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tv   Closing Bell With Maria Bartiromo  CNBC  April 19, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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nasdaq settling higher on this stunning day, with developments coming out of boston. boston area residents told to stay in their home. the entire city of boston in lockdown as an extraordinary manhunt for the remaining suspect continues. let's get to sue herrera. she has the very latest on what we know up until this point. sue? >> it is a very, very fluid and ever-changing situation, maria, as you well know. here's what we know at this point. the city of boston is basically on lockdown and also watertown, massachusetts, where we have bill and also where we have scott, they are on lockdown as well. people are being told to shelter in place, as you well know. and as a result of this, law enforcement authorities are very hopeful that they will be able to conclude their search by going door to door. last check, they had about 70% of that accomplished. we're still waiting for an afternoon briefing. we don't know when that will occur. but in the early morning
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briefing, they did say there were new developments they were trying to run down and firm up and they would bring us those at the afternoon briefing. of course, as you know, things are changing quite rapidly and as a result of that, that briefing may get pushed back once again. so, that's what we know at this point. and they came, the suspects, as you know, came from an area in russia quite close to chechnya. we are still translating those tapes that we got from the father, an interview that he did with reuters. it's in russian, we're translating it. a number of the family members have been speaking out with very diverse opinions on this whole situation. so we're working on those, we'll bring them to you when we have them. maria and andrew, back to you. >> thank, sue. joining us again, phillip mudd, former deputy director of the cia's counterterrorism center. also with us, is mike baa kard, the former director of field operations at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives and now a principle at security dynamics. michael, i'll go to you. a question we've been asking all afternoon. how could this younger brother
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get away and should we get nervous? should we be worried, as the days progress, that there has not been more progress? >> well, it's very easy to hide in a city like boston, obviously, especially when you're on foot, you can steal a car, you can hide in different places. hopefully no one is assisting him, as he's trying to allude law enforcement. they have a better chance of catching him if he is on his own and he's not getting any assistance from anybody, who is allowing them to hide in their house or trying to get them out of the area. so i think that's why law enforcement tried to lock things down, hold everything in place for a short period of time, allow them to tighten the noose and concentrate on some certain areas and hopefully put an end to this very soon. >> phillip mudd, you were an analyst, specializing in south asia and then the middle east at the cia. what do you think the cia is examining right now? what are the most important clues from your standpoint that the cia must be looking at to further in and zero in on this
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individual. >> there are some pretty basic characteristics of any conspiracy investigation you want to look at. those characteristics are money, travel, communications, who recruited you, whom did you recruit? so you've got to step through -- it sounds simple, but it's not. you're dealing with in the 21st century with a mountain of data that would dwarf what we had even ten years ago. you have to step through those basics to prove the negative. it looks like it's just two brothers, but we can't be sure until we check all those boxes. >> what is your sense on that? do you think this really could just be two people on their own? and even if there weren't necessarily people that helped them, you have to imagine, at least i do in some ways, that there had to have been people that might have known or even suspected that there was something going on? >> i'm sure there were people who knew they were being ostracized from a community or family, but if there are co-conspirators, i believe that group is very small. when i look at every step that
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they did, despite the lethality of those alasctions, they were amateurish every step of the way. they went up against the softest target you could find. my guess is either just the two of them or a very small conspiracy. >> mike buchard, this is mike griffith in watertown. one of the issues we face up here in the boston metropolitan area is the possibility that there may be areas that have been booby trapped by these guys. they did find an undetonated ied in the charles town area earlier today that they did detonate, and let's face it, they're thinking, maybe there are others around, that's why they've had the lockdown in the boston area. at the same time, they are going to allow this afternoon those people who did end up going to work this morning to leave. you know, it's finding the needle in the haystack, but give us some guidance on what they're going to have to do to find if there are any other ieds in the area around boston.
