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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> dan? >> contraryian play, i boat exco. >> our thanks who stuck by us the whole hour and gave us analysis on facebook. in the meantime, don't go anywhere. mad money starts right now. mon starts right now. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want to safe you money. my job is not just to entertain you, but to educate you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. if you live by the fed's fuel you occasionally have to die by the fed's reasoning for the fueling!
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and that's what we saw today when the market plummeted! the federal reserve says it has to keep buying bonds because the economy is still not strong enough to generate enough jobs without interest rates staying lower than they might otherwise be. the stock market's retreat and the dow gave up 62 points. the s&p dropped 4.9%, and the nasdaq declined .55% and can clearly be laid right at the fed's feet. that's because until the fed releases the down beat statement crafted after the monthly meeting the average is pretty much even keel and after a moment's hesitation. the sellers -- >> sell, sell, sell. >> overwhelm the market and stocks began to plummet. detailing and explaining a pattern of stock buying and selling that while totally counterintuitive has become the mod us operandi, and i want to game it with me. first, the stock market acts pretty sanguine in the days leading up to the fed meeting
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largely because we know the economy is too weak to stand up by itself. we know the fed has to continue to buy bonds to keep interest rates low, and they told us that. lower rates allow the companies to buy more aggressively and hopefully from the fed's point of view so they expand operations. >> lower rates can help reignite what has been a red-hot real estate market that is now cool, while historically low have now jumped enough and home prices have now appreciated enough that affordability's gotten totally out of whack. some numbers say it's back to when it was when it overheated the last time. we know how that ended. and lower rateses can beget giant buybacks that can trial impact stocks and allow for a kroetive acquisitions and sweet dividend boosts and good for stocks, but the fed keeping to buy bonds is endless chatter with about how the fed won't taper. i try not to use that word on this show, won't tape are the buying because things still
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aren't good in the economy. we used to call this -- this kind of story where we all know what the fed will say things aren't so hot when it releases the statement the equivalent of a dog bites man narrative. hey, it it happens all of the time. and there's nothing newsworthy about it. the whole meeting is totally obvious. it's a real walk through because everyone knows that washington's divisive actions have served to stall whatever strength there might have been in the economy just a few months ago. we know the dysfunction in washington and the government shutdown gave consumer and business confidence a grievous blow. you hear about it from everybody, right? the missing ingredient needed for people to start new companies and for companies to spend more aggressively and for you to feel better and it allows the economies to speed up and without it they fall flat. you know that because you listen to executives on the show all of the time and washington is terrible for business and even though the economy had a head of steam going to the budget talks
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they sure don't have it now. hence the need to keep throwing the fluid on the smolderring kingsfords. what's the fed to do when jobs are being created more slowly than the last six months. it has to stay easy and stay friendly. they nullify the competition from fixed income securities and then there's the second part of the pattern and the stock market on the day of the actual fed meeting like today. that's the day when the fed announces exactly what we all expected that the economy's too weak and that the sluggish growth is not strong enough to create jobs so it must stay accommodative and the continuous bond buying program. on that day buyers take a pause and sellers flood into the market. why, you might ask? okay. some actually believe that the economy was picking up and not getting softer and these clueless individuals act as if the statement from the fed that things are weak is the equivalent of man bites dog
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[ barking ] >> a real shocker that causes them to hit the sell button. >> sell, sell, sell! >> others discussed that the fed is reckless when it throws around $84 billion a month buying bonds that they sell because they simply think the whole thing is a house of cards. memo to those sellers who are often the most vocal in expressing their displeasure with the fed and come on tv all of the time. guys, why the heck are you in stocks to begin with. if you have that little tath in the fed you should have sold a long time ago. the stock market pattern pivot again. after the selling dissipate, guess what? >> buy, buy, buy! >> buyers come back. why? the exact same reason the sellers fear stock market exposure. the economy is so weak that the fed needs to continue to keep rates down, unlike the sellers these buyers recognize that the fed's ramifications is to make stocks more attractive than all of the other alternatives, particularly bonds. these are buyers who say what the heck else am i supposed to do with my money?
