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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  May 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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is due for a pullback, but it's very difficult to pick that bottom. >> turn the television off, i guess. >> rising tide continues to lift all boats, even monkeys, even stock pickers. >> it's been a lot of fun. appreciate it very much. >> let's hand it over to melissa lee and team "fast money" coming up in a few seconds. what's on tap? >> thanks, guys. an exclusive interview with the gap. and, of course, we are trading some of the momentum we've seen in a lot of the internet names. thanks, guys. "fast money" starts right now. i'm melissa lee. your traders tonight are tim seymour, john najarian, karen finerman and guy adami. a rare and exclusive interview with the man behind the gap's growing brand. but first, to our top story. the comeback kids as stocks like netflix and twitter come back from their lows. we are looking at whether or not you can still get in on this rebound. we start off with netflix here after dropping 35% from the 52-week high. the stock has come roaring back.
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at the conference today, reid hastings addressed the stock price and the wild ride it's been on since the fall of 2013. >> been this enormous run-up and everyone, you know, felt like there was this hype fest around the whole internet. >> what is the point of saying out loud there's euphoria around our stock price? >> i think it's just honesty. >> what? >> not that. >> so right now is it euphoria around your stock price? please say it again, part two. >> well, it's hard to tell. i'm not as convinced as i was before. >> now it's okay? >> and it's interesting, the stock is not that far off from where it was when he made those comments back in the fall of 2013, guy, it's above 400 here, above 400 there. the difference is prior to the year when you said in the fall of 2013, it was up 400% in the 12 months. >> and we've seen since march or late january, somewhere around there, the stock has traded down
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from that 458 level, pushed down to levels in january. it held, i remember having the conversation saying this is a tradeable level here and proven to be the case. i think it's going to push back up to that 458 level and see what happens if and when we get there, either going to have one of these double tops. it's going to sell off, or it's going to accelerate through. i think here at 415, up 3.5% today, i think the trajectory is higher than the name. >> you disagree? >> no, i don't agree that the stock is going to run into head winds. i think they come sooner. and a move from 300 to 410 in a matter of weeks with a stock still 160 times earnings. this is the issue. euphoria, by the way, at least implies by definition there's something artificial about this. it's not real. i mean, euphoria is usually drug induced, right? i'm not saying that's what's going on. but to assume that netflix is not going to have competition, assume the rollout in europe is going to give them the same market as the u.s. and going to go like that is assuming a lot.
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>> one of the issues with this particular for me, mel, is when you compare this to the streaming music sites like pandora and spodify and ituns radio. i do understand what tim's saying, though, at 160, that's just a hideously high multiple for any stock. and eventually even if they don't have significant competition, that number has to come down. it's a question of how long before that happens. >> it was oversold. that's why it bounced. >> are you saying it's overbought here? >> yes. >> you would fade this rebound of 30% plus? >> it's overbought. >> it's all true. we've seen this before with netflix, as well. that was an argument on its way up the first time. tim could well be right here.
