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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you money. my job isn't just to entertain but to teach you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. i come with the worst possible news for the stock market imaginable. or at least we thought it was, the worst possible news for most of the day. until we reviewed the tape.
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it ended up we didn't mind what we saw. every piece of data we got was positive. the dow at one point down 123 points before we got a remarkable comeback from the lunch time swoon that's become a staple of the last four days of trading. the dow is down 24 points. s&p dip imperceptible. and nasdaq advancing 0.02%. we are still in a good news/bad news mode until the last hour of trading. but we saw a glimpse of what could eventually happen when we start accepting good news for what it really is. plain old unadulterated good news. today i'll tell you how we can get out of this ridiculous paradox and rally to still higher prices. although it might be too early for it to occur in a sustained fashion. but i don't want to tell you how we escaped from the box. one that's still keeping the majority of stocks from advancing until you know what kind of positive data i'm talking about. first, we got numbers from adp,
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the national payroll processor, showing improvement. why do we care about the number? because it comes two days before the most important economic number we get. the nonfarm payroll report, and many people think it's a precursor to the real deal. i think it's often inconsistent and totally contradictory, however, nobody seems to care about it other than me. and today they immediately sold bonds. then the housing numbers this morning, here's what they did. blew me away. despite a major multi-week decline, mortgage was up 3%. the market is playing catch-up, but wait a second, we have got permanent numbers and that was up 6%. let me put that in context. a 6% increase in building permits for housing equates to a building of more than 1 million homes. you know it's been six years since we have seen those kinds of numbers.
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then at 2:00 p.m., the numbers show the banks are increasingly willing to lend. that means we have the possibility of more businesses being started and more expansion occurring. that's good for the country. which as we know to date is bad for the stock market. remember key moments of the economic landscape there's a tug of war going on between bonds and stocks. we know that as interest rates go higher, bonds become more competitive. sell sell sell. and this gives -- well, stocks that have nice yields a run for the money. if you want to see a visual depiction of this, overlay a chart of the real estate investment trust etf on a chart of the ten year treasury. as the rates go up, they go down in lock step. today a rare and hopeful exception at least for the dwindling bulls in the real estate investment trust group who want that dividend, but it's a little more risky than we thought because of how high bonds the interest on bonds have gone. all of this good news triggers a
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demand for money. banks charge you for money. and they can charge you a higher rate when things get better in the economy. the fed has been fighting that trying to keep rates down to ensure the economy is really getting going, not just one time only, but steady in creating a lot of jobs. now if today's data is a sign that things are on track in this country, i don't know what it is. i just don't know what is good data. after i saw this data. so you have to figure the fed stops fighting the tide unless rates rise and this will present more competition for stocks and it can reverse the terrific data we got today and that's what janet yellen has to be worried about. the successor to bernanke. maybe the data is aberrant. we haven't seen a surge in consumer spending. we really haven't seen a strong employment growth, and while we keep talking about a budget compromise today, forget it, it's not a surety. it may not do anything other than resolve the ridiculous sequester that's so twisted government spending.
