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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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i would do so now. they did not make a new high in september over the july high. >> doc? >> vorotech. >> thank you. "mad my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a workable summer and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cray cramerica. trying to save you money. can you, i'm asking you, can you -- washington-proof a portfolio? [ buzzer ] is it possible to ensure yourself against the insanity of
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our elected leaders jo to be immune of the inside the beltway wars? and how much of a weakness we've seen, including today? it's breakdown day. dropped. nasdaq, replaced at the feet of the bears in the white house in the gavel. first, let's establish what's happening. we know the fed lowered the boom on the short sellers telling them to be careful because bernanke is still a lover of bonds. if you were selling bonds. short. expect them to go lower. many work. you have the mean whama jama upside the head. a technical term. there's one problem. this market thinks see xentially and obsesses about the next big, bad event right after the one has been solved. so we obsessed about the fed. it occurred. like it never happened. even though it was a positive.
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why? because we've been obsessed about the next series. the budget wrangling. obsessed about the debt ceiling, affordable care act. what's secrets they come up for us down there in the capitol. i remember when asked if i were bullish going into the fed meeting i said, not exactly. because i know once the fed meeting is over we're going right on to the next obsession. well, here we are. do you see the pattern, though? we bounce from one washington event to another. we don't bounce from one earnings report to another. when washington is in session, it's very hard to get a word in stock-wise. even when the reports are pretty good. and when something bad happens to a stock what do we do? well, everybody comes on tv and they blame washington. you hear a story, the bull market, dramatically over inventory. wall street denies. doesn't matter. we say the shutdown is causing the problem. i heard the change in the payroll tax is causing the problem. maybe worried about the
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affordable care act. heard that, too. the a sense that washington is out of control. the centrality of washington i believe, is bigger than washington itself, though. walmart sells apparel. sells a lot of apparel. so does jcpenney, hit hideously low today. so does macy's. somehow people stopped shopping because of the government, but how can we believe that if apple had its biggest iphone launch this week? those phones aren't cheap. how do we explain amazing sales at best bi? put into context the unbelievable bed bath & beyond quarter today or the strength at amazon? incredible seals at the appliance stores? furniture stores? doing so well. and selling cars at a faster pace than years boat sales off of page. so is the house of representatives only hurt slack sales? is the president a damper on shirts? are the republicans hammering
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sales of underwear? are the democrats killing the tie revenues? come on. or do we buy $400 gopros at best bi, whi bye because senator cruz gave a really long speech? the bmw showroom, do you feel like buying a ford f-150? people buying four bedroom homes? something harry reid said? did i buy my 17-foot boston whaler because i like the treasury secretary scaring me to death about the odds of a shutdown? we attribute all of the apparent weakness to shopping in washington, isn't it true to call that washington, too? on highly publicized mode. every has a view on the stock market. particular when the bad. i heard people saying the failure of walmart, because of qe 2. if it weren't for qe 3, how horrible would walmart sales be?
