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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 17, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain, but i'm teaching and coaching. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. when a market is this strong, you can't just pin it on one particular reason. either it's been hurt endlessly
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today, the federal reserve will release a statement tomorrow and we could be in for a real market bruising if they don't say the right thing. that fear kept the market at bay with the dow gaining 35 points, although it's up ten straight days on the s&p. s&p advanced .42%, nasdaq climbing, welcome back, apple. now, i am not for a minute dismissing how important the fed's largesse has been for stocks. lower rates have allowed companies to do exactly what you've done if you own a home. refinance at lower levels. i don't know about you, i refinanced three times because of bernanke and cut my mortgage bill in half. and that's what corporations did too. lower rates made it possible to get housing moving again. punching above its weight in the economy. and although we tend to judge by the new housing starts, it's much bigger than that. banks own a huge number of homes. when that market heated up, it allowed the banks to reverse the losses in the home portfolios
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and it's giving them more money to lend and that's a continuing ongoing process. this quarter, you're going to see a dramatic improvement in loan loss reserves. finally, we know the easy money provided by the fed flowed into the stock market. bonds didn't give enough return, so that cash poured into higher yielding stocks. that's totally over. it was good while it lasted. it ended because the fed lost control of the interest rates and they soared at the same time stocks had gotten so high that there weren't enough higher yielding names left to buy. now, so many people believe when the fed's done with the bond-buying program, maybe they can find that out tomorrow or it's tapering off. as soon as it's over, well, they say the car runs out of gas and you can't create gas. i want to tell you how wrong that is. you need to know ahead of the fed meeting why i can be more sanguine than the average bear! or bull for that matter. and, by the way, i still accept that the market could be in for a rough couple of weeks here. i say weeks because i know that the -- when right after when the fed's done, whatever it's going to do, i have no idea what it is going to do. the next big event will be the
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bruising fight between the fed-up president and the fractious house of representatives, run by the republicans. in other words, we have to run through a gauntlet and it's not going to be unlike the one that clint eastwood had to run in the movie "the gauntlet." you had to be a buyer of clint, aka that broken down cop, but not until the bus started roaring into phoenix, and we haven't even started the ride. here's what i think you need to be knowing and thinking through about tomorrow. statement comes out at 2:00 and change. a bunch of jokers take the market up or down, big while the statement comes out. while it comes out. anyone that reacts that quickly is a fool. you can't. this isn't football where you can script the plays. you actually have to think about it. these trigger pullers, they don't think. you get sucked in. the traders among you, as soon as we're down or up .5%, listen to me, if we're down .5%, buy the dip, if we're up, sell the dip. then we're going to go back to
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equilibrium. i don't want to help the traders. i care about the investors. what about investors? here we've got to be careful because of the gauntlet. unlike traders, you can't buy the first dip, you've got to wait. and given that this market is the most overbought it's been all year, any slip-up won't be over in a day. i also think that once this big, bad event is over, we're going to be totally focused on the budget talks and the pattern is they start off with hope, then they devolve into acrimony. then they plunge into total chaos. of course it's possible that washington becomes functional. you can make that bet. so given that i've been unremittingly negative about what will occur in washington, why encourage buying and why not sell everything? one reason is that you should have cash on the sidelines ready
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for the decline. if you haven't raised cash already, you haven't been watching the show. because going into that meeting tomorrow, well, you need some. you always need some cash ahead of a fed meeting, particularly this key one. and given the rest of the gauntlet, you can only commit half of your cash into a weakness down 2%, 3%, then you have to wait until the gauntlet gets really ugly this month. why only half? because you never know if someone shows a little patriotism, a little worry about you, about your job down on washington, you've got to have a deal. but if we don't, we're going to go down more and you can commit the rest. now, though, let me give you the litany of why the fed doesn't matter as much as everyone thinks. first, we were the only game in town, we being the united states, and all of our trading partners were faltering, the fed did matter tremendously, much more than it does now. but now that china and europe were on the mend, the domestic economy isn't as important as it was. the fed isn't either. we know china's going up because the baltic dry freight index keeps rallying and because 25% of china's exports go to europe, which is turning. while stocks are no longer cheap, we're far enough along in the year that managers have to
