morning and it has been rendered safe and that is when the broader lockdown happened and in watertown they continue to search and we are joined by donna who is not too far in the neighborhood behind me. donna, you had a rude awakening about 4:30 this morning. tell us about that. >> yes. actually, the police -- the police knocked -- rang my door bell and wanted to make sure that everything was all right and if they wanted me to come
9:58 am
in, and i said, no, everything is all right, but previous, i did know from 12:30 my son had come home and told me that he had -- if i had heard the shootings, and so we got up and we put the television on, and then there were police all over the street. >> and you've been watching this -- you've been watching this police activity all morning long. >> all morning long. >> give me a sense of what you've been able to see. >> i've had policemen in my yard checking. it's just -- it's just unbelievable. it's just unbelievable. it's been very scary around here. none of us have really slept outside of an hour and then when i got -- my door bell rang at 4:30 and i've been up since then and right now it's a little quiet, but all this activity is not too far from me, probably about ten houses down and then
9:59 am
it's off in dexter which might be five houses down and it's also near the east end projects and there's a house on willow -- >> donna, donna -- i want to stop you there because i don't want to get too specific about locations. >> okay. >> give me a sense of whether the police -- are they going door to door? >> they were going door to door early this morning all on my street on the street, they were going door to door because they were afraid that the suspect was in one of our houses and holding us. >> and then we saw not too long ago, maybe half an hour, 45 minutes ago that things were really intensifying and that was when you and i spoke, and i'm wondering were they at that point focusing on a house or a specific area? did it seem like they were on to something? >> well, i don't know because
10:00 am
we -- you know, we're not allowed to go out of our houses. from my bathroom window, i can see another street and now the policemen have left that area, so i think they're more focused and down the end of my street. but right now -- >> you, along with everybody else -- i'm sorry? >> let me just look out. there were a lot of policemen up at the corner. actually, they're gone. they're gone. maybe about half an hour ago there were police dogs and police out the street. i could see it out my window, but right now it's quiet. >> you've seen the pictures -- >> donna -- >> scott cohn, send it to bertha coombs at headquarters withic braing news. >> pete williams from nbc says essentially what we have now is a man hunt, not just for one of the suspects wanted in the bombing, but perhaps at least two other accomplices who may be at large, or at least one more.
10:01 am
let's reset what we are looking at. youio are looking at tamerlan tsarnaev, he is suspect number one. the one in the white hat is his younger brother, 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev. the older brother was killed in a spectacular fire fight with police overnight. it all began in cambridge about 10:30 last night, an mit campus police officer was killed apparently in a confrontation with the two young men. they then carjacked a car, a chase ensued and that pursuit ended up in watertown, massachusetts where they have been in lockdown since after midnight. that police officer died, a second police officer in the midst of that chase was also gravely injured. this morning he was still in surgery. police say 19-year-old dzhokhar escaped from the confrontation,
10:02 am
apparently still in the car. they now believe that perhaps he may have gained a second vehicle. they are searching for a gray honda cr-v with massachusetts license plates 3r689 a second suspect may have been involved and may have boarded a train and headed south from boston. they did stop an amtrak train in connecticut, but apparently did not find any suspects and the train was allowed to continue south. the 19-year-old described by friends as a quiet, brilliant boy. he had gone to cambridge latin. that's a magnet school. that's a school for really gifted young students where he had apparently been on the wrestling team. one person who knew him says he was raised here in america. his family had come from russia via kazakhstan. they'd gone from chechnya to
10:03 am
kazakhstan and settled here in the u.s. his brother had become a legal permanent resident of the u.s. in 2007. they lived in cambridge, massachusetts. an a.p. reporter who reached the young man's father said that the 19-year-old tsarnaev wanted to be a doctor, that he was studying to be a pre-med student, but today he is wanted as one of the killers in the boston marathon and now, carl, as well as a murderer of two police officers -- at least one police officer and having injured one police officer seriously. bertha, thank you for that, bertha coombs bringing us the latest on the story. >> mitchell silvers, the former director of intelligence analysis with the nypd and some people, mitch, might be wondering why so much security across such a wide area today in boston. three reasons, according to pete
10:04 am
williams. one, we don't know where the second bomber is. two, this notion of other explosives in boston that one apparently found and no longer a threat and three, this worry about other accomplices is something you highlighted almost an hour ago. >> i think the other of other accomplices is something everyone was focusing on. we had the footage of two individuals and it is very unlikely that these two individuals did this with no other individuals having knowledge of it and whether there were other co-conspirators that were part of the plot and were supposed to be involved with helping these guys get away, whether they secured materials for the plot and this is what intelligence analysts are doing right now backed in their headquarters. they're using very cutting edge technological tools to mine any of the data that they are able to pull from the first suspect who was killed early this morning. so his travel records, phone records, anything that they
10:05 am
could look at, social security number to figure out who might be in the ever-expanding circle of people who knew him. these cutting edge tools would also look on the internet. did these individuals and this is a new thing that happened post-9/11 is that when you are confronted with a potential terrorism threat and knew the individual the first thing you did was go to social media, check on facebook, check on, you know, twitter. >> speak of twitter, the boston police department just tweeted an hour ago, an alert to the media not to disclose the tactical information to compromise officer safety with the homes that are being searched. there are a lot of crews up in boston and a lot of people covering this and a lot of risks in there. >> with the fact that the individuals had ieds with them overnight and were throwing them on to the street as police were chasing them suggest that the individuals may still have them on them and the media is at risk
10:06 am
as well as law enforcement and as well as civilians. >> michael, let me just pick up the point that you're making about the technology and and people may not realize that the problem of homeland security generates terror suspects in real time. they're minding the data with a continuing stream. what is interesting about this accomplice is not only did they identify that there was an accomplice, they stopped a car, thought it didn't check out and were able to go back and find out where that accomplice and the two people that he was with in the car actually dropped him off, at which station through the gps tracking on those people that they managed to generate. this is a very high-tech -- we see a lot of boots on the ground here. this is a very high-techsearch at the moment. >> that's one of the things that's very different from the immediate post 9/11 time period is that law enforcement, whether it's the fbi, the nypd, cia, the department of homeland security have phenomenal tools and
10:07 am
whereas pre-9/11 some of the hijackers were stopped for speeding violations and ultimately let go and now you have a situation where people were stopped and they check back with the analysts at headquarters and were able to garner more information on them using these tools. >> and geographically, use their geo-locatable tools and they're focusing on the human geography and trying to identify, and they're working their way to the private sector. post -- ten years, 11 years, now companies who have only worked with the government are now bringing back to the private sector as well for investigations. >> that's a good story in and of itself, something that we will on another day cover more in-depth. he spent 33 years with the fbi as former assistant of the washington, d.c., field division. van, thank you for being with
10:08 am
us. >> thank you. >> we are watching with incredible amazement at the logistical detail required as mitchell was just saying and this is what the fbi does all of the time, trying to find people. where are we in the arc of this attempt to capture at least the suspect we know is still at large? >> actually, i think they're in the middle of the process right now and they will be until they put their hands on this guy. i think there is a question where the explosive came from, number one, but i think everyone listening should remember the nature of terrorism. they want the highest maximum profile they can obtain. they're out making a statement, they're creating fear and it's a maximum impact and you have basically what is the equivalent of a dead man walking right now if he does have a suicide vest
10:09 am
on and i think that the police and the fbi need the information from the people that are inside and around that perimeter. anything unusual, call it in right away. if you have family that you've not heard from, attempt to reach them and then make sure that if you are unable to reach them they may be, if there's two of them they may be holed up in one of those residences or apartments holding someone hostage and if you can't have on contact and if you don't develop contact with them, that could be a telltale time that could help, but you have to help and call in whatever you see and you can see the results of what happened yesterday when those photographs were released. that this started to crumble on these two individuals. >> how do you interpret the release of those two photographs
10:10 am
in terms of the fbi and the jttf and where in their investigation? do you think they reached a bit of a dead end and this is a new attack by putting it out to the public? >> it may very well have been a slow point or a dead end as you say, but it was a calculated move. it was time to do it in the overall investigation, and it resulted in exactly what they were hoping for. now, it was not the death of anyone certainly, but it -- it flushed them out, so to speak and they're on the move and as long as they're on the move they're going to make a mistake. they're going to do something that is observable, that is detectable and should be immediately reported. >> whats is significance of the fact that we've so far had no claim of responsibility? does that indicate that they
10:11 am
don't have the infrastructure to make that claim without being tracked as you might normally expect say from al qaeda? >> that was somewhat broken, sir. i couldn't make that one out. >> michael, what is the significance of that, in your view? >> i think to some degree, that's almost an amateurish aspect to them. here they are, they're professional in the sense that they made these devic
10:12 am
be in the search for one or both of these men? >> well, go back to the original -- well, go back to monday. there were four bombs. you looked at the videos that they did release yesterday and they -- it did not appear they were overburdened with two packs or two backpacks.
