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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  September 9, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> this is a good monday for the market. you have a lot of buyers in there today because the dow is up better than 100 points, the highs of the day. materials and technology stocks leading the way. good data from around the world spurring the buyers into the market today. that's it for us. see you tomorrow. have a great rest of the day and "power lunch" starts now. >> halftime is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> scott, thank you very much. syria's foreign minister says his country is ready for u.n. inspectors to examine back. insisting his country is not behind last month's chemical weapons attack. this as congress gets ready to vote on authorizing a u.s. military trying. are you a little bit nervous? a lot going on in the usa. there's syria, of course, the fed, the taper. we're going to broaden the conversation and talk about new opportunities that lie outside of the u.s. in europe and japan. and big changes for health
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coverage are coming. of course the obama health care law is only one of them. is the -- are these changes really going to matter, especially to retirees? soon and the soon-to-be retirees and anyone that wants some day to retire. that might be just about everyone. first though, to sue, at the nyse. great to be back with you. >> it is just a delight to have you back with us, tyler. you were much missed. >> thank you. >> let's turn to syria now, as fighting continues in that country. this is new video of rebels firing an anti-tank weapon at a syrian army target and clearly hitting it quite hard. here's where we stand right now. the u.n. is considering asking the security council to demand that syria immediately transfer its stockpile of chemical weapons to sites where they can be destroyed or stored. syria's foreign minister is in russia and says his country welcomes u.n. inspectors back into the country. he again denies syria used those
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chemical weapons. syrian's president assad speaks to cbs. >> secretary kerry has presented what he says is conclusive evidence. >> no. he presented his confidence and convictions. it's not about confidence. it's about evidence. the russians have completely opposite evidence that the missiles were thrown from area where the rebels controlled. that reminds me, about what kerry said about the big lie colin powell said in front of the world about satellite the wmd in iraq and said this is our evidence. actually he gave false evidence. in this case, kerry didn't even present any evidence. he said we have evidence and didn't present anything. not yet. nothing so far. not single shred of evidence. >> our john harwood is live in washington. john, congress is back in town today. we know a vote will be coming. one of the key questions is,
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when will it be coming? >> exactly, sue. members are going to take into account what they hear from the president as well as what they hear from bashar al assad and, of course, we have this previously what appears to be a choreographed move between russia and syria to talk about transferring chemical weapons stockpiles to international control. but back here in washington, you've got the most intensive sales job of the obama presidency so far. the president will be speaking to every major network anchor tonight for -- to try to sway the american people. tomorrow he'll go up on capitol hill, have lunch with senate democrats who he expects to provide the bulk of the votes for senate passage of the authorization to use force. and then he's going to give a speech to the nation at 9:00 tomorrow night. the senate hopes to vote by the end of the week. it could possibly be kicked over into the following week. democratic leadership aides tell me they're aiming for a mix of about 40 democrats, 20 republicans to get to 60 votes and hoping that many republicans would be a message to the house
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and help them round up support on the house side. if they can't get the support on the house side it's possible, sue, that they would scrap a house vote, and the administration would take senate approval as the concurrence of the congress they would need or at least sufficient concurrence because the president said he doesn't need constitutionally congress to approve this use of force. he views it as helpful. >> john harwood, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, sue. later this hour we will hear from one republican member of the house who is backing the president on those military strikes. he's inside a meeting right now at the white house and we'll hear from him very, very shortly. sue? >> and i know the markets will be paying very close attention to that interview, ty. the dow is up triple digits given the cross currents and headline risks out there, it's interesting that the dow is up 118 points. the s&p is up 12 and the nasdaq is up 34 on the trading session. gold and oil not necessarily behaving the way you think they
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would given the situation that we are now up against with the president making his address tomorrow night. gold is down a fraction. brent crude is trading down 1 2/3% and the yield. a big day in asia. the nikkei finished the trading session up 2.5% on the trading day. a very strong session there. and the shanghai composite in china up 3.75%. that's where bob picks up the story. >> an important thing about today, strong japanese gdp with strong exports from china. when you get those kinds of economic data points no wonder it's to the up side. the exchange traded funds in the united states. these economies are close. in japan and china and thailand and indonesia making guesses about where they might think this might open tomorrow as well. you can see those are moving to the upside. thailand, indonesia, these emerging market countries have
