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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not only to entertain you but to educate you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. sometimes the news flow is so good that it overwhelms the gloom that's been surrounding the stock market ever since
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interest rates started going higher a few months ago. today was one of those days that produced some fabulous results. dow climbing. nasdaq rocketing 1.01% higher. so went right, what did the market like so much that it could shake off the negativity? it's a compelling mosaic. one that's directly related to steals and earnings of the individual companies reported and much less to do thank heavens with the big mac row day that that comes out of the u.s. government. ♪ maybe we have been blinded by good news because of the uncertainty surrounding syria and the rise of interest rates. but when you get a sense that the government can actually do something, and that the republicans will work with democrats even if it's toward a resolution to action in syria, that allows you to focus on the news of the individual companies and measure what it means for their earnings and therefore for their stocks. and when interest rates don't do much of anything, people feel emboldened to buy buy buy, not sell sell sell.
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me, i'm still in the world that says you need to sell some of your stock into rallies. so you'll be ready for the next interest rate scare. you need to have some cash on hand because september is the coolest of months and while there may be unison in washington when it comes to foreign policy, there's no common ground when it comes to economics that's what we're fighting about in the next few weeks. but i like it when washington and the federal reserve and the bond market step aside so we can see what companies are really up to. and today was pretty darn good. where did the good news come from? first we got great news from the auto sector. principal prop of the economy. one that was not expected one bit. why? because so many people feared that higher interest rates would dent sales. that was a stupid concern. car sales are remarkably strong. and it's terrific for jobs and for the stocks too.
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ford motors doing nothing as european sales have been punk, couldn't get much of a grip on the domestic sales, 56 cent gains. general motors no slouch, up $1.70. we know that ford has worldwide operations and the earnings are much better than expect but we can believe that ford can trade back to where it was a few years ago when europe took the stock down. that's because some of the vehicles being sold, the f-series, carry huge gross margins. so with this stock which is owned by the charitable trust could at least take out the $18 level we saw a couple years ago when the "mad money" invest in america tour visited a factory in dearborn, michigan. second we got some terrific news out of tech. >> house of pleasure. >> first, we learned that communication spending continues unabated with sienna, a major equipment supplier to the telco giants reporting a beautiful quarter. for those of you selling sysco, let this be a reminder that you should stop it. because cena customers are sysco customers.
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business is a perfect company and the ceo doesn't want to say that at the same time he's making necessary layoffs, as he keeps remaking the company. don't want to be a bad guy or look like one. the sienna news should also embolden you to buy jdsu. infineron. get this one. $3 stock. that's how strong the cycle can be given that t-mobile, sprint and at&t are trying to catch up to verizon. we'll hear from xilinx later on in the show. the smarter the cell phone, meaning the more video it consumes, the more the companies need the xilinx, particularly the chinese. two other tech stocks -- micron and sandisk gave us huge moves today. investors were worried about more d-ram and flash supply coming on the market. but last time we learned of a
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fire in a giant hynx plant in china which makes the chips that takes capacity out of the market. less capacity means higher prices and higher prices means higher profits and this means higher stocks. finally we've got an estimate bump, not a cut, an estimate increase for apple. as well as a new recommendation. which re-ignited the stock and it looks like apple's slumber could be over. at least until the new product introduction we'll see later this month. we have two retail numbers that made us rethink the negatives we have been stunned by. first we have a fantastic number from dollar general. 10,000 store chain. why was this number so important? the answer is a puzzle. we have been trying to figure out where all the sales from walmart and target went as they have been huge underperformers. this dollar general certainly makes us feel that the consumer didn't stop spending but she's just trying to get more money. at the same time, we have been
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fretting about apparel for a while now. but we've got a double shot in the arm from g-3 which makes all sorts of clothing. it closed up $54. given the g-3 licenses, this could mean that dick's may not be doing that badly. it also means that pvh which has a close relationship might be doing better. the g-3 news also allowed the stock of the f-corps which had been in the doldrums since last quarter to roar to close up. apparel and clothing, retail, have been very weak. these numbers other than francesca's are going the other way. and finally the heavily shorted names, les moonves, cbs, he was on "squawk box" this morning and the gang asked him how people are watching television, and les said they're watching netflix. bingo, 52-week high for netflix. zillow went up a when we learned
