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tv   The Kudlow Report  CNBC  November 5, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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recommend those stocks, i like to acknowledge they are, indeed, colts f cults. it's election night in america. polls have just closed in virginia. did the obama care debacle hurt democrat terry mcauliffe or did a libertarian candidate steal votes from republican ken cuccinelli. we will get a live report from virginia in just a moment. chris christie expects to be re-elected in a landslide in new jersey. will we be seeing him again on election night in 2016. new york city moving left, i mean far left, with a new mayor that wants to tax everything that moves. and is president obama now lying about his original lie? the president tries to change what he's been saying for the past few years about your health
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care plan, but we have the tapes to prove him wrong. and unfortunately, another nut job brings a gun into a very crowded public place. starts shooting. you can't a voird malls and airports for the rest of your life, so how do you keep your family safe? we will talk to a security expert. all those stories and much more coming up on "the kudlow report" beginning right now. good evening, everyone. i'm larry kudlow. this is "the kudlow report." we're live here, 7:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. pacific. the polls have just closed in virginia. republican ken cuccinelli against republican terry mccal live. all of the eyes of the nation see what happens here. we can report with the reports
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closed, terry mcauliffe is still leading. it's still too early to call, but we can report that. how has he gotten the lead so far? replicating the obama 2012 turnout model and making a point on the issues that affect democrats, economy, health, things of that nature. it's been about the turnout machine. trying to get high energy areas in richmond and around norfolk. ken cuccinelli, larry, he's had a 1,000 pound weight around his neck. a lot of contractors around the norfolk area were put out of work and were upset about the government shutdown. it's something he's not been able to throw off his back. it's moved the race a little bit speaking about obama care. but from where we stand right now, if everything continues
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around the turnout models that we've seen, it looks like it should be terry mcauliffe's night which is fascinating that it's the first time since 1973 that the governor of virginia is the same party as the president in the white house. as well, larry, in terms of how this state is changing and becoming more purple. if mcauliffe pulls this off tonight he'll be the fourth governor born above the mason dixon line and not in the state. it's absolutely fascinating. old virginia no more. this was the first states calling for george w. bush. >> let me ask you something, luke. this is moderately off the wall. will a terry mcauliffe win be a big victory for bill and hillary clinton who campaigned in virginia? i believe that was the only stop hillary made at all in this
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site. is this a help for president victory? >> make no mistake about it, learly, what you're going to see tonight would be the first, shall we say, example of the clinton machine as they gear up for 2016. everyone in d.c. thinks they're going to run. bill clinton putter ri mcauliffe on his back. hillary clinton came in here and did the same. it will be a mccall live victory in the history book. this is a clinton victory in terms of virginia for 2016 and who will ultimately become president that year. right where you are, new jersey, chris christie, you're going to see it tonight. this is a race between the two of them already in 2013. >> i agree. the parameters are closing. luke russert, you are the best. thank you for helping us out. now more on today's election results a little later in the
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hour. the other top story, the ongoing obama care train wreck which is the white house trying to rewrite history. remember when our president retedly told us this, no matter how we reform health care to the american people, if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> but it turns out that wasn't actually the case. millions have seen their existing insurance plans canceled. now despite promising at least 29 times we just heard, president obama is resorting to a new deception. take a listen to this. >> if you have or had one of these plans before the affordable care act came into law and you really liked that plan, what we said was you could keep it if it hasn't changed
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since the law's passed. >> so what happened to you could keep your plan, comma, period, mr. president. that was your first lie. this new lie i don't think is going to help anybody. before we get to our panelists, dave cam subpoenaed the obama administration for internal obama care enrollment data and private estimates shows signups for the older people. plus, call them the hidden cross of obama care. thanks to the laws, collection, taxes, fees, regulations on insurers, everybody will have nearly higher premiums. president obama's gallup approval rating, which has now fallen to just 39%, so my question this evening with obama's credibility on the line, why would the white house resort
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to new lots about obama care. >> it's really not necessary. here now we have health policy forum. kelly ann conway, president and ceo of the polling company. we welcome ron foreign yeah. lying about lies, credibility matter. fournier, why are they doing all of this. it will damage his credibility even more. >> i don't know why they're doing it. it's political malpractice, any leader whether you're in politics, business, running a church, you have to have credibility. especially towards the young
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millennials. the president has to convince them this is good for them, good for their families, good for their future, good for the country. it's going to be hard to do if he is caught shading the truth, spinning and lying. >> you know, before i get to the others, i just want to say something you noted in your excellent column today. >> thank you. >> you said obama was reading from written notes. you looked at it. you believe you had something that was said and hasn't changed. you think they're crafting some political counter offense here? >> yeah, trying to reinvent history. if you look at the videotape you can see, the three marks.