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been battered but strong in the last week or so. take a look at the eem, emerging market, etf up 8 straight days right now. i said two months ago, these things move in a 25 to 30% range. once again regained about half their losses from may and june. we see materials and industrials strong today on the china and japan news. no surprise here we're seeing various commodity etfs to the upside, steel stocks, copper to the upside. i've been asked about why the s&p had a pop after 12:00. a lot of people attributing this to the news that the syrians may be willing to lock up their weapons to an international guardians, but i think more importantly the s&p moved through its 50-day moving average about that moment, 1666 the 50-day moving average when we saw the pop up. i think a lot is a little technicals. hadn't been above that in more than a month. >> i think you're right on that. thank you very much. >> talk about asia and europe right now. peter is chief market analyst
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with the the lindsay group and cnbc contributor, focusing on asia for us right now. dominic has been talking to traders who are heavily invested in europe so he has the european side. peter, i'm going to start with you. your note i found very compelling because we did see such a good performance in japan. some of it psychological because they are going to get the olympics but some of it is the better data and that kind of gives the prime minister aba a boost. >> absolutely. little pick me up because we've seen over the past couple months consumer confidence soften because they're seeing a rise in inflation pressures but not yet a rise in wages. this was a great psychological boost for the country, that's been a big part of the strategy, not only the monetary and fiscal aspects of it but also psych lonlcle to get people to start spending again, companies to start investing again. >> don, you've been talking to a number of analysts and people
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putting money to work about europe. what are they telling you. >> what's interesting about europe a fundamental economic growth story evolving. nobody is saying europe is going gang busters but more optimism about the manufacturing economy, specifically in the core of europe. you're talking places like germany, of course. now these markets, germany, france in terms of stocks have been under performers in 2013 if you look at them compared to the s&p 500. but the real question then becomes whether or not there's more momentum, more upside left, for those european stocks as opposed to what's happening in the u.s. the one thing i will say there are still risks, of course, if syria happens, anything happens in syria, all bets become off and there are still political risks as well. remember, europe is all about the periphery, about the countries like greece and italy. italy may have a political situation brewing with former prime minister berlusconi and his fate in italian poll it ticks that could derail a possible coalition government in italy as well. >> that's one of the things, peter, turning a number of very
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highly-rate the investment managers to look closely at japan. the infrastructure things that might take place before the olympics. >> i'm sure that's going to continue. japan is threading a needle in terms of policy. the qe is massive. and right now, they're feeling the positive effects of it and confidence it can work. i don't see any good outcome from a balance sheet that goes to 50% of your economy in terms of currency and in terms of potential inflation and a potential blow up of their bond market at some point. so from a stock market perspective, ride it, but keep one foot out the door. >> good advice to leave it at. thank you very much. appreciate it. >> ty, up to you. >> thank you very much. it's time to analyze. monday is the day you get a lot of market calls out of the big houses. and every week at this time we do see whether our experts agree with those calls or not. jim is in chicago for us. he's a cnbc contributor.
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jim, welcome. goldman sachs resuming a neutral on target. a $71 price target on that company. goldman saying target faces tough strategic positions. the valuation drives us to a neutral call. so look at shares of target over one year, basically flat. that's what they say. do you agree with this? a neutral on target? >> no. i disagree with the neutral call and i agree with the fundamental analysis. this is confusing. they come out with a neutral call but say their price target is full 12% over where the stock is trading right now. i agree with their negative fundamental story that target might not have the pricing power of some of its competitors. some of target's clientele might be gravitating toward and e-commerce. and if it trades below 63.10 i might put a short position on that. >> you would put a short position on it? >> yes. >> all right. that's a disagree. you would rather see them go down on it. to lazard capital, upgrading
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shares of expedia to buy from neutral. they think the shares of expedia are in, quote, an industry leading position in a space with superior secular prospects. the stock down about 20% over the past two months. do you agree or disagree with this one? >> no. i agree with this call. what they're saying is a secular prospects are good meaning people will start traveling again. expedia has a good balance sheet, a good name. they're going to be rewarded disproportionately. if i see a trade of 51.31 that's where the technicals would be telling me time to get in. >> a hiccup in late july. citi initiating coverage on lulu lemon. that has been in trouble over the past few months. citi thinks it's a buy with a $90 price target. they say valuation should go higher given store growth, runway domestically and internationally. he said. lulu lemon volatile year, down 6% year-to-date.