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use every price break to buy, not sell stocks. that's why all week i'm featuring anointed stocks, the names that have done so well this year that they're prime to be bought for the next three months in any weakness like i think we're going to get. third and most important, there's a very big change happening right now that wasn't the case even as recently as six months ago. managements are taking action to increase the value of their stocks, and activists are prodding them more and more which is leading to a lot of mergers and acquisitions. david faber and i talked about this this morning. saying, listen, a lot more m&a activity because of this activist business. microsoft announced a big dividend boost motivated by an activist, which has been eager to bring out some value. value that certainly wasn't brought out by the purchase of the nokia handset division. then we learned jana partners just took a big stake in the long underperforming safeway. started taking a lot of noise. i bet safeway does something to bring out value. yesterday we had the consolidation of packaging corporation of america buying boise, which will lead to supply
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cutbacks and therefore higher prices. we had allegheny tech throwing in the tungsten towel selling to kennametal, immediately producing about a 10% advance in the stock. and today we had huntsman spending $1.1 billion to buy titanium oxide business of rockwood holdings. the second largest producer of that chemical out there. this is fantastic news for the glutted business, one that is weighed down, none other than dupont which is trying to get out of the space. keep in mind, this is all -- everything i mentioned within the last 48 hours, 48 hours. i think the activist prop and the management prop are on the rise and there's plenty of money being raised in the category to make things happen. management recognizes the u.s. economy isn't growing and they are mad as hell and aren't going to take these prices anymore. do not fear the gauntlet. it will give you the buying opportunities you need, provided you raise that cash to take advantage of it before it begins tomorrow at 2:00. there are real props to this market away from the fed. it simply wouldn't be as strong
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as it is if all that mattered was the fed. so don't freak out. do board the bus, build a steel cage, strap yourself to the gas pedal. we're about to embark on a gauntlet that could present cheap stock merchandise, but you'll have to have the cash to buy them or you'll be shot down before you get there. brett in new york, brett? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: i have a question about outer wall. i have a position in it and i was wondering if you think i should buy, sell, what do you think. what your -- >> i wouldn't touch that thing with a 10-foot pole. when you see that kind of guide down, that's just short guys covering it. when a company has to guide like that and really gives you a narrow and negative picture of the business, why do we think it's going to turn around in one, two, three four quarters. that was a dismal statement. i read through that and said, these guys have lost control of the business. i don't want to buy a business where management has, i think,
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lost control of the business. bill in connecticut, bill? >> caller: this is bill from connecticut, jim, hello. >> how are you doing, partner? >> caller: my question is about abx. got beat up in the springtime and early summer, went down to 14, now it's about $18.33 and now they're talking about replacing some members of the board. what do you think about the stock? >> i alluded to activist situations. they are a high-cost producer of gold. i don't particularly care for the gold stocks right here. i do like the gold, the precious metal itself. but anyone who thinks barrick can get something done, it's not there to recommend the stock. whatever the fed throws your way, listen to me, as long as you have some cash raised, you're going to be able to do some -- >> buy, buy, buy -- >> when we get hit. but we could get hit again during the bruising battle over the budget, and have some cash ready for that too. "mad money" will be right back. coming up -- field of dreams? it's been an energy trail blazer
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for the past decade, drilling into some of the country's biggest finds. could its focus on a new play drive the stock even higher? don't miss cramer's exclusive. and later -- best for the rest. the strongest stocks of 2013 could continue to lead this market higher, and all week cramer's highlighting the best for the rest of the year. tonight, health care companies have been top performers. don't miss the biotech stars that could keep booming, all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to, or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc. miss something? head to
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just have to marvel at the incredible strength of the domestic oil stocks.
