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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  May 2, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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reasons why both gold is up and the yield on the note is down, as rick santelli pointed out, basically down to roughly where we began the year. anyhow, that would do it for another wonderful week of "power lunch." thanks for watching. >> have a great week jepd. "power lunch" is over. "street signs" begins right now. we humfully present to you, folks, a two-handed friday. on the one hand a much better than expected jobs number. on the other hand, russia and ukraine looking more like violence will escalate. hello, everybody. we have a deep dive into whether the jobs number was as good as some say. it halves a debate that has everyone talking. plus the maybook, and the sweetest "shark tank" profile that you have ever seen. >> let's look at the action right now, moving to the down
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side, but we have of course been moving in and out of positive territory, as brian was saying, 288,000 new jobs created in april. we also have more violence in ukraine. we're going to show you a picture of people arrested for allegedly shooting down helicopters. bob, what do you think? is the rate driver of action? >> that's really what's -- we have this jobs report when putin said they wanted a security council meeting, that's when the market moved. i want to show you the s&p 500, that was the big mover. there it is, when he called for a security council meeting. here we are sitting right at the lows of the day. gold stock moved up.
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there you go, look at that move on gold stocks moving up. overall, pretty interesting day. the ipo market hitting a bit of a correction territory. aries management, priced at $19. now as $18.31. over on the nasdaq. >> quick follow-up. i hope that screaming in the background was for, by the way. but i'm wondering how much higher you think the market might be if it wasn't for ukraine. we saw a move to the down side. on the s&p 500 that can you clearly attribute to the ukraine. right now that's 80, 90 points on the dow, i would say overall.
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that's what i would say for today. >> bob, thanks very much, buddy. you have a great weekend. >> you too. let's go uptown from where bob is, to the nasdaq. sheila? >> we are also losing steam here at the nasdaq. i think bob has it exactly right. ukraine was the surprise that came up. they can understand, put their arms around. when you look at what's happening in the biotechs, now down more than 1.5%. we did see some rebound. also and tesla, though, is slightly hanging on. we quickly want to mention in earning, sba communications, a tower company, had a great
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quarter with both profits and sales estimates beating estimates. a different story for expedia. it actually did post double-double gains certainly having a lucky day having here. take a look at wynn, the biggest winner on the nasdaq 100, coming in strong, helping propel the stock, good to know that people are still gambling. thank you very much. what do you think of the re -- in yields today, has been telling you how people feel about the jobs report, ricky? >> i think the jobs report had good job creation, both on nonfarm headline, job creation on private especially, and then the other side of the coin is that it gets pretty apparent that despite all the protesting
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to the contrary we have structural unemployment problems in this country, as evidenced by the labor forparticipation rate. even though i agree that geopolitics is playing into this equati equation, i think like weather, a lot of traders are trying to shuffle a lot into this geopolitical camp. i can give you a boatload of reasons why interest rates are going down. japan is closed for four days. i know for a fact they had standing orders to buy the long end of the market that were in last night. the low yield of the year. we opened the year at 303. february 3rd we traded the lowest closing yield at around 257.5. technical features are going to play -- if we're going to draw buying in like a magnet, the shorts are upside, the geopolitics, you assume the absolute worse, so i would say the buying continues in treasuries. >> rick, whatter saying is mortgage rates and all the
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technical stuff you talk about, mortgage rates could head even lower? >> i think the fixed mortgage rates potential could head lower. i think the flattening yield curve, that the most recent good news several months ago was adjustable rate mortgages, but short maturities probably skew us back tots fixed market on mortgages. in that regard you are absolutely correct. >> can we get a smile headed into friday, you're a handsome devil. look at that. there we go. rick, have a great weekend, friend. >> you too, bud,. all right. so if after today's jobs number you are wondering what now? don't worry. we have ten stars worth of investment advice, no two five-star fund managers. welcome. let's talk about 3d printing.
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it sounds like we're not. basicallying this a company, we all know about 3d printing, but 30% of the outstanding shares are short right now. it has come down significantly, so there's a valuation there. they're going to double their revenues, so they think the growth -- number two, the margins, yes, the margins in the first quarter were soft. we were expecting that. they just bought xerox's business out in oregon with 100 engineers, a wloot of intellectual property, as well as a great up-to-date lab. they generated zero revenues off of that.