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frankly, i tried to dispense with this as quick as i can. why? anyone can trace it. so let me tell you what you don't know. you have heard about this tapering game for so long. i know you don't care to hear about it anymore. i don't blame you. guess what? i'm with you. i'm getting to the point where i don't even care what the fed does. i care how the real economy is doing and i'm from the school that says we're simply in a transition from when good news is bad news, to when it's positive news not only for the people in america, but for the stocks they invest in. i think we got a signal of how it can be, and not so bad. maybe it was a microcosm from the -- particularly from the positive late day action. right now, there's not a lot of earning news. so this guessing game occupies them, they were trying to make money as rapidly as possible before the year's end. they have tapering, no tapering nonsense. its like that risk on, risk off stuff i tried to crush. one month from now we'll get earnings reports and forecasts
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of how businesses think they'll be doing in 2014. the businesses have tried to make do with it little, and that's the game that's been played. some consider it alchemy, i consider it money. so they can retire stock and pay off big dividends and get ready for better times. guess what. the data today says times are going to get better. so the new tug of war you're going to see coming, a game that played out in the late afternoon today, is between those who want to leave the market because they fear the fed's next moves and those who want in, because they think earnings are now going to be substantially better thanks to all of this great data. who wins? right now the good news is bad news crowd has an edge and there are too many managers who want into stocks so they can buttress their performance and keep up with the averages until the end of the year. how about a month from now? i think the edge goes who can't
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wait for the kinds of numbers these companies can generate. the upsides has been respectful. we have a chance for upside surprises on the top line and this will translate into the remarkable numbers like today. is it a pipe dream that the fed can become irrelevant to us? i don't think so. for whole gobs of time during great bull market runs that the fed has been relevant. here's the bottom line. the fed is square at center stage and it's a microcosm of the war that will be waged until earnings season. but at that point, believe it or not, the fed may start to become more and more of a side show, and when it is, you will want to own stocks, not bonds, as the contest will at last be decided. let's go to sam in illinois. sam? >> caller: hey, jim. >> sam. >> caller: hey, i just want to thank you because your books and your show have been an absolutely priceless financial education. >> you're terrific. thank you so much. i think you'll like this new
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book coming out in a couple of weeks. >> caller: from your book "getting back to even" i'm doing the stock replacement strategy. >> it's very complicated, but that's great. >> caller: i have december calls on disney. i have not shorted the common yet, which i should have done last week, i had great gains and i lost a lot of the gains this week. when should i short disney? >> i don't want you to. we'll get a deeper month out a few months from now. the strategy is complicated in getting back to even. disney is a buy, not a sell. i don't want you fooling around with it. when it does spike $1.50 to $2 it will flatten out later. but i think you're fine right now. steve in california. >> caller: hello there, jim. >> hey, steve. >> caller: thank you to all the home gamers from all the home gamers for making this holiday season a prosperous one. >> yes. i want everyone to do well. that's my game plan.
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>> caller: i appreciate you helping us make money. i love the fact you give it away in a charitable trust. >> thank you. >> caller: aig's had a great run this year, it's got a nice upside. has it gone too far too fast? >> stephanie link, co portfolio manager with me at the news letter that goes out with my charitable trust, we decided to take the profits in aig. we do like the company longer term, and roll it into hig which is a company not as good as aig candidly, but it's getting better. that's the hartford. hig is my favorite insurer. it has the most upside. travelers is terrific as well. kingsbury in massachusetts. >> caller: hey, jim, micron just got another buy rating which is ticker ms. with the shares it has a lower market cap, what do you think? >> mu has been a great investment name this period because they did this great acquisition with the japanese
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company. they now control the oligopoly right now in d-rams. i like micron more than magna chip. the fed is indeed on center stage right now, but only until earnings. then i think -- i know you don't believe me, it will begin to become a side show. not yet, but soon. "mad money" will be right back. coming up, 'tis the season? it's the happiest time of the year for retail. well, most retailers. express got a 20% discount in trading today after tripping on the wall street runway. tonight, cramer sorts out the mall rats from the fashion icons to see who could be the winner of the holiday shopping season. and later, northern
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exposure. it's time to look up. canada's economy is growing at its fastest pace in the past two years. it's not just the birthplace of gosling, celine and bieber, it may be home to some of the best stocks you've never heard of. cramer reveals the canadian club, just ahead. plus, tequila time. the holidays are here, and that means presents, decorations and lots of booze. americans bought almost $20 billion worth of liquor this year, but could a stiff drink lead to a solid return? cramer gets in the spirit with the founder of avion when he goes off the tape. all coming up on "mad money." don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a
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express? say it ain't so. this terrific apparel chain of 630 stores has delivered and delivered for shareholders all year. rallying some 50% for 2013 going into today's session. but it sure didn't deliver today, getting crushed. down an astounding $5 to 67 cents or 23% in one session, when the company said that -- and i quote, recent results did not meet or expectations, end quote. this turn of retail events is shocking to me. i've come to think of express as that consistent, excellent midrange player with the best duds for young professionals. express, run by the super smart and experienced michael weis, who recently visited our set, is too good an operator to believe they screwed up this badly. this suggests the key
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demographic simply isn't spending with the same alacrity as it was a few months ago. it's how impossible this is to invest in the retail sector right now, because it's become so maddeningly inconsistent as to become unfathomable. and that's coming from someone who fancies himself a good retail analyst. for example, as consistent as express has been, as seen as inconsistent, the dress barn have been the old chain of retail fashion -- hit or miss. especially since it bought charming shops not that long ago. but in a perfect example of how difficult the group is to define, on monday it reported a fabulous quarter. the stock is up almost as much as express is down since the quarter. david jaffe, one of my favorite retail ceos vindicated himself and his chain with this earnings report as much as weis' express did the exact opposite. we have seen schism after schism in this group, with the dichotomy best represented by the decoupling of ross stores, downgraded today by credit
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suisse, from tjx. this quarter, tjx becomae the ultimate closeout play. buying from lagging retailers. plus it has two terrific kickers, home goods, and a growing european operation that never went bad during the hard times, that is now thriving. ross stores, once hailed as a terrific regional to national player, seems to have the raw merchandise. ross hasn't topped out, retailers can only hope. how about the conundrum of urban outfitters. six months ago it was the darling, leading the way. now it's looking like a failed turnaround play with the flagship store faltering badly. we even had retailers split month to month and jc penney is bad in october and they announced strong sales in november. what happens? the stock gets hammered.
