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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  June 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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have the security you need to get you there. call us. we can show you how at&t solutions can help you do what you do... even better. ♪ my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money". welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, my job is not just to entertain you but to coach you, call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. sick of this federal reserve guessing game yet? sorry. it's a gigantic issue. it will control events this week
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no matter what we do. dow climbing 110 points, s&p gaining points 7.6%. nasdaq almost cracked it at one point. they didn't get it going. >> that was easy. >> now you can argue that today's victory for the bulls came because japan didn't go down last night. japan is a chicken and egg situation. japanes stock market started falling apart a couple weeks ago. japan could rally a couple percent on rumors, which is what we got today, that the fed is not going to tighten. in the end, let's call it tighten what the bond program really needs. let's play, let's be ready for wednesday, you and me. first the back trap. feds buying bonds, including mortgage backed bonds, very unusual. some on the board have hated from day one. >> boo! >> there's a component of the fed that thinks their job is completely and utterly done. but they've also -- there is another group of people who said they shouldn't intervene in the first place.
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by the time they speak, they speak all the time the market gets hammered.. it's like they never stop talking. then there are the people. the other one who matters, ben bernanke, he recognizes the economy may not be enough to draw the sim lus in fine 13. what's that mean? in 1937, when we were coming out of the great depression, the white house and congress decided things were bouncing back strong! strong enough that it was time to start closing the deficit by raising taxes and putting less financial support into the economy. fed agreed. hey, come on, man, it was a first class disaster. >> the house of pain! >> it turned out to be a recession within a depression. now the president and congress have raised taxes as a part of the fiscal cliff deal. they both agreed to the sequester, which was supposed to cut defense spending. it is impacting a lot of little programs the media isn't focused on. we haven't heard much about it. the fact that they're at 52-week highs, makes it seem like the sequester doesn't matter at all, who cares? government just doesn't know
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what it's doing. that's not the point. the point is neither the president or congress is doing anything extra, anything substantive to get it moving beyond what's done. we have no interstate highway to build out over ike. we have no wars, fortunately, like world war ii. we don't have a problem to fix bridges and tunnels. i often think the pipeline companies and google, google are doing more to help infrastructure and the government. into the breech comes ben bernanke, he kept mortgage rates down, the interest rates down. in light of the data, is the work done? you have to understand at some point the work will be done. some people think it will never be done. that is wrong. this program is not supposed to last forever, it's only supposed to last to the end of next year. when it ends, many stocks will get hurt.
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it is now undeniable. the question is when will it end? it has to. the question is it can end this year. ben bernanke is a history buff. he's well aware that he's the only bulwark against the return of the great recession within a recession. so it comes down to this. does the data support ending this program right now or not? bernanke has to answer a lot of questions, can the housing market continue to be robust on its own? are there enough construction jobs? do the jobless claims and payroll debt support the curtailment. plus, are our allies in a good enough shape to withstand a tapering, particularly the emerging markets, which haven't recovered one whit from the initial conversation. i don't envy this fed chief. for example, take this morning's papers. we had that fed chief commentary. it seemed better than expected. when you looked underneath, orders and home builders were
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subpar. we show the most bullish on housing since 2002. it puts an end to quantitative easing this year. interest rates just spiked dramatically. maybe the home builders conference is misplaced. we know we are on target to build a million homes this year. we know that a homeowner was in the money on his mortgage. he spends three times as much money on his home as someone who isn't. a lot of people are now above water. however, 10 million people are below the level and if the fed tightens, maybe they'll stay there. we know from the st. louis fed, the keeper of the stats, it's beginning to increase. the note from the bank, they are down. however, tarex, the gigantic equipment company had a report saying the u.s. is weakening, meaning commercial construction is not back, they're too big to ignore. retail spending is strong. walmart and target far far bigger seeing the opposite, same
