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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  September 26, 2013 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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>> the producers didn't get my change in the final trade. >> you're welcome. >> i'm going with dnr, buying nat cole. >> i like ppg, the restructuring, $3 billion in cash. >> that does it for us. have a great rest of the day. we will see you tomorrow. and "power lunch" begins right now. "halftime's" over. the second half of your trading day begins now. >> scott, thank you very much. stocks under siege, two of them, jc penney and blackberry, desperately trying to reverse their fortune. the big question is can they? stock trying to break that losing streak. five straight days of losses as we begin to wrap up the third quarter. we're going to tell you how to play the next few months and could small caps be your best play, or as mr. weiss believes, are they a little overbought relative to the s&p? and what's in a name? plenty, it seems, when it comes to health care in america. we'll tell you. some startling stats coming out of our exclusive cnbc
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all-america survey. meantime let's check in with sue down at the nyse. hey, sue. >> hey, ty. two companies under siege today. jc penney and blackberry. can these companies reverse their fortunes? both were trading in single digits today. jc penney rebounding just a bit. but at a 13-year low, nonetheless. while blackberry way below the $9 a share that fairfax says it's willing to buy it for. right now jc penney is up 5.25% in terms of percentage points. we have courtney reagan on jc penney and jon fortt in san jose with the latest on blackberry. courtney, you first. >> that's right,ist been a tumultuous week as the stock price fluctuates to sharply positive on a mix of father and news. cnbc has learned that jc penney ceo met with investors in new york city yesterday telling them jc penney doesn't see conditions this year where it would need to raise liquidity. they adding we'll see how we do in the fourth quarter. reports that jc penney was
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considering raising up to 1 billion did in funding had pushed shares it a 13-year low over the past two day. and some of the heaviest trading volume in the stock's history. though ullman' comments suggest a liquidity injection isn't tally imminent. jc penney tell cnbc it is paying its vendors tame, and vendors are still supportive of the turn tl around progress. shares are moving higher on these reassurances from the company and comment from mr. ullman. this morning jc penney issued a statement presumably to quell concerns about its financial position in the market saying in part it's encouraged by improvement in conversion. online sales are trending up double digits year over year. and perhaps most importantly, it still anticipates it will experience positive trends coming out of the third quarter and throughout the fourth quarter of 2013. some investors are disappointed, sue, with jc penney that they didn't offer numbers and any update on cash. remember, liquidity is a concern. >> absolutely, courtney. thank you very much. as for blackberry, t-mobile saying it will stop stocking
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blackberry hand sets in its stores. jon fortt is in san jose. we knew blackberry has it's exiting the consumer market. is this t-mobile news the result of that? >> well, it might be related to the latest on blackberry, as you mentioned, is more bad news. a manufacturing partner mentioning last night they might back away from the company, and t-mobile's no longer going it carry blackberry inventory in its stores though you'll be able to order onloin. a t-mobile executive saying the only people interested in blackberry are business professional. t-mobile is the smallest of the major carrier. the biggest players, at&t and verizon have both told had he they're still carrying blackberry inventory in stores. shares today trading as you mentioned well below 8 bucks i hair. fairfax financial holdings is offering 9 bucks a share to take the company private. all this comes after the smartphone maker on friday warned that its net operating loss would be far steeper than wall street expected between 950
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and $995 million as consumers turn up their noses at the company's new blackberry 10 phone. the company is also poised to cut 40% ofity staff, around 4500 workers. so where's the company go from here? some suppose it might be sold for farther. one likely scenario, the riskier phone hardware business might go away while the software and services live on. we'll see. tyler? >> better to tell you face it face. all right, jon, thank you very much. one company which was down in the dumps and has rebounded is facebook. the stock breaking through $50 a share for the first time ever. it's up more than 100% in the past three months. julia boorstin follows the company for us. what are they doing right? >> recently there's been a slew of positive analyst upgrades. and the facebook stock has really been soaring on a momentum upswing. share are up about 2 are today, up a total of 90% since facebook's july 24th earnings report. now, the stock is up now 32%
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over its ipo price, driven largely recently by data on just how well face bock ad wrk. yesterday doug anmith, $53 price target noting that facebook's share of internet usage is about four times all competing services combined. that lus instagram and twitter. he also notes that facebook increased its share of internet minutes 33% this august from a year ago. now, facebook's momentum isn't just on wall street but also on madison avenue. sources at facebook and ad agency telling me there's been a huge perception shift of the value of facebook ads. now, face bock points to a study it did with t-mobile on its latest rebranding campaign, claiming it influenced the atigs of naearly 800,000 new customer. though my sources stress that it's the data that drives decisions, it can't hurt facebook in its negotiations that its stock has been on fire. tyler, you've got to think