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gap is bad in september and it falls from 40 to 36, then back to over 40. stock of sears has been up more than 25% for the year until today. one redemption is from the fund led by sears ceo eddie lampert. sears fell more than 8% on the news. it extends to hard goods, too. gamestop and best buy seemed to have run out of gas. the latter because there's -- well, not many more analysts left to recommend the stock. but they just had a fabulous black friday, both of them. the whole weekend was good for both of them. sales are very strong. microsoft and sony are blowing the doors off with new consoles. and can it really be this bad for best buy and gamestop? i don't know. i think they're buys. we have terrific home sales today. how about home depot, right? certainly better than the competitor, lowe's. not so fast.
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lowe's rallied and home depot declined. i don't know anyone who has been able to navigate it. so here's the bottom line. perhaps the best thing to do is just stay away from investing in retailers until we get some clarity. that is if there's any clarity at all to be had. analisa in oregon. >> caller: hey, jim, how are ya? >> pretty good, how about you? >> caller: good, good. i'm wondering what you think about newskin. they have been going up so much over the past -- very recent. i'm wondering what your hit on them is. >> okay. you know, my friend herb greenberg, who also works for the street, was on today, talking on brian and mandy's show. he doesn't like that kind of model but i think -- i can't speak -- he's always alerted me to the red flags of the model.
11:20 pm
let's find out from them before we make a judgment. the turn in retail is shocking. there's too much uncertainty for this guy. too much inconsistency, maybe the best thing to do is to shop at the retailers, but not buy the retail stocks. wow. after the break i'll try to help you make more money. coming up, northern exposure. it's time to look up. canada's economy is growing at its fastest pace in the past two years. it's not just the birthplace of gosling, celine and bieber. it may be home to some of the best stocks you've never heard of. cramer reveals the canadian club just ahead.
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last friday, while america was working through its post-traumatic stress after thanksgiving, i happened to stumble upon a terrific story in bloomberg. consumers power canada's economy to the best growth in two few years. while it's stoked by business investment and strong consumer spending. the canadian stock market has been on -- it's been a real dog
11:24 pm
for a while now. it's underperformed the s&p 500 for the last three years. only up 7.1% in 2013. the third worst of any developing country. meanwhile, the canadian dollar has been crushed over the last twelve months, with one loonie equal to 1.95 u.s. cents. but if the canadian economy is coming back, as the gross domestic product numbers suggest, then the incredible underperformance could smack of a real opportunity here. yes, it might be time to play catch-up as our neighbors to the north begin to pick up the steam. that's why tonight we're taking a page from the canadian national anthem. you know, o canada, glorious and free. o canada, we pick our stocks from thee. specifically i have hand picked seven high quality canadian stocks that i think you should consider as part of a diversification effort away from the united states. i'm crowning seven stocks. in fact, sticking with the spirits metaphor, i'm creating my very own canadian club. sweet.
