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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  September 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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in on the tragedy. tweeting things like not an occasion for product placement. at&t apologized and pulled the tweet saying the image was solely meant to pay respect. >> sometimes the line can get blurry. >> absolutely. >> seema mody, thank you very much. >> that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." thanks for joining us. >> "street signs" begins right now. see you tomorrow. so much for the new iphone pop. apple shares one of the worst performers of the s&p 500 right now. we're going to dig into why and what it will take to turn it around. but you'll never guess which company has been absolutely on fire lately. here's a hint. it's an old-school retailer and its name is not jc penney. plus, bubblish shus. one of america's top real estate
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tells you if he thinks we're in a bubble market. a fast food fight to make john be lieu she happy. see if you can guess what i am right now or not. >> or not. >> if we can just manage a gain of two points on the s&p right now we've got three, the s&p will have clocked up seven days in a row of gains. and wiped out all of its august losses. we're going to stay on this stra jektry. for the nasdaq it would be positive if not for apple which is having its second worst day this year. more on that in a second as brian said. down to the trading floors and join bob at the nyc. >> there are atwitter about the fact that apple is down 5% and not killing the markets. sue and i were talking about this earlier, doesn't have the influence it used to. remember a year ago apple was dropping in october like a rock and the markets in panic, faz do nasdaq down 5%, s&p down 2%. apple down 5%, the nasdaq is flat. the nasdaq is flat.
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the s&p is up for seven days in a row as you pointed out, the dow up 100 points. the dow is being helped by guess what, an it stock, and that's ibm. noted all throughout the day, those involved in consulting and internet -- in technology have been doing great. there's 30 points or so on the dow. but terra data, accenture to the upside. apple doesn't have the impact on the market it used to despite the big market cap. we had a successful ten-year auction. rick is not here for the segment but great move up and there's the yield on the ten year, did you see this, look at that, boom dropped like a rock down here and that's affected some parts of the stock market. particularly things like home building stocks. interest rate sensitive sector here. the itb which is the etf for home builders this is an interday. look at that straight up. back to you. >> what a resilient market it is. thank you very much, bob pisani. >> today the theme is three for the price of one. three stock stories surprising
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nearly everybody for different reasons. apple, starbucks and sears. yes, sears. now, as bob mentioned, apple is having its worst day in about five months down about 5%. it is the single worst performer in the s&p 500. on the flip side, starbucks hitting a new all-time high. we'll call that our green light, red light, get it. the new colored iphone. what is going on with sears? it is up 20% this week alone. everybody's talking about real estate, whatever. we put it blue because they have their blue dot specials. red, blue, green, three stock stories and let us begin with the red. apple, a man inside the event with us yesterday, john fortt. you and i and mandy hit on the iphone c price point as a potential problem. hearing anything else now that people have had time to digest it or is that price and a lack of announcement about china mobile still the primary sticking points. >> that's still the primary sticking point. taking a step back what people are surprised by is that apple
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is sticking to its strategy of maintaining margins and certain high-tech things in phones. they want the front facing camera, they're going to improve that. they want all of the internal components that make an iphone an iphone, sticking to that rather than going for market share. that's the first thing. the second thing i got to say, next week, is going to to be arguably more important for apple. i'm saying the 16th through the 23rd. let me lay out the reasons why real quick. on the 16th, we might have a sense of how preorders went on the 5c. then on the 18th we've got ios 7 launching. we'll get people's initial reactions to that. on the 20th the lines for the first day of sales and by the 23rd we might have some kind of a press release from apple on how many millions they sold in the first weekend. analysts will be comparing that to how iphones in the past have done. that's data not just impressions on the initial iphone launch, guys. >> a lot of event risk over the next couple weeks then. thank you so much. let's bring as well the man that
