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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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setting for this trade. i think we continue to go lower from here. >> dr. j.? >> sealy, buying it aggressively? >> love these pipe lines, kinder morgan is going higher. >> thank you so much for watching. halftime show. follow me on twitter. "mad money" with jim cramer begins now. >> my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a good investment, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save a little money. our job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you. pent up demand? a sense that the worst mighting over for the market. the recognition that the honest pharma stands for a typical
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undervalue equity getting a big bid. european pmi numbers that show signs of life in italy and spain? japan doing better. consolidation, tv and cable. stocks like best buy left for dead at the beginning of the year, getting even more support now? is that why the dow climbed 64 points? is nasdaq vaulted .92% from the beginning of the quarter. or is it simply that for one shiny moment we're not thinking about the fed or playing a ridiculous guessing game about its next move, which no one really knows anyway. probably a little bit of all of it. you have to be amazed by the resilience of this market, don't you? the articles this morning were relentlessly downbeat, as always. they're downbeat every day. the head column in "the wall street journal" is typical what we have to fight against, the sar donic negativity that makes
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it so darn hard to make money. in the meantime, we're buying the favorite groups, the bioteches, health management companies, they're making fortunes. why can't there be articles about those moves? i know it's only the third quarter, but there must be those exhausted by the thoughts the markets can't last. we're going to get a lift out of europe this quarter. sure, china is bad, and i'm not denying that. any turn in europe would be an extraordinary occasion for the markets, and it's coming. italy and spain with the reports. if they're coming back, guess how many negative articles they've written about the banks? they do poorly in a hard industry environment. that's not true. it's anti-empirical. it's not ringers. it depends on the indicators of the environment or how they're going to be regulated into oblivi oblivion. that's another story. if you believe the media about the banks, you might pop it in for a lifetime opportunity to make money. the margin wind is at their backs, why isn't this talked about more?
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i can jump up and down and scream, it's just not talked about. all we're supposed to care about with the banks was improvement in that net interest margin. that's what kept the lid on the banks for the last five years. now we're on the cusp of getting it, this usually important key metric, and now suddenly it didn't matter. we're going to get a 50% profit in any part of your portfolio, which is a percentage gain by owning onyx pharma, a company i have adored and endorsed endlessly because of its anti-kidney cancer drugs and anti-myeloma fron chis. this move in onyx was there, there for the asking. all you had to do was watch the show or look at how amgen needed an acquisition to get its mojo back. speaking of biotech, the inability of anyone in the convention media to take the time to understand the power of the regeneron story to say it's just some hype, it's driving me
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crazy. here's a company that not only has by far the best macular generation drug. the millions of people who are allergic to statins. including me. yet all we hear about. it's come out of nowhere. it irks me to know that people in the press don't understand that this stock simply deserves its round. it's based on fact. so does selgi, which sells for ten times 2015 earnings estimates. cheaper than pfizer. cheaper than bristol myers. how can selgi have the same valuation. how about the drug company spun off by clavidian. now its former drug division with focus on its growth prospects and get the recognition it deserves for the fabulous franchise, and it's terrific pain killer potential,
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but who cares? anyway, just think of what you've never seen written. how about the service of the transports. also today in the trucks. hey, you know what, this shows so much about what the market can do, the rails, why is that? is that a technical thing? is sure, small business isn't doing that well, why not take your cue from the transports and from the ceos? here's one. remember we had these guys on the panel last week. like one of them was here, one was here, one was here. these were real entities. they were not nonentities. this did happen. the ford ceo, the boeing ceo, macy's, starbucks, they all came here and all said the u.s. is much stronger than expected. why didn't that matter? is it verboten to talk about their judgments simply because they were pronounced on tv? is that what was wrong?