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my point is at 415, i think we're going to 450 now. and if those $35 were 8% or 9%, doesn't matter. that's fine. i think we're headed to that level. >> the problem is that investors now have been putting a premium on. at one point, 160, not a big deal. it wasn't a big deal because they were focusing on how much it was going to grow. >> to me, it's a bigger deal now. the market's got a little bit of reality shock basically from february all the way through to the beginning of may. that was a reality shock. that will come back. that's not the last time we're going to see it. we've seen stocks like amazon with hideous valuations like that take that hit, as well. but we've seen stocks like amazon keep going. so, again, calling the top in some of these names is really tough, knowing they're hideously high-value stocks is not tough, but picking that -- >> are you in on this trade? >> i'm not in on this trade at all or amazon either. >> i think that's sort of the point. you don't have to be in. you don't have to play in
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netflix. this valuation is crazy. if it were down by 33%, you wouldn't say, oh, now it's dirt cheap. i've got to own it. you would have said, yeah, you know what, that makes sense it came in that much. you don't have to play. it's dangerous on either side of the pool. >> all right. well, another comeback kid here, twitter soaring 63% since the recent low on may 11th. since it dropped more than 60% from the two-week high back in december. managing director, victor anthony with a buy rating on the stock since day one. victor, good to see you. >> thanks, thanks for having me. >> these analysts are coming around. two upgrades on twitter over the past couple of days. you've been a buy rating since the beginning, although we did see the stock drop 60% or so from the highs. are you seeing that there are signs of growth at this point? same size of analysts are seeing. the notion that, for instance, international users make up of big giant% annua percentage. >> yeah, i've been seeing those
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things from day one. i think the stock reaction we saw several months ago was just the stock got ahead of itself. a bit of a correction tied to the environment that we're in right now for overall high-growth, high-multiple stocks. investors have been overly fixated on twitter. and they're missing what some of the analysts have been talking about over the past week or so is the fact this is a highly monetizable platform. and twitter today is really monetizing. they're monitoring their per user basis at 50% discount to facebook. i see that gap narrowing over the next three years. just about an hour ago, i was on the phone with one of our twitter and facebook preferred marketing directors, marketing managers. and what they told me, from an advertising perspective, there's no fundamental difference between monetization perspective. so whatever facebook does, twitter could ultimately do. i think, you know, what you see happening over the next several years, the ad revenues increase and you see rising marketization
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on the international side, as well. >> as we were watching the stock drop so precipitously, why didn't you also drop that rating to protect the investors who were in? we're taking your advice on the stock? >> well, my rate in was predicated on the price target for year end 2014. so that's why i decided to hold on to my rate in. and i still do. i think the stock will get to, you know, where i think, which is roughly $60 by the end of this year. >> thanks for your time. victor anthony. speaking on twitter. what's the trade here? >> just because the stock's going down, analysts don't have to take their numbers down. i own twitter calls and bought them after the plunge and traded the stock around $33 or half that position, these are 32 june calls, and something right now i think you hold the momentum at least in the stock is temporarily back. that's all i'm going to speak to. we have to wait for another quarter of earnings to see. i didn't hear victor talk about catalysts. volume has increased in the stock, that's impressive. i stay in these calls. >> what do you make of the
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valuation of twitter? does it matter? >> the valuation i'm not trading this one based on valuation as i talked about with netflix and amazon. it's a young -- much younger company. so i like trading twitter, but just like tim, i think, we both bought it too soon on the drop. when the lock-up came, i bought it at 34, i had to buy double down at 30, and everybody on twitter, of course, did nothing but give me endless crap for doubling down. they said, oh, only a loser doubles down here, going to 26. it didn't and now it's back to 34, at a 13% jump this week. did i take some profits here? yes. and i don't believe in the stock long-term. i know victor does. but i haven't seen them be able to monetize. i don't see the ads paying off for them, karen, because you're looking at me doubtfully. >> no, i'm not -- >> i haven't seen the ads paying off for these guys like victor thinks they will. and i don't know how far out into the future that is. >> happens all the time, actually. >> i know.
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>> it's not just twitter and netflix starting to turn around. what other stocks are these guys here watching that are set to make a comeback? let's go around the horn and find out. >> facebook. i think facebook. you look at the quarter facebook put up in april, i think it was the 23rd. give me a day or two. it came out at the wrong time. that's just about the time when all the high flyers got whacked. that stock went from 61 to 65 that night and then sold off. but it seems to have held that 57 1/2 to 58 level. i think it's got the wind in the sails. that quarter is fantastic. they did a great job, operating margins 55%. every metric you look at was very strong, happened at the wrong time in the cycle for the stock. i think it heads higher. if you look at all the analysts that came out when they reported, heather bellini being one of them, from 75 to 90 bucks, i think it's going back to 75. i still like it here. >> soft bank, which we talked
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about a few times. we talked about how to play it and i don't think yahoo is the way to do it. i think soft bank is. an excellent allocator of capital. a number of other assets. mobile, yahoo japan. a bunch of things in there, plus you have the position. and it's rebounded a little, but really, if you look at that chart, not very much at all. so i think there's still room to run. doc? >> walter energy. this stock -- >> not for the brave of heart. my heart's weak. >> this one's been a widow maker, it was $131 or higher back in 2011, $69 in 2012. and now, it's $5 a share. so if you want to pick a fallen angel here, are people going to stop making steel? apparently people think they're going to stop making it with walter energy steel, coal rather, i can't believe that's true at $5, i think it's a real value.