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all this is nut, people. it's crazy. it's crazy to lay everything at the feet of washington no matter how much we hate it. granted, i accept the bodnd bo buying market. bond equivalent they talk about all the time. the fed isn't everything. it isn't everywhere. they're not omni present they're not, neither are the congress or the president. can you keep this from the hazards of washington? given what i just explained, that anything bad will be blamed on washington, what you have to do right now is pick stocks that have a little to do with our government as possible. and sell those that have a lot to do with it. so what should we pick? international companies that use the united states as their base of operations but they don't do much business here. talking about companies who sell
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products in china. the most important i find, doubling in the summer. companies that sell in improving like italy and spain. pad adco? that makes sense. and general motors. how about commodities, wealthy. eod resources. gas lowest since january. goes up every day. how about companies that sell tech knonol how about companies that sell tech knonoogy around the world? the internet. boeing technologies? facebook, yahoo! how about telecommunications equipment? oh, how about the remarkable casino stocks, las vegas sands and mgm. if your company is global, the stock is worth it. if it's international industrial company, it's working. i think it's working frankly, because it's too hard to link those to washington there's just not enough nexus for the bays to
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come on and blame washington. she's stocks can go higher every time you hear good news about china or europe as opposed bad news about washington. periodically you can get it. banks to well. i think just rumors, you have to sell on this news. tomorrow we'll talk about how there is no settlement. we're obsessed how there's no settlement. we'll be let down. and someone who defends walmart, a chance to sell some of the domestic retail represented plays, go back into the hashed, good stocks. the best buys, bed bath and beyonds. bby and bbby are doing well. we have to face the music. if there is a nexus, no matter how far field, anything to the fed or congress or the president, you ought to sell that stock and put the money into companies that benefit from a comeback in world trade. you won't find yourself on the receiving end of the pundits. and can't say washington is dragging your stock down. nobody is going to say facebook is hurt by harry reid, john boehner or senator cruz. you know why? those stocks have more to do
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with victor cruz, so far real fantasy by the way, than senator cruz! that's how you immunize your portfolio. bottom line, if somehow you link your stocks to washington in some way no matter how twist you'll have a har timewng them through oober 17th. the sudden any deadline for the apocalypse. if you can xecan exempt stocks from washington, only way, out-think the pundits who want to pull your stocks into the political vortex. you can get the flu even if you get the flu shot. still get hit by washington even if you take everything down, but you can increase your odds doing global and leave the u.s. behind. how about south carolina? dan -- krm boo-yah, jim. how you doing? >> real good, dan. how about you? >> caller: doing fine. boo-yah from south carolina. >> man, really? i'm a clemson fan.
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have to get into the gamecocks. got to get into them. what's up? >> caller: men's warehouse. i track strength, and obviously dipped below 30 about day or so ago. thought it would be a good short start trade. what do you think longer term now that issues are behind and goldman initiated with a buy. and they renegotiated that contract with the tuxedo firm. >> i do not like a pal. i saw the goldman upgrade. al fiennes, make a couple of bucks. i got to figure what's going to turn around. if mickey drexler at the best clothing company i know? >> crews is having trouble. what am i thinking about mense we d d men's warehouse? i guarantee the house. >> caller: a question about global, in. >> yeah. >> caller: hasn't done much in the last eight years and i'm reading they're talking about
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splitting the company up, but i'm wondering, can you split up nothing? and come out with something? >> well, man, i don't think there's really -- not a lot of -- a lot of young rigs, older russian. i thought this was em blamatic of what companies want to do. split up to make you money. i think that stock's actually a buy. i have not liked mobile. i have liked the other. the company that is -- you know, got oil all over the place, but that is nbl. and that stock is even bigger buy than ne. we are being held hostage by washington. how do you outsmart the uncertainty? head overseas and you don't have to worry. i'm more concerned about victor cruz than i am about senator cruz. stay with me. >> announcer: coming up, tonight it's a double dose of ceos on what's next in tech. red hat hanging its hat on the
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open sourced software until a slowdown in billings gives the stock a haircut. is it a declined opportunity or a warning sign? plus, amazon uses tim coe to recommend the products you're most likely to buy. but will cramer recommend its stock for your portfolio? all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow at jimkrakor om twitter. have a question? treat cramer. send e-mail to "money in motion"motion motion" -- "mad money"@c. >> miss something? head to "mad money." you know throughout history,
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xwlashgs the heck is going on with red hat? rht? pretty strong until late. the company tough quarter money. the stock taking an 11% hit in the recession. is this an overreaction? perhaps the idea of open source
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software is less revolutionary than it used to be now that everything is switching to clout? you probably recognize red hat as the largest purveyor of open source limited operating systems for enterprises. alternative to microsoft. with red hot, software for free rather than paying a big up front licensing fee, and instead you pay the company's subscription for maintenance and customer service. a host of others, middleware, and storage service software that run along the same lines. since the end of 2008 the stock rallied. we know there's a ton of growth. in the recent years red hat considered a clout stock. make that's not accurate. red hat fits into the same software universe as oracle or asp. we'll find out. if using the product, store it in your own servers tucked somewhere in your office. the thing is, amazon uses them to parent think cloud structure. cloud-like, it's reputation. at the end of the day they
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account for just 5% of red hat revenues. reported monday, solid, earnings beat, 33 cent basis. highly repped revenues, the company maintained guidance with a full year. dig deeper, wall street found the leading indicators din s disappointeding. a 14% increase, weakness red hat saw in europe. the sixth straight quarter the company's expenses grew faster than its billings. the stock got pounded. and kind of where it is now. is this an overreaction? a buying opportunity? should we be concerned? check in with jim, the president and ceo, straight shooter of red hat find out more about the quarter and what's next for this company. welcome back to "mad money." >> great to be here, jim. how are you? >> okay, jim. i got to tell you, you've always been straight with us and your stock a rocket for viewers. however, i read the research, and it is cyclical winner, cyclical challenges, for macro questions than answers.
