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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  November 8, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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3%, almost 4%, walt disney up better than 2% and merck up 1.8%. not so bad for the bulls. >> thank you very much. thank you for watching. that will do it for "power lunch" for today and this week. >> that's right. have great weekend, everybody. we'll see you on monday. "street signs" begins right now. on the day where nearly everything is higher and good stocks may be harder to find, one of your guests says he has's got one key factor to finding great companies. a good jobs number. do we get a taper for christmas and how have 700,000 gone missing? a stock debate on player in the industry that we believe might change the world. and the latest news from miami may have solved the mystery of why the dolphins' quarterback has been sacked about 35 times this season, mandy. >> happy friday. can good news really be good
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news finally? the s&p staying true to form, this is the sixth job report in a row that the index has been higher. the nasdaq look at it go, 56 points to the upside, biggest one-day gain since october 10th. bonds and gold, taken to the back of the wood shed. to bob pisani on the floor of the stock exchange. i would like to know after the strong jobs number how rate sensitive stocks are doing down there? >> it's tough. two areas this week that are getting hit. this whole idea of rates go up, sell the stock market. doesn't work. but two areas it is working, one is the interest rate sensitive. this is for the week, the whole week. real estate investment trusts, emerging markets, housing, telecom, utilities, your classic group have been hit hard this week. that makes some sense. there is one other group completely independent i want to point out the exploration of production group. the shale stocks have been on
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fire all year, so chesapeake, pioneer natural has had a huge move to the upside, probably doubled in the last six months, these are all getting hit this week. there is a little disappointment on pioneer natural's earnings and its overall commentary and that's the group being hurt other than the interest rate sensitive. mandy, point out, the s&p had one lousy day this month, yesterday, and there it is, there's yesterday's decline and here we are moving back up. the idea because rates go up we have to sell the market off, the overall market that's not holding up today at all. >> i'm never traveling again. out talking to pioneer resources. i need to keep my butt planted on set. >> i'm still jealous of your gold mine thing. that was spectacular. >> mutual admiration society. >> go out the back and puke. like -- >> that's a little hard. you took it one step -- >> you were great. >> anyway, a good jobs number
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and today good news actually appears to be good news. but is the number good enough to make it potentially bad news? let's explain our thinking and bring in aneika from wells fargo. good enough along with the stronger gdp number we got this week, to make the fed decide to pull back on quantitative easing, aka taper in december. >> that's the question of the hour. and we think that it raises the possibility but we still think this is a very data dependent federal reserve and that we still look for the announcement to come in march. we really have to look to that november nonfarm payroll number and see if these numbers stick. however there is a clear disconnect and some of the indicators we're watching. so we don't know yet. if we have a real argument for the fed to taper in december. >> let's turn this on its head a little bit here, because aneika
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said we're still data dependent but is it possible the fed is not so much data dependent at the moment as it might be market dependent? and if we continue to see the rates move to the upside might that hold the hans of the fed a little longer as well? i definitely think so. the fed has been taking about being data depend the but look what happened this summer. they tried to job own things back up after the initial tapering comments and they job jawboned the stock market back up but they didn't in the bond market. if rates move higher, get back to the highs we saw over the summer near 3% on the ten-year, the amount of leverage in the credit markets, treasury market is massive. we're already at new all-time highs in the new york stock exchange, the margin debt of the new york stock exchange but that pales to the leverage in the treasury market. if you get -- we start breaking to higher highs on yields, which would be lower lows on prices,
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that will cause selling like we saw over the summer and at some point that will spill over into our markets no matter what the fundamentals are. >> do you believe, matt, what bob said, that higher rates don't necessarily have to mean lower stock prices? at some point if you're getting 5% or 6% on a ten-year which may never happen again in our lifetime, but at some point you think that's risk-free guaranteed income. what level do you believe there is that would severely detract from the attractiveness of the u.s. stock market in the fixed income market? >> well, i know 3% is still very low and people will look and say it's low, i want to be in stocks. >> it's about the dividend yield. little lower than the dividend yield. >> that's a good point but if the market is moving higher they once to take, you know, go along for the ride for capital gains. but i still think we get above 3%, that is an important level because of the huge amount of
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leverage in the market. sometimes when you have that kind of leverage in the market, it doesn't matter what people think about whether they like one or the other. people will be -- these institutional investors leveraged in a major way in these markets, will be forced to sell and forced selling is never a good thing and almost always spills over into other markets, typically liquid market and the u.s. stock market is one of the most liquid market out there. >> a taper a bit untimely could mean a drop in the stock market. anything you see in what matt said you agree or disagree with? >> you know, i think that the tapering clearly in match does open the door to more volatility and definitely uncertainty, which the markets and businesses have become very used to in recent months. especially going into 2014. i think as we open the door to more volatility, there is still however, tapering doesn't mean they're tightening.