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if they were spoken at "the wall street journal" board of whatever, would that have done it? why doesn't it matter that starbucks has green shoots in europe and going great guns in china? i get some of this are weaker, but go and listen to what restoration hardware told us here on "mad money." remember rh came two weeks ago. you'll recognize the highest end consumer spending play is doing well. now, it did say that maybe you're either on vacation or going to go redo your homes, but, sure, one or the other. from listening to the press, you'd think that neither is being done. we tend to view all this consolidation in the media as a series of one-off events. here's john malone's liberty media circling around charter. buying below. which by the way is one of the proudest old line names. i know bilo, i tried to get a job there in '77, one of 52
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papers that rejected me. not that i'm counting or remember who rejected me. where was i? tribune buying tv stations. sprint and clearwire from soft bank. didn't have the fire power, but they have the right idea. the consolidation market is so bullish, but no one cares. oh, that's right. it's over here somewhere. plus aerospace never folded during the downtime. we heard about how boeing's dreamliner was a disaster in the making but got zero commentary after jim mcnerney came here on the show and said you can't get a boeing dreamliner until 2019. that makes suppliers like honeywell, precision cast parts, terrific buys, but no one pibllinpicked up that news story. how about the amazing retreat in the grains complex? i couldn't pick up a pace hearing how inflation was going to raise the disastrous corn prices and how high the prices are. the ethanol industry was bidding this stuff up. even further, now what's
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happening? corn is getting hammered. corn is the lowest on the food chain. doesn't the climb in the cost of corn mean anything to anybody? we don't care when it goes down, only when it goes higher? how can that be? the federal reserve can only get away with the huge balance sheet because there isn't a lot of inflation. so when we see something noninflationary like the key food stuff in our chain, it should be symmetric. we should talk about that. sure, housing could get weaker. mortgage rates did go higher after all. i bet some people wanted to take action and failed to do so in time. now they must feel left out. it doesn't mean there haven't been buyers or mean that those who are finally above water can sell their houses without penalty. it doesn't mean people are going to stop trying to strike out on their own just because they missed the low mortgage rates. we do have to endure the possibility of declining momentum in housing for a bit. the gains are so huge that i don't think these stocks will languish much longer. as the market circles back to
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what it once looked at, i think the gains will be palpable in the second half. what's missing in all these stories is people need to have homes. they have to move into them. it's an imperative. they're tired of living with their parents after four years. so here's the bottom line. the media endures the negative and obscures the positive. it just goes on and on with nary a word about how maybe some things are okay. it's ridiculous. it's a ridiculous blank spot that shows no sign of changing any time soon. all that happens is it costs you a lot of money. listen, somehow, someday, i think that will matter. jeff in indiana. jeff? >> caller: jeff from las vegas with a hot, hot, hot boo-yah. >> holy cow, man. i see they're frying eggs there. i saw jane wells give you a couple over easy. what's going on? >> caller: my question is in wheat in general, but more specifically, invesco, with the
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environment of the rates going up, i'm wondering if this invesco, since we rely on our portfolio for income, is this a buy more or sell it? >> no, no, no, we don't know what they're going to do. a lot of them have to cut their dividend. you heard the dividend was so big that you lost so much money in the common stock. it was not made up by the payout. we forbid investing in these right now. we don't have the clarity. i need to go to ken in north carolina. ken? >> caller: how are you, sir? i have a boom question for you. i own more than 10,000 shares of google, and i'd like to know should i sell or should i hold? >> why would you sell? what would be the reason you'd sell? yeah, i know. there's not a lot of reasons. here's the issue. you sell stocks because something's gone wrong. all because you need money. bears get money and pigs get slaughtered. i am not in the selling google
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business. they had a great quarter. i need to go to rochelle in the state of new york. >> caller: rochelle from brooklyn. >> brooklyn? that's my backyard. i'm at cow gardens over here. >> caller: that's great. they have restaurants there. >> like the one you might be hearing about. what's going on? >> caller: even in this volatile market, there remains cramer, a cool, calm, collective cucumber. upon your recommendation, i bought nwsa news 4 limited class "a" shares. and now upon this dip, should i wait for a pullback, or should i sell it and replace it with something that you recommend in this new environment? >> i would just buy more of foxa. i think that stock is going to be terrific. i know they think they can challenge espn. i in the end think espn will win, but betting with murdoch has been a swell bet. he's a 21st century fox. that's the jim morrison -- anyway. sometimes people are glass half
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empty kind of people. the good news is concealed by the bad, but we must respect the market's resilience and figure out why it's happening. the answer is there's more good news than bad, and on some days that does matter. "mad money" will be right back. >> coming up, oodles of noodles. restaurant concept newbie noodles and company cooked up a hot ipo last week as the stock doubled from its menu price. tonight cramer is breaking down the recipe to find out if they could serve up more success or has the plate gone cold? and later, science spectacular. shares of onyx pharmaceuticals are up more than 50% today as a bidding war brews for the biotech cancer fighter. find out if there's more to this move and if there could be more drug names in the cross hairs. all coming up on "mad money."
