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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  May 15, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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rectify itself any time quickly. >> give me a trade quickly. >> long apple. >> i like the preferreds. e etf, preferred to own all of them. >> we'll let you know we'll be back at the new york stock exchange tomorrow and lasl laslo berini will be on the show. perfect timing to hear from that gentleman one of the best traders around. that does it for us. >> "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day starts right now. >> great stuff from out at salt from rubinfuli to birinyi. >> don't go short but don't go too frickin long either. i said it, frickin. so says the hedge fund manager his comments fueling the sell-off today, is he right to
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be as concerned as he is? you want a clear sign of fair, check out the 10 year benchmark low. dropping to seven month lows, fear money moving out of bonds to equity, moving below 2.5% the yield. what's causing it? the three big reasons why the yields are falling. and fears about walmart. sue is here in the house at cnbc headquarters. welcome, sue. good to see you. >> good to see you, too. a big down day. we are off our worse levels of the day but not all that-inch. dow jones industrial average off 174 points. and s&p down 1.3%. and russell is now in correction
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territory, down 15 points. where is the money going? going strongly into the 10 year note and pushed the new zealand below 2.5% morning briefly and we now sit at 2.5%. dow transports at their worst level at -- and vix up 1.25. one of the main drivers today declin declines -- in the declines come from comments from closely watched hedge fund titan, she tried to say, david tepper. he says he is nervous. key reasons kern the ecb being tight and behind the curve and in major need of an ease in europe and asia. china is also tight to him. more leverage in the system. that is also a kern. deflation he mention in the u.s.
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and europe and in the u.s. he see sees seems rather slow. it's playing out on the floor of the new york stock exchange where we find bob pisani. yesterday, we were talking to our market analyst we were finding the 10 year note is getting inflows. i would argue some of the fear in this market started yesterday. >> it sure is. today, i want to talk about the dow jones industrials. we're off the lows of today. let's not quibble for 20 points. i'll frame it very simply. is there modest growth in the economy or accelerating growth. the numbers this week retail sales and today's production number indicate so far, this is modest at best. you are having a hard time with asset prices at records highs when you have only modest growth. we need to see accelerating growth to keep prices up. take a look in terms of the sector, all the cyclical names,
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the group that would expand if the economy was expanding, they're under pressure, energy, financial, consumer, discretionary and financials. you mentioned low interest rates, 2.5%. that's not good for banks. they need a steepening yield curve and higher rates and not happening right now so a lot of regional banks to the down side. and another weakening economic point, home building is not going the way we're anticipating as well. most of the big home building names down. we're hitting a new low for the year. i would point out the volume is very light down here. that's an important implication that means traders are canceling bids, not putting in bids to buy, but nobody is selling the farm. i'm internet trying to guild the lily but we're not getting a
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stampede to the door, just people don't want to buy anything. >> understandably so. thank you very much. is mr. tepper right? if he is, what's an investor to do? let's bring in michael farr and kenny from o'neill securities joins us on the floor of the new york stock exchange. kenny, i know you're fully invested and a little nervous. i assume you agree mr. tepper is correct to be nervous. >> i'm a little irritated, i can't get as much attention when tepper says things like this, waving a red flag. we're at all time highs on the market. we up 32% last year for the s&p 500. valuations are full. we're being fueled by trillions of fed dollars plus pretty good levels of deficit spending. the consumer doesn't have more earnings power, they don't have
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more money in their pockets, right? >> we saw that in walmart. >> exactly. >> yep. >> when you see that in numbers, you have to say, wait, the consumer is not driving this economy. it's inflated, staying up, the economic data aren't horrible. i think caution is definitely warranted and where i've been for a while in my multi national blue chips. >> yesterday, we felt like the market was starting to roll over a little bit, and we didn't get that much attention either. we understand that. >> i'm a little upset about that. david tepper says it and all of a sudden everybody starts paying attention and we talk about it and nobody seems to care. >> you need to listen to tony. >> yesterday, it started to feel like it's getting weaker. today, it is weaker. it's not a lot of volume, not a matter of people don't want to buy but being more selective and
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putting bids and bids are lower, don't want to be aggressive and don't need to be. sellers are coming to them. what's confusing is tepper's comments, don't be long or short, he's saying neutral. people hear a comment like that and see this guy managing 18 billion plus making a comment negative and everyone starts to run for the door, like that herd mentality. what has changed for the market? >> michael, give me a couple stocks you like and hold. >> johnson&johnson. triple-a balance d budget sheet. and triple-a and qualcomm and abbott labs has a pretty good dividend here. we've been waiting for this long correction. it's been the most anticipated correction that hasn't happened, right? for years now? >> absolutely. >> maybe this will trigger it.
