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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  November 27, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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on the upside by 6.3, and cable vision up by 4%. hope everybody out there has a wonderful thanksgiving from my home to your home. >> and you as well, sue. happy thanksgiving to you and your. everybody, thank you very much. we're very thankful you choose to watch "power lunch." >> absolutely. >> that will do it for today. sue? >> "street signs" begins right now. it is 2:00 p.m. on wall street. we have two market insiders here to give us six reasons to be thankful for this record-breaking market. now if you are heading to the airport, there is a way to park for free, but there's a catch and it's a big one. you have to rent your car to a total stranger. is that a crazy idea or is it a smart business idea? plus, we have the three top black friday deals you cannot afford to miss and the retail stocks that you plight want to add to your shopping list as well.
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and, hands down, the most outrageous video of the day, trust me, we have 14 million reasons why you cannot afford to miss this one. that's just a little sneak preview for you guys. i would like to welcome dominic chu and jon fortt joining me the whole hour. >> we are going to be a wrecking ball for "street signs." >> that's right. >> you've got your white bonds underneath. >> i was going to say -- >> yeah. >> that's right. >> okay. the rush is on, millions of americans are hitting the roads, they're hitting the skies, hitting the rails at this hour for the busiest travel day of the year. you are looking at traffic on the golden gate bridge and at the portland airport, but a sign the desk has been scanning the traffic reports across the country and apparently d.c. has the very worst traffic. jon, i believe you're going to be hitting the roads to get to d.c. tomorrow morning. >> indeed. >> hopefully they will be clearer by then. one major snag to the thanksgiving rush this year and that is the massive winter
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storm. the weather channel's carl parker has the latest. >> so we are now at the tail end of this big storm. some lingering snows across parts of the northeast will go on for the next few hours and then things will improve. it's going to be very cold over the neck couple of days. let's take a look at the visible satellite picture an there's a big feat of moisture coming up on the east side of the system. the cold air coming in from the north and from the west. that cold air is going to sweep everything out and a model depiction of that. lingering rain in the northeast through the rest of the afternoon until 6:00. some snow in northern parts of new england and then that northwesterly flow over the lake. the lake-effect snows will continue right through tomorrow. they'll begin to shut down on friday. so going forward, really lake-effect snow will be the only concern as far as travel along with very gusty wind which, of course, makes it more difficult to drive. but here's a look at the snowfall amounts going forward. this is through tomorrow morning. pretty large area of one to
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three inches but there will be pockets of more than that, three to five across upstate new york as well as into northwestern pennsylvania. and a lot of wind again tomorrow. winds at about 20 miles per hour as they start the big parade there in new york city. that's going to pose some problems no doubt. the wind will continue through thursday and then things begin to settle down as we get towards the end of the week. so certainly it has been a problem in a lot of areas, but not the worst of storms. mandy, back to you. >> don't want those parade balloons to blow away. that storm is having a big impact on the nation's airports. kayla tausche is at newark liberty airport in new york where the lines, i believe, kayla, are really picking up. >> they are, mandy. here we have some intermittent rain, dreary skies and light wind but it's still enough to make newark close to the most cancellations for flights in the tri-state area. that's roughly 60 at this point according to flight aware. that's why roughly 40% of travelers coming through newark did their traveling yesterday.
