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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  July 18, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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in the green. some of the biggest winners include boeing in the s&p 500, and in the nasdaq it's checkpoint software. we'll see where it ends at the end of the trading session today. >> we'll see a record as we have so many times this spring and summer. that's it for "power lunch." >> "street signs" begins now. the stock run rolls right on. as earnings rise and the fed head stays calm and carries on, that is what you get, a lot of green on the screen and a big street sign for you today. we've got boatloads of stock picked by the stars in the conference. the real reason why anybody would want to own dell, more on apple's tv plans, and what's happening in housing that may be starting to get people a little bit nervous. >> hello, again, everybody, because we are back with record highs in the dow and the s&p.
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the first record highs in two months. s&p closing high this past month of 16.82 may be beat today. the canter stock in s&p has pulled its market value over 15 trillion for the first time ever. thank you very much, howard, and the record 2k is at record highs for nine sessions. nyc, bob pezani. people down there starting to feel a little bit anxious about how far this market is going? >> no, i don't think they are anxious because the two things they care about most, which is the fed and earnings so far are very much under control. nothing is collapsing. let me show you what's moving stocks and mr. bernanke in a master performance in front of the senate, almost a love fest
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taming the bond market. that's number one. number two, earnings are already close to 4%, and if this historic pattern continues, we'll end up in 6% growth. these are the two things that matter in the stock market. we'll get the financials because they have come in the most, six in a row with big financial names, morgan stanley beating kaycorp. all the financials are doing well. no selling into the earning season on financials. that's a big change. you say, oh, it's just the financials reason things are doing better. that's wrong. we have ibm with great earnings reports. u and h are moving the dow industrials on an expert report, and the big industrials other than ge have come in. dovercorp had a big number. these are big, global industrial companies both reporting excellent results. mandy, back to you. >> of course, the devil's advocate would say the dow was
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already very low so it's easy to rise. ben bernanke wrapping up two days of testimony on capitol hill, so let's bring in our own deadhead fed head who has his views on jack lew off yesterday. >> that made an appearance today in the testimony of ben bernanke. bernanke in day two of his testimony. he was asked by comments made yesterday by treasury secretary jack lew. lew told me in the interview if dodd doesn't end too big to fail, more should be done. >> we need to use all the tools in dodd/frank to make sure we end too big to fail. if we get to the end of this year and we cannot, with an honest straight face, say we've ended too big to fail, we'll have to look at other options. senator warren, also calling for revival asked ben bernanke
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whether he agreed with what jarks lrk ew was saying. >> i don't know about the timing. maybe i take another year from now, but i said to you in another hearing that there is a strategy. dodd-frank lays out a strategy. bosil 3 provides additional support through capital, et cetera. but if those things do not make us comfortable about the status of these largest firms, yes, i do think additional steps would be appropriate. >> you remember lew yesterday laying out an aggressive timetable for implementing remaining parts of dodd-frank including the vocal rule. so lew telling other senators, especially those from his own party which are advocating for tougher bank laws, to wait until year end when other laws will be implement implemented. >> but he's not saying now, right? >> warren wants to move now. i don't think it has anywhere to go right now, but there are others around it who are
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advocating for tougher rules, and i think the message from the regulators is, let's let this thing play out right now. bernanke's comments come as the dow and s&p hit all-time highs today, or maybe they're at all-time highs because of ben bernanke. let's bring in alan lance, as well as president of willsi asset management. with the dow at 18% this year alone, realistically how high can the all-time market go? >> i think the buying momentum is still with the market, and i think you have the best of both worlds with bernanke getting bought, investors off the ledge, and basically the situation where the earnings were so low that companies seem to be surpassing it, at least in the early stages. so i could see this market going higher. i think the most important thing is risk management from here on in. i don't think it's going to be straight up. i would participate in those companies and the sectors that haven't done so well and really be selective with your
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investments. >> like which ones in particular? where are you still finding bargains, alan? >> well, mandy, i think energy is a great way to go. i mean, we're buying incana, who is hitting new lows. basic materials have been, you know, really underperforming, so i think there are some good bargains in there and also in emerging markets. so i think it's more a matter instead of chasing procter & gambles at $80 a share and trading at 18 times earnings and growing at 3% a year, try to find those areas that haven't been moved. >> brent, we're going to call you barbara willsy because you're trimming, aren't you? you're slimming down on stocks, right? or are you getting nervous? >> i thought you meant my weight. >> i hope you're doing that, too. we have an obesity crisis.