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it is the white house strategy for whatever reason to convince americans what they've seen on videotape 20, 25, 29 times didn't exist. they're trying to reinvent history. i think the basis is they just don't think the american public is very smart. they think they can get away with this. it's beneath his brand, beneath the presidency. >> why is he dogs this? why is he doing this, kelly ann. this is like dumb on top of dumber. >> you know, he has a pen of men who have called for a delay in obama care, take a time out. that shows you that more people are paying attention. the democrats lost the house in
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2010 largely because of a fear of obama care and philosophy. you have real names. a woman wrote in the "wall street journal", her insurance had been canceled. he is trying to find a way, many politicians do. to tell you that his tend was not to lie. that's why "the new york times" is under attack. >> >> so said, is that going to work with the american people? >> this monday ran on credibility and transparency. i avoided the word lie. >> i consider having worked for a president, having been close to other president's and i'm
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reading around that. >> a whole lot of people picked up on that and i'm so angry the "l" word is coming out now. let me ask you this. it's going to hurt his credibility but as ron fournier, it may have put in my number or they're relying on the millennials? . >> under 34, over 54, 37%. over 55 3w9. individual state exchanges, you're doing better than the national exchange. are all righting over 55 is the dominant statements arrived.
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there are people he nudes. >> one of the blessings is, therefore, their demand as a product. individual mandate penalties aside. this is a product you have to buy or pay a penalty for. young people may be delend of the enrollment design. about the president's promise. he'd be in a lot better situation if this were not a central selling point of the stant. this is not a mod derch up there for everyone to see. >> it was awe some. your center point is re-election. do an elective without knowing how to reform.
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let me tell you about a million things. i know the tin if you vacuum tim, i'd had private insurance. i agree others need it. >> he promised to keep it- >> go ahead, ron. i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry, sir. to kelly ease point, you to an election. these are people that can work their web and know when they'ren upsets. is doing everything, it seems, to drive them away. and, you know, i'm saying this for someone who a going to be at work. they've handled the messaging and on the implimt tags. they have to get their act
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together soon or it will come apart. >> hadley. i which o to shi-- i want to wa the shift. the millenians are not buying it yet. do you expect to psy know exnext any delay fortmann datsd-- do y think the senate and the house can put legislation together to change obama care right now? >> well, obviously the ideal situation would be a delay not just in the individual mandate but in all the penalties, subsidies and taxes. so long as the bar is not ready for five time discount? >> it should be a delay overall.
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there's a mathematical point here. i if they put a hold on the whole thing. if they take the website down to clean it up properly, if they do a lot of things, that will wreck the financing. it is sabotaged before they start. letting people keep their old insurance isn't going to hurt anybody. to some people, i ran out of some bred early. many people under 30 will be sharing their lie on's capital hearts. >> if you want to look at the clocks, it's an irroor pressure
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. >> the point i'm making is this, a delay absolutely ruins the financing of obama care. that's the key point. a delay of the individual man dade. >> witt. so dem mat krat particular. that's a tough call for them. out in california, we appreciate it. coming up, we have polls in new jersey. chris christie expected to easily win the election. is the presidency the foim he stuff. crowded new jersey mall running from the man with the gun. what is going on in this country, how are we going to stop it. we'll look for taking some hearts in my, the coverage report, we be right there. ther
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the man shot in a new jersey mall. he shot and killed himself. police found him in a hidden area in the garden state plaza
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in new jersey. six hours after he started shooting scaring all the shoppers and employees. last week a gunman opened fire in l.a.x. these are just the very latest in mass shootings in public places. what can we do to stop these nut jobs? former u.s. marine corps gunnery sergeant, jesse jane duff. welcome back. this guy is a nut job. what can america do about it? >> we have to recognize there are 3.1 million registered gun owners in the united states. not all of them are nut jobs. people that are nut jobs can obtain them legally. those are issues we have to recognize. we have a mental health issue in this country. in many states there are