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they seem virtually unstoppable. tonight i want to direct your attention to a smaller, less well known dependent oil producer, carizo, which has been drilling in some of the hottest areas of the country. company has 54,000 acres in texas. eagleford shale. 15,500 acres in ohio's utica shale. three of the most sought after shale plays in the country. now, in the past, carrizo, $1.5 billion market cap. it's been ramping up its activity in these regions. things have changed and changed for the better. two weeks ago we learned that crzo is selling off its remaining barnett shale properties and some acres in east texas for $268 million. that cleans up the balance sheet. really important, gives enough cash to fund the operations through 2014, gets rid of the funding gap. up and running in the eagleford. it believes it can deliver growth of 45% for 2013. yes, 45%. wouldn't be at all surprised if this turns out to be a takeover target, but we've got to talk
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about that. no wonder they made a brand new 52-week high today. the stock's giving us a 70% gain since we spoke to the ceo at the end of february, 70%. let's check in with chip johnson, the president and ceo of crzo. mr. johnson, welcome back to "mad money." >> jim, great to see you. >> all right, chip, you're really putting the numbers up. and i'm trying to figure out whether the numbers are going up. people aren't worried about the funding gap, or is it just the properties are much better than wall street realized? >> it's both. we have great assets in the eagle ford and the utica like you said. our dry gas production in marcellus is the most profitable you can drill. we've done all that, we've been able to grow cash flow while we've cut off our debt by selling nonstrategic assets and that's brought our debt to ebitda down to a level with our peers. >> with the exception of utica and the other, they're all down. now, that's because you changed your style, or -- what goes on there? some people would say, whoa,
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hold it, why reduce the capital program if the assets are so great? >> basically when we made the shift from gas to oil in 2010, we bought a lot of acreage that we had to drill up quickly and we ran extra rigs so that we could do that and hold that acreage. now we're trying to better match our cash flow to our capex and try to live within our means, and i think the market respects that, and that's one reason the stock's going up. >> i always liked the barnett shale, why sell some? >> the barnett, we're just not very bullish on dry gas and other companies that have lower cost of capital will pay us eight times cash flow. we can take that money and drill wells that pay out in a year and a half. >> we're big fans of mark papa and eog. your property like that? >> we moved into the play and basically bought acreage around eog. when we saw eog making a bet that big on a new play, we knew they had some sort of data that the rest of us didn't have, and they did. >> is that how it works? you just respect certain players
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enough that you want to be near them? >> that's how we got in. >> i've been underemphasizing it, i shouldn't be, because my friends tell me it's gigantic. was it because it was quiet? it's north of denver? no focus? what's going on there. >> it's in the play where you can't miss with a straw. and then there's the northeast extension is a little tougher but more profitable when it works. and eog made that work and noble and us bought into it, so we have really the best part of that play. >> you're next to noble there? >> we're all -- >> another guy that knows what he's doing. you follow the guys that know what they're doing. utica, we went up there and we were hoping for a lot more oil and we didn't get it. we got a lot of natural gas. what's the difference between your property and that? >> the acreage we bought is in the southern part of the play in the oil window. we bought acreage next to antero and gulf port. and we know it's going to make oil. pdc has some wells down there
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that make 1,000 barrels of condensate a day. that's what we want. >> they have oil in places we don't necessarily need it. how are you getting your oil to market? >> oil is not too much of a problem. >> okay. >> well, it is in the bakken, i guess. >> yeah. >> all of our production is really south of there, so the niabarra is a little disadvantaged, some of that is going to the west coast. >> we saw the refining numbers, pretty amazing. is that part of yours? >> some of it goes there. we sell it to middle men and they take it to cushing or california or wherever. but the eagle ford is still one of the most advantaged, because we basically get brent pricing for it because it can go into the refineries making diesel. that's been great. >> one of the things that every day i read about some new oil company. that was the spanish oil company the other day. we know that the norwegians want in. you've been able to deliver a phenomenal 70% return since you were here last time. is it a fight to stay independent knowing you can produce more for your shareholders? because every one of the companies your size, i
11:19 pm