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go in to cds and get .5%? that's real helpful. i'm supposed to buy gold and hope for the worst in the world and hope for the best in the precious metal? it's still a terrific asset, by the way and you paid off your debt and the stock marks that a bond market equivalents and how can you not seek out the stocks like electric power and they yield twice what the ten-year treasury pays you and the capital appreciate stream on top of that. that's precisely what you should be buying on the sluggish economy. they can increase sales regardless of the weakness in the economy and they buy whole baskets of stocks in the s&p 500 because they know the stocks will top the performance of anything else out there. i know the pattern seems ridiculously easy to gain. things are sluggish so the fed will stay friendly so stay in stocks, but it is true that there's still some shock value to hearing how poorly things are really doing especially when we hear about upside surprises than
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downside ones from the companies themselves. however, that's just the way it's been and it will continue to be and it's why i keep urging you to stay in stocks after the off the charts segment with the fibonacci queen. i am telling you, you have to be able to book some profits. read my lips, cosome selling. get red for the next washington engendered swoon. they never fail to arrive on time. here's the bottom line, many people want to own stocks because they like that the fed has skillched the bond competition and then on the day they hear why they panic and sell and a few days prevail, and the fed's friendly and even as we hate it when it tells us once a month why it it does remain on our side. thanks, fed. a once a month flu shot that immunizes stocks. stings for a day or two, but stock owners feel a heck of a lot healthier a few days later and the buying begins anew. marilyn in texas. marily
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marilyn! >> hi, jim. boo-yah. >> boo-yah, marilyn. >> how are you doing? >> pretty good. how are you? >> i'm doing well except for it's raining in texas. >> all right. >> i want to ask you about insight. i bought the it when it was real low, and i bought about a hundred shares of it and last time it shot up 44 and i sold off some, but i kept some and now i know they have earnings coming out tomorrow and they're down, like 5%. >> remember, they've got something perhaps for rheumatoid arthritis and any time you hear that anyone has anything for r.a., it is fabulous news. the idea that they've got something is what's more important to the earnings. i would stick with it because if you have anything that lessens rheumatoid arthritis your company could be in for multi-year move. congratulations to you. can i go to katherine in florida, please? katherine. >> hi, jim. thank you so much for returning my call and taking your expertise and time.
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>> of course. >> with the obama health care situation either yesterday or today and it didn't help. it didn't work out. what i would like, sir, is your expertise, and i love you. i really do. i watch you every day. your expertise opinion. what action do i take with verizon now? >> you hold it. i have to tell you. let's just be really clear about it. i almost call them knucklehead, the canadian company that designed the wen site. that's a publicly traded stock and it's not doing that badly. the idea that verizon was thrown under the bus and that verizon could be punished for this -- it was my judgment when i listened it's ludicrous. if anything, verizon under 50 remains one of my -- >> buy, buy, buy! >> and i would certainly hold the stock. can i go to j.b. in colorado? j.b.! >> dr. cramer, greetings from the continental divide. >> what's going on?
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>> they first declared their first-ever quarterly dividend and they disappointed the street by meeting the second quarter estimates by a penny. what is the short and long-term prospects for this company? >> you know i like agco. i took the call last night when everyone else was doing interesting things. i was reading the agco call, and i didn't like it . because no farm equipment company will go down when corn is 40% a year. i think it will be fine longer term and right now the ag sector is hurting because the oil commodities are coming down. do we walk away from agco? we can hold it, but the pressure will continue. live by the fed, we die by the fed. when the fed spoke today there was the usual panicked selling by the very people who bought stocks because they like what the fed's doing. don't worry. it it rights itself in a couple of days. just stay the course. "mad money" will be right back. coming up. silver spoon? from the breakfast table to taco
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night, b & g foods have it covered. do these brands belong in your portfolio as well as the shopping cart? find out when cramer speaks to the ceo. ask later, savor the flavor. buffalo wild wings is up big this year and a piping hot earnings report has its stock up again today. plus as it takes beer, wings and sports internationally is the real growth story still coming or is it it ready to cool off? don't miss cramer's exclusive. plus, electric slide. american electric power ran out of juice as wall street turned its attention towards interest rates. is that decline offering an opportunity to plug into its outside dividend or will regulation hold it back? cramer's talking to the ceo all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter.