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>> glad you recognize that. yeah, we are, because what i'm finding, brian, here, is in our portfolio, about a third of the companies now have gone from a buy to a hold or sell. we're doing a lot more selling, we're not traders, we're investors, but we're selling more. we sell something at 16.5 times forward earnings. i'm getting companies very close to that. we may not be at the top here, but i think we could be like the eighth inning and i'm starting to pack up my stuff and get ready to go here because i don't want to hit the very end and be the crowd that leaves the stadium, but i think we'll have some pull-back and better opportunities a month or two down the road. >> let's talk about a couple names that you are selling right now, and one of them is carnival cruise lines and another one is pacer. >> yes. both these companies we held for a while, and carnival cruise line went through that difficult time a year or two ago, i forget when it was, it's over for them and so forth.
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now we've made pretty good profit on that so we're getting rid of it. look for companies that have had a difficult situation, stock is down, but those i'm getting rid of because they're fully valued at 16 times the earnings. >> is there something you would pick up? not so long ago boeing was having a tough time. if you had bought it when it was on a dip, you would have made some good money. >> i missed that one. another one was bridgepoint because they didn't get their accreditation in. we missed it. it was at 15, 16. sometimes you miss it. i can't find much right now. i found one guy at a place called thoratech. i think it was valve systems for your heart. there were like 15,000 people who needed hearts a year, but there were only about 2500 made.
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>> alan, you own a bunch of stocks. going through you're newsletter, they're literally at 2.5. i went into the old microscope, and some things i expected. but here's what i didn't expect. your single biggest holding in terms of dollar value is telephone and data systems, tds. is that still the case, and why this company? >> yeah, brian, it just has great assets, and the problem with it, management controls it, so a takeover, we've had quite a few takeovers this year already, and i think tds showed the first sign of doing something by another spectrum in chicago. so when you see the wireless takeover, when you see what happened with t-mobile and metro pcs really shows the value of spectrum, and basically we just accumulated a lot of telephone data systems in the low 20s, bought it even a few years ago cheaper than that, and, you know, again, we would be selling
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into strength even though on a takeover, this thing is worth mid-30s, minimum. >> are you changing your position? >> yeah, just because we own so much, but we're going to make it a more normalized position because it's so concentrated, brian, but it's something that i still think can move higher. i wouldn't chase. that's a big thing in this market. i think we have a chart where it shows if you buy into weakness four times this year, you will have made 6.8% right away. i think that's the key, buy into weakness, don't chase. >> we're at the best monthly gains since october 2011 and we're only halfway through the month. so guys, thank you very much for your advice. coming up, a stock pick from a head dphones legend. why you may want to own them. plus the new york sometimes with braun stalls. tweet us, like us on facebook or shoot us an e-mail.
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john paulson. a man who made more than a billion dollars in housing talked about the alpha conference, and it seems more americans may be taking his
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advice and investing in a second home, if only for a little while. diana, please explain. >> i will do that, brian. for years the in investment in homes have been buy, sell, rent. that is changing because home prices are rising so fast, so home flipping is back and better than ever. 136,000 homes were flipped in the first half of this year, according to a report out tomorrow from realtytrac. that's up 19% from a year ago and 74% from 2011. the houses bought and were flipped again in six months. flippers made an average $18,000. that's up 245% from a year ago. of course, flippers will put money into the homes for rehab. >> they're really just exponentially leveraging that increase in home prices, and the other thing, i think, is that
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they're targeting markets where home prices are increasing at a much faster pace than just 5 to 10 or 12% you're seeing nationwide. >> okay, so what are the top flipping markets? three of them are in florida along with omaha, nebraska and pittsburgh, pennsylvania. who would have thought, right? so flipping is actually cooling, though, in metros which were the hardest hit during the housing crash and where investors have already eaten up most of the investment properties. many of them are flipping to the hedge funds to buying to hold and rent. >> stick around. don't go anywhere, diana, because we want to bring in cnbc contributor dolly lens. you have ip vess toinvestors wi rising prices.