11:25 pm
and precisely because they're canadian, these names have been holding up extremely well in the current sell-off. did you know that in canada, canadian bacon is known as back bacon? the more you know. so let's take them down. the -- the back bacon stocks of the canadian market. first of all, i like shaw communications. that's sjr. here's a canadian cable company with a 4.2% yield and a stock that's done nothing since the beginning of the year. don't forget they have become hot commodities right now. we're in a moment where a host of companies are trying to acquire time warner cable. not only do they provide 3.3 million customers with cable tv, high speed internet, phone and satellite service, by they have their own content. global television, along with 19 smaller specialty networks like canada's food network, history television, and show case. now, shaw stock got hit after it reported in october, but the ref
11:26 pm
revenues were better than expected and much of the weakness came from the host of one-time expenses that by definition won't be repeated. you've got a terrific entry point. the stock is now trading at an 8% discount to its u.s. based peers. second, there's rogers communication. rci. another cable company that's a wireless provider and on top of that, they own a broad portfolio of media assets across tv, radio and publishing, along with a baseball team, the toronto blue jays. plus, about a week ago, rogers announced a major 12-year broadcast and multimedia deal with the nhl. in other words, rogers is the only place to go to watch the nhl, nhl hockey in canada. don't you think that's like a monopoly? rogers is down 3% for the year, in part on fears that verizon might enter the canadian market. they might or might not. they have a new ceo, a guy by the name of guy lawrence, from vodafone. i think he can help the company
11:27 pm
grow. we know the canadian consumer is doing better. and that means 2014 could be a good year for rogers, making this a smart time to buy a stock that has a lot of catching up to do. what other canadian stocks can you buy here given this thesis? when the consumer is flush and the confident that the consumer will buy a house or expand a business, you need banks, and banks correlate really well with the health of the nation. canada has one of the strongest financial systems in the world. their banks are habitually anti-leverage and they didn't need to be bailed out. they are incredibly well capitalized and well regulated. they're free to pay dividends without having to get approval from the regulators like we have. they're a tad more dangerous because they're in the reporting season.
11:28 pm
once they're done reporting i can tell you which ones made the cut, some left behind. some will make the playoffs, some are not. some will be saying the playoffs? still, let me give you a quick backgrounder on the group. if you're looking for a growth bank, i suggest you buy bank of nova scotia, bns. they may be based in canada but this is really a global bank. they get half of their business from emerging markets and latin america. if you ever take a vacation to latin america you see the bank of nova scotia. they report on friday. wait until after the quarter in the hope you can buy the stock into weakness. the canadian banks have not been reacting well to earnings so far, so take that as a warning. and bank of montreal, bmo, reported yesterday and they got slammed. even they were beat on the earnings and they announced a substantial buy back. they saw an increase in loan losses in canada and the united
11:29 pm
states, and the trading business was weaker. i think they made some mistakes in lending. right now the stock might be terrific after the week's over. we'll look through the ones that make the playoffs. for a big brand name franchise, go with royal bank of canada. it's kind of the goldman sachs or jp morgan of the great white north, but it's a bit riskier because it's focused on capital markets. here's the thing, they report tomorrow morning. so this is a case where you just have to wait and see what happens. maybe we're not in this for the quarter. maybe it gets hit, now you can buy with a better than 4% yield because the stock is going down. same thing for toronto dominion bank, td, which is also reporting tomorrow morning. this is a nice, well-run conservative bank with a solid 3.6% yield. huge personal and commercial banking share in canada and substantial u.s. business. boy, are they ever conservative and consistent. i like that. don't worry, i intend to give you a full run down of how they perform after i sit down with the results later in the week. i have richie brothers, they're
11:30 pm
the world's largest industrial auctioneers. they sell everything from mining, construction, forestry and they're more of a growth stock than the others. richie brothers helps equipment sellers get the best prices for new and used machinery. they're growing the core business and expanding into more businesses for customers. for example, they're the leading source of expertise and information in the used equipment industry. stock sells for 22.8 times next year's earnings estimates and while that's not cheap, that's not expensive either. now you might be wondering how about the resource company, come on, cramer, don't you know that canada is about resources? i'm trying to play the strength of the canadian consumer this time around, not their resources, because they're much more hostage to world events. these trends are best played with the myriad u.s. shale oil exploration and production
11:31 pm
names. this is the bottom line. the canadian economy is heating up. you have a host of ways to play it. i gave you the seagram 7 canadian club's best. shaw, rogers, bank of nova scotia, bank of montreal, bank of montreal, royal bank of canada, toronto dominion and of course we'll look at the numbers. last but not least richie brothers for the faster growing auctioneer business. it's reporting season for the banks. i'll help you sort out the stocks later. but if you're inclined to go more international, look at canada. the bargains may be better than many of the stocks we follow in our own market. can i go to pabbi in california. >> caller: hi, cramer, how you doing? >> very well, how about you? >> caller: i have a question about a company, candy technology. >> yes. >> caller: i'm holding for the last one year. i want to know if it's good for long time holding. >> okay.