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that's according to one of the controllers here. because the fear is that the worst is still to come as this storm starts moving up the east coast. now a lot of airlines do have their hubs here at newark. united airlines is one of them and they went so far as it to say anyone who wanted to change their flight that had a cancellation or a delay out of one of the hub, could do that with no fee. that's cleveland, washington dulles and here at newark. jetblue went so far to say we'll waive the fee for 15 airports and those change fees sometimes in the realm of $150 a pop are a huge source of revenue for the airlines. little wonder they did that because when you look at how many cancellations at this point, the number seems to be growing by the minute. right now according to flight aware, 536 flights have been canceled nationwide. that's smaller compared to others. bigger storms, hurricane sandy, for instance, had more than 12,000 flights canceled. for a holiday it's going to be important. more than 2700 flights are seeing delays. we've been talking to passengers coming in and out of the airport
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all morning and they are saying as long as we can get to our destination by tomorrow, by thanksgiving, we will be happy. but, of course, many of them are poing up in the airport bar trying tos pass the time. >> not such a bad way to pass the time. thank you very much, kayla tausche. you hope everybody gets to their destinations safely. as millions hit the roads today we found the cheapest gas in the nation for you. bertha coombs is on today's pump patrol. >> on the eve of thanksgiving price around the country are pretty much where they were yesterday. the national average remains at $3.29 a gallon. that's eight cents higher than a week ago. we are seeing prices trending upward over the last week, drivers across the country are seeing much more money in their pockets this year. gus buddy predicts we'll see gas nationally at $3.2 for the holiday and throughout the rest of the weekend. if you're looking for cheap gas today you'll find it in osage
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beach, missouri, where a gallon costs you $2.8. overall, consumers will have an extra $2 billion in their pockets because of the cheaper gas prices compared tos last year. that will buy a lot of stocking stuffers on black friday. that's your pre-holiday pump patrol. back to you guys. >> bertha, thank you so much. let's get to the stock markets. as everyone is hitting the roads, the rails, the air, their donkeys, whatever to visit family and friends, the dow transports are setting new record highs today. the small cap russell 2k hitting a new record for the fourth straight day and although the dow industrials has lost a little bit of steam today it may still have a fifth straight day of gains which would be the very first five-day winning streak since march. today on "street signs," we are giving thanks. what is there to be thankful for in this market? let's ask. great to have you both with us. >> great to be here, mandy. >> on thanksgiving eve, what are
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the three things you're giving thanks for in this market some. >> i'm very thankful, mandy, that the foreign investors are still buying u.s. treasuries despite the big increase in the issues of treasury and federal reserve activity. that keeps the mortgage rate growth, keeps the housing sector going and the economy going. that's the first thing to be thankful for. second, we have had a substantial fall in the fiscal deficit after five, six years of over $1 trillion deficits. this year, we are going to have about a 40% improvement. that's a big positive. third, on the international side, the fed quantitative easing, the benefit has been the eurozone is still afloat, the emerging markets, millions of people have had their living standards raised over the last four to five years. that's the third thing to be thankful for. while we do that, a note of caution. like the weather here in the northeast, mandy, we've had a rain of liquidity.
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watch out for the freezing to follow the and the skid and fall because i think there's a lot of froth in the market. that's the way i would summarize it. >> overall, i mean it's interesting because you say you're thankful for the fed. the fed is going to be around for quite a bit of time, but is there a concern on your end about whether or not the fed, when it does, if it does eventually start to pull back on stimulus, if that will have a rattling effect in the overall markets? >> dom, that's a very good question. i think these are positives of being temporary positives which have come from the if fed quantititive easing. what we saw, dom, that even when chairman bernanke suggested a taper on may 22nd, we had a big increase in interest rates, the mortgage rates went up, housing took a hit. we are going to have that when the fed does it. we really haven't seen the real economy without the fed supporting it. that is i think the risk in the future. >> brian, you've got three things you're grateful for, including a big old wake-up
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call. >> sure. actually let's start with that and dovetail off what you were discussing here. i put down on one of my lists the fact that we did have the bump and spike in rates as tapering became part of wall street vernacular. from my perspective and our perspective at wells fargo advisors the viewpoint lies in the fact we were at secular low points of interest rates and many ways investors have become complacent with the low interest rate, low volatility market. our expectation is over time as the economy continues to grow that you will see an expansion in rates. while may not be drastic per se, just the concept of a potential pullback in that quantitative easing saw that spike in bond yields this summer so our expectation and takeaway and why we're thinkful investors should be prepared for more volatility and recommending shortened duration and portfolio. second thing you can't look at 2012 and 2013 and look at the returns we've engaged the last two years. this year the u.s. equities alone, i've been calling the u.s. the tallest of the dwavs
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that developed markets but we have seen fund flows come our way and a revival of the domestic fund flow on behalf of the individual investors. but those are great returns here. >> how high or low are expectation for the holiday season and if they miss, given the short holiday season this year, what's the impact going to be, do you think? >> well, you know, it's interesting when you break down the last earnings season we had more than a few confessionals from some of the retailers. i think when you -- i like it to look at retail sales in the health of the consumer by looking at the iings like autos 15.5 million cars purchased in the united states this year. that's near an all-time high, back to levels we saw pre-crisis. i think the healthy consumer is decent. consumers rebuilding their balance sheets. as far as the expectations versus reality game, i think that still remains to be seen. i think a great example would have been best buy coming into the third quarter earnings period, of course, best buy has had a great year this year from a stock performance perspective.
