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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> buy tlt. >> karen? >> it was a drop from today, realology but i want to add that blackberry wouldn't be short. >> guy? >> eastman chemical rallied which is encouraging. i think oil see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more "fast money." meanwhile, don't go anywhere, "mad money" starts right now. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate you, call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. this market's gotten hard to satisfy, you know. it's become a battleground, a terrible battleground but it should be at peace. and we saw this once again today
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with the averages roaring higher at the open only to pull back over the course -- at one point, before ultimately trading back up dow edging higher, advancing, nasdaq climbing .63%. what is ailing this market? i think it's the fact that people expect too much from it. they want a perfect world, something they aren't going to get, some combination of low interest rates, cheap stock prices, the resignation of bashar al assad in syria. high commodity prices, but low inflation, a president that says no new taxes and that congress that says we need to help create more jobs and we're not going to worry about paying for it right now. i say, dream on. you aren't going to get that combination. it's too much. those leaning toward the bear
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camp, you need to settle for the following. one, while rates have, indeed and are going higher, they're no longer climbing at a breakdown pace they should so frighten you with their backing and filling along the journey to a 3% ten year. this market can handle a 3% figure, slightly higher than it is now. i do not expect a giant selloff when we get there. two, europe is now coming back very strong. aided by nokia. think about it, vodafone's amazing $131 billion, thank you, verizon. i know, those are just two deals, but europe is not that big that you can't feel the impact of that money coming their way, believe it or not. three, china's truly generating good manufacturing numbers now. and i'm asking you to trust at least some of them. i think the action of some of the bigger cyclical names ex-caterpillar testifies there are some believers.
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i get the skepticism. the chinese economy truly does at times live up to its name when it comes to reliability and transparency. verizon is pumping enough borrowed money into the stock market while stock markets worldwide say it's going to flow back here that it is a one-company stimulus plan. the $130 billion in new money can make people feel a little jiggy and i think you ought to recognize companies say, heck, if i don't do anything bold soon, rates will get away from me. let me do some acquisitions. finally, five, we're still seeing stocks react to pretty good news, right? household products came, jarden buys yankee candle and up huge $4.57. cbs gets a new cable deal, closing at 53.50, the banks involved in the verizon deal, they're going to see big vs. that's rational, that's what we want, that's what the bulls
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want. so, why didn't we sustain the rally? and why do we end up going in the red at one point today? all right. let's spell out the bear case. first, the bear brief as is often the case comes right from washington. yeah, washington's at fault. we have no idea what's going to happen in syria and why we'll discuss its impact later on in the show. not knowing what will happen will make it difficult to plan your portfolio management. some say your portfolio is small potatoes versus the real life woes of syria. i'm in that camp. but this is "mad money." and we're looking like a hesitant superpower to the market and hesitant doesn't create confidence in jobs or in stocks. second, we have no idea who the new fed chief is going to be, none. most people i talk to are professional ninvestors. they want janet yellen, but they don't want a bull in the china shop, but president obama's not taking accounts off anyone i speak to. he's in love with larry summers,
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some kind of bromance that knows no bounds. terrific that his tenure as harvard university means nothing at all to president obama. i can't wait to hear his views on women in the labor force because i love the theater. third, we're now -- a government shutdown. we must remember how dysfunctional washington is every time the market opens 100 points. nobody, but nobody cares about the stock market. do they have a terminal? nobody says we could hurt the economy, it's not part of the political calculus of either party. even the gop, once a party that cared about business has not a care in the world about business as i can tell, especially social worth. now, i don't know about you, but if i hear one more jolly and happy go lucky home builder, grab a mike and talk about how great everything is.