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we still have somewhat of an anchor on overall rates. >> aneika and matt, great discussion as always. you both have a wonderful thanksgiving. we'll see you back on "street signs" soon. >> thank you. >> happy veterans to all the veterans. >> take care. good point. >> all right. bring in st. louis with a new alert on the jobs numbers. >> there's a big mystery out there, i'm going to solve at least as piece of it right now. >> that's what mystery, shaggy is. >> 700,000 missing people that dropped out of the labor force and as you said when i told you about this, brian, that's a lot of -- >> milk cartons. >> milk cartons. >> i was being facetious. >> 700,000 dropped out of the work force. i just got off the phone, he says categorically it is not because of the shutdown. that's big news for economists out there and a lot of people on the street puzzling over this mystery. what i have done for you, brian, essentially eliminated the butler as the likely person for
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it. the likely story is not the story. we do not know the reason. >> professor plum with the candle stick in the library. >> we don't know. looks like it could be, but we don't know the reason. look at that. that's the chart, the month by month change in the labor force. 700,000. now i have a list here of the biggest changes in the labor force, this ranks as one of the biggest since 1990. i went back and looked, it is the third largest change on a percentage basis, 0.46 decline we have not had. we don't know the reason. maybe it has to do with local government. it could be -- i still think it could be from the shutdown. bottom line the fed will be looking at this a lot. >> since you have your detective cap on maybe you can sleuth this one out fors us. bring up that fantastic graphic with the milk cartoon, brian is there, doppelganger there with no ears, i'm there, you're not there, steve, not missing. look at that. >> that's right. >> jim cramer is missing.
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okay. good work. thank you very much. st. louis. >> back on this. i have the bls running data to see if we can figure out where this is. the fed is going to care about this. >> we make light of it. it's a serious topic. where are they going? retiring? giving up. going on disability if we don't know. >> are they retiring because they want to retire or retiring because -- >> they have to. >> burned out, sick of trying to find a job they can't find. >> makes the december report, we have to report what happens in december to this number. >> thank you very much, steve liesman. >> sector s.o.s., which stocks are flashing a warning signal and if the momentum run is done. >> the most powerful storm recorded slamming into the philippines, heartbreaking images from that part of the world after a terrifying night for them. we're going to bring you the latest when "street signs" returns. you really love, what would you do?"
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are we due for a pullback? some sectors are screaming yes. dominic chu has been digging into this question further an what have you come up with? >> our approach was to look at the charts to see which sectors in the s&p could show weakness ahead and we spoke a man whose job it is to read the tea leaves, find the patterns in the charts. a technical analyst, mark newton at gray wolf, he heeded our call and gave us three sectors. first is consumer discretionary
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the single best performing sectors this year in the s&p, newton says a number of statistical momentum indicators are showing signs the sector is overbought. it means momentum to the upside could be exhausted. the second sector is health care. he's seeing signs of deterioration as well and weakness in biotechs an insurers that are subsectors of this that are warning signs. watch health care. an the third is industrials. momentum appears to be slowing for the transportation stocks in particular. now not coincidentally these three sectors are the best performing sectors this year, so newton says keep an eye out for winners that lose a little bit going forward and losers that tend to gain a little or something called mean reversion. back over to you. >> it seems for every day we drop in stocks like yesterday we get two or three up days in return. the s&p 500 up 24 year to date and valuations also largely continue to rise. so how do we still find great opportunities? joining us is bruno, ubs senior
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portfolio manager and jj, chief strategist. bru bruno, we opened up the show with your thought, companies that can do one thing are the key, that is make their own luck. i understand the concept. put that into practice regarding the stock market and investing. >> think about companies that have an edge where they deliver a product or as service that's hard to compete with, whether it's amazon or apple or volkswag volkswagen, companies competing with them is tough work. beat the competition, erect a moat around their business and create their on luck. the winds of the economies will blow hot and cold, but if the economy blows cold, the company is still delivering something people really want to have and that's the key to succeeding in the years ahead. >> it's good you've raised theithe i theish -- the issue of apple. looking through your wish list what you like to tinds in your
2:15 pm