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and just didn't have a good enough kick in the numbers really to manage those expectations. so i think it's going to be a lot of expectations versus reality. big picture coming into that, though, i think expectations are decent but not overtly high this is going to be a crazily positive holiday season. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you, mandy. >> some breaking news. another delay in the rollout of obama care. cnbc's jon harwood has an update on the story that broke about an hour ago. >> mandy, we know that the obama administration has its hands full 24/7 trying to get the website where individuals -- individual consumers in 34 states can pick out health care plans. that is such a consuming task that they've given up trying to get the on-line marketplace for small businesses up and running by the end of the month. initially, they said that was going to be done by the end of november. now they've said nop. it's going to be put off for another year. they're focused op the consumer
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website. couple things to note. first of all they say the small businesses in those 34 states without a state exchange will be able to go on-line and compare plans and they will be able to enroll in health care but not on-line. they're asking them to go to their insurance broker, insurance agent, directly to the companies and do it that way. the on-line function will be there next year. the other thing to point out, mandy, those small businesses are not subject to a mandate. if they have fewer than 50 employees in those businesses, they are not subject to the so-called employer mandate, so this is something that small businesses that want insurance are going to be able to do but they're not going to be able to do it on-line until the end of 014. >> thank you very much, jon harwood. black friday deals gone wild. we've trolled all the retail sites, newspaper ads, flyers to find the three best deals out there. some of these bargains will blow your mind. plus, we'll tell you about a really cool way to make money this holiday by just putting it in park.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ welcome back to "street signs." black friday is almost upon us. what are the best deals out there? let's bring in daily mark. what have you found for us, mark? number one best deal out there? >> there are amazing deals out there. a 50 inch hd tv being sold at
2:16 pm
target for $229. now, this is a category price low. the best price we've ever seen. >> is it any good at that price? >> i mean it is a third tier brand, but it's still such a good price. >> what is a third tier brand? that's what i want to know. >> you know, it's not the samsung, not the lgs, not the sonys. i mean this is still a very capable machine. and again, it's only 229 bucks. but, it is a doorbuster. you have to go to the store to get the deal. if you're not first in line you may not get it. >> to be first in line, though, what do you need to do? start lining up like now and bring out like your sleeping bag and a thermos to keep you warm? >> as i'm sure you've seen people are camping outside of stores to get these doorbuster deals. i saw a report that at a best buy in ohio, they've been out there for days already in their tents. they have generators. people are serious about getting
2:17 pm
deals. >> deal number two, what is it? >> all right. so we have an apple ipad air, brand new, being sold again at target, and this one is for $479. while that price point is really good for a brand new device, they're offering a $100 gift card. so that's what makes the deal exceptional. >> why do they need to incentivize? since when has apple had any problems selling their products some. >> i think it's a misperception about apple you can't get those item on discount and it's really interesting how these apple devices are on sale, not at the apple store. apple has a very modest annual black friday sale, 5 to 10 percent off. so again, at other stores you get almost double the number of discounts and that's what we're seeing here. >> mark, let's bring it home. number three. what is it? >> so the last thing we have here, is the brand new apple iphone c. it's being sold at walmart for $45. now again, that price 45 bucks
2:18 pm
for a brand new phone is pretty good. but they're throwing in an additional incentive of a $75 gift card. so essentially for this deal, you are getting paid $30 to get a brand new phone. >> that is insane. >> in walmart bucks. >> absolutely. >> just real quick, ten seconds, the hottest color for the 5c? >> the hottest color on the -- >> the 5 c. >> i mean it has to be people are going for the gold color if that's there for the 5c. black and white normal. >> got it. thank you so much. >> i think it's yellow. >> is it yellow? >> yellow? yeah. it could be boys and girls, yellow. which retailer is best positioned this holiday season? joining us now is cnbc retail analyst and real guru stacy. >> hey, mandy. >> good to see you once again. >> you too. >> who's going to win? best position? >> you know what's really funny is that everybody is talking about black friday but black friday has happened. black friday started last friday. it started at walmart and target
2:19 pm
