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tv   The Kudlow Report  CNBC  September 16, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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vacuum apple went up 80 points. carl icahn tweets so to speak. they didn't get the china dole and didn't have the price low enough for the cell phone. so it makes total sense that it cools back. okay? it's just natural. i promise right here on we can confirm that the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified at 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth, texas. we have post the photographs of mr. alexis on our website,, and we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at 1-800-call-fbi. no piece of information is too small. >> a terrible shooting at the d.c. navy yard leaves 13 people dead and many more questions still unanswered. who is aaron alexis? what was his motive? is there another shooter still
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out there? this is still a developing story, and this is a special edition of "the kudlow report." good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." joining me on set for the full hour my colleague tyler. >> good evening. it's been a very, very busy day around washington, on wall street and around the globe. a short time ago federal and local authority wrapped up a briefing about the shooting at the navy yard that employs some 16,000 people at all. that shooting left 13 people dead, including the suspect and more than a dozen injured. let's get right to cnbc's eamon javers who joins us live from the scene in washington with the very latest. eamon? >> reporter: good evening, tyler. i want to update you with the situation that apparently is in progress over at the white house right now. just within the past couple of minute, a lot of secret service activity on the north side of the white house. now we're told, initial reports
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say that a person threw fireworks over the fence at the north lawn of the white house. now that's right near the camera positions where a lot of the media will be stationed. we've seen a lot of reporters tweeting out photos of the white house north lawn. secret service activity there right now. what we're told is going on there, all this activity is about somebody who apparently threw firecrackers over the fence there, so apparently nothing serious. no shots fired, but a very high alert in washington, d.c. today right now in the wake of this horrific shooting incident here at the washington navy yard which is just about five blocks behind where i'm standing now. earlier within the past hour we saw the chief of police for the district of columbia come out and say that they are still on the lookout for another person who may or may not be involved in today's attack. take a listen. >> we still are working diligently to either verify or clear whether we have that last additional person of interest out, whether they are going to be involved or not. that process is not complete.
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>> reporter: so tyler, initially they had two people of interest. they say they were able to find and interview one of those people. they say they have ruled him out as an accomplice or suspect in this attack. the second person they say they are still looking for and what we've got going on right here right now at this facility is a lot of police escorts now for large buses full of people that are being evacuated from the washington navy yard. they are actually being brought over to nationals park, the baseball stadium, which is just about a block or two from where i'm standing here. there's a parking lot there where some of the people who witnessed this horrific attack today are now being taken in order to meet with their loved ones. a lot of their cars are still impounded. they can't get themselves home tonight after work after this hard day of being locked down here, so a lot of those people are now finally after a very long day being allowed to leave. tyler? >> eamon, let me just ask you, it's larry. let me just ask you. i want to go back to the white
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house incident. apparently secret service took the guy down. the guy threw firecrackers on to the lawn and then they took him down, pulled out weapons. do we know who the guy, is any sense of the backdrop to this? >> reporter: we don't. this incident happened just a few seconds before i came on the air live with you here right now, larry. what we're told it was firecrackers tossed over the fence. we'll have to wait for more detailed reporting on this, but reporters on the scene are saying that there is intense secret service activity on the north lawn. i know that we have a shot of the north side of the white house that you can take there in the control room to show you what we can see. not a whole lot of activity i'm told is visible in that shot right there, but i can tell you also that pennsylvania avenue, although it's been blocked off in front of the white house from vehicular traffic, it is open for pedestrian traffic, and that's one of the great things about this open democracy that we live in, that people from all over the world, all times of the day and night are at that gate