stocking this christmas you like apple. not quite as glamorous but also like microsoft. talking a lot about this week. >> you know, one of the things i think dominic led into this well with the fact we're turning over some sectors. microsoft, apple, a lot of our customers buying these stocks as they pay a dividend. you said microsoft isn't that sexy but it's slowly but surely, fors those people who are more longer term investors and not traders, tend to find that as a nice stock as well as apple. the other area i think is financials. as we saw today, with yesterday's sell-off, i really believe that if the markets are going to go higher, that the financials have to lead us there. it's been one of the biggest underperforming sectors right now, the stocks pay nice dividends. you know, they are in one area, maybe don't do one thing to what bruno is talking about and if you thing about banking where they've been in the last few years, they may suffer from a little mortgage downturn right now. over all they've done a nice job
2:16 pm
with little traditional banking interest rates to help that. >> brunobruno, do you believe t financials have to lead us? what about tech? >> financials are definitely inexpensive and likely to lead the market. i think tech is easier to make sense of in terms of having an edge, vis-a-vis the competition. i think the big question on banks is given all the restraints from the fed and regulators what kind of returns are they really going to be able to earn on their book of business? but i agree, they pay a dividend and if you buy wisely you're rebelly going to -- probably going to come out fine. >> back to the issue of momentum. when we saw the drop in tesla over the past couple days, and obviously they had different issues such as the third fire, i think since october 1st, but nonetheless people ask with stocks that have had so much momentum behind them, is that run over? and how much of momentum this year has been psychology and sentiment as opposed to fundamentals and what happens now? >> i do think there are certain
2:17 pm
stocks and the ceos have come out in certain cases and said our stock, netflix -- >> when you you see -- >> the ceo says it might be a bit frothy you have to take that with a little bit of -- >> more than grain of salt. >> there's caution to be had here. >> a grain of lithium ion. >> very good, brian. and i think overall you have to be careful about some of these stocks that have just had incredible runs and you're trying to figure out what's different about the product. nothing about those have changed. >> i agree, jj, and i keep hammering this sort of out on twitter and stuff, i think yesterday when i ran my fact set screen, 17 s&p stocks, s&p 500, that were trading at single digit pes. >> yep. >> some at 2 and 3 and 4 times earnings. how many great companies do you believe there are out there that are simply getting ignored because they're not tesla, not netflix. >> said microsoft, not exciting.
2:18 pm
>> what did we call it this week, the most not boring but basically gets the least love of any company i've seen considering it literally prints money almost as fast as the fed. >> yeah. they should have a contest on that one. the companies that people think are hum drum boring are the ones that tend to make a lot of money. >> i don't care if it's boring as long as it makes me money. enjoy your weekend. >> good to be here. >> still ahead, fasten your seat belts because the airlines are soaring, should you be booking a flight on one of these. >> fill it up for the weekend because pump prices continue to drop. we'll let you know where you can find the cheapest gas in the station, steely dan does somehow seem appropriate going into this break. we're back after this. [ male announcer ] a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade. inching closer to 3 bucks a gallon even across the nation. sharon epperson is on pump patrol. give us the petrol for the day. >> what a difference a penny a day can make. we have seen gasoline prices
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dropping on average a penny a day for the entire week. we're looking at prices right now at $3.21 a gallon. that's the cheapest price we've seen for this type of year in about three year's time. we're looking at prices as they dropped a penny a day, we're seeing a 7 cent decline from a week ago and at this rate you think maybe we'll see $3 a gallon for the national average by the end of the year. we've seen this week, three more states added to the list of states where gas is below $3 and that brings the total now to eight states where prices are below the $3 a gallon mark. where you can find the cheapest much is in the southern and central part of the country and we're looking at drivers in tulsa, oklahoma, who are paying the cheapest for gas right now, looking at gas prices as little as $2.78 a gallon. meanwhile, the most expensive gas in california, right there
2:23 pm
under $4 a gallon in santa barbara. you may have heard the old wives tale you shouldn't fill up on fridays because stations are going to jack up prices going into the weekend. we talked to the nacs about that. they represent about 80% of the fueling stations earn the country and said when you see auto a trend like this, often gas stations will cut prices over the weekend just to deep up with the competition. so that's good news and a reason to keep on shopping around for your gas. back to you. >> i'm going to drive out to santa barbara to fill up. thank you very much. appreciate it. secretary of state john kerry is in geneva switzerland for talks with his european counterparts. on the table potential deal with iran over its nuclear program in exchange for some easing of sanctions including, this is important, oil sanctions. joining us from barclay's, nine months crude nearly hit -- talking brepts, european and middle east, nearly hit $120 a barrel, now about 105.