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what do you do when a high-quality company when a long-term track record has a tough quarter? that's the question i'm asking about kraemer fife b & g foods. it is most likely to recognize cream of wheat, ortega and vermont and the b & g pickles. many mo. yes, old london. here's the food company with the 3.9% yield and the kind of stock that tends to thrive when the economy's slowing which we know it is. it's a proven business model and forgotten brands and the new packaging and new ads and additional marketing. >> since i got behind it almost exactly three years ago. it tripled in three years, not
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too shabby, but when p & g reported three weeks ago, the private label competition from some of these food service providers they cut into the margins and the company had to do some discounting in order to maintain its vibes. the stock got hit falling $1.50, and it kept sinking and it fell off the high of 37 and change for the quarter. is this a buying opportunity? or are there bigger issues that we need to be concerned about? i'm inclined to the former. let's get a sense of where the company is going. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you again, jim. >> do i have to be worried? you guys are so consistent. on the conference call because you're an honest, consistent guy, you talk about the center of the storm and the competition of the likes of the providers and i pulled up cisco's web page and they have pickles and mexican food. this is the first time i felt that maybe you were telling us be careful. >> not be careful. i mean, it's a challenging
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environment and it's not just us. you can look at any food company that plays where we play and it's a tough environment. i think part of it it is changing eating habits and part of it is center of the store customers are challenged to some extent and these brand have been around a long, long time and we look for a steady performance in the long term. >> a lot of people don't understand the center store and they may not understand. the notion of a secular change. people snack more. you are moving aggressively in the snack food business including new products that we just got. greek yogurt bars. >> right. >> can you outrun the center of the store, can you explain that to us and go to the snacking section where things are much better? >> we already made a big move there. as you know, next year the snack part of the business will be 25% of sales so we've made a very significant move over to that, and we think that there's going to be organic growth and obviously growth from the acquisitions next year out of that.
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having said that, we're not forgetting just because we have new toys we're not forgetting what brought us to the party. we think the grocery part of the business is solid. we continue to execute new products against that and we're looking to get back to flat if not growing in the grocery part of the business and take advantage of where consumers seem to be moving in some other eating habits and snacks and bars and things like that and certainly more sales in warehouse clubs. >> right. right. now why are these big companies cutting price like this? it's not their style. >> part of it is some of them are trying to regain business they lost to private label. >> okay. >> you know, when the times were much tougher. >> uh-huh. >> and part of it is everybody wants to grow and one way to grow in the categories that are promotionally sensitive is to heighten your promotions. >> okay, but the discounting between old el paso versus your
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ortega, it's almost insane. i don't know why anyone would do it. >> again, that's isolated to certain things. old el paso is being aggressive in kits and taco shells and not so much in the rest of the business. so we're competing with them and you've seen some price erosion as we try to compete with them on promotions in that part of our business, but we still have very solid pieces of business in about four other components of the ortega brand so it's not everywhere. >> you look at this steak and you look at this packaging and you kuo line extension with the melba snacks. do you take more aisle space in here and pay more attention to this than this? >> this is a resurrection. >> you said it was pretty precipitously was the term you were using. >> the one customer where we've launched the new packaging launch, the display activity and racking that we want to do, that customer was declining 14% year over year. the four-week period after we
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launched this it was up 30% year over year. so we -- we saw the opportunity there. it's a matter of executing the opportunity and we think we've done it with the new package and the display activity and things like that. it was a brand we understood. so we really wanted to get our hands on it and we knew we could do that. here it's all about first refreshing the line, getting new flavors out there and the flavors that we think consumers like and then getting the shelf space back because this brand has lost a lot of shelf space over the years, too. >> what you're describing to me sounds like more business as usual. people got very comfortable with your beaten, raise and buy. it sounds like with the integration it can happen again and the buys are still out there. >> i think next year will be a very exciting year. we're very, very happy to have recland orchards come into play because they're a strong --
6:21 pm
there is big synergy in the rest of the lines and we think they'll bring great things. >> it sounds like thingses are right on track. i got nervous. david wehner, president and ceo of p & g foods. i feel much better. i know many of you own this stock and i would stay in it and i would buy more given the fact that bond yields are going down. stay with cramer. coming up, savor the flavor. buffalo wild wings is up big this year and a piping hot earnings report helped spice up the stock again today, but as it takes wing, beer and sports internationally is the real growth still coming or is it ready to cool off? don't miss cramer's exclusive.
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the ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon.