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>> that's the difficult part. this is beyond a manhunt, it's beyond a criminal investigation. now your elected officials are involved in making decisions. where law enforcement is giving them their best advice. do we keep the city in lockdown? do we contain? do we stop transit, et cetera, which will have a tremendous economic effect on the area? so law enforcement is giving them their best advice on these kind of things. unfortunately, you can't be too definitive. these guys could have planted booby traps in different places. that's certainly going through the minds of every law enforcement officer as they stop individuals, as they look through cars, as they enter houses, et cetera. so the elected officials are now tasked with making some tough decisions, how long do we want to let this go on if we don't catch this guy tonight. >> let me ask you this, mike. because investigators are trying to zero in on whether or not the suspect, dzhokar, the younger brother, tsarnaev, had terrorist training. now, for older brother, who obviously is dead, has been
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living -- lived in the united states since 2007. what is your gut in terms of whether or not these two have had training in terrorism and whether or not that training took place in the u.s. or elsewhere? >> from my point of view, you don't need much terrorism training to do what they did. it was very simple, very basic. you can learn how to build these devices on the internet. you can learn some of the tactics of some previous bombings. it was an act of cowardice putting it near children and innocent people. i don't think you need any specialized training to do what they did. they stayed in the area immediately thereafter, didn't try to conceal themselves, et cetera. >> why is it so easy to learn how to build a bomb on the internet? you know, no one is more for free speech than me, but let's face it. you could learn how to build this thing on the internet. is there anything we can do in a free society to ensure that it's not so easy to create such
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scenarios? >> i've been in this business for over 30 years and, you know, occasionally we have incidents like this and we find out someone had access to bomb-making materials, how to make explosive mixtures off the internet. immediately, the first amendment comes forward. again, we enjoy living in this country because of the rights that we have. we have to weigh our freedoms. 99.9% of the people in the united states don't use the internet for illicit criminal acts. so, again, we have to kind of weigh what we put on the internet and the responsibility comes on the individuals who are accessing it. >> we've got this breaking news, that the police have recovered the vehicle that the suspect may have used. andrew, this is an important development here. >> you know they have been looking for this vehicle all day. we were putting out license plate numbers earlier in the day on the broadcast, so it is important, what they get from this, obviously, unclear. i want to go to phil just for
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one more sec, because i want to go to the question we just asked mike, which is, how long can you keep a city like boston in lockdown? what does it mean? and you know, as we get closer to the end of the day and it gets dark, how does that change things? >> i don't think we'll be in lo lockdown that long. one of the reasons is, this kid, in terms of psychological, has lost his psychological anchor. that is his older brother. he doesn't have a place to move. i think the prospect that this does not end in either suicide or his death at the hands of law enforcement is very low. he's either going to get shot up because he refuses to come out and starts engaging later or he's going to be so desperate he shoots himself. i don't think this will go on that long. >> quite extraordinary to look at the pictures that we're looking at right now, with sniffing dogs, with tanks in the streets of boston. phil, are there other uses, or there other tools that we have available to us to continue to zero in on this individual? do you think what's being used so far is appropriate and what
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else could possibly be usable? >> sure, i think it's appropriate, because you can't assume anything in this scenario. you don't start a sentence with the words, "i think." i think he might not move. i think he hasn't gotten on a train. you've got to have people in position that can deal with any eventuality. i think he doesn't have more explosives in the apartment or the house. so i think you've got to look at not only what we're speculating on and what's happening in this area, but what other scenarios might unfold and you've got to prepare for those. >> gentleman, thank you very much. bill is on the ground in watertown. >> let me just say, very quickly, to help answer andrew's question about how long you can keep a city like boston under lockdown, all of us around here somehow got an instant message from massachusetts emergency management, mema, saying shelter in place is still in effect. so they are letting everybody know, in sort of a reverse 911 way, that this is going to remain in place until they tell us it is not.