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>> tim? >> ebay. look, this stock is oversold technically and also, i think people are underestimating some of the parts. the whole paypal spinoff has been something misconstrued and i think misunderstood. but some of the parts, this was paypal at about $30, a $65 stock, take out the $2.5 they lost. either share repurchases or if you believe the other side will be a negative m&a event. you're at one year support, bounced here a number of times, but valuation, same thing i don't like about netflix is what i like about this, 14 times 2014 estimated. a company that is a real business and growing in latin america. >> may feel like old news by now, but find out why apple executive is getting excited about the pipeline. that's next. and from iphones to blackberry, that stock rallying on comments from john chen. whether or not you should buy that stock or not. [ chainsaw buzzing ]
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♪ lorde, your favorite. >> i like that group. they're great. >> not jovi.
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>> it's a single person. young 16-year-old or 17-year-old girl. >> hot. >> very hot. >> from new zealand. >> apple formally announcing the $30 billion deal with beats, but apple is making it clear, it's not all about buying. take a listen. >> we don't try to do too many things. as i said, we're not smart enough to do 100 great things. we want to do a few really incredible things, and we're focused on that. and that hasn't changed. and it's been -- you know, keep going down the path of building great, great products. and, you know, later this year, we've got, you know, the best product pipeline that i've seen at apple in my 25 years at apple. >> shares of apple up 2% today, making it our first top trade. dr. jay, greatest pipeline in 25 years, surpasses every other major product that we think of when we think of apple. >> true. and what is the market, mel? forward-looking, right?
5:16 pm
how much of this is priced in right now? >> yes. >> and every single time apple announces a new product, there's a lot of hype. they're masters at doing that. and then, unless it's a blow away new product, the market sells off. i worry about that here, the iphone 6, unless it gets announced september 19th like many believes, i'm one of those that believe it'll be a september launch. i don't know it's going to be a blow away product. >> the iphone 6. >> it's not. it's not. but i'm saying he talked about the products that they're coming out with and the pipeline having the most robust pipeline they've ever had. i think the icloud is what apple's all about right here and right now, not about the new product. i don't think it's about -- if you are running out right now to buy it because the iwatch or iphone 6, i think you're wrong here. >> that is a revenue driver for apple. even if they come out with a watch, it's not going to move
5:17 pm
the needle. it'll be a drop in the bucket. >> it's china. it's also to the extent that people believe -- the streaming business is also very interesting. i think valuation, though, is enough to keep the momentum in apple. >> i don't know what's priced in for the new product that we don't even know that we need yet. nobody -- you know what i mean -- >> priced that into your model. >> you can't. and you just counted back, i don't know what it's worth. if you want to believe him, there may be something like that in the pipeline there. i don't want to pay a lot for it. but i don't know we're paying a lot for it with the stock right here. >> next up here. dish announcing today it'll start accepting bitcoins in the third quarter making it the largest company to take on the digital currency. tim? >> look, this is very good news. they claim the reason they're doing this is their employees -- >> good news for bitcoin. >> great news for bitcoin. it hasn't done anything for dish. and in an interesting dynamic. if you look at bitcoin, up 65% since april 19th lows.
