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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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and an end to alzheimer's disease. and that? that would be big. grab your friends and family and start a team today. register at my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but i'm trying to coach and teach you, so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. you want confusion? today confusion galore right from the get go when the stock market looked like it was going to rise -- because employment wasn't
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strong. and then it went down at the opening because russia didn't budge over president obama's in treaties with putin saying he would back syria if the u.s. bombed it. then we rallied intraday because interest rates declined. but at the end of the day we gave up those gains as it became clear the syria situation was destined to heat up over the weekend. dow only falling 15 points, s&p inching up .01. and i'm going to be the first to admit, this is all crazy. that's right. i said it. i'm going to try to make it rational, but it's crazy. the fact that the stock market wanted to go higher when the employment report showed little job growth may seem ridiculous to you because, hey, not having a job, bad. and the idea that the market plummets because we might not go to war? war, what is it good for? nothing. but these items have become par for the course and they're why i told you to sell some stock today, end all rallies and buy into the weakness. the stock market goes up on bad
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economic news because it means the fed's going to stay accommodative. and whether you like it or not, and there's some on this network who hate it, the market likes it! the market likes to hear it. that's what i care about. simply because the fed has been partly responsible for a gigantic stock move. and we all know not to fight the fed. i don't put an asterisk the fact you made money. i want you to be rich. plus, the weaker job numbers sent interest rates back down a tad, good news for mortgages which were about to go up next week. but now may stay the same giving housing the much-needed boost that we're counting on. we go down because we like certainty and the certainty we would strike syria is better about the uncertainty about whether or not we'll strike syria. remember, the market also always craves certainty and just immediately sells off -- >> sell, sell, sell, sell -- >> -- when there's uncertainty. that move too, i can justify, i can make sense of it. however, as we assess our game plan for next week, understand that we have to live with the
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same tug of war we've been playing for months now with the bonds and now we've got to layer syria on top of the shaky gain. we are fortunately not in a data-heavy period next week, at least for our country, but there's always some piece of information that can send interest rates higher, another piece of information that can cause indecision about syria. i'm sticking by my role game plan, the overall is to sell stocks on strength and buy them back on weakness caused by these issues and the fact it is september and september be real bad for the stock market. with that in mind, we've got a number of tradeable events, starting with earnings from a host of companies we talk about all the time on the show. after the bell on monday, we hear from pvh, the old phillips van huesen and philadelphia's own five below, both cramer faves and both running huge since last quarter. i think it's right they have. apparel's weak in this country but it could get stronger overseas which could mean good things for pvh which is hilfiger and calvin klein.
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the dollar stores are saying terrific things. five below, which is not a freezing cold store but five dollars and below. given like clint says this is a fist full of dollars and four dollars more! >> come on, man, don't throw eggs. i would buy half a head of the quarter for five below and buy the other half if there's any weakness. going to the national retail store. those are the best stories you can and that's a great book and it's available on amazon. tuesday, we finally get a look at the new apple phones people have been buzzing about. and i think after this big run off the bottom, the meeting will be a catalyst for analysts to raise their price tarts almost all of which were cut during the sickening slide back to the 300s. almost like all apple meetings past, no one's expecting anything from the company. if they say anything interesting, things could get very exciting and the stock could travel higher. we know that the consumer's been gaga over tangible assets.