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i will scream. not only are homes not as affordable as they were, but if mortgage rates go above 5%, i don't care what the home builders say at all, their businesses are going to be hammered. that's what happens. interest rates go up and housing's hammered. they haven't repealed that cycle. that's what the stocks are saying. who am i to argue with the stocks? does anybody really truly believe that housing's any good anymore? have you seen those stocks? what they're saying is, wow, people aren't buying homes at all. well, maybe some. fifth, retails become totally treacherous. we have no idea how back to school season is really going. somehow i don't think we're going to hear good things because this new consumer seems to be addicted to buying hard goods not soft goods and apparels become a real bear and we think of retail, we think of apparel. six, i expect we could get a terrific employment number friday. which means we see rates go to 3.25%, as the fed will have to walk away from the bond buying to have a little credibility. doesn't the fed want
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credibility? of course if we lose housing and retail cools, things should get worse the month after. how long can auto loans stay this robust? really. what's the deal there? it's september! real dog of a month. there are 11 months of the year i don't care about. i never buy into that sell in may and go away. i say buy in june, august, may -- whatever. not very catchy, but right. i'm fretting about the month of september, i always do. i lost a ton of money trading at my hedge fund in september. my charitable trust has done really well in september. it's a crumby month. i don't like the odds. hey, that's okay, the odds are bad. what's the right thing to do? well, here you go. i think you need to raise cash ahead of a slew of data and a rambunctious bond market to get ready for lower levels. no need to panic. this morning showed you how to get terrific rallies and you've always got to sell those rallies. don't worry, there'll be more of them coming, almost always phony and today was no different. sell them. let me emphasize one more thing.
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right now the chinese and europeans have momentum. we had momentum too. but washington is squandering it. when i say washington, not picking on the president, not picking on congress, i'm picking on a system that's gone amuck where both parties sit there and pretend to do what's good for business. but we all know they aren't doing anything at all except helping to destroy it because you need confidence to start a business or to hire or expand and there's nothing confidence inspiring in washington. i think they know that even. we have no initiatives to create jobs, we have no energy policy. we're going to talk about that later on, that could generate a huge amount of employment. something neither party seems to care about at all even though the headlines are dominated by the middle east, how intractable and caught up we are in it. here's the bottom line, there's a ton that's good, ton. but right now, the nays have it because washington's coming back into session. that means we have to raise some cash, do some rally selling until we see exactly how horribly the republicans and democrats are going to handle themselves this time around. we must recognize who is the enemy of your portfolio.
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it's not capital, it's not labor, it's not the communist, not the unions, it's washington, plain and simple. what else can i say other than, they're back. frank in new york, please, frank? >> caller: hey, what's up, cramer. >> not much, how about you? what's shaking? >> caller: all right. boo-yah. >> i like that. that'll do. that's a bada bing club. what's up? >> caller: i want to know your take on wsm, william sonoma. >> that's so funny. i'm listening to the conference call. everything's good and suddenly they drop a bomb and say, hey, some things aren't that good and it took my breath away because this stock has moved up a great deal. that makes me lukewarm on willi william sonoma which is a great company and a classic example of what i want to buy after it goes down. keep your friends close, okay. you've got to keep your enemies closer. washington, it's up to its old
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tricks, so beware. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- crude conundrum. while wall street's focused on events overseas, cramer's uncovering signals buried deep in the technicals that could get you ahead of the next big move when he goes "off the charts." and later, playing for keeps, football is back but why not draft up some dollars? cramer's putting together a dream team of stocks that could lead you to victory for this season and beyond. plus, keep on trucking, shares of west port innovations haven't been able to get out of first gear this year and the stock broke done when it reported earnings in august. is the future of the natural gas engine stalling? or is this your chance to fuel up before it hits the road? cramer's exclusive is ahead. all coming up on "mad money."