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>> as i'm looking at properties just closed, they are getting offers unsolicited to splflip t are 20% above what they just closed. they just closed. they are really taking over in this market. they are slamming it out of the park. all their results are amazing due to house flipping and the tighter market. >> the company itself is a holding company of a bunch of different brands. >> a bunch of real estate brands and they're taking advantage of all this volume and all these numbers. >> the good thing is in 2006 i weighed about 30 pounds less than i do now, and it was a pretty good year, you know? except for the fact we started the greatest financial destruction in the history of the world in 2006 because everybody was flipping real estate, dolly. >> yes. >> does this make you a little bit nervous? i'm getting a headache. >> it does not make me nervous yet. we're talking about really small numbers. it's on the fringe of happening. it's just big in terms of what
2:17 pm
has happened. >> what would you start to feel nervous? >> if the investors, the blackstones, start to flip their portfolios, i will get nervous. as long as they're buying and selling, buy and hold, perfect, that's fine. >> if you're sitting at home and you're thinking, i want to get in on the action, where do you think is a safe place to do house flipping? >> you have to target individual markets. i think it's a broad story. it's not on the market yet. individual stories are what's going to save the day. >> dolly, i would jump in on this also. i spoke to an investor in southern california who has been flipping homes for five years and he says the last six months have been just crazy. it's been like piranhas for every listing they get. but he said they have to be much more particular about the houses they flip, find things architecturally interesting, really target the end user buyer they're flipping to so they can
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individualize themselves. pittsburgh, who would have thought that was a good flipping market. the other ones, las vagueegas, phoenix, they are not good places because they've already seen such flipping from the bottom. >> detroit. >> detroit is going to file for bankruptcy before friday. i've been following that story for a while. dolly, there is an interesting article on business insider this morning, too, about how everybody is starting to become a realtor again. >> yes. >> you're so far above it, but we see it. everyone is getting back into the game. >> back into the game. or take the test now. first of all, unemployment pushes that, right? if you're unemployed, what do you have to lose? you go take a test, you get a license, you get a business card, you're an instant broker. >> that's important, too, because there was another report recently that said the age, the median age of real estate agents, was way above the median age of home buyers, so home buyers around 35 to 40 and real estate agents between 55 and 60.
2:19 pm
so they want to get more young blood in there because they're obviously going to work with younger buyers coming into the market. >> exactly. with still looming unemployment and all the problems we have in that sector of the market, i think it's going to be a good option for people coming out of college. it never has been before. >> well, when you start to feel nervous about the house flipping market, you let us know. when you say there's red flags, we want to know about it as well. >> absolutely. >> diana, dolly, thank you very much. more buzz over apple tv, plus a tick trial sector. someone is breaking out the bubbly today. we'll tell you who it is and why they're drinking, coming up. a-a-a.
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an historic day for netflix. it's bringing home its first emmy nominations, this just a day after icahn told cnbc's alpha conference that it hasn't sold one share of the stock. julie with more.