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and the retailers who showcased them have done quite well versus the ones that sell dresses, slacks, shoes, coats, trousers, slacks. anyway, those are the old fashioned words because i'm old fashioned. we know two gatsby like companies reported great quarters. restoration hardware reports, rh, and i bet it's a good one. stock sold off for several weeks during the interest rates shock and now it's been coming back. i think it will reward the patient. and let's not forget china industrial production numbers are coming out. now, many people have given up on china ever restoring its growth. but the truth is, the people's republic has been getting stronger for months now. risk ramping, that's my favorite chinese indicator and we all know that does matter. it's been up, up, up and away for a month now. that's why the stocks of all the american industrials that do business in china have done so well of late except for ge. wednesday, we hear from men's
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warehouse, and i don't know about you, but i think we have to give a listen and see what the new management has to say, perhaps give clues about what got the former ceo and george zimer fired. it was like a synonymous thing. whether management expresses any desire to bring out more value in his absence, i'd like to know. try to figure out what's happening when lululemon reports on thursday. the company is losing the long time ceo christine day whom we are crazy about. there's no telling what could happen at lululemon. i find that a tad worrisome. this one's money in the bank coming from a company that could have a terrific quarter. kroger. hey, let me give you the truth. i like kroger because it has a ton of knock off private label goods which have higher margins than brand stuff. whole foods has been stalled among kroger reports of good number, i believe whole foods could break out the new highs. are they clash of the titans?
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no, the whole group goes up if any one of these companies plays a good number. kroger does -- tree house does a lot of the private labeling. friday, we get a piece of data that could set part of the tone for the week after a fed meeting and that's retail sales. remember, we got the week after so we're going to be looking for everything that indicates taper, no taper, sorry to bore you with that concept. we have a consumer driven market with retail sales being paramount in our nation's health. when we look at the weak report today, we have to conclude that retail's got to be hurting somewhat except for the hard goods. if retail sales are strong, that could be a sign that the fed's going to be less accommodative. that's still associated with a tougher, less benign stock market. we sell rallies. over the week, we have conferences, this is the most important week of the year for companies to strut their stuff. beginning monday, morgan stanley hosted the health care conference. tuesday, baird has its own conference. a lot of health care conferences. we hear from financial companies when barclays hosts starting monday, we get an energy show
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courtesy of barclays too, plus deutsche bank on tuesday same day goldman sachs starts the global retail pow wow. these are incredible market-moving events where you can expect that hedge funds will be listening and piggy backing off that. i mean, we're all going to be stuck in the wake of their trades. i devoured as many stories as i could, and they will move stocks i i'll do my best to keep up with them. i care especially about the barclays energy shin dig, oil hit a high today, we can get revisions upwards. of course, we'll have to pay attention to every -- i was going to say silly but i don't mean that, it would be derogatory. we have to pay attention to every senator or congressman who squawks about syria. those will matter too, at least on a day-to-day basis. here's the bottom line, a bunch of tradeable conferences and earnings but at all times watch the news on syria as long as anything that impacts bonds and bonds not what the companies say themselves will control the overall direction of the market. we need to focus on both the macro to set the tone of the market and the micro to do stock
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picks with bond gyrations that are rightly or wrongly in charge of the opening, the close, and all that's in between. jim in florida, jim? >> caller: hey, greetings from daytona beach, jim. >> i've driven my car on daytona beach. my 1977 ford fairmont. it was nice accommodations. what's up? >> caller: listen, thanks for everything you do for us home gamers. i've learned so much from you and you're the main reason i'm investing. >> thank you. >> caller: listen, my stock is harley davidson, h.o.g. i wanted to know if you think it's worth buying some more now or is it time for me to ring the register?
