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tv   Worldwide Exchange  CNBC  October 31, 2013 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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hello. you are now watching "worldwide exchange." i'm ross westgate. the headlines today, central bank messages. the fed weighs on stocks around the globe. the euro takes a hit after the ecb governing member, nowotny tells us special liquidity is on its way. >> of course, this is the discussion that is still going on. i think we will be able to get
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results. >> shares of alcatel lucent soar. >> we are seeing the beginning of our plan, which is a three-year journey, which means that we will need still a few additional quarters to really turn around the -- >> the c he o tells cnbc the ecb's health check will help the industry. >> it will give consumers confidence. >> and the good news, facebook's revenue surges. the bad news, a key group of users, teenagers, aren't longing in as much as they used to. we'll talk to the cfo about the trend in 20 minutes.
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all right. a warm welcome to you. if you've just joined us here on "worldwide exchange" stateside, welcome to the start of your global market day. we are doing two things, basically. reacting to corporate earnings and, of course, post the fed the balance of risk on that just changes to potentially a december pace. they look to the government shutdown and they delve into the weaker economic data. the ftse mib is up about 24 points. the cac 40 is currently down 11 points at the moment. the xetra dax is down 0.2%. the ftse is down about 0.3%, way down by shell numbers today. let's show you where we stand with asian markets, as well. and a kickoff with the nikkei. down 12.2% today. the bank of japan, no hope to
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change its monetary policy or ease any further. just add some stocks down there, as well. sony's struggling tv business has seen it cut its profit outlook. panasonic and sharp heading back to the black. shanghai composite, that's down 0. 8% despite the fact that china's central bank pumped more money into the system and it did bring down money market. not much help for the shanghai. down with the rest of the global equity markets. the hang seng off 0.4%. & s&p asx down 0.1%. the aussie today stronger, had some strong housing data out of australia which suggests it will be less reasons for any rate cuts from the rba in the future. now, u.s. futures, the dow was down, what, 51 points yesterday, the s&p down 8.7 points. right now, we are currently trading about three points below fair value.
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the nas tack at the moment, 30 points below fair value. take a look at the bond markets. did see treasury yields rise yesterday. treasury yields, 2.51%. we did see yield up 2.53%. as equities have declined today, yields have come down slightly, as well. on the currency markets, the dollar is worth a two-week high against a basket of currencies, moving away from that 11.3823 which is where we are at a two-year high a couple of weeks ago, as well. dollar/yen, 98.27. a program is coming and that's raised expectations of an announcement at next week's
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policy meeting. >> i feel it is, of course, august. a good thing to inform the markets as soon as possible. but on the other hand, the markets correctly anticipate that there will be a certain continuity inflicted in the provision. so in that sense, i think there is more practical actions. but at least my own decision is that if you know something is going to come, it's better to announce it at appear earlier stage. of course, there are different ways how to provide this liquidity. this is a discussion that is still going on. but i think we will be able to give results soon. >> all right. head to our website, as well. follow us on twitter @cnbcworld. right now, the federal
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reserve has left the markets scratching their heads that the central bank seems less concerned by borrowing costs, but has noted a slowing of the recovery than the housing market. martin short, a senior economist at fujitsu research is in tokyo. martin, are you scratching your head with the first statement and particularly the lack of mention about the government shutdown? >> yes, of course, but wrefl it here. in japan, the domestic economy is doing as well as it possibly could. that was also in the bank of wars pan's outlook today that domestic economy is doing well. but overseas economies export and so on are not pulling us as much as we were hoping for. so the outlook at become quite a bit mixed. >> yeah. i just wanted to get your view of whether you think the balance of risk with fed tapering has
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changed. >> it has quite a bit. we still think that the bank -- that the federal reserve will be quite a bit more expansionary that we were thinking this summer. and i feel the impact in our markets in asia, in southeast asia we have still ongoing booms on many sides, which is helping a bit. but on the other hand, the dollar is right now we've got a lot of uncertainty, quite a bit weaker than we would be hoping for. so this is, of course, an impact on the outlook in the u.s. and we need this market back, of course. and here the accepts of the federal reserve is most welcome. >> yeah. meanwhile, the bank of japan as you mentioned stuck at cpi estimates this year. still expected to hit 2% in flagz in less that two years' time. they raised its annual gdp saying it won't derail the
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economy. so the question, martin, is is this unlikely to see more easing in the near future? >> yes. this is quite unlikely. the domestic economy is very well on track and also the hike next year is not such a pain as many are fearing. the main reason for that is the government is spending more money on supplemental spending. so the domestic economy is well on track. the inflation forecasts are a bit overdone. we have inflation here, but that is actually not a positive development because most of cost push inflation is not helpful for households and economies. >> is there any sense that we're n into a virtual circle yet? we still seem to be reliant on exports, a housing recovery.
