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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  November 25, 2013 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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us. melissa, 3d printing. that's the theme of the day? >> absolutely, kelly, a lot of momentum stocks. we will have momentum stocks. we are talking to one of the children of momentum triple d, 3d systems to tell us about the challenges you may face when it comes to patents and the run in the stock. because that has been as you know, kelly, tremendous. >> i'm going to leave the triple hd joke on the saibl table. >> tanks, kelly. >> ""fast money"" starts right now. i'm mel lisa lee. nasdaq hitting 4,000 for the first time since september of 2000. it's the noun tech kaen companies, we'll explain, still have room to grow and china's ul terrior motive. china could be using the latest anti-trust probe. should other u.s. companies be concerned? plus bitcoin black friday, while some retailers are preparing for
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bad weather this week, bitcoin is trying to shake up the shopping day and get the virtual currency to go main stream. let's go straight to our top story tonight. >> that is the nasdaq crossing 4,000 intra-day, key levels, far from the all time high of 5,132 point 5. now the key here is understanding when it's nasdaq year-to-date. it has not been tech stocks. it's been largely biotech. >> right. that's where you said what's your best tech play? my best tech play, you put a bioin front of it. it still remains cellgene, there have been few headlines that should have taken the name down a lot more than it did. it did not. here we are $164, another all time high today. 23 times you want to make it. say that that's rich. that's been sort of the knock on these guys for a long time. but they throw off cash, have a balance sheet that's as good if
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not better than the leaks of pfizer and big cap pharmass. i think cellgene at current level is the best tech. >> i want to look at that graphic. >> that nasdaq 100 posted more than 100 gains year-to-date. three of those six stocks were biotech stocks. only one was a tech stock. >> that is, of course, regis philbin, now, david einhorn favorite. what does that say about the nasdaq's job? >> yeah, the nasdaq is only about 50% technology, the nasdaq 100. you got to keep in mind the big cap tech stocks that people associate with the nasdaq have largely not had good years. apple has been a big underperformer. a lot has to do with this renew slowdown. they can't find a way to grow. so i would continue to avoid them. you think about cisco with revenue less than 2% per year. you know, even hewlett packard had a negative revenue growth line. i would be looking at the solar
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names. i think this is an underappreciated segment of the nasdaq, of the tech sector. i think there is a lot more room here tan in the most growth stories over the next five to ten years. think of solar, a company just delivered 140% upside surprise on earnings, trading only 16 times forward estimateles. it's already off 12% from the high. that's an example of where there is room to make money in my view. >> there is so much chatzky these days about a bubble. are we seeing a bubble? bubble this, bubble that? when you take a look at these high growth momentums that have seen monster gains this year, a facebook, a yelp, a groupon, these are names as you put it self corrected. >> they got themselves self correct and what does that mean? that means the bubble that everybody keeps talking about, whether this network or some print media, people that are talking about a budge don't realize we have had this significant switch in leadership. it's already happened. so when you see a tesla make a
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near 50% correction, not jieft, but down 40% from the highs, when you see many of these stocks, melissa, making those kind of corrections, if the market didn't have any oomph behind it, this would have caused us to roll over. instead, we found new leadership and that leadership to guy's point, certainly it's been biogener bo gen and another stock he flacked when he was tryinging to take them out at about $66 bucks a share, whatever? now it's $300, i mean, you know, these stocks are still on fire. i wouldn't fade those biotechs yet. and i think chinese internet stocks are some of the stocks i'm buying right now. we heard it at that conference last week the robinhood conference when josh and i were over there. 10 cent, cyna? i would hold them. >> you are sticking with what? >> it's google. this momentum pushes you back into google where you have
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youtube, where the monetizization of youtube is begin, you have croak cash, croakbook. so you see these moment item plays lose steam. people look back for the same old vanilla tech plays. that's google. up 44% for the year, probably going higher into the first quarter as well. >> i'm curious. you had a position with tesla. can you use that money and deploy elsewhere among nasdaq names? >> i did. i bought mario hoo and i bought twitter. so twitter i bought my 50% stake of where i wanted to be, knowing that i'm probably going to be wrong with the first purchase. that's the way i always think. that's what the retail investor should always think, same of ammo in case you are wrong with the first step. >> quickly on 26th, what happened today? >> on twitter? i think it's finally sifting back to levels it should be trading in the first place. josh is talking about, i think everybody thought it should trade down in the mid-30s, which is why it probably too so long to get back to a 30 handle. i still think it has to test its