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provided instant reaction for us yesterday ons the ground in cupertino, gene monster, reeach analyst at piper jeffrey. you had a price target of $655 for apple. i believe you have cut that price target down to 640 after the event. what specifically is the sticking point for you? >> where i got this wrong was china mobile and the tiling of china mobile and that impacted our price target. we took our price target down by 2%. the reason why the stock is trading off by more than that, is john was just talking about, is that the investor now feels that apple isn't as serious about going after the emerging market given china mobile wasn't there and higher pricing. that's what's affecting the stock here today and i think as john laid out, over the next few weeks we're going to get a better feel of how the 5c and 5s are doing and then ultimately we should move into a period where investors can start focusing on
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the fundamentals versus the emotion around how aggressive apple will be in emerging markets. >> how much of the likelihood is it we will get a deal with china mobile but if that's the case will it still be too late? >> the probability that china mobile comes is very high. the reason they added a base band chip to 5s and 5c compatible with china mobile peflds do that presumably be able to sell the phone on china mobile. now china mobile's network is still getting on the lte which is the standard and probably going to be built out over time here starting now and gain some traction. that is ultimately why china mobile will come. i think that otherwise, inve investors feel that apple is a little bit tone deaf about how to approach the emerging markets. you need to be more aggressive on price. that's what i've heard loud and
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clear from investors today and i think apple does have a plan. i think it has something do around exploring some of the pricing in different markets based on the market itself versus a standard flat pricing. similar to what they did in the june quarter when they started to lower the price of the iphone 4 international market. >> and gene, you admitted and said hey, i was wrong on china mobile although you may be right. we have special treat for you and the audience, herb greenberg who moved back to the west coast and he's back here calleding him pirate green burg. he should be wearing a eye patch. we appreciate you coming back. you have a question for gene. >> i have a comment. it's the margins over market share issue because that's really what everybody is talking about. you wonder if apple is sitting there and thinking the way they were dealing with it in the pc and the laptop market where people went to the operating system because it was their operating system they believed their operating system, new operating system will be able to
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maintain the share with the margin, i don't know with phones. i think phones have become a commodity of sorts and i'm wondering if it's just a bad call on their part? >> well, you know, they're making a bet that's not the case. part of the reason at least initially with their price they think they can maintain this. the basic feedback they must be having from the carriers they're willing to put in orders at the higher prices. i agree that the phone market is becoming increasingly commodityized. one of the things we talked about yesterday was the level of predicative services on top of the phone, on top of the hardware that's going to become a bigger part of that. i think that apple understands that piece to it, but in the near term you still see these extremely high read buy rates from people who have iphones. >> look, i'm upgrading to a 5s. from a 4s to 5s. >> we have to go, gene. thank you. that's the point. you get locked into the ecosystem, you're there for
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life. >> some are and some aren't. >> you're sticking around for the rest of the show. stock number two starbucks hitting an all-time high, up 40% this year, 70% this monthp. let's bring in matt, starbucks analyst at lazard. your note says fly wheel trumps consumer slowdown. what does that mean? >> well, it was a term he was using howard schultz on the third quarter conference call basically momentum. a fly wheel has momentum and they are one of the only guys in the retail space or consumer space in the broader or large cap consumer space with that momentum. 9% same-store sales was an acceleration from the previous quarter and all we heard over the last three months is how the consumer has been choppy if not slowing down, so they are on an island right now by themselves enjoying a lot of earnings momentum and top line momentum. >> the december contracts for arab by ka coffee beans in brazil continue to fall, prices continue to drop. a sticking point because i have a bet with herb on coffee.