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several the long term, this will pay off. and that the other 3d companies are focused. we were down there meeting with the company in rockhill, south carolina earlier this week. irge certainly that debate came up, because i was showing occupy my phone case. i think it's going to be revolutionary. i want to move on to you, eric. can i ask a simple question? in light of the jobs report, does it change your strategy at all? change your thinking about how you invest in the current market? >> i don't think so. i think the unemployment rate is a lagging indicator. what we see out there is companies increasing cap ex
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budgets again, they're hiring people again to respond to utilization rates have improved. companies have really improved profit margins the last few years by improving efficiencies, so the point they're starting to hire people again. >> which companies do you think would be good for investing in today, going forward, eric? >> you know, at the hodges fund we spend a lot of time talking to individual companies. what we hear is there is definitely an improvement in the capital spending cycle. we see a pickup in nonresidential construction in manufacturing, in industrial, commercial buildings, and we like encore wire, which is a leading provider of building wire, about 80% of their business is tied to the nonresidential construction market. they're seeing relatively good pricing power with lower input costs. that's expanding margins. we like the way the company is
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positioned as a low-cost provider of building wire. i think they're in the very early stages of what we think will be a positive cycle for the nonresidential construction market. >> you know, growing up, lamar, we had a pool at my house, a sign that sell welcome to the ool. there's no "p" in it, let's keep it that way. that's not -- >> pool is very located very close to here. it's a company that's near and dear to our hearts. the reason we like pool is, you know, you look at the jobs indicator, jobs look good. that will more than likely help the housing market that's agreed, but what makes you comfortable with this stock is we know that what happened in the swimming pool market. we know that swimming pools went in. we know they're hitting that key eight-year mark where people if you've got a pool in your backyard, your option is to
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leave it and let it turn brown, or to fix it, put money into it pool corp is bigger than the next 50 competitors combined. if you're putting money into your pool, it's going to pool corp. we think it's a great investment. >> thank you both. speaking of jobs, pfizer making a huge push to buy astrazeneca, so far unsuccessfully. if it does go through, how many jobs could be lost? >> do you want to go to warren buffett's meeting? >> i would love to. >> well, you can't. it's hard to get into, but becky quick is there. she's going to bring you inside it, live. long day to becky, making her work. coming up. p. clients trade and invest their own way. with scottrade's smart text, i can quickly understand my charts, and spend more time trading. their quick trade bar lets my account follow me online so i can react in real-time.
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sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ all right. we are all right. we are seeing the dow lose a bit of steam here with less than two hours to go. the dow jones industrial average on the low of the day, down 26 points, 16,496, about every five or ten minutes there are new and generally unconfirmed reports of additional violence in ukraine, certainly perhaps some traders a bit nervous to establish any kind of meaningful position, but coming off what arguably can be described as a pretty good jobs number. meantime astrazeneca has rejetted the latest $106 billion offer from pfizer, but that's not the end of it.
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meg tirrell joining us with more. >> so we couldn't believe that a company would turn down $100 billion, now they have turned down $106 billion. can you do this when you say that? >> and it's british, too, so there you go. so they turned it down. now the question is, does pfizer yet make a third offer, or do they back away in do they go hostile? what's going to happen here? some of the questions that have been swirling this week are what happens to the employees of a potential combined company, and the uk worrying about this as well. this is the second largest drug maker in england. pfizer is going on what everybody has been calling a charm offensive, sending a letter to the prime minister, guarantees that they're going to continue to open a facility that's been planned to be open. >> do they know how they have responded to all of this? >> it seems like they're not
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going to get in the way here of a potential deal, but some people there are nervous. they're worried about what's going to happen with research jobs, with the scientific community in england. >> let's bring in analyst tim chang. we're going to go to the consolidation in the entire sector. not just this potential deal, but if astrazeneca and pfizer were to get into bed together, what do you think the total percentage, we're talking about tens of thousands, what percentage do you think would be cut? >> well, i think ballpark, back of the envelope you're probably looking at around 10%. an again you're looking at pfizer with an employed decree base around 75 to 77,000. astrazeneca has got a little over 50,000 employees. >> when you cut jobs like this,
2:17 pm
how much of it is generally coming from the administrative part, and you don't need people in hr -- and how much is coming from research? >> well, that's been a big topic of discussion, i think astrazeneca probably has about 10%, maybe 20% of their employee base in r&d, and i think pfizer will need to do what it can to assure the british government, to assure shareholders that they're going to keep ago much of that intact. >> bakers love to say bigger is better. when i look at pfizer, eli lilly, glaxosmithkline and sanofi-aventis, the biggest is pfizer, the one with the worst 12-months returns is pfizer. >> i think pfizer is trying to be opportunistic.