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34.5 level. there are a litany of reasons why. to josh's point quickly about first solar, i happen to agree. i think it could room to have $55 bucks, which is sort of the tops we had earlier this spring. past resistance, you find it at 55. you can definitely start to chip away here at 55-and-a-half to $60 level. >> before we throw out those momentum play, people are safe guarding their portfolio going into year's end. >> call it quits and have a good year. >> they throw it out. to your point, they end up buying things they are more comfortable with. they are yahoo and alibaba. google holding that 885 pop up to a thousand. you could see the momentum plays get more play come january. >> let's take if technology here. china getting qualcomm over whether it's anti-monopoly law the dhip maker in 4g technology has been banking on growth
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overseas. he has an outperform rating on the stock. jim, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> the timing of the raises some eyebrow, china will have an ltv launch early 2014 and now is when the negotiations are happening for chip pricing as well as license pricing. i'm wondering, you think those things are connected. is this tit for tat? >> we have seen this type of thing happen in other markets around the world. i don't know if that was the announce. letting qualcomm know they've launched this investigation. it's certainly being something i would have imagined would have happened. >> how much of a risk would this be to qualcomm, if, let's say if, china is trying to exact a better bargaining position when it comes to the pricing of these things? how can we understand that? what does that mean to qualcomm? >> so, for going forward, most of the growth that we have anticipated over the next three or four years is tied to china
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and so only our rough map if qualcomm were to end up taking a lower royalty rate, for example, on lte or some combination, you know, you can be talking about something in the neighborhood of 25, 50 cents of annual ets risk. in the past, when we've seen these types of investigations, qualcomm's model has not changed. it has not been expected. that's our expectation this time around. if we were wrong, that's the impact we would be looking at. >> last question, which stocks had if most leverage or exposure to china? which ones might, one, be concerned about if you are to believe that china is doing this in order to exact pricing advantage? >> well, qualcomm is 'in terms of where we expect growth to come from, qualcomm is where we have the highest exposure. some of the small cap names also have exposure into china. as a percentage of that growth anticipated, qualcomm is the
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highest. >> we will leave it there. thank you for your time. pacific securities. is this a risk? we heard from the ceo. the analyst said basically these glitches are opportunities for chinese companies to grab the market share from the u.s. >> i think it's absolutely a risk. given the run-in of stocks since the summer when it clearly floundered. here at $73, you have to sort of walk with some trepidation. qualcomm is not, if you look at a valuation, it's not expensive stock. i think what happened with qualcomm, a lot of people used it, apple went from 703 to 388. a lot of people use it as a proxy shot for apple. it was the wrong trade. here it's a lot more difficult to trade, on valuation, i still think it makes sense. >> two quick things, first of all, nobody in china is anywhere even near what qualcomm is able to do with their chips in the high end tablets. what china has found they are
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able to do is compete at the low end, which is what intel wants to do with their atom line. >> that's not the issue. the issue is whether or not china mobile can get better pricing. >> so the issue is does this open it up for competitors? i think that's one of the concerns. at a certain point, that might be a risk. i think the bigger risk in qualcomm is that smartphone and tablet growth next 84 isn't up to expectations and people get a little bit disillusioned. technically speaking, you can buy this stock here with impunity. this is a clear breakout. the allegation is not as egregious as guy mentioned. you want to use that 50-day moving a average. it should glide along with the trend. you will know when the sellers take control. it hasn't happened yet. >> two leon cooperman stocks i jumped on at the beginning of the year, unfortunately have been horribly unhappy with are qualcomm and capital one cof. both of them have come back in the second half of the year,
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knock on wood. they're up 17% and 21%. but that's pedestrian compared to what the nasdaq and the rest of the market is up. so to guy's point, to josh's point, i think these are still reasonable valuations. i know we're talking about qualcomm. i just threw capital one in there because it was one of the others i traded based on leon. i think you will have a catch-up phase here where for the next six months, qualcomm does outperform. >> a bunch of tech performances, back at headquarters with the round-up. >> hey, melissa, like you said, bigger after hours movers if you will. let kick it off with palo alto. they reported earnings that feed analyst estimates. they said it's recurring subscription and services revenue, that revenue grew since last year. a bullish indication for the company. nuance communications is the
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voice recognition technology. it reports a mixed bag. earnings in slightly better than estimates. revenue is light. they forecasted current quarter and full 84 profits and sales numbers have both fell short of some analysts projections, operating margins for fiscal 2013 lower than they were at the same time in fiscal 2012. >> we should also bring up work day in that same breath. this is a momentum favorite. relatively recent ipo. this looks like a huge after hours, but investors love that plus 76% revenue growth and they got it higher i think, right? >> yeah, overall for work day, a huge move there. the reason why, remember, cramer calls this one of the most expensive stocks out from. it has been a volatile one, if they show a narrower than expected loss, they may be moving towards profitability. hence the move for work day after hours. guys. >> doc, what are you trading at this point of those le?