11:32 pm
i think that we got to stay away from that group with the exception is of baidu, which i like, and ali baba. which is why i still like yahoo! even up here. yes, i still like it. stop tweeting and asking me if i like it, i still like it. vince in texas? >> caller: dallas, texas booyah to you. >> well, you've got to be better than vince young who was for the eagles. >> caller: absolutely. a question about canadian solar. i was wondering about the solar market right now with it being a little oversupplied. >> we're in solar, but we are in first solar. first solar broke out today. holy cow, we had management on last week. i think that they're really terrific. let's not fool around with the canadian version. let's go with the first version, first solar. first solar. what's white and red and heating up? o canada. you need to be in on the action. we need to see who makes the
11:33 pm
canadian playoffs after we look at the quarters. that's how we play them. don't move. lightning round is next.
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. >> it is time. it is time for the lightning round. you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? start with sebastian in florida. >> caller: booyah from beautiful miami, florida. >> nice. >> caller: hello. >> i'm thinking about the jets here. go ahead. just playing. >> caller: my next question is i currently i own stock of caesars, but i think i want to
11:37 pm
get rid of caesars and i want to get into ford. >> no, ford, we're on the fence right now. because the principal reason we like ford is because of alan mulally. hold on to it. >> caller: thank you for taking my call. the stock i have a question on today is nxpi. your thoughts, please. >> that's a red hot semiconductor. i want to be careful. it's so hot, and yet, you know, we had an ovti, jim, that's nothing to do with each other, but it's the same cohort. let's take a little off the table. that's the hottest semiconductor there is. let's go to john in florida. john? >> caller: happy holidays to you, your family and your staff. >> same to all of you and yours. >> caller: thank you. my stock is superior industries, sut. >> yeah. automotive products, road wheels. we have had mixed success with this company. i am not going to recommend it. i would rather see you in
11:38 pm
general motors. let's go to brian in washington, please. brian? >> caller: jim, this is brian d in lakewood, washington. how you doing? >> i'm doing well. how about you? >> caller: hey, cramer, thanks for asking, i have to give you a big old russell wilson seattle seahawks, not to be denied this year booyah. >> i was impressed. i have been impressed. going up against marshawn lynch and russell wilson this weekend in my fantasy league. i hope the niners come through. >> caller: you don't want to play us at home. >> no. i don't even want to go near that stadium. i don't want to go near the stock of the stadium, century link. i think it's a sell. go ahead. >> caller: thanks for your help. i served in the corp. >> huh? >> caller: keycorp. >> oh, i like key. i mentioned it positively this morning on "squawk on the
11:39 pm
street." why? my charitable trust owns it. we were looking at a guy that downgraded it and we were chuckling today. can i go to jerry in new york, please? >> caller: hi, jim, how you doing? >> real good. i just broke my nail doing this stupid -- it's a nice lightning round. when you break your nail it hurts. go ahead. it does. >> caller: big booyah from syosset, new york. >> i love syosset. >> caller: i like your opinion on wpx energy. wpx. >> yeah, boy, man, we have some strange ones today. you know, that's a natural gas and energy company that reminds me of magnum hunter. let's go to mike in new jersey. mike? >> caller: whoo, booyah coming at you, jim. >> hump day booyah to you, my friend. >> caller: all right, nycb. i want to start a small position.
11:40 pm
>> i'll go with that. i have been on the fence. but i think with lennox coming down i think you're fine. taking one more. i'm going to anibal in florida. >> caller: hey, jim. booyah from beautiful orlando, florida. >> oh, man, i love orlando. wish i was there right now. what's up? >> caller: hey, man, i'm so excited i feel like break dancing right now. >> really? >> caller: yeah. hey, my stock cmls. >> cumulus, i'll tell you, cumulus is coming back. but i like sirius satellite. that's the one i want you in. that's the conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. coming up, tequila time. the holidays are here, and that means presents, decorations and lots of booze. americans bought almost $20 billion worth of liquor this year, but could a stiff drink lead to a solid return? cramer gets in the spirit with
11:41 pm
the founder of avio when he got goes off the tape.