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so i don't know. i think it could go on into the night, depending on whether they find this 19-year-old suspect or not. >> really extraordinary. gentleman, thank you very much. amid the boston manhunt, wall street was open fors by, though stocks posted their worst week of year this week, even if we did end on a higher note. josh lipton is with us on this story of stocks today. >> the market actually staging a rebound today. look at the s&p 500. it had been down two points but bounces higher. and the dow, which had been down 9 93 points also fights its way back. ibm suffers its worst day since april 2005. reports first quarter earnings and revenue and missed analysts' estimates. two other tech names to mention, microsoft which saw profits jump 18.5% in the first quarter, revenue of $18.8 billion driven by sales of the bing search engine and xbox business. google, another gainer, saying
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its core internet business increased net revenue 23% in the first quarter. general electric, check out that one, reports and disappoints. the conglomerate reports a quarterly profit that matches the street's expectation, but at the same time, ge saying europe was weaker than expected. company saying is organic growth could be at the lower end of the range. chipotle mexican grill surging. the burrito change saying underline sales trends at established restaurants were up 3% in the first quarter. same range you'd see so far this month. and we'll end up here capital one, another name racing higher. the company saying it's looking for the green light from regulators to start share repurchases this year. maria, back to you. >> we have spoken to the suspects' uncle, the suspects' father, along with countless officials in the fbi and cia. we've got much more continuing coverage as this extraordinary manhunt continues. stay with us. ♪
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welcome back. we have more of the ongoing manhunt for the boston marathon bombing suspect in a moment. but first, the latest on today's news in business. >> the u.s. regulators said in a
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statement that it will issue instructions to operators that will, quote, allow the 787 to return to service with the battery system modifications. blackstone announced it's dropping out of the bidding war for dell, citing an industry-wide drop in pc sales. dell shares fell nearly 4% on the trading session. and copper has been pushed into a bear market after the metal fell 1.7% today. april contracts fell $5.30 to settle at $3.15 a pound. nymex crude futures posted some modest gains. light sweet crude for may settled higher to $88.01 a barrel. the volatility index, the vix, was up as much as 50% this week. since then, it's up 25%, making it the biggest gain for the index this year. maria, we'll bring you more headlines within the next hour, but for now, back to you. >> joining me right now is clint van zandt, former fbi master
4:16 pm
profiler and hostage negotiator. clint worked on many major cases from the oklahoma city bombing to the unabomber and now is a crime analyst for nbc. clint, thanks very much for weighing in on this. let me ask you, in terms of this individual that we are focused on, do you expect that he is wi hiding out, injured from the gunshot wounds last night, or do you expect that he could what's your take on this? >> there's probably three different ways that this could go, at least. remember in that shoot-out last night, his brother was hit multiple times, to include fragments, perhaps, from some type of a grenade or incendiary device. so it stands to reason if his brother and he were both in a shoot-out and his brother was shot so many times, he may have been hit too. so law enforcement, as they look in this 20-block square area that save searched about 80% right now, they're looking for perhaps he's wounded and crawled
4:17 pm
under a house some place, perhaps he broke into either an empty house or he's in an apartment, holding hostages, or worst-case scenario, is that he was able to get his hands on a vehicle, maybe hijack a car and get out of that area before we knew about it. so these are all considerations. law enforcement hopes he's still there. because, otherwise, they've really got their work cut out for them, trying to find him. >> we've been reporting these brothers came from a russian region near chechnya, but the older brother, dead, tamerlan tsarnaev, has been living in america since 2007. tell me your thoughts on what happened here. he's living in america since '07 and at some point, turns and decides he wants to kill americans. what would be your take in terms of the psychology and what these two are thinking or were thinking? >> well, we don't know, but we're about to find out.
4:18 pm
some say there might be a hybrid here, like major nidal hasan was radicalized via the internet, yet there was another soldier at ft. hood, an enlisted man, who built two explosive devices just like the ones we see used in boston because he had access to the same internet magazines that these guys did, but at ft. hood, he used it to kill soldiers for his own personal reasons, not necessarily anything that had to do with religion or politics. in this particular case, because perhaps the older brother was radicalized, had influence on the younger brother, who's the fugitive right now, we may find this is something like a timothy mcveigh. in essence, the target was not so specific, but the target was located because he wanted to have maximum impact and he wanted to get some type of media
4:19 pm
attention for the cause of the chechen people and their conflict with russia. and as timothy mcveigh told us after oklahoma city, when we said, but look at all the people who died and were injured, and of course, mcveigh said, collateral damage. and these individuals are the ones surviving may well say the same thing to us. >> clint, bill griffeth here in watertown. this tomorrow, radicalization, what in the world can you say to a young man to get him to commit such a horrific act that is so out of character from his life to this point? what is it that you tell that person that radicalizes them? >> well, part of it is going to be his older brother. realize, his father was not a figure in his life. his older brother was the senior person. when you look at the pictures, the videos that we've seen in the last two days, of these guys walking through the crowd at the marathon, placing the bombs.