2:18 pm
they have almost $50 billion of cash, most of that cash is parked offshore. i think that tax certainly playing a role in their interests. i think their intent is to redomicile into the uk where tax rates are lower. i think cost in is also a playing role. i think pfizer has shown in the past they can integrate and cut costs. i think in this case you're dealing with a market that has benefited from record low interest rates, dealing with a market that's also trying to lower the overall corporate tax structure, so pfizer is trying to participate in that. >> again, i guess sometimes it's quicker, easier and cheaper to buy drugs through acquisition versus doing the r&d from scratch yourself, right? who do you see in the space that's going to be the next to
2:19 pm
consolidation. i notice the -- who did you think is going to get together in the future? >> well, i think there's probably not any one company in particular that will be next, but again there's only a handful of large pharmaceutical companies now. there's been rumors that sanofi or j & j, and allergan and bill ackman have teamed up together, and i think allergan is looking for their own alternative strategy. so i think there will be more m & a in this space. who will be next will always be the big question, but i think pfizer probably will come back next week, and we'll hear more from them. >> tim, what about the biotech industry? all of these deals we've been seeing for the past month have involved big special pharma, but, you notice biotech's valuations were so high, maybe
2:20 pm
potential buyers are -- now the valuations have come down, do you see it coming back to biotech? >> i do. i do. i think biotech is a space that's sort of been a darling in health care. i think that biotech has benefited from not only very, very strong pricing, but innovation, and they haven't really dealt with future potential large cliffs, unlike the large-cap pharma. so i think in biotech, i wouldn't foresee a major deal this year, but potential over the next couple years, you probably will start to see that industry start to consolidate as well. >> tony -- i mean tim. why do i keep calling him tony? tim, tim, tim, thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> i can't say the word, tim. last week warren buffett shocked america when he said it was un-american to vote against coke's board in his shareholder
2:21 pm
vote. >> but know we know that buffett has been pushing for changes behind the scenes. our own becky quick is live in omaha for this week's buffett o buffett-bonan buffett-bonanza. she'll be joining us next. t. five tech stocks with more than a 10%... change in after-market trading. ♪ all the tech stocks with a market cap... of at least 50 billion... are up on the day. 12 low-volume stocks... breaking into 52-week highs. six upcoming earnings plays... that recently gapped up. [ male announcer ] now the world is your trading floor. get real-time market scanning wherever you are with the mobile trader app. from td ameritrade.