2:24 pm
how big could this iranian deal be if it happens? >> if you had a deal that was a comprehensive deal that could bring back 1 million barrels of lost iranian exports it would be huge. but we remain really concerned if we look at congress, they show no signs right now of pulling back sanctions. some momentum to increase sanctions on iran in congress and unless you see congress moving i think it's going to be hard it to get that big relief that's going to get the barrels back on the market any time soon. >> not so fast, even if we get a deal in six month's time, no progress necessarily, no barrels flowing. >> we're not talking right now about the removal of the eu embargo or the u.s. bank sanctions, those are congressional sanctions. >> multi layers of sanctions. >> say you tried to pull off some of the european sanctions but wasn't similar action on the u.s. side and congress, companies that did business in iran would find themselves in trouble in the united states. i don't think it's going to be easy to get the barrels on the
2:25 pm
market. >> let's move on to iraq if we can. >> i think i'm pronouncing it properly a huge oil field in iraq taken offline, coming back on, but we've heard it increased violence in iraq. where does iraq play right now in the global stage of oil production. >> this is a great story. iraq is supposed to account for so much of the new production outside of north america, 45% of new supply growth over the coming decade is supposed to come from iraq according to the iea but iraq has seen a serious lied slide in the security -- slide in the security situation. can you have a divergence between the oil and security story. you might have a situation where oil companies operating in the south find it very difficult particularly if you have some type of incident around their facilities. we're watching iraq very closely. >> you've got that situation and since jumping from iran to iraq head a little more north up to russia because there's a really interesting article yesterday that the russian government has cut their economic forecasts for the in extwo decades because they say this massive oil growth
2:26 pm
boom they've been enjoying is going to come to an end. what are the implications to the oil market from that. >> when you look at a country like russia russia needs a high oil price for budgetary purposes. the russians are concerned potentially about the big increases out of north america do for their story. what about uslng exports, does that cut into the russian share. i think the russians are nervous. watch libya, all this stuff about north america, it if you have a situation or iranian barrels coming back, libya is basically out of the oil market right now an the question is, do we continue to see the massive losses of libyan production going into next year? i think it's an important story to watch. >> we'll test your geography going all over the world with you right now. >> let's move south to nigeria. >> one of my favorites. >> what's freaked me out for lack of a better term about nigeria reading how much we used to take from them, high quality oil and almost turned to nothing
2:27 pm
now. that's an unstable state, but it's a huge -- one of the biggest cities in the world, there's chaos. what's the nigerian story? >> barrels 10% of u.s. imports used to come from nigeria on the east coast. with the glut of u.s. light sweet crude we don't need those. they're having a hard time finding a home. >> finding other markets or going to deyou will have into further chaos because they rely on the revenues? >> they're saying we can send it to asia but is there a demand in place in china with the sweet nigerian barrel. they could have a hard time getting the price they used to command. they have instability in the oil region and a strong islamist insurgency in the north. watch potential problems there if they can't pay people off to keep the peace. >> lot of flash points in the oil producing nations. thank you for joining us as always. thank you. >> thank you. >> the most powerful storm ever recorded slams into the philippines. the latest op what is a super
2:28 pm
typhoon. >> the hunger games and burger battle. total death by food when "street signs" returns. (announcer) scottrade knows our clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading.