5:18 pm
there are clearly some people that are, you know, think the momentum is being gained back. and when companies like this are listening, this is a technologically, at least, focused company. their employees are saying we want you to do this, they're doing it. it's interesting, doesn't get me to go out and buy bitcoin, i wish i did on april 19th. >> i thought the endorsement was much bigger -- >> yeah. >> are you trying to use your novelist coin from various vendors. >> i was trying to figure out -- >> how to pay. put it in the vending machine? >> bar code? >> yes. >> he'll have to give you a tutorial. shares of blackberry soaring on the ceo's comments last night. he said there's now an 80/20 chance turn around of the company. back in november he said the recovery odds were only 50/50. time for a street fight. 90 seconds. make your case. doc, you're up first. >> one of the things the ceo said, mel, is that the restructuring is complete and they're ready to advance here. i think project ion is how they
5:19 pm
do that. that's basically big data. what does it do? it basically takes sources of data, puts them together in something you can mine successfully to find what's going on. and it does in a secure manner. everybody knows nobody's more successful at secure transmission of this than blackberry is. 98% also, mel, of all apps that run on android will run on the blackberry. that's huge for them now. one of the things they've been working on, they've been successful at it. lastly, 2015 gross margins north of 41%. >> they're getting the gross margins by cost cutting. the eps beat they just had was largely due to reductions in fixed costs. you can only do that so many times before you run out of things to cut. the blackberry messenger, that's the wild card. when do they finally monetize it? i don't know, i think that's still far away. the fourth quarter we saw a year-over-year revenue decline of 64% and they said the same thing's going to happen in the
5:20 pm
first quarter. revenues continue to decline at some point, that carries some weight. and if you look, since the start of 2012, this stock has gone from $16 to current levels, $8. let's say it's been cut in half. the s&p over that same period of time has gone from 1,200 to 1,900. the market's not going to go up in perpetuity, which i think this is the only reason blackberry stuck around this long. yeah, the balance sheet looks better, they've got a lifeline. but i think at a certain point, it goes to oblivion like everything else. >> last time revenues at this level, the stock was how much higher than where it is right now? i think -- >> well, that's why i think -- >> wow. it's a lot of upside then. tim, who won? >> well, i'll tell you what, i like it because i think the stock goes higher. i'm going to give it to johnny. ultimately i think the bull case is intact on some of the parts. getting people to believe they're generating enough cash flow to keep this thing alive. i think that's part of it.
5:21 pm
i'd be long the stock here. >> you want to weigh in, karen? >> not surprisingly, it's not for me. >> you're with guy? >> i'm with guy. >> this is not karen's thing. she's not necessarily with me or against me. >> will it be alive three years from now? will it be alive? >> it may have been taken out, though. i don't think that the company can exist as it -- >> you can't buy it on a takeout hope. >> i'm sorry? >> you can't -- >> you can if there's inherent value. if you think there are things that are worth -- >> it sold off even. who do you think won the street fight out there? tell us on twitter, tweet us. we've got the results at the end of the show. all right. the food fight intensifies, tyson foods jumping into the ring to buy hillshire brands. the stocks they are watching as the next takeout targets. plus dr. jay on the hunt for unusual activity. he's got one stock he's
5:22 pm
watching. he'll tell you what it is after the break.
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earnings alert from courtney reagan from lionsgate. >> moving lower here. the revenue did come in below street expectations and below last year. confident in, quote, the depth of pipelines and predictable income streams from various franchises. investors aren't impressed. you can see the stock down more than 6% after hours. conference call tomorrow morning. we'll have to wait until then for more. >> thanks so much, courtney reagan. and a stock people piled into in today's session in anticipation
5:26 pm