2:23 pm
the stock isn't moving too much, but boy, some big headlines nevertheless, julia. >> that's right, this is great news for netflix and a sign that prime time television is changing. this morning the emmys gave their first nominations to digitally distributed content. 14 total, a sign of the rising quality of originals digital content on the streaming video service. now, housing cards caw' house o with five nominations. jas jason bateman got one for lead comedy actor. it's a sign that, quote, great television is great television regardless of where, when and how it is enjoyed. now, emmy nominations don't necessarily translate to revenue, but they do mean
2:24 pm
prestige and free attention which helps attract subscribers. the question of how many subscribers the originals have already drawn will be in focus in earnings on monday. the emmy attention comes exactly 20 years after a cable tv landmark. the first cable tv show, larry sandburg's "the larry show" was nominated. now we'll have to see how netflix and hbo do on emmy night which is coming up on september 22nd. mandy, back to you. >> incredible. who would have thought? for all those naysayers, right? what are the analysts saying about netflix right now? >> i think everyone is focused on the earnings numbers which will come out monday after the bell. the big question no one really knows yet is how this positive feedback on the original shows
2:25 pm
transfers to transcribers. netflix is investing millions and millions of dollars. we'll have to see how this translates to subscriber numbers. the last quarter was a positive one for netflix, but now those numbers will have eyes watching them on monday. >> let's get out to the "new york times." brian stalter, wrote an excellent piece. before we get to that, netflix has been a distributorship. they buy stuff and sell it to you and me at a higher price than they pay for it, and that's about it. i mean that respectfully, but they just kind of move stuff along. now they've got emmy nominations. how does that change our view of netflix? >> having other people watch is critical. having original shows like "house of cards" give them a halo effect like hbo has a halo, they're now in that same
2:26 pm
category where they have that best programming effect. >> now to your interview on apple. what i liked about it is this, most people assume apple will go after comcast, our parent company and others. your article seems to say they're going to cooperate a little bit more. i've noticed a lot more app screens, if you want to call them that, on my apple tv at home, by the way. >> they're being collaborative. we got news that google is interested in creating a cable service. we know intel is working on that, maybe sony as well. but apple is taking a different tack. they're working with these companies instead of against them. they've concluded they need the help of contact companies like disney and time warner in order to make cable better. >> so it gives them greater access to content and it sounds brilliant. does it cure the excess in this very crowded space, though? >> that little black box they sell is still a niche business. but it's in 30,000 homes.
2:27 pm
it's growing quicker than people realize. it may help people think in the future that apple has more innovations to offer. >> the problem, though, is i have an apple tv. one of the things you're talking about, brian, they charge for everything. netflix, one-time fee. i get hbo go because i'm a net flick subscriber. but i want free media. i don't want to pay myself. >> they added sky news. sky news a british broadcaster. a lot of us don't know them but they're a live cable newschannel and they're for free. for sky news, this is a new way to get to consumers. they don't have to go out and negotiate with a distributor, they can just create it on apple tv. by allowing them to do that, they're hedging their bets. they don't know what the tv industry will look like in five or ten years. none of us do. >> i'm sure if anyone will, you will, and you'll tell us about
2:28 pm
it. coming up next on "street signs," one hedge fund pick. we'll tell you what it is and why you want to own it. that's all coming up on "street signs." [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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in reference to the headline i brought you a few moments ago with the "detroit free press." the city of detroit, according to the "detroit free press," planning to file for bankruptcy tonight or as early as tomorrow morning. that is according to several sources. the paper is filing in a 30-day period to see if the city is eligible for a chapter 9 protection and see how many might qualify. the bottom line is this. kill the prompter. i'm going to do this on my own. if the city files for bankruptcy, it's going to be the largest bankruptcy in history. you've got all kinds of people, creditors, looking for something from the city of detroit. the city does not have money to pay them.
2:32 pm
a bankruptcy attorney will determine who gets paid, pensions and everything else, and who doesn't. i think ilt's the biggest story in american business right now. wealthiest city in america 50 years ago, porous today. a million people have left in 20 years. i have a lot of friends there. i love michigan, i love detroit. this is going to be ugly. >> is there any speculation about who does not get paid? >> it depends where you are in the creditor sector. from the municipal bond angle, it's going to be interesting to see who gets paid. municipal bonds are sold to you, your grandma, your aunt. you have an aunt in detroit, believe it or not, whose husband worked for them. they're boring, they have tax advantages but they're guaranteed, right? if they cut -- and i know people are going to scream. the unions will scream and say, kill the muni bond holds, who cares, they're buying tax-deferred income. i get it.