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hear billings deceleration. not all of these guys can be wrong. can they, jim? >> well, look, i think there are multiple ways to look at growth, and the analysts seem to have picked one number billings which grew 8%, a currency basis, 9%. we continue to say billings is certainly a measure of growth but the an incomplete measure, because it's how much we build customers. very large, over a long period of time. look at subscription revenue, really the core of our business, it grew 17% and constant currently grew 18%. a new series of clout products coming out to public public and private clouds. we have a core base around lenox and middle ware which continues to grow solidly and a whole set of new products that are just at the beginning of their growth spurts. >> you know, i found a company that is based on subscription revenue, the street, small company, but whenever i see you,
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i tell people look for booking strength. booking strength indicates the future. in a piece of -- called momentum slows down by deutsche bank, the analyst says the booking failed to translate into billings momentum. how is that possible? >> what's happened, this is about the third quarter in a row we've seen this. as we get close to $10 million deals with our larger customers, all of a sudden those customers want to start paying over time versus paying up front. so obviously when you look at annualized numbers when the deals used to be paid up front are now paid over time itic mas the billings metric relative growth look a little lower until that annualizes. overall it's a good thing customers are spending close to $10 million with us, but that seems to be the number where purchasing gets involved, they want special payment terms. it's fine. we have solid cash flow. reconfirmed our cash flow guidance. and i'd rather get the money
6:19 pm
over time to give a discount up front. you know from a subscription model business, if you give a discount today to get someone to pay up front you're giving them a discount in perpetuity. we've been very, very careful not to offer terms to get people to pay in advance. we can do to help the billings number. in the wrong run, it hurts the business. essential it's a measure. we think looking at revenue growth is the appropriate way to gauge the help of the business and growth of the business. >> let's look at secular versus cyclical. you talked about europe. we're big believers europe is six months away from recovery. will we six months from now say super still at fault for problems here? >> well, you know, frankly, for red hat, i don't think so. the simple reason i say that, it's not a macro call on europe, but one of the real things we have visibility into is renewals. and the back half of the year in europe, it's a really strong renewal base. so it's not a macro call on europe, but i feel very, very
6:20 pm
confident given our high renewal rates that we'll see quite a bit of strength and growth in the business in europe and in the back half of the year. i think overall from a macro perspective, you're right. six months away until we see real strength. it vary, across the regions but there's a lot of weakness in pockets around europe. >> okay. how about this notion of cloud play, perhaps more of a foe cloud play, because you're doing on-premise business? i point this out because i want to be sure that there isn't something that's fundamentally changed in the years you've been coming on the show. >> well, no, i don't think so. i mean, a couple points. obviously, any company that's established and has significant revenue, you know, other than a couple of software and service companies, are going to have significant amount of on-premise business. that's true for red hat. however, what i would say is if we look on the on-premise data center, look at idc numbers we have less than 20% share on premise.