and amazon and best buy and all the teen space. if you want to think about winners and who's well positioned this holiday, it's number one macy's, they've been the only consistent player out there in a tough environment and number two if you think about victoria secret, last year they didn't really do any promotions. this year they're smartening up and getting in the game. those are two names that will be winners this holiday. >> how are we defining winning? there's at lot of discounting out there. you got to wonder if some of the folks are making any money. do you get the sense macy's will be able to make some profit here? >> well, i think that it's interesting because everybody's so concerned about the traffic numbers that we've been seeing. i think investors are almost already prepared for the fact that gross margins will be challenged. you were talking about consumer electronics. best buy came out and said to us, you know, margins are at risk. we're going to go after walmart, not let them take care from us. you're going to see margins very
2:20 pm
constrained this quarter. >> stacy, here's the big question. do profitable sales periods in the holidays translate directly into stock price gains? >> they do. and again i think it's about the expectations game here that we know the environment's it tough, we know the retailers are getting ultracompetitive and starting a week early and by the way, we have six less shopping days, so i think even if gross margins are a bit at risk, the retailers who get the traffic and get the sales number, even at a little less gross margin they get a pass and the stocks work. >> and the real winner is us with all those discounts, right? >> aim going to see you guys at walmart at 6:00 on thursday night? >> i don't think so. >> no. >> i'm going to be sleeping off my turkey. >> i'll have to go it alone. >> thank you so much. >> thanks. >> still ahead we will be settling the score on an age-old battle. coke or pepsi? which soda stock is the best for your portfolio in 2014?
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today's sunshine stock is near the sun, talking about air environment, maker of unmanned aircraft systems. second-quarter results beat analyst estimates, order backlog rose by 56% and it forecast 2014 results above street expectations as well. they raised the price target from 25 to 21 an benchmark raised its price target to 30 from 26. environment aero environment stock up about 40% year to date. the government is warning that u.s. airlines should be using extra caution when flying over the sea of japan. all comes as the u.s. and china are in the middle of a rout over china's rules. straight to phil lebeau. this is getting interesting, isn't it? >> it is. it's unclear whether this will impact any commercial airlines that are flying into china which is a booming market and have been for some time for airlines. let's look at the area that's in
2:25 pm
question right now. whether you call it the sea of japan or east china sea they are calling it the chinese air defense identification zone and the state department saying airlines need to be taking precautions to make sure they're safe flying this area and a statement saying we're attempting to determine whether the new rules apply to civil aviation and commercial air flight. we should point out as you take a look at the airline index we have reached out to a few airlines. they have not indicated change in their operations or making their flight plans going into china. clearly we'll be watching this over the next few days to see if that changes. what is interesting when you're talking about this dispute between china and japan is the potential impact this is going to have on japanese automakers. in 2012 when there was the first dispute came up about territories, in dispute between japan and china, japanese auto sales plummeted, just took a huge dive in china. they've been slowly coming back, but they're nowhere close to
2:26 pm
where they need to be. they trail both gm and volkswagen by a wide margin in the number one auto market in the world. if this thing continues to escalate, watch for their sales to again take another hit. >> we need to take a look the at those stocks. thank you very much for bringing us the latest on the developing terror. >> shares of pepsico are up 23% versus coke only up about 11%. is pepsi the best bang for your buck? bring in rbc's capital nick mody who initiated coverage on the beverage sector and bill sh mitd from deutsch. what do you reckon, pepsi or coke? >> we just initiated yesterday and we prefer coke over pepsi. couple points here. one, we think coke will improve in 2014. they had a bunch of issues in the u.s., brazil and china which we think a lot of these head winds will moderate as we move into 2014. second thing is just from a valuation standpoint. coke has a dividend yield higher than pepsi for the first time since 2010. we think there's value to be had as pepsi has run pretty
2:27 pm