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there's some sort of psychological effect. >> exactly, that the two have to be sort of symbiotic. a 100% gain in three months. >> it's amazing. >> thank you. good to have you here. breaking news in the bond market. let's check with mr. santelli with those seven-year notes. sir? >> seven-year notes, $29 billion, the yield at auction, moments ago, 2.058, the wen issued where it was trading in yield before the auction was completed, 205 offered at 204.50. so it tailed close to a full base point, 0.8, .09. the bid to cover the auction average. but like many auction of late, they've been less aggressive. so take that into consideration. "c" minus no matter how you slice this auction, it was definitely the spongiest of the three. sue, back to you. >> rick, thank you very much. well, after five straight down days on the dow and the s&p 500, stocks trying to eke out a few gains. as we wrap up the third quarter,
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where do we go in q4? right now the dow is up 59. the s&p is up 5. and the nasdaq is up 27. the biggest percentage mover on the day. kenny pulcari is with me, director of o'neill securities and an analyst here on the floor. and down in washington, president of farr, miller & washington, also a cnbc contributor. good it see you both, gentlemen. kenny, we're going to go into q4. some of the fundamental look very good, but we still have looming out there the fed and various other thing. >> right. >> like the debt limit. >> right, high school what's clearly keeping us kind of in check where we're stuck in this purgatory, in the sure which way to go. it's evident you can feel it in the lack of volume, the lack of really interest because there's no reason for people to take the market higher at the moment. >> right. >> but nor are they so sure they want to start selling it off yet either because they're waiting on all this data. >> yeah, michael, does that kind of gel with what you're looking for? i know you're a longer-term investor, obviously. are you still finding value in the market? >> we're finding value, but it's
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harder to find, sue, things this we'd kind of like to buy are fairly expensive now. it's hard to find a cheap stock that get us really excited. i think that the, you know, skunk at theic thick right now are all these guys sitting behind me under that big white dome, we were kind of got a little bit of a boost, of course, out of the fed news that they're going to stay there, spig if the open throwing cash at this thing. risk trades started to come back on. these guys are killing it. >> does that create volatility which might create opportunity for you, or do you sit it out until we get a resolution from washington? >> i mean, we really hope that it's going to create some opportunity. we haven't had a significant market pullback in almost two years at this point. i would welcome one so that we could find some buying opportunities. right now you kind of have to just sit tight and keep your powder dry. >> yeah, for a shorter-term trader, kenny, how would you play this? >> you have to be cautious. i think the market issing if to test lower before higher. we've already seen it, they're already starting to talk about
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octaper. how's the market going to react? so therefore i think the path of least resistance at the moment is to at least test the 50-day moving average, and then wohl see how the washington story develops it figure out if it's going to be worse or less. >> you know, michael, before i let you go, kate kelly is going to be up next talking about jpmorgan. and i know you hold jpmorgan, but you've trimmed back a little bit, correct? >> we did trim back our position in jpmorgan. we still have a couple hundred thousand plus shares. but we think that, you know, while a lot of the regulatory noise and risk might be already priced in, jpmorgan has seen a pretty good gain from basically a writedown of their assets bringing forward against their reserves to add to earnings. they can't do that much right now. so we think a lot of the gains that some of the bank stock including jpmorgan probably behind us with a lot of litigation and regulatory risk. take a little bit off the table.
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take some profits and still be cautious. we think caution still makes a lot of sense even when this risk trade comes back on. longer term, own solid balance sheets. >> got to leave it there. guys, thank you very much. good to see you again, michael, as always. >> thank you, sue. >> kenny, thank you very much. to kayla tausche for a quick "market flash." >> sue, we're watching shares of lockheed company. the company increasing its returns to shareholders. shareholders that hold the stock as of december 2nd will get a higher dividend by about 16%. the company now going to pay out a dividend of $1.33 a share. it's also increasing its share boyback program by $3 billion. you can see shareholders like that. the stock is up just about 1%, spiking intraday. tyler and sue? >> kayla, thank you very much. jpmorgan chief jamie dimon met with eric holder in washington this morning. he left after the meeting -- after meeting for two hours. the speculation is that a settlement could be near with the embattled company between them and regulators at the doj.