6:21 pm
and so certainly on premise business is not going to grow as past, because of cloud. but we believe our share of cloud is significant ly higher than that. for instance, look at software to service company,, just renewed a significantly larger multiyear deal with a very high share of software and service company, certainly higher than 20%, which is our on-premise share. so it's possible, you know, over time that on-premise share, or just the lack of growth there could slow growth there, but we look at workloads going into cloud, we think we'll get a higher share. overall it represents even in our core lenox structure growth. we look at what infrastructure runs cloud? we're the leading provider, or leading contributor to and leading provider of open stack. which is emerging as the leading infrastructure for both private clouds and public clouds. we're the largest contributor, have a product out there that just launched a couple months ago. we believe that over time that
6:22 pm
will power a large number of the world's clouds. so we supply both the infrastructure for clouds and well as the infrastructure for traditional enterprise customers. >> last question. you've been a terrific buyer of your common stock when you feel the market doesn't get it. is this one of those instances where the market doesn't get? >> well, let me separate those, because obviously i don't want to talk about how red hat might be in the market. i will say i think the market is looking at one specific number around billings, which is certainly a reasonable number to look at. but i don't think that tells the whole story. you know, we talked a lot about the changes in billings terms. the fact that we -- reaffirmed our cash flow guidance and our revenue guidance in a currency term, clearly means we continue to see, strengthen the business. there's nothing this year we've seen so far that would lead us to change those numbers. so obviously the market reacted differently to these numbers than in the past, but, again,
6:23 pm
we've reaffirmed the numbers going forward and we've continued to beat over the last three quarters the numbers that we actually published, which are, again, revenue, cash flow, earnings per share. so we feel good about the business. in the core. and we have a whole series of new growth drivers around infrastructure service and flat form as a service and storage, which granted are small today but are great. iline for not only short-term growth but to drive long-term growth for the company. >> excellent. jim, thank you so much for coming back on "mad money." appreciate it. >> great to talk to you. >> that's jim, president and ceo of red hat. rht. must read the research before you buy the stock. you've got to see the other side. the research guys are very adamant that there is a change. jim says there isn't. you decide. building animatronics
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they simply didn't do that much damage. that's only after the ceo of lennar comments last night about the spike in mortgage rates. at least when it comes to the company. one of the nation's largest home owners. the test i've been waiting for to gauge what happened in this incredibly important industry after the yield on the ten-year treasury almost doubled and
6:27 pm
mortgage rates rocketed from 3.5 to 4.85 in a matter of months. which does seem like -- this is the first dwhaur accomplishes that increase. some of the company sale was no doubt saved by mortgage lock-ins, purely defined by august as well as the glue of september, offered viewers. the spike in rates was indeed no more than speed bump along the road to a strong housing recovery. that wasn't an alibi. it was true. june, first month of impact from the rate rise strong for this national home builder. that's the mortgage lock-in. july, however, seemed the exact opposite, and that's the spike. but august came roaring back, and looking between the line, seems that september remains strong, too, augmented by the fed's no taper position. what about the cost of housing goes up substantially? sales aren't hurt? miller says everything hinges on the deficit. production of homes.
6:28 pm
and in other words we're building far fewer homes than we need. maybe 900,000, 950,000 and can't make up for the massive multiyear production duff sit caused by the great recession. plus, while mortgage rates are higher it's become easier to get a loan. as many banks making underwriting requirements less stringent to help produce more buyers. many continue to believe this is still with us. that's not the case. i don't know if people believe him. i do. meanwhile, the difficulty of building new units, shortage of entitled land, smaller couldn't survive, much more room to build homes than people recognize. we know lennar's 18,000 units are far fewer than what's needed. or else the company's gross margins wouldn't be on the rise. right? despite hefty increases, even moderated by declining price of lumber. key ingredient to housing. you don't get higher. you get lower. obviously no glut.