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is there any sense that we're going to get a virtual circle of investment? >> well, most likely actually what the media coverage, news about japan, news about abe-nomics, they turn worse from here. there is a quite critical view in the meantime of the side of the bank of japan with the government. we provide the money first and then you come with the structure reforms that provide the real growth later. and very little has come in from the government's side. everybody is starting to kick the government from the union side, from the employer side, from the bank of japan side and the ministry of finance. but that is good because the government is now discussing tax reform, it is now discussing structure reform. so in many next year, for keeping the government on its turf with less positive news is probably the most important thing to do right now. >> all right, martin, thanks for
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that. martin schulz in tokyo. if you have any thoughts or comments, e-mail us, on today's show, stress tests are welcome as cnbc's paribas. after the break, we'll be in paris to hear what else he had to say. dublin is host ago summit with the top web companies and entrepreneurs. within the next half an hour, we'll go there to talk to two rising stars on the internet. ryan holmes and karen levie of gox. but the glory is fade iing an oil company files for bankruptcy. we'll discuss that and a big earnings story.
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now a recap of the headlines today, more liquidity will avoid a shock ending to ltro. auto a big earnings day across the world, alcatel lucent, some suffered in the european open, but shell stocks hit the skid. and in the u.s., facebook beat forecasts, but worries persist over a dwindling younger audience.
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plenty of werings in europe today. third quarter profits coming in below estimates as refining margins and disruptions in nigeria take their toll. we'll be joining the oil majors at 10:50 a.m., in other words, 40 minutes from now. bt group, meanwhile, found its outlook and raised its dividend. the new ceo of the telecom group says the firm is tearing off attractive new customers. broadband is also become ago bright spot. >> consumer revenues have grown for the first time in ten years. they're up 4%. we've had a record share within
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9 months of the quarter. >> alcatel lucent up nearly 17%. it appears itsry structuring firm is continuing to work. it increased revenues for the third quarter. the ceo has told michael couples he's pretty happy with the progress. >> things are getting better. we are still at the beginning of our plan, which is three years journey which means that we will need still a few additional quarters to really turn around. >> and another french stock up today, bnp paribas. nearly 3%. an increase in net income. revenue down on weak trading and it's fixed income unit. stephane has been speaking to the ceo and joins us now from paris. how does he seem when he spoke to him, stephane? >> well, the numbers are quite strong. we were expecting a full decline of the net profit on the
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quarter. bnp announced a 2.4% increase in the net profit for this quarter. ways the first french bank to report for this quarter. the division posted almost an 11% decline of its revenue. it is in line with the rest of the banking sector in europe. >> our belief is that the result with income for that type of activity is very much in line as far as we can see. the results that are being communicated since last week, of course, were not giving, i would say, guidance for the months to come. >> the ceo of the bnp paribas says that the bank will not require additional capital as a result of the stress test in europe, which it believes also
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will improve the confidence across the european banking sector. market reaction was very positive. you mentioned bnp paribas, but credit agricole up 3%. over to you. >> stephane, good stuff. thanks for that. just another exclusive that we've brought to you. bernie is once again seeing red. its tv business is struggling. sony lost nearly $200 million in the second quarter and slash idiots full year operation profits by more than 25%. japanese shares on tech are expected to fall for the year. it's back in the plaque in the second quarter, it doubled its profit outlook for the year. it plans to exit struggling businesses like smartphones and plasma displays coming in
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stream. and sharp posted its first profit in the couple of years beating estimates and display panel orders for the am iphone. still to come, can you keep top on all your social media? stay tuned as we cross to dublin to talk to the ce of of a platform designed to help you manage your online program. what's his view about younger users not logging on to facebook as much as they used to? ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
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revenues rose 60%. the company said nearly half of ad revenue now comes from mobile twices. facebook's stock jumped nearly 17% on that news but pulled back once the conference call began to end. and they ended down nearly flat. the cfo says they saw a decline in daily user activity, particularly amongst younger teams. he also said facebook doesn't expect to significantly increase the number of ads running in users' news feeds. revenue is up around 3% in this