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it sure feels like happy days are here again. even in a market that's hard, some things can happen that sos surprising, so incredibly bullish, that it takes our collective breaths away. consider last friday's initial public offering. i did not see this happening, my bad, of noodles and company, that's nds for you, home gamers. it specializes, in you guessed it, noodles. as well as salads and things from around the world. they have 36 locations already. a small company that's going from regional to national. how much do we love those stories? if this little noodle chain has
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the best first day performance of any ipo this year? the price range for this deal was supposed to be between 15 and 17. what a sleeper. turns out, when it happened, noodles and company priced at a slight premium, $18 a share. but the moment the darn things open for trading, it shoots through the roof, instantly doubling to $32. if you got a piece of this noodles and company, you got 100% gain in the space of a heartbeat. and noodles hasn't stopped. stock closed at $36.75 on friday. and then it rallied again. closed at $38.18. noodles? so we ought to ask ourselves what the heck happened with this noodles deal, and why is the stock still roaring? noodles and company may be a well-run company with terrific growth prospects, but you don't expect this kind of performance from a fast food chain. sure, chipotle doubled on its
6:18 pm
first day, but it was considered the next big thing. does noodles and company really fall into the same category? huh. well, the company does have noodles from all around the world. i mean, you can go there and get everything from spaghetti and noodles, noodles with meatballs, pad thai noodles, wisconsin macaroni and cheese. it's a healthy eating play that reminds me of panera bread. noodles and company has already cornered the noodle market. beyond the concept, you need to understand the context of this deal. the noodles seem a lot less crazy when we consider the junior growth regionals to national restaurant chains, they have been on fire. they have still been one more place to be that the media refuses to cover, except for right here. consider two of last summer's major restaurant ipos.
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chuy's, chuy, kept screaming higher to the point where chuy's has given you a remarkable 195% return if you got it on the ipo. and there's bloomin' brands, the bloomin' onion, paired with outback steakhouse. now up 101% in the aftermarket. i'm giving you how hard these earlier restaurant ipos rallied, the strength of the noodles and company deal might be a case of the market learning its lesson. we're in a terrific bull market for the regional and national restaurant chains that no one talks about. red red robin, red robin, has rallied 60%. jack in the box is up 40%. and qdoba isn't even helping. texas road house up 50%. buffalo wild wings up 77%. popeye's up 39% since the beginning of the year. given the strength of these other restaurants, it's not crazy noodles would have such a strong opening. i didn't have the foresight
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because i haven't been to a noodles. the stock did double almost instantaneously. has to be more to the market endorsing fast growing restaurant chains. i don't know if i can consider noodles the next chipotle, but certainly the son of chipotle, maybe a second cousin. who is running this noodles and company? what's their history? what's their track record? is where did they used to work? in the case of noodles and company, both kevin ready, the ceo, and the chief operating officer, fabulous pedigrees. both these guys joined noodles in 2005 after first working mcdonald's and then moving to, you guessed it, chipotle, where they were instrumental in growing the fast casual mexican chain from a small number of locations to more than 400 across the country. two of the top guys in noodles and company were responsible for building chipotle to the fast food powerhouse it was until recently. clearly, the blood lines here are terrific. the people running noodles and company know what they're doing. that's another reason the
6:21 pm
investors bid up the stock after it went public. and the numbers are pretty darn good. they have 343 locations, and they plan to open between 44 and 50 new restaurants this year, mostly company owned, some franchise. do you know that is roughly the same rapid pace growth as chipotle in its glory days. and we know the formula works because noodles grew from 30 stores to 327. they're still only in half the states in the country. noot ls as far as the eye can see. and it's not like the growth here is coming from new stores. in 2012 noodles saw same store sales increase by 35%. very positive number. they've had positive comps last 25 of 28 quarters. you open a new location, you get a 30% plus cash on cash return, which is great for franchisees. i want one of these noodles. so, yes, i think noodles and company does deserve to be
6:22 pm
mentioned in the same breath as the chipotle of old. the bottom line, here it is. this stock roared in the first day of trading because the growth in restaurant names in general have been on fire, and noodles and company are run by the management team hailing chipotle and terrific numbers. the next time we get a market-wide pullback, i'm in there pulling these noodles. i think noodles could be very viable. let's call it a delicious pita portfolio. just waiting there for the asking. after the break, i'll try to make you more money. >> coming up, science spectacular. shares of onyx pharmaceuticals are up more than 50% todays the bidding war drus for the biotech cancer fighter. find out if there's more to this move and if there could be more drug names in the cross hairs. yeah, i'm married. does it matter?