understand, is being circled around. >> i'm sure somebody's studying us, and we've talked to that one spanish company before about a joint venture. and we now have joint ventures with japanese, chinese and indian companies. so there are a lot of people who are aware of what we're doing. we're just trying to grow as fast as we can before anything like that happens. >> give us a sense of where we are as a country. i spoke yesterday to senator max baucus, and as soon as i mentioned oil, he talks about renewables. is there anybody that cares about the fuel that unfortunately or fortunately every car or truck uses? >> they do. >> i'm sorry, 20,000 cars. they do care about fossil fuels? >> that's right. >> they don't want to just import them all from venezuela and libya? they don't want to get it all from iran? some of them are patriots want to get it here? >> you said it before, we need 16 million barrels a day and we're up to 7.6 million a day of production now which was five million a day three years ago. so as we grow that, we can reduce those imports probably down to about six or seven. and half of that is imported, but then we turn it around and
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refine it and sell it at a profit. so it's really not like a loss. that's a benefit to our country. >> well, look, i totally agree and that's one of the reasons i have you on, other than the fact you made shareholders a fortune. so thank you so much. that's chip johnson, president and ceo of carizzo oil and gas. take a look at this one, because even at the 52-week high, it's the market cap that matters. not big enough. the market cap's not big enough for the opportunity in this company. stay with cramer. coming up -- best for the rest, the strongest stocks of 2013 could continue to lead this market higher. and all week, cramer's highlighting the best for the rest of the year. tonight, health care companies have been top performers. don't miss the biotech stars that could keep booming. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade
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netflix, big short squeeze, best buy, gamestop, and trip adviser. tonight we're going to go off the charts and be talking with the help of bob lang. he got boeing at 60 points ago. he's a brilliant technician who is the founder and senior strategist of as well as my colleague at when you look at 2013's best performing health care stocks in the s&p 500, at the top of the list is boston scientific and that's back from the dead medical device company. you know i believe in the power of the back from the dead stocks. the next three names are biotech, it's celgene, regeneron and gilead. what do these four red hot biotechs look like from a chart perspective? okay. let's start with the best-performing biotech, which is celgene. that's the maker of revlamid for multiple myeloma. check out this stock, as you can
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see, celgene has had an amazing run since mid august, okay? and lang points out that this run has happened on very high volume. see, there's the volume spike, okay. especially on the up days. remember, volume is like a lie detector for technicians. the stronger it is, the more likely a move is telling the truth. because high volume indicates big boys are doing some buying. that's what makes the stock anointed, when it has massive sponsorship. and the big hedge funds and mutual funds use any weakness to accumulate the stock, which is what i'm saying. after the fed meeting could get weakness, think of this stock. what else is happening to celgene? looking at the moving average convergence divergence, that's the macd at the bottom of the chart. this is a directional momentum indicator, chartists like lang use it to determine when a stock is about to change direction, okay? change trajectory. it's about the inflexion. in mid-august the macd made a bullish crossover. okay. we get a bullish crossover where
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the black line crosses above the red one. and this is a very powerful signal. okay, so we go, see the stock goes up, we get the cross here, and then we get this last cross which then takes you to that. and he's focused right now on this cross. that's a buy signal for lang. stock has roared higher since that buy signal. meanwhile, the williams percentage r oscillator, a measure of whether security is overbought or oversold invented by a commodity trader by the name of larry williams. shows celgene is in overbought territory. isn't that a bad thing? normally it is. because overbought have come up too far, too fast and tend to pull back, but celgene is known as an embedded overbought. it's shown that it can stay overbought for long periods of time and the stock will keep rallying, another sign that the stock is anointed. this is the overbought right here and then stayed overbought right here. typically you would see another reaction, boom, not with an embedded overbought. what does lang say you should do with this one?
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given the run since june and the weakness over the last couple of days, lang's concerned a brief pullback could be at hand. he suggests waiting until the 50-day moving average which right now is around 140. so he's saying this is going to pull back. 5% maybe. 5%. as long as celgene holds above that key moving average, lang would do some buying in anticipation of a big run into the end of the year. the anointed one could bounce and go like that. the next best performing biotech, well, one of our favorites from when it was 5, regeneron with the drug for blindness caused by macular degeneration. look at this thing. this stock has been a horse. and just yesterday, lang pointed out that regeneron broke out over a double top. a lot of guys shorting this thing, saying double top, it's going to go like that. no, it broke out, not down, and hit a new all-time high today which is pretty incredible.