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i've been wrong so far. is this pure profit for starbucks? >> it is. it's been pure profit for starbucks, dunkin' donuts, green mountain, unique in that while most guys are saying the commodities are benign these are favorable for them on the coffee side. again another restaurant unique thing here for them. >> i do think one thing you have to watch and i see it in the southern california stores, the san diego stores, the rollout of evolution i don't know how well it's doing. you go in the stores, they're busy. the evolution is side and center if that makes any case. that's going to be something people will be looking for closely. >> thank you very much to you and matt. finally we've got sears up 23% this week. though it is down just a little bit today. what is behind the big move? let's ask morning star's paul what do you make of this and why is it up so much? >> i think there's definitely a short squeeze going on. it's a very thinly traded stock and eddie lambpert the chairman, now ceo controls a lot of it. on top of it there was a power
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point out by one of the filing investors and announcement that k mart is going to do check cashing and banking type services which is a positive for them. >> if the value is in selling off the real estate as some people speculate, seems to be our ritual, sears -- >> this is how the story started. >> every five years. but if you sell what you have that has value, what's left? >> yeah. that's the problem is executing on that breakup value and especially in sears' case, some of the power point pointed to we're going to parcel out the front of the stores to subleases. that's a very -- i mean it's a possible strategy, but it takes a lot of operational excellence to get that done. and right now, the way the company is running they're piling up losses pretty fast. if the real estate is valuable and pile up another 500 million in losses every few quarters you're eating away at that
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value. >> one of the other reasons it's remarkable it's doing well is you're also saying despite the economic recovery, the housing recovery, you say the stores are empty, no not capitalizing on selling more appliances. where are they going wrong? >> i've been saying if housing and appliances could pick up, it would give sears a shot in the arm. but home depot and lowe's just started selling samsung and lg and that was one of sears' key point. >> they're taking share away from sears, definitely. >> and they're smelling a little blood in the water and they're both aggressively advertising. best buy is doing well on appliances. appliances is coming back. sears was holding its own or even gaining share during the recession in aplipss. now they're starting to slip a little. i hope it doesn't get worse for their sake but the competitors are pouring it on here. >> all right. paul, we appreciate your insight. let's get now to potential snag in the negotiations over the,
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yeah, continuing resolution. eamon javers what's going on? >> hi, brian. nbc news is reporting that house republican leaders have now delayed a vote on a measure that would keep the government running through the end of september. that's the so-called continuing resolution language. republican leaders have hit a snag within members of their own caucus here. the question is whether or not this resolution would force the united states senate to vote on defunding obama care. conservative members of the republican conference want that obama care defunding vote very much. leadership not as committed to it it would seem. the leaders expect to have this vote on continuing the government's funding as early as thursday. now it appears they will need a little more extra time here to work this out within their own coalition and figure out what they're going to do next. the budget battles have begun big time in washington. >> deja vu all over again yet the market remains on highs. hopefully this time we will ignore d.c. and move on with our lives. >> every time i think the market
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ignores d.c. they've become desensitized to it. >> stay inside the beltway. >> on deck, one of america's top real estate developers will tell you if he thinks we're in a housing bubble. his name is joe fallon and he transformed boston's real estate market. coming the first time on cnbc. >> a netflix bull turning bearish. his downgrade dragging down the stock. we'll talk to rich greenfield coming your way very soon. has it's ups and downs. seasonal... doesn't begin to describe it. my cashflow can literally change with the weather. anything that gives me some breathing room makes a big difference. the plum card from american express gives your business flexibility. get 1.5% discount for paying early, or up to 60 days to pay without interest, or both each month. i'm nelson gutierrez and i'm a member of the smarter money. this is what membership is. this is what membership does.
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hewlett-packard and alcoa.
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higher rates taking their toll on mortgage op maycations dropped 13.5% last week. as bad as it sounds much of it examining from the drop in applications to refinance. >> so how are rising rates impact residential real estate. let's ask one of america's commercial real estate developers joe fallon, president and ceo of the fallon company based in boston. it's a pleasure to have you on the show today. >> pleasure to be here. >> we're getting mixed messages on the one hand, for example, like brian said mortgage applications and refys falling off because of rising rates. we're hearing about multiple bidders and bidding wars in cities like new york city, boston, san francisco, what's the true story according to you? >> you have to break it into the market segments and there are certain market segments doing better than others. that's why it's a mixed message. there are cities very strong. we focus on boston and boston is very strong. >> red hot strong?