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right in front of the white house taking photos, meeting with friends and looking at the white house. they can get fairly close to the white house, but there is always a very visible secret service uniformed presence there, also presumably non-uniformed secret service right on the site there, so if anybody tried anything suspicious at that white house north lawn gate, it would be a matter of seconds before they could be apprehended by the secret service. larry. >> eamon, even closer to you down there in southeast washington is the u.s. capitol. what, if anything, do we know about the security status at the capitol at this hour? >> well, we know that they believed up security throughout the day. there's a normal playbook that you would run security-wise when there's an incident like this. all of the security around the region and all the different entities, a lot of police departments, police at the capitol and secret service over at the white house, park police here, u.s. naval officers here as well so all of those entities went on high alert immediately
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after this attack. you know that the senate was on lock down and people were being told not to leave the senate office buildings for a time today, but at various point they decided they were going to release that and let those senate employees leave, though new visitors were not being allowed into the senate complex. on the house side a totally different picture at the house of representatives. they stayed open through the bulk of the day so different security responses in different places based on the level of threat, the level of information that they have on site at each place. >> all right. thanks very much. eamon javers, we'll get back to you later in the program. first let's bring in don clark, former fbi special agent in charge of the new york and houston divisions. don, as always, thanks for helping us out. i just want to go back to aaron alexis for a minutes okay? there are reports that in 2004 he was arrested for shooting up somebody's car and in 2010 down in fort worth, texas, that he fired into a neighbor's apartment, so he shot a car up
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in seattle in 2004, and he fired into a neighbor's apartment in fort worth, texas in 2010. is this just a single nut case situation in your judgment, or is there more to it? >> i think it's a little bit more to that, you know. obviously for what you just said that this guy had done and the incidents that he had been involved in and so forth, he had some issues going on there, but i suggest that perhaps someone outside of that knew that he had those issues and that would be the one that perhaps could bring them together to do whatever they needed to do. it is not unlikely that there could be an outsider that was promoting this person to do what he did. >> the police and the fbi, don, have been very careful about ascribing a motive to this suspect, now deceased, but they have been also extraordinarily cautious from where i sit about eliminating the possibility that
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there have been other shooters involved. at one point they were saying there were possibly three. they then rule out one individual there, but they have not completely backed off it. why does it take them so long to rule out or rule in the possibility of a second gunman? >> i think being careful, you know, just being careful to make sure. you know, if they have got everything under control, i don't think it would be proper for them to rush through and say it was this number or that number and not be totally convinced. in today's world it shouldn't happen any time, but it certainly can't happen in today's world because there are too many eyes watching and too many ears to hear and too many people to be harmed. >> don, can i just follow up on your earlier point. you mentioned somebody on the outside. are you suggesting that this guy had an accomplice? we don't know who the accomplice is because he was never involved in the action, is that your thought? >> i'm suggesting that there could be someone on the outside who has been talking to this
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young man about these types of things and perhaps even giving some types of teaching and that type of aspect and sometimes it's the type of person who may bring -- who may get all of this information and all of a sudden turn this information into some catastrophic event that we just saw here today. >> as a counsellor, i'm trying to understand what you're saying to me. as a counsellor, in other words, is this outside you're talking about a good guy or a bad guy? a guy counseling on what clearly is some kind of violent anger management problem, if he's shooting up apartments and cars, or are you saying that this guy was a bad guy and encouraging him to go into -- into the navy yard? >> yeah. i don't -- i don't doubt for a moment that the possibility could be that there was an outsider who was a bad guy who may have been talking to this kid for a long time and putting things into his mind and giving him tasks that he should do, and i don't put that past at all.