of these earnings. >> up 2.5%. >> yeah. >> continues to hold that 25 level a couple of times. this stock was a monster in the middle of 2013. going nowhere but lower since. and it's got to hold this $25.50, $26 level it has before. they've gone to the euphoria stage where now they have to prove themselves. that's a much more difficult stock phase and you've got to give this one time, unfortunately. >> do not miss our exclusive interview with michael burns tomorrow 5:00 p.m. right here on "fast money." we'll ask him about the stock and what he's got in the pipeline. let's get unusual activity here. skyworks solution. doc? >> yeah, skyworks has been working it way higher, mel. and now they're buying calls way out in november. in other words, not a short-term play like june or july. of course, way out, another five months into the future, and they're buying the november 35 call strike. way above the open interest. it has to be opening. they were trading on the offers, we're saying they were bought. i bought right along with them. i own these calls. >> there wasn't any catalyst,
5:27 pm
though. they reported earnings back in april. the ceo was very bullish on the stock. substantially outperform the broader industry, but nothing today that provoked the activity. >> no, but we've got tech moving up to the upside. and if somebody is trying to get a position bigger or new position started in here, that could be why. >> all right. m&a action picks up on the street. hillshire brands jumping 18% today as tyson food makes an offer. but this may only be the beginning. tim? >> well, when we talked about this the other day, one of the reasons we felt this could be a feeding frenzy, the brazilians had been very aggressive. tyson has to compete. it could be a takeover target. but jbs which bought pilgrim's pride which bought smithfield back in 2008 and now is buying hi hillshire or wants to. i think the entire food space is in play here, though. when i look at the global food trade, i think tyson needs to be there, i think jbs needs to be
5:28 pm
there. watch brazil foods, bfrs, brfs, another name that wants to be one of the biggest players in not only the core meat business but the process food. this is the other part of it. pinnacle foods was a target because they were also in frozen foods and pizzas. and this is something that hillshire was going after. i think this is the way that all of these guys are looking to expand. mondelez, could be in play or taking over. pinnacle which has come back down is absolutely still in play. if anything, i would look at pinnacle here. because the value there that hillshire saw in them, i'm not saying that someone else can buy the same thing they were about to pick off, but i do think this is an interesting target for the same reason that hillshire was there. >> have you seen elevated activity in any of these stocks? >> yeah, in fact, i was in this one, hillshire until i got in a week ago today, mel, they were buying july 35 calls as it explodes through 52 today, it's
5:29 pm
a 17-point game for these things. it was a fabulous ride. got two nice rides out of it. one that ended on tuesday this week, another one today. i think the space, i think, tim's dead on. you want to be in this space. >> that's a serious endorsement. >> it's serious. >> this reminds me a little bit of when they took on anheuser-busch. >> yep. >> dead what? >> dead -- >> no, just kidding. we'll talk about m&a targets. >> technical. >> karen, you're looking at retail. >> yeah, retail and makes me think about what could be lbo'ed, and number one to me is actually children's place. i think that they've done a good job with their business. it's trading at a very cheap ebitda multiple. they've got really interesting initiatives on the wholesale side and international. reminds me somewhat of j. crew. when it stalled a little bit, they did a fantastic deal for themselves. and i think that there's still a
5:30 pm
lot of growth here and i wouldn't be surprised if they want to capture it themselves. >> sodastream. we talked about it when coke made the announcement. stock went from 33 to 45, i think it's 37 now. you've had starbucks, obviously, discounts it and says there's nothing to it. but a number of publications come out and say starbucks in talk, pepsi's probably floating around out there, as well. with a market cap of about $800 million or so, i think somebody could take a stake in soda that would take the stock significantly higher. >> gap's athleta brand with lower prices and bigger selection. in an exclusive interview, we hear from the head of the emerging brands art peck after this break. and elon musk is getting ready. we've got the details ahead on fast. th all the opinions about stocks out there, how do you know which ones to follow? the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers
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built for business. welcome back to "fast money," i'm courtney reagan. a quick news alert for you on twitter. the company's senior vice president of engineering christopher frey is stepping down today, no reason given for the move. someone within twitter will take his place. this isn't the first twitter executive to leave in recent months.