4:20 pm
you see the older, bigger brother. he takes the dominant, the senior, the lead role and the younger brother follows dutifully. we may well find that psychologically, too, where the older brother was unhappy with america, didn't have friends, went back to the russia/chechen area. some suggest it was there that he could have a had a negative influence. but he comes back and his younger brother -- just like the d.c. snipers, where we had an older dominant and a younger follower type of mentality -- these two guys may have done the same thing. it was the older brother, for whatever his reason, wanted to make a statement about russia, about chechnya. his younger brother fell in because he does what his older brother tells him to do. >> clint, you've been a negotiator in hostage situations before. wlald you tell dzhokar tsarnaev right now in terms of turning
4:21 pm
himself in? how would you negotiate with this type of individual right now? >> he really has two options. the options are surrender or die. i don't say that flippantly, that's just the hard, cold reality. but in this case, we know his brother died and he may well believe his brother died for a cause, just like he's involved in for a cause. if he, the younger brother, the 19-year-old, if he doesn't come forward, get his chance to stand up before the world's public and say whatever his reason is, hypothetically, the plight of the chechen people or whatever it's going to be, if he doesn't seize this opportunity right now, he and his brother are going to be looked at as two killer losers. history will remember them as that. how do you want to be remembered? do you want to be remembered as somebody who stood up for a cause and did what you thought you had to do or do you want your brother to be remembered as simply a loser?
4:22 pm
you have a chance, but you've got to come out and tell us. >> clint, thank you very much for your insights. we will talk soon. we appreciate it. and we'll be back to you as this story continues to develop. we are live in watertown, massachusetts. all eyes remain on greater boston. this incredible manhunt for the marathon bombing suspect and poesh accomplices very much in progress. bill griffeth on the ground inert whattoin watertown, mass. we'll get more coverage after the break. stay with our live coverage of the developments out of boston, next. looked away from my screen. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that kind of focus... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 that's what i have when i trade. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and the streetsmart edge trading platform from charles schwab... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 ...helps me keep an eye on what's really important to me. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's packed with tools that help me work my strategies, tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 spot patterns and find opportunities more easily. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 then, when i'm ready... act decisively. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 i can even access it from the cloud and trade on any computer.
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dramatic developments coming out of boston, watertown, massachusetts, today as we have been reporting. one bombing suspect is dead from a shoot-out overnight with police and law enforcement. the second suspect is at large. the area is on complete lockdown. my co-anchor, bill griffeth, is on the ground right now in watertown, massachusetts. bill, tell us what it has been like, being there all day today. >> a day of ebb and flow, maria, in terms of activity for law enforcement officials, an awful lot of activity early if the day, of course, in the aftermath of the shotout early this morning, between the two brothers and law enforcement officials. and then the manhunt got underway, and they began putting together this staging area, where i am right now, with the rest of the media, and all the other law enforcement officials. a combination of state troopers and local police and national guard and other military officials, fbi officials, and others. they began that process of
4:26 pm
putting the staging area together, which suggested that maybe there was a confrontation coming, maybe they were going to have the whole process of fiending this suspect in this area, when they began this lockdown. but i will tell you, for the last two hours or so, it's been very quiet. we've had no news briefings, a lot of the motorcades that were through here, for the first few hours of the day, they have stopped as well. so it's eerily quiet, i will say that. and they're making signs right now that maybe we're getting ready for another news briefing. they've started setting up the p.a. system. they're making some of the same movements, but we've heard no announcements in that regard. o so the news vacuum we've been in for the last few hours continues and we're left to continue to speculate on what kind of progress they're making right now. >> we are, in fact, expecting another briefing some time this afternoon. we know that the faa has established a no-fly zone over watertown, massachusetts.