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strictest gun laws. when you compare them with the fbi reports, they're not showing any decrease in crime. new york state, for example, has the strictest laws in the nation and yet they have one of the highest homicide rates. there's bigger issues. >> let me ask you, jesse. the mental illness part, gigantic issue. these guys are all mentally ill. let me ask you something more specific. the l.a.x. thing. should the tsa be armed? >> absolutely. this is without question. how are we going to have security that's supposed to defend us against terrorists who potentially are going to be armed who are supposed to potentially grab those weapons and yet they have no arms themselves. essentially what this demonstrates to me is the terrorist could set them off the gate and get on a plane and
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hijack it. there is no control of the airport, none. gun free zones make people targets. >> he shot his way through. fortunately he didn't do more damage. let me ask you questions about school guards. when you look at the data points, 40% of these shootings come at businesses and 30% come in schools. should school guards be armed? >> absolutely. whenever you have a gun free zone you're telling the nut job where he can go -- he or she can go for that matter. when you have a theater that has been declared a gun free zone in a carry state, now where am i going to go to shoot people if i am crazy and want to get into the headlines. you don't see police stations getting attacked. who is more vulnerable than children?
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if you have an armed security presence, that's how people stay off my grounds, do not touch me and we will defend ourselves. i think that's a clear statement for people. >> it used to be, we looked back at data points for the last ten years, so we are arriving in these mass shootings. it used to be more or less it would pop up every other month. now we're starting to see it every month. i hope we don't go to every week. when you look at that kind of pattern, what comes to mind? >> again, 3.1 million registered gun owners. when i was working with the data, 1% are mass shootings, 1%. that's what gets in the headlines. 60% of our homicides according to the department of justice are that by suicide.
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some of these killings are killings themselves. many states aren't reporting the numbers accurately. when you look at north dakota, for example, they have the lowest homicide states but some of the loosest gun control laws out there. they're not releasing their mental health numbers for the data points. >> all right. we'll leave it there. appreciate you weighing in. up next on "kudlow," tesla. growing sharper after hours. we'll tell you what investors didn't like from the company's earnings report. please stick around.
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♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum ♪ welcome back to "the kudlow report." i'm mary thompson. shares of tesla dropping sharply. down $22 a share. down 12%. $603 million. better than expected. it seems this is the problem. tesla said it would deliver 5500 s cars. that's being blamed for the drop. toronto's mayor said he probably smoked crack in a drunken stupor. lastly, the burger wars. burger king reintroducing the big king. it is. a lot like mcdonald's big mac.
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the first time burger king is going against its rival. the mcrib and chicken tenders to be like mcnuggets. i have to talk to you about this toronto mayor. >> i don't have a problem with crack cocaine but i may have smoke enit in a drunken stew poor. >> this guy should be committed along with the nut cases shooting up malls. i would like to know about this new sandwich. low fat version? >> reintroduced. basically a copy. the last time they didn't have the middle bun like the big mac does. never having had a big mac, i'm not sure. >> many thanks to mary thompson, our culinary expert. up next on cut low, new
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welcome back to "the kudlow
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report." we are broadcasting live from cnbc headquarters. across the country, 312 mayoral races, 236 state legislative races and two gubernatorial races. tonight we're watching results out of new york city, virginia and new jersey. is this chris christie presidential launch night. is virginia turning blue and is new york city going enough, enough, enough with the mayor. he wants higher taxes for the successful. the nypd's successful strike. >> here we have jim gilmore and kelly-ann conway joining us again. i know the race isn't over but it looks like terry mcauliffe is