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there's nothing this market likes more than the turbo charged growth story. just imagine buffalo wild wings tharoored $11.71 ore 9% after shooting the lights outside when it it reported last night. this was a grand slam quarter. buffalo wild wings was up 95 cents a share and up with a 65% increase and not to mention a ten-cent beef for what the analysts were looking for. it came in higher than anticipated rising 25% year over yore. sales same-store sales increased. when wall street was only looking for a 2.7% increase overall. to top it all off the quarter
6:25 pm
improved better as it went on with august and september being better than will july. at the end of the day, buffalo wild wings is an expansion story and they opened 22 company-owned stores in the quarter alone and they expect to have more locations and plenty of room to grow. they can have 1700 restaurants in the u.s. and canada with more opportunities overseas overall. here's a company that keeps on delivering. while we never like to chase stocks buffalo wild wings has made you an awful lot of money and the stock roared higher and that was three months ago and i spoke to the ceo and since then you caught another 36% gain. 167% gain since i got behind in february 2011 and it's a fabulous story. do not take it from me. let's take it from sally smith. hear more about the quarter and her company's prospects. welcome back to "mad money." >> hi, jim. thanks for having me. it's great to be here. >> of course, sally. this was an extraordinary
6:26 pm
quarter that was not touched enough on the conference call. one is you did change the way you distribute your wings from the number of wings to pound. the second, you have mcdonald's with the wing initiative. it didn't seem to matter at all! >> we really did have an outstanding quarter, truly operations marketing and guest experience came together. we did. we took a chance in july when we rolled out wings by the portion. as we had talked before, wing costs were very high and the wings were getting larger and we had a yield problem. we rolled it out and i think the guest really likes to get that consistent amount of meat with each order instead of by the number. so that went off really well. with regard to mcdonald's' mighty wing, you know, you can't help, but think that their advertising about wings made people think about where you wanted to get the best wings and they went to buffalo wild wings because not only wings, beer and sports. nothing better.
6:27 pm
>> let's talk about beer for a second and i know a lot of people doubted, along with mcdonald's, they doubted you about introducing the new beer nobody heard of, but it's selling incredibly well with, isn't it? >> it has been a hit with our guests. you know, we use our guests in helping develop the beer and we wanted to pair it to match really nicely with our wings as well as being very drinkable. it's called game changer brewed by red hook and it's moved to the the top five slot in beer sales system wide. >> that's incredible. i have an insight i want to bounce off you. fantasy football has changed the way people watch the nfl. in a blowaway game you still have to watch the last two quarters because you want to know how your players do. are people staying longer at buffalo wild wings for a football game? >> you would think so with the same-store sales. i think one of the keys for this quarter is the fantasy football draft parties that we held throughout august. we also partnered with yahoo
6:28 pm
sports on fantasy football draft day and held a record number of draft parties in the stores. if you drafted at buffalo wild wings you're probably going stay and watch the game at buffalo wild wings. >> there are various schedule issues in terms of when the nfl is doing certain things. i need to know, do flex games help where you have a better game sunday night? do the number of weeks that have games matter because i know there's a calendar year this year in the nfl. >> i like to say as long as the game is a great game, you know, extra innings, overtime, whatever it is, that definitely helps and great match-ups help, as well and i don't know if it matters what day of the week as long as right now we're kind of in the confluence of sports and you have the world series, the nfl and nhl is back, hockey's back this year in the fall where it didn't start until january of last year. so you can't ask for more sports. i like it when they're all scheduled a little bit differently and any time a guest
6:29 pm
wants to come to watch sports we're good with that. >> when i go international i'm not going to see football. what's going to be the driver? >> soccer. soccer is big across the globe. in fact, i think it's the number one sport in the world and it's being televised. there are huge soccer fans and then there are different sports depending on the country. certainly japan has baseball. vietnam has baseball. india, a lot of horse racing and car racing. we think there's a great formula there to bring our great wings and our sauces tailored a little bit to the country and matching up with sports. >> you talked about october sales being good. i've been doing a lot of work on the ag complex because the weakness is my favorite agricultural companies. it seems that the price of corn has fallen precipitously and wing prices may fall again. that does indeed fall to your bottom line, doesn't it? >> it sure does. i think we indicated on the call
6:30 pm
that wings originally started kind of climbing in august and september, but we've seen and we've given updated guidance that when prices have fallen in october which bodes well for us in november and december. after the bell tonight facebook reported. you were one of the people that made me feel like we should stick with these social media stocks. you're still finding good return for dollars in social media? >> we sure are. we have over 11 million facebook fans. i know we've moved dollars to facebook, to twitter and certainly commercial advertising and television and video really helps drive awareness, but we can connect with our guest really nicely on social media. there was back and worth with john glass who seemed to be incredulous that you may want to put up store after store, after store. they clearly have a slower growth path than some want and