4:27 pm
amtrak has been suspended indefinitely from new york to boston. let's get to scott cohn. he's been in boston since the attacks. what's happening where you are, scott? >> i'm also in watertown, maria, and for much of the day, really for all of the day, we were on mt. auburn avenue, which is where the chase went down overnight. we've moved more for transmission issues than anything else, it's not that the situation has changed appreciably, but i've had a little different vantage point of the same things that bill was talking about. and it took us a while to figure out what was going on. but it seems pretty clear, they were just, as they said, they were going house to house. and it looked like they were sort of going sector to sector to sector. there would be an aerial reconnaissance above, sometimes there were military helicopters accompanying them as well. and then you would see lines of yu uniformed police officers and also s.w.a.t. officers going door to door, with guns, not necessarily drawn to fire, but holding guns very prominently,
4:28 pm
and dogs and most people were very cooperative. but it'sclear, they are just going through this down methodically. and at the time of the last briefing, they said that they were 60% through it. at the pace that was going, you would think they would be just about there, but they've been going at it all day. one thing that could be hampering them a little bit, if they're not finished now, is that the weather has worsened. and one of the issues early in the day was that they couldn't get the chopper up, at least before day break, because the ceilings were too low, the cloud ceilings were too low. that's kind of back. i don't know if that means they can't get the choppers up, but it's a lot less safe. so hopefully they're through it all. and what we also know, according to nbc news, is that it is just the one person that they're looking for. they thought for a while that they were looking for some accomplices and so on. this doesn't mean that they've caught anybody. it just means that they know who they're looking for, dzhokar
4:29 pm
tsarnaev, and -- >> tsarnaev. >> thank you maria, tsarnaev. but they're looking for him, and the hope is, the thinking is, and the hope is that he is still here in watertown. >> the thinking in terms of going door to door, scott, i guess it could be either, you know, tsarnaev is holding somebody hostage and hiding in their home or someone's hiding him in their home. they're going door to door in that region, this is like a 20-block radius, correct? >> that's about right. this is a town of about 32,000 people. it's fairly densely populated. so they do have a lot to look for and as we were looking at most of the homes, they're close together, from the areas that we've seen, a lot of single family homes, almost all single family homes. there's also a public housing
4:30 pm
project in the town. and so they really have their work cut out for them. there's a lot to go through. and you're exactly right, maria. either he's hiding somewhere or someone's hiding him, or worst case, he's not here at all. >> all right, we will come back to you as the news develops scott and bill on the ground in watertown. we'll take a short break. we've got much more live coverage of this dramatic search for the boston marathon bomber suspect next. stay with us. it's as simple as this. at bny mellon, our business is investments. managing them, moving them, making them work. we oversee 20% of the world's financial assets. and that gives us scale and insight no one else has. investment management combined with investment servicing. bringing the power of investments to people's lives. invested in the world. bny mellon. clients are always learning more
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welcome back. one suspect in the boston bombing case is dead today. his younger brother, the other prime suspect, remaining at large. sue herrera now with what we know up until to point, sue? >> we have some late-breaking news from nbc news, from bob windrum, the security team there. he said that the chechen insurgents denying any link to the bombing, the boston marathon bombing. that's the latest we have on that possibility. we were debating it all day, about whether there was a link. now the chechen rebels are denying that there is any link to that. in addition to that, this is per pete williams of nbc news. he now reports that the boston marathon bomber manhunt is now down to one person, the younger
4:34 pm
brother. initially, earlier today, there was some speculation that perhaps there was a third suspect. that is now being downplayed. and pete williams reports that the manhunt down to one person. in addition to that, the police officials are now telling pete williams that during the early morning watertown gun battle between police and the two brothers, about 200 rounds were exchanged. they have found seven ieds, improvised devices, that have been removed, in searches so far in watertown and also some from the house in cambridge. in addition to that, we have obtained these pictures from the owner of a shell station, which we're going to show you right now, and i want to explain the fact that, obviously, the younger brother is in the forefront, leaving the shell station there, but we've blacked out or blurred out the face of the second individual, because we don't know that the time stamp on this picture is correct. so we do not know whether this
4:35 pm
was taken before or after the older brother was killed by police. so out of an abundance of caution, we are blurring that particular image out. maria, you're up to date. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> sue, thanks very much. right now we're joined by former fbi special agent, jeff lanza, now head of the lanza group, a risk management firm. jeff, thanks very much for joining us. what's your take on where we are right now. >> i think this search has progressed very rapidly. taking it one step at a time, but i think given that large area, if they are down to a smaller area, which we've heard from news reports now, we're getting closer. we don't know if this guy is even in there for sure, but it looks like he might be. but the key is, they're taking it one step at a time, because you cannot move too quickly. the officers' safety is of the utmost concern. >> bill griffeth on the ground there in watertown.