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the stock right now up 23 cents, 51.93. kate kelly with the details. mr. dimon, mr. holder, mr. holder had comment, actually. >> no, that's right, tyler. and the fact that dimon met withholder face to face really suggests strongly that a settle am deal would be near and that the two of them were discussing relatively final term. in this press conference held on an unrelate matter just after the meeting with dimon, the attorney general had some strong words, though, for jpmorgan and its fellow banks, several also under investigation for alleged misconduct with the connection of sales with mortgage-backed security. holding companies accountable for manipulating financial markets is a priority for the justice department, holder said, and we can expect it see more announcements of cases related to that in the coming weeks and months. as of yesterday, jpmorgan and justice were discussing a possible settlement of roughly $11 billion from what i'm told, a chunk of which would go to consumer relief. but a key question remains whether jpmorgan would admit or
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deny wrongdoing and how many government probe could be resolved all at once. in addition it the justice department, the new york attorney general and the federal housing finance agency are also in lawsuits with them. and resolving as many of those as possible in one fell swoop would be key for j pchl morgan. whether they can come to an agreement soon would really help a lot, i think, to restore investor confidence. >> it has been an expensive six months for jpmorgan with respect to a lot of different settlements. this one would be the granddaddy of all of them, right? >> it would. $11 billion would be the largest fine imposed by the doj for anything if it got there. it is stratospheric numbers. it wasn't long ago that it was a big regulatory settlement. >> now we've catapulted into something completely different. is the sticking point here, if there is a sticking point, the question of whether they'll admit to wrongdoing or accept responsibility? >> i think that is a sticking point. anytime you admit to wrong tl doing which, of course, is
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something regulator are really pushing for now including the s.e.c. and mary jo white, you usher in the possibility of private lawsuits because after all, you've admitted wrongdoing so you should be held accountable in multiple ways. that's always an issue. the other thing is this thing i mentioned about settling multiple matter at once. there were even stories earlier this week suggesting that maybe some totally unrelated investigative matters would be bundled in including this probe into chinese hiring practices. hairing of chinese officials sons and taur. but i'm told that's very unlikely. the mortgage settlement is likely to be just that. >> quarantined. >> in term of the chain knees hiring practices, in terms of other matters related to energy, that's for another day. >> thanks. great to see you. sue? the treasury has launched the third phase of its plan to sell its stake in general motor. few details were offered, but the government currently has about a 7.3% ownership in the automaker, that's about 101 million shares. it took a 61% stake back in 2009 as part of that $49.5 billion
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bailout. a number of japanese company pleading guilty and paying more than $740 million in fines for their role in fixing auto parts sold -- the price of those auto parts sold to u.s. carmakers. scott cohn is here with the details. >> hi, sue. this is a huge case that official say directly affects what you and i pay for a car and what it costs automakers to build them. nine japanese parts makers and two executive admit they illegally fixed prices on $5 billion worth of parts sold to manufacturer includes gm, ford, chrysler, honda, nissan, toyota and more. alternator, fuel injection systems, windshield wipers, 30 different parts that are in every car you buy. the suppliers admit they've been holding meetings in some cases for more than a decade to illegally manipulate prices and rip off the automakers. >> company executives met face to face in the united states and in japan and talked on the phone
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to reach collusive agreement and it allocate the supply of auto parts sold it the united states car companies. >> three-quarters of a billion dollars in fine. as we said, the biggest, $195 million goes to hitachi motive which sells ignitions and alternators as does mitsubishi electric. mitsuba will pay $135 million. none of the companies has responded to our request for a comment. this has been a long-running investigation for the justice department's antitrust television involving the auto parts industry. today's charges bring the number of companies implicated to 20. the number of executives charged to 21. $1.6 billion in fines. and by the way, transparent pricing would help u.s. auto parts makers and a inform them including johnson controls, borg-warner, federal mogul up big on the day. tyler, back to you. >> scott, thank you very much. so what's in a name? it seem like a lot when it comes to health care in america. isn't that right, steve liesman?
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>> yeah, that's right. what is in a name? if you call it obamacare, what do american think? what happens if you call it the affordable care act? you're going to want to stick around and hear these answers when "power lunch" comes right back. (vo) you are a business pro. maestro of project management. baron of the build-out. you need a permit... to be this awesome. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. you can even take a full-size or above, and still pay the mid-size price. (aaron) purrrfect. (vo) meee-ow, business pro. meee-ow. go national. go like a pro. ♪ unh ♪
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welcome back to "power lunch." i'm bertha coombs. we've got a developing story with just five days until obamacare exchanges open for business, a partial one-month delay on the small business portals. then line marketplace will open on time, but the white house now
1:19 pm
telling nbc news companies using the so-called shop marketplace for businesses with fewer than 25 employees will not be able to actually buy coverage on those portal until november 1st. we don't know why that is, and it's in the a major issue for the businesses. they'll still be able to look through plan, and they don't actually need to buy insurance until december nin order to hav coverage start january 1st. and it's certainly in the as big a deal in the delay to the larger mandate to 2015, but there are lingering concerns that technical glitches could force a delay of the exchanges that are set to open on tuesday for the much larger individual markets. so far nothing on that front. the administration says individual enrollment will in the be impacted by this partial small business delay in the ability to boy. back to you, tyler p. stl >> boy, a lot of things have to go right starting october 1st. speaking of health care, so what is in a name? when it come to health care in america, it seems a lot.