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it is street talk time.
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stock stories you need to know about. first of all at united continental moving higher despite a downgrade. >> barclay's cutting it to under weight to equal weight. the firm says the market may be incorrectly assuming margins for the so-called legacy airlines like united will remain similar as they consolidate and believes delta may wind up with advantage over united. united a heck of a year up 66 % over the past 12 months. the advantage delta has wi-fi on most of the planes. united please add more wi-fi. >> take a look at river bed tech, moving higher. >> might have an activist fight here. the stock soaring 15%. elliott associates disclosed about a 9% stake in riverbed and call the shares undervalued and encourage the company to seek wayses to move shareholder value. even with this move. watch riverbed closely. >> ubic questionty network, a gain of 14%. >> the days i miss herb, because
2:32 pm
these are the companies he talked about a lot. >> yeah. >> eps 7 cents above consensus, revenue above consensus by about $10 million. web bush securities upgrading the wireless network provider to neutral. the target price to 48 from 40, up about 260% year to date. >> sen tare ris, this announced a buyout for $2.15 billion. two names we haven't talked about. 37% premium to santarus, the deal paid in cash, about $1.95 billion, financed by jeffreys, they advise, the buyer, their ticker, slxp, two companies i never heard of. >> universal display corp killing it on positive earnings reports. >> really is. >> 5% gain. the stock adding a quarter of value to its market cap out of new jersey, announced third quarter revenue more than doubled to $32.8 million epc 12
2:33 pm
then, loss 3 cents, this is important, out with a note reiterating their sell rating on the stock. they call terminal value issues, their words not ours. saying don't be fooled in a few years this company will be in trouble. the other day we had guests slam the gap. today, looks like we all may have egg colored shirts all over our faces because the gap posted better than expected sales numbers the stock up nearly 9%. dive in to the gap on the technicals katie, chief technical strategist at btig on the fund numbers mark, chief income strategist at the oxed for club. thank you very much usually ladies first, so excuse me katie, were you impressed by the gap's numbers? >> actually, no, i wasn't. like mckayla, not impressed at
2:34 pm
all. when you look at the numbers they had a sales beat for the month of october but if you dive into it, the old navy same-store sales numbers were flat compared to up 5% in the year ago quarter. banana republic 1% versus 5% and a big part of this sales beat story because of discounting. the fall sales event was pushed forward into october. it's usually in september. and the management basically said, as much, in that they said that the margins on merchandise are lower in the third quarter this year than they were in the last year. so going forward, you have to expect a lot more of this. you have a heavily competitive, heavily promotional retail environment right now. do not think that gap is a buy here. i think you thank your -- thank the trading gods they gave you an 8% pop and take the money and run. >> what about the charts, are you convinced by them, katie? >> i know mark likes to look at
2:35 pm
charts so i'm surprised by his bearish posture. this stock has seen momentum improve and even before today when we're seeing the stock gap above 50 day and 200 day moving averages after a successful test support around 36, so improved momentum, lookss more like a break away gap than an exhaustion gap on the chart. you can look back and look at the last three months where we had weak momentum behind gap and as the counter trend move from a long term perspective so that looks like a correction within the uptrend that began in 2011. and taking it a step further back you can see that the stock underwent a major base breakout in 2012 and that essentially cleared the chart of long-term resistance or major resistance until the 2000 high which was 53 which would be a nice upside from here. there are interim resistants between here and there. you want to follow the momentum
2:36 pm
in this kind of broader market. >> all right. >> katie, you probably taught me half about what i know about charts but when i look at it, that $40 level i thought was key support and resistant and i want to see confirmation it's going to stay above $40. anything below and i think it's a great shorting opportunity. >> thank you so much for joining us. coming up next, the strongest storm ever to make landfall batters the philippines. the latest on that. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 life inspires your trading. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 where others see fads... tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 see opportunities. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 at schwab, we're here to help tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 turn inspiration into action. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 we have intuitive platforms tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 to help you discover what's trending. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 and seasoned market experts to help sharpen your instincts.