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money," take one look at onyx pharmaceuticals, which roared $44.51. they're 51% higher today after the company caught a $120 share takeover bid from amgen and rejected it because management thought the offer was too low. companies are picking up more competitive offers from prospective suitors. on friday, onyx went out at $80 a share. immediately analysts came out of the wood work saying the company could be worth more than that. almost like a sotheby's auction for what could be the highest. deutsche bank says 140. bern says 130. other banks saying the risk for onyx isn't compelling. i got 130 to my left. berks has got 180. 180 going once. 180 going twice, sold to bernstein ellis for $180. you know i like onyx farm suitals, which has drugs for
6:27 pm
kidney and liver cancer, one more multiple myeloma. the stock has already shot up $44.51. it's trading $10 above what amgen offered for the company. while it's possible that onyx will catch a higher bid, i think the easy money has been made. if you own onyx, based on my recommendation from april when i pushed it hard, you've got a 45% gain. you know what it's time to do? i think it's time to take profits. don't be greedy. bulls make money. bears make money. that said, if you believe the analysts from another biotech firm are coming in at 180, here's what you want to do. keep a small part of your position, but only a small one, and only if you're playing with the house's money. sell enough onyx tomorrow to recoup your original investment, and you're playing with house
6:28 pm
money and can't lose. however, amgen's $10 billion bid for onyx is a big deal for the entire space. the entire group is pulling back with the rest of the markets today. and we vice president seen much m&a activity in the biospace this year. maybe onyx putting itself up for sale will open the flood gates. there's a reason amgen offered to pay a 30% premium for onyx. the company just doesn't have the growth that it used to. amgen is selling for a meager 11 times earnings. that's a multiple of traditional slow growing big pharma stocks. so they decided they needed to buy a small biotech outfit to boost its pipeline and give itself the patina of growth as well, and it would become a player in the blood cancer market. if onyx is off the table, it's likely that amjen will try to make a different acquisition in
6:29 pm
the same space. you have to understand what just happened in onyx. amgen's failed bid says it makes sense for larger biotech companies to pay big premiums for smaller fast growing bioteches. the fact that onyx turned it down says they're worth much more than they're trading at. but it's not going to happen immediately. you can take your time with the bioteches i'm talking about. all these stocks work today, and i don't want you charging in. let's take some. for example, a couple of our favorites, seattle genetics and immunogen. two smaller cancer focused bioteches recommended at the same time i told you to buy onyx. rallied 4% today. biomarin, a traditionally game changing cancer treatment in the pipeline. tesaro, a biotech we like that got killed the last month. and another company that did well at the clinical
6:30 pm
pharmacology conference, pharmacyclis. it would make a lot of sense to speculate in these smaller bioteches as long as you buy them at their weakest. people are going to forget about onyx and pull back. my favorite players are the takeover. they're the larger named, namely gilead and selgene. they were barely up today because they're way too big to be taken over. they rallied like crazy earlier and then went down. gilead $6.50 off its 52-week high. selgene is $30 off its high. got a cancer drug that actually rivals onyx. it's selling for 17 times next year's earnings estimates and has a 17% growth rate. and gilead sells at an absurdly low 27 times earnings.