10:13 am
so there could be several more people involved. this does not surprise me, this development at all, because again go back to my original statement about the explosive. they had to come from somewhere. you don't get material like that, the tools for this type of an incident just wide open. so they've had support. there could be and there very well may be several others involved. >> thank you for that. >> former assistant director for the washington, d.c., field division of the fbi. i want to join our boston affiliate whdh in progress. >> we saw here at the main crime scene where we happen to be stuck with our live unit and news truck even further down the road. it seems to be a staging area of sorts. we've counted seven mbta busses packed full of police officers coming in here. i actually was just down at the
10:14 am
end of the crime scene a while ago. i had to get something urgent out of our news car ask saw that those police officers had been deployed. so obviously, plenty of work for plenty of officers out here on the scene. guys? >> adamma, unbelievable turn of events and i know -- [ inaudible ] >> that is hdh boston affiliate doing amazing work all day long. in the meantime, i want to go to courtney reagan for a business brief back at hq with the dow down 33. >> stocks are mixed in this first hour of trade friday morning and they're down by shares of ibm and that stock battered after a disappointing earnings report and the s&p and the nasdaq indices are actually holding on to their gains that the point. crude oil trading up slightly this morning and gold regaining some ground breaking through the $1400 level. seaworld making its debut as a
10:15 am
public company at the new york stock exchange today, spiking up 15% at the open. the company priced at the top of its expected range last night at $27 a share. blackstone paid $31 billion for seaworld in 2009. it will retain control of the theme park following the ipo. black stoeb also making waves with the announcement it's dropped out of the bidding war for dell citing an industrywide drop in pc sales. shares of the pcmaker under pressure this morning and founder michael dell attempting to bring the company public this year. boeing is cutting production of the 747 jets due to the demand of passenger and cargo planes. the first delivery is expected early next year. simon? >> thank you very much, courtney, for more on all of the developments from watertown and broadly, let's bring in -- let's take a break. we will return to our coverage
10:16 am
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>> the massive man hunt in boston continues this morning with basically the entire city of 7 million people locked down, deserted, meantime, as we know, one suspect from the boston bombings are killed overnight and the other still at large. the discovery of a bomb in boston this morning that is no longer a threat, of course, and the worry of additional accomplices and here's our boston affiliate whdh. >> miles, how concerned are you that possibly this second suspect could still be in your community? >> very concerning. i mean, i've seen the live shot before it was pulled away from the scene, and i know that street exactly and that's where i run almost every day, i'm running down that area because i did run the marathon.
10:20 am
i train every day on these streets. it's very nearby to where our house is. >> that's right. we were told that you ran the marathon, completely slipped our minds. can you talk about that? where were you in terms of the finish line that day? >> well, i was in the first wave so i finished about two hours ahead of the bombing and i was actually already home and i finish and i take a tax and i it seems to be the most efficient way of getting out of there. >> how did you learn of what had gone on from the hundreds of texts i got from friends and family in that immediate time to make sure i was away from the finish line. >> were you following events and waiting for the fbi to make some sort of announcement? >> yes, of course. i was actually most concerned about steve cooper your reporter because i knew he was running the marathon and he was finishing in that time and i was trying to get in touch with him. you know what, miles?
10:21 am
was your family there waiting for you there at the finish line? >> they were closer to coolidge corner. >> well, i guess your family was out there, like so many families were and we certainly know the horror. for example, the richard family, bill richard, the father ran the marathon. >> his son martin, killed and his daughter losing a limb and his wife gravely injured. you're a husband and you're a father and you ran the race. i mean, it's hard to even imagine what this family is going through, but you know, you know, you were in a situation where your family was out there and these terrorists -- >> that's our boston affiliate whbh what they're calling a search for a gray honda. we've heard of searches of trains as officials are apparently on the lookout for some accomplices other than the suspects that are related to the bombing itself. >> let's bring in now greg
10:22 am
steinbrecker who is a reporter for the tech mit's largest and oldest snurp. he joins us now via skype. welcome to cnbc. where are you at the moment? what's your situation? >> i'm at the office. you were in lockdown and part of the campus that is in lockdown, correct? >> i'm not sure they're calling it a lockdown and we are told to stay where we are and not move. >> people are reading what you're writing and extremely comprehensive online and let me ask you specifically of what's happening among the students. the note went out and a very emotional statement just after 5:00 a.m. this morning that there would be no classes today. how are the students responding to an officer that gave his life in the view of the college and
10:23 am
the repercussions of that? yeah. the outpouring of banks and trying to figure out how he could possibly support his family is almost instantaneous and before that identity had been concerned there were emails circulating on posts in social media trying to figure out what he could do trying to honor him for what he gave for us. one student set up a donation fund for mit students to give and they bought the officer's balance this morning and using the rest of the proceeds to donate to the family of the fallen officer and in the meantime -- in the meantime, a lot of cross-checking, trying to find out if their friends and their colleagues are again on social media and the belief that students today should wear black. >> yes, that's correct. >> among the times that all of those were going out, someone
10:24 am
brought the suggestion that everyone wearing black as a visual reminder and a visual show of support for the fallen officer and what he gave for us and it's definitely been -- >> what do you think about our two suspects here, one of which, of course, has been killed and another on the run with an accomplice? as more informational value as to who they were and what they were doing? >> the latest we're hearing which is only as confirmed as other news organizations like "the boston globe" is that he may have been a umass dartmouth student and that campus has been shut down for the day. they think the suspect is a remote student there. >> okay. we'll leave it there. thank you very much, greg. greg steinbrecker who is worth reading online if you want more information as to exactly what is going on. >> a lot more "squawk on the street" after the break. don't go away.