significantly over the last 18 months. >> bill, how much of this really has to do with the drinks and how much of it really has to do with the snacks? >> that's a great question. pepsi is a food company, right? they have this category killer snack business. so if i can take the cop out here i would say pepsi is a great food and snack company and coke is a great beverage company. coke is the category killer globally in soft drinks and frito globally in snacks. >> overall, i'll throw this back to you, you talk about valuations this is an under performance story. dividend yield is a manifestation of that, but the stock, it's under performed for a reason. is there a way to think that coca-cola can actually catch up to pepsico's gains? >> so i think a couple things. remember, pepsico has been almost a special situation play. it's had activist investors in there that propelled the stock higher. the fundamentals for pepsi have been okay but not up to snuff to where the valuation is. for coke, if volume excaccelera
2:28 pm
we think the multiple will improve and that's our call here. >> i want to ask you about your favorite stock, though, in terms of the beverage sector, nick. you've got monster beverage here. they've had those energy drink issue in the past. are they behind it now? >> yeah. what we showed in our report yesterday is that there's a direct correlation between media mentions of energy drinks and monster volumes. i think as media mentions have started to subside starting to see heavy users of energy drinks come back to the category, kind of normal consumption pattern. we're expecting volumes to accelerate if 2014 and if you look at a chart between the pe multiple and monster volumes there's a strong correlation that we think is going to help the stock over the next 12 months. >> any thoughts about water, the vitamin water, the whole in fused water craze? how is that doing and is that something to ride out? >> it's a funny dynamic in the u.s. broadly. people are drinking more tap water. look at bottled water volumes declining not as fast as
2:29 pm
carbonated soft drinks but it's a behavorial shift. a lot is macro. but they're very small in the big scheme of things. at the end of the day 75% of coke's business is in carbonated soft drinks. >> i think new york city's tap water is the best in the world. >> i grew up on it. >> i drank out of a hose when i was a kid. >> you still do. >> i still do. >> happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> still ahead, snoopy making an industry talk today. why ahead. will santa bring a lump of coal to tech fans this christmas? "street signs" will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade.
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it is street talk time. dom joining us. cvs moving higher after announcing plans to buy core m, infusion business for $2.1 billion. what do you make of this. >> this is going to bolster cvs care marks's preference in pharmacy management overall. specialty drug infusion a growing part of the market to add to their portfolio. investors like this idea that css is getting bigger in the
2:33 pm
niche products. >> denny's downgraded from a neutral to a buy. what do they see? >> got to sell a lot more grand slam breakfasts. the stock has had a decent run and now time maybe to wait and see how things pan out or take profits. that's why the move from the analyst side of things is happening. >> it's been up 55% over the past year. >> it's a massive move. >> big move. fdi raising their price target on expedia from 70 to 65, sitting at 63 and change. >> this is another one of those travel companies that benefits from the overall economy but the analysts citing an extended perhaps bigger valuation for trivago as they do hotel research and pricing. that might be one of the drivers. the expansion of values in other parts of the business, other parts of the industry might be a good -- >> we've been talking about the good deals out there like tech toys and gamg gets. i believe if you go on like priceline and travelocity and these sites there's really great deal out there as well. >> get out and travel what is
2:34 pm
they say. >> buster wheeler moving higher, reports that british engineering company is weighing in on this. >> foster wheel swiss based, they both do similar things in construction eng fearing and kind of services they consult on big projects. if foster wheeler is, in fact, sources from reuters saying this, they're saying both sides aren't tauk about this but could create a multibillion dollar engineering company. >> we said snoopy would make it into street talk. >> we did. >> wondering why it's because shares of macy's we're mentioning this stock earlier, one of the winners according to stacy, but trading at an all-time high the day before the thanksgiving day parade. >> great results last quarter. this is -- you heard stacy talking about this last -- the last few minutes or so. this company is consistently been able to execute especially around the key holiday period. if they continue to do so and continue to get people in the door, and the parade goes off with perhaps less wind than we
2:35 pm
thought there was going to be, that could be a great sign for macy's and the holiday season. >> the battle to take over time warner cable is heating up. cox communications the late toast join the list of potential buyers which also includes charter communications and comcast the parent company of nbc universal. but guess this, there is new speculation incoming ceo robert marcus will be incentivized to sell because of a clause in his contract that could pay him as much as $50 million if there's a deal. so what does that mean for you, the investor? start talking numbers, jc o'hara joining us on the charts and chad of washington crossing advisors on the fundamentals. s chad, what do you think the likelihood of a deal getting done is sp. >> mandy, i think perhaps there may be a deal getting done, though it doesn't look like a guarantee because of doj issues and fcc hurdles that they have to contend with. but at this inflection point for an investor, a shareholder in the company, the company is trading with the premium built