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there's the fall in june. coinciding with the earnings report. the yoga trousers and so forth. five years ago, that stock was basically nothing, now it's come up there. they're saying -- you heard what they said. what do you say? >> i agree with the call. put a caveat, as the father of two teenage daughters, i hate the company unless they start coming out with bigger and baggier clothes but i like -- i like what they're saying, what they're saying is that they have a great brand name, people want to buy lu lu lemon over their competitors and the chart as well too. i have to see 73 today to get in it but i think what they're saying is the right thing. >> all right. jim thank you very much. we appreciate it as we analyze this. sue? >> i agree with jim. my girls are only 10. you're right, jim. five years ago, this country was in an economic crisis. diana olick covers real estate for cnbc and she's looking at what the mortgage market may look like five years from now. over to you, diana.
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>> that's right, sue. five years ago, fannie may and freddie mac on the brink of disaster threatening to bring the u.s. finance system down with them. now thanks to government backing they're making money hand over fist. this as congress seeks to do away with them both. >> the biggest problem is that congress wants super cheap mortgages and they want to eliminate taxpayer risk for the housing market. and that's just a holy grail you can't get. >> now the leading proposal in congress is a bipartisan bill from senators corker and warner. the bill would require that both investors and borrowers pay into an insurance fund. the government would be there, but only to guarantee the mortgage backed securities. not the loans themselves. the fund would act much as the fdic does for bank deposits. >> you can't have a functioning housie ining finance system whe private capital leaves it in the next recession.
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constant liquidity provided to the u.s. system and that comes from the u.s. mortgage backed security. >> investors would have to come back to a market that's been dominated these past five years by the government. just look, fannie and freddie's share of the market. first at the height of the housing boom in 2006, 27%. by 2008 when they were taken over, it was 30 to 40% market share. today 68%. with fha and va loans making up the bulk of the rest, that according to inside mortgage fine nance. federal regulators are trying to wind down fannie and freddie. they have increased their fees they charge lenders and also talk of lowering the loan limits. that hope then is that investors would come back to the market and banks would start lending outside of fannie and freddie. but that will, of course, take a loot of time. plenty more on-line. tyler? >> thank you very much. let's go to dominic for a market flash on an airline that is joining the s&p 500. dominic? >> how about the friendly skies delta in this case here.
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they're getting a pop in trading up about 7%. late friday, s&p, dow jones end disease will add -- indices will add delaware dell -- delta. here's how some of the other big s&p 500 additions have fared in trading so far this year. on july 1st we found out that info and ratings company nielsen would replace sprint nextel. shares finished up 2% in the next regular trading session but a month later we're down 1%. on june 3rd, we found out gm would replace heinz, shares jumped about a percent and a half the next day, down a percent a month later. some stocks have carried immediate gains through the next month. take animal science company zoetis. still up 2.5% a month later and then 21st century fox traded up half a percent on june 21st and still up about 12% even a month after that. so tyler, there are some hopes,
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but again, admission to the s&p 500 doesn't guarantee a success in terms of stock market performance. back over to you. >> thank you very much. carl icahn on the "halftime report" on his decision to throw in the towel in the big fight over dell. highlights from the always outspoken billionaire, coming up next. phil lebeau come fly with me. >> if you want to find out who's doing business, see who is using their corporate jet and where they're flying to. we have the latest numbers on what industry is up, what industry is down and where in the world is business taking these corporate jets to. that's when "power lunch" returns.