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everybody needs to pay attention. stock markets go down at times. that's not a horrible thing. they have to correct. they let a little air out. this is no reason for panic. be cautious, this is an expensive business if you get it wrong. >> absolutely it is. well said. appreciate it. >> over to you, ty. >> yields on the 10 year note hitting seven month lows and breaking below 2.5%, as sue mentioned moments ago. a look at the 10 year yield and there it isback below 2.5% a smidge at 2.45. what is driving yields down? steve liesman is here with three very good reasons. >> and why they might go lower. the school of thought, not the conventional wisdom. first, i want to show you the data we have today and emblem attic we've been getting all over the place. jobless lower than expected. inflation, same, as expected.
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and housing worse. i want to focus on better better worse. that's from april. the more recent doing a little better. does that help the growth outlook? i don't know. take a look at the next chart. we will look at the gdp forecast. there we go, nicely done, guys. over here, what you see is we're tracking on our cnbc rapid update, minus point 4. take the two together and you're below the line where we've been the last couple of months. really mixed economic outlook. number one, the economy is lower. number two, central banks, the fed has been very busy buying bonds. yeah. it's coming off. look at all this duration of long bonds off the market forcing you to take that choice, do i buy expensive bonds or go into the stock market.
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look at this long term trend down. we had a blip. we had a blip up. now, we look like we're back on trend. larry summers has done a lot of thinking about this, thinking, you know what, with all the cash on the books of banks with all the issues in the economy, maybe there's less demand for debt. less demand for debt means more supply. there's your three reason, weak economy, little inflation and long term trend of lower rates. >> lower rates. >> steve liesman, thank you very much. he snuck up on me, dominic, right behind me. where can investors find yield? there's lots of places for it today, including lots of stocks that yield more than the 10 year note. >> let's talk about this. steve showed us this chart of the 10 year yield, you showed us 2.5, 2 1/2%.
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dow jones indices now says there are 148 stocks in the s&p 500 that have a yield that's more than the yield on the 10 year treasury. that's a pretty big step. 148 of them. you contrast to the end of this past year, when yields were at 3% on the 10-year, only 86 stocks had that. some may become more attractive investments. we looked at 148 companies, very big names you've all heard of that all have reasonable valuations and trade with yields higher than the 10-year yield on the treasury note. number one is microsoft. a lot of people don't know it yields 3% above the treasury yield and trades at 15 times earnings below the s&p 500. automakers like ford, dividend yield over 3% and trades at 10 times earnings or real discount
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to the market. and you have telecom companies, at&t, frontier, verizon, at&t trades at a 5% dividend yield and trades at 11 times earnings. if you're looking for reasons why -- my old box said he would rather own stocks with these kinds of characteristics for 10 years than a 10-year government bond. >> 1953-1958 was one time that the 10-year was below it. it was a good time for stocks and '09 to may of 2013 were times you had an inversion there. i would also be remiss saying, you may think about buying stocks and maybe refinancing your mortgage, another thing to think about if these yields are low and stay lower. >> and microsoft, what a lovely total return play that could be. >> and has been. >> has been. >> the three amigos on stage, the three tenors. m
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we call ourselves too big to fail. sue. i would also say too big to jail. we'll leave it there. two big american iconic companies in trouble today. concerns about walmart's growth. and gm. courtney reagan, we'll start first with walmart. >> the world's largest retailer reports low expectations. walmart says the severe winter weather not only hurt sales but increased expenses including maintenance and utilities and crimped the entire chain and paid a higher than expected tax rate. the weather did have an impact. but this is the fifth quarter of stagnant or negative growth for walmart store sales, a problem that goes beyond a polar vortex or two. stagnant growth and strained jobs is impacting walmart's core retail income consumer. the growth in the food stamp
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program continues to pressure some shoppers. walmart's disappointing profit forecast comes as a result of a cautious but resilient consumer. not all walmart analysts say they're struggling but many aren't reporting until that consumer feels better >> and that's right with the economy moving so slowly at this point. herb is out at that big investor conference in las vegas. what would you do to fix walmart? >> i would be concerned about the amount of square footage i have in bricks and mortar out there. i would be looking at ecommerce. ecommerce is obviously -- i really believe for walmart, walmart and all the brooks and mortars are actually moving into that area. it's not just lip service. it's a significant part of
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future growth. they've got to do it. we talk about the weather. they've also been disrupted i suspect by price comparisons, people who shop at home on amazon and other services. i would suspect that's something they're making progress in. remember, next quarter is the one they have to prove this quarter was impacted by the weather, stocks down just 2% or so. this is not like some company that's suddenly imploding. they had a really bad quarter. >> they had a really bad quarter but they have had a number of quarters that have missed, one of the worries for analysts. what are analysts telling you they want to see done at the company? >> to be honest many are giving walmart a pass. this low income consumer is struggling and takes a lot to move the needle at walmart. they came out with five innovations, insurance program, video game program. they are trying but not enough to move the needle.