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with dollar general. we know the wealth made the rich richer. they had the big stock portfolios. they go up, hey, you know what, that's more spending. how long will that last including the bonds they own, like the ones that the pending comes from. china is slowing, why is the bull market break up on the upside. europe is horrendous. well, but why then did bbva, a huge spanish bank, the epicenter of the problem, someone said, say that europe is stabilizing? and why did ford, which my charitable trust owns, why did ford agree with bbva to go so far as to say 2015 looks good. i think the taper is sooner than later. i say that ba us the euro is so
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strong. i do not know a soul who agrees with me and david faber, a great friend and co-host, he ribs me all the time. meanwhile, oil is going higher, he said maybe oil, because we were awash in oil and every other commodity, zinc, lead, copper, lumber, iron, they were hammered mercilessly. then the darn stocks. the ones that rallied into weakness last week were the food and drug names. hold it, though. maybe they were actually up because interest rates went down. i know, what a thicket, poor fed. if you are trying to avoid a 1937 scenario and go back into a recession, then this is clearly not the time to stop, not now, not next month, not the month after. maybe not even this year. there is nothing happening that makes me feel we are closing in on the unemployment. certainly not new hires when obamacare kicks in. when the president decides it's a part of the keystone deal, we need a carbon tax. here's the bottom line, yes, the fed has to stop eventually,
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maybe this year. strong points over the weak points. however, i believe this week's fed meeting will be one more big bad event we got to get through, lots of volatility going in, with understand the meeting is out, it should be a sigh of relief. we are close enough to the end of the quarter, they expect the downside to be muted. of course, this week will not define the future as much as many seem to expect it to, and others insist it will be make or break. sorry. it won't be. how about kevin in new jersey? kevin! >> caller: hey, boo-yah, mr. jim cramer. >> boo-yah, neighbor, what's going on? >> caller: i have a question regarding the oil prices reaching a nine-month high. southwest airlines. common sense would say either it's going to profit or it's going right to the consumer. if that's the case -- >> i'm not that concerned about oil. i think oil comes back down. i think it's unnaturally up because we are awash with oil. i'm not going to ban my quality that you should ban the airlines, no, not now. chris in new york. chris!
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>> caller: hey, i'm calling about utx, united technologies. i have been liking defense and aerospace contractors lately, lockheed, raytheon and textron but this one has been getting attention because of the contracts and the repair for the boeing 787. so i'm wondering if you see it as a bit pricey? >> no, i like it very much. my charitable trust took a profit in it. go back to 91, it's not. a guy on squawk this morning was telling a good story. i like you, tex. >> this is phil from surprise, arizona. >> what's up? >> caller: i'm calling about facebook. where do you see facebook going for the future and why is it always up and down and what about their new announcement for june 20th? >> well the june 20th, they're
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going to announce it and the bear is going to come out. they will go back down. this is a stock my charitable trust owns. i don't want you in it unless you understand it's speculative. this stock is so hated and has so few defenses against the bears it will get mauled every day of the week. i am glad the market was closed saturday and sunday or it would have been shut down those days too. buckle your seatbelts. when the fed meeting is over, it's a big fan of that hein us and there will be relief. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, hungry for games? burgers and blooming onions have helped both of these more than double this year. but which company will leave your portfolio asking for seconds? cramer compares the menus. and later, jump ball. the heat are still alive and so is the "mad money" miami vs. san antonio stock series. tonight, two stocks both under $10, one biotech with a powerful pipeline and a play on the boom
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of all those digital billboards. which can give you dazzling returns? cramer makes the call. plus, let's make a deal? the buyout bug has sparked some companies to pay up to their high quality competitors. tonight, cramer helps you find the formula to discover who could be the next company to get picked up, all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. send jim an e-mail or give us a call.
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restaurant stocks, what can i say, have been roaring this year. buy, buy, buy, here own "mad money," we are always getting calls, you are asked about small speculative food chains which are surging. i know jack, it's up a cool 50% since i recommended it about a year ago.