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boo-yah, cramerica, "mad money" is quickly approaching our 2,000th show. why do i come out here every night? to level the playing field, to fight for you, to remind you that the american dream is alive and well, that you have a fighting chance against the big guy. to celebrate our 2,000th show, i want to know why you, the citizens of cramerica watch. i ask y2 k. why is "mad money" important to you? >> boo-yah, jim, thanks for all you do for us little guys. >> i love "mad money" for the incredible ideas and insight jim offers. >> i love it. >> thanks for giving great advice. >> show me. make a video, tweet it, share it on facebook. use the #mmy2k and we might use it on the air. >> can i get a boo-yah? don't miss a second of "mad money," follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to
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what should we do now that oil and gold are surging higher? do you see those today? it was gold's day to shine. whenever we have one of these big bad events, and believe me the obama administration and congress taking their time to decide whether to shoot missiles at syria counts as a big, bad event. i like to take a step back, try to distance myself from the hysteria a bit. you don't want to make emotionally driven decisions in this business. you need to stay analytical. people who make emotional decisions lose. that's why tonight we're going off the charts. take a look at the rise in gold and oil with the help of the co-founder of decarly trading. as well as being my colleague at and a terrific technician with a great record of late with the show.
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if you want to play either gold or oil, you're going to have to table the whole syria issue. you have to take a broader perspective. why don't we start with gold, please? garner points out that seasonally this could be a good time to buy the precious metal. it just happens to be annually the best time because it tends to rally through late september or early october. on the other hand, though, the price of gold has run up more than $200 from the lows of under $1,200. nobody likes to chase in that situation. that's why garner recommends waiting for significant pullback and doing buying. why is garner so confident that it will be worth buying? well, let's take a look at the weekly chart of the price of gold. down at the bottom, you can see what's known as -- this is the cot report. the trading commission commitment of traders. that's a c of t traders report. many time here on off the charts. this lets you know about the holdings of commercial hedgers, while large speculators, the big
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institutional players trying to figure out what to do. they're buying and selling gold as investment. earlier this year liquidated their holdings in a wave of panic selling. wave of panic selling, right? and gold came down hard. bing, looright, look at that. they've been building their positions back up. and last week, large speculators were holding 78,000, that's the green one is large, the gold future contracts. but that is still a low number. it suggested garner even though gold is rebounding hard off the bottom, it has more room to run. the gold trade is far from crowded and far from over. how do we play this? check out gold's daily chart. garner thinks we could catch a nice pullback in gold after our government decides what to do in syria, that's the certainty element that should bring down gold, she expects traders to buy on the rumor of a syrian strike and sell on a fact, whatever the fact may be. she believes gold prices might actually relax when it happens simply because most of the
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buying will have taken place in anticipation of the attack. and if our government refrains from hitting syria, many people will decide to ring the register. and if we get that syrian selloff in gold, that will be the time to buy. if you look at the bottom of the chart, the relative strength indicator, the rsi, an indicator we use all the time here as well as the percentage oscillator developed by larry williams helps measure whether securities are overbought or oversold. both of these have drifted down out of overbought territory. it's coming down. based on where the two indicators are standing, garner thinks we could be in a back and fill mode for decent interval, that would be like this. bouncing around without a clear trend. if we get a pullback in the futures contract, then that would pique garner's interest in buying the precious metal. that's her level. she'd like to see a knee jerk decline down to 170, that's this level in the wake of a strike on syria which means garner would
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be able to get bullish again. she wants to see it go down, this level be a deal and then she thinks that. how about oil. let's take a look at this very different picture. when it comes to crude, garner's the opposite position. she wants to buy gold into weakness and thinks you should sell oil into strength. how do you like this? take a gander at the weekly chart of west texas crude. garner knows oil has a tendency to top out in mid september. have you ever thought about that? i hadn't. beyond that, i need to interject something. some of that might be because summer driving season is over. while auto has been rallies in anticipation of attack on syria, you've got to remember what happened after the united states got involved in conflicts in the middle east and north africa. remember after moammar gadhafi in libya two years ago, the price of oil in the united states dropped 10% immediately. garner expects to see that same pattern with syria especially unlike iraq and libya, the country's not a major oil