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>> of these three, i love that pic, josh, i, of course, can't be buying that one. unfortunately because it's just too strong. >> i'm not a buyer there either. >> but nuance metal i think on this one, this one clearly has broken down nuan. you are going to get your shot to get in at $15 bucks. i think you take it. i will probably be selling putz on this tomorrow. >> question is, will more consumers be doing holiday shopping with bitcoins? holiday merchants are lining up deals for those who use the digital currency. will it help bitcoin go main stream? motorola and 3d systems stock has been on a tear this year. shares are under a bit of pressure today. we have an exclusive interview with the ceo of 3d coming up next on "fast." looking at covered call strategies to generate income? with fidelity's options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier to try filters and strategies...
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>> welcome back. we're following a developing story at this hour as a massive winter storm bears down on a large part of the united states, it is quickly moving east as the busiest travel time of the year approaches. chris. >> melissa, right now, we are
5:17 pm
looking at the heaviest rain in the south. there is some snow associated with this and icy conditions as far south as nashville. we look at the forecast for tomorrow and again on wednesday, you can see the focus now will be in the northeast when millions of people will be hitting the roads having to deal with icy conditions and also the threat for snow snow in the inland locations and higher amounts in some cases five to eight inches of snow. this could not come at a worse time for holiday travel. >> we should note that our friends actually sent over a list of the stores that could be impacted most by the storm. of course, we are worried about everybody has to commute some place. this is black friday. take a look at this. these are stores with 25% of the locations in the path of the storm. obviously, some are more
5:18 pm
concerned, tractor supply is not a huge black friday play. >> one would think, last black friday my family and i checked out the tractor supply. it was a great day. we camped out. >> i don't think you trade these stocks on the back, is my sense. one stock joshened i were talking about it. sort of ebay has an unmitigated disaster. you can throw in the whole disaster sector as well. ebay had a series of lower highs and lower lows i think it trades lower. don't trade retailers on the back of this storm. i think it's a fool's errand. >> i am glad you brought up the online. >> no one should change weather. if are you a commodity changer, different story. >> you don't think when the retailers report their next quarter, sales are bad, they will say it's because of the big storm on black friday and i said the next kwarpter.