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it is friday, so let's get to our sunshine stock. today is motorola. the stock is moving higher today. why? the billionaire investor says that weakness is mostly in the external market environment and there are market opportunities that remain strong for the long term. it's up by about 3.5%. talking of billionaire investors, even though warren buffett did not vote against the payment plan, he is pushing for change behind the scenes. that's just one of many topics he may address at the berkshire hathaway meeting. becky quick, what's he been whispering to you, becky? >> you know there's been a lot buzzing around here. it seems like every year there's something to talk about. but this year it was all about
2:25 pm
coca-cola. that's what people are buzzing about here. people have been talking about this all along. we got the chance to catch up with warren buffett yesterday. we asked him what he thought about this idea that even though coke won the plan, they might not issue the shares as quickly as expected. there was a story in today's "wall street journal" that suggested that coca-cola had heard that and management may not be doling out those shares and options as quickly as planned. do you know anything about that? >> i wouldn't be surprised. they're going to look at it, certainly. with us abstaining, the fair amount of no votes, and what they authorized at the meeting the other day, they don't have to do. they can spread it over a longer period of time. we'll see what they do, but they've listened to shareholders before and i think maybe they'll listen to them again. >> i haven't talked to anybody
2:26 pm
from coke since the vote. >> none of the directors. >> no, not even my. o. >> his son howard buffett happens to be on the board. he voted to goo long with this plan. now winters is the one who first started digging around on this. david winterings is a long-term coke cola shareholders, also a long-term berkshire hathaway shareholders, so he's here today. we talked to him a bit of time, because there's been questions raised about his math. he's suggested somewhere -- existing coke cola shareholders would be diluted somewhere between 14% and 16% in terms of their equity coke cola has taken issue with that. warren buffett has says more like 2%. but here is david winters backing up his math. >> well, the math basically comes from the coke cola document. you go to page 86, and page 66
2:27 pm
of the 10-k. you can slice and dice this however you want, but at the end of the day, becky, the plan is excessive and not in the shareholders' best interest. >> reporter: winters also sell he thinks there is a real fundamental governance here, because of the back and forth. but coke cola is not stepping down on this. they say in response to all of this that the company routinely interacts with shareowners both large and small in order to receive feedback on any number of matters, including the 202014 equity plan. we do not share details of those plans. they will continue to seek input on compensation matters, but guys, this is far from over. a lot of people here are buzzing about it. you can bet tomorrow when warren buffett takes the stage for over 6 hours, it will be something
2:28 pm
that would be brought up. on monday, we will once again be live in omaha for "squawk box." we have a big show. warren buffett live at 6:00 a.m. eastern time, also joined by charlie munger, and then bill gates, founder and creator of microsoft, also a berkshire board member will join us, so we do have three hours of all to talk about. >> becky, why don't you do some work for once and get good guests. bill gates? warren buffett? >> reporter: i know, we're resting on the laurels. you should call me betty. that's what i get called all the time, ryan. >> i see you're playing along here, becky. you have a bit of a sense of humor. >> reporter: betty. >> thanks, becky. >> mindy agrees with you. >> i love that. thank you, betty.
2:29 pm
skechers got a lot of good pr for sponsoring the winner of the boston marathon, now it's say it wants to buy the l.a. clippers. who doesn't if they've got the money. >> we're going deeper than just the headlines. we're analyzing skechers, the stock, on the fundamentals. speaking of movers, let es go to the break, call an audible, tlt, melissa lee pointing out on twitter, this t-bond index, a bond fund is up 1.5% this week. folks, for a bond etf, that's a big move. you probably likely have either russia, ukraine and our the u.s. dollar to thank, ot above both. we're going to take a break. ♪
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that corporate trial by fire when every slacker gets his due. and yet, there's someone around the office who hasn't had a performance review in a while. someone whose poor performance is slowing down the entire organization. i'm looking at you phone company dsl. check your speed. see how fast your internet can be. switch now and add voice and tv for $34.90. comcast business built for business. happy happy friday day for the rundown. let's start off with -- >> oracle down a quarter of 1%, but socgen moving it up.
2:33 pm
their target, folks, goes to 47 on oracle, about 14% higher. you wonder if they were too late. >> well, that's true. stock number two is sterne agee, hoping you are winning, upping wynn resorts. >> nobody says that anymore. >> they really don't, but i do. >> what do you have, tiliger blood? they say the market is overly concerned about macaw. macau. but still not stopping sterne agee. they say go for it. we also have mohawk industries, raymond james more positive on this stock. it's a carpet maker. >> yes, mohawk, mhk. up, upgrading it to an outperform. here's what you care about. the target goes to 150. that's about 6% up side.
2:34 pm
not a lot, but still higher than 40, in the same call they also upgraded masco. >> and m trust funds providers of workers' compensation insurance. compass point, upping it to a buy, the target goes to 49. the ticker afsi. very last stock, we should mix it up a bit. monday will be the first stock of the day, maxwell technology. >> san diego-based ultra-capacitors. >> what's that? >> i don't have any idea, but apparently they're not just super, they're ultra-. they appointed a new ceo, roth capital upgrades the company. the target goes to company. so that's about 20% up side for maxwell, mxwl. youer if roast is late to the party, maxwell tech, mandy, up 114% this year already.