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producer. since 2011, syria's a net importer. net importer of crude at the moment. take a look at the commitment of traders report. that's the c.o.t., you're going to see the opposite of gold here. right now the large speculators are holding record net long positions of oil. they're over -- they're stacked to the gills with oil. when they eventually start ringing the register and looking at positions she believes could be brutal. let's check out the detail of weekly charts to see how low it can go. garner points out the price of crude is consolidating in a violent, violent but relatively narrow trading range. if oil spikes to an attack on syria, then garner doesn't think it would go past 115 or 116 a barrel. if that would happen, she would start betting against it aggressively. once the dust settles or there's no further rally, garner sees oil falling and falling hard, the price of crude drops below $100. garner thinks we could see a watershed cell all the way down
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to 90. wow. possible floor of support 96, maybe not. that's one you want to catch if you're a short seller. now, check out the slow oscillator near the bottom here. that's a classic technical tool that measures whether something's overbought or oversold. crude's been overbought since july. that's above that line is overbought. and every time the oscillators reach these levels in the last couple of years and pull back, we have seen stunning declines in oil. stunning, look at that. look at that pattern, every time we get that we've seen stunning declines. right now these are close to falling out of overboard territory, garner expects the trend to turn bearish, at the same time the moving average, that macd we focus on helps technicians measure directional momentum beginning to wane. we could be approaching a dreaded bearish crossover where the blue line crosses over the, well, the red line, you have to just -- i mean, it was a bearish cross that will drive things down. we have seen this used to good effect.
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and it's right on the verge of warning that oil could be in a lot of trouble. yeah, crossover's always been bad. take a look again. all we're doing is measuring what's happened in the previous selloffs and it's developing. this one is developing just like these three. so let me give you the bottom line. the charts interpreted by garner suggest gold and oil could be about to pullback when our government decides to attack syria. but garner thinks gold will be a buy into that weakness because it can bounce back while oil needs to be sold before it gets hammered. boy, that would be some decline. i want you out of oil. that's going to happen. stay with cramer. coming up -- playing for keeps, football is back. but instead of spending all your time setting up your fantasy squad, why not draft up some dollars? cramer's putting together a dream team of stocks that could lead you to victory for this season and beyond. [ male announcer ] i've seen incredible things.
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to treat investing as seriously as people treat sports, all week we'll be drafting our football portfolio. tonight we're drafting some running backs, quarterback and a tight end. you don't have to pick the tight end until the last few rounds, but bear with me. running backs are the principal scorers, the most important day-to-day players on your team. that's what you need to have, the core nucleus. in fantasy football, people are going with adrian peterson from minnesota, ray rice from baltimore and doug martin from tampa bay. we need stocks like them, outperformers with low risk and higher reward. and that makes me think of classic industrials with aerospace exposure. if you're looking for stock equivalent of adrian all day peterson, let me recommend drafting some boeing for your portfolio. just like peterson, boeing comes back from injuries and comes back stronger to keep on taking yards, up 39% this year dee
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spi despite the fires and the sequester and the choppy stock market. they rolled out the 787 dreamliner but nothing like a major concussion or torn acl and now back and better than ever. increasing production of the dream liner right in the midst of the high-profile battery investigation, well, they threw the flag, but that gamble is starting to pay off. boeing's the only business i know of that can give you a 20-year outlook. right now the company is -- has an undelivered order backlog of 4,800 commercial airplanes, equivalent to roughly eight years of production at current rates and it's not just the dreamliner in high demand, the number one cost, jet fuel by purchasing newer more fuel-efficient aircraft. last thursday, we learned that boeing scored a $6.3 billion order from west jet for 65 737 airplanes. boeing's fleet is always in high demand. the latest quarter report at the end of july was spectacular and the stock trading at 14.4 times