4:36 pm
>> how do you impress upon the public if you decide there are going to be areas that are safe to end the lockdown, after you impressed upon the public the importance of this lockdown, because of the -- how bad guy this is, how dangerous he is. that's the word i was searching for. would you go out of your home if the public says to you, okay, it's okay to go out of your home now? >> i don't think they're going to say get out of your home until he's dealt with, one way or the other, so i don't think that's going to be an issue. i would be very concerned -- >> so how long do you think -- how long do you think they can lock boston down then? >> until they get through this neighborhood, every single house. i think people might get impatient and they may say, hey, i don't want to be here seven to eight hours, but i think you'd rather be here seven to eight hours and be able to walk around tomorrow and not be in any danger. i think that's the issue right now. this is -- this situation will
4:37 pm
pass and probably pass in the next few hours. >> so, jeff, as a former fbi agent, what is the fbi zeroing if on right now? it does appear that officials are downplaying the idea of accomplices and really focusing just on the younger brother at large, dzhokar tsarnaev, of course, the older brother died in that gun shot overnight. what is the fbi looking at right now? what's most important from your standpoint? >> well, obama met with his security advisers today, and their biggest concern is that it is a foreign threat, that it's not too lone wolfs in the united states that took this under their own, just decided to do it themselves. so what the fbi will be looking at is phone records, e-mail records. they'll be looking at any communications, travel records that had to do with these guys going back and possibly training at a camp in northern africa. the most important thing is the communication records, if they've made phone calls, connecting them to other people
4:38 pm
that may have been involved in encouraging this act or training them to do this particular act, that's what the fbi's going to be looking for going forward. >> and we don't have anymore information on that right now. we know, though, that the older brother, who is dead, did leave the country for six months. he's been living in america since 2007, but left for six months, and investigators are trying to zero in on whether or not he got terrorism training. are you saying that that terrorism training would have happened elsewhere, outside the country? >> most likely, it would have. and the fbi's major concern over the years since 9/11 has been the radicalization of homegrown people, of u.s. citizens. it seems like that's what we might have here. if there's a foreign influence on that radicalization, it probably took place during that six-month period, and that's what the fbi's going to try to find out. >> every time there's a new attack, every time there's a new threat, we learn something. what have we learned this time? what are we learning this time from this particular attack, do you think? >> well, i think, over time,
4:39 pm
after 9/11, people slowly lost interest in keeping their guard up and being so vigilant. we became a little bit complacent. and now we know we really can't be. we were safe for a long period of time, but you cannot protect everyone at every type of event like this. we always have to keep our guard up and it gets back to, if you see something, say something, always be vigilant and report suspicious activity to police. >> what kind of activity would you be focused on at this point. given what we know about how these bombs were made, everyone we've spoken to says that it looked pretty amateur. do you agree with that? >> well, as you've reported and many outlets have reported, these particular bombs could have been built easily with recipes from the internet. i mean, it's no big secret. so amateurish, yeah. people could put them together without a lot of experience. we're not seeing plastic explosives, we're not seeing any sophisticated electronic timing mechanisms, not even anything
4:40 pm
that would require any really advanced knowledge of explosives. so amateur might be a good way to describe it. can someone be a copy cat and do the exact same thing? yes. that's why i remain vigilant, especially reporting suspicious people and suspicious packages and hopefully that will keep us a little safer as these events take place. if you're in a big stadium, there's limited access, there's restricted access. you can check backpacks and you can check packages. you can't do that for 26 miles along a marathon. >> jeff, thanks very much for your insights. we appreciate it. we'll check back as news develops. chechen rebels are now denying any links to the bombings and the brothers that are suspected. should we believe them? up next, we have an expert on hand and author of "chechen," with insights on that. stay with us. ions come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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welcome back. a massive manhunt underway right now for the younger brother, the suspects in the boston bombing. dzhokar tsarnaev is the suspect that law enforcement is zeroing in on. right now on the telephone with me is emma gilligan, associate professor at the university of connecticut, author of "terror in chechnya." both suspects, of course, identified by law enforcement officials as brothers from chechnya. the surviving suspect living in cambridge, massachusetts. emma, thanks for joining us. >> you're very welcome. good afternoon. >> what can you tell us about