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morning's trade. how much are they focusing on facebook? at a big tech event in dublin, we spoke to karen there yesterday. she's there for a second day. hi, karen. >> hi, ross. facebook is one of the big growth stories here in ireland. in fact, it's expanding just down the road its irish offices. so it is a huge name in technology here. but many start yaups, as well. double digits, about 13 odd percent. so getting a fast growing industry like technology up and running and getting the employment that goes with it is key to ireland's fortune. i want to talk more about what is going on in this space. joining me now is ryan holmes, founder and ceo. your business is very interesting because i've linked up my twitter and facebook
5:23 am
accounts and when i post, it goes to the other. i go and check my private e-mails, my work e-mails. what is the way to get all this connect and had to make life simple for me? >> that's right. we help people connect twitter, facebook, linkedin, about 30 others social networks all in one place. you can schedule, accepted out messages to all of them and learn what people are clicking on, how they're engaging with the content, what types of content. we help teams work more effectively and help using social easier. >> particularly at this point in time when people are using facebook and twitter. we got some early numbers out suggesting that the users in the teenage category by facebook. so what happens if these websites start to decline and people don't use them as much? where does that leave your business? >> i think we've seen that social media, social networking is here to stay.
5:24 am
i think the -- that specific stat, you know, it really speaks to the emergence of other social networks, not a social chang. we've seen things like snap chat, instagram having huge growth and i think that was a great acquisition by facebook in terms of how they're incorporating other social networks and other channels into their product. so i think it's in some ways for once it's a good thing to have more social network sess a valuable thing for consumers, but also it goes to our value of helping people manage a lot of different social networks. >> let's talk about the revenue models. you were one of the early ads on twitter who had one of the advantages selling dashboardes and ads. do you think it works and do you think that there's more gains than starts we had identity there? >> absolutely. i think the ad model is monetizing twitter, as well. when facebook had ipos, there were a lot of question marks surrounding how will they were going to succeed in this. i think they've done an amazing
5:25 am
job figuring out mobile since the time thiefb out and you've seen them get more sophisticated in terms of what they're doing there. if you look back to, say, you know, google years ago when they were pre -- in their product, there were a lot of questions about if they can monetize it. they've done really well at that. given the amount of time to optimize what they're doing, all of the social networks will do really well. >> when when does it leave your company, then? everyone is grabbing a slice of the pie and facebook and twitter have the bulk of it. where does that leave your company? >> yeah. our product is a description product. it's free to almost 8 million users and paid for others. our goal is to help make their lives easier. and so when we look at the ads, helping people create ads in our dashboard, the whole model there is to help make their liefgs easier.
5:26 am
>> this company invested in your firm and invested in twitter early on. $160 million is the extend of money that you raised. this is a huge amount of money. what is the direction that your company now goes as the next stop in ipo? >> i think insight is an amazing partner to have on board. obviously, they have good insight into what is going on in the market with twitter. excel is our other investor and they're the biggest ipo investor in facebook. so when you combine both of these groups, they have great insight into the data, the usage, and they really liked our business. and so as we, you know, talked with them over the years, they got more comfortable with where we're going, they could see the numbers looking amazing. and we're just happy to execute on that vision. we're building a company that looks like an ipo company. we're not in a rush to get
5:27 am
there. and we'll see what happens over the next few years. but our first right now is on building a great business. >> thank you very much for joining us today. you heard that story about the ipo. this is a big one that many of these technology companies eventually have a dream on. but some people want to maintain ownership over the company. fact, the company coming up that we're going to see after the break is the founder will know joining us to talk about this. this is a company that's been valued at $105 million. the company says they want to le taken ownership and control of that company. stay tuned. orbiting the moon in 1971. afghanistan in 2009. on the u.s.s. saratoga in 1982. [ male announcer ] once it's earned, usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection
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central bank messages, the fed statement weighs on equities. the euro takes a hit after ecb governing member nowotny tells cnbc special liquidity could be on its way. of course, there are different ways to provide this liquidity. this is still going on.