5:34 pm
it's getting a bit of attention. shares unchanged after hours. melissa, back to you. >> thanks so much. apparently this guy was paid $10 million. >> leaving on account of richness, which i actually -- they actually do have it as a risk is people making so much money that they will leave. >> i mean -- >> interesting. >> you don't need to work anymore. let's move on. shares of gap climbing around 4.5% so far this year and outpacing many of the peer retailers. company getting some help, expansion of the omni channel offerings and growing the business to 100 stores by the end of the year. i met up for an exclusive interview with art peck, head of emerging brands, including athleta in san francisco. >> let's take athleta. >> yeah. >> goal is 100 stores by the end
5:35 pm
of the year? >> i think we'll get there. the reception so far from customers, we've opened stores has been extraordinary. and so, you know, brand like a trt athleta, people want to try the products. one plus one equals way more than two. it's been really good for us so far. >> it's interesting because this brand was really an online brand. >> it's really a catalog brand. >> it's a catalog brand. >> going the reverse direction. >> opposite of where the entire world is going. >> why did you feel now is the time for physical locations? >> the advantage of building a store's business off of people who have been buying and having the product sent to hatheir hom is we know where our core customers live and have a good idea of the demographics and people in those markets that are like them that might not be experiencing the brand. and so far, it's given us really good information on where to site stores and build the business by getting them both in stores and online. >> has it been gaining share? >> we know the category is
5:36 pm
growing at. much faster than the category. i think if i do the math on that, it probably says it's gaining share. >> where do you think you're taking the share from? when you talk to analysts who cover lululemon, they say the competition's rising from athleta. >> out of the broad rim of the ready to wear market space as she's making this part of her go to wardrobe for casual life. >> so reserve in store. how do you know it's working? >> the barrier to somebody reserving versus pulling out their credit card. they're more likely to say, i don't have to pay for it yet, there's no financial obligation, i'll go in and see if i want to buy it or not. so it's been -- people have responded super well to it so far. >> you might be selling more than just that item. there is an opportunity here to cross-sell other things when they come in? >> sure, when people come into the store, in a lot of our stores like here. when we see a reserve in store item, we'll often times if the sales associates have time, they'll pick a few more items and say these are going to be
5:37 pm
great for outfitting. if somebody reserves a pair of jeans, here's a great woven shirt to go with it. >> what are the metrics in terms of knowing this is actually working? >> number of reservations we're getting. >> which is? >> a lot. >> okay. >> people that make a reservation and go into a store and pick it up, that's high, too. and another one is what portion of people using it and try it then use it again? and we have a really nice repeat percentage. that to me is a really good indicator of the fact something strikes a resonant cord. >> we like numbers here on "fast money." i did ask for those metrics. the plan right now is not to reveal the metrics but release them at a later date along with earnings. i don't want to say experimental stage, but it's the kind of process they are continuously tweaking it. trying to make it a better experience and to boost those metrics. >> it's really interesting what they're doing. how is this not a big threat to
5:38 pm
lulu? also, when they talked about -- we talked about athleta as replacement for casual wardrobe is gap itself cannibalizing gap? >> we're going to find out. obviously, the stock had a huge run, spent the last 15 years. but now here we are coming back, i think 46 was a 52-week high, trading around 40. i still like gap. last quarter was good, margins a little sketchy, not terrible. i think the stock at 12 1/2 times forward earnings, not terrible. >> you're in nike. >> kind of sportswear and casualwear is nike. the biggest in the world. these guys are dominating adidas for all the sponsorships. the stock has held at 200. every test the last few months for difficult times for retail. nike's the best combination of dominant global player and somebody with a decent valuation in a growth model that is absolutely global. >> for my daughters, i own nike and lulu. bought it as a takeout.
5:39 pm
>> you don't see athleta as a competition? >> major competition. i do. i don't know how i couldn't see athleta as that for lulu. however, lulu at $44. >> and when you're in your pilates class -- >> only the stock, no the the clothes. >> what do you call it? >> no, no, no, it's -- the folks. >> can we gong him? >> no. >> i'm telling you. i go to pilates, i know, you don't do any downward dogs, that's in yoga. just saying. you're going to find out. >> you were right. you were right. >> all right, fine. >> time for pops and drops. big movers of the day. pop for t-mobile, up 1%, doc? >> good at the conference, mel, when soft bank ceo says i'd really like to make another acquisition here and deutsche telecom comes out and says, by the way, we own this t-mobile
5:40 pm
thing, we'd like you guys to buy that, green light you for that. stocks at a 52-week high, up 70% in the last year, i think it does get taken out. d.g., dollar general. >> downgrades it yesterday, i respect that. they report earnings on the third. but you know what, i think the stock's going to rally post earnings. >> got a pop here for sunedison. >> for a stock that's gone ballistic, now filed with the sec they're going to spin off their subsidiary, which is a -- excuse me, the clean kind of component of all their assets. i think this is a stock you cannot chase into this news. i'd be laying off. >> bigger pop for clean energy. up 9%. >> interesting story. not too long ago. he's pretty pumped on the story. however, he's been pumped on the story for quite some time. >> i hope so. >> but morgan stanley getting onboard today, they have a $14 price target and seeing more penetration into long haul trucking. >> and a pop here for very