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now, this one's been a monster performer ever since it broke out in april around 170. so it was down at 170. the chart itself, you can't tell how strong it is, i realize that now. it's kind of bugging me because it's really amazing. it's running from 170 to 300. lang notes that every time the macd has flashed a buy signal here, you made serious money, and regeneron just gave another one at the end of august. there's the bullish crossover. the black over the red. since september, the stock has been on an epic run. right now the relative strength index or rsi and the top -- it's the top of the chart, and the williams oscillator, lang thinks the pullbacks have made great entry points in the past. right now that floor is around 275. you might want to wait for that kind of selloff before you start buying. that said, if the market remains strong and lang says regeneron will go higher, i say wait for the pullback because of the fed and the gauntlet. you're going to see this is the
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mona lisa of charting. let's see gilead. look at this. again, you have to smooth it out. all right. that is just incredible from april. incredible. lang sees one of the best trend lines in the whole biotech universe when he looks at gilead. this stock is just going up, up, up, almost in a straight line. they have all the signs of institutional sponsorship we need to see. high volume up days while the williams percentage shows the stock is overbought. we also know that gilead can remain overbought. that's what happened in july. it stayed overbought for a long time, staying overbought right here. and this one he thinks can keep roaring. now, i want to highlight a different kind of chart, a mid cap biotech, not in the s&p 500, been performing fabulous this year. take a look at biomarin, whose ceo we'll be hearing from later on tonight. after building a base for over a month. look at that base, okay.
11:30 pm
bio marin broke out above the ceiling of resistance. a big move at the end of august, and lang noticed this happened on very strong volume. take a look at the spurt in volume. last week, though, this thing pulled back from the high of 76. and get this, unlike all the others i just mentioned, lang wants you to buy this right now. right now. he likes biomarin because it's shown amazing relative strength during the market wide rally and you've got a powerful floor of support here at 66. right now, tomorrow, he says you buy this stock. the other ones, we all want to pull back. interesting. so here's the bottom line. we've reached a point in the year where the stocks have been the 2013 strongest performers, keep winning throughout the year. they can show their investors how smart they've been. this is one area where regular individual investors like you can game the professionals. just need to know which stocks will be anointed. the biotechs have been on fire and the charts as interpreted by bob lang. you want to buy celgene, regeneron and gilead on a pullback and biomarin right
11:31 pm
here, more on that one later in the show when we interview biomarin ceo about its revolutionary orphan drug sales and the exciting upcoming pipeline for 2014. randy in maryland. randy? >> caller: good afternoon, jim. i appreciate your insight and enthusiasm. i'm calling about aztecs pharmaceutical and its pending merger. offered to buy all outstanding astex shares at 850. it closed at 854 today. is that something to buy now or wait until the merger to settle? >> i don't want you to buy it. the big money's been made here. i'll find out whether there'll be another suitor. i think this one's a done deal. i think you should move on. ca-ching, ca-ching. we are not arbitrageurs here on the show. ken in new jersey, please, ken. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are you? >> all right. how about you partner? >> caller: nktr is the symbol.
11:32 pm
with fda approval of astra zeneca's new drug, it could result of $70 million to nextar. a drug which is hoping to replace addictive pain relievers like oxycontin. as a result of all of this news, there's been a lot of blogger speculation of a buyout at the $30 to $40 range. >> it's only at $13, i don't think it's going to be there. i haven't looked at nextar in years, to be honest. and we have to do a full drill down, because i used to not like this stock. let's put it that way. i will do a very thorough analysis of nektar to see if it's either a takeover candidate or if it's going to go up on its own or it it's had its run because it's up 80%. all right. i'm pulling back the curtain on what the big guys are doing right here. which means the big money is flowing into celgene, flowing into gilead, flowing into biomarin, and it's mostly flowing into regeneron. this is the hottest of all, the one he wants you to buy right now. stay with cramer.
11:33 pm
still ahead -- bionic stock? cutting edge drug science is making us healthier, and companies like biomarin are pushing medicine forward and boosting your financial health. cramer's exclusive with its ceo is just ahead. tomorrow, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post nine at the nyse. >> you can't hide from weaker earnings. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. anncr: expedia is giving away a trip every day.