4:44 pm
the terror in chechnya to give us more insight into what is behind this horrific development in boston? >> well, it's difficult to know, isn't it, whether there is a political and ideological connection to the events in chechnya over the past 20 years, but, essentially, we have the radicalization of a nationalist movement in chechnya, and that radicalization has taken on, i guess, a more islamic front and the desire to create an islamic state from the black to the caspian sea. so that has evolved over a period of 15 to 60 years and the radical movement within the broader separatist movement has really been able to take over and to push its agenda in the region. i have to say, though, that it's still, it's an active insurgency, but it's still quite a small one. >> but how is that insurgency and upset there implicate the
4:45 pm
united states? i mean, here you've got two brothers living in cambridge, massachusetts, the older brother, who as we all know, is dead, living in this country since 2007. >> yeah, exactly. so, i mean, i think the way that we can thinking about this is two ways. one is that these young boys came to the united states when they had already experienced one of the most horrific decades in post-soviet history in terms of violence in the region. so, therefore, there must have been some posttraumatic stress of the experience. we don't know how long and if at all they were getting in chechnya. we know that they were in kyrgyzstan, we know that they were also in davistan. so you're still affected by the echoes of work and the politics in the region. so that could be the link that we have, that this is a
4:46 pm
psychological response to many years of war. it could also be a political ideological response. we don't know yet, if at all, that there are any links between the chechen radicals that still exist as part of the insurgency or, for that matter, for any of the networks that exist in other regions. now, you have to understand that this is a very unusual event if that were the case. because chechen separatists have not taken their struggle outside of the russian federation. so if they were to make this strategic movement by using young men instrumentally and politically, then we -- i would really be wondering why. >> right. >> because it hasn't happened in the past. >> well, what's your sense of a network of terrorism network, associated with these two individuals? i mean, law enforcement officials seem to be downplaying
4:47 pm
the idea of accomplices here and are truly zeroing in on the younger brother still at large, dzhokar tsarnaev, and, you know, no-fly zone above watertown, massachusetts, amtrak train between new york and boston, trailer out. we don't know when that would resume. so what's your sense in terms of whether or not he's working alone? >> well, i think what it seems to me, as i've been following it, maria, that they're very concerned that he has explosives. and clearly, if they had thrown explosives from their car, then they have legitimate reason to be concerned about that. the scale and degree of the explosives, one still doesn't know, and whether they have other accomplices, we don't know that either. so i can understand their concern and i can understand that if they think that these two young men were able to plant
4:48 pm
bombs in a public place like the marathon, then, surely, they may have had been keeping explosives in other areas as well. >> i mean, you never really want to speculate, you know, why, what is the motive, but other than what you're saying, in terms of the war in chechnya and this constant, consistent upset that has been this story of life in chechnya for so many years, was there any other motive that you might speculate on at this point in time? >> no. i mean, that's the immediate link that we can see. i think the link that we've seen on the social media, the degree to which the young men were aligned with and loyal to the chechen independence movement i think is still very, very unclear. and i don't think at the end of the day that we can also marginalize, you know, psychological behavioral problems of assimilating to a
4:49 pm