5:41 pm
competitive -- >> huh? >> competitive eating. a nebraska mother made history after devouring two 72-ounce steak dinners in less than 15 minutes. only weighs 125 pounds, but that didn't keep her from inhaling -- >> inhaling. >> baked potato, salad and bread rolls. her record-setting shattered the old record by celebrity eater joey chestnut. >> wow. >> shouldn't she have gained 7 pounds eating those -- two of them? >> she ate two of them. >> that's 144 ounces. >> with the baked potatoes. and the bread rolls. >> now weighs 127. >> how is the competition? >> -- i don't think hot dogs and that is -- >> shares of delta airlines up more than 100% in the past year. one trader made a huge bet the stock could rally another 18% from current levels. mike, what did you see? >> i'm about to head out and get
5:42 pm
a steak, but what we saw was an interesting trade. last november, we need to take you back because this trader bought 15,000 of the june 30 calls, and that proved to be a really good bet because the stock's up over 40% since then, and they've more than quadrupled their money. today they sold those calls. but what's interesting, they took a portion of the proceeds and went out and bought the january 45 calls, paying $2.35 or about $3.5 million to continue making a bullish bet. that delta airlines could be up more than 18%. they're going out in time significantly, only risking a little over 5% of the stock price. and, you know, this is one of those situations where delta has been extremely cheap. they have a lot of secular tail winds. nice way to make a bullish bet to the upside in delta. >> thanks for that. and tomorrow, of course, being friday, "options action" 5:30 p.m. eastern time. also check out the website. coming up, big name biotechs
5:43 pm
getting ready to steal the show tomorrow. we tell you which stock you need to watch after this break. more "fast." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ tires screech ] chewley's finds itself in a sticky situation today after recalling its new gum. [ male announcer ] stick it to the market before you get stuck. get the most extensive charting wherever you are with the mobile trader app from td ameritrade. wherever you are with the mobile trader app beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey!
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♪ let's get a quick earnings alert with courtney reagan on infoblox which is getting crushed on the afternoon session. >> networking solutions firm losing nearly a third of the value in afterhours. although the estimates beat earlier quarters. also weighing on the stock, robert thomas announced he's stepping down to pursue other personal and professional goals. thomas, though, will remain in his position until a successor is found. melissa? >> courtney reagan, thanks for that. never good when the ceo resigns. >> no, and the numbers were really bad on the top line for a stock that's -- >> perfect storm. >> already gone from 45 to 20 going into these numbers. it's been a rough ride for the shareholders. >> talk biotech. the american society for clinical oncology conference kicks off tomorrow in chicago giving some of the world's
5:47 pm
biggest drug makers to showcase the latest cancer data. we've got this story. what should we be watching? >> well, we've talked a lot about amino therapies, in light of pfizer's interest in ast astrazene astrazeneca. and, of course, immunotherapies are important. they will all have data there that people will be watching that could move stocks next week. but a couple of other things are leukemia and lung cancer. now, leukemia, looking at chronic leukemia, the second most common form among adults, estimated at 15,000 people will be diagnosed with cll in the u.s. this year. so there are a couple companies working here to bring new drugs to market. one of them is pharmacyclics. now another company in the space is abvi, and they've got data on saturday, people are watching
5:48 pm
closely. these drugs a important because they could get rid of the need for chemotherapy. these could be important drugs. also in the space, gilead and infinity. we're looking at a david and goliath story, astrazeneca has a drug there, but a smaller drug called clovis oncology, and we saw some data from azn a few weeks ago but clovis looked better based on data. we're seeing research saturday at asco which could drive clovis up further. >> gilead, it was a ridiculous strong quarter. but they got caught up with the rest of the biotechs, all got sold off. the stock went from 84 in february down to 64. and it's finally getting the footing back as the rest of the space recovers. i think right now in the biotech space, gilead as interesting stock out there. >> cldx, the stock is down 40%
5:49 pm
year-to-date. and it's down, it's lost half of the value basically since it topped 30 back in february. so 14 -- i'm watching this one. they are a big cancer player. we'll see obviously the street has not been better with them. but that's one of the reasons to watch this one closely. >> switching gears a little bit, they had problems in the past with data being leaked prior to that conference. will that happen again? they try to be tight with it. that's something you have to watch. and if you see a stock starting to move you have to start to wonder. we did see a couple of stocks moving here today. especially people anticipating good data at the meeting and buying ahead of that. >> it was poised to move 10% on the back of its presentation.