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>> i don't like the fact the stock is a point off the 52-week high. here's my problem with that. i keep thinking of tiffany. tiffany was up really big and reported that great number and sold off. a good chance to buy it, but it did sell off. hey, why don't we go to stafford in oregon, stafford? >> caller: hey, jim how are you doing today? >> real good. how about you? >> caller: real good. my question is regarding oasis oil, i know they purchased well over 100,000 acres. >> yeah. >> caller: i was wondering if this would significantly cause the stock to go up. and what are you thoughts on oasis. >> i'm playing by a cramer rule. boy, maybe we ought to buy oasis and she would say idiot, actually she wouldn't say that, she would say meaner things. it wasn't the time to buy it before it happened and i would get her french fries, diet coke, a pretzel and just sulk. let's go to alyssa in new york. alyssa. >> caller: boo-yah, jim, how are you? >> real good, how about you? >> caller: i'm great. i am a new york city teacher getting ready for a new school year and looking for a good value investing type stock. the company that i like has, you
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know, all the positive financials but the price is down. so will you tell me what you think about vra. >> 52-week low. my friend buddy pal herb greenberg who writes for the street, at 27 flagged this to me as a stock you didn't want to be in. you know what, it's amazing. in this market, a stock goes down the 52-week low, you know what it does? it goes lower. i want to stay away from that. vera and francesca are two stocks i do not want to date. next week, we'll hear plenty of news out of conferences and earnings, but macro will set the tone. but, look, it's syria and it's interest rates and companies tossed about, they're like boats in a gigantic bathtub, let's let the water out. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- wireless wonder? cramer's got a $3 spec stock that may be ready to boost your signal as the world continues to become more mobile, is now the
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time to make this connection? and later -- timken has been red hot since cramer visited one of the plants last year and news of a plant split is heating up the stock. is the breakup value just beginning to build? don't miss the exclusive with its ceo just ahead. plus, going for gotham, about to elect a new mayor and with so much hanging in the balance, cramer's getting you inside the race. tonight, billionaire candidate on his plans to renew new york. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to
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do i really need to tell you about the power of speculation this week? for years, people speculated on takeover type situation. and then on tuesday, totally out of the blue, we learned that microsoft was willing to fork over $7.2 billion to buy nokia's hand set business alone. nobody was looking for that. 31% gain -- >> house of pleasure. >> as the single digit stock jumped to $5 and change. tonight, i want to tell you about another $3 stock that i think can come back from the dead. i'm talking about alu for you homemakers, the big maker of switches and routers, all sorts of optical gear. even within the telco equipment space, alcatel has been -- for years and years. why am i changing my tune?
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well, first, i think this could be a real every dog has its day moment. when the wildest companies are expanding big and business is good, the companies in the sector roar. the earnings in this industry get hammered and the stocks fall to pieces. now i think we're witnessing the beginning of a telco capital equipment cycle of huge proportions. it could be so strong -- >> all aboard! >> -- that it could lift the entire group including alcatel loose, let me explain. three of our companies largest carriers are spending heavily in order to beef up their network so they can compete nationally with verizon. it's an arms race. in part, that's because t-mobile's parent has decided that america's worth investing in and sprint got a huge cash infusion and also raising debt. we know there's mounting demand for the kind of telco equipment that's the bread and butter. even better, on wednesday, we hear from sienna another equipment play, they totally blew away the numbers.
11:18 pm
reporting a fabulous quarter much better than expected, my take away from the ciena call, you need to play this trend and in order to speculate alu could be the way to do it. there's definitely enough demand for them to do well in this environment. then last night, another optical company that people felt was second rate. i don't know, finisar, not anything second rate at that, further buttresses the arms race story. the big story is happening in 4g wireless networks, a high-margin business because it relies on newly patented technology that only a few players offer. the wireless players who want to use 4g and all of them in this country have to pay up if they want to stay competitive. just yesterday we learned that alcatel won a contract to employ 14 base stations for spain. this is a huge deal. it marks a dramatic change from the way that 4g rolled out in europe in the past. most companies were doing what is known as single radio access network upgrades. now erickson huawio dominate the niche meaning that alcatel was