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that australian billionaire james packer has taken a 9.4% stake in the company. herbalife went up to $64.14 on news one that bill steritz who has engineered so many deals in the food segment is the largest shareholder. besides being a short seller's football, herbalife is indeed in the food and drink business, nutritional supplements. hey, amazon and kindle gave us a new e-reader. we have one more upgrade, sell to hold of best buy. the left for dead retailer is one of the best performers of the year. what i don't like about this market is that every day is case by case. if the president runs an uncertainty in syria, the feds are not staying accommodative. on days like this you have to wonder why the fed has kept rates down. but if interest rates keep going higher we'll rue the day we felt confident about the earnings i
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went over. take washington, whether it be the fed, the congress or the president, off the table. you have interest rates calm, then we get to scrutinize earnings and today the earnings were darn good. and the puzzle is to be resolved in a bullish fashion. tomorrow's puzzle -- whole different ball game. how about frank in texas, please. frank? >> caller: hello, jim. i appreciate you, everything you do. >> oh, you're terrific, thank you. >> caller: you have been very positive about the automakers. particularly ford and gm. over the past several months, if not longer. i've watched you over and over say i think it would be a good thing to get into, they're really doing great things. then this morning, we got the merchandising part of it saying they all had double digit increases in sales in august. do you think, jim, that ford and general motors is still a good buy? >> absolutely, frank. let me tell you why. if you go back two years you will see that ford peaked at $18 and then we saw europe get bad
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and it went down. we are still not back at that peak. as a matter of fact, we're not even back to where the stock was two weeks ago when the sales weren't that good in america. i think ford, buy buy buy. miles in minnesota. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> someone drafted a miles on the board. i didn't get him. what's going on? >> caller: 1800 flowers after they posted their earning last week, their stock dropped. i want to buy some more or sell it? >> you know, they did not -- i mean, i would have liked more revenue growth. remember they did -- you know, look, this is a company that is basically treading water here. we got to find out more about this. i don't know why it's treading water. this used to be one of the best stocks. then it got to be a seasonal play. let me do some more work on it to see why it's not blowing up the numbers. it's a well-run company. let's go to prem in california. prem? >> caller: yes, mr. cramer, i have a question. google has been a key stock for
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years for investors like warren buffett. i believe you also have invested in coca-cola. people are now more health conscious and trying to avoid sugar and sugar substitute drinks like coca-cola. the stock is down significantly. what are you going to do with your investment with coca-cola and what is your advice for a small investor like me? >> okay, we did sell coca-cola, not right here in this area. ko -- when i say we, i'm talking about the charitable trust and the we is stephanie link. she and i were debating coca-cola today. she feels it's the right level to buy. i have such faith in caroline levy who downgraded the stock to a sell that i told stephanie, i think it's not right for the charitable trust. if it's not right for the charitable trust it isn't right for you. case by case. that's how you have to view every day in this market. today we got strong enough news to overcome the shadow of the gloom. tomorrow, wait and see.
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it is day by day. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- triple threat? a long line of dotcom players never lived up to the hype, but cramer's got three online stars that could shine for years to come. don't miss his take on the domains that are defying the doubters. and later, making the cut. not everyone has what it takes to play in the big leagues. tonight, cramer separates the pros from the amateurs as he completes his fantasy stock portfolio. which players have what it takes to join his dream team? don't go anywhere. the final picks are just ahead. plus, video vixen? from tablets to smartphones, more and more people are watching on the go. is xilinx, the high-tech play you have been searching for? find out more. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money."
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it's your move.
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when you look back at the evolution of the social, mobile and cloud technology offerings from the last year, all you can do is smile at the trajectory of these companies. that's because these stocks, stocks like linkedin which announced a huge secondary last night or yelp or zillow, these have been incredible performers. first consider linkedin. here's a company that came public in may of 2001 at $45. nearly went to $94. social networking site had a ton of positive buzz. at the same time, the opening is widely criticized and as a throwback to the dot bot days when people chased the dubious internet companies without opportunities for profitability or in some cases even sales.