2:33 pm
their pensions are on the line. but if you screw the municipal bonds also -- am i allowed to say that -- if they cut municipal bonds out, the safety program is gone. >> the safety is completely gone. >> sorry. it's a story i mentioned and it's a huge story. we love to talk about radar stocks, and one this week, th m thermo fisher scientific. who exactly is that? ross, about one-third of their income comes from what? >> it could be something as simple as helping us test our drinking water, testing toys from sand protecting people fro
2:34 pm
lead paint. it's really a variety across lucrative markets. >> do you agree that it is a top idea as a quality growth stock? >> absolutely. mark casper has done a tremendous job at the company since coming in as ceo. it's one of the best cash flow stories we look across if all of health care. they've done a tremendous job in the last few years with the largest deal. the most recent one, life technologies, we think creating a very attractive path for earnings growth through 2015 and beyond. >> i've talked to a lot of people who feel the same way, but now they have a bunch of debt. can they pay it off with no problem? >> absolutely. this is a company that generates high amounts of free cash, so a lot of recurring revenues so that will lead to cash flow, and we think that will help them delever quickly. >> i want to talk to you about the fact that it derives 20% of
2:35 pm
its revenue from emerging markets. does that concern you? >> originally in the emerging markets, a lot of users were industrial based. now you're seeing in places like china, a huge push toward health care. we think that piece of the economy in china continues to grow unabated. while some of the commodity-oriented pieces may see some slowdown, we think on the generic drug side, there is plenty of growth to come. >> ross, thank you for coming on the program. we do appreciate it. thank you. >> thanks. coming up, a hot or not tech trio? should you be buying or holding these technology stunners? our earnings jaud squad is to break it all down for you. what do you have on the closing bell? >> selling out in california, lake tahoe. maria has a very special line of guests including sir charles barkley and joe theismann.
2:36 pm
plus, what's the deal with this market right now? we're bringing in the heavy hitters to find out if this rally is for real. what happened to the correction talk? it's all gone. plus, blackrock shares are up today. the ceo of blackrock, larry fink, will be speaking to us. more after this.
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welcome back to "street signs." i'm sharon epperson. why do gas prices keep climbing? look at the price of crude oil about $180 a barrel, the highest price we've seen for crude oil in 16 months. the big gains in the oil masht definite -- market definitely a factor. look what happened to natural gas today. natural gas on a tear after we got a report from the energy department showing the increase in storage sales was less than expected and the heat wave where air-conditioning demand is at a premium, we're looking at a big up in natural gas. now to the earnings squad.
2:40 pm
>> welcome to the earnings jasqd where we dissect earnings stories. the s&p 500 have reported 70% estimates, but the earnings are up. mary, what are we looking for? >> people won't really focus on the earnings, which are expected to be down from last year, but what they're focused on with ge is how their industrial margins are doing. if you might recall, last year the company said, listen, the basis is going to be up 10%. everyone cheered, this is great news. the problem is they declined by a basis point, so they've dug a deep hole. typically it does make up for it in the fourth quarter, but nevertheless, people will be focusing on this to see what happened in the second quarter? did they weaken a little bit more or did they improve?