11:19 pm
locked out of the 4g upgrade cycle in europe. the company's deploying the network right on top of the old 3g one in what's known as an overlay and that's right in alcatel's wheel house. the upgrade doesn't disrupt your preexisting networks and gets done more quickly. i wouldn't be surprised if many more go to choose this route. meaning more business that alcatel is eligible to win in a niche where they only have one significant competitor and that is samsung, not any of these other guys and that's really important because they can win business from samsung because they're european. however, i wouldn't recommend it on the strength of a single contract if that's all the company had going for it. alu has been turning itself around for years now. after such, i don't know, quarter after quarter of mismanagement, a lack of focus on products, margin shrinkage, the company has a new ceo, michael combs and he's getting
11:20 pm
it back on track. then last week, alu announced the employment of a new chief financial officer who was a former member of goldman sachs which tells you the company is serious about reorganizing itself. the idea is that alcatel is going to narrow the focus down to businesses where it has real differentiation from the competition. they are going to still continue to slash costs aggressively in the legacy businesses which will be managed for cash generation purposes. that's what i told the company to do back in the -- back in 2003 at goldman. never too late, right, ten years later, the company reported in july, the numbers were good. the company better than expected when you exclude the
11:21 pm
reorganization costs, already found 120 million euros worth of cost savings, they've reorganized from the top down. developing the next generation technology. they're working to dramatically clean up the hideous balance sheet. the company was able to lower the interest rate. issued $500 million worth of senior notes due in 2020 and now alcatel doesn't have any significant debt maturities coming until 2017. they're out of the noose! that means nobody's going to worry about alu going bankrupt for the next two hours and maybe not even at all if the new management continues to get their house in order. morgan stanley came out with a new piece that's interesting, parts analysis of alcatel and figured the stock could double if the market keeps improvement. i mentioned that for the people @jimcramer saying it's moved too
11:22 pm
much, everyone saying this stock is done, give me a break. a full circle, we've got to talk about nokia. nokia wants to keep being a big company, they're getting billions of dollars. i wouldn't be at all surprised if nokia's willing to bid for pieces of alcatel lucent. so here's the bottom line, we know from ciena and the massive spending from att, sprint and t-mobile, we know from finisar, alcatel is finally making the tough decisions that are necessary to turn the business around, couldn't have happened at a better time. if you twant to speculate here and willing to take the risk then alu is the $3 way to go. alexander in florida, alexander? >> oh, jim this is alexander from florida on the east coast. a big boo-yah to you. >> well, welcome back and boo-yah. what's going on? >> caller: well i'm asking you about a company called crus.
11:23 pm
some time back in the teens you thought it would go to $29 and it did. and then it went back down into the teens. and now it's gone back up to about 23, 24 and my question is, buy, sell or hold, what do you think? >> okay. this is a supplier company and what we did was decided to leave the supplier companies alone whether it be sky works, broadcom, qualcomm, they're too hard to judge right now. so i don't want to say you're on your own because cirrus is a fine company. once apple lost its momentum, nobody cared about the suppliers anymore. jerry in south dakota. jerry? >> big boo-yah to ya, jim from south dakota. >> good.
11:24 pm
>> what's your opinion on motorola solutions? >> you know, i think it's decent. i don't see any sort of catalyst here unlike the other piece of motorola that got bought by google. i feel like if you want to be in an inexpensive -- boy, this is -- i'm not wrong in this, guys. you've got to go the way my charitable trust did, which is cisco for the highest quality. and if you want inexpensive lowest quality going to higher quality go to alcatel lucent. coming up, metal mania, timken's steel business has been red hot since cramer visited one of the plants last year. and news of a planned split is heating up its stock. is the breakup value just beginning to build? don't miss the exclusive with its ceo just ahead. ♪
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the breakup playbook still works. for ages i've been pointing out that many companies can unlock a ton of value by splitting themselves up. and we've seen this play out positively over and over again. and yesterday we got a new story. as well as various high performance alloy steel products and a stock owned by my charitable trust announced it would spin off as a separate company. this is something timken investors have proposed before but management was against the idea and the board of directors voted it down. and a good thing too, the stock giving a 60% gain since we went out to ohio and visited timken steel plate. let's check in with jim griffith, find out more about this breakup and what happens next. welcome back to "mad money."