5:19 pm
>> you know what, maybe. but it's not something that you can do consistently. so you shouldn't probably do it. >> sometimes the right trade is the obvious trade. in the name of ready? yoevenlgs i think that's the one that will garner the most attention if the weather is terrible. >> i prefer visa and mastercard. i don't care where they spend their money, just that they will be spending more money. this will be a good holiday season i believe. if that's the case, you will want to own names near ecommerce and that's the credit card payment gateway. make life easy for yourself. >> one quick one. cmp a hard left turn here. its confidence. everyone looks. >> what a play. every year, you pull out the play. >> it always works. just take a look at this one. >> explain to me the seasonality. everyone, obviously, is going to
5:20 pm
snow. >> here's the problem, look under revenues. if you look under the demonstration, it comes up with pot ash. they take an unfair sell-off with the exposed names under our assault play. >> this year they will diversify into pepper. >> salt and pepper. next trade here, bitcoin, if you are skipping them all, heading online to do most of your holiday shopping, you will be in good company. how about paying for everything with virtual money in an attempt to go more main stream, bitcoin fans have organized their own black friday. from what we can tell right now, it's a smaller retailer. it might not help you unless you plan on shopping for domain names. bitcoin is currently trading in case you didn't know about $800 bucks a unit many shoppers may be hesitant right now. it doesn't seem to be a good trade to use a bitcoin to buy a
5:21 pm
sweater. >> listen, there was a there are 13 item. so in 11 months, it went from 13 and 8 and change. last week, we saw a 30% move in a 24 hour hour period on the way down so if you are trying to gain and mine bitcoin, which i know josh likes doing right now. >> you can bring us your bitcoins. >> well, we've talked about them because of a security concerns because again anybody who is into this market, folks, will tell you when you're logging into an account. you don't want to leave that computer online. you are basically leaving the door opened to the safe where that i can come in and take bitcoins from you. now depending on your level of the security, it's a digital currency, folks. >> you should only use bitcoin for the holiday season if you are giving your loved ones guns or drugs. otherwise, i see for the reason why you should be spending these things.
5:22 pm
>> i bought them. >> you are going to give them to your daughter? >> i bought them the first of the month under therer 100 per u.s. for bitcoin. they went up over 500 like that. i was off like a prom dress as they say, now it's 800. >> that's's segment. >> go to break. >> quickly. >> on prom dress, we go to break. coming up next, apple priming itself, the world of 3d tech, so are we, we come back from a 3d printing company. it teams up with motorola to build customized phones, could it mean big gains for the stock? back in two .
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. . >> time for today's top trades, are there cracks in the housing
5:26 pm
story? u.s. home sales hitting a ten month low. should you be wary of the home builders? what do you say? >> the data doesn't look that great as we stand right now. it was impacted by the fears of taper. tolls up roughly 4%. kb homes up 7%. the rest near or flat. if you had to buy one or tick away at one, it would be kd homes. i like the chart. it looks like the 50 day is trying to go higher. >> anise real company focuses on technology. it allows the deals in 3d. small acquisition, josh, maybe it signals the direction in which apple is going. >> this has been rumored for a while. today it was confirmed based on the tuck in smaller acquisitions. they've done another one in israel. i think the interesting thing about apple is it's basically flat while the s&p is at 3%.
5:27 pm
technically, it appears to be setting up for its next breakout. i wouldn't be shocked to see it run into christmas. above 530 this thing could get going. i like the stock here. >> let's take a 3d systems announcing they will build customizable as far as moan phones based on user preferences, the latest headline for a company whose stock is up 1% this year. joining us is the president and ceo. it's always gra it to see you. >> it's great to be here, melissa. >> what does this mean for the consumer? will this move the needle at all for you? >> i think we have the opportunity to main stream 3d printing into manufacturing in a way that is not only mass customizable and provides a unique platform for a company like google motorola in a way that allows the user base to co create in a way that is sustainable and to begin to
5:28 pm
create the platform here that gives you what you want when you want it, the way that you want it kwout having to replace the entire funds. so project era for us is a very exciting project and we think it's going to help us and goggle to main stream continuous manufacturing 3d printing into a great application, at the heart of consumerism. >> speaking of the consumer, it is the holiday season, avi. you are a consumer oriented printer sells through channels such as staples. i'll wondering what your main stream sort of product, i was talking last week, they said the retail locations are very busy, they're selling a lot of printers. >> as you know, melissa, we are going to be in about 400 staples and office depo stores for like friday. i saw today a mass mailing from sense club that invites their
5:29 pm
users to come buy guantonomo bay 3d printers. about three weeks ago, we introduced the first three consumer scanner the sense, which will allow everybody to scan themselves in under $400 $399 find out how scanogenic you are. of course, we have all kind of cool apps and toys for the hol die season, starting with the ability to 3d you into a selfie, santa helper here or believe it or not, melissa, even some for the first time ever 3d printed sugar ornaments to hang on your christmas tree and, of course, not to be left out, we have some hasn't ka dreidels and menorahs as well. >> it's josh brown, i'm a shareholder in your company. i think you guys have done a good job this year. but a lot of people dismiss this 3d story as kind of a novelty