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next year's earnings estimates, no wonder they're going to pick it first. slight premium in the 13% long-term growth rate. i think it's got a lot more room to run, more touchdowns ahead. how about a running back like ray rice. who is that? that's united technologies. that's the analog like rice, new techs can run, catch and block, perfect for a ppr portfolio. it's a diversified industrial play. company makes elevators, heating ventilation systems, also known as hvac, various other components, fire and safety security equipment and last but not least, commercial and military choppers. we just talked about how aerospace is worried that boeing got all the bases covered. a little more than a year ago, utx closed in on the acquisition of goodrich, another big aerospace supplier that looked like a really good quarter. a deal that's expected to generate $500 million annual synergies, plus business galore. meanwhile, the elevator business is on fire. orders up 23% in the latest quarter driven by strength in
6:29 pm
china. if i were that good -- remember, anywhere from 45 million to 60 million people from the country into the cities in china, every year, how about that for a trend? that creates powerful demand for elevators climate control systems, firing safety equipment. utx sells for 14.6 times next year's earnings estimates, 13.7% growth, solid 2% yield. i think this is one of the running backs that can cover a lot of yardage. boy, it really does feel like ray, doesn't it? ray better be available tonight when i do my picking. next draft pick, we need another running back. what stock can play for your portfolio the way doug martin plays for the tampa bay buccaneers? how about honeywell, another diversified industrial, same as united technology, exposure to aerospace, commercial, not much daylight between these players. not that much drop down. and the turbo charger business that can save you major gas mileage and it's benefitting enormously with tighter emission standards. honeywell has a history of
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terrific execution, continues to win new business and just like boeing and utx, it's a cheap stock if you get any acceleration in the global economy. 14 times earnings, throws off mountains of cash. all three of these running back stocks are closely clustered. boeing, united technologies, honey well, all beating the s&p 500, continuing to outperform through the year and beyond. now, we need to draft a quarterback. perhaps most important, i think overrated you can probably save to the fifth round. you need a quarterback who is consistent. someone who can throw a lot of passes and put up a lot of points. everyone's talking about green bay's aaron rogers and talking about scott wapner. rogers stock equivalent is clearly starbucks, reliable company with flashing can do it all. the best of class operator, and howard schultz is the ultimate leader on and off the field. the most recent quarter, starbucks blew away the numbers. that's crazy, how could the
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number one largest company have the best same-store sales, 9% in america. starbucks is a massive chain, 18,000 locations, a ton of room to grow, plans to open 700 new units in the fiscal year. starbucks asian business, enfuego. everything for high-quality baked goods to the tivana acquisition. transforming from tea bags and teapots. asking you to come in at the stores when you can buy them at the mall. plus, they're boosting the speed of the in store wi-fi by a factor of ten, getting chargers going on in there. something that shows management understands the customer. they are social media personified. starbucks trades at next year's earnings, 19.6% growth rate. i think the stock can throw many more touchdowns before it gets sacked. some say i have a man crush on starbucks, could cloud my draft judgment. i say just like my late idol al davis, just win, baby. now, how about washington's rg3?
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i think overrated, but he can pass, he can play fake, and for me -- well, not a pocket passer, but disney. people think disney's hurt because the last quarter was lackluster. i think disney's healthy and it can anchor your portfolio. disney's cable properties including espn are fabulous businesses in tremendous shape. i felt that cbs deal disney is worth even more. and broad cast tv, a little weak. disney is ready to rebound and resume its march higher, but i hope not against monday night because that's versus the eagles. finally a portfolio needs a tight end, most flexible player on the field, you've got to be able to run, got to be able to block, catch passes. in short, you want a stock that's like jimmy graham of new orleans saints. i got one, it's a gross cyclical, 3m, should pay for the vikings, right? they're located in minnesota. but this is a consistent performer and any lift in the global economy will highlight the organic growth 3m has been
6:33 pm
posting sending the stock higher. 3m is a breeze. here's the bottom line, for your fantasy stock football portfolio you need runningbacks, who are we drafting? we're drafting the equivalent of adrian peterson, boeing, ray rice, united technology, honeywell, you need a quarterback, go with starbucks, like rogers or bet on disney, rg3, healthier than people think. and 3m, come back tomorrow, we'll be on the clock to fill out the rest of the team. let's go to mike in california, please, mike? >> caller: big eggplant boo-yah from california, jim. >> hey, man, what's shaking to you? >> caller: hey, i bought target a while ago was thinking about selling it, but now i hear they're getting in the film rental business. >> that's not good enough reason to -- look, that's a challenge. i've got to throw a challenge flag on that. that is not what we're in for target. target we need to rebound, consumer spending, i think the stock is inexpensive. but i have no catalyst.