7:33 pm
going to win. what's going wrong? >> we have to count the votes, we don't want to be wrong. the answer to your question, if cuccinelli doesn't make it it's because he was told the material issues that might have won the majority in the election. for example, you made reference to the shutdown, and then he had the same stage with ted cruise and ron paul and surround that marriage. the most important thing in virginia, i do not believe the state is destined to be just a dem wra particular strong hold, i am convinced i own one. every interest group, every group. every section of the state. i never wrote off anybody and in addiction to those. so that's what i do, for
7:34 pm
example, when i offered to cut the car tax in half. northern sir virginia. >> thoers i applied. i want to ask you this with headquarters you spent some type, have you guys thought about a clinton bid in 2016? >> i think what the governor just said i think is an ideal with what we saw tonight, wasn't appearing to be embarrassed. terry mcauliffe was seen as someone who could get things done. he helped across party lines on the transportation bill, for instance. if you would assume that one
7:35 pm
would breathe things together. christ collaborate with president obama to clean up haent sandy? he is aide not there to expand medicaid. the winners are the ones who can walk across party lines. bring everybody together and be effective. effectiveness don't. >> drien county, i've seen polls at shows themselves. people want to get things done. >> the republican party, maybe it's a bad wrap or not. the should jun you kneeled to other hand, chris at this, he was' concise va tifr. he got things done. >> he got things done. >> is this the model republicans
7:36 pm
should coming from the front. we'll know lis december during you my vote over him the top. >> the reashlg whether he breaks a snird manage asians, 13 manage organizations of union help her they've kroted out stay tricks teej beginning. dpeem life inkrid dibl. that shows terry mccon luff. getting well spoen ward, the em bottled servants if they'red be to come off a lot. cuccinelli lost because he did not run hard and this is the
7:37 pm
first time saw -- >> only this week. >> everybody made it a big issue in the past ten days. maryland dri and ken cuccinelli are saying something very. good. jim, let's start for a second. the republican party is fractured. it's divided. i think it's fractured and divided into virginia, too. i'm no so teeth hardy blood lr 67 that her the cue chi negligently. they're calling each other names. if you have a circular private sound like he was.
7:38 pm
>> i do think that we are seeing a history of republicans coming down on republicans and see if there's something else he go on for the republican parties for people. let's talk about what ann was talking about on obama care. really going and stups on that. the shutdown, and approach that the republican party was taking incompetent stead of an approach that was going to be proactive. all for a new shout joup and once you have dr. sully vai. en vir peeling to all of the defense groups. let's make sure you have to ooech ooesh other. >> they have to go place, it's
7:39 pm
like you're too bugsy. when minds catch, they were aisles, always trying to make contact. charlie, i want to race for fun. i do the know what the. kucci nbc -- i have to believe that he has problems with word information. this is not the way to win! 2ke78 kratz are doing it better. my soon has a sun air gra. i think we need to modify that. extremists cannot wear this. so ken cuccinell eye, he lace
7:40 pm
jeks little in wean pate tall wind. he's so extreme. ly out there. the senate health by dd kraetsds 37 which 14- this extreme parters won the prior main ter area. missouri, know vod da. there was some real experiences, extremists win. can kin cue chi fell inhood. we allow. right. there is no real debate. sex life is another one. forget that. get rid of it. that's okay. jen cuccinelli never called to tell me i he is.
7:41 pm
he never gets to psy hem self. you know what. >> i think that is to you. it seems to me is getting the best approach. you know what they are fof over heat and the r08 jest were here. >> in the senate, the house. i'm just not hearing it. it troubles me necessarily. >> it's the right thing to do. and a krur market. thank you very much. we appreciate it. up next, some people say investors twider ipo.
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joao the short term rates they do control. no double dpiper session in the u.s.a. they have the double dipper session in europe. there's a threat of deflation in europe. looking at the balance sheet of the european central bank i believe they are way too tight and they should be expanding like all get out. what kind of factor is there mpg people are going to start selling european stock and sell u.s.a. stocks? >> yes. >> very well could happen. you started in the european banking industry. that's been terrible over the last couple of days. over the last couple of weeks. we'll see on thursday.