11:28 pm
>> jim, it's great to be with you today. >> well, sir, i have to tell you, you convinced me and we spent a lot of time with you that it was a good idea to keep everything under one roof. why is it a good idea now to split it up? >> well, when you were here before, jim, we shared with you the clear benefits that happened between our bearing business and our steel business. the value of creation between them is very clear. once we had our annual meeting and once we saw the vote on the shareholder proposal, our board concluded that we had misred our shareholder base. and so what they did is they went out and they listened. in fact, the board met individually with about 20 of our top 25 shareholders. and the message came back very clear, this company has created a tremendous amount of value and wasn't delivering it to the shareholders. and it would be a long time before we would deliver it to the shareholders as an integrated enterprise. so then the board went back to management and said can you
11:29 pm
create two independent companies that can continue to sustain those benefits with a strategic partnership? and the answer came back yes. and so now we're excited with the opportunity to launch two new companies with 97 years of heritage of working together creating value for customers. >> now, jim, in truth, i know your shareholders may have been rested, but you're the biggest performing steel company in the country for long periods of time. is it possible that the shareholders might be wrong? or that doesn't matter? and it's like the customer always being right. are the shareholders always right even if management didn't initially think it was a good idea? >> well, if you really step back and when you were here, we walked you through the transformation. when we have transformed the timken company, the bearing business and steel business, and we did it with a drive of creating shareholder value. as we got to the point of realizing we were creating economic value but not
11:30 pm
translating it to shareholders, it's time to go back and question your fundamental premise. and we did that and we've come up with a better answer. >> jim, i live next to bethlehem steel and it was a nonintegrated producer making slap steel not a lot of value added, and the company went bankrupt. how do we know that steel co. won't look too much like bethlehem steel? >> we don't really have a steel company. we have an engineering company that creates value for our customers by focusing on the markets where that technology applies and then turning it into unique products. again, you remember the statistics. 30% of what our business sells today didn't exist five years ago. >> well, jim -- >> that's a unique model in the steel industry. >> absolutely. let's talk about how business is doing. i remember you telling us you got a substantial business in
11:31 pm
china. we've been seeing data out of the last eight weeks from china that their targeted stimulus, which is not a big thing is really starting to come on and that steel orders have come on. are you seeing that too? >> we're seeing pockets of growth around the world. it's an interesting market because while lots of people complain about the weakness in europe or the weakness in india, the overall demand level on a global basis is really pretty sound and it has shifted where it's beginning to be driven by the american consumer. for example, the strength in the north american auto market, the beginnings of the growth in the construction market. give us some real optimism going forward looking at 2014. >> what do you think the cost structure is going to look like of the two different companies? do you have a hand on that yet? >> we're just in the early phases of looking at that. you sort of step back and recognize, again, we've got the best-performing businesses in the bearing industry globally and the steel industry. we've got a good fundamental
11:32 pm
cost structure. and the challenge is now we've got to put a corporate structure over the steel business and do it in a way that it doesn't undermine that cost structure. we believe we can do that and we believe we can do that with less cost than we had originalliest mated. >> what is the debt targets going to look like for you guys? >> again, we haven't set that yet, but if you look at the two companies, the bearing business is a bit more global, a bit larger and probably can carry a bigger debt load. our current target is 30 to 35 debt to total cap. the steel business being smaller, more north american and a little more volatile. we'll be a little more conservative in setting that structure up. we're very clear, we can capitalize both businesses in a way that they'll have the financial flexibility to pursue strategies in their own markets. >> it's refreshing to hear a ceo who has a view but then listen to the shareholders, changed his mind and creating value either way. i want to thank jim griffith for
11:33 pm