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carl icahn is taking his marbles and going home. the investor is bailing out of efforts to block the $25 billion of dell saying it would be almost impossible at this point to win. he talked with scott on cnbcs a fast money halftime report. >> we did the work the board should have been doing. i never seen a situation that points up to me for better corporate governance in this country. not only were they not interested but offered me $25 million to go away. >> take a look at where shares of dell are trading up a fraction, 1 cent at $13.85. icann enterprises up almost 3% at 77.85. >> taking flight, takes us to the world of corporate jets
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today. phil lebeau following the streams and the numbers, live for us in chicago. phil? >> tyler, this is new data from jssi which basically services and maintains about 1600 corporate jets around the country. they have a pretty good sense of who's using their jet and where they're going around the world. they've broken it down by industry. this is q2 data, what stands out, corporate jet use in the second quarter up about 1% year over year. not a huge increase. up 3% quarter over quarter and an increase among industrial companies and in those sectors in the industrial complex, power and energy leading the way. increase of 35% in terms of use of the corporate jet. followed by consumer goods. reals estate no surprise given what we've seen with that sector if the first half and automotive up 10%. who's not using the corporate jet as much? well, tech firms. they saw a noticeable depreciation in the amount of time spent in the air on the corporate jet and financial
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firms slowing down their use of the jet in terms of where they're going around the world. and where are businesses flying more often to in terms of conducting business? well, jssi breaks it around by regions around the world. europe up 17%, the middle east up 9%, and then here in the u.s. up 6%. surprising that you see asia and australia down 13%. the bottom line is this, we are seeing the corporate jets used more often, it's not a huge spike, but we are seeing it continue to grow at a steady clip and in europe being up 17%, sue, i'm not surprised. eastern europe from what i hear from people in the auto industry it's red hot and they're spending a lot of time on the corporate jet over there. >> it's nice to hear something is red hot these days, especially in europe. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> two big stories we're following coming up. we're taking tapering with steve and ipos with jackie. >> hey, good afternoon, sue. a big year for ipos, you probably made good money.
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what's ain 2013. >> speaking of big, economists is talking taper and growth. see what they're saying about 2013, 2014 and how it could impact the stock market. [ tires screech ]
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you'll get the guidance you need with the control you want. talk to us today. shares of mow lex surging. the maker of electronic components bought by coke industries, $38.50 a share a 31% premium off its friday close. that's why you see that lightning like strike upward to 38.53 in mow lex. the national association for business economics is talking fed at their meeting out in san francisco but how big a meeting can it be if steve liesman and the stella men aren't playing? >> that would be a sign of a serious meeting but they're serious -- >> what are they talk about? >> the national association of business economics, looking for better growth, lower unemployment and a taper. they're out with their survey for the quarter and after dipping in this quarter down to 2.3% from $2.5% in the second
1:26 pm
gaerts, gdp rising, up steadily. the blue axis on your left there. that will happen by the middle of next year according to the 43 economists who responded to the survey. unemployment now, the next chart, creeping steadily down from the current level of 7.3%. it will be 7% by this time next year. according to the forecast. economists say there's a 45% probability of the fed tapering this year and 80% probability it happens by next year. the cnbc flash fed survey, a different way approach to the question conducted friday after the unemployment report found 43% of our respondents believe the fed will taper in september. you can see by looking at that chart our previous survey, 48% said september down just a little bit. the jobs number shaking the faith a little bit in the belief of the september taper but still the number one answer. more from the outlook.