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granted, i don't have any evidence to that at all, but i can tell you that that type of scenario has come about in the past. >> the fbi's agent in charge today was asking any individual who had any information about this suspect to call an fbi hotline. it sounds to me, don, as though they know very little about him other than what larry described, two run-ins with him in seattle and then in fort worth and then associations with the buddhist temple in fort worth where he lived until apparently just a few months ago. is it unusual to you that we would not know at this point more about this individual's background? >> well, you know, there may not be a lot about his background there because if that were, as we talk about just a few moments ago, if there was someone in the back room, if you might -- if i might say that was promoting this young man and teaching this
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young man and giving him all o this information and advice on to how to go about to do some type of activity of this nature, then there wouldn't be anybody else and the he wouldn't have done anything else and it's not uncommon for people who -- to get involved in these types of very devastating activities for everybody to look back and say oh, my goodness, it couldn't be that person, but that was the nicest young man or young person that we've seen on the block, but yet someone had them close to the vest and taught them to do and also taught them to be silent while doing it. that could be a possibility. >> a couple of people from a thai restaurant, as in thailand restaurant, down in fort worth, they were just interviewed on one of the news shows, and, you know, said what a nice low key guy this was trying to learn the thailand language, but what i'm hearing from you even though this episode where he shot up the car is at least three years old, 2010 and he's a navy guy, right, the guy was trained in
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the navy. we know that. that's from the record. there might have been another navy guy or another service guys who who had some kind of grudge, might have cooked up a grudge. maybe this was a half baked operation. in other words, the stuff that you're suggesting i haven't heard from anybody else and i'm just trying to pursue it because this is a whole different avenue. >> yeah, and neither have i heard it, but when you are looking at an investigative aspect, i think you've got to look at all of these angles because we know that in history that type of activity has occurred, and, yes, it could be just a young man that all of a sudden was a good young man and got off to a bad point and got involved in this. that could happen as well, too, an everybody would say, no, it couldn't be him. he was the nicest kid on the block. >> don clark, thank you very much. as always we appreciate it. all right, folks, we'll be back with much more on this shooting in our nation's capital. i'm kudlow and i'm here with tyler mathison.
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welcome back to a special edition of "the kudlow report." we're still following the developing story of the d.c. navy yard shooting. let's get you updated on what we
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know. cnbc's bertha coombs has that for us. good evening, bertha. >> reporter: good evening, larry, learning a little more this evening about the suspect, mr. alexis and who he worked for most recently. let get you caught up on this story. 13 people fatally shot, including the gunman. that is the young man who has been identified by police as the shooter, 34-year-old arab alexis. he was a naval reserve -- served in the naval reserve from 2007 to 2011. he had lived in fort worth, texas, bus recently moved to washington. initially police thought there was another gunman, but tonight police believe he was the lone shooter, though they are searching for a second man. nbc news is reporting that he had a job as a civilian contractor, and tonight hewlett-packard confirms that aaron alexis worked as a subcontractor for hp enterprises. the spokesperson could not say whether alexis was still
7:17 pm
employed by the company today. the director of corporate relations said we're deeply saddened by the tragic events at the washington naval yard. our thoughts and sympathies are extended to all those affected. hp is cooperating fully with law enforcement as requested. again, 13 people killed, including the suspected gunman. many others are also injured. at least three of them tonight remain hospitalized. larry? >> bertha, can i ask a quick question in this expert's company. he was essentially a contractor. that means he had access to the naval yard? did anybody talk about that? >> reporter: >> one would imagine he may have had an identification, but nbc news was reporting that it
7:18 pm
appears he was recently terminated, so if he was recently terminated, one would expect that his i.d. would also have been terminated as well. there are reports that he managed to access the navy yard which, of course, is heavily fortifi fortified, strong security there, that he managed to access it with the i.d. of someone else. >> bertha, what else do we know about this company you? said the experts was a subcontractor to hewlett-packard, not really a hewlett-packard employee of some sort? >> exactly. he probably would have been someone who would have been a freelancer who worked for this particular enterprise services group working on the internet there at the navy marine corps, and although he was a reservist from 2011 to -- from 2007 to 2011 he was never active in the navy itself. he had a petty officer that was the highest rank that he had achieved at this point, though what we understand, he had been