coming on our show "mad money." great to see you, sir. >> jim, thank you. and i just want to emphasize, our board has done an excellent job in this, listening to shareholders, responding to shareholders, and now we have the way to take the company to the next level of performance. >> thank you, jim. thank you very much. my charitable trust mentioned does own timken, not a seller, i think this plan is going to bring out tremendous value. also want to comment. here's the ceo, had one view, board independent, came through, studied, suggested the change and the ceo did not resist and it is happening. stay with timken, stay with cramer. monday, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post 9:00 at the nyse. it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. ♪
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it is time -- it is time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid-fire calls, you say the
11:37 pm
name of the stock, i tell you whether to buy or sell. play until this sound and we'll be able to run the philadelphia eagles record. are you ready skee-daddy? it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." keith in new york. keith? >> caller: boo-yah, jim, thanks for taking my call. >> my pleasure, keith. what's up? >> caller: i want to be prepared this month in case we get further in this market, specifically i'm looking in the retail consumer sector. i was wondering what you think about coach. >> i bought my daughter a retro coach bag from the 1950s, she really likes it. i'm not a buyer of the stock. i do like that retro thing. she likes it too. let's go to david in california, david? >> caller: jim, hey, jim. >> yo yo. >> caller: boo-yah to ya. >> well, right back at ya. what's going on? >> caller: i'm looking at amd, recently doubled, came back down and looked like it's going to double again. what do you think? >> yeah, amd is like jesse
11:38 pm
pinkman to intel's mr. white. i bet this quarter is bad but they do have the gaming chips. mike in illinois, mike? yo, yo, mike. >> caller: boo-yah from northwest illinois. hey, i got a question about tesla's stock. i see it's up, do you think it can sustain the growth kind of like apple did with its product? >> no, actually, i don't. it's a cold stock, though, i'm never going to go against a cold stock and i've driven a tesla. but, here's my problem, the stock seems to -- we need new piece of data to have it go higher. right now the stock seems to want to go lower a little. i'm not crazy about this level, let it come in. jason in new york, jason? >> caller: hey, jim, this is jason from brooklyn. >> i'll be in brooklyn later this evening, how you been? >> caller: good. how are you? >> all right. >> caller: hey, jim, couple of stocks i'm looking at right now,
11:39 pm
actually. first is kodiak, kog. >> can you believe it tried to sell itself at $8, $9 and $11. it's got great assets and i think it goes higher because the bakken be rocking. let's go to sandy in new jersey. sandy? >> caller: yes, sandy in new jersey, i wanted to find out what your outlook is on pandora. >> all right. i've seen so much negativity thrown at this stock and it doesn't go down. you know what that says to me? that means it's going higher! i want to own pandora. that's a new position for me. i have not liked it. let's go to don in wyoming. don? >> caller: big boo-yah from jackson hole. >> say hello to those fed people out there. what's up? >> caller: oh, my girlfriend, i think, loves you more than me. >> you know what, i have to say it's -- i'm not familiar with her work. >> caller: one to three years, already holding.
11:40 pm
>> that's a buy. the stock, this is -- >> buy, buy, buy -- >> we're going to stick with that stock. let's go to austin in california, which is really in texas but we're going to go to austin in california. austin? >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah from san diego. >> san diego. so beautiful. say hello to ed greenberg there. he's wearing that fancy kind of cool black look now. go ahead. >> caller: what do you think about vale, i picked it up at about 14 and a quarter. do you think it'll keep going up? >> you have horse sense, stephanie link, we both think it's great. we did some buying of vale this morning. hey, let's go to jude in new jersey. hey, jude. >> caller: hi, jim, how are you? >> real good, what's up? >> caller: quick question, with the acquisition that louisiana pacific made this week, is that a good investment? >> yes, it is. it gets them away from being sand board which we know as plywood and now it's got canada
11:41 pm
shipping to japan and china. we like that. lpx is for me. one more, let's go to randy in iowa. randy? >> caller: greetings from the hawkeye state, jim. i'd like your thoughts on kmp, kinder morgan energy partner. >> there's an outfit trying to get this thing down, they're calling it a house of cards, rich kinder, come on the show. i know they're going to do a massive hit job on you. i know the way the game is played. rich, if you want to talk to your story about kinder morgan, which is a stock i like, "mad money" welcomes you. make people millions, billions, and what do they say? oh, house of cards. i've got to tell you, i think that the people who say that are more card oriented than rich kinder. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up -- going for gotham, the big apple is about to elect a new mayor and with so much hanging in the balance, cramer's getting you inside the race.