1:20 pm
steve liesman here with his exclusive survey. fascinating stuff. stloo we put this survey together every quarter. i was trying to figure out how to ask it. obamacare or the affordable care act? why not put the question to the american people. so what we did, folk, in this survey, 800 american around the country, we asked half what you think of obamacare, the other half when they think of the affordable care act. let's start here. what you see is this is the percentage. about 20% or so positive on the affordable care act. 25% or 30% negative don't even know what the affordable care act is. now, let's show you what people think of obamacare. you see positives go up above 25% here. and then quite a bit more negative here. we talked about why that is, and unsure. >> they just know they don't like it when you call it obamacare. >> wait till you see who doesn't like it. let's go down to the next thing which is men and women. this is men on obamacare.
1:21 pm
you can see very similar to the rest of the country here. now let's go, again, take a look at -- you layer in women here. what you see here is men, it shoots up when it's obamacare. relative to there. is and and it shoots up on both sides. watch the gop, tyler, real quick. see what happens there. fwloo so here's gops and democrats. positive for aca, positive for obamacare, negative for aca. >> now, watch, we'll call it obamacare and we'll see what happens to the blue. it goes way up. you can see that's a lightning rod. >> and it goes way up for the democrat. >> for positive for obamacare. so what is the real answer? if we can go back, guy, can we get that first screen up? yes, we can. it's interesting. i went back and looked at the nbc/"wall street journal" poll. they asked the question, what do you think about the new health care law? their numbers are very similar it our question on obamacare. so that may be where the real story is.
1:22 pm
>> when you call it by its formal name, the affordable care act, nobody knows what it is. >> and in the next hour, we're going to talk about people who stand to benefit the most either don't know the most about it or they have very negative feelings about it. so it's really interesting. pr, educational problem that's out there. and plus, the uncertainty is really amazing for a law that's going to affect so many americans. >> i tried it dig in yesterday and figure out how those exchange work. it's very complicated. >> it's very complicated. word matter, folks, in case you didn't know. sue, down to you. >> they sure do, ty. also debt matters. for those of you who think college debt is the next bubble, here is some food for thought. a new report from the fed says student debt now stands at nearly $1.2 trillion, or 61% higher than it was just in the year 2008. for most borrowers, student debt is $25,000, but at least 10% owe $55,000 or more. to put that in perspective,
1:23 pm
american now owe more on their student debt loans than they do on their credit cards. worry wrapping up the third quarter, as you any. q4, the most important time for the retailers, christmas, holiday. the stocks in that sector that you need to watch coming up. plus, crime and punishment. >> we're outside the federal courthouse in central islip waiting for the man accused of running a $96 million ponzi scheme. we'll have all the details coming right up on "power lunch." ♪
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♪ i'm jane wells. updating the largest peach farmer facing off against vfw. some of them voted to decertify the union. that's not going to happen. the skate agriculture labor relations board has rejected their petition claiming many of the signatures were forged and the farmers company played an illegal role in the effort. the farm worker may file a federal lawsuit. meanwhile, they're claiming victory and now the state board can move forward with forcing a mediated contract onto both sides. sue? >> wow, that is an amazing story, jane. thank you very much. i know you're going to continue to follow that for us. take a look at share of hertz right now down 13.3 %.