7:19 pm
living in texas, and as we had earlier discussed there had been some issues with gun, a gun discharged and the gun went through the roof and into the ceiling of another apartment. there was also another possible involving a gun discharging as well, but at this point it appears he had worked on the base as a subcontractor to a group called the expert company which is a subsidiary of hp ent price services. >> all right. thanks, bertha coombs, we appreciate t. in addition to 13 people killed including the shooter, at least a dozen people injured. some of them being treated at met star washington hospital center. that's where cnbc's diana olick is standing by live for us this evening. good evening, diana. >> reporter: good evening, larry. the late forest here is that one person, that is the washington metropolitan police officer who was brought here with multiple fun shot wounds to his legs, has come out of surgery. he's in critical but stable
7:20 pm
condition. the other two women who were brought here are also in stable condition. one sustained a gunshot wound to her shoulder. from what we know she's still in surgery. the other woman had a gunshot wound to her head, but luckily it did not penetrate the skull and officials here tell us she did not need surgery. she was also injured in her hand. all these were brought here by medevac helicopter. they were all awake and alert and very concerned about the colleagues that they left behind. >> the most common question that i've heard from them is how their colleagues are doing. they actually have specific concerns and ask about different individuals. they are very worried about their colleagues. it's the only question that i've heard. it's the only conversation that i've heard about the incident. >> they were also very concerned about their family members asking to have messages sent to their parents that they were okay. we also had a visit here from the hospital center from the secretary of the navy who met
7:21 pm
with at least one of the victims and then met with the family members of some of the others. he praised the work here that's being done by the hospital staff as well as the first responders, and as of now we're just going to wait it out here, that these three people brought here should survive just fine. should come out of it okay. obviously it's been a very long day for all of them, but they are are all in stable condition. >> many thanks, diana olick. want to talk to you about a story we told but earlier. someone threw firecrackers over the fence at the white house which caused a lot of alarm but it was just firecrackers and the guy who did it has been arrested. with us now is larry barton, professor of management at the american college and an expert in crisis management and workplace violence prevention, and he's an instructor in threat management at the fbi academy in quantico. welcome. can i just ask our friend and
7:22 pm
fbi agent don clark, former fbi agent in charge of the new york office made a wonderful different observation. he's saying this guy alexis might have had an outside accomplice that we don't know about. what in your experience would suggest that that would be the case, for example? >> well, i've analyzed 3,000 cases, larry, over the years, and would i say this. i think don is probably more right than wrong. very few people are going to go in a calculated manner and establish a goal of killing a dozen or more people. he had to have planning and execution. this is an organized person. he had a uniform. it now appears that he had some connection with hp. the bottom line is that very few people will do that without giving what we call leakage, that he would have told someone his plans or thoughts. maybe he had a grievance with the navy yard or with hp. sounds like he recently lost his job, and if that's the case, i can guarantee you that there was
7:23 pm
some leakage to someone, so somebody may have egged him on, encouraged him on, told him how to commit maximum lethal output. that's very possible. on the flip side don may also be right on this issue. he also may have been seeing a psychologist, seeing a psychiatrist, a doctor. he may be on or off his medications. there's a lot more to this story that we don't know but i think it's et extremely rare to find a single person who can get into this level of navy base even with most security in place and commit this kind of crime without a grievance. i guarantee you he was upset with someone or something, and we need to find out what that was. >> mr. barton, this individual clearly had two that we know of incidents of discharging firearms. one clearly in anger where he shot out the tires of a vehicle of some individuals with whom he apparently had a grievance and another that apparently says he was cleaning a gun and the thing
7:24 pm