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♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ terrifying time for people in the fill beans. still batter -- philippines. more than a million have been forced from their homes. three people have been killed by the so-called super tie typhoon. officials expect the death toll to jump, the storm taking aim at vietnam. let's get more from jackie deangelis. >> good afternoon, brian. while the super typhoon is packing quite a punch in some parts of the philippines, believe it or not international businesses that have hubs there, they are not panicking yet. fedex which has a shipping hub
2:40 pm
near the former clark air force base told cnbc it is monitoring the typhoon and that safety and well being of its team members are a top priority. the company cautions however that there could be service delays despite contingency plans. texas instruments told us it has not been impacted an main taens normal operations. many other corporations that do business in the fill peeps as well, however -- philippines, for example, ford, fair chooelds and a variety of consulting firms have offices there as well. more recently there have been a flurry of american companies moving their call centers to the philippines, companies like at&t, jpmorgan, and even expedia have set up centers in the region. while there haven't been any reports of major business disruptions the storm isn't over and it's almost estimated to cause roughly $15 billion of damage, not to mention the fact that international companies, they can't control local infrastructure issues. meantime the storm is expected
2:41 pm
to move to vietnam next, a key location for clothing and apparel manufacturing so wall street watching this one very closely. back to you. >> of course all of our hearses go out to those people affected. thank you very much, jackie deangelis. back to the world of business, where 3d printing stocks are really on fire at the moment. 3d systems stock prices nearly doubled since the start of the year and strat tus reported earnings that beat expectations. that stock is up almost 50% this year. is this an industry just getting started or is this a whole lot of hype? joining us from daughterty and company, andrea james and morning star dan hol land. andrea i believe you upgraded it to a buy. why are you a believer? >> you know, the 3d printing industry is about 25 years old but we've seen a lot of changes in the last few years that has made the growth accelerate. they're playing in the consumer market in a big way with their acquisition of maker bot and more of a migration to using 3d
2:42 pm
printing to parts on the high-end systems, 100,000, $200,000, and there's growing use of them in the automotive and aerospace and other industrial markets. >> all right. you're more bearish on stratus but it's important to note you're not bearish on the industry, one we've talked about and i said may change the world. you think the stocks are a little too high, why? >> that's right. i think if you look at the stocks there's a lot of optimism and hope really baked into the share price. it's very easy to get excited about an industry growing at such a rapid clip but at the same time you can't put those off into the future. you can't forecast those into the future. right now, at least by my expectations or by my estimates, current share prices reflect pretty much, you know, a 20% plus consumer penetration rate in ten years and that's pretty aggressive considering how expensive the technology is and even more so that the actual applications and things that you can use the technology for is
2:43 pm
pretty limited at the moment. that said, on the industrial side as andrea mentioned there are a lot of really good applications and things that can be used. >> an dan, i get your point in terms of the consumer market is pretty expensive, right, 1,000 to $3,000 for a consumer it might be a niche and only the hobbyists interested in that area right now, but i believe that hp's meg whitman said hp will get into the 3d printer market next year. might that make it more mass market, bring down the price and speed up the growth. >> it might do that, but bringing down price which doesn't necessarily help the revenue line for these companies. there's a delicate balance you have to think about when you try to ex panned installed base but the at the same time think about, you know, what the actual profitability is for these units going out the door. i mean at up with point you want to say the industry is getting big but can you profit from
2:44 pm
that. >> a good question. we kind of cut you short on time. my apologies. we will have you back on and blame me completely. everybody else does. i would do it too. dan, more discussion, take care. >> an all-out fast food battle where pitting burger joint versus burger joint, who is the real king some. >> a million dollar fun house. the must haves for the super rich. first, bill griffeth, what is coming up on the fun house known as the "closing bell"? >> always the fun house. looking for rich fun houses go to new port, rhode island. a century ago. the white house may be on the path to allowing some unions to avoid a key tax that pays for a big chunk of obama care. es this more than a political payback? the amount of time kids spend using mobile devices has tripled in just the past two years. so kid-friendly tablets are racing to the market. should kids even have their own tablet, he asks if a?