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i mentioned chuy, i love that steak, and blooming brands, and they rallied 56% respectively, these smaller restaurants are much more risky and speculative than a junior growth stock like bw whatever, buffalo wild wings. they are expanding rapidly and the risk is leading to big rewards. so tonight i want to take two of the most asked about casual diningg restaurant names, because this is an interactive show and we're going to pit them against each other, see which one is better. i'm talking about red robin gourmet burgers versus blooming brands, remember that? outback steak. both these stocks are up year to date. which is better for your heart? ha, ha, ha ha ha. anyway, let's compare blooming brands, it has 1,471 restaurants
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spread across five different concepts. outback, caraba's italian grill, bonefish grill and wine bar and roy's. although they have red robin, r.e.d. robin is smaller with one concept in 475 locations, a majority of which are company owned. when we look at these small restaurant chains, the main thing to care about is growth and growth potential. it shows you how far they can expand and same store sales. they tell you whether it's worth adding new locations. blooming brands plans to add 30 new locations in 2013. sadly, that's 2% growth. although they are remodeling 131 existing restaurants, mainly outback locations. by the way, when you remodel, it's always very significant. red robin plans to open 20 new core company-owned restaurants. now, that's a 4% growth rate there. that's twice of blooming, right?
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in addition to opening several red robbins, burger wors locations, red robin, bingo. it wince home growth. blooming has an edge when it comes to remodeling. in terms of same store sales, both companies are roughly in the same league. last quarter the same store sales in low single digits. red robin is forecasting 2.5% increase. i'm calling that push a wash. red robin is domestic. blooming is exposed to 21 different countries around the globe. that's good for red robin right now. long term gives blooming terrific international growth opportunities, especially, yes, china. what about catalysts? red robin has a bunch of new products coming out with two new burgers, a clever alcoholic innovation, can crafted cocktails, these are mixtures of beer and liquor served in reusable beer cans. genius.
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blooming, meanwhile, has also tried to revamp its menus, and more important the company is keeping more and more of its restaurants open longer at lunchtime. by the end of the year, they should have expanded 34% of outback location, 26% of the caraba's unit, they expect to see a 1.1% bump in same store sales. hey, that's something i like very much. i think you can make a case that right now red robin, the company, is slightly more attractive than the blooming brands. what if you look at the stocks? that's the next component. both rallied 60% year-to-date. yet, one stock is still cheaper than the other. the other has become quite expensive. red robin sells for 22 times next year's earnings estimates with a 9.5% long term growth rate. it is trading 2.35 times its growth. my rule of thumb is you should never pay more than twice the growth rate for stock. otherwise, you are asking to be burned. blooming on the other hand sells for a lower multiple. just 18 times earnings with a
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higher growth rate of 16.7%. that means blooming trades at 1.70 times gross. my verdict, red robin might be putting up new units faster and have a catalyst this summer. i think it's possible they are baked into the share price, meanwhile, despite its run, blooming brands remains quite inexpensive. right now, i prefer the stock of blooming brands. the bottom line, two companies of fairly similar fundamentals, one is a whole lot cheaper than the other, buy the cheaper one, when it comes to red robin versus blooming brands, i say let the red robin go bob bob bobbing along. but the blooming is the better buy. let a thousand restaurants blooming. however, please don't chase it. you get a little pullback. that's when you pull the trigger. i bet you can't each just 1,000 calories. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. coming up, the heat are still alive, and so is the "mad money" miami versus san antonio
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stock series. tonight, two stocks both under $10. one biotech with a powerful pipeline and a play on the boom of all those digital billboards. which can give you dazzling returns? cramer makes the call. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same.