6:31 pm
it has an impact on your stock price except to have it go up. >> you know, we did have questions about our unit growth on the call last night. growing sales in our restaurants is just as important as the number of units. we'll still open 95 restaurants in 2014 just down slightly. we have more -- we've almost doubled our averaging in volume since becoming a public company ten years ago. 2003 average volume was $1.5 million. today at company stores it's $2.9 million. i take that growth, coupled with unit growth, but will concentrate on continuing to grow average in the volumes. >> what are the franchises on the aggregate not doing well as well as company stores? >> i think, and i'm sure you're talking about same-store sales. i think they're averaging that volumes are just slightly higher than us. it really depends on partly when we've taken price increases. as a company they may take it at one time and they may take it at
6:32 pm
different times and they may have the higher average at volume and get in the same-store sales increase and they may be doing the larger amount and it turns out it's going to be a smaller percentage. thank you so much, sally smith, president and ceo of buffalo wild wings. >> thank you, jim. always great to be on your show. >> this place will keep delivering because the price of wings is coming down. do not sell it. up 11. that's a very different call from me as usual. if it comes in, you know what to buy. stay with cramer. this veterans day, "mad money" defends those who defend the country's flood oms by defending their financial future. if you or your family has served in the american armed forces we invite you to join the studio audience on november 8th for "mad money" invest in america salute to the troops. for more go to madmoney.corks
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as you all know i'm a spry
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67-year-old man, and i'm not really in tune with all of this hash tag techie ad stuff, but this new zbox thing is pretty darn cool. it allows home gamers toent act with "mad money" with poll, trivia and behind the scenes comments during the show. they're on the set z-boxing all of the time. download the zeebox on the app store and you can get even more on our show. and now it is time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." it's rapid fire questions and you say the name of the stock and i say buy, buy, buy or sell, sell, sell, and play until you hear that sound and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? it is time for the lightning round on kramary "mad money." i want to start with brad in maryland. brad? >> boo-yah, jim from ocean city, marylayland and shout out to my
6:37 pm
professor mr. marks. what's up? >> i'm calling about anhaeuser busch. >> it's an incredibly well-run company in a growth market. let's go to vincent in new jersey. >> boo-yah, jim. >> yo, yo! >> origins at 71.3% and revenue growth of 241.3%. do you see blue skies with the green flash on the horizon for horizon pharma ticker hznp some. >> they have their fingers in a lot of pies. if they can come up with one formulation that is big, that stock can go higher as long as you recognize that it's speculative. let's go to emily also in new jersey. emily! >> hi, jim. boo-yah. >> what's up? >> thank you for all you do. you are the best. love the sleeves rolled up and love the show. >> thank you. >> i'm interested in avenir
6:38 pm
pharmaceutical and they partnered with the michael j. fox foundation for the movement disorder and parkinson's and they're up this year about 70% or 80%. >> right. my friend wrote a piece recently, and i did with the michael j. fox foundation, and i'm proud of that. they have a lot of money and a lot of horse sense. if they're partnering that's a good sign. remember, highly speculative, no income, got to be careful always. it's your speculative play and it is not eli lilly. it is not pfizer. let's go to mihali in missouri. >> boo-yah, jimmy. >> yo, yo! >> it seems very undervalued at these levels? >> no. i don't like the management turmoil, and it's coming down so much and we recommend that you get rid of this stock at 100 and i am not going back to it. let's go to apendra. >> hey, jim.
6:39 pm
how are you? >> all right. how are you? >> good. good. thank you and thanks for your work. >> thank you. i have a question for marketo is a very good company and it's in the space that i like in a mobile social, but here's the issue. these stocks are going to be under a little pressure because of the high ult in imstocks in the sector right now are under pressure. just don't freak out. i think it's a good situation. let's go to bo as in pennsylvania. >> boo-yah, jim. how are you doing, today! >> real good, man! you're from around me, what's going on? >> i'm a senior at drexler university, the college of business. and the ticker bhi, baker hughes. >> it's very cheap. you're not buying the highest quality and you are betting it for it to continue. i like that bet, and just you know, my favorite is still schlumberger in the service and
6:40 pm
esv, big charitable trust name and in the drill company and in the actual rig company and those are my two faves with baker hughes. mike in ohio. mike, mike, mike! >> thank you, and wish a big buckeye boo-yah to you and your family. >> boy, am i into ohio state this year. smaefrt coach in the league. what's up? >> my question is what do you think of mosaic relative to potash, abm and budgie and whether any of these are are good. >> mosaic's okay and the absolute question, how does it look overall? it's dependent upon agriculture. agco is the best in the business and you will hear there is pressure and when there is pressure in the pharma even though they are flush, you do not want to own mosaic, with corn prices coming down, i will have to say, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade.