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ecommerce is a big big part. they have to reconcile that and the big big space. >> now to dominic. >> it's been a tough day overall for tech sector as investors once again flee the big momentum stocks. you look at power shares qqq that tracks a large part of the nasdaq here. some moving larger than others, netflix, priceline, amazon, tesla, all losing ground in today's trade. these stocks are seen by some investors as a possible leading indicator for the rest of the market. >> thank you very much. another american i kcon facing troubles. gm battling an ignition crisis and now battling another recall, you see the shares down three-quarters of a buck and this down day. phil with details. >> the reason it's down. they announced at least $2
1:17 pm
million for a series of recalls announced today. five in all. total number of vehicles being recalled. 2.7 million vehicles. means they've recalled more than 10 million so far this year. five separate recalls today. there's that charge of $200 million they'll be taking in the seconds quarter. the bulk of these recalls, 2.4 up for million 2.44 million, linked with the tail lamp recall. what's interesting, gm issued a service bulletin in 2008. this gets back to what jeff boyer, the new head of safety issues, do you tell the dealers and not consumers? they went back and decided maybe we should do a recall here. >> forgive me for interrupting, what does a service bulletin mean? >> the service bulletin means we found a problem and will tell
1:18 pm
dealers about it. you may not know, likely don't know as the owner of the vehicle. the dealer says, there's a service bulletin, let me do the fix. you don't know about it and not as costly. i want to show you the numbers in terms of recalls. you have to look at this. total number of this years versus last year. three three-quarter of a million vehicles last year and this year, they already surpassed it. 10.5 million vehicles. >> by a factor of more than 10. >> which is the reason why you see pressure on the stock. a lot of people thought, hey, they've gotten this out of the way and now this comes up. the question i'm hearing from analysts, what else is there? how much more is there? >> does mary havebuyer's remorse. we will go to ephraim, an
1:19 pm
analyst? what do you say as to gm? >> i'm hoping it doesn't get much worse. they had another recall after the 3$3.1 billion expenses afte the ignition recall. i don't think we're near a tipping point where you see an exodus from consumers of gm grand because of it. ironically because of the original recall they're investigating so much, they're bringing recalls that might have dom later and bringing them earlier than they would have and pulling ahead some of the recall news but still like to get past this news flow. >> when do we get past it? a lot of people thought when jeff boyer was named to this position they started announcing a slew of recalls, cleaning out anything close to questionable and now this comes out, five of them here. i had people say how do i know there won't be a slew of recalls in two to three weeks?
1:20 pm
>> i agree. it's disconcerting because they pretty much did the kitchen sync already. they added 35 additional staffers for their investigative team and brought issues to the front. they're not taking any chances. it's an industry-wide thing, everybody wants to be proactive, get any recall questionable rather than risk the consumer or government backlash later? great to see you and have you in the house. failure to recall, investigating gm, how timely is that? sue, over to you. >> thanks, guys. the battered biotechs, these high flying names are getting battered in the sell-off. how do you play this without losing your shirt? we'll talk about it. plus, oil spills and wire
1:21 pm
fires, a leak in los angeles and southern kcalifornia blazes rigt around the san diego area. we'll have the very latest on both of those stories coming up next. tigers, both of you. tigers? don't be modest. i see how you've been investing. setting long term goals. diversifying. dip! you got our attention. we did? of course. you're type e* well, i have been researching retirement strategies. well that's what type e*s do. welcome home. taking control of your retirement? e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*?