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we normally try to avoid politics like the plague here on "mad money." when the 132nd richest man in america who happens to be the ceo of major private companies, that's something we can't stay away from. i'm talking about john catsimatidis the self-made billionaire running on a platform of safe streets, lower taxes and issuing $100 billion in bonds to rebuild the city's infrastructure. now, catsimatidis is the owner and ceo of the largest grocery store in manhattan as well as red apple group, one of the largest privately held companies out there, reverse holdings in aviation and retail. i'm promoting the disconnect between the world of politics and the world of business, something we see in a staggering degree at both levels. i think it's a good thing when someone with a keen understanding of business wants to get involved in public service. i'm happy to be talking to john . >> thanks for having me, jim. >> the labor secretary said it was good on "squawk on the street." but you had to listen to it.
11:46 pm
what's going on nationally? and why aren't people thinking about bold things like i ask that you want to do, worlds fair, why aren't people bold anymore? >> nobody has any vision anymore, jim. we have to be doing things. for instance, the fortune 200 companies, jim, are creating more jobs overseas with their money than they are in our country. we're making it hard for them. we've got to create -- we need common sense in new york city. we need common sense in washington. we need to be able to have the republicans and democrats sit down with each other and be able to solve problems, not create obstacles for each other. and that's the biggest problem we have in our country and city. i want to be able to sit down where republicans sit down, democrats be able to sit down and make a deal. what's good for the taxpayers and workers too.
11:47 pm
>> i'm going to play with an open hand, i have been a huge supporter of mayor bloomberg. you've got to give him credit. he's another great businessman who has done what you're talking about. >> well, he had the courage to run. and it takes courage to run in politics. because i'll tell you, some of the newspapers went back 40 years to find something that i might have done wrong. i might have jaywalked 40 years ago. it was so silly where i got
11:48 pm
criticized for an article in the paper 25 years ago. and the -- if we don't stop with this nonsense, we can't get more good people involved with the courage to run for office in our cities, our states and our country. and bloomberg had the courage and i have the courage to do that. >> fair enough. one of the things i liked about you, you have a company called united refining. you have been one of the leaders in the country using domestic oil and creating jobs. where are we? ever going to do keystone? any -- washington ever going to get involved in helping people like you create more jobs exploit the situation becoming more domestic energy independent? >> jim, i'm not running for president because i can't run for president. but if i was running for president, i would go run our
11:49 pm
country and i would advocate independence day 2020, that by 2020 if we had the right president and the right administration in washington, we could be independent of all foreign oil -- we wouldn't have to ship trillions of dollars overseas and we would create more jobs than ever before in our country. but we don't have anybody with courage and determination to do that. we have 100 years worth of oil. we have it. it's in canada, it's in alaska, it's in the gulf of mexico, it's in north dakota. we have it, we could be independent by 2020 if somebody had the courage to do it. >> sir, you own quick fill stations. would you please put natural gas pumps at all of your stations? >> well, you know, we've talked about it and we might do it in the future. but we haven't done it yet because right now we're in the oil business. you know what we advertised in our stations and we have the greatest advertisement, our
11:50 pm
gasoline is made from 100% american crude oil made by americans. and people love it. our sales are up like 20 consecutive quarters, which is great because people pass up all the citgos, bps, all the foreign oil because they want american-made oil. >> let's leave it at that, sir. thank you for being a good businessman and i wish you the best of luck in your race. >> well, thank you, and i hope everybody votes for me on september 10th, jim. >> fair enough. that's john catsimatidis republican candidate for new york city mayor and at least from the point of "mad money" and more importantly a real good businessman. stay with cramer. people find out should take state farm does car loanswn? as well as they do insurance, our bank is through.