5:31 am
>> shares in alcatel lucent soar to the stoxx 600 as the ceo told cnbc things are improving, but there is work to do. >> we are still at the beginning of our plan, which is a three-year journey and which means we will need still a few additional quarters to turn around. >> cost custs allow bnp to offset revenues. its ceos told cnbc it will help the industry. >> illustrate should get additional confidence once this has been, i would say, implemented. >> the good news, faub's revenue soared. the bad news, a key group of users, teenagers, aren't logging on as much as they used to.
5:32 am
welcome to the start of your global trading day if you're just joining us. we saw a bit of head scratching after the fomc meeting. is the economy weaker or not weaker? what it has done is maybe just shift the balance of risk a little bit towards an early start. this is where we stand with futures at the moment. as far as european equities are concerned, we are down. shell weighing on the ftse 1 00
5:33 am
today. we'll talk about the major oil companies coming up. the xetra dax is currently down 0.2%. the cac 40 is fairly flat, as you can see. good numbers from alcatel lucent and bnp paribas. revenue up 15%. the restructuring plan worked. the euro/dollar weaker an the interview that jeff had suggesting there could be more liquidity to come. we'll hear potentially from the ecb's meeting next week. dollar/yen, .9502. now also, of course, focused on what facebook was saying the other night, revenues up, but there's concern about a decline in younger users. the tech meeting is in ireland for the second day of the 2013 summit. let's rejoin karen as she's talking to some of the more fascinating high growth companies. karen.
5:34 am
>> thanks very much for that, ross. let's talk about the cloud because it's hard to talk about technology and not have a conversation about that. joining us now is aaron livey. thanks for joining us here today. >> thank you. am i your togethering cloud conversation today? >> pretty much, yeah. let's talk about data sharing on the cloud because some of the big ones are going gang busters. oracle we spoke to last week. ibm. how do you feel in the market? >> we help businesses store, manage and access their information from anywhere. we do it in a way where you don't have to have any software or hardware. that is hard to do on a lot of relsy applications. what we're going to see over the next five or ten years is this massive transition from value to a lot of the new start-ups with a lot of the cloud first companies like,
5:35 am
like work day, service now, net suite, all of these new disruptive platforms. >> you're saying we've progressed even further, where we don't need to buy software any more? >> it's just delivered like a website like you use facebook or youtube. so it makes the technology barrier so low to having world class enterprise software in your business that anybody now in the world can use it. and so we have over 180,000 businesses and it's only possible because of how cost-effective and simple it is to bring into any business. >> so why can't an oracle guy, then, get someone like you and bring them into the business and come up with something very similar? >> well, i mean, why can't ford
5:36 am
make the tesla? the standard innovators dilemma of these traditional businesses have become fixated on their current models. it's hard for them to shift their dna fast enough where the disruptive companies don't get enough traction before they come into the market. so these new disruptive technologies like sales force are able to grow at a different kind of rate because we are building cloud first companies as opposed to having to transition all of this legacy technology into the cloud. >> clearly, you have a lot of interest in your business. >> we are very excited. >> why not cash in? >> well, although i have a lot of gray hairs, we still have a lot of time, i think, of training and growth in this business. we're at a great start with what is going to be the big wait in
5:37 am
the industry. we see a once in a lifetime opportunity to build a very different kind of company. just as oracle had that opportunity in the 1980s and s&p had it in the '70s and '80s and ibm had it in the 20s and 30s and 40s, you'll see how that shapes in the future. >> at what point do you go to the markets and get an ipo and get them involved? >> we're certainly now a later stage company. we've raised like $300 million. but, you know, we're thoughtful about when is the right time to essential i be a public company. we're trying to build a company that would likely be a public company down the road. but we're not operating on any specific time frame to make that happen.