6:29 pm
that combination, some confirmed by richard smith, ceo of the nation's largest real estate who was here, still historically acceptable levels of interest rates. that's merrill's woriller's wor remains on track despite what the naysayers say. it's not refleshcted in a stock price. the long-lasting damage and increase in rates is causing the home builder. to some e tent, kb says, they will go up again. they're ready to rally even if rates go back to where they were a couple weeks before. an interesting perspective on the situation. also a large bill of -- should nob reason to believe miller's view should be questioned. i didn't feel that way after the previous quarter. i was wond erg if it was in the cards. now that the market boosted rates already, it must have been
6:30 pm
digestible. more than the conventional wisdom holes. meaning they can be owned again soon. july was average. for some. higher rates haven't defeated tz the home buyers and it should last longer than expected. particularly those who believe there are bubbles and prospective home buyers prevailing across the country. it's not true. bottom aline, a conference call but last night on the show, home builders can be a go-to industry once we see the whites of the budget fight's eyes. okay? still too risky before that. even facts aside. we are certainly after five down days getting there. grant in michigan. grant? >> caller: a big boo-yah to you, jim. >> same. >> caller: calling in regards to ets, mortgage free down 28%. do i sell it, hold it -- >> sell, sell, sell.
6:31 pm
it's in a losery protection. everybody sighted dividends, high payout on mortgage rates and the principle decline sewed much, the dividend doesn't matter. avoid plague-like. mike in minnesota. mike? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are you? >> it's hump day. what's up? >> caller: hey, checking in on homes that bounced off the bottom pup think they still got up side where what do you think? >> go with lennar. we know for a fact they have good numbers. why deviate and go down there? we're not playing that game. mark in michigan. mark? a lot of marks. >> caller: big momenter city boo-yah to you, jimmy. big fan. big fan of the show and the books. doing a great job. >> how about whole foods opening right in the middle of motor city? love that. >> caller: all of this talk with tess lowe, can't stop thinking about the electrical grid and all the work that needs to be done. quanta services, pwr. >> tock is always a bridesmaid
6:32 pm
never a bride. sits there, 27, 28, 29. 27. like a bad draft choice. always there on the waver war when you're doing fantasy. i say, no. tom pwr. it's a fantasy nightmare and a fact chual nightmare. home sweet home at long last. may be. you heard it here. it changed my mind. made it more positive. it should have done the same with you. stay with cramer! mad about "mad money"? immerse yourself on zeebox. go behind the scenes and join the conversation. download the free app today from the ultimate cramerica advantager.
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>> announcer: "lightning round" is sponsored by, td ameritrade. listen up, still haven't down loaded zeebox? what are you waiting for? i am serious. this is not just the usual. it is cool. the ultimate sidekick for the show. the shakespeare i always needed
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6:37 pm
this. i said j & j, down for the trust. so what? it's also a buy. let's go to mike in california. mike, mike, mike! >> caller: big, big california boo-yah to you, jim. jim, what about -- >> boo-yah to you. >> caller: peabody energy. >> no. sell, sell, sell. we think coal's day has come and gone. we're in to porn coal. not king coal. donna in texas. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. how are? >> good. how are you? >> caller: the blues. i'm a proud owner of baxter 23459. >> international. >> you should be. someone had the lack of foresight, i'm a gentleman, you know, jefferson and gandhi. the downgrade baxter was wrong. hidden value. it's a buy. sam in illinois. sam? >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call from bear's country. >> i like the bears.
6:38 pm
look good. going all the way with the bears. some of my fans. how can i help? >> caller: since i bought them, alu has had some hits from the analysts. they've been down a little but topped today 5%. should i hold out or cash out and -- >> no, no. roomers of a tie-up with nokia. you know what else this reminds me of? matt forte. wish i had him. go to anthony in new jersey. >> caller: hey, jim, how are ya? >> not bad. how about you, local guy? >> caller: hanging in. hanging in. >> your stack do all right? >> caller: i'm thinking of -- >> enough problems. why do i have to add that one? i am going to say no to bank in new york mellon. tougher than most of the banks. hold off on that. gary also in new jersey. gary? >> caller: boo-yah from deep in the heart of the parmesantry angle. the stock is domino' pizza.