2:35 pm
why didn't we talk about them early? >> that would have been a good party. >> because they weren't big enoughsh they have to a certain cap to be on our ray day. >> from street talk to talking numbers, that's a daily look at a stock. today the stock is skechers, for many reasons. ari, chad, all right. so, you know, listen they won the boston marathon, talking about buying the clippers. put that aside. what's your fundamental? >> i think it's overvalued. the valuation just doesn't justify where it is right now. the problem with the company is that it's not consistent. the operating margins have been jumping around in an erratic fashion. revenue growth is there currently, trading around $40 a share. you're still looking at a 2014
2:36 pm
estimate of around $2 to 2.05, 2.40 after that for 2015. it just doesn't make sense. the company isn't over-indebted. they could reinvestment back into the business, but they're desperately looking to get into the athletic shoe business, of course. that's the reason for the move to try to perhaps put the deal together on the basketball team. but they have to compete with nike and adidas, and that's tough sledding. >> indeed it is. what do the charts tell you, ari? >> the charts don't look bad. i think longer term the stocks can go higher. i would not buy it right here. here's what i see in the chart, a very healthy up trend. i think this up trend can take it to the 2010 peak at $45. that's the up side level i'm watching. a bit extended here. we can see it in today's
2:37 pm
reversal. i think this consolidation can tend. on the down side i was looking at last week's action. this gap created -- there's no trading action that took place here. what usually happens is the stock will come in, fill this gap and then resume the up trend. the bottom of the cap comes in around $37. it's also here. and would play for that move to 45. >> thank you very much to both of you. thank you for joining us. chad didn't like it fundamentally. >> there you go. that's what makes a market. be sure to check out the online edition. that's in partnership with yahoo finance. as we said at the top of the show, on the one hand a gdp show number showing the economy barely growed, last month jobs created, which economy, though, is this? we're going to try to get to the
2:38 pm
bottom of that, coming up. and we'll talk to a true "shark tank" success story. let's go out to sarah and bill. what's coming up on "closing bell", guys? >> glad you asked, mandy. we're talking the jobs numbers as well. will it be a boon for the democrats this election year? larry kudlow and ed rendell are weighing in. i'm guessing think will be on opposite sides. also we'll hear from somebody who says, don't be fooled by the jobs number. find out why he says it's ought smoke and mirrors. >> and he canceled on us at the last minute yesterday, but he's promised to come talk to us today. will floyd mayweather make good on his word and tell us why he wants to buy clippers and why sarah is thrilled. >> yeah, one of es us boxes. see you at the top. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 trading inspires your life.
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wove some wove some breaking news from the health sector.
2:42 pm
reuters says the cdc has just confirmed the first case of middle east respiratory syndrome or m oeismt rz. let's switch gears and move to the economy. today's jobs report showed 288,000 jobs created in april, driving the unemployment rate down. so what is the real state of the economy? let's bring in cnbc contributor jared bernstein. and chris keenie, also from r e rosemont. i want to bring if the precipitous drop that we saw in labor force participation, which does seem to be undermining the euphoria over the headline. >> absolutely. i think this sort of validates the fed threw out the rate as a summary statistic, because clearly labor markets are not
2:43 pm
healthy, when you look at what went into that decline, the drop in the labor force, the persistence of part time, people taking part time instead of full-time jobs. even the drop in the long-term unemployed, i fear many of them gave up. men in the 44, those are people who can't drop out of the labor force forever, but it is disturbing, because there people who might be living with their parents, overburdened with student debt and now not only underemployed, but maybe giving up entirely. >> jared, she makes some good points, but at the same time there's a lot of people like my folks that couldn't retire, stock market's done well, maybe some people are saying, you know what? i can finally -- i'm not as spooked out about that number as some people are. am i wrong? i don't know. >> i think it's a little spooky, though i think it's probably
2:44 pm
somewhat explainable by some of the ongoing weakness in the job market. i basically think we've got three reports out there. we've got an establishment survey report that's quite strong. we have gdp comes to a halt in the first quarter, and the labor force discussion that diane just had. now, if you look at gdp year over year. that's 2.3%. if you smooth off bits and bottoms in the payroll surveys, that's -- if you average over the past few months the there's still problems off labor demand side. when you put it all together, we have an economy that's growing, but not gang busters. >> i get those points, but when you do the calculations, couldn't it just be people just not entering in the first place?