new culture in the united states. i mean, we know that many refugees that come from conflict situations come into peaceful environments, and all of a sudden, and they're not given appropriate psychological pair, can also have enormous problems assimilating in a very different culture. >> and in terms of these two individuals living in cambridge, massachusetts, having come from chechnya, any thoughts there, why cambridge? why they've been living here together for so many years? why they chose boston? >> well, i think on the east coast that there is a burgeoning, it's by no means as large as europe, of course, the largest population of chechen is in austria, but i think there is a growing group of people along the east coast, in d.c., and in new york, and in boston, and clearly, chechens are also russian speaking, so there is, obviously, a large contingent of
4:50 pm
russian-speaking people also in boston. and from how i understand it, it seems as though their uncle was already here in the united states, and i think that they had other friends who could help them to settle into the country, and to assimilate, so, often, you choose a place precisely because you have contacts there. >> yeah, and of course, no doubt, the fbi and other law enforcement officials are scouring through all sorts of leads to any network of communications that they may have had with colleagues or friends, all around the world. just want to point out that the manhunt for the surviving bombing suspect has sent this area into complete lockdown. the grip of a security emergency. there is a no fly zone over watertown, massachusetts. amtrak train service has been suspended indefinitely. residents of the city and the surrounding area urged to stay indoors, as hundreds of police officers are conducting a manhunt, going door to door to each home to try and locate this
4:51 pm
individual at large. i want to point out that it looks like law enforcement officials are getting ready to give us another briefing in water town, massachusetts. we are being told that we will likely have one more briefing by law enforcement officials, sometime before 6:00 p.m. we will see about that. we have recognized that we do have that podium and microphone set up here so as soon as we get any official statement from law enforcement, we will, of course, bring that to you. take a short break. many questions about why the bombing suspects turned on america after living here for a decade. we will have the former boss of the brother, who is still on the run. his former employer. he thinks the older brother, who is now dead, was the master mind in all of this. we'll get that insight next. stay with us. neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past.
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we are covering the developments, the stunning developments coming out of the boston region, watertown, massachusetts, as the hunt continues for dzhokhar tsarnaev, the younger brother of the two boston bombing suspects. police are going door to door, to everybody's home in the
4:55 pm
region, to look for the individual at large. bill griffith, my co-anchor, is on the ground in watertown, massachusetts, right now, and bill, from the pictures we're looking at, it certainly does feel and look like a lockdown. what can you tell us from your standpoint? >> two things. one, the canine unit just went by a second time just now, maria. that happens every time there's going to be a news briefing, so, i can tell you, just based on that, that we're probably going to have a news briefing soon. maybe we'll get more answers. i also want to go back to an issue that we've been talking about for the last couple of hours. the older brother's visit to russia, for that six-month time frame. this is from a source of mine that's worked in immigration in the past and she says it's not all that unusual for a national to go -- when they have family in another country, to go back to that country for prolonged period of time, often for six months. that's usually the time frame they go, if they've got a green card. it's especially common for
4:56 pm
people who go for that six months of a time because there are many hoops they must go through and that's why it's easier and so common for green card holders to visit their home countries for months at a time. she's not speculating that's why he went, particularly, but it is yet another reason, another explanation as to why, since we've been reading so much into why he made that trip for a six-month period. just another alternative to think about to this point. >> you know, the investigators are wondering if, in fact, that trip was to get terrorism training, obviously, bill, as you know. >> absolutely, i mean -- that's entirely a possibility. >> yeah, yeah. we've got much more of our -- >> but -- the point is, for the people that do make the trips for the six-month time frame, it's not always for terrorism purposes. >> of course, of course. >> goes without saying. >> we spoke to both individual's fathers and their uncle, very different mental tills and commentary out of those two. we'll bring you that coming up. more of our continuing live
4:57 pm
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