10:25 am
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working behind the scenes to provide companies with services... you want more. eady for real business. let's get to baerth coombs for break news regarding the ongoing developments regarding
10:28 am
the boston bombings. >> we are getting more details as to just what happened and ensued tonight as the chase began of the two suspects. just hours after the fbi released pictures of the two young men we now know them as 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar tsarnaev. the two encountered a police officer on the m.i.t. campus and they're residents of cambridge. the m.i.t. campus is several blocks away from where they live in cambridge. about 10:20, shots were heard fired and around 10:30 a 26-year-old m.i.t. police officer who had just joined the force last year was found dead, shot several times in his car. police say the two suspects then went east from there, several blocks and they carjacked a car at gunpoint. the man says that they stole his debit card, our pete williams
10:29 am
reporting that they were then racing to watertown, but they stopped several times at three atms in order to get money. the first was rejected for a bad pin number and at the second stop they withdrew $800 and at the third it's about 11:20 or so they were unsuccessful. so then they went on to memorial drive which is a major drive in cambridge and they released the person who they had carjacked unharmed. the person said that he said -- the two of them said to him that they had killed the police officer at m.i.t. and that they were the bombers responsible for the boston marathon bombing. from there, a chase ensued that took police to watertown where they managed to corner the suspects, it appears. one of them, the one who died, the 26-year-old suspect, the one who in the video was seen with the black hat. he was shot by police and critically injured. his brother, according to some
10:30 am
reports, actually drove over him and managed to elude police and remains on the lam at this hour. the 26-year-old who was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead, at this point you have nearly 1 million people being requested to stay in their homes as a massive dragnet has ensued. it's still not clear where the suspect is, and now police believe there is a second suspect or at least a second person who may have been an accomplice, who they believe got on a train at south station in boston and headed south. at one point they stopped a train in norwalk, connecticut, they searched it, but apparently did not find anyone and that train was allowed to continue south towards new york. so at this point they are looking for two suspects. they are also looking for a gray honda cr-v. the license plate on that, a massachusetts license plate 316 es9 and that's what we have at
10:31 am
this point, carl, that we know of. we've also gotten some pictures and there you have the 19-year-old suspect is the most wanted person right now in the united states. we also have some pictures of his brother that have also come to light at this hour. back to you. >> a good update, bertha, not only on the suspects, but some color behind the motive of the robbery last night. a lot of information, thank you, bertha coombs back at headquarters. joining us this morning former mayor rudy giuliani is with us. mr. mayor, thank you for your time on a busy day. >> you're welcome. >> i'm sure you heard the information bertha just brought us. at this point, what are you most interested in knowing? what questions do you have? >> first, you want to focus that you want to catch this guy and no one is killed in the process of doing that, which is why they have cordoned off such a huge area. that's basically boston and i most of its suburban areas are in lockdown. people might wonder why they're
10:32 am
doing that. they're doing that because they don't know where they're going to catch this guy and what kind of gunfight will happen once they catch him and if there are people on the street and people in the way and innocent people will die and enough innocent people have died already and that's a very sensible thing to do, the second issue which we have time for to examine and probably will examine over the next several days is why people from chechnya -- what's the connection? the reality is that the chechen objections are all with the russian government and they want to be a separate state, they want to be a muslim state and you get some connections to the united states because chechnya and chechens were involved in the afghan war in russia. a lot of chechens have gotten training in afghanistan and parts of pakistan, so this can be very interesting to see where this all emanated from. how much of this is homegrown, two disillusioned, angry kid, i
10:33 am
think the uncle described one of them as a loser, or is this orchestrated by some is international group? i think all of those questions are open, but the strange part here is we have -- we have not had, as far as i can recall, a chechen problem in the united states. >> right. and we're all getting up to speed, obviously, this morning on chechen history, russian independence. are you trying to make a connection, though, connecting the chechnya relationship to afghanistan to something that has an islamic tone, i should ask. i don't know the answer to that. the chechen revolution against russia is an islamic-based revolution. they want an islamic state in russia. >> but not inherently anti-american, right? >> not anti-american, in fact, here is the odd part of this, if anything, we've been, i'm not going to say sympathetic with them and we've certainly been critical of putin and how far
10:34 am
he's gone in dealing with chechnya. if anything, they shouldn't have this anger at the united states. >> i would imagine there are people in russia that think we, meaning america have been somewhat unrealistic about the chechens. i was in russia a day or two after the killing in beslan that took place six or seven years ago and i talked to the russian law enforcement people occasionally and they would tell you that, you know, we see them differently than they see them. >> mr. mayor, can i take you back to the scenes that are much closer to home and to emphasize what is going on and the severe pressure now that the fbi and the police are under. let's be clear, we have one bomber dead. we have another bomb or the run and now we learn we have another accomplice either or both of whom may be wearing, we are told, suicide vests, one of whom may actually have boarded a plane to connecticut and they've
10:35 am
stopped the train that they didn't find them. this is very similar to what happened in london in 2005 when they were chasing a bomber. >> on i remember. >> who they thought had a suicide vest on. the intense pressure that these guys are under whether to fire or not to fire and in the case, of course, of what happened in london ultimately they did kill, it turned out, an innocent man and the public hearings went on and on. this is a very difficult time to lead, is it not? >> this is very, very difficult. >> it just so happens i was in london half a block from the liverpool station when the bomb went off and i know that investigation very, very well. there are a lot of similarities. there are more similarities with that than there are with september 11th. and you can see the pressure they're under just from the footage people are watching on television. they are literally looking for a needle in a haystack, right? this is a huge area, the boston, and boston metropolitan area.
10:36 am
they're hoping they can contain the one or two individuals within that perimeter and they're keeping everybody indoors because they don't know where the fire fight will take place. what we are looking at right now, it could take place there, it could take place somewhere else and then, you know, they're going to react to suspicious activity if somebody comes running out of that building looking suspicious, i don't know what they're going to do, you know? >> mr. mayor, what we're looking at right now is a manhunt that is staged pretty localized, seven square miles in boston and now with the knowledge that one of the suspects could have boarded a train going south. the train was stopped at norwalk, connecticut, and we don't know where the terminal for that train that he possibly got on, he or she possibly got on, actually was, this man hunt was resource intensive just in boston. what sort of resources will we need if this becomes a tri-state man hunt. >> then you will need the cooperation of the connecticut
10:37 am
police. you will need the cooperation of the new york police. the fbi is well equipped to coordinate that. new york has probably the largest joint terrorism task force in the country and probably the most experienced. so, i mean, it is possible to spread this further and further, but right now don't minimize, i know you said it's a seven square-mile area they're searching. that's a very big area to search. that alone is a massive problem. there are millions of places to hide, millions of places to -- yourself, and they could be anywhere. they have a difficult job and if anybody's gotten out of that area then it becomes monumental. >> mr. mayor, people want to paint this with big, broad brush strokes even though we don't know a lot about these two individuals, when someone asks you do you think these were disgruntled kids? what's your answer? >> i don't know the answer. anybody could be guessing right
10:38 am
now. it could be either. i thought the description of the uncle of one of these kids as a loser leads you in the direction that this could be self-generated by their wanting to be important. on the other hand, they do come from a part of the world that's heavily politicized. they do come from a part of the world that does have a very, very strong agenda. so it could go either way. i don't think we know. it would be much too early to speculate on that. >> mr. mayor, obviously, with that, that's the information we have at this time and appreciate your insight given all of that. >> thank you. >> thank you so much, mayor giuliani. we'll bring in bertha coop coo. >> we are expected to get an update from authorities. we do have an update on the car that police are searching for. the car was recovered in boston. that honda crv that they were looking for, believed to be corrected to at least one of the suspects at large has been recovered in boston according to
10:39 am
connecticutorities. back to you. >> thank you very much, bertha coombs back at head quarters. >> i want to bring in former fbi director. jan, appreciate your time. good morning. >> good morning. >> a lot of this is pattern recking on nigdz, i imagine for fbi officials, former fbi officials. how does it appear to you right now knowing what you know? >> in terms of the investigation -- >> the progress of the man hunt. >> the progress of the manhunt? >> obviously, i've been listening to some of your former guests, very respected individuals and this is what you would expect in the situation in which law enforcement finds itself todaych started in the overnight hours and went into lockdown of boston and specific neighborhoods as law enforcement goe about the very methodical process of attempting to locate and take into custody
10:40 am
this individual. >> and the biggest risks inherent right now from this point are -- i mean, we can name many, obviously, but is it more about law enforcement getting trapped to a situation where there are more explosives. is it it about innocents getting caught in fire. what are you learning right now? >> i think law enforcement is worried about all of that. first and foremost, they have been confronted with individuals who have obviously created a lot of damage in boston, loss of life, and for the public and law enforcement thain they're up against an individual who has indicated their willingness to take on law enforcement, and i think that as they go forward through the searches, that that is first and foremost to prevent the loss of any further light to protect the public and make sure that law enforcement itself, and
10:41 am
to the extent that they can take this individual into custody that will be ultimately their intent. >> and do you believe that is likely that they can take this custody, this person into custody? >> well, i don't want to speculate. i do think that a lot of the discussion about the motivation is going to unravel here as we go forward here through hours, days, weeks of the investigation, but the key to understanding some of that would clearly be the ability to take the subject into custody and obviously interview. >> jan, thank you so much for your time, we appreciate it very much. the former fbi director. a lot more "squawk on the street" is back after a break.