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it is time -- it's time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." rapid-fire calls, i tell you whether to buy or sell. play until this sound -- and then the "lightning round" is over. are you ready skee-daddy? time for the "lightning round" on cramer's "mad money." start with don in new mexico. >> caller: big boo-yah from albuquerque. i want your intelligent and insightful thoughts on my biggest holding, arm holdings,
11:37 pm
armh. >> arm holdings, it's like building an empire! like what mr. white has going in new mexico. arm holdings is the semiconductor company to own because it's got -- but you know what, right here, right now, intel's a buy, i'm saying it. i think intel will have a strong fourth quarter. let's go to roy in oklahoma. roy. >> caller: as we say here in cramerica, boo-yah. >> boo-yah right back. it is cramerica. >> caller: i'm calling about the chinese google, baidu. >> it had a really big run. i tell you to buy it, the communist party does something stupid and i look like i got, you know, general tso's chicken on my face. let's hold off on that one. let's go to tim in california. tim? >> caller: hey, cramer, i'm calling about coach, coh. >> yeah, they had a meeting with a bunch of analysts the other day. apparently it went well. i'm holding off. they have not delivered the last few quarters and the stock is up 15 trade points. i need to go to bob in my old home state of pennsylvania.
11:38 pm
>> caller: a big boo-yah from pittsburgh. >> oh, yeah, man. when le'veon bell comes back, you better look out, partner. what's up? >> caller: absolutely. i want to thank you for your pick, gilead pharmaceuticals, earlier this year. >> you're welcome. >> caller: my stock is zoltek. >> i've been looking at this and cabot, another carbon fiber play. these are basic american companies that do well, unlike the basic american team that ain't doing that well so far. let's go to paul in connecticut. paul? >> caller: hi, cramer. >> what's up, paul? >> caller: cramer, you really helped us make some good decisions with our portfolio this year and we appreciate it. i'm calling about cisco. they're leaner and meaner now. what can we look for going forward? >> i think the cisco kid is a friend of mine. he's coming back. it's a big addition to the charitable trust. i think business is smoking and you're going to see that next quarter. buy, buy, buy. what's up?
11:39 pm
let's go to shawn, uh-oh, could be a bears fan, shawn in illinois. shawn? >> caller: hi, jim. my question is about arna, arena pharmaceuticals. >> no, every time i say something negative about it, people get very mad at me. i don't want to touch the stock. >> don't buy. >> many reasons why i've done that. a lot of the smaller biotech companies we're talking about, they're too hot. they're too sizzling for me. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the "lightning round." >> the "lightning round" is >> the "lightning round" is sponsored by td ameritrade. ♪
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for the rest of the year, home gamers like you can run circles around the professionals that run big hedge funds, mutual funds. i'm giving you their playbook. remember what i told you in tonight's off the charts. this is the time when money managers start to double down on anointed stocks, meaning the best-performing stocks in the sectors. which brings me to biomarin pharma, the developer of orphan drugs for ultra rare genetic disorders and i want to apologize in advance, i'm going to pronounce a lot of stuff that will be difficult for me. it's very difficult. earlier i explained why biomarin's chart is looking red
11:43 pm
hot. and that's according to bob lang at now i've got to talk about the business. here we go. let's give it a shot. the company specializes in enzyme replacement therapies for rare and incurable genetic disorders that otherwise would go untreated. four drugs on the marketplace. two of them treat a condition called mps, causes horrific damage at the cellular level if left untreated. another one helps manage pku, which can cause severe development problems and neurological issues, and biomarin's fourth drug treats a rare autoimmune disorder that causes muscle weakness. these are all orphan drugs, which means biomarin can charge a great deal for them, because they save lives and save the system money, and the insurers welcome these. together these drugs are racking up over $500 million in sales. they have a lot more room to grow. a terrific late-stage pipeline with an enzyme replacement drug for another type of mps that could be approved by the fda in the -- maybe even the first quarter of next year, might do $650 million in peak sales, two
11:44 pm
more orphan drugs that are either in or about to start phase three development including a treatment for pompeii disease, an often fatal disease, which could generate $500 million in sales. working on treatment for breast and ovarian cancer that targets the dna of tumor cells. stock's up 28% since we heard from the company last, in june, up 245% since i got behind it. that's right, 245, not a mistake. we've got to find out more about this company. welcome back to "mad money." thank you so much. j.j., i try to get them all in because you -- unlike most of the drug companies i deal with, you've got multiple things. this is not a one-trick pony here. >> that is correct. we have four products on the market now, and they are the only products that are to treat the indication they're approved for. >> explain to people how the mathematics work. because they'll say, well, wait a second, we're used to pfizer,
11:45 pm
they're treating a million people who have an illness. it doesn't matter how many people, if you can get the right compensation for the product. >> yeah. that's correct. we are only developing so-called orphan drugs where, you know, less than 200,000 patients in the u.s. and so, indeed, we have to deal with very small patient populations, actually most of our drugs are for so-called ultra orphan disorders with less than 10,000 patients. >> okay. >> but we make a very big difference in the lives of these patients. and since there are no other alternatives to our treatments, the insurers, the payers are willing to pay substantial amount of money to help these patients have their quality of life improved. >> okay. now in terms of this vimizine, everything, all the documents, you can read about this company. apparently the panel will have a lot of questions about the data, but a big pop in the stock just