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sure enough, linkedin dropped to $60 in sales and there wasn't any hope for long term growth. two years later linkedin has developed a four-fold increase in earnings, not revenues. the stock is up to $38. i think it's not done yet. i bet the secondary filing gets snapped up without a hiccup and earnings could conceivably double again next year. you heard me, double. then there's zillow. letter "z." the real estate listing company. here is one that's absolutely despised by many short sellers and there are high quality research that says the stock is severely overpriced. or was it? zillow came public at $20 in july 2011. then immediately opened at $35.77. amid calls of internet over exuberance. wasn't this just a company that helped define the price of your house? real estate porn, they called it. sure enough the real estate came
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back to earth and it's trading at $22 six months later with the chatter that trulia that had gotten big. and zillow, with a $100 stock that seems to go higher by the day. when i mentioned zillow a week ago, i was bombarded by people who thought it was overvalued, including a fellow who was all over me with top notch research about what a joke zillow was. wanted to know why i was such a loser! and i quote, it doesn't even own content, the guy said, doesn't even own content. maybe somebody should tell australian billionaire james packer that. last night, this billionaire bought what -- well, he bought 9.4% of zillow. no wonder it's reached it secondary price at $82, a 3% discount to the last sale. packer probably bought it all. finally there's yelp, the provider of online listings and
11:18 pm
reviews with so much mobile momentum. it flew straight up to $24 the first day of trading. a few months later as part of a broader june swoon, yelp dipped below the offering price. but thanks to a series of quarters with spectacular revenue growth, stock is now powered higher to $55. as yelp clearly can go profitable any time it wants to. the rollout is so strong that every penny should be plowed back into the smart company. all three of these stocks have been gigantic winners and i think they'll keep winning as they go into the social, mobile and cloud. i know it's chic to be jaundiced and jaded, but these three stocks have defied numerous short calls and they continue to triumph. those who felt burned by the last internet go round, even felt vindicated by groupon or zynga or the facebook ipo and the debacle afterwards. well, they're smart this time around, because this time for the most part, they worked and they seem to continue working even at these admittedly exulted levels. stick with cramer!
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coming up -- making the cut. not everyone has what it takes to play in the big leagues. tonight, cramer separates the pros from the amateurs as he completes his fantasy stock portfolio. which players have what it takes to join his dream team? don't go anywhere. the final picks are just ahead. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world,
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with the nfl season starting tomorrow night on nbc at 7:30 eastern time, you don't want to miss ravens versus broncos. this week we're hosting our own "mad money" fantasy stock football draft. the truth is, if you put half as much time into building your portfolio as some people put into building a fantasy football team, that's enough homework to let you rack up some serious gains and listen to the experts. i sure did. last night, history was made when our "mad money" team fantasy football league had our first-ever live draft and i was cheating. i mean, i was texting with espn's adam schefter the whole time. you can follow in the "mad
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money" team league this season by checking out the hash tag #mmtouchdown on the social network of your choice. but the other reason i love the nfl analogy, putting together a first-rate football franchise has something hugely in common. the need for diversification. you can't make a football team out of nothing but quarterbacks although a couple of guys tried that last night. or only a wide receiver or an entire team of kickers. anybody knows that's completely ridiculous. the same way you can't make a portfolio out of five stocks. you need different types of stocks to fulfill different needs. last night we drafted three and along with starbucks and disney and one pick for tight end -- 3m. tonight i told we'll fill out the rest of the team. we'll draft some wide receivers, defense, a kicker to round things out. people think defense too early i don't know. let's start with the receivers. in football, your wide receivers are the fastest men on the field. the guys you throw the ball to when you're trying to make a big play.
11:24 pm
so in stock terms that means we need something with momentum, something that can still have a ton of upside like the ski daddy skis which is my team, and with a management team that knows what to do when it gets its hands on the ball. the wide receivers are notorious head case selections and we have tailored our picks with that in mind. in other words, you want a player like detroit's calvin johnson also known as megatron cincinnati's a.j. green or dez bryant from the cowboys, oh, sorry, dez, you, if you're looking for a wide receiver for -- you're looking for a wide receiver stock analogy here it's just like calvin johnson, amazon is coming back from the injury which it reported at the end of july which many people considered disappointing. but the stock has started to rebound. i wouldn't bet against amazon. amazon has a terrific long-term track record and the company is incredibly ambitious.