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
picture of the boston police department. of course, not the only law enforcement agency chasing down the suspect from the boston marathon bombing. we've got guardsmen, massachusetts guardsman, atf, fbi, and we are expecting a conference from the boston police department and when it starts we'll take you there immediately. in the meantime, sticking with the manhunt in watertown, general david mccaffrey, the terrorism analyst for nbc news. good morning to you. >> good morning, jim. >> we can go a couple of different directions here, we
10:45 am
can talk about the man hunt where it is and how it's dwell developing or the geopolitical, what are you most interested in? >> in the first hand, the law enforcement will peck up the known suspect, possible third man involved hopefully without further loss of life. they're obviously extremely dangerous, armed with both firearms as well as possibly bombs. the chechen connection is very interesting. i'm sure right now they're on the phone with the russians and what they have with this family or their connection. are they being mentored or encouraged by terrorists in the country? the russians have had a terrible time with the chechens over the years, but the march with the double suicide bombing on the moscow subway killed 40 people.
10:46 am
in november 2009 there was another train bombing that killed 26. so this has been a very dangerous, islamic region, not just chechnya, but also the north caucasus countries. i should also add that we have a lot of these people in both afghanistan and pakistan, foreign fighters and the chechens are one tough group of people and have been throughout their history. so i think right now the the big question will be not just with two of their local collaborators, but to what extent were they encouraged or supported from foreign terrorist groups? >> as someone who has studied national security for years now, general, do you consider it domestic terror if you were brought here with your family ten years ago, were living here legally for years, obviously,
10:47 am
were beginning to learn more about their student life. it's a hard distinction to make, is it not? >> well, probably not. i mean, at the end of the day were they u.s. citizens, yes or no? and the second question, of course, is to what extent -- did they have a linkage to a terrorist group abroad? >> it's in the north caucasus region. >> my assumption is that we're going to find out that these people were, as you suggest, alienated by their non-assimilation in this culture, but probably were a link in some way either self-radicalization over the internet or directly encouraged and shaped by foreign terrorist organizations. >> we're looking as we're speaking to live pictures of watertown. i believe a lot of this is coming courtesy of nbc news.
10:48 am
>> you're right about their history, general. we just don't know enough to make any of those broad conclusions. at this point we've been asking former fbi officials what they think the biggest danger is. the actual zeroing in on the remaining prime suspect or some of these other accomplices who may be trying to get transportation via car? we've heard some reports of via rail and other reports. where do you think the focus is going to be? >> well, again, the short run, the law enforcement boston police, commissioner davis and other regional state police forces, whether it's connecticut on the so-called third suspect, they know exactly what they're doing. they'll be most concerned about not apprehending them, but also protecting further loss of life. these clearly are killers who are capable in the short run of doing more damage. i think the larger issue would
10:49 am
be, are they connected to foreign terrorist groups and to what extent do those foreign terrorist groups have other parallel operations planned? >> that will not be likely, i might add. it's quite possible there are two or three or a few suspects that knew each other in each region and self radicalized and obviously, both, the cia and the fbi will be being looking for the broader context of this threat. >> right. >> finally, just forgive the blunt question, but some people want to attach the term sleeper cell to these suspects. would you do that? is that what this is? >> certainly, there's nothing yet released by law enforcement that indicates a so-called sleeper cell, meaning a directed terrorist group that came under cover and was activated to conduct an attack. but rest assured the fbi which
10:50 am
is absolutely world class elite law enforcement group will be looking for just those suggestions and they'll be heavily involved right now in talking to not just the russian, but other regional law enforcement organizations in that region. >> general, thanks so much for your time. >> good to be with you. >> let's go back to watertown where we find scott. >> it continues to be difficult to tell what exactly is going on. there's a lot of police vehicles. a bunch of motorcycles drove into the neighborhood behind me where we understand they have been on lockdown since early this morning. the police going door-to-door and saying, are you okay?
10:51 am
there is more activity of searching homes and a lot of canine units. sometimes less so. the police helicopter had been hovering around the area for a while. seems to be taking a break. could be back. this is the site of the big confrontation and shootout last night. there is still thinking one of the suspects or an accomplice may be here. >> thank you so much, scott. there's a live shot of the boston police department as they prepare for a news conference. dow is down some 58 points and we're back in a minute. investm.
10:52 am
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will be moving a considerable distance away from what has developed there. we're going to take you live to kerry sanders on the "today show" at this moment. >> i wish i could give you a better explanation as to why. at this point it's safe to say it's incredibly intense when an officer is telling you to get on the ground. >> we want you to do what the officers el you, kerry and the crew as well. this is an incredibly intense situation. watertown, massachusetts. >> can you see the picture right now? >> i see a picture here you are. we see you. >> okay. great. so let me sort of take you through. let me show you what you've got. down here. that's the u.s. army.
10:54 am
if you go all the way now about a block and a half -- live camera. thank you. down on the walk here from left -- well pass many of the police officers they have been taking their positions that would appear to be to me somebody laying on the ground the like a turquoise shirt. the person on the ground did not appear to be moving at all. >> kerry, standby there. keep us posted. somebody with great expertise in a situation like this. nobody has expertise when things are unfolding as they are. >> right. we have to go live with the
10:55 am
flow. >> this is live feed from nbc's today show. kerry sanders has covered all kinds of war in central america for decades. reportg from the ground. police tell him to get down what appears to be a staging area where they are hunkerri inhunke for the long haul. the entire city is on lockdown.