2:18 pm
>> white hot. >> why? >> it's a lot of it has to do with the supply. look at boston today, i'll look at typically you'll see housing in the luxury market which is our focus and see the days in the market anywhere from 80 to 120 days even beyond that if you look at a broad base. in boston right now, in the luxury market in certain segments there are -- it's right now 41 days in the market. and we only have 60 days of supply. it doesn't take a genius to figure out we're running out of stock, running out of supply, start seeing in boston where they're paying 98% of the asking price today, 100%, 105%. >> three great debates in america right now. number one, how did we get to meet each other. number two, when will the fed cease its bond buying. will higher mortgage rates destroy the housing market? >> no. in the luxury market no. there where there a number of
2:19 pm
buyers that are cash buyers. it's a psychological impact. no question that the interest rates have an impact, but the first reaction by everybody is that we want to pull back. we want to pause for a second and then see what happens. we're looking at a segment right now of one week an that's where you were talking about the applications and what's happened. that one week won't determine what's going to happen over the course of that year. >> maybe a pause is necessary and a healthy thing when you consider what you're talking ate going on in boston, you could almost say that there would be fears of a bubble. >> absolutely. i actually was in the green loom room and heard a lot of bubbles going on. a housing bubble and art bubble. i don't think in boston we're experiencing a bubble. new york i don't think they're experiencing a bubble. you have that supply being absorbed. you have to look at the market segments and determine how does that fit into what is being des sem nated in the economy. >> i love this job but hate this job in the sense it's a femoral. you create things with long-lasting value and beauty which is fantastic.
2:20 pm
i want to show our viewers something you've done. we have a before and after picture of one of your developments on the waterfront. the fan pier, downtrodden, beaten up. the before. if you look at the after -- >> i hate that picture. >> why. >> it's empty. >> look at that. >> look at the after. that's what you've helped create. >> i like that picture. >> bostonian like that picture. that will last for a long time. how many more of those do you have in you? >> i enjoy what i do. i do like what i do a lot and we've focused on developing ground up. and we tend to do an urban centers and right now our shift is from commercial to the residential side. as i was mentioning earlier we see the demand so we're going to start building. we'll break out for condominiums next month on that same site. in boston we're enjoying right now a growth period that is really probably the strongest in the country. >> i love living in the city but not everybody loves living in the city.
2:21 pm
they like to have green trees and a yard. what degree are dem graph is, baby boomers and millennials want to live in the city and that's helping your development? >> the boomers and millennials they actually control -- they are half the population in the country. if there's 300 million people, over 150 mill reason in that segment and and they're both targeted a little different. the boomer generation looking to move from the suburban into the urban. they want to be able to walk to their store, walk to a play. the millennials they actually are changing in a different way. boomers want to have parking underneath. millennials don't want cars. in boston we've seen a 14% drop in the number of cars in the city because the millennials that are there now, they actually want to walk or they take the bike. that bike sharing program that we see in new york and in boston major cities, very big with the millennials. >> a real pleasure. one thing i have to disagree with you on, i bet you a pint
2:22 pm
that the sox don't win a world series. >> i'm game with that. this is their year. >> national tv. >> national tv. >> ain't going to happen. >> you said one pint? >> just one? >> come on. you're irish. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> all right. still ahead, we are going to strum a tune with the ceo of songs. >> an then later on in the show we sent julia boorstin on a mission to find the next big thing in tech. yep, this is actually a thing. see what else she covered at one of the biggest tech conferences of the year. really cool stuff. ♪
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♪ the check crunch disrupt conference one of the biggest tech conferences of the year, all the big names are there from zuckerberg to mayer, marisa not john. the most exciting part dozens making a pitch to launch their products so we sent julia boorstin on a mission to find the next big things in tech and she came up with a robot
2:26 pm
bartender? >> that's right. brian, we thought you would be very interested in this robotic bartender. it's a company that wants to transform the way bars and clubs do business and like all the companies here at tech crunch disrupt, it's looking to use technology to disrupt or shakeup established business models. their $1,000 bartender robot mixes cocktails targeting night clubs and v.i.p. sports venues giving spots that offer expensive bottle services where customers make their own drinks a new service charging $295 monthly fee. >> what ingredients they put in the machine to optimize the list. we have a mobile app to order drinks from your phone from across the room. one of the cool features people love is the strength slider. you can change the alcohol level on your drink a light weight to a boss. >> brandon connects men who hate to shop with people who love to shop to become their personal shoppers.