11:25 pm
amazon does everything it can to become the number one global fulfillment player. building warehouse after warehouse, so they can do same day or next day delivery. of course amazon trades at 100 times next year earnings estimates. that's absurd! it's absurdly expensive. even when the company has a 36% long term growth rate. amazon is overvalued, but you know what? you could have made the same argument 16 months ago when the stock was $194 and now it's at $294. amazon has a cult following. shown a consistent ability to make big plays and chew up yardage, to borrow a line from breaking bad, amazon is in the empire building business. i think you'd be nuts to bet against it. our next wide receiver -- another controversial one, i told you these were head cases. that's what you do when you're drafting fantasy. netflix. it's super expensive by traditional metrics and it reported a quarter that wall street wasn't entirely happy with and the stock has resumed the long march higher anyway. netflix is one of the greatest turnaround stories out there. they stumbled and the stock fell
11:26 pm
from $300 to the low 60s but now they have come out with original programming that's pretty terrific. house of cards not so great or at least for me orange is the new black. and then arrested development featuring yours truly. giving subscribers what they want, the ability to binge on what you love. they have 8.56 million subscribers with a stock $10 away from the peak. netflix has gotten back into the virtuous circle mode where it's growing new subscribers faster than growing spending on content. they have made deals with disney and warner brothers. a fabulous interview this morning, cbs ceo les moonves said he finds netflix integral to television viewing. bingeing. it won't be over until they disappoint the cult following
11:27 pm
like they did in 2011. and next draft pick, bring it down to earth a little, cramer fave eog resources. the top notch oil and gas play that has exposure to some of the hottest discoveries on the continent, in the delaware basin which can be the next oil find. the price has been -- but even before the syria driven move it was putting up incredible numbers. they delivered a 37 cent earnings beat off a $1.73 basis. eog stock has been on fire. it keeps taking out high after high. now we draft the defense, playing "d" in football is a bruising, punishing relentless and unsung business. i like the seahawks defense and the pats defense for first four games. so what's the defensive stock that we can analogize here? i recommend united health group. unh. the health organizations seem to be the biggest winners from the
11:28 pm
affordable care act. starting next year, there are 30 million more people looking to buy insurance. unh is one of the largest in the space and the recent quarter was absolutely phenomenal. dow stock, it can work even if the domestic economy stalls out or goes in reverse. finally, drafted least, we need to find a kicker. while some people think kickers are irrelevant they can be the difference between a win and a loss. they need to shake off anything that goes wrong. for my fantasy league i like matt bryant and for our portfolio, who can shake things off better than celgene? this high quality company has a ton of shots on goal with the fda. and including the anticancer drug. so it's doubled since -- actually more than doubled since the last time the ceo was here. it's still going higher because it's inexpensive on 2015 numbers. here's the bottom line. building a stock portfolio is not so different from drafting a
11:29 pm
fantasy football team. in addition to the running backs, quarterbacks and the tight end i gave you yesterday you also need wide receiver-like stocks capable of making big plays like amazon or netflix or eog resources. you need a defense, i like the one put out by united health. you need a kicker, celgene. and i took lesean mccoy, larry fitzgerald, deshawn jackson and andrew luck high in the draft. for my full team go to @jimcramer on twitter and remember, i won the "mad money" super bowl last year. stop snickering, all right? okay? got it? oh, let's take some calls. daniel in california. daniel! >> caller: hey, jim, how's it going? >> well, you know, people are making fun of my picks. i think that's a big mistake. the proof is in the pudding. what's up? >> caller: all right, i'm a recent college grad and i have
11:30 pm
about 70 shares in g.e. i wanted to know your thoughts. is it a sell sell sell or a buy buy buy? >> i'm beginning to think g.e. should be a later-round pick. i used to think it was a first three pick. i'm now thinking it's going to be on board for the 12th and 13th round which means i'm not picking it. wow. let's go to morgan in california. >> caller: hey, dr. cramer, how are you doing? >> i'm doing great. >> caller: it was my son's first day of preschool and i need help with google, every time i try to work it doesn't help i can't do it. help me understand google. >> all right, i think google is a very inexpensive stock, i think the chart looks great. i was going over it last night. i have to tell you something, i think google is going to have a great quarter because they figured out programmatic
11:31 pm
advertising. they didn't get mobile right last quarter. i think they'll get it right this quarter. i'll be very clear about this, i think google is a great deep in the money call play for many of our viewers going out to december contracts. i implore you to spend as much time on your investments as you do on fantasy. don't forget @jimcramer on twitter to find the whole fantasy thing. then we have the all-star portfolio. don't move. "lightning round" is next. building animatronics is all about getting things to work together. the timing, the actions,
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the reactions. everything has to synch up. my expenses are no different. receipt match from american express synchronizes your business expenses. just shoot your business card receipts and they're automatically matched up with the charges on your online statement. i'm john kaplan and i'm a member of a synchronized world. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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"lightning round" is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. >> it is time, time for the "lightning round." buy buy buy or sell sell sell. i don't know the callers. "lightning round" is over. are you ready, ski daddy? time for the "lightning round." why don't we start with pat in new york. pat?