1:27 pm
they see payrolls at 199 k on average. that's unchanged from their prior forecast. the trend in the forecast. oil $100, up from average of 95%. s&p not bad, 1764 up 6% from current levels. the ten year at 3.29, it had been at 2.81 in the prior forecast and corporate profits 7.2% down just a bit. this year government spending seemed down 2.1% as a result of the sequester and other belt tightening but next year, forecasters decline a half a point less severe than previously forecast. >> thursday night sullivan new york city, which one? >> i do. >> which band? >> the stella blues band. >> thank you for plugging that. >> i don't ask him to do this. just do it out of the goodness of my heart because i'm a fan. >> appreciate it. >> we do it because he's really good. plus he's a terrific guy. why not? some headlines for you right now. biogen entering a six-year research collaboration with isa
1:28 pm
pharmaceutic pharmaceuticals. issa will receive $100 million up front for that. bell helicopter, a unit of textron with lockheed martin to bid for the u.s. army's next generation helicopter an order worth billions of dollars and jacobs engineering will buy sinclair night for about $1.2 billion in cash. jacobs one of the largest constructing firms. the trading action up 117 points on the dow jones industrial average. i'm surprised at the amount of headline risk out there is not impacting the market this way the way as it was last week. >> seems to be on the bac burner although all the indications are -- >> although this is the busiest week. >> saw john harwood even if you just get the senate and not the house of representatives there's a chance the president may go ahead of this. traders seem to think all is perfectly calm. i want to point out because of the good news or the relative good news out of china and japan
1:29 pm
we have economically sensitive stocks stronger today. materials and industries they're leading the market. materials, that sector at a five-year high. if we close right there at 261.57. elsewhere you can see strength in steel stocks. those are materials. i want to point out u.s. steel stocks swri been terrible performers have put together a nice few days, generally lagging. european steel stocks. not today. stocks like mitol are lagging the u.s. steel sector today. interesting rate sensitive stocks like home builders have been rallying since the lousy jobs report on friday. horton, standard pacific, kb home and a somewhat disappointing report, optimistic on the conference call. that stock to the upside. some think the tapering that's going to occur, should it occur, will not hit mortgages as much, rather relegated to treasuries. that's the important thing right now. finally want to note airlines trading higher today. last four or five days, business
1:30 pm
pretty good. ual recalling 600. >> 600 furloughed pilots when the merger went through. thank you so much. see you later. >> let's get the trading action in gold. prices closing right now. sharon is tracking the action at the nymex. >> gold prices are closing right now, flat on the day. right around 1387 an ounce and we had that pretty good showing and rally in gold on friday due to the really poor job growth that we've seen in the past month. keep in mind though as traders are looking at the numbers they're noting many of the things bob mentioned. the relative calm we're hearing out of syria right now. of course that remains to be seen and still provides some support. but traders are waiting to see what happens in the syria front. they're also waiting for the fed meeting and many traders are saying now is not the time to go out on a limb and make any bold decisions here with gold until that occurs. we may see a bit of a holding pattern for a little while here. back to you, sue. >> all right. sharon, thank you very much. the nasdaq was positive. we have a triple digit gain in
1:31 pm
the dow but see ma mowty is following the latest on blackberry for us as well. hi. >> that's right. blackberry shares higher, the report from london's sunday times indicates chairman of fairfax financial holdings is getting the support from canada's biggest pension fund, pension plan investment board closing in in on a rescue deal. wassa emerges as the leader of blackberry privates. have to keep an eye on his move. blackberry is said to be trying to wrap up this auction process by november. yahoo! up on a report that alley bab bra ba may try to list here than in japan. on-line travel is a bright spot. the analyst upgrading expedia to a buy. remember expedia saw a big drop in its stock after last quarters earning report. can it make a comeback? that's what the street wants to know. apple shares breaking $500 a share ahead of its anticipated
1:32 pm
event tomorrow. keep in mind the move we're seeing is feeling the nasdaq 100 to a 13-year high. sue? >> thank you very much. that apple event expected to fall on our watch at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. let's check in on interest rates. the yield on the ten-year at 2.90%. the dollar on the move. rick santelli is tracking the action of all of that at the cme. hey, rick. >> i am indeed. thanks sue. two-day chart tells you everything you want to know. we had a big number on friday. friday's reign in the middle of the session was key and we held those 286, 287 yields. many believe traders went home short into the weekend, came back and covered in the wee hours of our pretime zone trade. we're still a couple basis points lower in yield. maybe all about the yield curve. look at a 510. this is a may 1st chart when interest rates started to go up. the first top 115.