2:27 pm
brandon adding a 10% fee which it shares with the shoppers. >> i know the pain men have when they go shopping and i have that pain too and there's nothing on-line at the moment. >> taking on nike's fuel band there's a start-up called b stars. it has a product called the quas. a wristband that costs $299, about three times its rivals with social tools targeting sports teams. >> for the 50 million kids and adults in u.s. that play team sports and do not actually have a technological solution. >> the big question is which of these hot start-ups will gain traction outside of tech crunch disrupt. this conference is full of a lot of early adopters. >> great stuff. fantastic. thank you very much, julia boorstin. talk to someone else who is trying to be the next big thing. we've met him before here on "street signs." the ceo of songs. for those of you who do not know what that is, it's a free streaming music app.
2:28 pm
before we get on to talk about all kinds of things such as apple i would like to ask you what did you think about the cool things like a robotic bartender and stuff? >> i'm excited about the bartender. does it make smoothies? >> i'm sure it does whatever you want it to at the press of a button. >> i like it then. >> let's talk apple. you do business with apple. almost like sleeping with the enemy a little bit. they're a competitor but you do business together. but come september 18th they're going to be lauving itunes radio. are you scared apple are going to sever ties with you? >> they've built an awesome radio service. type in the name of a song or song you like. i think apple will be a formidable competitor for them. we do something different. >> like? how different are you? >> on songss we predict what you're doing or feeling and serve a play list that makes it better. you don't think of the song or artist, we do it for you. a different user experience. >> you go by mood instead of picking an artist that might
2:29 pm
have the mood you're in, i want to look at the stars, pick jim morrison, you have a play list that says looking at the stars and cur rates based on that mood. doing something different. but there are threats besides apple. we've talked about them before. how do you fight them off? getting more crowded out there. >> you have to do something dramatically different and you do. you pop up any of the services the first thing you see is the search box. you need to connect an artist with star gazing. you more directly approach the problem people have. a trillion songs i coulds listen to anywhere, which one do i pick. songza does that for you. >> it is a crowded space. we have your competitors on the board there. which one frightens you the most? >> none of those services are trying to do what we're doing. they think music is their product. >> pandora? doesn't scare you. >> is rhapsody still around? >> our product isn't music like theirs is. ours is lifestyle enhancement, better workout or barbecue or
2:30 pm
party. >> one of your play lists going back to college by samsung. how do we get a watching "street signs" by cnbc? >> we show "street signs" -- >> i assume that's -- it's a real question about your revenue model. >> i like it. part of the value for "street signs" would be embracing native advertising. sounds like a complicated buzz word. it says if you want to ask for someone's phone number you should probably try flirting with them first. going back to college with samsung, hyped with taco bell, working out with nike, ways a brand can flirt with the user using songza, now you should buy my product. >> the hard sell is coming at some point. >> you do want to have the flirting first. >> you hope so right before you skip to the good stuff. i want to ask, talking of good stuff, talk about ad sales. summer is traditionally a slow down but i see your revenue has been growing significantly, growing revenue 33%. >> absolutely. >> can you keep going at that
2:31 pm
sustainable pace. >> we are on trajectory to do that. the introduction of something different and exciting for advertisers as our product for users. to improve what people are doing right now. >> okay. >> all the money or simple life by the warhols is a good "street signs." >> good start. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you. >> netflix, down a couple percent today. we'll speak to an analyst that downgraded the stock. >> and later on a head's up to the freak lent flyers out there. a new plan to make in-flight wireless faster and a whole lot less infuriating. that's next. get paid to do something, "d you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love?
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netflix hit a new high this morning and then your next guest comes on and downgrades the stock and it falls. shares down a couple percent right now. let's interview the bad guy, rich greenfield, technology analyst, and herb green burg with us back as well. rich, thank you very much for joining us. not a bad guy. what was with the downgrade on netflix? >> everything has a price and i think we waited a long time to get bullish on netflix. arguably we waited too long as the stock bounced off the bottom strongly. we put a buy on the stock at 170
2:35 pm
in april and we're less than six months since we put a buy on this and this is up pretty dramatically. i thought as it broke through the 312 level it felt like the expectations for my numbers when i looked at financially how much we thought they were going to exceed expectations by, we weren't moving our numbers up enough relative to the move in the stock and it just felt like when you start looking at on 2015, not '14, but 2015 even giving them credit for international making money versus losing money you were still looking at a stock trading at nearly 20 times, it felt expensive at this point. >> maybe not that maybe anything fundamentally is wrong with the stock. maybe the good fundamentals are priced in. >> what i'm interested in here, with what you said, rich, is if you really believe the long-term story in the stock, why wouldn't you just keep a buy until you know who knows when.