2:36 pm
into it. so we're not looking as if that we can see a deal take over where there will be this eb beau lent stock price rise here. the stock has moved over 30% since there's been chatter about a deal. so if there isn't a deal, we think fair value range is more or less around the 110 to 120 range which is well below where we are now. now, for a strategic buyer like a cable company this deal makes sense because you can get cost synergies out ofs the deal. but unfortunately, for a shareholder at this inflection point we don't think there's much juice on the upside. >> okay. possibly it's being built in and we're sitting at 136 for those of you listening at home. what do the charts say the premiums already in or further upside? >> well, mandy, i'll first say this. any time a name turns into an event sort of name, technicals have to take the back seat and you have to listen to analysis from guys like chad, jon kathy and alfredo on our event desk. i love stock chart and i'm here
2:37 pm
so let's it take a look at the chart. the chart has a beautiful up trend since the 2009 loads and that's still intact right here. it gave you two very strong technical buy points over the year. first one in 2012 when the stock rallied above 80, former resistance. the next buy point occurred this year when the stock broke through 100 which was heavy resistance. as you said the stock is trading at the 130, 136 level which corresponds with the 2007 highs. so that is going to cause some resistance. looking at this chart in complete isolation, just this chart i would recommend taking chips off the table. but any time there's an event name it's fun to have a few chips on the table going into the weekend. >> thank you both very much for joining us and check out the on-line edition of talking numbers in partnership with yahoo! finance. crude oil settling at the lowest level since may 31st giving up 1.38 to settle at 92.30. and up next there's way to park for free at the airport. but there's a catch.
2:38 pm
you rent your car out to complete strangers. is that a really crazy idea or is it a smart way to save money? we'll debate that and why the best black friday deals could be a lump of coal for retailers. first to bill griffeth for a look at what's coming up in the "closing bell"? >> we're on record high watch as the dow and s&p try to close in unchartered territory todays plus luxury or lower end? which segment will dominate the holiday shopping season this year. both signs of that story coming up. and we'll get the outlook for the holidays from one of the most outspoken and controversial ceos the in the retail industry, american apparel's dov charney. kelly evans. >> right here. >> will be with me at the top -- yeah, see that. she'll be with me at the top of the hour for what is the most important hour of the trading day, she just told me that, we'll see you at the top of the hour on "closing bell." tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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if you're heading out to the airport this week you know how much it can cost to park there. well, there is a way to park for free, but it comes with a really
2:42 pm
big catch. nbc's ron mot explains. >> reporter: in boston, kate perlman is off to the airport with daughter abigail and to florida to see her folks tore thanksgiving. she got a decent deal op airfare and found a great bargain on parking. >> check your mileage and your gas. >> at a new service she tried over the summer. >> i got a check for $50, i got three quarters of tank of gas and i didn't have to pay for parking for the ten days when we were gone which was over $150. so it was win, win, win. >> she's now a repeat customer at flight car, operating in three major cities since launching in february. san francisco, boston and most recently los angeles, allowing travelers to park for free with one catch. the catch, someone may rent your car while you're gone. if they don't, it will just sit in parking lot like these but you won't owe anything.
2:43 pm
but if it's rented there will be money waiting for you. flight car gets you to and from the terminal, ensures vehicles up to a million dollars, screens renters for good driving records and pays owners between 5 and 20 cents a mile. they're quick to fix the occasional uh-oh. >> getting it re paired for me. >> let us know if there's any questions. >> reporter: the creation of two guys not old enough to rent from the big boys. president kevin and ceo rajul, both 19, both putting ivy league kedscations on hold. >> we thought we weren't going to succeed but we did pretty well and decided to continue and i think by that point our parents were a little more adjusted to the idea. >> reporter: for those renting flight car says it will save them up to 70% off normal car rentals. >> we've done just over 3500 rentals so far since february, 3700 listings of different cars being dropped off. >> reporter: off to the airport kate will know if her ford goes exploring again without her. ron mot, nbc news, boston.