2:41 pm
a couple things more, ge had about 50% in the last quarter. they want to get it down to about 30% of its earnings. >> interesting what csx had to say about coal shipments. we've been hearing that from railroads across the board. coal shipments from utilities is going up as well, and could that be bad for ge? >> ge makes those gas-generated turbines, and this was a huge engine, figuratively and literally. the problem is demand has tapered off. they were expecting better demand coming into this year. it hasn't materialized, so it continues to be a drag for ge. >> they gave a forecast back in may, 85 torture bynes shipped this year. it will be interesting to see if they back that up. >> exactly. let's talk about microsoft
2:42 pm
report earnings after the bell today. microsoft as a stock has been hitting new high after new high. the last one a couple days ago and you wouldn't think of giving the backdrop. pc sales one of the worst slumps we've seen in pc history. microsoft has seen quarterly declines in pc sales. it's got to get away from the pc. its answer was the tablet. the problem is it had to cut prices because the demand was so bad and we heard that from invideo ceo. he says demand for this thing is just not there. so that is going to be a real key line item when it comes to microsoft of t microsoft. >> given the turmoil, it's at 5.5, i believe, but it seems like because of that attractive dividend yield, the market continues to reward the stock. >> it is this sort of chase for the yield and chase for safety. remember, microsoft announce aid reorganization just last week. it is expected they will change
2:43 pm
the way they report their financial results, different segments, so a lot of analysts will be looking for some sort of clarity and color as to how things will be different going forward based on this reorganization. >> does the stock make it any better? a little light watching. >> the stock, by the way, is down about a percent ahead of the earnings, so that's something we'll certainly watch. meanwhile, sema, you're taking a look at chipotle. >> chipotle definitely a good read on the consumer because it has mass appeal. revenue around $800 million which would be a 17% jump in revenue. same store sales not expected to be that strong. the street expecting 4 to 4.5%. margins over the last couple of quarters have been under pressure because of higher raw material costs, including beef, chicken and corn. that's something analysts will be watching. on the flip side, there are some
2:44 pm
new menu additions, ladies, including the shredded tofu burrito as well as more cocktails. these two additions are expected to help the company's revenue, and that's something the analysts are watching as well. >> go for the cocktails but hold the furitos. >> they added these menu items because they're losing to some other fast food chains because they're going after the bargain punches of consumers. we'll see if that has any impact. >> gas prices, listen for commentary on gas prices tonight. if you want to join the conversation, do tweet us at ash tag earnings squad. >> earnings squad, till next time. still ahead, our big techapalooza. and we're going to drink vodka. yep. ♪
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. we've got your techapalooza right here, so let's get to the lineup. you've got j and p securities, senior research analyst, he's going to give you his thoughts on qualcomm, and we have a research analyst and he's hagt on google. >> the dell proposing a million-dollar buyout. i want to ask you about the criticisms icahn had about the board, he said it was like a dictatorship, and he's scaring shareholders to that point. how much better would dell be as a company if the board were different? >> we don't see the board as taking shareholders with michael. the pc market has arguably gotten worse and tech turnarounds, what dell has to go through here, are very, very difficult. we don't see the board as doing anything that's, in a sense, taking advantage of current
2:49 pm
sharehold shareholders. >> do you think the desired intent to take the vote is going to work in its favor? >> i don't think it really changes anything, honestly. there's been quite some time now for dell to solicit and put forth its opinion and, you know, a couple more weeks here, i'm not really sure that it changes much, honestly. >> so what's your recommendation? with everything going on, what's the most likely outcome? >> well, we like 1365. it offers certainty, and there is always a chance that the carl icahn proposal won't go through. there is a substantially downturn for this stock if something were to go wrong. we like it where it is, and we would vote in favor of the deal, and you know, there is a little bit of upside, i guess, here if icahn were to get his way, but there are a lot of challenges for this company as a publicly traded entity as it stands right
2:50 pm
now, especially if it's levered up. >> jayson, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> one down, one to go. what about qualcomm now? should you buy, sell, hold, whatever? our next analyst says, no, you have to buy this price target above where qualcomm is today. how is it going to get there. >> i think it will get there on the back of mobile growth. i think a lot of investors are frightened that with more growth coming from emerging market that story can't work. however, qualcomm is a player in emerging markets. still uncontested at leading edge and lte. while plab slower than previously expected, still a robust growth outlook in the back of this year. >> bears on qualcomm point to something like the average selling price going down for chip sets. why do you reject that argument? >> at the high end, they aren't moving much at all. with lt advance coming jn line and increasing the share of processing with snab dragon, it
2:51 pm
is going up. anecdotely, there are more benefits from them taking share. so that's the good news. yes, it is a hotly contested market at the lower end, in emerging markets. so we have to see how the high end versus low end plays out. >> first time that is uttered on this program. hopefully the last. i will finalize it with this question. 77,000 patent is how many qualcomm loans. what is the real or entrancic value p? >> from a patent perspective, i don't know if you can quantify it. but from an engineering perspective, this company is doing everything right. pressing the pace at the smart phone market. proving its approach for integrated approaches are better. that's why qualcomm is doing so well in the market today. >> you did well today as well, alex. we appreciate you coming on the program. >> last but certainly not least, is google reporting after the bell today.