10:56 am
we're continuing to learn more every moment about the terror attack on monday and the pursuit of justice following it. i think it's fair to say for this entire week we've been in a pretty direct confrontation with evil. i want to congratulate and thank all the law enforcement for the extraordinary job that we have been doing on behalf of the citizens. we've seen the best and the worst of human behavior. it's the best that all of us want to focus on. we're awaiting word from law enforcement before commenting further. it's a huge pleasure for me an an important moment to welcome one of our most important partners. our close neighbor and our
10:57 am
friend. one of the first phone calls i made. >> secretary of state john kerry. long-time native of boston referring to his town calling it a direct confrontation with evil. >> we have the pictures of what kerry sanders appeared to tell us right now. he is reporting there is a man on the ground. that's what the police are coordinating around. >> you can see many, many police officers' cars. there's a black one to the left. it's beyond that on the lefthand side, another half or so block down that i saw this person on the ground. what we're going to try to do is see if we can move the camera more to the right here and see if any kind of picture comes in
10:58 am
to explain the situation to you. so here is what we're looking at. there's that police officer's car. about four or five cars beyond that is where the officers were taking up their defensive positions. they were behind the left bumper, pistol drawn. down on his knee. okay. the officer is going to ask us to move. i kind of figured that would be the case. and then other officers had out their shotguns and others had out ar-15s. they had them up. they did not have the necessary defensive positions because they were still moving forward trying to assess the situation. we were jogging along with them, at which point, when they started taking in what was going on, i would say about seven or eight officers spun around and
10:59 am
saw this running of cameras and reporters were coming. they started pushing us back. it appeared to be a threatening situation. officers had their weapons pulled. there must be something threatening. they asked us to back off. we stop. i took a defensive position behind the car just like the officer, following his model. another officer came and said you have to go back. we moved back. we moved back. then they asked us to take a position on the the sidewalk where we had to lay down. i'm not exactly sure what that was. i'm looking at two snipers that have taken position. they're not aiming their rifles at this point. oh, you know what, he just told us -- we wouldn't be standing here right now. i'm going to get behind the car. i'm going to move positions and take his advice. >> please do, kerry. we'll check back in with you. let's bring back in the former fbi agent. you wanted to say? >> we don't know what was happening before this situation? >> that is the situation in boston where police are staging around.
11:00 am
that is happening as authorities look for potential accomplices to the suspecteds on other modes of transportation and other parts of the country. suburban washington. there's a look at the town. that entire area is essentially shut down. the governor is telling people to stay indoors. >> five days after that deadly bombing near the finish line of the boston marathon one of the bombing suspects remains at large. one is dead this morning. police have u laid a major dragnet across most of boston. the city and surrounding suburbs are on lockdown. the activity is centering on watertown. let me get you caught up on how this ensued.
11:01 am
yesterday after 5:00 in the afternoon the fbi issuing those pictures of the two suspects. we now know them to be 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev and his 19-year-old brother dzhokhar tsarnaev. both are legal residents of the united states. they were residing in cambridge. apparently still in cambridge some five hours after pictures went out. they had a confrontation with a 26-year-old police officer on the campus of m.i.t. 26-year-old sean collier who only just joined the security forces there a year ago. and he was found shot several times. transported to the hospital and found dead. from there the pair allegedly had car jacked an suv. they stopped at a number of atms
11:02 am
trying to remove cash. they were successful at one of them. they released the hostage a half hour later and told him they had killed the police officer at m.i.t. and that they indeed were the boston marathon bombers. what ensued was a case to lead the police to wear watertown. another officer was injured in critical condition and undergoing surgery this morning. at one point police had them cornered and there was a shootout on the street. the 26-year-old brother was shot critically in that shootout. the other brother we now know managed to escape. they believe he may have transferred a car. they have recovered that car in boston. but they didn't find anyone in the car. police were also interested in someone they believe may have
11:03 am
gotten on a train at south station in boston. before the trains were shutdown. they did stop one train that was southbound. they didn't find a suspect. that train was moved forward. they are also searching umass dartmouth. that's where the 19-year-old is listed as a registered student. this is south of boston. the campus said they've asked students and faculty to evacuate the campus orderly as this is part of the investigation. interestingly, carl, there's been a lot of crowd sourcing on this. authorities have asked people to tweet in pictures and call in with any information. today that crowd sourcing and tweeting is sbeer fearing with the investigation the police scanners in boston have gone kwooet. this remains very much a tense
11:04 am
situation. they do not know if this person has explosives or what may happen when they encounter them. >> we should add he may well be injured. two sources have told nbc news that the living brother may be injured or wounded. they have found blood that they are attempting to link to him at the scene of last night's confrontati confrontation. >> we want to bring in the mayor of massachusetts, which we should note is directly north/northwest of cambridge. good to have you on the program. >> good morning. shaung for having me. >> can you give us a quick update as to where you are in the mass of this logistics? what is going on in somerville. >> >> our streets are very sbre
11:05 am
grated with one another. this is feet away from a border. so our neighbors on the somerville side are alert and concerned as to what is going on. police department has responded and is work iing closely with t police department and as you already know, officer sean kel y collier is the son of a resident and former employee of the police department and well loved and respected public servant who was becoming an unbelievable police officer. >> and certainly something we were still mourning as the situation develops. i want to ask you about the background. 're beginning to get a picture painted of how they were raised
11:06 am
and their upbringing in decade that they were in the united states. we're learning one of the suspects may be a resident at umass dartmouth. the two brothers went to high school at cambridge ridge and latin school. what do you know about this school? this area, and potentially the way they fostered some of these thoughts? >> i know cambridge very well. you know, i spent a lot of time in cambridge. we have sports rivalries together. it's a great community. cambridge is a great high school. it's really amazing all the towns -- the younger brother is a very well accomplished student. you never assume how could you ever imagine he would make these types of choices. i have no doubt. there's great support from the community of cambridge and the
11:07 am
school system. >> mr. mayor, of the somerville police department what percentage of officers are engaged in an active scene that we're looking at right now. and what are the rest doing in terms of locking down the rest of the suburbs, making sure there are no civilians on the street. can you break down what the media is up to? >> i can tell you as you know, some of what was listed as the communities to undergo the shelter. however, we informed our residents. being vigilant and aware of surroundings. very few people on the streets. and this is school vacation
11:08 am
week. you don't really see this. there is a lot of anxiety right now. these are our regional partners and the council, regional law enforcement collaboration involved in the investigation. >> what is your biggest worry at this point? this showdown could go for hours or who knows? it could go for days. do you have some idea of how this is going to end? >> i can only hope and pray it comes to an ending without any further violence. so many people involved in the marathon. we had a community wide vigil last night. i got the phone call about officer collier. we love him. we're going to miss him so much. we don't need more senseless violence.