2:36 pm
cramer out there yesterday on his show talking about this thing is just so say under valued but said it needs to have a huge market cap. why don't you stick with it? >> you know, looking at it, it's now $18 billion market cap. they are becoming hbo. in terms of their aspirations. they're not there yet quality wise. hbo if you were to sell hbo out of time warner i think it would be substantially larger business than netflix is today but the gap is closed pretty dramatically and i think for net flicks, they need to have an increasingly large amount of original programming, they've done very well off the bat, orange is the new black, i think was better than house of cards. >> isn't there some point where they have to consistently make money? does anyone care about that with this company? >> but that's why we're taking our off the table and when you look at this at 312 dollars as we were downgrading it that's the thing. at that point i thought the
2:37 pm
amount of leeway you're giving them to make money in the future. that's the fallacy they make money. they're investing all their profits in the u.s. and building out overseas but even if you gave them a lot of credit if they were making money overseas you're talking a about a stock no longer cheap. it was a compelling stock as you were in the upper 100s at 170 per se be. now it's you have to have tremendous expectations for international and look from a domestic standpoint, look, we could be wrong. we're assuming that subgrowth continues to slow in 2014 and 2015 from where they do this year. if they keep accelerating subgrowth, accelerating this year versus last year, blow the doors out subscriber wise, we're going to be wrong. >> who's the threat to net flicks, right? is it google play, amazon, apple, like songza, a company we've never heard about yet? there's going to be somebody out there trying to take a hatchet
2:38 pm
to the tree trunk. >> amazon is the clear player you would look at. what's been surprising while amazon is probably spending 7, $800 million on programming, and even beginning to dip their toe in the water in terms of original programming, there's certainly not making the bets and originals that netflix is making. when you go to a cocktail party with your friends and family no one is talking about streaming on amazon as they are netflix. >> something i tweeted out the other day which surprises me how walmart has squandered voodoo. they could have done something there and how they allowed that to happen is beyond anyone's guest other than perhaps management. >> everybody -- tv should be there, right. your cable operator, satellite operator has so much access to content buts the actual applications that these companies have created are nowhere near the ease of use and innovation that net flicks has come up with. the netflix product is easy and only gotten better, now starting to add personal profiles, adding
2:39 pm
increased aim of kids content, they're making the service better and better and that's why the stock has had the momentum move it has, is that it really is, you know, beating down any potential competition and staying way out in front of everybody else. >> we have to leave it there. great discussion. thank you so much for joining us. >> i just brought up the voodoo web page because it was a good call and it's ten free movie when you sign up now, like columbia house records. >> sounds like a good deal. eventually you have a $700 for six cds and like tiffany or like stuff you don't want. maybe that was me. up next air travel is the worst but it could get less worser. coming up. >> okay. . plus an old-fashioned food fight coming your way. first scott, what is coming up on "the closing bell". >> an exclusive with activist investor carl icahn. find out if he's closer to convincing apple's ceo tim cook to increase the company's buyback.