2:44 pm
man, wish i thought of that when i was 19. what a great idea. would you do this? >> no. there are a number other companies relay rides that does the airport thing, i actually know vc with shasta ventures who bought a car to put into the relay rides program. he chose carefully which car he got. it's paying the note on that car. but there are some issues with the business model. lots of ways to go wrong. >> i'm a former trader. i think of risk management. i the think to myself there's got to be a way you quantify this car, drives it around, possibly intoxicated and hurt somebody. who's on the hook for the insurance on that. >> i'm sure they have insurance. >> would your insurance have to cover it. >> insured up to $1 million. the risk is on the start-up that not enough people want to rent these things they end up being out for the parking, the insurance fees, all of that. we'll see if this business is still around in two or three years. >> you have a good car.
2:45 pm
i don't know about -- >> no. >> nice bmw. >> my corolla i might leave. >> i don't want anyone driving my car. doesn't matter. >> up next, send in buzz light year because there is trouble in toy land. why tech toys are getting tossed aside this holiday. later on a piece of americana goes down in the books. we asked people, "if you could get paid to do something you really love, what would you do?" ♪ [ woman ] i'd be a writer. [ man ] i'd be a baker. [ woman ] i wanna be a pie maker. [ man ] i wanna be a pilot. [ woman ] i'd be an architect. what if i told you someone could pay you and what if that person were you? ♪ when you think about it, isn't that what retirement should be, paying ourselves to do what we love? ♪
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♪ i came in like a wrecking ball ♪ ♪ i never hit so hard ♪ all i wanted to break you ♪ ♪ all you ever did >> nearly 15 million people and now you have watched this miley cyrus "wrecking ball" parody on youtube in just 24 hours, the man on the wrecking ball is steve cardinal. he pulled this stunt on monday and the video is surpassed the view count for the official videos of miley's performances at the vmas and amas. is this the first time you're seeing it? >> >> i've seen it unfortunately, but -- >> you've seen it. >> it's like a wrecking ball for my ocular -- >> yes. >> optic nerve.
2:49 pm
>> you can't unsee that. >> take it to my head because i can't get that immam maj burned in my brain. >> check out the james franco, seth rogen, kanye west parody, it's special. >> i have not seen that one. >> i haven't. >> it's got to be better than the "wrecking ball". >> it's fantastic. >> that is -- >> or bad-tastic. >> you must. >> morbid curiosity i'm going to go do it. >> trouble in tech toyland. the consumer electronics association saying only 31% of shoppers plan to buy electronic products this weekend, compares to 49% last year, 52% in 2011, 5% in 2010. why is this trend happening, jon? >> does anybody really plan on buying tech gadgets or are you in the mall walking past the apple star and it attracts you in. >> i'm that guy. i walk by the display in the mall or at costco and i say, you
2:50 pm
know what -- >> maybe you already bought the last one and so maybe you're supposed to have a little bit of that fatigue, but maybe you end up buying a kindle for your kid. we'll see how the numbers come in. >> we're overgadgeted. >> xbox one the top of my list. i'm intrigued by the -- i'm all microsoft this time around. i like the surface thing, i'm a little intrigued by that. i'm a current xbox 360 user. hulu, but i want to try the new one. >> let's bring in our guest, you know f you're buying tech gadgets, one of the must have tech tois out there, nicholas, deputy editor of "business insider," this is on your list. i mean, the ps4 and xbox one
2:51 pm
against each other, xbox one is your pick? >> yes. the big gadgets, iphone 5s, ipad mini retina, and i think the xbox one is going to trump the playstation 4. >> why? >> i've been speaking to people in the news room and playing with it a lot, they say for those that want to buy a present for thirteen ager and they want it to be useful for them, that's the xbox one. it's also a tivo replacement. it's actually a cable box. you hook your cable up into it and watch between that. and then can you watch the nfl and have an nfl app overlaid your screen. so, it's actually like a tv enhancer -- >> like a pizza as well? you say it does everything? >> it's crazy. by the way, it looks like you could cook a pizza. it's huge. almost as big as an oven. it's crazy. but i think it's going to sell well. >> a few are having trouble playing optical disks, though.