11:09 am
i home that this individual gives himself up. beyond my concerns for the family and the victims that we don't find this individual. but i have full confidence and we should all have great confidence and sensz of security and the speed and efficiency of our law enforcement officials. >> well said, mr. mayor. as horrible as this week has been, to watch the efforts and the abilities of our law enforcement in this country, it's just astounding. and we appreciate your time so much. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> mayor joseph curtatone from somerville, massachusetts. got breaking news this morning. >> hi, carl. just hung up with the capitol police, the police department that handles the u.s. capitol. they tell me they have evacuated
11:10 am
the capitol visitor's center. that's an underground area built within the past several years adjacent to the dome itself. they say they have a suspicious package situation there right now. there are no street closures in the area. it would be accessible to anybody coming in from the outside. right now they have evacuated. they have a suspicious package. we'll have more detail on that as we get it. >> something else to watch today. in the midst of all of this, london is prepping for its own marathon on sunday. kelly evans is in london with the latest on that. good morning to you, kelly. >> carl, good morning from london where people are watching very closely to see what happens in boston because on sunday here, 36,000 runners will be gathering for one of europe's biggest events. it will finish just behind me at buckingham palace, and there are
11:11 am
extra precautions taking place, as you can imagine. officials are doing everything from installing extra police officers. there will be more dogs out here. this will be where runners are finishing up. that brings up london's long history with terrorism. it's hard to find the rubbish bins because the city has dealt with it going back to the bombings of a couple of decades in the past which started these systems. one of the most scrutinized, one of the most modernized cities in the world. this is a city of 8 million. boston is a city of 7 million. a lot of major cities will be looking as to whether there is anything they can learn from the way london has handled terror threats in the past. most notably the july bombings. but question guys still go back to whether the cctv systems, even in a place like london,
11:12 am
where they're so extensive. there is said to be a camera for 1 in every 32 people. is the cost worth it as the u.s. turns the attention to its own surveillance? is there a time out of the public appetite or the public finances to begin that kind of project in new york or the cities. it's been social media. it's been individual mobile devices, if anything, guys, which held extra security presence here on sunday. officials will be on high alert. >> and to that point, there will be 40% more police officers in london. the woman leading that particular operation at the metropolitan police says all they're attempting to do is to reassure people. you cannot ultimately prevent what we saw in boston.
11:13 am
zbr that's right. she wanted to emphasize there is no threat at the event. there is no link in boston and anything going on sunday and people should enjoy the race as normal and as we have been standing here, we're seeing runners go by as they do. getting used to the course. looking at it and carrying on largely as normal. so there will be a lot of extra concern as you say, but hopefully no other reason to be worried. >> thank you, kelly. a reminder this is not just a global and national story. a lot more "squawk on the street" is back after the break. don't go away. it's as simple as this.
11:14 am
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11:16 am
the massive, almost unprecedented man hunt in boston continues for the suspect of the boston marathon bombing. in the meantime the president has been briefed in the situation room with senior white house staff and the national security team. that ended around 10:45 a.m. this morning. one suspect has been killed overnight. the other is still the focus of the man huntd. joining us on the news line, the former assistant secretary for policy at the homeland security and the author of "skating on stilts: why we aren't stopping tomorrow tomorrow's terrorism. welcome back. it's gook to talk with you again. >> it's good to be back.
11:17 am
>> we had you discussing how this may go. has this happened faster than you thought it would? >> a little faster. once we had the pictures it was likely we were going to find the guys. now that we know something about their background, more likely than it would have been if they were a very well organized group of people who had come in just to carry out the attack. so i expect it to move quickly once we had pictures. >> what is your impression about the capability, the motives, given the limited information that we have at this point? >> it's a little hard to speculate. it looks at those they or at least the older brother never quite integrated after coming here. may are just fastened his
11:18 am
disappointment as an immigrant, sort of a religious grudge against the country and brought his brother up into it. it was helped over seas playing the role with other. >> your major contribution to homeland security was to get greater transparency on the people flying in and out of the united states. you wrote a book about how privacy concerns yielded to national security. could we have prevented this, do you think? >> it would be very hard to prevent it. i do think that we are very lucky. we had pictures of these guys and they weren't the world's
11:19 am
best pictures. and one of the reasons is privacy groups have fought the installation of cameras. the cameras are at their most valuable after an event when you're trying to figure out how it happened. while that doesn't stop the attacks, it makes it much less likely that people will get away with them. if there is one technological lesson we should learn from this is just how valuable cameras are after an attack. that was something i worked on at the department coming up with cameras that weren't there for monitoring but were there for evidence afterward. >> and it's been said in some circles this morning given how effective they have been that you may expect americans to be begging for more cameras once this is over and we start looking at policy. >> we should have done this --
11:20 am
actually several cities have done this. boston did this. the aclu sued them to get information in the hopes of solving problems. i think more skepticism about the privacy group's knee jerk reaction is in order. >> people are going to want to take lessons about immigration. are there lessons as far as you can see now? >> i think it's still early to say. we do have to reck fiz that immigration today is not the same as immigration 50 or 100 years ago. you can leave your country, but you don't really have to leave your country. at least psychologically. you can go on and red the local
11:21 am
papers and stay current with friends from the old country. not everybody makes a complete adjustment. the old immigrant story doesn't work the same as today. >> would you push back against student visas in particular? >> i don't think that's a lesson for this attack. i think it argues being careful for refugees from the particularly troubled region. >> finally from a geo political. we heard from secretary of state kerry. general mccaffery said you can bet money the cia is on the phone right now investigating the chechen connection.
11:22 am
are there going to be broad state policies drawn from this? >> i think it's hard to see broad policy lessons arising from this. all of the evidence that i have seen suggests that these are two youngsters. quite probably on their own with personal motivations and that doesn't tell us too much about broad policy. other than we need to do a better job of trying to integrate people who have come here. the former assistant secretary for policy. i want to bring in congressman barney frank. not yet. let's get background information on the bombing suspects.
11:23 am
michelle? >> hi, guys. we want to give you information because the two individuals in question have been described as ethnic chechens. where is chechnya? here it is. russia is a huge and extends to the north. we can't show you mast cow because it's so far north. even though police officials tell nbc news these are chechen, they were not born in chechnya. the older one is said to have been born in russia. that could be anywhere. it's a huge country. >> one of the uncles speaking right now. >> it's not my brother who just moved back to russia, who spent his life bringing bread back to the table, fixing cars, if i canning cars. he didn't have time or chance or anything option. he's been working. that's it.
11:24 am
no, no. i've not be in touch with my brother, no. no. my family has nothing to do with that family. >> are you ashamed? >> of course we're ashamed. yes, we're ashamed. they're children of my brother. who have little influence on them, honestly. >> is there any reason why you had no contact with them? did you have a falling out or anything? >> it's personal. i didn't like them. i just wanted my family be away from them. that's it. again. being losers. not being able to settle themselves and thereby just
11:25 am
hating everyone. >> they came early. since 2003. >> why are they in cambridge? they came to cambridge area. >> why? >> they immigrated. they immigrated. they immigrated and received asylum. >> were they going to school? >> yes. they lived there. >> did today go to collegesome. >> um, well, i hope were. i don't know. when they grew up, when they grew up, as i said, me, myself and this family had nothing to do with them for long, long time. at least last time i spoke with my last time i spoke with them was about 2009. >> how do you feel about america? what do you think of the united states? i say -- i teach my children. and that's what i feel myself.
11:26 am
this is the ideal world. i respect this country. i love this country. this country which gives chance to everybody else just to be human being. to feel yourself human being. that's what i feel about this country. >> can you give us your proper name and spelling of your proper name. >> my name is ruslan. last name. tsarni. >> as far as you know, were they involved in any sort of [inaudible]? >> i don't know. i don't know. just again -- i don't know. i seen them as kids. if i was slightly aware, i would be the first one to bring them into responsibility as an uncle.