shot through the ceiling of the apartment. why would an individual like that be hired to work in a military installation like this? >> well, you nailed it. i will tell you this. the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior, and if indeed he received less than an ideal outcome when he left military service, they n it's possible, and this is where litigators will go representing 12 families who lost family members that they lofrk the question will be exactly that. if he was known to be less than a stellar person with potential criminal or some types of issues in the past, why didn't somebody at some organization, whether it's hp or their contractor check it, and how could he ever have been allowed access to thousands of people inside a military installation? those are reasonable questions that i think -- forget about litigators and naval officers. it's questions that you and i as citizens, as taxpayers have a right to ask, and they are very
7:25 pm
good questions. >> well, he worked in the navy yard, at least part of the time. he lost his jobs. >> that's right. >> so there may be a grievance there. it doesn't sound like an ideological grievance, at least not yet, so i don't know about the terrorism motive. it just may be an anger motive, but i want to explore your other point about leakage. you think he was talking to somebody on the outside. this is the don clark theory. you think he was either confessing or being counseled or plotting or -- >> being egged on or whatever. >> egged on or what? >> well, no one knows and be cautious of anyone who says we know for sure, but i think don is right and i'm trying to add a little spice to his argument and remember two people a day in this country are killed by a co-worker or former co-worker, and that number has been pretty steady for 20 years. today the number was lifted considerably, but this is a person who had expert marksmanship and knew how to go to a high level and shoot down and shoot innocent people, and
7:26 pm
when you think about everything from his camouflage, his uniform, how he got on the base, especially if he had been terminated, the reality is that very few people can do all of that and still get away with this kind of action as he did for a period of time without some type of pre-meditations at a minimum and possibly coaching at a maximum, and i think that's, by the way, federal officials tonight are not willing to acknowledge whether or not there may have been somebody on the back end giving him some support. >> you are quite right on that. they are being very careful about saying anything that could tip this investigation. >> yeah. the thing that's so interesting -- >> tyler, i was with -- i was with the superintendent last week of the boston police department, and as you know, let's just go there for a moment ream real quickly. remember, first, no one here has talked about what came out in terms of how police superbly nabbed the issue in boston which was surveillance tapes, and nobody so far today, cnbc is the first one to mention tonight where are the surveillance tapes, that's going to be kind
7:27 pm
of important so that will play a role in this as well in terms of pitting all these pieces together. there's just so much that we just don't know. >> again, just to close this down, yes, the police are being very cagey, tyler is right, and they are not closing this down and neither are you, and neither is don clark. it might be someone who worked had i'min the inside, but it also might be someone who is on the outside and would, therefore, be obviously culpable to this heinous crime. >> you nailed, it larry. one of the questions that is going to come into play, and i usually don't relate cults in any way to workplace violence, but this is the one area in teaching this for 30 years and teaching today at the bureau and the american college, this is the one area i can give you a correlation. why does a jim jones type of person, why are they able to pull people along and take them to guyana and do whatever or more recently other fanatics, and as we see now with radicalism? they do it because they see
7:28 pm
someone who was vulnerable. this person was vulnerable, and that's maybe the reason why there's somebody behind the curtain who may have been supporting him. >> fascinating. >> i just can't believe though that this guy, aaron alexis didn't know he would get shot. he knew the navy yard, and yes he might have been an accomplished marksman and had the camouflage on and went to high ground to do the shooting, i appreciate the expertise, but he's got to figure knowing the navy yard and how it's policed that he's going to get shot, and, therefore, i don't know why the heck he would do it. >> well, think about this. suicide by cop we know for a fact, having interviewed a number of perpetrators, and you're absolutely right, is one of the objectives often for these people, they will kill as many as possible, injure as many as possible knowing they will be brought down. you remember the similar circumstances at ft. food with captain hasan, he was not brought down by a member of the
7:29 pm
military. he was brought down and shot by an off-duty police officer, so you can be in some of the most fortified buildings in the world and still be able to commit these kind of heinous acts. >> thank you. larry barton, fascinating stuff, appreciate it. >> up next we'll continue our coverage at today's shooting and the washington, d.c. naval yard. i'm here with my colleague tyler matheson, please, stay with us. geoff: i'm the kind of guy who doesn't like being sold to.