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welcome back. it's been a tough day for the bioshare stocks, 2% off session lows. as for the valued names of this index, look at biogen, am gem,
1:24 pm
celgene. perhaps another indicator of the sense in the overall market. back to you. >> wow. these are the hits that keep on falling. dom just showed some of the biotech players. how do you play this sector, if you deare? >> matt, are there stocks you like at these now lower prices? >> there are. we have said this sector can still outperform the broader markets this year and we resisted the urge to go out and buy the sector. we're focusing on names that have low multiples and near term cataly catalysts. the stocks that fit that type of formula the best is number one in our coverage universe is gilead, a high quality name trading 10 times forward,
1:25 pm
significant 4 eps growth and we like secelgene here. in the midst of a patent with pharma. this is a low multiple stock here. we're focusing people on low multiple stocks with catalysts and high quality pipeline programs. >> give me one more name on that list. i know you had four or five. in case we find a reason not to go with those two. >> sure. among the higher development stocks we like alexion among the large caps and then the risk off environment we have. there's medivation, has a very high quality job in the market, growing at a significant clip and trading at the cheapest
1:26 pm
forward sales multiple. this is one we like for that reason. if you think there is going to be a rishift risk back type appetite, the names that can lead you out are in krrcy, the k down today. and intermune is another one. >> thank you very much. that makes the case warren buffet would, be greedy when people are fearful, a time when lots of people are fearful with biotech. sue. nine of wildfires continue to burn in southern california forcing thousands of people to advoca evacuate their homes. there's a tornado in san diego county and has burned more than
1:27 pm
600 acres. firefighters are working in 100 degree temperatures trying to contain all those fires that scorched more than 9,000 acres in total. dozens of structures damaged by the flames, no major injuries reported thus far. nearly all of the 10,000 gallons of oil that leaked from a pipeline in los angeles have been collected. the spill was due to a leaking line on that pipeline and four people evacuated and half a dozen with respiratory complaints and two to a hospital. while the stock market is selling off, the indian market is on fire and the country will elect a new pro business leader when the votes are expected tomorrow. >> the indian population is so large it took more than a month
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to get the results of voting. more after this break. in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present.
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1:31 pm
my good friend herb termed way back when. the only people more valleant down than me are valeant insiders. >> stocks down about 2 3/4%, off session lows. and he's long on their target allergan. they're trying to buy them, about three quarters of 1%. the indian election results will come out tomorrow after five weeks. the sensex index is higher in anticipation. what does the outcome mean for investing in indian and how do you do it? michelle. >> they have more than 800 million voters, why you need so much time. five weeks. we are waiting for confirmation tomorrow india's prime minister
1:32 pm
is enough to take the seats of prime minister. they have been wrong in the past. we will get confirmation tomorrow. the results hit an all time high. for those in the united states that want to invest in india, there are those that trade in dollars. in in in infosys one of the largest and dr. ready. and the other is eaton vans, greater india and wa such a greater india fund. you want to pay attention to how they're structured.
1:33 pm
some are leveraged and some trade off the index. they're always explaining how different they are. >> you have to know what is in your fund and how that etf is structured and what it does. sue, over to you. >> thanks very much. lets look at the gold market. prices are closing right now and a down die despite the move out of equities. money is not going into gold because it broke the psychologically technical level of 1300. once that was achieved on the down side, the market continued its sell-off, almost a 2% sell-off in the palladium market and comex silver is off 1.5%. the money is going into the bond market. te 10-year yield moving below the 2.5% earlier this morning. haven't seen that at all. rick santelli is back. you're where the action is, ricky. >> absolutely. i'm where the action is. the chart says it all. in the mid-50s yesterday and
1:34 pm
dabbled close to 246 yesterday, back close to 250. steve gave great reasons but i think left the best one out. depending when we close we could be coming to the lowest yield klose since last summer. dividends, and microsoft we saw dominic talk about it, trading about 40, 3% dividends. here's a chart of what microsoft looks like, and if it isn't for the kool-aid pop we had the last several years people believe they're comfortable between 28 and $30. should we get a correction in stock? my biggest reason is anybody who traded in '87 knows when stocks go down, yields go down. that 3% dividend down from $40, you need a lot of 3% dividend checks to make the difference. that's the risk we need to talk about if you're called dump fb
1:35 pm
investing in low yield treasuries. >> a very good point. we're below the 2.5% mark. the dow jones industrial down 194 points. nasdaq composite down 48 better than 1%. and s&p down 200. hedge fund tepper says he is nervous. says investors shouldn't go too long. is there value right now amid the sell-off? we'll talk about that. is it in the small caps, russell 2,000 correction territory, down 1 1/3%. there is a bright spot, a look at percentage gainers on the nyse, led by zen deisease desk p 42%. latte or au lait?