1:27 pm
the company in reverse. the car rental company is cuttingity full-year earnings forecast because of weaker sales at its airport rental locations. the rival avis in that space is down as well, but only by 4.3%. ty, up to you. >> all right, sous. a high-profile conpy zim in new york where two men are accused of bilking millions of dollars. our andrea day has more. >> dozens of victims and nearly $100 million taken. prosecutor say it was i wild scheme pulled off by brothers-this-law. truly a family affair. what has this 44-year-old screaming bloody murder? maybe it's because the fed have accused him of running a $96 million ponzi scheme. clearly brian callahan isn't talking about the charge. his brother-in-law, an alleged
1:28 pm
partner in crime, also clamming up. what do you have to say about this? is any of this true? prosecutors from the eastern district of new york say callahan conned investors, bought range rovers and a bmw and dumped millions into this montauk oceanfront. we found this commercial online. >> the panoramic view, the hamptons only carefree year-round resort and reference. quote, mr. callahan and mr. manson violated the trust of their clients, stealing victim' hard-earned money to per pet their fraud. today the game is up. investors were left stunned. >> in way, no way, i didn't know that until he was indicted. >> reporter: do you feel greedy, mr. manson, and did you deserve it take that money? the scheme allegedly b lly bega 2006. and prosecutors say for the next six years callahan raised more than $118 million from at least 45 clients. according it the indictment, he
1:29 pm
promised the money would go into high-dividend stocks and bonds, cds and mutual funds. but prosecutor say he moved the cash through funds he controlled, several in the west indies. manson and callahan owned this property in montauk, the panoramic view. prosecutors say it was a failing investment. >> the panoramic view is your luxury townhouse on the ocean. >> reporter: investigators say million were divert it panoramic to keep it afloat. but to conceal the scheme, clients were sent fake account statements showing not only that their funds were invested but per frming well. manson's attorney maintain that his client had no contact or involvement with investors. ellis french says he's one of the investors. >> how these individuals could do what they did, absolutely no integrity. >> reporter: and french says he lost a lot more than just money. his family bought the land in the '40 and built up the panoramic view over the years. in 2007, he finally decided to
1:30 pm
sell the business to adam manson. he says he meet callahan during the negotiations, and the two kept in touch. so when callahan came to him later with an investment pitch, french dove in. >> we found out there was very little truth in practically anything he it. >> reporter: he says the money he thought was going into other sound investments was instead funneled right back into the property he had just sold. >> most people when they sell the business, they say good-bye. instead, i had sleepless night. they had plans this strategy. >> reporter: what do you have to say about that? outside federal court, adam manson did his best to ignore our question. >> the schoolteacher with $250,000. it the individual, that's $7 million. it's still the old story. we had a fraud. >> reporter: and despite losing money and covering their track, the feds say they continue it spend. callahan buying this $2 million home in old westbury, long island, now seized by the government. the two paying off credit card
1:31 pm
bills and joining private golf clubs, all on their investors' dime. manson's attorney tells cnbc, quote, the criminal charge as they relate to mr. manson are unfounded. mr. manson consistently and expertly has acted consistent with the interest of the owners and investor of the panoramic property. and his job was in developing, operating and marketing the property which he did with skill and expertise. >> i put nothing past him. >> reporter: cording it the s.e.c. complaint, callahan also failed to disclose one key bit of information. in 2009, he was permanently barred by finra from associating with any finra member. the allegations, that he create false documents and more. do you have anything to say to investors? and you can check out much manager this story and others at ty and sue, right back to you. >> andrea, thank you very much. let's check in on the gold
1:32 pm
market right now. prices are closing, and jackie deangelis is tracking the action over at the nymex. >> good afternoon, sue. we are waiting for the closing price, but gold hovering around 1320. the precious metal just cannot seem to catch a bid. we are looking at price heading lower. the next stop for bullion is 1296. meantime, the rest of the metals complex suffering a bit as well. platinum is leading the broader decline, down more than 1%. but i do want to talk about copper. it is bucking the trend, up for two straight days, and that is before china holiday shutdown. back to you. >> all right, jackie, thank you very much. right here at post 9 on the floor of the new york stock exchange, the stock market is up but nowhere near where it was earlier this morning. and you can thank washington for that. bob pisani joins me here. >> the market has hoped that there wouldn't be any government shutdown, but put up the dow industrial and i will hoe yshow what happened. we moved up when republican came
1:33 pm
out, pete sessions, there's not going to be a shutdown. we moved up. then around 10:30 mr. boehner, speaker of the house, said the house would not pass a clean spending bill. there would be add-ons. everybody's talking about a one-year delay in obamacare as a potential. and the market dropped. we lost 100 points. there's that decline. we've slowly been clawing our way back. i just want to point out my whole theme for the day is complacency, sue, is very high right now. the vix, as you see, shot up on those market declines. 14 is still a very low number. a lot of people have not bought puts recently. the price of puts are very, very low right now. that signal people aren't out buying them. there's not a lot of worry. put up the s&p 500. gold machine sman sachs had an g report noting that the price of puts is cheap and speculated if you want to buy protection right now, 16.50 puts would be very good because number one, they're cheap, number two, that's about