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welcome back to this special edition of "the kudlow report." i'm larry kudlow. d.c. police and the fbi say the shooter is aaron alexis, a 34-year-old navy resavist originally from brooklyn, new york. alexis is now dead, but it's not clear exactly how. authorities are still not ruling out a second shooter in the incident. witnesses say the shooter said nothing as he fired the shots, no known motive for the shootings, but we know alexis had two prior arrests for non-lethal shooting incidents, one in seattle in 2004 and one in texas in 2010. >> here now is robert mcfadden, a counterintelligence operations director. mr. mcfadden, welcome and thank you for joining us. we've had a fascinating conversation here. our first two guests laid open the possibility that there were in fact other individuals who if not directly involved may have
7:33 pm
had indirect involvement. do you think it's possible? >> it's possible as the two previous guests talked b.let me see if i can add a little bit to that as to the context as to why it may seem confounding as if there's a second or other persons involved. typically in a situation like this of paramount importance for investigators and authorities is to rule out that there is second or more persons. more than likely that information came from eyewitness accounts, and in a chaotic scene like this, particularly if he had three or more weapons, you're hearing different caliber shots, there's a lot of suggestion and a lot of confusion so often and in this case the shooter, the known shooter is dead. it's eyewitness account that the investigators must rule out, so the motivation part absolutely will come, and you can be guaranteed right now that they are doing a very, very deep dive
7:34 pm
on this young man's background but that's the key thing. if witnesses thought there was another shooter to work very, very hard to where they can get to the point to either confirm that or rule it out. >> or whether there was another shooter or not is one thing, but whether there was potentially some sort of adviser or spiritual father of this event as there had a been in some instances where we've had this kind of violence in the past, people are devotees of a certain individual, we don't know this about mr. alexis obviously, but the concept is that someone would is v known, that maybe he would have been advised, told how to go about this, how to plan this attack, whether that individual was there in part of the shooting or not. >> listen, what mr. clark and mr. barton said were spot on. that is a possibility, a plausible possibility. could even be an unwitting, a person unwitting to the idea of what this young man may have been up to, but in the spectrum
7:35 pm
of different scenarios, and, granted, this is with speculation, typically, historically, traditionally and at heat in recent times, the individual for whatever motivations plots this and becomes an earnest killer. that's what it sounded like this young man was all about, so i think what mr. barton in particular was talking to here is that when you look at an incident like this, if it is an individual and peel the onion as to what made up his behaviors and motivations, often there is, unfortunately, a tremendous amount of things that leak out like major nidal hasan. looked at it after the fact there were tragic indicators of very bad behavior that were known to individual but it wasn't put together. it wasn't passed to authorities as it could have been. >> clearly, clearly this guy was unstable, can you start there, right, because normal people don't, you know, start shooting up cars or shooting up apartments.
7:36 pm
clearly he was unstable. >> absolutely. from the preliminary information that we have right now. it was talked about a little bit previously. look, typically in a situation like this, if it is a lone or self-recruited kill there's no exit plan, and from what we're hearing, i know the building very well and worked at the navy yard for a number of years at my headquarters at ncis. i note building, and i know the layout. he apparently made his way up to the fourth floor which is looking down in an atrium which would have a terrific vantage point for killing as many people as possible. to your point, larry, not an indicator of anybody but a killer who is not planning of getting out of this thing alive. >> that was my thought. obviously i'm not an expert. he went up there to make the high shots. you can't get out. no way you're getting out of that building, just can't do it. and he must have known it and therefore he is a crazy guy,
7:37 pm
anger guy, delusional guy or else there's somebody else that tyler suggested as we heard from our guest, someone who is pulling the strings. >> again. we can't rule anything out at this point, and -- and, you know, as i said before, the priority right now, any other c co-conspirator is part of a broader conspiracy, but in parallel trying to get to the bottom, what made this young man do what he did today? >> right. >> all right. robert mcfadden, thank you very, very much. we'll be back with much more. i'm here with my colleague tyler matheson. please stay with us. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts
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welcome back to a special edition of "the kudlow report." breaking coverage of the shooting at naval yard in washington, d.c. cnbc's eamon javers joins us live from the scene tonight with the very latest details. what else is going on, eamon? >> reporter: well, good evening, larry. as i said to you at the top of the show, we had another incident here at the white house much, much less significant incident at the white house just within the past hour or so. we've got some pictures of what happened there, and these pictures are taken from the white house north lawn and shooting out towards the street in front of the white house and through the fence, and had a
7:41 pm