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welcome back. a tough day for blue chip stocks. dow down about 200 points or 1 1/4 % to the down side. dragging down the large caps
1:39 pm
index are companies like walmart on weaker earnings. caterpillar as well, goldman sachs and dupont or jpmorgan. a lot of them having a big day on the downside. >> they sure are. let's talk more about that. bob pisani is with us and bob and jim. talk to us, jim, about what you see in the market today specifically as it relates to the bond market whether or not you think as some people do, that we may test the 2. 1/4 % in bonds? >> i really don't think that. we're at 2 1/2 in the 10 year today. to me, what's happening, today, people are realizing bending over backwards to buy the prefer ral european bonds may not have been such a good idea in the last few months. when the u.s. treasuries are
1:40 pm
ral rallying, it may be a risk thing when you see the russell taking a pounding. right now, things are in a little bit adjustment period. when it settles down, there will be some stocks. >> realistically, where else are you going to go? tepper himself said, don't look at china right now, don't look at europe as being any better, our growth, meager as it is, is the best you will get right now. >> right. i think it was the opaqueness of his comments, don't be too long, don't be short, i'm a little bit concerned and creates this nervousness, remember in the '80s, the minute they opened their mouth the market went up or down depending if the comments were positive or negative. >> did you see the fund flow numbers last night? we had an enormous amount of money move out of equity funds last month. that is a worry. i think maybe the bond market
1:41 pm
has been telegraphing that. >> week to week those fluctuate. if this continues with weak economic numbers, dividend stocks. at&t pays a 5% dividend yield now. it's up today. >> a final point what you're saying, the french five year is trading below 1%. how good does microsoft look when you look how little yields are around the rest of the world? i agree 100%. i don't think people will walk out the risk spectrum to the yelps any time soon after the beating they took. but microsoft is fine >> we're down 200 points on the dow jones industrial average. housing data and more negative from washington. hi. >> after three months of holding steady, home builder confidence was expected to see a big gain. we got just the opposite.
1:42 pm
take a look. sentiments slipped and last month's number revised down. it now stands at 45, 50 crosses into positive territory and the index had been positive much of last year. builders say sentiment is now falling more in line with reality, their words, a recognition of still weak consumer confidence and job growth. expectations had obviously been a bit too high on the demand side last fall. on the business components, expectations one point and traffic, 133 and current sales fell two points into the negative. at a sales conference i attended they expressed concern over lack of inventory to sell and still current economic conditions. small caps leading the declines. so what should you do? we'll have some advice when we return.
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in the yahoo! finance question of the day, do you agree with hedge fund manager david tepper is saying, i'm not saying go short, just don't be too fricking long. do you agree? 13% say i'm going short, 56% i agree completely and 31% saying, i'm going long. sheila following down movers today. >> it's really interesting the result from that poll. negative sentiment is something traders i've been talking to comes up a lot talking about today a today's downtrend. we've been hovering down more than 1% on the day. if you look at the breadth of the selling, 97 out of 100 nasdaq 100 component members are
1:46 pm
in the red right now. as for who's moving, let's talk about one of the winners, there are so few of them. cisco is in the green after its earnings report. when you look at what is leading the nasdaq lower. microsoft, apple, also amazon, also special consideration to internet and high flying momentum stocks we've been talking about so much. facebook, google, netflix, priceline, all in the red today, all leading the nasdaq lower. tyler. >> and mid-cap stocks taking a particular beating today. a closer look. the small caps have really been suffering not just today but over the past month or so. >> over the past three days, down 4% in the russell 2000 in the past three days. looking at mid caps and small caps, they're the ones getting hit the hardest. there's relative stress. there's by no means a sense of panic in the marketplace just that you don't want to be as
1:47 pm
fricking long as david tepper put it in the market. mid cap 400 relatively speaking worse than the s&p 500. these are the stocks that have more exposure to economic weakness if in fact that would happen. those smaller cap companies may not fare as well if things go wrong if they go wrong, not to say they're going wrong right now. >> small cap companies are more presumably hitched to the american economy. >> if you look at the small caps and more lever to the u.s. economy opposed to times when there's mass geopolitical weakness or risks around the world you want to stay u.s. centric and sometimes small caps outperform. what's interesting, it is still a market of stocks, not a stock market per se. individual names under-performed than others, russell 2000 stock down. and arctic cat make snowmobiles
1:48 pm
and other big names, exone printeders and elizabeth arden was an earnings story earlier from this past week down 8 or 9% in trade. individual names matter still. >> we'll keep our eyes on them. sue, over to you. >> we've been covering all the action on wall street. now, we turn our focus to main street because what happens in the markets and economy impacts small business. we'll follow the dow for you as well. we needed 30 new hires for our call center. i'm spending too much time hiring and not enough time in my kitchen. [ female announcer ] need to hire fast? go to and post your job to over 30 of the web's leading job boards with a single click; then simply select the best candidates from one easy to review list.