2:45 pm
>> you're right. in fact the bureau of labor statistics said it's one month, so let's not read too much into it. most of the drop was in fact less entry, not dropouts. >> chris, i would like to get to it from the entrepreneur side of things. you've had businesses, grown businesses to like over 1,000 people. what do you think businesses need right now to grow more jobs? >> specifically what techology can do to unleash both the supply side and the demand side. so take -- >> i thought technology killed jobs. doesn't it eat them like pack man? >> it's an interesting question. for businesses like twitter and facebook, the relationship between revenue and jobs is very different from that of other --
2:46 pm
uber- unleashes the potential for additional people to drive cars, to use taxis, completely rearranges both the supply and demand of the category by bringing technology and services together. i find this the most pour partner. >> so you're talking about a young company, and it's growing jobs. so are we seeing the most job growth come out of young companies. >> young companies, specifically companies that are 50 to 500 employees. in fact between 1992 and 2008, 50% of all new job creation came from those companies, yet only 21% of all companies. so there's a sweet spot for employment growth. >> i like that. diane, what chris is saying is a story that doesn't get told enough, which is small business doesn't create jobs. new business creates jobs. new businesses by nature tend to be small. how do we promote more entrepreneurship, newer businesses, more jobs?
2:47 pm
>> it's one of the biggest myths out here. no, it's the age of the business, the entrepreneurial, the churn in that market. where we saw a lot of it in the 1990s was people's access to credit markets, their home equity lines of credit and using that as seed capital on some of the small bit. the new business creation we saw. the idea that the cleaners i've been going to for over 20 years has been run by the same family. they've not added any people, they've had the same people in the same family rotating in and out, but they've not added anyone. i think it is the hard of the distinct and is one of the problems with today as economy is not having enough of that entrepreneurship. i agree, technology can cut both ways. i half to be a user of uber- myself, but it is one of these app.s that does innovate in a way that it creates a lot of jobs. >> i would like to throw out something i saw this morning in "wall street journal," and that is the conference board saying the u.s. will enter a period of
2:48 pm
severe labor shortages. they're talking about 15 years down the stretch, not tomorrow and they could see the jobless rate go down as gradually all the baby boomers retire, drop out, et cetera. what do you make of that report? is this something you see? >> i think most economists would agree that the labor force is going to grow considerableably more slowly. that's a fairly typical prediction. what we would see, by the way, if the labor force really tightened up would you faster wage growth certainly in the near term. we haven't seen that at all. but i think that's a reasonable prediction. by the way, a big variable that comes into play is immigration, of course. so that may have a lot to do that. i will say this -- tying the two treads together, one of the things that helps young firms survive. they a high death rate. it's the ones that survive that make the difference, is in fact a very tight, vibrant job
2:49 pm
market. one of the problems we've had over the last 15 years is while there's been entrepreneurism, there hasn't been the economic climate they needed in terms of brought labor consumer deup and down to take off. >> i this is that's exactly right. it's specifically companies that achieve about 50 employees or somewhere around 5 to 10 million that are really the biggest lever. in fact, that's why we invest in companies that have brought service and technology together. my company, rosetta, group from 50 to about 1200 people in a short four, five-year period because we were able to unleash both capital and technology to create enormous value for our customers. >> 50 to 1200 people in a couple years, and then sold it? you're a slacker, chris. what a shame. how did we get him on the show? >> that gives me the opportunity to take that experience in capital and deploy it to other companies. >> good for you. thank you very much for joining
2:50 pm
us. enjoy your weekend. >> i feel like such a failure now. we stink. oust next guests -- chris b. kim nelson of daisy cakes and some cakes are going to be here next. if i told you that a free ten-second test