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coming up, electric slide. american electric power ran out of juice as wall street turned its attention towards interest rates. is that decline offering an opportunity to plug into its outsized dividend or will regulation hold it back? cramer's talking to the ceo. who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time. ♪ the shell brought him great fame. ♪ but then, one day, he noticed that everybody could have a magic seashell. [ indistinct talking ] [ male announcer ] right there in their trading platform. ♪ [ indistinct talking continues ] [ male announcer ] so the magic shell went back to being get live squawks right in your trading platform with think or swim from td ameritrade.
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with interest rates drifting back down to lower levels it's not too late to revisit the bond-alternative stocks. consistent dividend name with high yields to give you a better return than treasurys. consider aep, the utilities that sports big dividend, yes, technical term with a 4.25% yield. it owns the power transition network along with the huge power generation portfolio, but it's not the cleanest utility out there and the company burns a lot of calls and over 60% of the coal base and they forced them to spend billions to retrofit their plans although typically utilities can pass the costses along to the consumer.
6:45 pm
while a.p. has recently gotten permission to raise prices in michigan, indiana and ohio. the major market in ohio is regulates for 2015. there are fears this might actually cause trouble for a.p. as they face competition. while the company's revenues came in a bit shy of wall street's expectationis that did come in a dollar off, and raising the full-year earnings guidance. the stock has rallied 8% over the last two weeks as investors come back to the fixed-income alternatives and let's check if with nick akins the president of american electric power. >> hi, jim. great to be with you again. >> it looks like again you delivered the number and i'm wondering whether there isn'ta pattern here. we're still not seeing industrial america drive sales higher except for texas now perhaps because of the shale plays. >> that's right. that's right, jim. we're still seeing what i call a whack-a-mole economy where part
6:46 pm
of the customer mix does well and then the next quarter it changes and it's going back and forth between our commercial, industrial and residential load sectors and you see it it occurring quarter after quarter. so it would be great to have all three of those sectors lined up and improving, but right now it's a commercial sector that's improving and the industrial manufacturing sector continues to suffer. >> and you were actually one of the companies that point-blank in your conference call sequester is hurting you. >> that's right. we have some bases in our western footprint in the south central part of the u.s. and they're impacted, but other than that, though, it's pretty negligible from a shut down perspective of the government. >> consumers are smarter now, nick. every year they get better about conservation and that's really part of the issue here. >> oh, that's true. that's true. we're seeing it in the residential sector even though customer accounts are increasing and the average usage by customer is decreasing.
6:47 pm
so the energy efficiency is playing a part in that role, and i think that's why our industry and our company needs to reevaluate our business model associated with that. it's really about optimization of capital and optimization of our business as opposed to just meeting an ever-increasing demand for customers which is relatively capital efficient from the generation perspective. >> it's difficult to optimize when the government is saying, look, your cheapest fuel, coal is not the one wield prefer. i talked to the consul energy ceo the other day. they just got out of thermal coal. i think they're afraid and i didn't use that term. i'm using it. you must be thinking every day they might say shut down those plants. >> you never know when, but certainly we've had some degree of consistency where we being make the environmental additions we've been able to make. we've been able to recover those through rates and we're also making a transition from a resource mix from coal to
6:48 pm
natural gas and along with renewables, energy efficiency and transmission is seen as a resource and that's why when we look at capital, we want to focus on transmission and grid resiliency on the infrastructure. >> one of my researchers gave me a piece from the columbus dispatch. aep is at 43 cents a share, and the columbus dispatch is reporting that you had significantly excessive earnings in 2010, but, you know, from my point of view, you didn't, but what kind of business do you have to rebate people because you ---enio, significant excess earnings that no other company in any other industry would think it's significant or excess. >> yeah, from a regulatory standpoint, that's one of the issues with regulated utility. s. we are regulated with what we can make and that's regulated by jurisdiction and state jurisdiction they decide what's appropriate and what isn't, but what we've seen pretty healthy
6:49 pm
returns in our jurisdictions. we are still -- we're still from an r.o.e., return on equity perspective. we're still above 10% across the return and across the 11-state territory and we're in great shape from that perspective. >> you have a big manufacturer -- because they closed their plant can actually impact your industrial that much? >> well, actually, the margins for industrial customer are extremely low. so even though we had the largest customers that you referenced, they went bankrupt and went offline, it really doesn't have that much financial impact. we make more margins off of commercial and residential customers. so when you look at the financial picture associated with that, it it has a pretty negligible impact from a financial standpoint. >> this is precisely the stock. i always say people should own and you should own a utility and i want to thank you so much for coming on "mad money."