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whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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since aflac is helping with his expenses while he can't work, he can focus on his recovery. he doesn't have to worry so much about his mortgage, groceries, or even gas bills. kick! kick... feel it! feel it! feel it! nice work! ♪ you got it! you got it! yes! aflac's gonna help take care of his expenses. and us...we're gonna get him back in fighting shape. ♪ [ male announcer ] see what's happening behind the scenes at >> it's game four of our
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boardroom baller series paraleling the nba finals, san antonio is currently leading the showdown, not unlike the real ones. this one is 2 to 1. call well bankers won the first two. tonight we want to pit a 6'8" forward versus a 7'4" center. in other words, i'm talking about speculative stocks butting heads against each other, miami's opko health and san antonio based clear channel outdoor. it's a billboard play. i'm sure you are saying, cramer, what are you doing? how can you possibly compare these two? the answer is they're both speculative names. the market capitalization is similar about, $2 billion right in the small cap sweet spot. so picking between opko versus
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clear channel is an exercise in how to speculate wisely. remember when we play am i diversified, i require the diversive picks as a cohort. we have a whole group picked up we hope by this time some of you can do in your sleep. you got to do it like you compare basketball players. you have to ask yourself, who plays better o? who plays better d? who hustles? who is bloated? who gets back, right, versus who stays in transition. who has the stamina to go the distance? who is unselfish? wants the whole team to win? by the whole team, i mean the shareholders, who is given two assists and rebound. opko is in the development stage, biotech companies have revolutionary diagnostic tests in the pipeline. including a game change wag toy screen for cancer. mainly billboard oriented is very much tied to the health of the economy. has over 750 advertising displays globally, including 200
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in the united states. that's a lot. both stocks are trading around $7 and change. they got to that level in very different ways. clear channel has been trading sideways, 6% year-to-date. opko has rallied like crazy. it's up 47% to $7. let's get to the head-to-head face off, please. >> buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell. >> miami versus san antonio, the speculative edition, espn. this is what you want to be doing. who plays better offense? at the moment, clear channel has a major upside opportunity coming from digital displays. take the lcd flat screen based billboards, they can show moving advertisements, or scroll through ads, the ones you want to watch while driving. they are more lucrative and cost a heck of a lot to build out. the company has 10% of their sales from wallscapes, from all displays and what are known as spectaculars. these are big customized display structures that often use video
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and multi-dimensional figures or with lettering, along with mechanical devices and moving parts and great special effects. it's at the fashion show mall and miracle mile in las vegas. i got to admit, i think this is pretty darn cool. how about opko health? right now they don't have much offense at all with very low revenues. the products aren't approved in many places. however, their offense can gear up. they can soon get a heck of a lot better within they pick and roll out their prostate cancer in the united states and some of the late stage drugs come up for fda approval in the future. it has a catalyst that can make this company a much better offensive player. boy, boy, boy. >> next up, who better play defense if they play any defense at all? these are speculative stocks. they have no dividend protection, not much in terms of buybacks either. i think opko, it's health care company is immunized to a
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slowing economy. right? clearly, clear channel outdoor on the other hand does need a healthy economy to do well. if the economy goes south, you can expect that this stock will be hammered. and because cco gets roughly 27% of sales from overseas, it's hostage to economies around the world as well, yeah, so even though you wouldn't draft either of these players for the defense, i'm giving opko the edge. third category, who hustles and who is bloated? i can tell that you clear channel outdoor is bloated. in fact, you might call them morbidly owe bows with $4.5 billion net debt. cco has a debt to ebitda ratio of 6.6. often, they have very little debt. they get products to market. fourth, they have a terrific track record of making acquisitions that can grow the business. in 2011, they bought clara's diagnostics, which is how they
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got that fabulous prostate drug test rolling out. they have another better mouse trap play. company has developed a long acting version of a human growth hormone. opko is working on a drug for chemotherapy induced nausea and they actually own 2% of tesaro. that's why i recommended it at 39. whoa. not only is opko a catalyst that can purpose the stock higher for years to come. it's given us great investment ideas, too. clear channel outdoors, on the other hand, simply will not have enough stamina unless the company can refinance a huge chunk of its debt. finally, who is a team player? which one? which of these companies is unselfish and wants you to share holder to win? cco is a selfish parent.
11:29 pm
last 84, cco paid a $6 per share dividend, a special one. i don't know what percent of that money when to the the parent company. opko has a terrific ceo. he has a past proven record of creating tremendous shareholder value. the stock sprouted and key pharma was taken over in 1986 and imax pharmaceutical, give you, get this, this is not a typo, a head case. 6,000 percent gain to anybody who got that ipo. the man with the midas touch. the guy is constantly buying more shares of opko. he bought six million shares since march. he owns over 42%. this guy is a believer. the stock is given a 61% gain since back in november. opko is the far better team player. here's the bottom line, when you tally up the different category, the miami-based, smarter way to speculate than san antonio's
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clear channel outdoor. that's a much needed win for the home of the heat particularly after last night. i now think san antonio takes the real enchilada. this is going to opko, i will extend one to the good people of clear channel outdoor, too. how about we go to chris in michigan. >> caller: i love your show, man, thank you for taking my call. i want to get your thoughts on quest core. it was down in 2% in today's action. the company just announced they were acquiring the rights to develop senex and depot. the deal, the company parted rights to these drugs in over three dozen countries, giving them an international presence. >> right. >> caller: the company recently announced a 25% dividend. >> right. we know all these good things. that's enough. because this is a company that's a sore point with me. the reason i say that is i don't
11:31 pm
have any right to opine on it. i recommended half. you can argue, at the same time, i have not handled myself well on quest core. i liked it high. it went all the way down. i didn't know what to do because i was shocked it was such a bear case. i am not going to offer an opinion given how wrong i was. people say he's always wrong, he admits he was wrong. hey, i got it wrong. i sure didn't understand it last time. how about joe in wisconsin. joe. >> caller: jim, hey, boo-yah from oshkosh. >> oshkosh, we love oshkosh. >> caller: how are you doing? thank you for all you do for me. i was wondering on this acadia pharmaceuticals, i have been listening to the conference calls like you taught us, they said this drug for parkinson's disease psychosis alone could be a significant factor in pricing. what do you think?