2:52 pm
any concern there? >> you know, i think they'll probably work it out. obviously, that will -- that will hold some people off for sure. >> a third topic we can talk about is christmas 2014. i know we haven't even got to 2013, but i want to talk about 2013. what are the must have items we can look forward to? google glass? mom, mom, i want google glass, i want google glass in my stocking? >> google hopes for. they were planning for 2014 this to turn into a real consumer gadget. that's coming. we are seeing apps where you can wear google glass on a golf course and it will tell you how far away a hole is. third-party apps are developing and people might want to buy those things. i'm looking forward to the iphone 6. it's going to be finally -- supposedly we'll get a bigger iphone next year. you're seeing reports about that. something that doesn't look small compared to your friend's galaxy from samsung. >> i have a quick question. as we talk about 2014, when do you know as a tech coverage
2:53 pm
person that the momentum for a certain company's line of products has started to slow down sdm you mentioned apple for their new 6 product. maybe it's not apple next year. maybe it's somebody else. how do you know when people stop liking a certain product? >> well, you really see it with just -- i mean, in sales. then also just what gets all the buzz. what people like to use. what you see out, what early adopters are using. people still love their iphones. coming back to this year, 2013, the iphone is going to be a huge seller this year. fox com said it's making more, up to 500,000 units a day. you look at a couple a years ago, the iphone 4s was a blockbuster. those people are now coming up at the end of their two-year contract. the 5s is going to be huge. >> i'm looking for amazon or apple to come out with some new either watch or tv or both product. which do you think is going to surprise us most in 2014? >> well, i think, you know, gene
2:54 pm
monster keeps telling us it's going to be the apple tv. i hope it's not neext year. people are already excited about the xbox one because it's this tv overlay. it would be fun to see what apple could do with it. it would be a beautiful gadget sold for $2,000, which is a lot, but it would be gorgeous, i'm sure, and people would shell out for it and it would be the next big thing i'm sure. >> you have a fun job. nicholas, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. happy thanksgiving. >> let's take a look at the markets. you know, the dow is up by 32 points. it's nothing to write home about. we're holding in positive territory. what's interesting here, guys, is the fact that, you know, if the dow has a fifth straight day of gains, which would be today, that is the first time it's had such a five-day winning streak since march. it's amazing. we've had this rally. incredible gains over 2013 but in terms of five straight gains,
2:55 pm
it would be march until the dow does that. >> i'm scratching my head at apple around 544, 545. >> how -- >> is that the year's high so far? >> this is a $385 stock in april. went down to $207 and now back up to where it is. this is a stock up 6%, 7%, in the last five days. >> we were talking about it all the way down when we were able to pull all all kinds of reasons down. now it's up percentagewise. >> my 2013 predictions is apple would not get back to record high above $700 a share. we have a month to go but it looks like it's not going to happen. moscow hoz a lot of baggage and a new record in the books as well thanks to an incredible expensive book.
2:56 pm
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stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare.
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became the most expensive book ever sold. sotheby's auctioned it off yesterday for $14.2 million. slightly below the estimate but good enough to beat the previous estimate of $11.5 million. it was presented in 1640 by pure tan settlers in cambridge, mass. considered the first book printed in the united states, or america, and the buyer was david rub rubenstein. he bought only one of 17 copies of the magna carta and other papers from the founding fathers pep plans to loan it out. >> what i have to know for $14 million s it any good? have you read? >> it's a beautiful piece of religious history. >> the old south church --
3:00 pm
>> they do have another copy which they can say is worth at least 14 million bucks. >> thank you so much. robert frank, thank you. a huge thank you to jon and dom and thank you for watching "street signs." we're off until monday. happy thanksgiving, everybody. "closing bell" is next. welcome to the "closing bell." i'm kelly evans down here at the new york stock exchange. >> let's get this out of the way. i'm 6'3" -- >> i'm wearing tall heels. >> i have no perspective. it worked for sonny bono for years and it will work for me, too. >> you rock it. >> quiet day on wall street this day before thanksgiving but a busy news day here on the "closing bell." tomorrow is the day it kicks off the holiday shopping season. tomorrow. not friday. i saw a commercial for a major retailer over the weekend during a football game where


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