2:52 pm
when you consider shares of google are up about 20% since the last quarterly report, do they have to deliver to justify that? >> they have to put out results as hot as the results of new york city. this stock has been on fire but they are multinational and they do face currency head winds plus weakness in europe plus big benefit on the tax break. and you have to worry about motorola. i'm looking for the stock to pull back on earnings. >> i say that your price target is 810. what would change your mind? what would propel google higher from here? is there anything up their sleeve? >> it is cost per clip. they are trying to improve that number. they are doing efforts to improve mobile clip pricing. if they can turn that positive, that would be a good sign. >> i believe they appear to get toward unveil a new nexus tablet. i believe july 24 is the date
2:53 pm
set. is that a game-changer or another drop in the ocean? >> i think another drop in the ocean. i think when they roll out their moto x phone and what they charge for that and what type of software features are available for that. but google's core business is slowing down. this is the fourth consecutive order where the growth on properties is below 20%. so they need it find the next big revenue driver to reignite the top line? >> well, maybe they could do the acquisition space. they have about $50 billion in cash. certainly they can do something with that. >> a lot of that cash is overseas. so probably more likely targeted to overseas target. i think people are excited that android and chrome are united under the same leadership and potential that could happen for those two operating systems to get synergy. if you go to amazon, the number one selling book is a chrome
2:54 pm
book. >> thank you very much, collin gillis. up next, a boozy tobacco show and it is not even friday. she's always been able to brighten your day.
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>> we all have vices, some of us have more than others and some of us have too many. this is actually a tobacco flavored vodka. see this? tobacco flavored vodka. here to explain his crazy concoction is tony ellward. is this going to sell? >> yes. >> so what is the idea behind this? you can't smoke in a bar. >> i gave up smoking. >> so there is a new community, if you are a smoker, everybody is outside, can't have a drink. >> you can't smell -- you can smell the tobacco but it is not like you are drinking a cigarette. >> we are trying to give you the similar flavor of tobacco and also some of the taste. but there's no nicotine in it. no harmful affects. it is there for you to sense and enjoy without the --
2:58 pm
>> it smells a little bit like clove cigarettes. >> this one is menthol. >> menthol? >> a lot of people out there drink menthol cigarettes. >> is this out yet? >> we launched it in europe. we will launch it in august/september in the united states. >> how is the reaction so far? >> everybody says, are you crazy? i think everybody thinks, why would i want to drink an ashtray. >> well it doesn't give you any nicotine and it doesn't have the nasty after taste you have after smoking. >> it is actually pretty good. >> are we allowed to drink on live tv? >> i don't know. i am. boston bureau does. >> well, we started in europe. there is a big wave going on there. in america, everybody has gone
2:59 pm
flavored vodka. who wants another lemon, orange, peach, coconut. whatever. there's thousands of them. >> but you said it, everyone is going flavored vodka. so how do you stand out? you have cherry -- how does your brand stand out from the other flavors? >> our brand stands out better because we are one of the best volumed vodkas with a high flavor content. you can find as good but not -- >> are you going to come on tv and say your company is maybe a superior product to a competitor? >> yes, it is. >> shocking. >> but it is true. >> is your product good or bad? >> excellent! >> i'm already feeling the affects of the vodka. >> you've got a high. >> i never liked you or your sister. >> this is the world's first tobacco flavored vodka. >> it smells good, i have to say. >> the flavor, you have got to try it. >> i'm going to try it right now. he tried it.
3:00 pm
i'm going to try. >> tony elward, international vodka -- >> this is actually good. record highs. if we close above 1682. that's the number to watch for s&p, clearly above that with a closing record high. >> and yet cooler in detroit tomorrow. promise. >> hi, everybody. good afternoon. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bacoming to you from e golf championship. investment are moving higher, including charles brkarkley in just a few moments. we will talk to him. bill, how are you doing? >> good. we will just watch


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