6:31 pm
so let me give you the bottom line. risk/reward matters. onyx pharma up 43 today. rejected amgen's takeover bid. bernste bernstein. bernstein $50 from where it is now. if something goes wrong and no one decides to buy onyx and in retrospect, it turns out saying no to amgen was a mistake, the stock can get hammered. you've got to ring the register on onyx. if you want to still own it, you can only play with the house's money. there are other bioteches that i like more, that are simply better opportunities. seattle genetics, immunogen for cancer play similar to onyx. selgene and gilead if you want to buy the best of breed. sonny in texas. sonny? >> caller: i'm excited that you're taking my call. i'm calling regarding alexon,
6:32 pm
alxn. i bought it at 112. it's been up and down since. i'm trying to decide between staying strong and going for greener pastures. what's the best way to play this? >> we like this one. autoimmune and cardiovascular. a lot of people think it's too big to be taken over because it's almost $20 billion. i think it's a great company and you should own it. let's go to louisiana. justin in louisiana. justin? >> caller: jim, a big boo-yah from the crescent city, new orleans. >> i'll be down there soon enough. what's happening? >> caller: nothing much, man. feel free to stop by the house, get a cocktail. my question is on globus. with the likes of metronics and striker, having more diversification of my portfolio. >> i like the situation. i would not sell it. i'm tempted to buy it on any
6:33 pm
weakness. john in texas. >> caller: greetings from the lone star state. it's a balmy 83 degrees and dry. i'm looking at buying shares of regeneron as my fa ma stock in a diversified portfolio. is now a good time to buy? >> yes, the stock is down. so many things going regeneron's way. you buy 50 and hope it gives up today's gain because today's gain is uniquely related to an onyx deal, and i'm not looking for regeneron to be sold, at least not just yet. ring the register on the onyx principal that you have. you can play with the house's money because at this point there are better plays out there. don't move. lightning round is next. >> still ahead, tweet your most pressing questions t to @jimcrimer #madtweets.
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it's time for the lightning round. when you hear this, the lightning round is over. are you ready? let's start with robert in virginia. robert? >> caller: thanks for taking my call this evening. >> my pleasure, robert. >> caller: my wife and i for years have owned hershey foods, hsy. over the last year, it's gone up significantly. my question to you is what is your short and long-term projections for hershey foods? >> my short is not so bullish. i think the stock could trade back to 85. that should not deter you if you're a long-term holder.
6:38 pm
the stock can work its way higher. remember this is a very expensive stock, and it does not have the growth to match the stock. i think the stock's next move is down. dan in florida. dan? >> caller: dr. cramer, boo-yah from wesley chapel. i have a question. i know walgreens didn't do too good on their earnings, but is it still a pretty good stock to hang on? >> yes, it is, but i do prefer cvs, which is cheap right now. bed and bath, which everyone had written off, they could take that company private, and it's worth a great deal. let it come in. rick in virginia. >> caller: i've been waiting to buy bale -- >> my charitable trust owns this. this is the definative. >> the house of pain. >> this is like my not being able to garden. i got to tell you -- >> the house of pain. >> really explains everything you need to know about bale. it's a brazilian iron works.