6:34 pm
robert in indiana. robert. >> caller: how are you doing, jim? >> real good, robert how about you? >> caller: fantastic. i wanted to get your future predictions for sm radio. >> i think sirius satellite is going higher. i cannot believe how many people listen to sirius. why? auto sales. auto sales are up, that is the fact it moves the needle. that's the metric you need for sirius satellite, why i like that stock, it is well-managed company and it goes higher! tonight is the "mad money" draft. can you believe it? you should spend as much time on stocks as you do on football players. stay with cramer. you know throughout history,
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on cramer's "mad money." steve in michigan. steve? >> caller: big monroe, michigan, b-b-boo-yah, jim. >> what do you got for me? >> caller: what's your thoughts on hertz? >> stick with it. i know a lot of people were disappointed with the call. it had a big rally and now -- it'll go again. kevin in california. kevin? >> caller: hey, jim, big boo-yah from california. good news came out recently with a deal recently and i'm wondering how high this thing can go. >> i do not know compugen and i must do work on that because that's a great mystery to me. i will come back. let's go to john in my home state of pennsylvania. john? >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer. this is chris, i'm 9 years old and i enjoy your show very much. my dad has a question for you. >> sure, man, i love the 9-year-old audience. that's key. what's up? >> caller: hey, mr. cramer, what do you think about peabody
6:39 pm
energy, btu. >> look, my charitable trust got enough hurt in joy global, don't need to compound the pain with the btu. sell the btu, if you need coal, go to joy. which is joyless right now. how about john in california? john? >> caller: yes, boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thank you very much for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: my stock is apple, i'm not sure what to do about it. >> which one? what stock? oh, apple's fine. i don't have a catalyst, it's fine. it's inexpensive stock. if it had a catalyst, it would go up dramatically. i'm going to say my charitable trust likes it. not much more to say. arthur in massachusetts? arthur? >> caller: yes. >> go ahead, arthur. >> caller: um, i've been following isis pharmaceutical. and it goes up and down, up and
6:40 pm
down, and when i want to sell it, it goes down. and my question is i'm hearing something about a takeover. >> no, no -- look, forget the takeover. it's a good stock on its own. we don't know it's going to get taken over or not. but it does have a lot of compounds and we're encouraged by it and i think you can own it. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade.
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you know i've been an outspoken advocate of natural gas powered surface vehicles. i think it's ridiculous that -- subsidies that would help pace the transition, create some jobs. does it make sense to speculate on the stocks. westport innovations makes the technology that allows engines to rely on the natural gas. company lowered the full-year guidance and the stock got slammed falling from under $32 in a single day now dipping as low as $27 and change. however, this was a confusing quarter.