11:27 am
>> were they ever caught up in the fight against chechnya? >> no. they've never been in chechnya. they are peaceful. that's a neighboring region. >> and you haven't seen them in years? >> i haven't seen them for years. >> when you saw the pictures, did you recognize them? >> i saw them only this morning when i was contacted at 7:00 a.m. with reporters. zl and you saw more pictures. did you recognize them? >> yes. when they said have you seen the pictures my wife opened up internet and on aol -- on aol i saw a picture of dzhokhar. >> what do you say? >> i say dzhokhar, if you're alive, turn yourself in and ask for forgiveness from the victims, from the injured, and
11:28 am
from those who left. ask forgiveness from these people. we're not requiring forgiveness in this family. he put us shame. he brought shame on our family. on the tsarnaev family. he put shame on the entire chechen activity. now everyone is associating the word chechen. so they put the shame on the entire ethnicity. so that's what i would say. turn yourself in! and whatever, whatever, put yourself at the discretion of those who are here. that's what i would say. pardon me? >> have you been in touch with the boys? >> not yet. not yet. that was the last time i spoke with them. that was about three months ago maybe. >> did he express concerns? >> no, no, no.
11:29 am
>> where were they born? >> they came here from kyrgyzstan. >> where were they born? >> in kyrgyzstan. i wouldn't say losers. i say those able to make this are only losers. that's what i say. there's no idea that they may follow. >> what do you do for a living, sir? >> huh? >> i work, i work. thank you very much. >> from now on, i dearly ask you to respect our privacy. >> we've been listening to ruslan tzarni. >> as you just heard, the uncle of the suspects, ruslan tsarni saying this has nothing to do with chechnya. begging his nephews to turn themselves in.
11:30 am
asking for forgiveness. saying they put shame on the entire ethnicity and adding to the theory, guys that these were two disgruntled kids who were unable to assimilate to u.s. culture. >> asked what possibly sparked this. he said they were never able to settle. everyone else did, but they were never able to do that. >> which argues the idea of nationalism that so many people had spoken about. that's what you could draw from what is happening. >> this is the same uncle who called them losers. distancing themselves from the individuals themselves. saying he had little influence on their upbringing. >> saying my family has nothing to do with this family. they settled not close to this family in massachusetts and they hadn't spoken since 2009 was the last time. >> we are thinking he has depoliced it.
11:31 am
his house they were surrounding with the helicopters over it for concern they may be in there. that's a diffused situation if he's out talking to the press. >> we don't. but i believe it was his house. the live shot continues there, which has been covered by nbc news and others. it d echo the fbi and joint terrorism task force teams are trying to create a profile as we go along. this echoes what mccaffery just said. what baker just said. it appears not to be a hard lined state sponsored act. at least for now. people will make comments about teenage angst all the time. >> there was a quote in a usa today article profiling the older brother who was 26 last night when he was shot dead saying i have no american friends. i have no american friends. i don't understand them. so definitely adding to that
11:32 am
picture there. bertha coombs has been keeping us up to speed all morning long. >> likely a lot of folks not at work in boston where we have a lot of funds. as much of the boston area remains on lockdown. a massive dragnet, a hunt for one of the suspected marathon bombers. let us bring you back to date. just hours after police released the pictures we know their name. 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev was shot overnight. his younger brother 19-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev is at large. police are hunting for him. he is likely armed and extremely dangerous. overnight, about 10:30 last night they confronted an m.i.t. police officer. after shots were heard fired, the officer was found wounded in
11:33 am
his patrol car. he was later pronounced debt at the hospital. a police officer on the m.i.t. campus. after that the hair hijacked a car, taking the driver along with them, apparently stopping several times to try to get cash out of an atm. at one point they were successful at getting $800 out of that. they left that driver unharmed and proceeded under pursuit by police across the city lines from cambridge over into watertown where the shootout happened last night and one of them, as you mentioned, were killed and police continue to have that area under lockdown today. carl? >>. >> i want to bring in congressman barney frank who joins us this morning as well. congressman, thanks for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> can you provide details on the pictures?
11:34 am
>> no. i was not watching since i've been on the phone. i actually was in maine wrking on tennessee writings. i went down to make some speeches in boston and cameron. trying to get some writing done. i didn't watch it until a while ago. that will be very much to add to what the law enforcement people are saying. >> we have talked all morning long. mayors. this is the mayor of somerville.
11:35 am
former and current fbi officials. i just wonder as a boston native what it must be like to watch your city on lockdown like this. have you ever seen anything like this? [inaudible]. >> no. this shows the strength of the boston area. this is a terrible situation. and tragic. i do say that the law enforcement people are performing very well. very difficult thing to do. you know, one of the problems with being a free society, the bad guys get to take the first shot. people say, well, can't you prevent this? the american people and people of greater boston aren't going in advance everywhere.
11:36 am
people are understanding the need for the restrictions. i don't think people anticipated on monday that we would have made the progress that we did. the terrible carnage. but it seems to me that law enforcement did a good job. this is a labor intensive operation. it's going to cost the city and the state money. we'll have to deal with that later. the efficiency that we were able to do this and any of that information to the public. they are doing very well.
11:37 am
who individuals in the family. >> congressman. we just heard from the aun kl. i don't know if you were able to hear him on the sidewalk there. appearing the to draw pa picture of two kids that were not involved in some geo political state sponsored entity. the market rallied hard off the lows. are you getting the sense this is more of a lone actor type of situation? >> what do i know? i know the public is eager. i think there's a danger to tell them. the important thing is to catch this remaining murder. once that is done there will be
11:38 am
more time to do this. i don't see the point in speculating now. obviously if it turns out they were lone actors -- >> congressman. let me ask you the question the other way around. there are populations that are radicalized. are there immigrants that you have had to deal with or think about as a matter of policy? ? no. because if they did, the chances of it being held wouldn't be great. the uncle was saying that it
11:39 am
wasn't the case of radicalization. home grown people who are violent. we just had a terrible situation in texas where a home downamerican murdered three law enforcement officials or two law enforcement official and the wife of a third. these are dangerous individuals who need to be restrained. but as far as a generalized radical part of the population, in the 12 years now -- almost 12 years since the terrible, much worse tragedy of 2001 we haven't seen a lot of this. but it seems premature to draw conclusions and unnecessary.