11:46 pm
getting preapproval in europe. why are people so excited about this new drug? >> well, again, because this is going to be our fifth drug and this is going to be, again, for an ultra orphan disorder, enzyme replacement therapy. this is similar to what we have done before with two other products. and we have very good phase three data with very significant p value. patients have no alternative treatment, and the market is substantially larger than our biggest product today. we're probably talking about, you know, 3,000 patients or so, maybe more in the world. consequently, based on, you know, ongoing prices and reimbursement prices for these kind of products, this product should double or more than double the revenues of biomarin in the next four years. >> that's gigantic. >> it will take the revenues above $1 billion combined with our current. >> okay. sometimes i think when you hear about this enzyme replacement, that might be more of a pipeline
11:47 pm
drug. there'll be other drugs that come from that drug, no? >> actually, no. >> just end of the line, really? >> because like all the drugs, i mean, they are enzyme replacement therapies also, but there are different enzymes to treat different disease. each enzyme that we develop is for a very specific disease with a specific genetic mutation. >> the reason i thought that is because when i hear the kind of things that you're doing and i know they're for small, targeted population, i would think some of it would have applicability elsewhere, but it's all specialized? >> very specialized. >> and there's nothing else for these people? >> as far as we know, yes. >> i know there have been press reports. i lost my mom to cancer, and when we got to the compassionate care stage, i was doing okay, so i had some money. and i went to every doctor i could find and said, listen, my mom, every test, every test. i've got to have her on every test. and i know that biomarin as well as other companies have been faced with this compassionate
11:48 pm
care dilemma where people say i want in that test. what do you do in the case of someone who gets involved in social media, like andrea sloan, who is involved trying to get in a test. it's not really your decision, is it? >> well, it's the fda's decision. our decision. the issue is that, you know, we currently have a lot of patients that are on expanded access. we had a patient in new york, a patient you met earlier. >> yes. >> pablo is on expanded access with vimizine. but we prefer to open up our expanded access within a trial where we can check the safety and efficacy of the product. and we like to do it when we have at least one randomized double blind study that shows clear efficacy for the product.
11:49 pm
what's been happening for cancer, and you know, it's very unfortunate what's happening with andrea sloan, but we only have about 20 patients we treated with our product with ovarian cancer. and this is not a randomized study. this was a ranging study to actually determine what we should do next. our first phase three study will be in breast cancer. and one of the reasons why we're doing that is there actually are 15 studies right now, and rolling in the u.s. with other competitors to our products in ovarian cancers. they're alternatives to our product. they might not be as good as ours, we don't know yet, based on profile, we believe our product is the best. but we have no clinical evidence that it is yet. so there actually are alternative solutions to the problems that -- >> very different from that. >> this is very different. >> all right. fair enough. >> actually, also, what we're
11:50 pm
trying to do is we are trying to generate the best clinical data as fast as possible to make sure that we can get the product approved by the fda as soon as possible and make it available to the thousands or tens of thousands of patients that need it. >> excellent. >> and maybe one last point that maybe people forget. you know, and it's very difficult -- the situations are difficult because these are sick patients. but in the '90s, you might remember, there was a lot of trials going on in breast cancer with bone marrow transplant. there was a lot of pressure to get the patients on bone marrow transplant and it turned out to be actually negative. it was doing more damage than good. >> i know. >> and so you had to be very careful. >> absolutely. well, you've done a great job for shareholders. what a huge ramp right here. biomarin pharmaceutical. more than 200% gain. and i've got to tell you as i said earlier in the show, i think this is a very strong, major drug company that you'll be thinking about for many, many years. stay with cramer.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
time to surrender all hope that washington will ever understand, let alone embrace the fossil fuel renaissance in this country. yesterday on "squawk on the street" okay, we interviewed senator max baucus from montana. he was holding a conference on the economy including a presentation involving the bakken shale in north dakota which will soon be producing a million barrels a day. i thought, here we go, common sense senator, reasonable state, mining jobs have always been a mainstay of the economy. i asked a benign question, i thought, about whether they
11:54 pm
would be discussing the positive prospects of all the newfound oil in this country. the senator got right to the heart of the matter. the importance of renewable energy. i almost fell out of my chair. i figured this one democratic senator might actually admit we're close to reaching north american energy independence. nope, all about the renewables, subsidized power, government helping and industry that can't solve the big issue, which is how to stop importing oil from hostile foreign regimes while creating a ton of jobs in this country. how can this be so hard? i figured he would at least give me some love on nat gas, cleaner, cheaper fossil fuel. no, renewables. i pressed, how will jobs be created if you only get where the jobs are in the bakken, eagle ford and shales -- nope, wanted to talk about training people. the companies will train them. they're willing to pay well above average wages if they can get the people to these godforsaken places. we learned that, did the homework here on "mad money." the government doesn't need to train a soul. it's painful even as objections have been met.