5:38 am
>> and that latest stage company you've been in business 8 1/2 years. >> totally. and i do have the hair to prove it. >> speak to go a gentleman from the nasdaq yesterday, if you were going to go out there and have a listing or would you go for the nasdaq? this is key in the economy right now. >> yeah. i don't think too much about the botched ipo. i comment on what we think about the different exchanges. >> one other question i'll ask you is about the impact drop here in ireland. we've heard more north american accents. >> we do that here. sorry. >> what is the story around ireland? do you have an irish subsidiary here? >> no, actually. our international efforts are based out of the uk. we're here in ireland because this is one of the biggest tech
5:39 am
subjects in europe. it's a great way to get more exposure and have more conversations with partners and developers and investors and customers. we're just really excited about cloud incident every nationally. two days ago i was in berlin. tomorrow i'll be in london. we're making sure that we're covering all of the different regions. thank you very much. >> yeah, that you can very much. >> that sounds out our conversation that we've been having this week about whether companies here to do business because of that double irish, the tax structure, or whether it's about the coolest talent in the technology industry. here we have it under one roof and one stage. >> and have one measure of double irish for me before you get on the plane, karen. >> the only one in ironland that
5:40 am
doesn't have guinness. what are the chances? >> pretty slim, i'd say. i don't know. great stuff, karen. thanks for that. still to come on today's show, the tech scene continues. facebook delivers strong earnings as the social media giant generates more revenue for mobile devices. but investors have been focusing more on who is or rather who isn't logging on to the site. details, right after this. 0
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facebook has reported another impressive quarter. but amongst the good news there was an edge of caution from the company. cnbc's julia boorstin has more. >> facebook shares went on a roller coaster ride after the company reported better than expected results. first they skyrocketed more than 16% on stronger than anticipated earnings, revenue and mobile numbers. but then they tern turned negative after the company admitted declines in daily activity among its youngest users. mobile is now responsible for 49% of its advertising revenue, up from just 14% a year ago, driving total revenue up 60%. earnings per share more than doubled to 25 cents more than expected. average revenue peruser group
5:44 am
expect as is nongap operating margin from 49% to 42% a year ago. but despite that upside surprise, they gave up those gains and turned negative on the earnings call after cfo admitted there's something to the concerns that facebook is losing its cool factor with teens. he said while total use usage rates is stable, daily usage among younger teens decreased. he didn't make much of it, nor did analysts on the call, but investors did. mark zuckerberg and improving measurement of facebook's ads impact. we'll have the sea of concerns about facebook's engagement with teens over-shadow ones the rest of its gains. back to you. >> that is going to run. mean while, lots of people are make a daily run to
5:45 am
starbucks for their morning, mid day and evening cavene fix, which has boosted the bottom line of the coffee chain. morning, seema. >> hi, ross. starbucks sales rose 7%, traffic rose 5%. in europe, the middle east and africa, where the company has struggled, same-store sales were up the%. but customer traffic increased 5%. starbucks is benefiting from its loyalty program which gets customers to travel more often and spend more. starbuck sess giving a conservative forecast for 2014. the company expects earnings from $255 to $2.65 a share below
5:46 am
estimates of $2.70 a share. on cnbc's closing bell, the cfo howard schultz says he's cautiously optimistic next year. i think the greatest threat to the consumer unfortunately is the situation in washington. no small or large business can be immune from that. we are in a unique position where starbucks have become a very important part of people's lives in america and around the world. and we're not immune, either. we've been able to navigate through the storm and we're cautiously optimistic about calendar 14. >> on the conference call, starbucks says it expects same-store sales to grow in the mid single digits in fiscal 2014 given it's a mature business. that led to questions from several analysts about when the company would return to strong
5:47 am
growth again. sales took issues with that and scolded analysts on the call. he said, quote, it seems like we can't get through a conference without this tension between us and you regarding this growth guidance. we are not going to put a number out there that is such a stretch target. it would be irresponsible to forecast higher sales target probably over the concern about the u.s. economy. today in frankfurt, shares down fractionally. ross, back to you. >> seema, as you know, it's halloween today. so any interest in trying the pumpkin spice latte? >> i'm intrigued. i think you always have to try everything out before you judge it. maybe you join me, come on over to north america and we'll have our coffee. >> that's a good idea. let me finish this and i'll make my way to heathrow straight after. and a recap of the headlines today, european central banks,
5:48 am
nowotny tells cnbc more liquidity will avoid a shock ending to ltros. a big earnings day, alcatel lucent outperforms in europe. and facebook beats forecasts, while it's dwindling younger audience. still to come, shell's stock is still tumbling. will weakness in european oilmakers translate t in the u.s. giant. i'll have a preview when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] eeny, meeny, miny, go. ♪ ♪ more adventures await in the new seven-passenger lexus gx. lease the 2014 gx 460 for $499 a month for 27 months. see your lexus dealer.
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the president cited early problems with the state's program as he tried to lower
5:51 am
expectations for initial problems with the federal website. but he also says he takes full responsibility for resolving issues with >> there's no denying it. right now, the website is too slow, too many people have gotten stuck. and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care. >> and the troubled rollout of obama care and the recent government shutdown has hurt the president's standing. his approval rating is falling five points in less than three weeks to 42%. the lowest level of his presidency. obama's likability is dropping, only 41% now view him positively versus 45% that are negative. joef all, 70% of americans say the u.s. is headed on the wrong track. and america is out with its semi anlul currency report.