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well, we all know whether it's the carrot, red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, whatever you name it, add in a touch of southern charm and you've got yourself some daisy cakes. kim nelson is here to explain how she sweetened her deal. the one thing i heard, i've got a family in spartanburg is y'all are nice are you you're not soft. there's a shark between that sweet southern accent. >> absolutely. >> how did you do it? >> that's how we get raised. >> how did you toughen the deal? >> i was feed thing them cake. >> which helps. >> it helped tremendously. >> even mr. wonderful, you know, and what was so funny when i was handing it out. going in order, carrot, chocolate, coconut and red velvet and barbara wanted the red velvet and i said you can't have the red velvet, you'll mess
2:54 pm
up my pitch. the men went crazy about it and -- >> and you got what you asked for from barbara. >> got exactly what i wanted and what's been so amazing is the last three years since the airing of my original pitch. >> how has it helped your business? give us some numbers in terms of what business has been like since "shark tank." >> she is going to finish out the interview so i'm going to finish out the cake. >> 2010 my mother and i made all the cakes, we did 2000 and then the weekend we aired on "shark tank" in 2011 we did over 2,000 cake orders in just 48 hours. >> no way. >> and ever since -- >> way. >> ever since then barbara's gotten paid back and we've sold over 50,000 cakes, and it just keeps growing, growing, growing. >> so we're going to harden this interview up like you did with the sharks. you're a growing business, an entrepreneur down in spartanburg. they are a little more business friendly than perhaps we are in the northeast. are you finding it easy to expand, or are you able to do
2:55 pm
it? what would help? if you made one suggestion, to the government, said, local, federal, what would it be? >> i could use a facility on the west coast. >> i'll get right on that. >> that would possibly bake the cakes i do in small batches, and if we can do that, halfway in the middle, be able to ship everything one or two-day ground and that would cut the costs for the consumer on the shipping and as always they can put that second cake in the box. >> why can't you get a warehouse? you're rolling in the dough, so to speak. >> interesting that you should say that because i was just contacted two weeks ago by a woman very interested. i'm going out to meet with her in a couple of weeks. >> one last question. he did the hardball question. i'm doing the softball question. which cake is order the most? >> the carrot cake. we wanted the red velvet. my number one seller is carrot cake and my number one state is california. >> thus the warehouse. >> hopefully. >> california carrot cake. >> great to have you with us,
2:56 pm
kim. >> great cake, delicious. >> absolutely delicious, thank you. >> and you can tune into a very special edition of "shark tank" this sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern time, and it's only here on cnbc. >> all right. coming up, an embarrassing lost in translation moment for burger king. think about the exact opposite of these delicious cakes, the last thing you would want to eat? >> poo. >> coming up. >> something like that. >> trust me. ncial noise financial noise financial noise financial noise
2:57 pm
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one hour to go tul the end of trading. kind of oddly in and out of trend recently, the nasdaq is down the leet. in fact, and if it ticks up it will be neutral. >> to send you off this friday afternoon with a smile on your face, a culinary gem. the poopoo smoothy. burger king has marketed the drink in china, and, know, it does not taste like you know what. it's mango flavored. so why is it called the poopoo smoothy? >> it's bubbles. >> a little childish and infant i'll and juvenile. >> but that's what people expect from "street signs." >> it's poopoo, tastes delicious, mango. >> we're just sliding to the downside. unfortunately, with the escalation of violence over in ukraine, 38 people confirmed
3:00 pm
dead, you know. so, therefore, a little bit of caution out there in the market. a yield of also moving lower as well which is kind of interesting when you think, you know, really good job. >> could be a wild last hour of trading and bill and sarah are ready to take it on for you. >> indeed. >> thanks for watching "street signs." happy weekend, everybody. >> and we do welcome you to that last hour of the trade for the week on "closing bell." i'm bill griffith here at the new york stock exchange. >> and i'm sarah isaac in today for kelly evans. >> feel better, kelly. miss you. will the real economy please stand up. today's big job numbers flying in the face of an anemic gdp and fire -- for the forecast. is the jobs market roaring back, or could have been a one-time snapback from a brutal winter? there are a lot of strong opinions on both sides of this issue. very important for wall street right now. we'll hear all the views and help you make sense of it.


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