2:45 pm
all that and more. more "street signs" coming your way after this. the ocean gets warmer. the peruvian anchovy harvest suffers. it raises the price of fishmeal, cattle feed and beef. bny mellon turns insights like these into powerful investment strategies. for a university endowment. it funds a marine biologist... who studies the peruvian anchovy. invested in the world. bny mellon. how old is the oldest person you've known? we gave people a sticker and had them show us. we learned a lot of us have known someone who's lived well into their 90s. and that's a great thing. but even though we're living longer, one thing that hasn't changed much is the official retirement age. ♪ the question is how do you make sure you have the money you need to enjoy all of these years.
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somebody notify mayor
2:48 pm
mccheese because the hamburger may be stealing mcdonald's sales. if you want to invest in the burger wars where to go? it is time for a burger battle royal. one corner wonder lick securities, bob, and in the corner, stevens incorporated will slabaugh, joins us on the cnbc news line. you're a southerner, down there at he stevens in arkansas, where you are, physically, sonic is an oklahoma-based thing. why do you have this love for sonic? is this a southern thing? >> plays into a little bit. but if you look at it overall sonic has been the fastest growing and most consistent of the burger chains really in the past couple years. still cheaper than its peers. how they've done it, limited time offers, more national media, more effective branding which can continue, and you've got the new digital mini boards that will be a game changer the next couple years. >> you like red robin? >> yeah. mandy, my view is that, you
2:49 pm
know, eating great burger is almost a primal experience. very few things that rival that for most humans and if you bite into a -- run of the red robbins newburghers beginning to debut one of the experiences where your eyes almost roll back and you say wow. >> why? what's the secret ingredient? love? >> it comes down to the beef. to be fair. >> always does. >> yeah. a half pound of quality black angus beef and probably one of the finest burgers you're going to run into. >> wow. i almost want to bottle it and sell it. buy rating with 90 price target. believer in red robin. will, i have to ask you, you picked sonic and we just talked about that but what about mcdonald's, burger king, some of the bigger chains? >> i like mcdonald's. look at mcdonald's on a valuation basis, the cheapest it's been in a while. the stock hasn't done much in a couple years. after analyst day next week coming up next thursday i think
2:50 pm
you will hear about new product launches that could be exciting, international had things that could be moving around and moving from just what's been a pure value play the past couple years to more premium options that have worked for a wendy's and sonic recently. >> bob, from a big from a big p 30, 40 years ago, if you wanted to shop at a department store that was midpriced, you had a couple choices, montgomery ward, jcpenney and sears. the quick service restaurants seem to have been the same way. do you think that's like the mcdonald's and burger king and wendy's sort of oligopoly is over now? these names may never be what they were. >> brian, i think we're in the era of specialization. and i think just good enough isn't good enough to really drive consumer passion around a restaurant brand and drive bodies in a door. mcdonald's is a brand and a chain based on convenience and value. if they can get a product that
2:51 pm
consumers are really passionate about, maybe they can drive their business. it certainly wasn't wings. >> got to leave it there. will, thank you for joining us. bob as well. >> thanks. >> you've heard of houses with five-car garages, multiple pools and even personal golf courses. today we're taking million dollar homes to thrilling new heights and robert frank is doing it for us. >> reporter: when you're rich, you don't need to go to theme parks. you can just build your own it's the latest to come to market is caledon in arlington, washington, just outside seattle. main lodge is 7,000 square feet, seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a ball room and a helicopter pad for when you and your friends want to fly in by chopper. there are five other buildings including skaf quarters and guest lodges. the real fun is on the ground. a private 18-hole golf course with immaculate landscaping and
2:52 pm
beer tavern on the last hole. if go-karts are more your thing, a giant la man's style track. for kids, a two-mile train ride and steam engine. for cooling off, your own ice parlor. price tag, $20 million. >> ice cream -- >> go-karts. >> you're speechless, right? you don't know what to say. >> we are speechless. >> i know what to say. i want it. >> you and me racing around that track, that will be -- >> hey, hey, what about me as well? i like go-karts, too. i'm a mother of boys. >> this is the next step to private theme parks. i'm seeing more and more of these personal/private theme parks. neverland was not a one-off. >> you're not going to tell us who owns that house, are you? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> i want to find out. >> i want to meet the person who is genius enough to put a go-kart track in their home.