5:52 am
once again, the treasury stops short of labelling china a manipulator. it says the u.n. is still undervalued, but recent appreciation is for the economy. it says the country's dependance on exports is hurting economic stability in europe and the global economy. the treasury says germany should focus more on boosting domestic growth. as for the agenda today, stateside weekly jobless claims are out at 8:30 eastern. 10:00 a.m., we get the october chicago pmi. conco philips and exxon mobil report before the opening bell. reporting earnings in europe, french based profits tumbling in the third quarter as european refining margins remain an issue. expectations on the rise in tokyo, comparing $400 million compared to the previous year. the stock at the moment is down 1% in paris. royal dutch shell third quarter profits coming in below estimates as refining margins
5:53 am
and disruption necessary nigeria take their toll. the cfo says recent moves underline the company's commitment to shareholder returns. that shell stock, though, down pretty big 5% in london trade. jason gammel, head of oil and gas research joins us now. jason, these issues with weak refining margins, production problems, how much of that is still going to be an issue for exxon when they report later, as well? >> i think that the defining margin condition is going to affect the exxon numbers and i do expect that excellence numbers will be down at least 1% a year ago. so the trends we're seeing in shell i would expect extremely -- exxon has a very large chemical business and chemical on the companies that have reported have been pretty decent. so i think it's going to be from that business. >> they made big betts on a rocky oil and u.s. natural gas, which have yet to pay off. will shareholders stay patient
5:54 am
or not? >> well, i think you're right, that there have been some investments that were somewhat misplaced. and i think the issue comes for exxon and for shell. the rest of the industry is trying to move towards more capital discipline, lowering spending levels and returning more cash to shareholders. shell and exxon in particular look to be going the opposite direction, actually spending more money, and exxon is reduced its return to cash to shareholders, but it's repurchasing 5 billion of its own shares in the first quarter, down to 3 billion in the third rt kwaer. >> and it's an interesting contrast with bp, which stocks rose this week because they said we're going to return much more cash back to shareholders. is that what shareholders want at the moment? if they can't see, do they not want the big investment in the future? if they make a big investment through production, one would think that would pay off. but they want the cash now. >> ross, i think what the issue really is is that these companies have been investing at a very high level for five years now and they haven't returned
5:55 am
the production and earnings that should have been commensurate with that capital spending. so i think the market is saying, why don't you take a step back, reconsider your capital programs and gives us, the owners of the business more cash in the meantime while you make those considerations. bp is doing that and they're being rewared. the other interesting thing about bp is the case with the gulf oil spill, they basically made a lot less provisions than they thought. do you know how that's going to pan out? because the court has said, look, there are some cases that have been approved for payment but actually we think don't need to be paid. >> yeah. i think you're exactly right. as a matter of fact, bp did essentially right back on about $400 million in the third quarter for some of these quote/unquote business economic losses that really weren't losses toul potentially. so it's one of the few wins that we've seen in the legal system from bp, actually, and i think
5:56 am
it gives more to these. >> jason, thank you for joining us. u.s. equities are down today, not by much. off about 0.3% to the ftse 100. 0.25% off for the xetra dax. cac 40 is flat and the ftse mib is up .5%. that's it for today's edition of "worldwide exchange." coming up next with the countdown to today's markets stateside, "squawk box" for the few. second hour of cnbc is coming up, as well. [ male announcer ] meet mary.
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good morning. today's top stories, treats for investors. there's one trading day left in oak. the dow and the s&p 500 are on track for the second straight month of gains in october of all months. facebook fizzles after an initial jump after the social networking giant's quarterly results. but then they drop as worries about teen users and squeezing ads into a small space. and haunted by health care? a new nbc news poll and "wall
6:00 am
street journal" poll finds that most americans think obama care needs to be fixed or nicksed. meantime, the president's approval rating has sunk to an all-time low. it's thursday, october 31st, obviously. happy birthday, penelope. "squawk box" begins right now. ♪ did morning, everybody. happy halloween and welcome to "squawk box" here on cnbc. i'm becky quick along with joe kernen and andrew ross sorkin. we start things off on this halloween morning with the markets. this month, the dow, the s&p 500, the dow


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