11:32 pm
>> yes, i said i was on board and i'm not wavering, i think this is a speculative stock that can really run binary after this gigantic run. it's up 300%. we have liked it. i liked it when i first told you. obviously, you are up a lot. i do like the complex. but it's a spec name. let's understand that. quest core, hey, i'm sorry, i'd rather admit within i was wrong. i was wrong on quest corp. it's another win for miami. opko health, a smarter spec, but in the end, i am predicting san antonio will take the next game.
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>> it is time, it's time for the lightning round. i tell you about stocks whether to buy, buy, buy, or sell, sell, sell, when you hear this round the lightning round is over. are you ready, skeedaddy? i'm going to start with brian in new york. brian! >> caller: hey, jim, i have to give you an eddie mush boo-yah. my stock is bearish below moving
11:36 pm
average. when will i see a return on ebay? >> the charitable trust, a stock trust has had success with, buy, buy buy, it came back in on the weakness, i think it's very ripe. let's go to sonny. >> caller: boo-yah. >> go blackhawks. i like both teams, they're both, this is some series. what's up? >> caller: yes, sir. i want to let you know a long-time fan, enjoy your show for many years. are you a great guy, sir. >> thank you. >> caller: hey, what do you think about penngrowth? >> it's so tough. it's a canadian one. i think it's the best of the lot. boy the canadian ones have all sorts of tax implications. people were saying i was too quick the other day. this is one you got to go to your tax professional on. i'm afraid to opine on it because it's so difficult to do the taxes shelly in new york. shelly. >> caller: boo-yah from shelly,
11:37 pm
baby, in brooklyn, new york. >> hey, man, i was all over your town, what's up? >> caller: oh, your were all over every place, sweetheart. you are like a stallion. i love you. let me tickle your insight, please, upon your recommendation, i bought conagra but it has not been doing well. as you opine, please tell me what your thoughts are. >> i mean, conagra -- the high was 36. it's at 34.5. this market has been horrendous lately. i think conagra is terrific. it yields 2.8. it's a good company. that group is stalled. when that group comes back or we get a recession, conagra is going much higher. annette in california. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: good evening. thank you for all you do for us small time investors. you rock. if possible i'd like to add a speculative stock to my discretionary portfolio, not my retirement. the stock is coty. >> i think coty needs to make an acquisition.
11:38 pm
i the they need to step up and buy avon. you said it was speculative. i was willing to bless it. otherwise, i would send you to estee lauder. i think that's a better company. let's go to donald in minnesota. >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, donald. you've up. >> caller: i had sears holdings two months ago for $48.50. it's gone down about $12. i still have it. what's your opinion on it? >> neither here nor there. if target's having trouble, walmart is having trouble, why own sears? that's where i come from. dan in connecticut. >> caller: i like to give you a norwalk, connecticut boo-yah to ya. >> i like that. >> caller: one that caught my eye was carmax. >> carmax plays ahead. the stock is running into the quarter. if it goes down on wednesday after the fed speaks, i think
11:39 pm
you can buy it, but not here. it's too close to its high. george in california. >> caller: boo-yah, this is george from the new home of 49ers. and thank you, jim, for all the work. i got pier one. >> i like pier one. stock is run just like the other one i just mentioned. here's the problem with pier one. they report this week like carmax, when they run this much, again, you run into the possibility they go down on good news, which is what i think can happen. boy do i ever like that company. alex smith is a fabulous ceo. we have been with them for seven. how about philip in new york. >> caller: hey, jim, how are you? chicken wing capital. what do you think of bank of america there, jim? >> i have to tell you, here's the deal, bank of america is good. there are other banks i like more. but if they do well, bank of america will go, too. so i say it's buy. how about that?