6:39 pm
>> stocks been resting, pausing. time to buy. time to buy! creeping back up. time has come and gone. that's wrong. go to mike in florida. mike? >> caller: hey, thank for fatakg my call and all. my family would like to give awe big, big boo-yah for miami dolphins! haven't done much. >> nike's earnings. i hate to give you a finish line earnings until i see the earning. later in the week, call for a better determination. i will speak about nike when i get a report. i need to speak to frank in new york. >> caller: what's up? boo-yah. quick question. i bought 111 shares, and i want to know if you have ideas coming up you feel good about?
6:40 pm
>> a lot of ipos doing way too much on premium. too hot for this guy. i think they can come back but didn't like -- that is back already from where it was the high. i actually think it's a buy and said that same thing, to my pal, david faber, about to celebrate his 20th year with them. how do you like? and that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the "lightning round"! ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪
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and what sorts of tech are working here? consider tibs. stock put on a magnificent run over the last. up 22% since the ceo in december. a classic data plight. about helping companies build the most useful company infrastructures and big data analytics allowing clients to sift through massive qantas of information in realtime in oerter to figure out what customers want. for example, behind amazon's incredible of what books want to buy. they just reported last
6:44 pm
thursday. six cent earnings substantially higher than revenues. rose 6.2% year over year. plus, their new contracts are getting bigger and bigger. 18 deals worth $1 million or more and software revenues up 16% from the year before. it's been inching back down to where it was. now you have it, basically getting a terrific quarter for free. on the other hand, it's not cheap. 11% long-term growth. check in with the founder and chairman and ceo of tipco software, what the company is headed and what it's up to. good to see you again, sir. >> jim, always a pleasure to be with you. thank you. >> we have not talked about fed fedex. reporting a terrific quarter rece recently. when people are looking for, where is my package? it's you that finds it, correct? >> that is correct.
6:45 pm
they've ban gusto for a long time. a follow-up to my previous book and believes in running his business in realtime, but he can do a lot more than that, so they were supplying apple, they were think supplier in terms of transportation and had a problem. so they were able to use big data from tib tibco, a change weight, maybe that was going on. an example of big data in action. >> i see. does it mean you can get more business from fedex, or is that really is? you're in, and that's it. >> no. we can get huge amounts of business from companies like fedex. we have about 4,000 customers but have only sold our entire stack to less than 1% of those customers. so there's a massive opportunity for tibco in terms of companies like fedex. >> airlines are doing much
6:46 pm
better. i regard you as a power behind instant. why i can't book 1 million times for flights. they flag me. is the airline health, the airlines, healthiest they've ever been, if you're a sales person for tibco and you sell into that group is this a great time for you? >> fantastic time for tibco. we see gold rush coming, jim. we have never seen the kind of pipeline we've seen. it's airlines, retailers, banks. it's government. it's across the board that we're seeing that kind of demand. >> and you are the most bullish of any executive that i've read in a conference call. you see a lot of turns. you see turn in u.s., turn in europe and asia. why is it so many others are not seeing this? you have a good business, but most are not as optimistic as you are, not as confident i think is the right word? >> well, you have to have the right products for the 21st century. many of the companies are 20th century companies. congratulations to larry who
6:47 pm
just won the america's cup, but his software is 20th century software. the big companies have peopled tens of billions of dollars off their estimates, and there's a reason for that. you don't need a big, massive filing cabinet or database with old erp systems anymore. you want to have an offer made to the customer before the customer leaves the eye of the storm. not six months after he leaves the store. you don't want to know fraud is going to be committed after the money is gone. you want to know it before it's committed. so that's the difference. >> can you explain to me, a begun one, one of our favorite companies is in the oil patch called kameron. i don't really understand what you do for them? >> so what we do is we allow them to look at massive amounts of data. and we allow them to to then find where their best chances are finding oil are. so that's on one end of the
6:48 pm
spectrum. on the other end of the spectrum, because the entire business is on our bus, we get realtime updates as they happen. so we can tie that entire value chain, drilling for oil on the one hand, and then supplying gas stations on the other hand, and then shipping it in the middle. so all of that has to be tied together in realtime. these oil tankers could get traded while they are on the high seas. so the entire world is becoming realtime. whether you're an airline, an oil company. you're a retailer. it's all about becoming realtime. >> okay. i think this demonstrated that. a lot of sales people you said they would pay off. this quarter they have. you're totally on track. thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> well, thank you, jim. >> okay. that's for today. the founder and chairman and ceo of tibco software and own as basketball team. not what we were talking about. the break jourt quarter for them.