6:39 pm
it's twice hurt, brazil and iron. i can't sell. it's too low for the trust. j.d.? >> caller: cramer, the foreman of the marketplace. got a question on dean foods. >> dean foods is an inexpensive stock. i think it is still good to buy. they upgraded today because that stock has been a bow wow. i need to talk to fred in new york. >> caller: thanks for taking my call and thanks for all you do for us home gamers. calling you about five below, five, should i buy more? >> absolutely. five is cheap. a lot of nice feeling at the belmont tavern this weekend in bloomfield, new jersey. let's go to debbie in california. debbie? >> caller: boo-yah, dr. cramer. how are you? >> couldn't be better. thank you for asking. how about you? >> caller: thank you so much for taking my call. also, i must say, jim, for our
6:40 pm
audience, i lessen to yisten to. you are dvr'd every single day. for four years, i have not missed a show, and "squawk on the street" too. regarding all your books, i own them all and read them all. unsolicited suggestion for your readers to get confessions of a street addict. >> the original. >> caller: the most exciting book to read. and i think it shows us, if they do not know already, your dedication and how you got to where you are now. >> wow, i wish my mom were alive. that's the kind of thing she would really love. thank you so much. >> caller: wonderful. and they know that you are there for us. >> i sure try. thank you. >> caller: so thank you. so my question for you today is regarding six flags. i learned about it on your show and have followed it closely. i have done all the research
6:41 pm
yahoo finance, >> you should buy it. and let me throw in fun. these stocks came down when the interest rates went up. people sold it. it was a mistake. i think fun is terrific. got to take another call. first, can i just say that was fabulous, nice stuff about the book and what i'm trying to do here. people have been getting what i'm up to. i'm looking at my stage manager, and he's like yeah. i mean it. he's more focuseded on how the tribes do it. let me speak to curt in wyoming, please. curt? >> caller: boo-yah. cowboy speak, jim. >> what's happening? >> caller: kodiak oil and gas, what's happening? >> kodiak is good. i like that little speck. i think statoil is not done being heard from. i think statoil needs to buy more in america. need to go to dorothy in new york, please. >> caller: yes, hi. >> dorothy, how are you? >> caller: i'm great.
6:42 pm
i'm so excited to talk to you. >> same. >> caller: oh, my goodness. what do you think of seldex? >> you know i like celldex. they hit a 52-week high. we did that terrific piece on it. i like it. i'm standing by it. frank in idaho. >> caller: hello, jim. how are you? >> all right, frank. how are you? >> caller: i'm good. i need some information on a stock i bought a long time ago. it's canadian oil stock called pengrowth energy trust. they were paying 45 cents a share per month in dividends. they stopped that. it's now about 7 cents. stock was at 20, now down to about 5. >> canadian oil trusts, i do not recommend those. it does seem too low to sell frankly, but i understand your pain on that. i have not liked canadian oil
6:43 pm
and gas trusts. i just don't like them. let's go to geno in new york. gene? >> caller: mr. cramer, i like your opinion about emc. >> i'm going to be in the don't buy. what do you think about a company that said things are better than expected, they said things are really, really good, and the next thing you know, you hit it up, and it is down substantially. well, on a percentage basis from where it went to after they announced that. that means sell sell sell sell sell. and i'm selling oracle. absolutely. these must be cleaned out of your portfolio. i actually like nokia more than oracle. what a statement. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves...
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6:47 pm
catch up on biotech homework. leonard from virginia called about a speculative biotech named trius therapeutic. they boasted a tiny $390 million market cap. you need to tread lightly. they combat serious skin infections and are likely to file for fda approval before the end of the year. if you own trius, the stock has rallied since may 3rd. trius has gotten too hot to handle. next up on june 19th, dan in rhode island called about array biopharma. they're a speculative biotech with a diverse platform of candidates ranging from multiple myeloma again. the company has five programs, either in or rapidly approaching development, highly unusual. especially when you consider it's only a $500 million company. array has an impressive list of partners. the stock is up 27%. it hasn't run too much. you know what, i say yes to array. it's a speculative stock.