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you welcome back to "power lunch." sprint shares are trading off highs and looking to limit how much they can buy at auction of the wireless airways, means sprint can bid against competition. you see share theirs up 3.73%. at&t up about .1 and verizon down marginally, .2. back to you. >> fears of the economy and
1:52 pm
growth causing fears on the stock market. in '01 there were more than 28 million businesses. they make up 99.7% of u.s. employer firms. 66% of private sector new jobs and 50% of private sector employment according to the small business association. we have a sell-off today, wall street has been hitting record highs. how are small businesses, private companies stacking up against the big guys. brian hamilton is chairman of sageworks. quick descriptor what sage works is and why you're uniquely positioned to talk about private companie companies. >> we georgiaer t er tgather da numbers of those not publicly traded. >> many of them big. you have a different window p. those businesses you are in touch with, how are they feeling? >> fonzie. things are going well, sales are
1:53 pm
up, margins are up, liquidity is good, not borrowing a ton of money. those guys are very good at running their fundamental businesses, going on about five years. the report is actually a minus, b plus. >> you also pointed to one particular pocket where there is optimism. that is construction. >> yeah. >> this morning we get national association of home builders survey and builders pull back a little bit. my question is how bullish are those in the construction market and why and are you numbers looking back a little bit? >> good question. the construction people were the last people to the party. 2009, a recession driven by real estate, all of those sectors were a mess. but they started growing about two years ago and now about 10%. things are good. we don't know how long it will last. right now, things are pretty good. >> one of the things that stood out to me, it is different from
1:54 pm
what we read about the overall comeconomy, these private companies are report iing their sales are up 8-10% on average. a little lower than prior years but higher than typical growth we're seeing. >> another great question. here's what's going on. not economics 101. c plus i plus g, we know the economy is driven by all those factors. for the first time in a while, private companies are not correlated with gdp. gdp is terrible, anemic. private companies, still a big driver of it are actually doing well. hopefully, they will pull gdp up but not sure. >> quick question. what are they worried about? worried about complying with obamacare or revenue drivers? what? >> here's what they're worried about. these guys, when they make profit, that's the money they use to eat, send their kids to college, get a car.
1:55 pm
we have to remember this is unlike publicly traded firms, bottom line, it's what these people use for household expenses. i don't like blaming the politicians for everything. here's the truth. all these extended public policy debates may be totally legit mat at that level but if private companies don't know what their costs are going to be, they can't hire people and buy stuff. it's common sense. what they're concerned about is endless public debate where they don't know what their costs are going to be. >> they want certainty. thanks. from sage works. >> great to be here. >> i guess we will take a quick break. >> we are. when we come back, stocks are taking a big hit today and we did find a few big winners out there. first, let's see what's coming up at 2:00 p.m. on "street signs." >> hey there. it's been quite a while since we've been blaming europe for any of our woes here. maybe today is the day. you have to tune in to hear out
1:56 pm
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welcome back to power lunch. check out eli lilly making session lows, the drugmaker losing a patent case to actavist. it's also down. >> let's get you up to date on the markets. down 191 points on the dow. s&p is down 21, nasdaq is down 45, transports are down 72. they were down 1:30 points at one point or close to it. that's a considerable improvement in transports. russell 2000 is off about 12 almost 13 points on the trading session. the money is moving into the 10 year. we are down below 2.5%, as the fear rises a little bit. you can see that in the vix,
2:00 pm
which was up better than 12% at one point in today's trading session and now up almost 11%. three winners, ty? >> look at three winners. symantec, up 21.85. and goodyear tire and wind stream higher as well. that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." thanks for watching. >> we will see you tomorrow. "street signs" begins now. so is europe once again the canary in a coal mine trouble for stocks? bojure. retailers should be very happy and what's wrong with walmart super businesswoman kathy ireland pops on to talk small business, mandy. and you have your eye on another ireland. >> yes. that's something i want to t


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