happened there is a man apparently threw firecrackers over the fence. secret service jumped on him immediately. in the video you can see they had him pinned down to the sidewalk for a period of time and walked him away with some resistance in handcuffs presumably to be interrogated as to why he would do such a harmful and dangerous thing on a night like tonight in washington, d.c. where security is at a real high here. we can also bring you some of the pictures that we've got of aaron alexis, the 34year-old man who has been implicated as the shooter here. he died in what authorities call a gun fight in the navy yard facility in an attack that happened about 8:20 this morning. alexis has been known to law enforcement before this. he was arrested on september 4th, 2010 but the fort worth police for recklessly discharging a firearm, and one of the big questions that you guys have been talking about tonight and that you know officials here in washington will be talking about tomorrow is how is a person who had this kind of a gun incident on his
7:42 pm
record previously allowed to be hired as a contractor for a sensitive military facility? that's one thing that authorities will want to get to the bottom of, larry. >> eamon, thank you for that. i want to ask you about the president's remarks today. he had a planned speech about the economy. he started with some comments about the shooting, which i thought were entirely appropriate, but then he launched into a vicious partisan political attack on the economy. take a listen. >> the problem is at the moment republicans in congress don't seem to be focused on how to grow the economy and build the middle class. i say at the moment because i'm still hoping that a light bulb goes off here. a terrible tragedy going on as he spoke. the question is why didn't he just drop the politics, just
7:43 pm
talk about the beginning of the speech which was about the washington naval yard, why does he feel compelled to start teeing off on republicans and the economy? >> reporter: look, larry, there's been a lot of talk of that all throughout the day, and you can bet the president will face a lot of criticism for that decision. i think -- i've been over here all day, you haven't been at the white house to talk to white house officials there, but i think what they will say is in the moment give a sense that life goes on at white house, it's business as usual. the nation's capital hasn't been disrupted, but then what they did is brought out a picture of the washington gridlock in dysfunction. that's what everyone doesn't like about washington, and what we saw here today in the aftermath of this horrific attack is some of what people do like about washington, the rallying together here, the heroism that we're told happened inside the washington navy yard as officials responded within seconds to this shooting.
7:44 pm
the immediate responders here and then, of course, the civilians and military officials who handled this with dignity and class throughout the day, a very, very trying and tough day here in washington. that was the tone down here by the washington navy yard, larry. >> you know, eamon, larry, of course, you've been down there at the navy yard all day, eamon. i spoke earlier today on cnbc with the chief economic adviser to the president, gene sperling, and asked him about the appropriateness of going into saturday of a partisan attacks even as this situation was unfolding down there, and sperling answered the way basically you did just there, eamon, and he said the american people expect their president to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time, that he cannot not continue to be the president and talk about the things that he thinks are important at any given moment, but i have to say sitting where i sat as this went on, i was very surprised that they let this pre-planned event, which was basically to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the fall of lehman brothers, i guess
7:45 pm
basically the apex of the financial crisis, to allow that to go on in light of what was happening just blocks away, a mass murder in the nation's capital. >> 12 people, 12 people killed plus the shooter, and gene sperling and the president want to say it's business as usual, and, i mean, i'm sorry, i just can't buy that. >> eamon? >> it was jarring to hear it from here because at the moment that the president was speaking, we, of course, were getting reports from d.c. police that there were possibly two suspects who may be affiliated at that time of the day. they thought two people might have been roaming the streets here loose, and they still, at this hour, say they are looking for one of those persons of interest. they have not been able to pin down yet. this is an african-american person, they say about 40 to 50 years old with gray sideburns. a person matching that description has not been found so even at this late hour they are still looking at somebody in
7:46 pm
connection with this. very jarring to hear what you heard at the white house during the time there was an active shooting investigation here at the navy yard in washington. i have heard folks at the white house say time and time again that you've go the be a able to do one, two, three things at a time because the rest of the nation may not be as focused on a local law enforcement situation as we are here and the rest of the country wants to hear about other things and they also talked about syria in that speech so the president addressing a wide range of calamities and disaster in one speech giving you a sense of the scale and breadth of the problems that the president has to deal with. >> in all respect it gives me a sense that he has continually a -- yes, there's several issues going on at one time, yes, and what i don't get is 12 people getting killed, plus the shooter as well, that part i don't get,
7:47 pm
and as you said there might have been more shooters around. that's not business as usual, it just isn't. >> all right. eamon, felt like a disconnect to me, frankly, i'll tell you. go ahead, eamon, i'm sorry. >> i was just going to say that this is a white house so nimble traditionally with press strategy, very quick to respond in realtime on twitter and very fast in their sense of timing politically and in the media has been very good, but there's going to be a lot of criticism, as you say, of what they did today. >> we appreciate it. we'll be back with much more on today's tragic shooting in washington. i'm here with my colleague tyler matheson.