11:40 am
we had prior examples of the murder. often the speculation is incorrect. i want to wait until we know more. stop the reign of terror from the one remaining criminal. and then talk about what happened. zbr absolutely, congressman. great answer. we ask the questions. that's a great answer to where we are now. thank you for your time. >> you're welcome. congressman barney frank joining us. let's go to -- scott cohen in watertown? bill griffith in watertown. are you joining us on the phone? >> no. i'm right here. i know. big sur prize. i wasn't planning to be on the air and i happened to be in the area and with the lockdown and the events i was here for have been canceled. i'm at the staging area maybe 30 yards from where the latest news
11:41 am
briefing is about to get under way. there is still a lot more questions than answers right now and those of us in the media who are con gre grated here in watertown in the staging area are left to read the signs right now. there's an unprecedented level of law enforcement in the area right now between the state troopers, the local police and the military and the area that seems to be of interest, if you -- there's this helicopter, but it's behind this area over here. that may be the area that we're focused on. do they have this 19-year-old in custody yet? if so, where is he? if not, where are they focusing right now? that's what we're hoping to hear from during the news briefing. we don't know who will be here. in the past it's been police commissioner davis. governor patrick could be here or police officials. carl, you and i have covered our
11:42 am
share of economic summits where world leaders have been gathered. i have never seen visibly the level of security and law enforcement presence that is existing right now. i suspect since 9/11 the kind of planning that goes on for an event like this where you get a terrorist attack on u.s. soil, the law enforcement is in full force. this is what they've been planning and practicing for the last 12 years, carl? >> it's true. you always hear about drills. you wonder what is that for? only in achgs is like this does all that preparation, all that money spent become apparent. we'll come back to you in a bit, i'm sure. a lot more "squawk on the street" is back in a minute. you've known? hn we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone
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who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years. ♪
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11:45 am
boston affiliate talking to fellow student. >> they were originally not born in this country. he told us along with english also spoke arabic and maybe one other language. do you know anything about that? >> no. honestly i don't. i only communicated with him in english. i didn't know he could speak arabic. >> socially, can you tell us
11:46 am
more? you said he was well liked. did he was have a lot of friends? >> yeah, he had a lot of friends. he was very popular. everybody knew him outside of playing soccer with him. whenever i would be eating the dinner i would say hi. what's up? how is it going? he seemed like a normal person. >> did he have talk about his past? we know putting together information that his family came here from the russian republics roughly ten years ago. did he talk about his time there? he would have left probably when he was obviously in middle school age maybe. did he talk much about his time there? >> no, i didn't really know he was from russia to be honest. never talked about hour past. only about what was going on at the the time i guess. >> has anything changed recently in the last few weeks? we communicate through things
11:47 am
like facebook and twitter. we're learning more about social media that he used. we all know facebook in the united states. really facebook is global. but he had what seemed to be like a russian -- some sort of social networking site that he was using. it seems he has been very sympathetic to the chechen people, to chechnya. he put this on the social media site. i'm wondering if anything has changed in any of your communication with him in the last few weeks. >> actually. we haven't had communication. i saw him about a month ago at school. i didn't really know how to pronounce his last name. i didn't really talk to him in the past. month or so. like outside of just seeing him at school.
11:48 am
was that unusual for the two of you? >> no. we were never close. we would see each other and say hi. we weren't hanging out all the time. but i did know of him. >> interesting to note going back to the russian equivalent of facebook. some reports are unconfirmed at this time. but apparently on that website he was posting details about islam, that he did include websites about islam in his postings and also some personal thoughts about career and money. he seemed to be motivated by that, according to this reporting that we're getting here. people are telling us he was a really good student. did he talk about his future plans much?
11:49 am
>> no, i didn't know about that. >> was there ever anything in your small interaction because i know you weren't close, but anything in your interaction that would lead you to believe you may be doing an interview about your classmate. your class didn't start physical later today, right? until about noon? >> right. >> so wow weren't on campus. if you could break that down for us. they have decided to cancel classes. but then they are evacuated. all i know is at the beginning of my freshman year is they had me sign up for this alert. basically if anything happens, a text and a phone call.
11:50 am
i wasn't on campus. but this morning i got the call. i just got a text and a phone call. >> it is unbelievable. and surreal what everybody is going through today and i think so many people are just waiting for some kind of conclusion here. frightening moments. we thought we might have seen the worst of it on monday and now the events that have been unfolding have been unbelievable. and i can't even imagine for somebody who had contact with the person that they are looking for, that just must -- it must be so surreal, even for you. what was your original reaction when you found out this guy i knew, you know, riding home from soccer, is the person they are looking for? >> i didn't believe it at first.
11:51 am
i thought it was completely like a rumor, like not real. but i thought more and more and asked my friends about it and she said the same thing. she completely agreed. i said, oh, my god, i think it's the same person. i couldn't believe it. >> james, thank you so much. we appreciate your thoughts there speaking to us. >> all right. that is an interview with u-mass dartmouth. back here the dow hanging on to a nine-point loss. your impressions at this hour, just broadly? >> well, they are certainly terrorists. they are certainly losers, just like he said, and they are criminals. they have two guys, one 26 years old and one 19-year-old. i think the 19-year-old followed the 26-year-old. even the way they walked, dropped the bombs. the 26-year-old walked totally
11:52 am
confident. they knew they were going to blow up. the 19-year-old wears his hat frontwards, not backwards, goes to school near there, hangs around with friends near there. are they going to recognize him through cameras? i believe at some point he knew that this was going to happen. i know -- i think that the end result of this shooting and everything that's going to happen, they've perceived this to happen. it's not like they -- i think they went back to their room, saw their pictures on tv and said, let's get loaded up and kill as many people as we can, take out as many people. >> so you think this is all going ard coulding to their plan? >> yes, i think it is. i think it is. the 19-year-old is still hiding. the fbi did a great job of putting his picture out. surprised they did that but they did. now you have the coordination between all of the police departments, which is not easy to do. boston has 5,000 police officers. you have people coming from all
11:53 am
over. you're surrounding a house and if there's any shooting or anything, where do you shoot? you really have to coordinate something like that. >> you say teenagers, not that they are part of a major terrorist organization linked back to somewhere else. is that your view? >> i think they premeditated this and knew how to make the bombs and how to strap themselves. i think they had some kind of training before. they were so cool when they laid the bombs down. they practiced this before. i'm sure they got attached to something, someplace along the line. the big picture is, where is this taking us in the world of terrorism and that's what the fbi is after right now. >> as of an hour ago, boston police said they were hunkering down at one address and fearing that potential the house that they were circling in on could
11:54 am
be booby-trapped. >> that's why they got police away, including the press from that other location. now you have this house. i mean, this kid is probably bc booby-trapped himself. these guys are being looking to take out many people and they want us, the police, to kill them. >> do you think the risk of them leaving the house to get around a more concentrated area is a real risk or do you think they would stay in the house? >> this particular kid, 19 years old? >> yes. >> no, i think they are going to get him. it's a matter of time. they have time as long as nobody gets hurt or killed. these guys were throwing bombs. you know they were prepared. we don't even talk about the poor guy working 12:00 to 8:00 or something as a security guard. what's his name? we don't even mention him. but we look at these two guys. it's a shame that we do this.
11:55 am
they kill on purpose. they sought who they were going to kill, let's see what damage we did, they walk away or take the train somewhere. >> we know who the m.i.t. officer was. it's sean collie rchl. we haven't forgotten that. if you've been in the service, do you see what we see but in a different way? do you understand the danger that the officers are in in a different way than perhaps we do if, as you say, they have explosives strapped to them? >> definitely. definitely. you know, they are looking to kill as many people. you really have to be careful. explosives, people walking around with explosives, new york is tight with all of that. can these guys go anywhere and do that? yes. can we stop it? these guys walked right up, you can see, nobody there to stop them. they had big bags, they carried them. i think new york was a lot more
11:56 am
prepared than almost any city and now boston and now the good part, if there's a good part about this, everybody has to be vigilant. and you know how we say, government has to step up more, we all have to. it's the people involved that have to. we have to be more vigilant. lives are going to change starting from growning up through the schools. >> as they have been. >> thank you. >> formerly the nypd. >> we'll take a quick break and be back with an ongoing situation.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
time, want to bring you the latest out of massachusetts and send you over to bertha coombs. bertha? >> the manhunt continues. more than a million people being asked to stay in their homes in their homes hours after police released the marathon bombing suspects, we know now that they were brothers of chechen ethnicity. tamerlan tsarnaev was killed in a confrontation with police overnight. this young man, dzhokhar tsarnaev remains at large. they are ethnic chechens and legal residents of the united states, live in cambridge, massachusetts. police are searching their home with care. they believe it may b


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