11:35 pm
>> caller: hi, jim. i'm calling about annaly capital management. i'm happy with the dividend. i'm not happy with the performance of late. >> i do not want to recommend this stock ahead of what could be a fed tapering. it is just too hard for me to figure out what they own right now and how they'll react. i have to say, don't buy. gail in new jersey. >> caller: hi, jim. thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: thank you. i'd like to know if i should hold or sell bay tech synergy, bte, enter plus, erf, or lynn energy. >> let me take bay tech. it's a canadian, when i recommend it like pax implications and not that great of a yield. i'm not -- i'm going to say ixnay on that. carl in washington. >> caller: yes, boo-yah, cramer. >> what's up? >> caller: i want to know your
11:36 pm
take on service source. >> i kind of like service source. let me just get that up. yeah, we like anything that's involved with health care, life science, because we have seen a lot of takeovers in the group. i think it's terrific. but it's up 112%, so let's not be too greedy. let's go to peter in colorado. >> caller: calling from boulder, colorado. eat what you kill, boo-yah, jim, it's cramerica, woo! >> good luck denver, booyah. close enough to do the job. what's on your mind? >> caller: i love your show, cramer. tell me about your forecast on rockwood holdings. >> i like the chemical stocks very much. i think they're a buy. i think there's a cyclical recovery going on. i need to go to scott in michigan. scott? scott? >> caller: yeah, hi. >> hi. >> caller: hey, i'm looking at x-1 stocks. what do you think of that?
11:37 pm
>> these 3-d plays are all specs. now, i am willing to embrace them only as speculative plays. these are not investable. they're way too expensive, but i feel if anybody wants to do them they do them deep in the money calls. cut your risk. cut your risk. let's go to terry in california. >> caller: hi, mr. cramer. good afternoon. and thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: i would like to know how do you feel about public -- >> no, i liked it for a great deal of time. including at the low of the market. don't buy. it doesn't have the yield i want. i don't like the interest rate scare situation, how it's impacting that stock. jeff in illinois. jeff? >> caller: yeah, jim, i have a question about dole food. a couple of months ago, you had indicated sell shares of dole food. you didn't like the management team. >> right. >> caller: david murdoch is attempting to buy out the company, the remaining 60% of
11:38 pm
shares. 12 bucks, it was raised to $13.50 and now there is a special committee and it's above its takeout price at $13.76. where do we go from here? >> i'm not an arbitrageur so i'm not quite sure. i think you should ring the register. i don't think there's a lot of upside and a lot of downside. that means i don't want to be there. ring the register, ca-ching, ca-ching. let's go to mike in new york. mike? >> caller: a big boo-yah to you, jim. >> thank you. what's going on? >> caller: well, i'm thinking of going in to immunomedics. >> i haven't looked at it since i owned the stock in 19 -- probably '83. so i've got to do some work on that. a very speculative situation. let's go to jack in new jersey. >> caller: jim, love your show.
11:39 pm
exxon mobil, buy, hold or sell? >> i see no particular reason to be in exxon. i'd rather be in chevron. better production growth. so let's say no to exxon. and that's the conclusion of the "lightning round"! >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. coming up -- video vixen? from tablets to smartphones, more and more people are watching on the go. is xilinx the high tech play you have been searching for? find out in cramer's exclusive. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense.
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it's your move. not only was this a good day for the market, but it was a fabulous day for technology stocks. maybe the first of many. that's because we're now entering what is seasonally the strongest part of the year. you need something proprietary. in short, i think you want a stock like xilinx. the semiconductor company is the number one maker of programmable devices. these are chips that can be customized for each customer and used in everything from
11:43 pm
communications equipment, to data processing, industrial applications, consumer products and even autos. this is basically a duopoly. xilinx controlled 50% of the market. its single major competitor, altera, at 39% market share. i think there's room enough for both companies. these chips make up just 2% of the total $300 billion semiconductor market. they can take share from the traditional players who can't make chips that are customized. within the space though i think xilinx is a stronger player hence why my charitable trust owns the stock. xilinx has given you a 22% gain since we last spoke to the ceo. that was march 6th. let's check in with the president and the ceo of xilinx, to learn about where his company is headed. welcome back to the show. >> good to be here. >> whenever i think of you, i think of the t-shirt you gave me and i work out in it. now -- two heads together.