5:30 pm
for crafty people. i think they're missing out on the fact that you are in seven different verticals. some of these things are much more serious, manufacturing on a commercial scale, health care, et cetera. could you give us a little color on thom of those other lines of business away from the consumer presenter that you are selling through staples? >> absolutely. it's important to know that over 95% of our revenue today comes from real manufacturing applications. those include aerospace, automotive. most of the patients specific medical devices today are 3d print and most of your mass customized jewelry is 3d printed. so it's important to know today's 3d system's be over 95% of our revenue is generated from real manufacturing applications
5:31 pm
and so it's not a surprise companies like google and motorola co-develop a continuous 3d printing manufacturing system. it's not a surprise that g.e. is a good customer of ours and nike and others. these are the companies that are going to re-define advanced manufacturing as we know it and we're extending either with them to support them to partner with them and to deliver really the next industrial revolution in a way that is sustainable and relocalized. >> there is a dark side to every story. avi. i am completely excited about the 3d story in general. it seems like a counterfeiter's dream. copywrite infringe. . an article in the george town law journal next month which outlines, they make the comparison what mp3 was to the music industry.
5:32 pm
is there a risk? we could have new reg laegsings to prevent people from simply outright copying items with a 3d printer? >> melissa, i am saying with all the unimagined, we will have the unintended. there is no question the potential exists for napsterization of design and i.p. and all kind of illegal possession and my role is in this space is to sensitize, to educate, to explain that we are freely printing. we will be able to democratize not only from good uses but from a plot unintended uses and the challenge for us and all of the legislators and the regulators is to understand what can and cannot be done and to act to make use as much as possible without overregulated. >> all right.
5:33 pm
avi. it's always gra it to speak with you. thank you. >> thank you, mel will is sa. >> i can tell the presidents and ceo coming up next, is oil lower on the pump, later on, a surprise drive through, aing loot some of the biggest things, back in two. .
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. >> breaking news here, phil with the latest. >> melissa, chrysler amended the filing, they have a couple pieces of news. first of all, they have decided when the stock is trading it will trade at the nyse. >> that will be the exchange under the symbol cgc. they have announced they've added four banks as underwriters. keep in mind that is coming a few, 12, 14 hours after the chrysler board would not be able to do an ipo this year, instead, they believe it will happen in the first quarter of next 84, beyond ou all of this, remember, there is the issue of whether or not there is a deal worked out
5:37 pm
potentially between chrysler and its parent corporation fiat and aviva trust which owns the 41.5 percent stake chrysler would like to own. remember, the ipo would be for 16% owned by aviva trust. cgc will be the symbol if and when we have an ipo from chrysler. >> thanks for that update. phil lebeau joining us. forced to choose, dr. j., chrysler, ford, gm? >> ford every time. >> that chrysler deal will not happen. it's a bluff. >> you said first quarter 2014. >> it's not feasible. >> why? >> they're trying to extract more money from the ceo of fiat, the majority owner. this is the unions looking for a bigger share of what they end up getting for their stake. >> ford, i would choose ford every time. if someone asked you whether ford or gm was up. you would think that ford grossly outperformed gm. they are both up.
5:38 pm
>> investors betting it will need to lose service restrictions in iran's oil export, increasing global supplies, crude oil down, how much further could it fall? dennis garmin, joins us now on the fast line, dennis, great to have you with us. >> good to be heard, not seen this time. >> what is your take on the decline, in wti, a knee-jerk reaction? the reality of the situation is that iran would not be able to really get back online a lot of the production. >> well, it will be some while. they are not going to come online tomorrow or next week. and even if theyer allowed to get their facilities up and running, the market believes and understands and i think rightfully expects by the turn of the year we will see yiern i iranian crude oil back in the market. it's interesting, the term structures in crude, whether wti
5:39 pm
or brent were anticipating some increase in production because all of a sudden you have the material back yardations declining sharply, in the case of wti going to tango, that is crude oil is bidding to go in storage, there is more supply in crude than the market demands, prices may well continue to be under pressure for some while going into the future. >> dennis, since brent is held in there more so than wti, obviously that crimps margins for refiners and valoro in particular has been running into long-term resistance, do you think this is a red flag for refiners and people always use that excuse? well, if the input costs goes lower, it's better for valoro, the refined products, those costs come in, so that neutral there, what do you think is this. >> people do miss the fact that what you have in the energy market is not just crude, itself. you do have the product. products have been under pressure for some while.