1:34 pm
5% below where we were. if you had a little correction, that would be a good place to buy put. it's not just me noticing it, goldman sachs noticed it and put a note out about it. >> that's something to take into consideration for those who have become complacent and think this market has nowhere to go but up. and washington can throw a monkey wrench into this market quicker than anything. >> everything has gone well this year. no blowup in china or europe. >> don't curse it. >> there was concerns about syria. that's moved to the sidelines. the market thinks everything's gone fine and nobody's really pricing in that something could go wrong with this particular thing in washington. >> exactly. thank you so much, bob. appreciate it. let's go uptown to the nasdaq, seema mody, lots of ipos today. >> absolutely, sue. a busy day of listings. we have four ipos on the nasdaq. now, nasdaq senior vice president of new listings told cnbc this morning that the pipeline for q4 also looks
1:35 pm
strong. analysts say the ipo market continues continue had the thanks to the equity rally. the job act and the improvement in first-day ipo performance. now, bright spots today include yahoo! facebook, amazon and ebay, companies that have high exposure it mobile, sue. these stocks continue to outperform the major indices. i just want to point out facebook shares breaking the $50 level. back over to you. >> yeah, up almost 2% today. seema, thanks. to the bond market right now. rick santelli is tracking the action at the cme and in the currency markets, too. hey, ricky. >> absolutely, sue. if you look at intraday seven, the last of the auctions, $97 billion out the door, you could clearly see -- usually after auctions you see rallies yields down. not today. it wasn't a great auction. backwards, look at intraday five. why? because it's the big performer today, up five base points. it's taken out the high of earlier in the session, and it's leading the curve in twosome, flattening and i think this is important to notice. the last one, sue mentioned
1:36 pm
currencies. dollar index doing better today, whether it's higher rate or taking a reprieve, bounced off good support levels. piler, back to you. >> rick, thank you very much. so will it be a merry christmas for the retailers? dominic chu taking a look at the sector. what did you find? >> here's the thing. it's the most wonderful time of the year. at least that's what those retailers are hoping. what big themes should investors be watching as we go into the fourth quarter? that's next on "power lunch," so keep it right here. ♪ [ cows moo ] [ sizzling ] more rain... [ thunder rumbles ] ♪ [ male announcer ] when the world moves... futures move first. learn futures from experienced pros with dedicated chats and daily live webinars. and trade with papermoney to test-drive the market. ♪ all on thinkorswim. from td ameritrade.
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welcome back to "power lunch." shares of zoltec rising stharply after a nikkei report set an acquisition of the company by tokyo's toure industries could be announced as soon as tomorrow. and the deal could value zoltek between 60 to 70 billion yen. shares right now up better than 12% at 18.45. tyler? as the third quarter winds down, we're going to look at various sectors and what to expect in the upcoming quarter. and chu is going to take us through the retail sectors with the holiday shopping season just over the hill. >> if you take a look, it make sense. the fourth quarter is when
1:40 pm
everybody does their shopping. but the retail sector is massively outperform the s&p. and the question is whether or not those retailers can keep it up. retail expert weighed in with some of the big things he's watching. first some good news here. gasoline prices, they're lower than they were last year. if that trend continues, nippon estimates that consumer cav an extra $50 billion in their pocket to spend. now, second, people are spending their money more selectively. nippon says that consumer have been relatively robust but that they're spending on homes, home goods and cars and technology, not on apparel and accessories, but that trend may reverse during the upcoming holiday season. third, take a look for those price-conscious customers. shopper track is expecting shoppers to be the most frugal since 2009. now, they like these stock tjx, ross stores, macy's and walmart. they could capitalize on some of those trends. and analyst brian sozi is also weighing to see if really those department stores continue to win back business from the
1:41 pm
specialty apparel retailers. and finally, we could see a good quarter for one beaten-down retailer. that is, of course, jc penney. the stock has been hammered, but this morning it said that it's pleased with its problem and sees positive comparable store sales trends in the coming months. now, everall, we think that the picture could continue, nippon does, to improve and has a $20 price target on this particular stock. so sue, jc penney, very much in the headlines, could even be more so in the fourth quarter. back over to you. >> i just can't believe christmas is that close. dom, thank you so much. appreciate it. ebay to buy payment gateway braintree for about $800 million in cash. this to strengthen paypal's presence on smartphones and tablet. 4.5% gain there for ebay. eli lilly falling after its experimental breast cancer drug failed late-stage trial. as a result, it will not submit it to the fda for approval. the sfok is down better than 3%. mccormick falling as well after lowering its guidance. the company known for its
1:42 pm
various spices is down 2 2/3%. ty? the power house, we're going to travel to a top real estate market in america today. guess where that is. beautiful portland, oregon. find out how much house your money buys in the city of roses. plus, after his spectacular america's cup win, oracle ceo larry ellison's multimillion-dollar paycheck getting some investors angry. we will explain. americans take care of business.