6:44 pm
as westport doesn't report revenue, some of the strongest areas. the joint venture with cummins is on fire. but precisely because these are joint ventures, westport doesn't report revenue from them. income below the line i find it confusing. plus, westport is working on a number of new products that won't start to show up in the numbers until 2014 or 2015. including partnerships with volvo and caterpillar. is the weakness a viable pullback? or is it something that should give us pause? let's check in with the founder and ceo of westport innovations, find out more about his company and where it is headed. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim, great to be back. >> thank you, david. i want to go 30,000 feet, it's a little harder for me to analyze the company right now because you've got irons in the fire and the revenue lines aren't as clear for me. where are we in the ultimate transition from using diesel to natural gas for trucks light and heavy? >> well, obviously we're right at the very beginning at this
6:45 pm
stage, jim. if you look at the numbers, we're well under 1% of the vehicles that are sold in the market have natural gas. what's great is the trend line. and if you look at the trend line in north america and in china, you can see great growth. and as you know, we've been at this a long time and we've declared this year as the year we can see this happening. and i think most market analysts agree with us that we're going to see a substantial percentage of certainly heavy duty vehicles run on natural gas. it could be -- it could be very large percentage of the vehicles running on natural gas. but now everybody's scrambling to get product into the market and get the infrastructure in place and that's going to take time. >> let's talk about the scramble to get the infrastructure in place. i know you've got a close relationship with close energy fuel. but where is the shell? where is the bp? where are the giant oil companies that should be offering natural gas filling stations so if i take a westport truck, i can go clear across the country on any route i want and not worry? >> yeah, i think, i think you're seeing it. if you look closely, certainly
6:46 pm
it's not in the numbers because these guys are -- this is a rounding error for them, but if you look at the work we've been doing with shell for the past two years, building large-scale liquefiers that will be dedicated to supplying the true verdict market. we've got stations being built with them in canada. it does take some time. that said, these are large companies that have to watch their capital expenditures too. they're looking for customers. we have to be the matchmakers between the customers who are ready to go, where do we put the infrastructure? so it's early days, it's hard to see if you look backwards, but i think looking forwards, you can see all over the world we're going to see natural gas become a major fuel for transport. >> do you think the entrenched interests create a problem? i was working on cummins, which i think is the greatest company and it's very clear they're a good partner and they've got a couple of irons in the fire with you. but they've developed this diesel engine that was so clean that i would say, look, i don't need to switch to natural gas, the new cummins diesel engine is going to make it so all of the
6:47 pm
regulatory authorities around the world will be in love, again, with diesel. what are you going to do with the fact that diesel will be so clean? >> i think we've always said that you're going to see people buy products that meet emission standards. that's quite straightforward. natural gas is always going to be cleaner than diesel fuel. but whether people buy it for that reason or not is, you know, is really important. i think people are looking for natural gas because it's clean and cheap. and the third is we're going to see domestic availability in a lot of key markets like the united states. they have natural gas, they can get access to natural gas and avoid buying foreign oil. so this is a much more powerful long-term driver, we think of adoption rate than the environmental performance, the environmental performance comes for free. but, of course, we're going to see massive change in -- all across the automotive industry around emissions. and emissions is a powerful driver of technology change in this industry. we have to keep up, we have to exceed. but we're also convinced that if
6:48 pm
we can offer people a cheaper fuel, we're going to see a big shift. >> all right, david, we were at the -- we brought "mad money" to the f-150 -- the plant where they make them. you've got a good relationship with ford. demand, how is it? >> it's going really well. i think that the acquisition of baf really consolidated us as the leader with ford in their qvm program. they have a specific program for natural gas products where we design it and deliver it through their system. so that combination of those two makes us by far the biggest ford partner. i think we've got 10 or 11 products out there with them and the f-150 next year, which, of course, is really exciting will just be the latest in that. >> all right, david, one last question, you went over and over again on the conference call saying, look, because of your revenue streams for 2014, you do not need to worry about our cash burn. then i pick up the analyst
6:49 pm
reports and three of them say the cash burn is a real worry and westport is going to need to raise money. which is it? >> welm, that's a tough question. i think the short answer is we've never made a secret out of saying, look, if there's good ideas for deploying capital and we think there's lots of them around the world, we'll be back to shareholders to say what do you think about this idea? this is what we did around the caterpillar deal last year, as well. we went and funded that so we could pursue that opportunity, which we think is huge. but at the same time, we're confident that we've got a business plan that can get us to cash flow. you can see us making big investments in things like the 12-liter engine with cummins we launched this year. we think what's going to happen is that cash drain will drop substantially and that says we don't need to raise money if we're going to continue with our current business. will we raise more money for future opportunities while that depends on the opportunity and the timing? but no immediate plans. >> fair enough. thank you so much, david demers
6:50 pm
of westport innovations which is the natural gas engine company. thank you so much for coming on the show. >> thanks, jim. good talking to you. >> guys, this is -- i know some probably say, it's always going to come, what's the deal. but we all know that the adoption has taken far longer than we would like. but in the world of trucks, it's happening at lightning speed. wprt, do the work, stay with cramer. tomorrow, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post 9:00 at the nyse. >> it's about being nice. last i looked it's about money. >> it is. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern.