2:40 pm
plus he reacts to the latest ac questiontations at herbal life. a copyright provision could have an impact on the music industry. the original singer of the village people is here. to tell us just how he recovered the rights to some of that group's most popular songs including "ymca." you're going do that maybe on the other side of this quick break. see you on "the bell." i love having a free checked bag with my united mileageplus explorer card. i've saved $75 in checked bag fees. [ delavane ] priority boarding is really important to us. you can just get on the plane and relax. [ julian ] having a card that doesn't charge you foreign transaction fees saves me a ton of money. [ delavane ] we can go to any country and spend money the way we would in the u.s. when i spend money on this card, i can see brazil in my future. [ anthony ] i use the explorer card to earn miles in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. ♪
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just how many risks are there out there right now for your money? let us count the ways, shall we? the fed qe, syria, gridlock in washington, maybe health care reform an mandy, number five, the big thing we don't know about yet, the so-called black swan, joining us now is steven, ceo of convergent wealth advisors. you advise the ubber wealthy. we went through some of the risks. what are you telling them is the big or biggest two risks out there right now? >> what i tell most of my clients the biggest risk to them is generally themselves. >> or that. >> yeah. i mean not staying in the
2:44 pm
market. short-term, things like syria, we were just talking earlier in the studio here, think bosnia when you think syria. what impact did it ultimately have on the markets long term. so i'm not as worried about that qe, bigger issue, much of that is probably baked into the market already. we'll see. >> okay. maybe we can remove syria as a risk factor for the moment and move the taper. hopefully priced in as you say. apart from themselves anything you're worrying about or keeps you up at night? >> sure. we're always worried about stuff going on in the markets. equities have had an unbelievable run. and what i really worry about is what clients are thinking about yesterday and thinking about what worked and what didn't work and as peter lynch said fighting last year's battles. where we want them to think about tomorrow. we spend most of our time convincing folks to take the robinhood approach. rob from the rich and give to the poor. invest where nobody wants to be
2:45 pm
and sell off the stuff we're doing well in. that's a tougher discussion. >> everyone wants to be in emerging markets, until recently. they're starting to emerge again. put money in emerging markets right now? >> we're slightly overweight in emerging markets. when i tell folks that -- or ask what the top performing asset class was over the last 10, 15 years, guess what answer is. emerging markets. nobody wanted to be there the last couple years. >> all right. steve, we'll leave it there. thank you very much for joining us. great practical advice, ones our viewers probably can't get unless they're ubber wealthy. >> thanks for having me. >> head over to faplay for the best advice in the field and check out our year-end financial checklist for investors with the ten things you should get started on right now before the end of the year. by the way, if you're watching us on an airplane right now, we have some pretty good news for you. your in-flight internet could get a whole lot faster.
2:46 pm
hallelujah, jane wells. how much faster? >> mandy, a lot faster. we hope. 90% of americans want wi-fi on every flight including me, but fewer than 10% according to the survey by honeywell, fewer than 10% will pay for it. here at the expo in anaheim, go go and a first in cnbc, the leader in the u.s. is announcing a new service on virgin america next year claims it will make connections 20 times faster going from three megabytes per second to 60 because for the first time go go is going to combine its land based towers with space it's renting on satellite. virgin america will install the antennas, still have to be approved by the faa. the ceo says coming soon also, commercial passengers will be able to text on their iphones and androids. one big challenge for his company remains, streaming movies which are not preloaded
2:47 pm
into the system. >> video is the elephant. often do the analogy, give anybody a glass of water but you won't fill their swimming pool. video is a swimming people. it's just so much going to the ground for movies is probably in the very distant future. >> but what about streaming from satellites. jetblue is finally adding internet service. ten years after letting people watch tv in flight it's spending $20 million on a seven-year contract for a high capacity satellite system which will have the bandwidth to let people stream net flicks at 30,000 feet. they say united airlines is signing on, getting ready to launch a fourth satellite. this market according to piper jeffrey is worth $3 billion and growing and passengers know it -- notice when they can't get it. >> it's very similar to not having water on the plane. if you don't have bandwidth or connectivity it feels like not
2:48 pm
having water and passengers expect it. >> jetblue is not going to charge passengers to surf the internet on the first 30 planes it installs the service on. it will charge for streaming and then reassess that business model after that. bottom line, guys, how much do people want this? according to the honeywell survey, 13% said they would give up in-flight toilet access for faster wi-fi. i can open assume those were all men. >> and in a really short flight. imagine going to australia without toilet access. i like to be off-line and enjoy my flight. you're a busy man. >> hard to do. >> i work both ways, back and forth to california this week and i picked my flights, there wasn't a lot of flights left, based on little wi-fi signal on our travel system and i bag airlines that don't have them. you're right. jane, thank you. >> still ahead, mcdonald's takes super sized to a new level with the happiest of happy meals. we are digging in. next. clients are always learning more
2:49 pm
to make their money do more. (ann) to help me plan my next move, i take scottrade's free, in-branch seminars... plus, their live webinars. i use daily market commentary to improve my strategy. and my local scottrade office guides my learning every step of the way. because they know i don't trade like everybody. i trade like me. i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies."