1:43 pm
1:44 pm
they always have. they always will. that's why you take charge of your future. your retirement. ♪ ameriprise advisors can help you like they've helped millions of others. listening, planning, working one on one. to help you retire your way... with confidence. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. ameriprise financial. more within reach. welcome back to "power lunch." i'm diana olick. home prices may be rising, but there's still sweet spot for investors. call them hidden housing gems. realty track. topping the list, wichita county, texas. home prices still low, rent pretty hey, just two hours from
1:45 pm
dallas, the pig city there, wichita fall, home of midwestern state university. number two, new york, we're talking syracuse here. there are close to no investors there right now. but the stats very good for yield. next, canadian county, oklahoma. near oklahoma city, not in the same county, though. home price are higher, but so are the rent and still very little investor competition in the market. you want to hear more? we have them. tune into "street signs" coming up. tyler? >> thank you very much. power house" time. we take you every week to a top real estate market. a broker with haas & company realtor. let's look at their relevant stats. average sale price, $321,900, 3.1 months of inventory, property, about 70 days on the market. jules, let's go to the first one. 978 north haven in portland, asking $239,000, three beds, 2 1/2 baths.
1:46 pm
why do you like this one? >> tiler, i love this house because not only the house itself but the community was built with the idea of walking. so these homes were built very energy efficient. so not only do you have a great price point to start, but you have low cost as you continue it care for the home over the year p. >> so this is fairly close to town, you can walk into the downtown or what? >> it's actually a planned community. so you can walk to your neighbor's. you've got local prk. so you've got a lot of walkability within your community. but also about ten minutes from downtown. >> very neat and clean and look like a wonderful starter home. second listing, 10323 northwest engelman street in portland, tax about $8,000 a year there, three bedroom, 2 1/2 baths, 3,000 square feet. this is a bigger house. >> the a bigger house. and it's also only about five minutes from downtown. yet it has a great community, walking trails. you'll see wildlife all over the place. it's a subdivision, but it was built by different builders over
1:47 pm
the years so you don't get that cookie-cutter feel. as you can tell, this house has a lot of really nice finish, great mill work, attention to detail, entertaining spaces. >> yeah, look at that. and a very nice outdoor. now let's kick it up a notch here, shall we, jules, and go to -- i guess it's 909 southwest schafer road in west lynn, oregon, 15 miles out of downtown. they are asking $1.890 million, $20,000 in taxes, four beds, four bads, 6600 square feet. >> this is an awesome manor. 20 minute trz downtun. you can have the solitude of a fruit orchard. you've got a pool. you've got mountain views. the home itself is pristine. it's got a 23-foot fireplace that was custom built. an entertainer's kitchen. and there's plenty of room for everyone. so i think you should buy a house out here in portland and make this your vacation home.
1:48 pm
>> i -- look at that. how much property is it on, jules? do you know? >> it's on almost three acres, yes, just under three acres. >> three acre. that is fantastic. and the taxes there were, what, about $20 think? >> they are, just under $20,000, yep. >> you want to guess what my tax are on my one-third of an acre, jules? in new jersey? >> i'm probably guessing about the same. >> a little more. about $25,000 a year. and my house is not worth $1.8 million. jules, thank you very much. >> thank you, tyler. >> i'll be moving in next week. we appreciate it. >> great. i'll be happy to sell it to you. >> i bet you would. sue? >> i bet she would, too, ty, but then you'd have to do "power lunch" by remote. apple up 0.6%. apple ceo tim cook and activist investor carl icahn meeting for lunch next wreak. what's on the menu and the agenda? plus, he won 4 million bucks in the powerball lottery, but
1:49 pm
now he says he wants his old life back. the power rundown is next.
1:50 pm
thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for teaching us that you can't create the future... by clinging to the past. and with that: you're history. instead of looking behind... delta is looking beyond. 80 thousand of us investing billions... in everything from the best experiences below... to the finest comforts above. we're not simply saluting history... we're making it.
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a truly powerful edition of "the power rundown" today. julia boorstin's in the house.
1:52 pm
welcome, dominic chu is here. they're ready and raring to go. david faber reported earlier the activist investor carl icahn will meat with apple ceo tim cook on monday. what will they talk about, and will an apple dividend come up? i think maybe icahn wants to talk about dell computer, right? >> i think icahn's going to ask for an apple tv and an apple fancy watch, maybe some other connected devices and then, of course, he'll say, do whatever it take it push the stock up. >> it's all about returning cash. when you have an activist like carl icahn trying it shake things up, he's not doing so -- at least from a hostile point of view with tim cook right now, but he wants it see shareholder value increase. that might be more of a stock buyback. it can be a special dividend. who knows in but this is a great meeting. i would love to be at the table. >> but guess what? we get to read about it later in carl icahn's tweets. >> he's tweeting already. love it. >> maybe he'll live tweet during dinner. who knows? >> larry ellison always seems to come up a winner.