6:49 pm
they've been stalled, obviously are back. the most optimistic conference call of any tech company i've seen so far in the last couple of months. stay tuned. >> announcer: tomorrow, kick off the trading day with "squawk on the street." live from post nine at the nyse. >> send me some! i'm out. basically that's a trade. send me some, because we don't have any. >> announcer: it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. are you sure we should take this billboard down?
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and writes, am i diversified? p.s., rdm, radiant. lcc, us airways and css. canadian airways. then go chiefs. i don't want that. tried to get that, but kareem got in too early. take a look at this. black burn energy is a terrific, i think, potential takeover target oil provider. alternative mg, one is alternative, one is fossil. remember dave fossil? and good food situation i liked from day one. and radian, i like them, too, and us airways is my pick to claim, if they can get that deal together. oil, airline, mortgage, alternative energy, food. wow.
6:54 pm
let's go to ken in new york. here's ken. >> caller: professor cramer. >> yes. >> caller: this is ken from rockman county, new york, just over the jersey border. thank you for taking my phone call. >> know them well. what's up? >> caller: first i want you to know my cat and i have been watching "mad money" every night for the past eight years. and i want to thank you for all the wisdom and knowledge that you share with your viewing audience to help teach us to be better investors. thank you so much, jim. >> thank you, thank you. my cat, i had to rename, never liked the show. >> caller: really? my cat loves the graphics and sound effects. got him hooked. >> my cat hid in the closet all time and shed all over my suits. go ahead. >> caller: and my portfolio held the past four years starting with alcoa, aa. bank of america, and ruth's
6:55 pm
hospitality. am i diversified? >> what we have to say. a good restaurant chain. small, but do a sector. memo to staff, do restaurants next week. emc, tech stock just downgraded probably a mistake. ford motor, 178 to 20. bank of america, stuck here at 15. speaking of stuck, alcoa. and aluminum, a bank, restaurant, a tech and auto. you and your cat rock! that's so close to home. dennis in new jersey. dennis? >> caller: hello, jim. i'd like to shout out a big boo-yah from pennington, new jersey, and to thank you for all the help that you give the little investor. >> harvard town lockdown road, because that's right where i go to get to the eagles. go ahead. >> caller: very good. the big question i'd like to ask you is, am i diversified. >> go the it. >> caller: nova northeast.
6:56 pm
nokia, berkshire hathaway class b. citigroup and ford. >> pennington. beat them in soccer. crushed them. coaching the 1-year-o inin inin. two financials. got to get rid of citi and add health care, we got tech. let's add -- lockheed martin. i've been watching them win a lot of contracts. in defense. and then we are diversified. stay with cramer. hero: if you had a chance to go anywhere in the world,
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i guess we can't blame the good numbers from bed bath & beyond on washington. what do we do? there's always a bull market swrand i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i will see you tomorrow! the potential shutdown crisis is not over. house republicans are putting together a plan b to send back
7:00 pm
to the senate, even perhaps a one-week budget bill to give some breathing room. also about to talk strategy with senator rand paul. what exactly does he want? where's the end game on obamacare and the economy? and what about the debt ceiling deal? by ceiling deal? by the way, treasury secretary jack lew now says the government will definitely run out of money on october 17. and what about obama care premiums? today the administration said their cost would fall 16% below projections. but our expert says those costs are going to blow sky-high and double for most states in the union. all those stories and more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live here at 7:00 p.m. eastern and 4:00 p.m. pacific. and right now


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