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"street signs." welcome back to "street
2:52 pm
signs." dow jones is reporting private equity firms kkr and sycamore are considering a joint bid on the jones group. can you see that popping up. >> thank you. i want to everybody to take a look at this, folks. they are giant new happy meals. not me, the food. they're called the blitz box from mcdonald's, sells for $15. basically meant for a family. you have two quarter pounders, 20 mcnuggets and lots and lots of fries. this is the box. i'm not sure why it's there's kansas city chiefs flag. >> they're testing it out in kansas city first of all. if successful, they're rolling it out. >> did anybody catch that? ss for "street signs." could be for super size. we'll claim it as ours. a big mac is what he would order up for dinner but is mcdonald's what he would order up for his portfolio? we're joined by herb greenberg.
2:53 pm
you say you want mcd but otherwise you would like which company? >> manned >> mandy, back in the day when i was 300 pounds playing football, i would knock that down but i like yum brands, owns kfc, taco bell, and currently my pregnant wife has a craving for taco bell which is why i think i'm supporting the bid here. the they've lagged two to one recently. they had huge headwind coming out of china but i think they got through the headwinds of the bird flu scare. they cut a lot of suppliers who were supplying them illegal drug birds, a-rod birds, which they got rid of. it looks better. >> make the case for yum, jeff -- i just ate a chicken nugget and was trying to talk. half of it spit out. yum has had these problems in
2:54 pm
china. do you think they're finally over that, jeff? honest to goodness? >> i honestly do. you actually look at their expansion plan. they go from 6,000 stores to 20,000 stores. mcdonald's, which is much more prudent in chin nashgs you see yum brands. they're all in. >> they are so all in. when you go there, jeff -- this is herb -- all you see is yum brand. >> apples to apple it is -- >> there's no apples here. >> nothing living here. what about burger king? >> i like to eat there but i want to focus on yum because i want that china exposure. this it's been in your portfolio the last two years you've been susceptible to all the moves. we're finally seeing traction in china. i like the fact yum brands gets 50% of revenue from overseas. i'm all in on yum brands.
2:55 pm
>> if we just talk about mcdonald's for two seconds, the fact we have this wonderful sort of mcfamily concept going here. i know they started off in australia with the mates meal, dinner box, they're bringing it to kansas city to try out. do you think this will work for mcdonald's here domestically? >> even if it doesn't work, the fact we're talking about mcdonald's -- they're geniuses about their marketing. the mcrib, only on for three hours, next tuesday. the fact they can get people to think about it. kudos to mcdonald's. >> thank you. we'll send mcdonald's your way as well. speaking of burgers, jim cramer will be chewing the fat with smashburger ceo on "mad money." still on this show, the most beautiful bubble ever. ready to run your lines?
2:56 pm
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2:58 pm
is the most beautiful bubble ever about to burst? robert frank is here. please say it isn't so. >> there's been talk of an art bubble for years but now it may be real. here are my top signs art is getting overpriced. number five, the barnett newman paining, called mint, just blue with a white line. sold for $1.4 million. this jeff kuhns piece, vacuum cleaners in an acrylic box sold
2:59 pm
for $10 million. number three, jim grant recommends shorting kuhns or selling kuhns, selling newman in his latest rate return and when he talks, you should listen. sales of andy warhol, topped $585 million. jay z is rapping about art. picasso baby says, it ain't hard to tell on the new jean-michel surrounded by warhols my whole team ball twin bugattis outside art basel. >> so subjecttive, so untransparent. >> absolutely. prices now may be even crazier
3:00 pm
than normal. >> pop! thank you so much. >> thank you very much, everybody, for watching "street signs." >> "closing bell," that fine show s coming up next. we look forward to seeing you tomorrow again on this fine show as well. hi, everybody, welcome to the "closing bell." i'm marie bartiromo at the new york stock exchange. the mood is a bit different today as we remember the attacks on 9/11, 12 years ago. >> i'm scott wapner in for bill griffeths. we remember the day. a lot of american flags around the building today. just to get this building back open as rudy giuliani was an achievement in itself. >> that is my deepest memory.


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