1:33 pm
that may be significant to monitor. look at etfs the psychology of the fixed income market isn't doing well. the year to date hovering at fresh lows. mub lowest levels since april 11. unlike treasuries not holding key levels from friday. tyler, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's been a strong year for ipos so far. one-fifth of the deals have seen returns of 50% or more. so what does the rest of the year look like? we've asked jackie to take a look. >> good afternoon, tyler. it's interesting if you look at the numbers, you can see that companies have had confidence to come to the market and investors have had an appetite for the ipo deals. year to date, 131 ipos, near 40% increase in deal activity when compared with the same time last year. and that is only part of the story. according to renaissance capital one-fifth of this year's deals have gained more than 50% while the average return for all deals is roughly 25%. compare that to the s&p,
1:34 pm
year-to-date, which is up about 17% and you can see the ipos are doing pretty well. what's on the horizon for the fall? renaissance expecting roughly 70 more deals to come to the market. should we get to that 200 deal range, that would put ipo activity back to a level not seen since 2007. now a couple trends to think about as we head into the fall, the continuation of the many e equity backed deals we've seen this year. also a robust tech pipeline is out there and biotech is dominating the health care track as well. with respect to some of the deals we'll see in the private equity space, the private equity backed deals watch for names like comscope and claire's. in the tech space, violin memory and also rocket fuel likely to debut as well. health care, premier, foundation medicine. just to name a few. other notable names to watch, pot belly and also empire state realty trust. that's the group that owns the empire state building and armark
1:35 pm
the food services market. >> apple to unveil two new iphones and it happens tomorrow. will it be enough to make the company cool again and reignite its stock? year to date apple shares as you see there, they are higher by about 5%. but that's less than the s&p 500. we'll be back in two minutes. stay with us. .
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apple's big event is tomorrow at 1:00. right now it's 1:38. day from now we will know it's cloekds in secrecy but watch the unveil right here on "power lunch" tomorrow. don't miss it. thoughts now on what apple may have up its sleeve from c-net's dan ackerman. welcome back. what are we expecting here? operating systems, new hand seths, what? >> i think a lot of that veil of secrecy has fallen away. a lot of new material leaks before the announcements and we have a good idea they'll have a regular upgraded i phone, might have a fingerprint sensor and a chip that lets you do more of the wallet-less payment and a plastic iphone with different
1:39 pm
colors, may call that the 5 krl c for colorful a play aimed at the new no contract phone deals like t-mobile or other countries that don't have the two-year contract like we have here. >> on the phone, if what you say happens, is this going to be enough to reignite the iphone's cool factor? the iphone they have a big year and then small year. this is going to be one of those small years. last year was a big change to the iphone 5. i think everyone will walk away going it's an incremental upgrade. one year. >> what do we expect apart from handset changes. >> they will push for people adopting ios 7 the new operating system that looks a lot different than on your iphone now and looks a little like the microsoft phone operating system. >> so, an operating system change is not -- is that a game changer for apple or not? >> ru know, it can be because it's so pivotal to the experience. when you turn on your phone it's everything you see. what they're doing is really changing the look around to a
1:40 pm
kind of flat 2 d mod look. before it had that, you know, leather stitching on it, weird things like that, that's sort of a steve jobs relic going away. >> very quickly, if i have an existing iphone am i going to want or will i be able to download this operating system? >> yeah. if you have the last couple generations of iphone you should be fine and everyone will have it by november. >> dan ackerman at the big event 1:00 tomorrow on "power lunch" and we will have full coverage for you. changes coming regarding your health care benefits when you retire. what ibm and my old employer time warner are doing. that when we return.
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ibm and time warner are changing the way they pay for health care for their retirees. bertha coombs is here with the details on that. >> hi, sue.