5:40 pm
the margins have come down. it's going to be difficult. i hate to say anything against a long standing and fully paid up subscriber, nay may have a bit more difficulty in the future than the last year-and-a-half. >> where do we see brent or wt i trade down based on the iran deal, that's that? >> no, in speech after speech i have given the past year, i use a very sophisticated term there is a gob of $110 crude oil around. i think we may want to go down and see how much $85 crude oil can we find in the united states and strangely enough, we may over the course of the next year or two, unless americans start driving more and we're driving less and less, we may go down to take a look to see how much $80 crude oil is there. there is a gob of $110 crude oil out there. there is a good deal left. >> gob. >> financial term. >> that's a sophisticated terms. >> apparently, it is. >> speaking of driving, dennis,
5:41 pm
gasoline, how low can we go this season? >> you took rebob down two or three weeks ago on the futures $2 point 50. a great deal of the area around the country, we got crude to the public under $3. i bet we take rebob down under 250 i bet we take the public's gas under $3 or $2.75, relatively easily after the turn of the year. >> dennis, great to have you with us. happy thanksgiving to you if we don't speak earlier in there meanwhile, cheers. >> dennis gartman of the gartman letter. >> exxon mobile. we flagged 85-and-a-half, it bounced nicely, 13, 14%. now it gets interesting here at 95.5, $96 buck. these are levels we topped out in july t. chart shows you. it's a level we traded up to and failed miserably in 2007. so if you are in this name, you have done well with it, there is a really good chance, well, you should be taking profits here. there is a good chance we fail
5:42 pm
and trade back to the low 90s, high '80s. >> let's get to the gold and gold miners. they have been on a downward spinal. it is kind of throwing in the towel. scott nations of the cme with the options actions for today. scott, what did you see? >> melissa, interesting ratios, throughout the course of the day, more calls and puts, in gdx the goal miner in barrick, more than two calls for each put. at the end of the day, we saw more than three calls frayed for each. but the interesting thing here is that you can sell calls to initiate and if you are initiating, it's a call position, by selling it. you think the underlying is going to go sideways or down for the term of that option. we saw a ton in all three of these names, more of the calls were initiated be i the buyer than the seller. >> zot scott, what is your raid? >> the biggest trade is probably the most after owl three of them. we saw 3,000 of the june, 24
5:43 pm
strike calls. they sold that for $1.49. they collect that premium. >> that means they expect gdx at or below 2549 at that june expiration. the gdx chart looks horrible, lower lows, made a new 52-week low today. this is somebody throwing in the towel in the gdx is on the mat and is not getting back up. >> thanks for that. catch more options action every friday but not this friday. the next friday. we're all off on friday. it's a half day of trading. >> you can play last week's show again if that makes you happy. anyway, check out our website. that's us as online. options katie couric ahead to the web. did big media pay off? more "fast" straight ahead. [ male announcer ] once, there was a man who found a magic seashell. it told him what was happening on the trading floor in real time.