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♪ sometimes you want to take
11:44 pm
the pulse of a given industry, you need to go off the tape and listen to what some privately held companies have to say, because they might have insights that the publicly traded companies just don't have. consider the market for alcohol, some people consider a real staple of a healthy diet. tequila is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. it's amazing, i didn't know this, serious shortages of blue agave which it is made from. one company is riding this wave better than any others and we want to check in with tequila avion, the maker of the fastest growing, ultra premium tequila. it doubled the year before and last time we spoke to ken austin two years ago they were the number seven tequila and now they're number two or three. in a lot of the markets. the company may not be publicly traded, but they know the market better than anyone. let's take a closer look at ken austin, the chairman and
11:45 pm
cofounder of tequila avion. ken, how are you? >> great, jim, nice to see you. got a little cocktail for you. >> thank you. i don't like to drink alone. cheers. what exactly are we drinking here? >> this is called el cramer loco, loco being the key word for you. we have some very special ingredients but it starts with avion. >> all right. >> what else? >> avion silver. we have a little bit of agave nectar, fresh lime juice, orange liquor and a special loco ingredient i cannot disclose. >> i'm opening another restaurant in brooklyn. you didn't know that. >> nice to meet you, customer. game on. >> i'm not kidding. i may serve this. this is real good. i'm not -- no, i had to surprise you with that. >> i do tell you one thing about this drink, if you don't use avion in your restaurant, ten years, bear market. >> i thought you'd say struck by lightning.
11:46 pm
i have a house in mexico. i'm not going to say where because it's confidential. but one thing is really clear to me. you're a success. your success has told me this is the liquor to serve and the way you're marketing it is very different from the way it is. i want you to just -- it's a private company. i rarely ever do this. you have been a very successful man in this. i want you to tell people, because i want the people to be as successful as you are. >> that's an interesting question. >> this is the way i feel about your business. >> really for avion it was a dream of mine, and it was something where most people would tell you this is a business of titans. >> yes, i would never go against the people you're up against. >> tough, tough business. there's a target on your head every single day. people said, with you're crazy, why would you do this? it comes down the entrepreneurial spirit that people talk about.
11:47 pm
going to mexico, everyone slamming doors in my face and basically saying i'm going to create the greatest tequila in the world. i'm not going to cut corners and i'm going to make it happen. >> two things, one, how did you know that tequila would take off the way it did, and two, how did you know that there was a reason for premium tequila? other than in mexico, people think patron is the premium. people thing dragon is. in reality patron is not that special. >> no comment. >> well, look, i like it, but -- >> great brand. >> but i'm saying you go into the single malt scotch versus single, it's a very good brand. but you went for the end that no one had. >> yeah, the goal was to actually create something very, very special. and as i said, not cut corners, where lots of companies when they get big are forced to cut corners, or based on an accountant being in the room saying slice, dice, do what you have to do. with this brand, for me, because it was a dream of mine, i said
11:48 pm
there was an opportunity where there's a clear number one in this space. you mentioned it. there's no clear number two. there's a number two, don julio made by cuervo and diageo, and cuervo, but there's no clear number two. >> you didn't engineer entourage. >> no, that happened out of a friendship, but that said -- >> you mentioned in a very prominent hbo show that was a hit. >> it was huge for us. a game changer. >> but the fact is, the show is off the air. the sales have gone accelerated. that's what i'm so curious about. >> the show is great, but on the other side of the spectrum, people didn't know avion was real. people actually thought it was made for tv tequila and didn't understand i was working on it for years to create the greatest tequila in the world. 2012, avion was voted the world's best tequila at the world's spirit competition. you talk about this entourage moment that happened for us, on the other side, the mixology, the experts in the drinks
11:49 pm
business said this was the best. so we converge quality, lifestyle which is rarely seen. that's why it's accelerated. >> tequila, very small in the united states versus the rest of the world. >> well, tequila is huge in the u.s. >> no, by but i'm saying -- >> russia. >> we're 7%. 93% of the people drink alcohol, i'm saying will they be drinking this? >> it's coming in a big way. i was actually telling someone today who was russian, younger people are drinking tequila, they're not drinking vodka that their father drank. in mexico while they're drinking tequila, they're also drinking jameson whiskey. >> right. you have a great recipe for both, and mixologists love that. i have looked into it, believe it or not, as part of my due diligence. anyway, i want to toast you and your success. if you're a public company we would have a different discussion, i would have to be about what happened in this quarter? but i'm about people that are successful and in a country
11:50 pm
that's corrosive to the point you don't even want to start a business, i salute you. >> i have something special for you. avion reserve 44, i have a special bottle. this could be the most coveted bottle of tequila in the world. it's the jim cramer avion reserve 44. the finest tequila in the world. in a crystal bottle. if i see it on ebay and it doesn't go to your charitable trust, we got a problem. >> won't happen. ken austin, chairman and cofounder of avion. stay with cramer.