1:43 pm
time warner and big blue join a growing list of companies changing to a defined contribution plan when it comes to retiree health benefits in an effort to make costs more predictable. ibm calculated that its retiree health care plan costs will triple by 2020. the change is not about the company saving money. it capped benefits for its 110,000 medicare eligible retirees. blue says giving them money to buy their own plans will provide them with more choice and a better value. that's what they believe. ibm will transition its workers to extend health, same private exchange that dupont used this year after switching its 80,000 medicare eligible retirees to defined contribution plan. benefits experts plan more announcements like those from ibm and time warner this fall. for employees, with a private exchange, you get much more choice of health plans, something that most employees are not used to. for employers, they're looking to fix their costs and whether
1:44 pm
or not they can is still an unanswered question. >> for extend health the largest private med exchange with 500 users, growth has been explosive from three firms in 2007 to 300 clients this year including more than 40 fortune 500 firms a number of major unions and state and local retiree health plans. acquired by benefits firm watson last year, the parent company shares today are hitting a fresh all-time high on strong volume and is up more than 60% year to date. ibm is holding briefings for its retirees across the country to help explain that new transition and, sue, the key is they want to let people know what this does is give them more choice, still going to get the same amount of money but now they have to learn how to use these new exchanges. >> i think is that the key, bertha. bring in sharon epperson as well on this, because she covers retirement issues for us at cnbc. i think this has a lot of financial planning implications,
1:45 pm
not just for those who are entering into retirement, sharon, but those who may be closer to retirement than they would like. the boomers. >> it's absolutely true. i mean now you're going to have more choices and just like when i was a former employee of time warner as well which is doing this, getting my first 401(k), all those choices trying to make those decisions on my own. i'm in the driver's seat not only of my retirement 401(k) planning but health care planning. this is going to be key for boomers who now know that this will be coming for them when they retire from these companies. it's also something that retirees have to think about. it's definitely going to impact your financial planning and the questions that you ask and the resources and those that you turn to get advice. >> you made the point but it bears repeating when they go on to these private exchanges the costs may actually be less than what they are paying within the plan with their employer now, correct? >> part of the reason is now your plan might offer you one
1:46 pm
medhi gap plan that you could access from one insurer. on these exchanges there's several insurers vying for your business and you might even be able to buy a medicare advantage which most employers don't offer and not only that, extend health has a call center so they have people who help walk you through the different scenarios as to given your particular circumstance, which plan might be better for you. some cases you might pay less, some cases might be a little more out of pocket. >> and you might talk to a human being on the other end of the phone. >> exactly. >> thanks, appreciate it very much. in today's yahoo! finance question of the day, we asked you, where do you stand on ibm and time warner's retiree health plan changes? 27% say it's the right thing to do. 61% say it's terrible for retirees, 12% say there will be no impact on care. dennis rodman just returned from north korea. again. see what message he's carrying this time coming up next.
1:47 pm
downgraded the petroleum refiner to equal rate from overweight. >> dennis rodman, you can never
1:48 pm
get too much dennis rodman, likes north korea so much he's going back for a third time. days after his trip rodman announcing plans to bring a team of former nba players with him to stage two exhibition games there next january. rodman says the north korean dictator has asked him to train his players to compete in the 2016 olympics. mcdonald's playing the game of chicken, find out why in the power rundown. and the vintage craze is everywhere including cell phones. see who's bringing back gecko's phone next.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
power rundown time.
1:51 pm
bob business pist sanfy and carl icahn joining in his towel in his effort to block michael dell's buyout of the company he founded. he's going to rake in $70 billion in the investment in the company. did he lose or win even though he didn't win? >> you know, when you're carl icahn losing means you just made $70 million i questions. you know, i think he didn't get what he wanted. i do think he wanted the deal to that he was proposing and didn't get that. probably a little frustrated but he can weep into his $70 million. >> he doesn't really lose in the sense of losing money, does he bob? >> it's not just the money. not only did he not lose any money but he raised his profile and i thought the whole debate was conducted in a dignified manner as opposed to the debate about other stocks that he may be involved in. >> certainly made some strong points on board, on corporate boards. >> the way he approached it and even his offer to call michael dell and congratulate phim made
1:52 pm
him look good overall. his profile raised and he made money. >> hov on to a question of what's old is new again. benitone bringing back the chunky cell phone similar to the one used in "wall street." sold in the uk and france and europe. why would somebody want to bring back something that big when everybody else is going smaller? >> sometimes i don't understand it. sometimes retro is cool. so i don't know, "mad men" fashion is cool, 1950s furniture is cool. a phone that is the size of your head is not cool. i'm sorry. i never bought one and nobody i knew ever bought one. wasn't just the price, it was idiotic. >> i know some people who have retro phones in their home, old-style rotary phones they use. this is just an extension of that and the ultimate insult i have a friend who uses a very old blackberry as the retro phone. >> is that right? >> i think the next thing they will do is bring back the boom
1:53 pm
box a guys used to carry around in the subways on their shoulders. >> that's already back. come out with me some time and you can see they've got them. >> mcdonald's now, rolling out mighty wings. that's happening today at select locations fast food company launching the item during the start of the football season which is the hottest time of the year for the sale of chicken wings. will this be a hit with customers? john carney first? >> look i don't know whether mcdonald's customers will love this. i went to college for a little while up in buffalo. they're probably rolling over in their chicken wings right now. you know, saying that's not a real buffalo wing. >> bob? >> it may not be a real buffalo wing but it will be successful. two things, first we're going into football season. that tends to help sales of chicken wings dramatically. just ask buffalo wild wings. they do well this time of year. secondly mcdonald's is reportedly been koerng the market in these things. buying them for months and nobody is raising chickens for more wings.