11:55 pm
two years ago, "new york times" went after the natural gas industry saying there wasn't enough nat gas in the country to justify the use for surface vehicles. that train of thought was quickly derailed when the price plummeted and nat gas glut. spoiled ground water. the claim, environmentalists in canada had a couple of wells leaking gas. the epa was all over it, but upon proper inspection found that there was no issue and no real leak. and then there was methane pollution. hey, maybe it was as bad as coal. i actually heard that, and then yesterday a university of texas study showed that the government is dramatically overstating the leakage and it wasn't an issue. they seem to be fighting this tooth and nail. while subsidizing the heck out of expensive solar, impractical electric cars and the engine-corroding ethanol that wastes a huge amount of water and causes 40% of our corn crop to be burned every year while raising the price of food for everyone. i think we're waging some soft, ridiculous war against energy independence. we export two million barrels of gas a day because the rules
11:56 pm
don't allow us to ship to where we need it in this country. that jacks up our gasoline prices in the northeast, which i now believe is endorsed by our government as a forced conservation measure that disproportionately hurts, you guessed it, the poor. even the military doesn't seem to care about the leverage we would gain over the middle east if we became energy self-sufficient. the military doesn't care. they want to talk renewables. it's become a religion in washington and i'm sierra club, i was green peace, conservation. this is a sacred cow that could destroy our nation's best opportunity to become energy independent, create more jobs almost instantly. we have such a surfeit of natural gas that we are stopping drilling. it's almost as if we're trying to commit economic suicide. mark my words here, people, we're going to crucify our nation on a cross of renewables. it's insanity. keep up with cramer all day long. follow @jimcramer on twitter and tweet your questions #madtweets. [ male announcer ] ok, here's the way the system works.
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nascar is about excitement. but tracking all the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media can be a challenge. that's why we partnered with hp to build the new nascar fan and media engagement center. hp's technology helps us turn millions of tweets, posts and stories into real-time business insights that help nascar win with our fans. tonight we've got an interesting piece of business. secondary was announced by five below, f.i.v.e., a strong regional to national retailer that we have been behind from the get go. if this piece of merchandise is
12:00 am
priced, what's known as in the hole, below the last sale, i want you in it, because i think five below's got a big, big runway. it's a better than a dollar store dollar store. there's always a bull market somewhere, i promise to try to find it for you here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow. spotlight. this is james brown's cape. >> ooh. >> oh, no way. >> you just don't come across capes of james brown. you know, that's kind of like the holy grail of soul music. >> do you think somebody would be able to take this and copy it? >> and a guitar legend's legacy... >> a gibson les paul... it's gonna be worth up to $500,000. >> takes an unexpected turn. >> that would have been really simple for somebody to stick that on there. >> but they wouldn't have known to do it. >> there's a couple of little marks. >> there's a couple of little dings. >> you're a pompous ass, and you're full of [...]. >> am i? >> this is bull[...]. you got a lawsuit on your hands. [rock music] ♪


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