11:44 pm
let me ask you a question. i was reading the terrific transcript. i have to tell you, in all the years i've followed you i never heard you this bullish. >> well, we are seeing a tremendous up cycle driven by strong portfolio. the imminent deployment of wireless infrastructure in china is going to be a major driver. there's a lot of things that are hitting and we foresee growth coming. >> okay. now let's talk about china, there's not one, not two, but three carriers. but you're already teased there, in other words, they all know you. but this looks like the biggest investment cycle i have ever seen in telco. >> it should be a huge one. it's several hundred millions of dollars over the next few years. we expect to have at least two-thirds of the market share on this round in china. in particular. >> i also noticed that you're connected with arm holdings which we regard as the hottest semiconductor company. >> yes.
11:45 pm
we have a product offering called zinc which enables us to expand the market share into automotive as an example which will be a big growth opportunity for us. >> we are looking at 17 million cars and trucks being built in this country. can you extrapolate that to xilinx or do we have to look at the worldwide picture? >> it's a worldwide phenomenon. it actually will start first in europe and then expand in japan and it's driven by legislation in europe. in particular, there's going to be a huge focus on safety where there's automated capabilities which will identify falling in front of a car and applying the brakes and things like that. we're in a lot of these emerging standards which will enable us to be in these models and they will be deployed in europe first. and then in north america and the rest of the world. >> you think ford and gm, if they have them over there they'll bring them over here? >> for sure. i think the technology will be deployed worldwide.
11:46 pm
>> now cisco reported, i thought their quarter was good and john chambers talked negatively about the future. you're a big supplier, you're a player with cisco and your business has been strong. >> it has indeed and we expect to see growth as we replace the other semiconductor components in particular asix, the past way of implementing systems, now they're moving more and more to fpgas. >> is there really more importantly also a rising tide here? >> it's clearly a rising tide. it's a slowly rising tide, but it's finally rising in north america and in the emerging economies. >> now, people are always trying to figure out who makes the smartphone smarter. i always say xilinx, particularly if it's video. that's a major portion for you guys. >> yeah. the smartphones will become a useless doorstop unless there's the bandwidth or the infrastructure to carry all those calls. in particular video is a big
11:47 pm
issue. we have a huge upgrade cycle in the lte upgrade in north america, in china now, in europe. it's already happened in japan and it's driven by our devices. >> do you think it's a correct takeaway to be able to say wait a second, soft bank is putting more money into sprint if deutsche telecom is putting more money into t-mobile. att is trying to catch up to verizon. it can lead to more business for xilinx. >> absolutely. and the names that you mentioned are actually behind, so they need to catch up with verizon which is the -- which is looking to upgrade their networks in a big way. >> when i first broke into the business, altera, xilinx, at various times one bigger than the other at various times. is it becoming a strong number one and a distant number two? >> well, we are aspiring to that and the 28th animator, we shipped 72% market share this last quarter. yep. >> now when i look at the broader world, we are kind of gripped with the sense that we
11:48 pm
have this 2% gdp here. europe may be coming back, china is now coming back. you have a global outlook. is your take that 2014 is going to be substantially stronger or somewhat stronger or flat versus 2013? >> my expectation is that 2014 will be stronger, but there will be some markets which will be substantially stronger, and so i think it's going to be split, and, you know, depending on the end market and on the end geography. we are seeing a bifurcation in a big way. >> it makes me feel even better about the stock. you're doing a lot of things right. moshe gavrielov, the president and the ceo of xilinx, has been a big winner. i think it stays a big winner. "mad money" is back after the break. coming up -- it's been a strong year for the market but as the issues mount both at home and abroad is your portfolio positioned for what's next? call, tweet or e-mail so you can find out in "am i diversified." ♪
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to stick with our "mad money" fantasy stock football draft theme, i want to challenge you to take a good hard look at your current portfolio. hey, remember that you can follow along with "mad money" fantasy football league @jimcramer, #mmtouchdown. ask yourself, have you drafted
11:52 pm