1:54 pm
i assume the price will go up and more profits for them as well. >> whether that gives them a competitive advantage against some of the other places that have been, you know, getting a lot of business during the football season. trouble for buffalo wild wings? i don't know. >> i think it is. >> all right. guys, thanks very much. bob, john, appreciate it. we'll pass the wings. another check on the markets plus the big winners on wall street when we come back at six before the hour. ♪
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next, nightmare at a is va hospital. >> the word that comes to my mind is catastrophic failure. >> a fatal outbreak that should have been stopped. who walked away with fat bonuses while patients suffered. next on "street signs." >> breaking news for you now. we hoped to have congressman mike pompeo but he is still in the white house at a briefing that is taking place concerning syria and the situation there. in the meantime the deputy national security adviser tony blincon said moments ago the white house does want to take a hard look at the proposal that has been made by the russians for assad to give up the chemical weapons in syria. however, they say, also say they would welcome that decision, however, they do not have confidence right now that assad would turn over those chemical weapons, despite that proposal by the russians and incidentally the u.s. has not talked to the russians about that.
1:58 pm
despite the proposal, mr. blincon says that the u.s. needs to keep pressure on the assad regime. ty, we hoped to have the congressman with us tomorrow. this is a fluid situation. he is being briefed right now and we'll ask him what he is hearing, what it's like inside the white house, but right now, the proposal is on the table from the russians and the u.s. is interested but don't have confidence that assad would adhere to it. >> and earlier, i guess about an hour and a half ago when this idea first sort of reached the main media, the syrian foreign minister acted or at least sounded receptive to these -- this russian overture. on the other side, there is a train that is starting to run and gather some speed. >> yes. >> the president talking to all three networks tonight. he's on the hill, i believe, john harwood said tomorrow, then addresses the nation tomorrow night. and the legislative timetable for a vote in the senate and potentially in the house is certainly moving forward.
1:59 pm
but this changes the calculus just a bit certainly. >> it does certainly. it's interesting the stock market right now is focused less on the headline risk and more on what happened overnight in asia and what's happened to a certain extent with the technicals down here. we have the dow jones industrial average up 126 points on the trading session. the s&p is up 13. and the nasdaq is up 38. interest rates, they're holding steady at 2.90%. gold interesting ty not behaving the way one would think given the rhetoric out there concerning syria. keep in mind it had a big move to the upside on the tensions. >> we spent most of the summer focused on corporate earnings and with one eye on what the fed will do. this month it feels as though the attention has switched back as it does periodically to washington. we're going to have a fed meeting, the perhaps beginning of the taper. we may get an announcement on the next fed chief.
2:00 pm
there is the budget, the possibility of a debt limit wrangle and syria, of course. and we will have tomorrow jason just reminds me, that big new apple product announcement. >> that's right. >> 1:00 p.m. here on "power lunch." that does it for this edition of "power lunch." >> sue? >> stre"street signs" begins wi triple digit advance in the dow. have great afternoon. welcome to the aforementioned program "street signs." we have the what'sest on syria with the breaking developments crossing and what may be the next battleground in this conflict? countdown to apple. will they finally unveil the blockbuster new product that investors are hoping for? we're going to lay some odds. an inside look at nbc's new show "the million second quiz" and our investigations ink team takes a scary, serious look at some of the problems that america's va hospitals it's a story you cannot miss,ll


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