2:53 pm
>> i'll try to find out. >> talking of theme parks, may the odds be in your favor. a new hunger games theme park might be in the works. all the details next. the american dream is of a better future, a confident retirement. those dreams, there's just no way we're going to let them die. ♪ like they helped millions of others. by listening. planning. working one on one. that's what ameriprise financial does. that's what they can do with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ thadoes it end after you'vemore expanded your business?? after your company's gone public? and the capital's been invested?
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see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. get ready to channel your inner catness. the ceo of lions gate says they're in the early stages of of a hunger game theme park. julia, we have so many questions about this. hunger games is about a battle
2:56 pm
to the death, so how does that translate into an amusement park? >> well, i'm imagining a roller coaster thrill ride, some archery competitions. but i bet the theme park operators who came up with the idea are leaving out the battle to the death parts. lions gate earnings call ceo said, quote, we have been approached in two different territories about potential theme park opportunities, saying they are pursuing these opportunities. a locallowing people to live it could be a gold mine. the second one "catching fire" opens two weeks from today, expected to be the biggest film of the fall season. the success of universal's harry potter attraction is any indication, there's a lot of money to be made. brian and mandy, i'm sorry, we don't have any more details just yet. >> we'll send you in when it's open, julia. thank you. >> i don't know about that.
2:57 pm
>> i'll go with you. let's go pop culture commentator, nancy and bob frank is still here. your ideas on this theme park? >> they are going to leave out the battle to the death part, which is a huge part. other than archery and cob webs, i don't know, it's a goth kind of particular thing i can't see being very game parky. >> the good thing is, now you tell your kids, if you're really good, you go to disney. now you say, if you're really bad, you're going to the hunger games park. >> i like that. see which kid lasts. >> yeah. >> see, that's smart, using it as a disciplinary measure. >> i think they should make you chief game park game officer. home depot was in hot water o r over, oy, a tweet and a half. what do you think about this? >> it's terrible. and i can only say i'm glad home depot fired the ad agency, i
2:58 pm
guess, that designed it and got rid of the person that did the tweet. i respect they did that. i couldn't help think about the academy awards last year when that sweet little girl who was on -- who was in beast of the southern wild had a horrible tweet against her by the onion. and the onion barely apologized and didn't fire the person who sent the tweet. i respect home depot did that. >> i wonder if you'll see more of this as companies try to be cool in social media and they're trying to be edgy. >> but what's cool and edgy? >> nothing. but the problem is that it's going to be some probably 24-year-old social media director, no offense that it's 24-year-old social media director, who have control over a corporate -- >> that's my point. >> -- hundreds of thousands of employees and one person who decides to send out a tweet. that's really dangerous. >> is it? because they made it past all of those people to get on -- i know, it's disgusting. >> miami dolphin defensive line
2:59 pm
held team meetings at a strip club. >> so, this dude is like -- he's running the team, you know. he's not -- >> we're talking about richie incognito. all the scandal around it, it comes out their team meetings are at a strip club. >> incognito is incognito. he's the muscle man. you have to pay big fines derek -- >> they were forced or they would make fun of them if they didn't take part. >> some teammates are saying, oh, yeah, all those strip club visits, it was his fault. he made us. no, all the meetings were there. whether they're just blaming him for all their strip club visits is what i'm wondering. >> ryan tannehill, the quarterbacks of the miami dolphins has been sacked 35 times, more than any quarterback in the nfl this year. so, maybe if there was less time at the strip club or bullying, you know, your colleagues, they might actually work together and keep the quarterback from getting crushed. >> and win some games. >> nancy, lovely to have you on the show.
3:00 pm
nice of you to come on. thank you very much, robert. >> how about the offensive miami line go to the hunger games park. >> i like that. >> the former home depot of social media go -- >> yes, very incognito. >> nancy. thank you for watching. have a wonderful weekend, america. >> "closing bell" is next. we'll see you same time, same channel, monday. >> hi, everybody, we're into the final stretch. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo at the new york stock exchange where the week seems to be ending pretty well. rally mode once again. >> amazingly. i'm bill griffeth. was today's strong jobs number one of those rare cases where good news really turned out to be good news for the stock market? we have a good bounce today. feels like a bounce rather than a true rally. and the bond market hates it. it's already anticipating tapering. the yield on the ten-year has skyrocketed


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