1:53 pm
his sailing team successfully and electrifyingly defended the america's cup yesterday. they were left for dead, down 8-1. they won 9-8. that victory may be short-lived. according to "the journal," some oracle investors are complaining about his pay. now? nearly $77 million this year. but as f. scott fitzgerald writes, the rich different from you and me when it comes to mr. ellison? >> it's interesting because with ellison, you're talking about a man who's got beneficial interest in this company -- he owns a quarter of the company. he controls a lot of the shares. >> founder. >> if you think about it, the paycheck may in the be anywhere near close to his financial interest in this company. so it may be about trying to align his interests with shareholder. and some would argue that he is already very much aligned. he owns a quarter of the company. >> yeah. i think the real question that i'm concerned about is this whole -- this whole yachting thing. is he spending too much time and too much money -- >> didn't he skip a meeting? >> oracle world. >> oracle world in. >> his team won the america's
1:54 pm
cup. congratulations. the question is, if he did that at the expense of oracle world, does that mean he needs to be paying more attention to what his shoeareholders want? i'm all for people having hobbies, but he should not have missed this meeting. >> you've got mark hurd, two very capable co-presidents at that company. maybe this is the signal of his possible, in the future, plans. >> interesting, interesting point there. i'm curious why people would be mad about his pay now because his pay's been high for a long, long time. anyhow, willie seely, he was one of the powerball winners last month from new jersey. he now wants his old life back. he split the $450 million jack pa jackpot with 15 coworkers. since then he's been bombarded with interviews. he says sometimes he wants to go back to being willie and getting paid every two week. he worked at the government maintenance yard in his town
1:55 pm
down there on the jersey shore. julia, i mean, he said that even reality show producers, surprise, surprise, seeing another "duck dynasty." >> seeing another "duck dynasty." he called winning the lottery a curse. >> yeah. >> i want to be cursed, please. >> feel sorry for someone who won the lottery, but maybe he just has a lot of relative. maybe he's getting harassed. >> you hear about this. this guy is sitting up at a podium and saying hey, i've got millions of dollar. you're begging to be cold calledpy financial advisers and brokers and everybody else who wants to make an investment or you want to make an investment in something. >> he's not the first lottery winner to say it really stresses on their lives. >> you know, you've just got to kind of love the guy there. he bought a new cabin, he said. >> i love his look. >> i thought it was in disguise at first, but no. >> no. that's willie. >> that's willie. >> that's willie. >> love that "duck day nastyyna stuff. the biggest winner in
1:56 pm
today's trading. plus wait till you see the new $100 bills. we'll show them to you when we come back. at least i think we will. my customers can shop around-- see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business, and definitely not with our health.
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[ telephone ringing ] now a waiting room is just a room. [ static warbles ] the federal reserve is
1:59 pm
rolling out the new $100 bill next month. it's the first overhaul since 1996. some of the high-tech changes include a 3-d security ribbon woven right into the paper. it's not print on it. and it move. it change color. and it even disappear. ers that also embedded security threads that glow pink when a uv light is held up to it. and raised printing right on benjamin franklin's shoulder that feel rough to the touch. another feature to try and prevent counterfeiting. on the flip side, a giant-sized gold numeral 100 to help the visually impair. >> you know, sue, my problem with these $100 bills, they seem to disappear, not just the security ribbon. >> yes. that's really true. >> whenever i cusp them, they disappear. >> they just disappear. funny, that happens in my house, too. let's take a look at the markets. we are on the up side but some of the impasse in washington took the steam out of the market in a big way about midday. the dow industrials now up only 36 points, the s&p up 4.
2:00 pm
nasdaq is faring the best today. ten-year note, the yield at 2.655% on the trading session. winner today, bed, ba bath & beyond, yahoo! and surprisingly jc penney, rebounding from a 13-year low. >> a very interesting few day ahead as we end the quarter and look ahead to those government things in washington. that will do it for "power lunch." >> "street sigsigns" begins now. what a turnaround for what has been a runaround stock. jc penney investors are fighting back. the stock trying to make a comeback. bob holstein has been investing since before we were born. and he brings 40 years of market wisdom to you with some stocks that he loves right now. you can't miss that. plus, exclusive results from the cnbc all-american survey on health care. two small business owners here with that and what they're doing on their employees, their plans. it's practical real-w


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