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today. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? verizon's making the right move. microsoft's making a mistake. sure, maybe we'll regret the news when the handset division turns into a power house that crushes samsung and apple while verizon flounders and cuts its dividends because it paid too much when it shelled out $130 billion to buy the stake it doesn't own already. maybe microsoft got a deal with the handset business. maybe this is really microsoft's chance to get big into mobile and you have to respect it's better late than never. my problem, though, is that one company's throwing good money after a winner, verizon wireless, and the other's throwing good money after bad with a loser like nokia.
6:54 pm
verizon wireless is the 100 million subscriber gorilla. i know there's new competition t-mobile has a new ceo ready to pony up what's necessary to be competitive. i don't like verizon wireless as much as i did. i wish verizon only paid $130 billion and not $130 billion. i happen to be personally conservative about debt. but i guess the train is pulling out of the interest rate station so action is required and vodafone was motivated that the competition in u.s. could cut down on profitability here. verizon's numbers, they're going higher. when the deal was done, which means the stock is a buy when the smoke clears and settles down. you know what, maybe the stock is a buy right here. microsoft, i don't know why i would want to buy it unless it's going to split itself up and we have no idea if that's the case. we have an entertainment company and mobile company built with skype into this nokia phone.
6:55 pm
get it back to 28 where it was two quarters ago, down from $38.88. i think it might be worth a look. but that's a 10% fall from here. i wouldn't own the stock through that decline. nokia's a better play. it'll have large intellectual mapping portfolio plus all that cash. someone might take a run at it. that said f you bought it on my july call, it's time to sell. please, at least half your position and maybe all of it because i don't want to wait around for something to develop when it already has. you have the win, people. i think that microsoft deal smacks of desperation. apple's struggling with samsung and apple's a brilliant company that knows what it's doing. what has microsoft done right in the last decade other than xbox? verizon deal, verizon was fed up with doing everything right and forking over so much money to pay for vodafone, so much that it's borrowing cheaply to buy back its own shares. i keep thinking back to when i sat next to steve balmer at the
6:56 pm
college reunion and he showed me the nokia phone. it was fabulous, i couldn't believe how good it was. but many thought the zoom was superior to the ipod. where did that get you? it doesn't mean that much if the game is already over. with apple and samsung, i think the game is over because as much as i like the microsoft nokia phone, there isn't that much that's better about it, differentiation isn't that great enough. market dominance is too impossible to ignore unless microsoft actually pays verizon to take its phone instead of vice versa, i don't know. i don't see many people picking it up. and as the ceo of verizon told me today, he's going to wait by the phone for microsoft to call and offer to pay verizon to sell their phones. but i shouldn't get my hopes up. i can't think of another way they can beat the entrenched competition and paying verizon, that would be a costly way to do business. stay with cramer.
6:57 pm
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7:00 pm
solar city, that's another hot one. so, one thing that we have to conclude, a little too much stock coming all at once. let's be a little careful. there's always a bull market somewhere, i'm jim cramer and i'll see you tomorrow! key leadership lawmakers in both political parties came out in support of military action in syria after today's meeting with the president. but it may be a tough close slog for mr. obama. and it's noteworthy, by the way, that stocks fell when the leadership endorsed an attack. and might a majority bipartisan vote on syria spill over to fights on the budget deal and the debt ceiling? is such a thing possible? by the way, the fed's next meeting, september 17th and 18th, that might be smack in the middle of a syrian bombing operation. what might that mean for the central bank? oh, my goodness. hon.


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