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gang star? >> fancy old mr. stars stuff on my 8-track player. >> in case you missed it. here's a rapid fire recap of a nice executive edge. [ music playing ] >> significant management changes at wal-mart. mike mcmillan exceeds mike duke effective february 1st. this stock is indicated up a few cents on the news. this is a big significant change for the retailer. >> it looks like janell yellin is unlikely to do a precipitous move in quantitative easing. it wasn't too many months ago that perhaps you needed more quantitative easing rather than less. >> now we have katie couric the global news anchor. i think they are committed to
5:48 pm
being a media company. >> the oil market is one of the reasons i remain optimistic. there has been a significant premium in the oil market. that has been keeping oil prices up whereas increasing supplies should be pushing them down. >> i am going to throw the question out, getting katie couric really moved the needle? >> this essentially brings in the highly coveted 59 to european-year-old demo, all the advertisers online are looking for. yahoo is trading on alibaba period. >> who were they thinking in who says we got to get couric? >> you are disappointed in that decision? >> disappointed 100%. >> barbara walters retired. >> i am only buying it for the 24% stake. i'm only long because of that
5:49 pm
stake in alibaba. this is terrible kwhoen i don't know who is guiding. this is a terrible decision. >> if katie is apologizing, i dig her. >> she better be watching. no one was watching her. sorry. >> oh. >> real quick, wilbur ross said everyone is worried about taper? he thinks she wants more easing we are worried about selling the market off? >> i feel like you are the mean girls tonight. >> don't throw me under that bus. >> big winners and losers. >> peyton manning and the broncos might have fallen as fast as this stock this was one of those buy the rumors, sell the news if news is out. people hit the exits hard in lions gate. normal is about 1.5 million. i would look to get in at 29.5. my two day rule applies.
5:50 pm
>> if it's a pop and burger king. 2%, josh. >> what a flute tral. here's the negative. a 30 multiple versus peer group of 21. it's expected. however, they have met or beaten earnings every single quarter since they have become public. they seem to be tailing it. i have not tried them yet. i hear they're very satisfying. >> he looks like that creepy burger king dude. >> the burger king king. >> i am down with the king. >> down with the king. all right. jet blue down 2%. >> they downgraded the stocks down a percent-and-a-half. the momentum is still the upside i like it. >> gold man sachs, i think you have time to wait. wait until it crosses that $10
5:51 pm
mark and holds that level. >> monty python when it komts to reunion shows it might be the holy fwral t. whacky samberg troop sold out in 43-and-a-half second. the london show will be the group's first performance in more than 33 years. >> yahoo should have hired them. >> all right. still ahead from serious to abc, trading your tweets, that's next. .
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we still run into problems. that's why liberty mutual insurance offers accident forgiveness if you qualify, and new car replacement, standard with our auto policies. so call liberty mutual at... today. and if you switch, you could save up to $423. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy?
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. >> you tweeted we traded, this one with a cornered market, will sirius xm brake out in the coming year? >> absolutely. nothing like no competition. that's what they got. because there are two licenses for satellite delivered radio. they have them both. so you got to like this one. if direct tv and dish network get together, not if but when, you buy whichever one survives
5:55 pm
there, too. this one goes higher. this was a regis philbin pick. sirius xm. >> what is on-star? the guy is 117-years-old, still trading like a -- >> no kidding. >> i was thinking it. >> now you are in the mean girls club. >> i love them. >> josh. adt? >> yeah, this is not for me. it's a sloppy chart. i see it had a rough day today. i don't think it's an expensive stock. the market is rageing. there are so many things working. why go out of your way looking for something acting poorly. there are easier places to make money i think. >> someone wants your thoughts on banc of america. john brown does. >> i have been long banc of america, once it breaks over that $15 mark, it is wide opened to 1980. let's tall it $20. i got actually longer, i'm staying home. >> guy.
5:56 pm
>> yes. >> boeing, too far too fast? >> last week we said it approaches forward earnings, that's typically when it gets late in the cycle in terms of buying. it doesn't mean it's not a great company or stock. we sort of warned this last week i think it trades out in the low 20s. >> don't ignore it. keep it on your screen. >> you want to buy a pullback? >> yeah. a massive multi-year on the way the company chas over a trillion dollars in backlog. you will want to buy dips in the stock. >> we come right back. stay tuned. .
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
. >> time for the final trade. >> fnsr i'm buying it. >> google is beasting all over the place. >> is that good? >> a technical term. >> monsanto. i like the biotech angle. it's breaking out. >> guy. >> awful. >> so tiffany's reports, last quarter they got a revenue miss. buy it if it trades 76-and-a-half. >> thank so much for watching. see you back here again.
6:00 pm
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