7:48 pm
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7:51 pm
identification card from what we've gathered through various sources, so what i believe is as he went through the gate he showed the i.d. card he currently possesses because he worked for that subcontracton and the subcontractors, it's been disputed whether he was fired or not, but maybe they didn't confiscate his badge if he had been fired. he got on to the base. apparently he obtained another identification which was from someone else which they found on him when he was shot which allowed him access to that particular building. all he had to do was swipe the card at that point which got him into the building and he had the access to do what he was doing. >> there would be no metal detector that would detect whether he was carrying a concealed weapon, a handgun, for example, or maybe a broken down shotgun of some sort. >> what you normally see on a federal installation is most people obtaining i.d. cards have already gone through various background checks so there wouldn't necessarily be a reason to have you going through a metal detector going through various buildings on the base. it pretty much would be in
7:52 pm
excess in that type of environment. it wouldn't pick up that he had a rifle in a pack or some sort of a carry on. >> let me just ask you this from your experience as a security expert. a guy like this gets in there, however he gets in there, however he gets his rifle. he goes to the high ground, we've learned the fourth floor and starts shooting off, okay? do you think that he thinks -- he's been in the yard before, that he could possibly get out and get away alive? >> you know, i would not like to speculate how crazy this guy is because doing what he did was blatantly crazy. i don't think he thought he'd get out alive. but he probably wasn't thinking that far ahead. who knows what dramatization there was that he would be a superhero. highly secure, minimal on and off post access points, was going to be surrounded immediately by security, so i don't expect that he thought he'd get out alive. >> must be delusional, that's the only thing i can think of.
7:53 pm
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welcome back. once again. let's wrap up what we know right now in the d.c. shooting that has left 13 people dead. the fbi says the shooter is aaron alexis, a 34-year-old navy reservist originally from brooklyn, new york. he was killed in a shooting
7:56 pm
exchange with police officers at the scene. authorities are still not ruling out a second shooter in the incident. d.c. mayor vincent gray says there is no known motive in the shooting, and there's no evidence of any connection to terrorism at this time. >> the incident began early this morning at the navy yard facility. in the last few hours we've learned alexis had at least two prior arrests for non-lethal shooting incidents, one in seattle in 2004 and another one in texas in 2010. once again, 13 people dead in the d.c. navy yard shooting today. four other people were injured. i give many thanks to my friend and colleague tyler matheson. >> wonderful to work with you? and we may have uncovered with our guests, by the way, that there were outside acpraises in this thing. can't say yes or no but heard some pretty smart people. >> smart people saying there was probability at least that somebody else knew that something else was brewing with this individual who clearly was delusional in one way or another.
7:57 pm
>> and a guy like this going through that probably couldn't do it alone so we'll see. might not be another shooter. might be someone on the outside. who knows. anyways. stay with us. we'll have all the updates on this investigation on cnbc and tune in to "squawk box" tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. for the latest on this story and all the market news. thank you for watching. i'm larry kudlow. for tyler matheson, be back tomorrow evening. when we made our commitment to the gulf, bp had two big goals: help the gulf recover and learn from what happened so we could be a better, safer energy company. i can tell you - safety is at the heart of everything we do. we've added cutting-edge technology, like a new deepwater well cap and a state-of-the-art monitoring center, where experts watch over all drilling activity twenty-four-seven. and we're sharing what we've learned, so we can all produce energy more safely. our commitment has never been stronger.
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