5:50 pm
>> they actually got downgraded. this could be a weekend to redeem itself if it moves the other direction. >> thanks for joining us. >> looking to hitch a ride into space, elon musk is gearing up his space taxi. the details next on "fast." friday night, buddy.
5:51 pm
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elon musk planning on unveiling a brand new spacex initiative tonight some are calling a space taxi. jayne wells with a preview. jane? >> i'm going to be there. here's why this is a big deal. the russians say they'll stop ferrying the astronauts to the space station by 2020. and they plan on stop selling their engines for military satellite launches. who is building his own capsule to carry astronauts and building his own engines? elon musk. his spacex completed the third unmanned cargo trip to the iss. >> and the canada arm two with commander at the controls now has the spacex 3 in its grip. >> okay. tonight, spacex reveals a manned
5:54 pm
version of the capsule, the "dragon v2" for 1/10 a cost of a shuttle ride if spacex wins the space taxi contract competing against boeing and sierra nevada, which is not the beer company. a key thing about this dragon is its escape system. it's using the special abort engines to avoid a challenger-like disaster on launch. the engine chambers were manufactured through 3d printing. nasa's already paid spacex over $4 million for the taxi project also paying for the cargo runs. the money the company's using to fund other projects like a reusable rocket, which in testing has gotten 1,000 meters off the ground before landing back on earth. this as musk is battling with the air force over not winning any military satellite launches. melissa, as for spending people into space, that nasa wants it by 2017. >> i don't know where to begin. reusable rocket, 3d printed
5:55 pm
parts, can you uber the space taxi? >> what's going on with lance bass? is he still up there? >> i'm sorry, who? >> lance bass, isn't he still up in space? >> yeah, waiting for soyuz to bring him back in. >> what was he in? >> n'sync. >> along with lorde. >> along with lorde, yeah. >> a boy band with the "fast" crew. >> that would be good. >> jane, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> jane wells. >> i'd go to space with jane. >> i would, too. she'd be a riot. a blast. >> before you know it, you'd be in space. >> time flies. >> "lost in space" another good show. >> let's get to your tweets because we have a little bit of time for tweets. tweets. i think the first one's going to be for guy. >> quick. hesitate -- >> it's cheap, number one,
5:56 pm
valuation, it's almost recouped that whole loss we saw back in january, built to ceos at georgetown. >> potash is going higher, the prices have stabilized. and you're seeing a balance in favor of demand. >> karen, rite aid, does it have more room to run or not worth the squeeze? >> you know, that kind of gain is misleading when you have as much debt as rite aid does. that also means there's a fair amount of risk. either cvs or walgreen's. >> tonight on "mad money," a pop for popeyes. cramer's getting a bird's eye view. and finds out if perrigo could return to the stock's recent drop. coming up at the top of the hour on "mad." went ahead to the blackberry, we'll tell you who won after this break. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 searching for trade ideas that spark your curiosity
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and my rewards points won't expire. so you can make owning business even more rewarding. ink from chase. so you can. who will smell sweet victory when it comes to the street fight tonight? dr. j., the bull, the winner on blackberry. time now for the final trade. >> korea's underperformed, ewy. >> winner of the street fight, doc? >> energy's still hot, i like
6:00 pm
schlumberger. i bought it today. >> karen? >> we talked about children's place not getting enough credit. i would buy. >> loser of the street fight. guy? >> loser of the street fight. >> yes, i said that. >> infinitely more. >> no losers there. >> letter x. >> i'm melissa lee, see. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. my job is to teach and coach. so call me. or tweet me @jim cramer.


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