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how much pent up demand is out there really? and is that, perhaps, the missing ingredient behind the strength that we are seeing in the domestic consumer market despite today's tepid job number. in other words, despite it. there's no doubt in my mind that the real place to be this fourth quarter is still going to be in the international companies. we have the possibility of genuine tail winds coming out of europe now that we have multiple stronger economies and stronger currency. all perfect timing given how lean our companies are over there. china's coming back in a way that is stealthy. and they have drawn down a lot of steel, coal, iron as well as some just released figures on copper. stocks that do that, make those metals. the biggest surprise this week have been on the domestic side. the car sales story. as talked as it was, it doesn't get enough attention.
11:54 pm
we're building more cars than we have since the great recession. i think ford shouldn't have been down today. i don't like the housing theme that much. i thought it hit a wall, keeping the fed reserve from doing anything drastic that could reaccelerate housing. it isn't in my playbook. that would be so key for this market to go to the next level. plus, we've got one more great number from retailers, this time it was costco confirming, again, that the consumer's spending but not on apparel. the consumer's spending on cars, electronics, remember how strong best buy is and remodelling a la home depot, lowe's, and these numbers, the stronger numbers are a sign we've misjudged the pent-up demand from the employed going to the unemployed. fewer on the trajectory than we thought. but we did, we got it wrong. when these people come back to the workforce they buy tangible goods. when they get a second job, buy a new car, rates for cars by the way haven't gone up, they've gone down. many misjudged, including me. it's just the fact this pent-up demand was far bigger than any of the figure because it hadn't snapped back from the great
11:55 pm
recession. it's so big it continued to pace despite the lack of new hiring. what's helping, by the way, is the recognition if you have the ability to go to texas or north dakota, some parts of colorado and wyoming, jobs await you. that was quite evidence from an interview with frank lake, the ceo of home depot. he said that just opened a new home depot store in minot, north dakota, because the bakken formation is creating new jobs and new construction. these jobs are coming fast and furiously now as the bakken, the delaware basin and the eagleford are showing much more oil than we recently thought as recently as two years ago. i can only imagine how many more jobs can be created. but that won't happen, when the labor secretary dodged my question about it being approved this morning i sensed it really is a dead issue with this president. we are discovering day by day that demand is exceeding forecast because the people getting jobs have been buying nothing and doing nothing for the five years intervening since the recession. they didn't have any money. that's why people keep getting the big picture spending numbers wrong.
11:56 pm
they stop counting these people. they are slowly coming back, they are buying and keeping the domestic economy humming in a nation where ten-year rates have doubled in a few months. it was never really about the rate of credit with these people anyway. it was about getting credit at all. when the workforce rates wither higher anyway. that's how the domestic stocks can go higher, how ford and gm can break out from here and how the regional banks regain strength. sure, international business can and will take us higher, but it's pent-up demand that will determine the next leg of this market, the missing piece of the puzzle and the only explanation of how we can continue to have good spending numbers even as jobs become so hard to come by. stay with cramer. ♪
11:57 pm
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it and then it's going to be down in europe and you're going to get hurt. wait until it opens monday in america. and we get the european price. i'd like to say there's a bull market somewhere, i promise to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday! >> tonight, on the profit, i go inside mr. green tea, a second-generation, family-run ice cream business that has hit a wall. >> we physically cannot fill our orders to the distributors. >> the fiery dynamic between the father and son is hurting any chance of growth. >> you are strangling the business. >> back up. you're crossing the line between father and boss. >> if i can't fix their relationship and business, this company will be swallowed by a competitor. my name is marcus lemonis, and i fix failing businesses. this business will never function well under the "green tea" name. i make tough decisions... >> it was a mistake. >> this is never gonna happen again. and back them up with my own


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