6:50 pm
>> we will. thank you. that's nick ache ins. when you want to own a diversified portfolio and a good and safe deal, aep. stay with cramer. tomorrow, keick off the trading day with "squawk on the street," live from post 9 at the nyse. >> i watch it in bed, and i also watch it when other people want to watch other things who don't know as much as i do about what to watch. >> it all starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern. are you sure we should take this billboard down?
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look. i don't know who to blame for this disaster of a website. it's meant to be the portal to the crowning achievement of president obama's administration and the affordable care ath are act. i don't know if it's kathleen sebelius is totally at fault. she told congress to, quote, hold me accountable and how come you can't fall on your sword and quit this red-hot minute. even michael brown knew to resign from fema after he bofrped the federal government's handling of the katrina tragedy. we don't know if brownie really resign offed his own accord or was pushed out by president obama, but at least he vanished and that's not a bad idea for sebelius to mull over or act on it. i don't know if cgi group that powered the website knew what it was doing when it set up this ridiculous excuse for an interface between the government and its people.
6:54 pm
they want to blame verizon for a big portion of the failure. sebelius was implying that verizon's hosting abilities were less than stellar. verizon was thrown right under the bus. well done. i can can tell you how i would have understand thatteled this task and made the president proud. instead of giving the republicans all of the ammo they need to wipeout the program in 2014. it's ironic that this whole thing will fall apart on its own darn weight and we don't need to protest. i think they probably hear us. first, if i were in charge i wouldn't have given this contract to a canadian -- canadian information technology company. why not give it to a u.s. company simply because, alas, this is the united states. have some pride in our american companies for heaven's sake. one of the people in ibm are cracking up about cgi, the fifth largest information company in the world could have gotten this contract and screwed it up so badly, i am surprisid and say it facetiously that it didn't give the work to s.a.p. and emphasis. if you're going to go out of
6:55 pm
town why not go to s.a.p. located in waldorf, germany. or good old bangalore, india. at least it's run by an american and i think that company would never have performed as poorly as cgi. no, i would have staid in the in this country and acted differently. this is an information technology initiative and it should never have been given to an information technology company. it was always a customer relations management project, and if there's a real issue here with sebelius and her crew it was not recognizing that this whole website was about the the client, the citizen of the united states, and not the health care system at all. so i would have given this entire contract to sales and told ceo mark bennyhoff to make sure the customer gets all of the help she needs to figure out how to choose the health care plan. i'll bet he could have put together an all-star team of
6:56 pm
social, mobile cloud and teams that could -- a team that could have made this thing work. perhaps google to answer queries. apple stz to develop the cleanest app and amazon to develop hard cop fe you don't know how to use a computer. the dream team could have figured that out, too. and some company with a superb medical records background. this was a moment for american companies to shine instead of canadian companies to struggle to make things right. sadly and shamefully, i think the moment has now passed and a victim of inept execution and truly a failure of imagination and the imagination required to realize that the customer's always right and the relationship needed to be managed in the cheapest, best and most efficient way possible which is exactly what these u.s.-based companies can do better than any other enterprises in the world. here's an idea, president obama. you want this program to work? then you're looking at the next secretary of health and human service services, not really. do you think i can do any worse?
6:57 pm
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facebook's fine. be a little conservative. i am jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow! good evening. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we are live at 7:00 p.m. eastern time and 4:00 p.m. pacific time. we have some breaking news to kick things off right away. a just-released nbc news/wall street journal poll shows that president obama's standing is taking a real beating in the wake of the obama care rollout. this is the weakest showing of his five-year tenure in that poll. just 42% of americans approve of the president's job performance while 51% disapprove, but president obama is not backing don


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