6:48 pm
i think array is a winner. finally, on june 26th, john called me about cytk. tiny development in biotech making partnership deals with amgen and stelis. i didn't know this at all. cytokinetics has two interesting programs. thanks to the cash the company just raised. they're up 40%. sometimes you have to say, darn it all, i missed it, and this is one of those times. let's get your tweets. first we have a tweet from mr. fly trap. @mr. fly trap who says, jim, haven't heard any comments or seen any pictures of the garden this year. come on, farmer jim. give us an update. the fence came in late. so because of the deer, there is no garden this year. believe me, this is a major
6:49 pm
source of aggravation for me. in 2014 i'll be fine. ip upset about it. now to a tweet. from steve, hype and possible entertainment division spinoff of sony worth owning? dan loeb, i think he's trying to get something done. i don't think the japanese will do it. i want to sell sony. i think the odds won't favor it. sony's not expensive, but i don't think they'll get the big breakup. a tweet from @redsquare 27. i'm at the starbucks, very tired. what's the cramer? it's a double vente cappuccino wet, meaning it's water, more liquid. you don't just fill it with the cream. the foam right up at the top. now for a tweet from coach denim. when is the next book due out? holy cow. hey, coach, i am working my butt off to get that thing done. that's all i can tell you. next we have a tweet from andrew, who asked the following.
6:50 pm
the company is doing great. better weather. our next tweet is from @noforce danex. and the place is packed. feeling very happy. stephanie link, co-portfolio manager with me. i was saying we should take some at 111 for the trust because i think costco is going much higher, and the retailers are doing very well. our next tweet, hey, what do you think about broadcom, brcm? i could not believe it, got downgraded today. why, no catalyst? this is a company that preannounced things are better than expected and nothing but downhill since then. very similar to what happened with emc. broadcom, emc, oracle. all stocks that should be sold. clients are always learning more
6:51 pm
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today marked a big move for onyx pharma. maybe it will herald a kind of mini wave of deals and mergers and acquisitions in a starved market. somehow, though, i don't think so. the onyx deal, apart from the lack of growth of its initial suitor, amgen should be a call to all the other amgens out there. make your company richer by acquiring another company, even if you have to pay through the nose to buy it. buy, buy, buy. that doesn't seem to be the way of the world. in fact, it's just the opposite. a remarkable group think that think that acquisitions lead to failed enterprises and the best gains are happening from breaking up, not adding on to the institution. hey, look, i like breakups. compare the negative mergers with the reality of what's been upon us. think about last week.
6:55 pm
conagra reported it's a thing of beauty. produced far more benefits to the bottom line than expected. conagra was able to break the gravitational pull of the ten-year bond, which had taken many of the bond equivalent stocks with its high yield. the earnings for cag were so strong, though, they allowed people to believe more dividend was on the horizon. it makes sense. that's how quickly conagra has been able to pay down debt. it's amazing, fixing on the balance sheet already. when b&g foods bought pirate's booty, relatively large acquisition with a terrific track record, revitalizing the brands that previous ownership could no longer improve on. ceo sees the improvement we see in cramerica. and the acquisition of rival vanguard health systems and the unusual run of actavis.
6:56 pm
can't other companies see this transformation? are the m&a bankers so inept at selling the deals? i can't think of a deal that's brought down the stock of an acquirer lately? we've had many deals that have done the opposite. i know many bosses feel the stocks are no longer attractive. in each case i just mentioned, the stocks are the targets. having depreciated the price risen in private markets. what's needed is growth institutions that were flagged, as is the case with amgen, which has fallen behind rival ceo, all of which are inquisitive of what turns out to be brilliant acquisitions, as is the case when gilead bought them. let amgen be an inspiration to all managements out there. if the attempted acquirer found the right price, its stock would have risen dramatically today. if you don't have growth, we can buy it. as we saw with conagra and
6:57 pm
others, the market will applaud, not boo your efforts. stay with cramer. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things. otherworldly things. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because planes use less fuel, spend less time on the ground and more time in the air. suddenly, faraway places don't seem so...far away. ♪
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if you bought onyx off our endlessly repeated recommendation, what i want you to do is take out enough money you're only playing with the house. that way, if the stock keeps going up, you can't lose. if you walk away, boom, you're going to do fine. this is "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow. the second half of 2013 opened up with a handsome stock rally. here's a thought. can stocks rally back to their old highs before the fed starts pulling money out of the economy? or here's another thought. will fed tightening just rule the roost, knock down stock prices, and create a very bumpy ride for investors? we'll debate all that. look at these live pictures. is there a coup coming in egypt in the next 48 hours? the muslim brotherhood and its morsi regime are falling apart before our eyes. we're going to have a report from cairo. as we


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