11:40 pm
it's fine. how about bob in kentucky? bob. >> caller: hey, this is bob in franklin, kentucky. how are you doing? >> all right. how about you? >> caller: good, no skin nus. >> this is another sell along with herbal life. i leak tupperware best. okay. then there's all the rest. that's how i feel about it and that ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! coming up, let's make a deal? the buyout bug has sparked some companies to pay up to acquire the high quality competitors. tonight, cramer helps you find the formula to discover who could be the next company to get picked up.
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>> there is something really bullish around here, it's called merger monday. virtually, every monday all sorts of big deals are announced.
11:44 pm
something odd has happened. the deals have dried up. 2013 has been a horrendous year for m&a activity. however, the disappearance of merger monday still feels very bizarre to me. because the vast majority of deals that have gotten done recently, they've produced tremendous insurance for the acquirer. we need more merger mondays. while the market merged, we can't let that last. tonight we have three recent deals to show you why the stocks went higher counter-intuitively. these companies have taken a lesson from the shawshank redemption. i hope by showcasing these three stocks that other companies will realize they can do acquiring. especially where corporate
11:45 pm
balance sheets are brimming. just consider last week gannett bought belo. the stock record. gannett jumped 34%. head scratcher, huh? last week they agreed to buy warner and it had been running to the prospect of a deal. bng jumped two points from 29 to 31. talk about shaking your booty. this is not normal, people. usually in a takeover the stock goes lower, not higher, yet we just saw these stocks were acquirers. cash makes the difference. gannett stock went up more than the stock it was buying. one thing these mergers have in common is they are added to earnings. that's what matters, which means
11:46 pm
the analysts need to raise the acquirers. companies that adopt their don't just stand there approach, give them what we see here, all sorts of taken companies should be jumping all over themselves to make acquisitions. it's not happening. let's take a close look at these deals. why did gannett rally so hard when it bought belo? it had half its business coming from publishing. the owner of usa today and small publications i read every day, the sad truth is the newspaper biz is in long-term decline, it's terminal. buying belo will transform the very nature of the company. >> house of pleasure! >> moving the business to television broadcasts. gannett is going from 51% print to 31% broadcast to 52% broadcasting after the deal.
11:47 pm
this will be a tv company with a publisher paper. once that happens, they do indeed deserve a higher price to earnings multiple. gannett will be one of the largest broadcast groups in america. they will have 43 stations and 21 are located within america's 25 largest media markets. in terms of hard numbers the belo deal should produce $175 million of annual synergies within three years of closing. it will be additive to their earnings per share, raising numbers gannett. activis agreed to pay warren, they also bring in two entirely new businesses, gastroenterology and dermatology, and giving the company more exposure to women's health drugs, including a birth control franchise.
11:48 pm
werner chillcot is located in ireland, where corporate tax rates are incredibly low. management expects 4 billion and acquisition to boost 30 to 45% in 2013. that's a huge, terrific transaction. and a week ago, b & g foods, they are breathing new life in them. this $195 million acquisition gives b & g foods both pirates booty and snack puffs, two snack brands that have grown to double digits in recent years. they will now own this baking and kind of snack bread thing. the most delicous thing about this deal is the numbers.
11:49 pm
in short, b & g gets more exposure in the natural food space. it's funny, remember when b & g sold down? this makes the worries go away. the stock is back on the high list. what a company. you don't normally see the stocks roll like this. it's happening over and over again. i got one more deal to mention. the stock rallying off a smart acquisition. linn energy buying petroleum. instead, the stock has been held back. some say because of questionable accounting. it is targeted by a group of short sellers who are powerful and are holding conference calls to explain why linn deserves to be much lower. i think they are doing the right thing. short sellers produced research that's meant a to drive a wedge between linn and barry and therefore sabotage a deal because of the drop of linn. would be bad for linn. we will be able to raise the distribution. stock will go higher. which is why my charitable trust bought some.