too many techs, put too many energy players out on the field? a couple of guys in our league did. you need to be sure you have the best starting lineup possible. how do you do that? diversification of course. that way you're safeguarded against any volatility, geopolitical activity, tom brady. let's talk about diversify, and you tweet or call me, tell me your top five holdings and i'll tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough or if you need to draft some new players. my father is wearing a desean jackson jersey in that picture. let's start with a tweet, @hideflowcost who says boo-yah, haven't played am i diversified in a while. under armour, cogent communications group, home depot, imax, berkshire hathaway, #madtweets. let's go to work. okay, home depot, we know that's the terrific home goods
11:53 pm
retailer. under armour, i think they're having a very good quarter. when i think of under armour, i think of protect this house. ravens. imax, we know the great business in china. berkshire hathaway, that's interesting. a diversified conglomerate, some say it's an insurance company. cogent, well, you have more telco there. we have tech, retail, clothing, apparel, entertainment, and diversified. that is just perfect! guy came to play. you know, kind of overweighted. took a lot of first-round guys. not bad. the other guys in the league, obviously picked kickers to start. let's go to ken in florida. ken? >> caller: boo-yah, jim from lakeland, florida. >> boo-yah. >> caller: thank you for all you do. i really profited from being a fan of your show. >> thank you. >> caller: tonight my top five holdings are united health care,
11:54 pm
home depot, starbucks, apple, and adobe. >> oh, we have to do some tough work here. starbucks, we know that company. that's our growth stock. quarterback, we like that name. united health, that's terrific defense. health care. home depot, well, we're familiar with that from the last pick. that's a retailer. now here's the problem, adobe and apple, my charitable trust owns both. we'll get rid of apple today, don't take it personally. we can't own both. why don't we add -- we need a diversified industrial. what did we say last night? we said boeing! boeing, adrian peterson, that will do it for you. apple out. peterson, i mean boeing in. i confuse them all the time. let's go to tommy in my home state of new jersey. tommy? >> caller: how are you, jim? >> real good, how about you? >> caller: good. the five stocks i want to tell you about are sirius xm,
11:55 pm
qualcomm, white way foods, metlife and what was the other one? sirius xm, qualcomm -- oh, black stone. >> gotcha. all right. here we go. first of all, sirius satellite, where i am on with fantasy guru, mr. hanson, good show. metlife is insurance. qualcomm is semiconductor, white wave is the organic food company. black stone. purists would say metlife is too much like black stone. i'm going to disagree with them. i like black stone very much. i'll say call a private equity. i'm going to bless this portfolio because of food, entertainment, insurance, private equity and tech. i think it works. i like all these teams. i'm going to run them through. it's ppr, don't forget.
11:56 pm
boo-yah, cramerica. "mad money" is quickly approaching the 2,000th show. why do i come in here every night? to level the playing field, to fight for you to remind you that the american dream is alive and well. to celebrate our 2,000th show i want to know why you the citizens of cramerica watch. so i ask why is "mad money" important to you? >> boo-yah, jim. thanks for all you do for us little guys. >> i love "mad money" for the incredible ideas and insight jim offers. >> i love it. >> thanks for giving great advice. >> show me. send me a vine, make a video, tweet it, share it on facebook, use the #mmwhy2k and we might use it on the air. >> can i get a boo-yah?
11:57 pm
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does the market have you stumped? no fear. cramer is here. just e-mail him, all right. let's not be too greedy. it was terrific today. i know that. i still believe that the big ramps up are chances to be able to trim the stocks you don't like and then we get the interest rate scares. it comes down and you buy more of the stocks you do like. that's what we have been doing
12:00 am
for my charitable trust, and i have to suggest the same for you. i think it absolutely is the right thing to do when we get the up 100, up 150 dow days. i wish everyone a happy jewish new year. okay? and i hope you pick really well in your fantasy. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. see you tomorrow. [ music ] around your house? >> mmm-hmm. >> yes. >> wow! >> thousands of growers, millions of users, and a market in the billions. >> how much money was coming in to your marijuana smuggling operations every year? >> about 50 million. >> it's a multi-billion dollar business rife with guns, gangs, and plenty of money. i'm trish regan. join me for an unprecedented look inside america's marijuana industry.


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