7:49 pm
the ecb does have a disinflation to deflation issue and how they end up handling it will be a big factor in capital close. people will get out of europe and come into the u.s. >> i think the u.s. is a safe haven, jim lecant. i don't want to be over exsub ber rant and everybody is so excited. maybe we're too bull lish. maybe we are. i don't see the torpedo that's going to kill this unless there's a gigantic cash hike or government shut countridown. >> i think if you look at the u.s.a. purchasing advantages indices, right now we have the best plfrg basis in the world, right now. when you look at europe, everybody has gotten bull lish
7:50 pm
in europe. gdps are higher. they have real issues over there as does japan. you look at our economies slowly moving forward. theirs are very tepid. the consumer has been very constrained. we could see consumers do better. >> i'll add one thing. long-term rates are going back up. you can see that now. the charts are changing. long term rates rise because real growth in the economy is going to be better. that means the dollar is better. u.s. stocks are more attractive. that's my safe haven argument. next up, moments away from
7:51 pm
polls closing in new jersey. now if chris christie wins in a landslide as expected, will that turn it to a blue state for a presidential election. we'll discuss that up next on kudlow. ly? ly? what's wrong with trying new things? look! mommy's new vacuum! (cat screech) you feel that in your muscles? i do... drink water. it's a long story. well, not having branches let's us give you great rates and service. i'd like that. a new way to bank. a better way to save. ally bank. your money needs an ally. jbut when it comes to investing, things i prefer to do on my own. i just think it's better to work with someone. someone you feel you can really partner with. unfortunately, i've found that some brokerage firms don't always encourage that kind of relationship. that's why i stopped working at the old brokerage, and started working for charles schwab.
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avo: what kind of financial consultant are you looking for? talk to us today.
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polls in new jersey close at the top of the hour. will chris christie be the
7:54 pm
front-runner in 2016. in virginia, a hillary clinton blue state. new york city moving to the far left. let's talk to democratic strategist, steve mcman. robert costa. i want to go to you. i want to pin de blasio on you. this is the guy who's going to be the next mayor of new york. this guy is so far to the left. he is way to your left. this guy is fighting ray kelly and the new york police department successful crime attemp attempts. he wants to tax himself. he'd rather risk people moving out of the state. today they say he wants to appoint randy weingarten to run the board of education. why are the democrats trying to destroy new york city. >> good evening, larry. how are you? >> i'm good. nkts you know, bill de blasio is an unrepen tent, unapologetic
7:55 pm
democrat. it won't surprise everyone what he's going to do. the real question is what happened to new york city that so many people turned away from the policies of mike bloomberg and have turned so robustly toward the policies of bill de blasio. he's going to win it. the margin is a little surprising to me. good for you, bill. >> i'm not so sure. maybe it's bloomberg. my pal joe lhota didn't run a good pro growth campaign. >> no. >> robert costas, let me go to you. we have early numbers in virginia. why is cuccinelli going to lose, bob? >> i think cuccinelli -- >> if he does. if he does. >> when. >> it looks like cuccinelli is going to lose. i think it was because he was not able to seize owe bomb wra care at the 11th hour as an issue that could an him in mate his voters and base. he struggled to get some kind of coherent message. >> and the shutdown issue hurt him a lot. didn't it.
7:56 pm
>> a lot of people look at polls and say it didn't hurt him. when you look at the demographics in northern virginia, a lot of federal employees. that sometimes does trickle down into a state like virginia. >> yeah, go ahead. >> i wanted to shift over back to new jersey because i think chris christie is your worst nightmare. he's a guy who's a trttracting lot of groups. he's going to come out looking great. a new kind of republican, steve. that's the basic deal. he knows how to make deals and cross the aisle without giving up his principals. so do you feel chris christie is your toughest opponent? >> he would be a very good general election opponent. the question is is it possible for chris christie to get through the republican primary? what happens is it's dominated
7:57 pm
by rand paul. they make it difficult for chris christie to get back to the middle once he gets through a republican primary. you saw it with mitt romney. it was a tough deal. tough general election candidate. >> bob cost at that, up or down? >> chris christie is the lone success story. >> thank you, steve mcmahon. thank you robert cost at that. you guys are great. that's it for this evening's show. more of the election results tomorrow night. thanks for watching. i'm larry kudlow. ♪ ♪ stacy's mom has got it goin' on ♪
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... if there's one name in albuquerque real estate that's as solid as a rock, it's doug vaughan. >> we trusted him. we really trusted him. >> narrator: his real-estate investment program takes in $75 million from more than 600 investors. >> what doug did was he took their money and simply created the largest ponzi scheme in new mexico history. >> narrator: but hanging over this dam landscape of never-ending profits, a storm is coming. >> i recognize that i do face some serious challenges. >> everything was great, and then, all of a sudden, boom! talk about a crash and burn. >> narrator: when vaughan's only chance of keeping his head above water is to steal more money, he pulls the most vulnerable of


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