11:50 pm
a bearish research shop are hosting a teach-in how linn is a fantastic short. i guess it has the full blessing of the sec, right? even as it seems to me the type of thing the sec was supposed to block as part of its charter, it includes a mission to stop bear raids. to me, if it looks like a bear raid and smells like a bear raid, it can very well be a bear raid. if you are locking for an entry point, wait until it foments more selling. otherwise, don't bother, bear believes this is a life or death matter. they must kibosh the deal or the representations will be solely perhaps forever. here's the bottom line. moves in gannett after acquisition tell us this market is rewarding companies they know, they just know, for certain, that they need to get busy living or get busy dying. i think any of these three stocks will be a buy into weakness. they are too red hot to buy right now. next time the market sells off,
11:51 pm
more important, we need to bring back more m & a. we need more merger mondays. they have the essence of what's making the targets, but the acquirers go higher, too. stay with cramer. we went out and asked people a simple question: how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed: the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need
11:52 pm
to enjoy all of these years. ♪
11:53 pm
let's start with a fair premise, i hate coal. i supported anti-coal causes ever since i was a teen ager and
11:54 pm
saw the destruction in the adirondacks from coal-powered power plants. i think coal is the scourge that causes terrific health problems. coal leads to about 13,000 premature deaths a year. natural gas the has been shown to reduce harmful emissions. i want it to be a bridge fuel. that said, i am watching in a gas as the powerful environmental lobby not content with the huge win it's had in closing coal plants in this country. now countries are tied to burning coal. in some cases more than ever. because of the rapid shutdown of nuclear plants everywhere, these guys are all using coal overseas. this weekend in a fabulous piece in the new york times, we saw the stark contrast of those who want to shut down coal plants and block new ones, and the crow nation, who are starved for jobs with only the coal industry giving them enough opportunity to work. we are closing plants so
11:55 pm
quickly, they help us with our adecks these jobs will move away without coal exports, the coal company in question can be hard hit. on friday it attempted to raise money to fix its balance sheet.. the stress in the coal patch is now very dire. only real help for those employed by these companies is more export terminals out west to shift the coal to the starved nations of asia. it's not like somehow we will stop using it. there is plenty of coal that can take up our slack. if we stop exporting coal, we'll simply be exporting more lightly skilled jobs overseas. however, this trumping of job creation on behalf of the preferences to what tend to be wealthy elites who have few employment fears? is it the heart of the this administration's energy policy, if you can call it a policy. i've asked the administration a myriad of times, if they can
11:56 pm
choose to balance. simply refuse to answer in a coherent way. i now fear the president will say yes. it's worse. it can be a demand on carbon tax, which would severely propose more job exporting. this time to china and more importantly mexico. there is a cost balance to everything. not when it comes to the greeks. they only see the benefits of the skies. the country is struggling to produce enough jobs to put food on the table. there is nothing wrong with exporting coal to china and demanding the chinese do the best to clean the skies if they want free trade. instead, we stop providing it with no quid pro quo at all. it needs to strive for long-term air equality. it's a shame and it's pathetic that job creation doesn't play a bigger role in these incredibly important decisions that lead to incredible hardship for the soon to be ungainfully unemployed workers and their families. you bet we want clean skies.
11:57 pm
we also want people to have a chance to be able to get a couple of square meals on the table, too. stick with cramer.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> all right, don't forget, the
12:00 am
fed is going to be speaking. once that event is over i think we can get relief. please, don't chase these up moves. they're horrendous. you have a fantastic time to buy mid-day. there is us as a bull market somewhere. i am jim cramer. i am jim cramer. i will see you tomorrow! america's criminal corporation. >> money, power, status, and influence. what fuels the mafia is, i think, what fuels almost any business. >> the american mafia has been going strong for more than 80 years. >> it's pure criminal capitalism at its best. >> they specialize in loan-sharking, extortion, embezzlement, and more. >> the ability to kill gives them a special power. >> murder is a negotiating tool of last resort. >> we just don't kill people for nothing. there's rules, and you got to follow the rules. this is why they call it the mafia.


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