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11:53 pm
many of you had a very underdiversified diet over the last week, so let's get to it and kick off a round of my favorite game am i diversified? this is where you call me or tweet me, tell me your top five holdings. let's start with steve in tennessee. >> caller: good afternoon, professor cramer. >> thank you. i always wanted tenure. what's going on? >> caller: big music city booyah from nashville. >> i'm liking that. >> caller: as an auburn grad i bet you have been eating a little crow or a little war eagle after your anointing of alabama last week. >> well, it was a mistake. cam newton paid a visit and gave
11:54 pm
me a whole new -- >> caller: you follow the s.e.c. seriously, i want to acknowledge all the hard work you, stephanie and the staff has done to bring investing to the home gamers. >> thank you. i work with great people, who i could not pull this thing off, believe me, without a lot of great people. go ahead. hit me. >> caller: like your recognition of the armed forces program, you protect our freedom. >> thank you. >> caller: your show and your information outlets are providing a format for us to manage our own financial freedom, so my hat's off to you. >> thank you. that's a very nice comment. thank you. >> caller: my five stocks in the i.r.a. are netflix, pfizer, eog resources, tractor supply and spirit aerosystems. >> all right, sir, again, thank you for those incredible comments.
11:55 pm
this portfolio has exactly what i want. it has a speculative play, i believe in that. netflix is great entertainment company. spirit aerospace, total bull market. eog is one of the great oil and gas plays and tractor supply and pfizer, steady as she goes. drug, drug, entertainment, aerospace, oil and gas. hallelujah. all right. bob in florida. >> caller: hello. >> bob. you're on. >> caller: hi, jim, booyah from the villages of florida. >> excellent, what's going on? >> caller: i got five stocks for you. >> okay. >> caller: first one is p.m., phillip morris. second one is mcdonald's, mcd. >> okay. >> caller: boeing. b.a. johnson & johnson and cemex. >> let me start with the last
11:56 pm
one first, speculative mexican play. i have to tell you, mexico, i have been trying to find ways to play mexico and i don't like the eww. that's an interesting way to do. aerospace, boeing, j&j, it's a large part of my charitable trust. mcdonald's, no on phillip morris. i didn't like that quarter. replace it with a diversified industrial company like g.e. you have a restaurant chain, tobacco, i don't like that one. aerospace. drug and cement. good choices, but the pmi, a lot of people got hurt by that because it's a new negative view for me. i have liked it for ages. i no longer do. stick with cramer. mad about "mad money"? immerse yourself into cramers world, while you watch the show with zeebox. on your phone, tablet or on the web, get sneak peeks, go behind the scenes.
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so much data today got lost in the shuffle. the twitter led rally, they did terrifically. facebook thought it would be
12:00 am
added to the s&p, it didn't. but watch this group, twitter, yelp, linkedin, google, they're all ready to run. i think google is the cheapest of all the stocks i mentioned. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it just for you right here at "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i will see you tomorrow. milton, florida, sunday night. >> narrator: he was a stunt pilot... >> basically, it's a very high-g routine that has a lot of gyroscopic precession. >> i've seen him do a few things in the airplane that were, "boy, this guy knows what he's doing." >> narrator: ...and clients say, a con man. >> people trusted him, in some cases, with a million dollars. >> narrator: ...who had the country wondering for days whether he was dead or alive.


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