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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  June 6, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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100,000 shares of the company's stock yesterday, the stock currently trading to the up side. >> bertha, thank you very much. let's look at where the market assistants right now. the nasdaq up 19, and the s&p also in record territory at 1948.56. sue will be back on monday. thanks for joining us on "power lunch." "street signs" begins right now. and welcome to "street signs", everybody, where for the next hour we are looking at the real state of the u.s. economy. job ground is back, but not where we need it most. fear is at a year low. markets are record highs, and in another two months the s&p will be in the midst of the longest bull run in 85 years. speaking of the s&p, it could also be closer to restoring america's aaa rating. we'll be talking to s&p in just a second. is there any stopping? triple crown plays that
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could get your portfolio into a trot. and dinner with strangers who cook for you? i think it sounds like fun, but i'm sure there are others who think otherwise. right, melissa? >> i would be in that camp, mandy. let's get you caught up on where the markets are standing. mandy mentioned the record highs. good news for dow, the transports hitting another record high today, fractional gains across the board, but the action is concentrated on the small caps. you look at the russell 200, that's where we're seeing gains today, almost double the pace, and for the week, russell is on track for almost a 3% gain. and bob, some would argue that that proves investor are are willing to take on more risk. >> yeah, it's not a roaring recovery, for sure, but modest job growth seems to be enough. i want to show you the futures, at 8:30 eastern time, as that essentially in-line jobs report, the market took off, and of course were at new highs. what you want to talk about
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here, is we've essentially got goldilocks, stocks at new highs, bonds up, look at the sectoral play. there's industrials expanding economy, modest certainly, but still expanding here. rates are low, housing-related stocks are doing better as well. looks like earlier in the year materials names in the housing group, two big housing stocks, both doing very well today. you would think interest rate sensitive would do well in this environment, but look at this. reits, telecom, utilities, melissa, i think a lot of the equity investors do not believe rates will stay low. this is where you get that disconnect between equity visitors, finally, we want to point out the complete and utter collapse of the vix. this collapse started back here in march and april, correspondenting with low interest rates and higher stock prices. melissa, back to you. >> thank you very much, bob.
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the labor market has filly regained all the jobs it lost in the agree recession. through the next hour we'll be do the health check from -- so let's bring in bob brasco and our very own steve liesman. steve, you've been taking a temperature of the economy this quarter. what's your read? >> we have a new way of measuring. we call it better/better, worse/worse. better will better means better than the forecast, better than the prior, worse than the forecast and worse than the prior month. here's our list here. it's definitely missioned. housing starts, better/better. vehicle sales, and then looking at the other side, when we looked at the worse/worse, not all that bad. the trade deficits, i'm not sure that's a negative number.
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those imports will end up somewhere consumers spending, it was down, but down from a high level that's the real head scratcher. does the better/better, worse/worse, dan, line up with the stock market moving higher slowly? >> yeah, i think it does. listen, i've been having this conversation with clients for what seems like years. this is a 2.5% economy, and there's a lot of people out there waiting for the upside breakout. they look at the stock market and go, what's going on here, when in reality, this is what we've got and we keep pushing to the up side. >> what about you, bob? >> it's not a goldilocks economy. i don't know about the better/better, worse/worse, but it's where we are/are.
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when you look at where we are, it's going to be weak growth. i would -- on the strong patch, but the question is whether it holds up. so, i think the jury is still out. we'll have to put together a number of months before we say, hey, this is good growth and it's staying with us. >> i've got to get to dan. he just gave one of these things, like we went out and yada yada, he didn't call me the next day. you just said we're making jobs at 175, 200,000, so something is out of whack there, right? we shouldn't be doing that much jobs, or we could be doing worse. >> listen, i don't disagree, but you see a lot of people running around, talking about you need 125, 150,000 jobs just to keep the unemployment rate steady. the unemployment rate has been collapsing, so it's obviously in our opinion a realignment of our
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economy post-recession. we're not going to get a string of 250,000 jobs created, we won't get 4% gdp growth for meaningful time. in light of that those investors are doing much better. and i think that's the overriding theme. >> here's what all of this feeds into. remember the explosion that followed after the s&p surprised the financial world by downgrading the u.s. credit rating. the s&p has just issued a new statement that the rating could be raised back to triple-a if there's more evidence of bipartisan efforts in washington to solve the nation's financial issues. joining us is lisa shineller. >> it's a pleasure to be here. >> how do you put in your model more bipartisan efforts?
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how do you qualify that? >> good question. the rating is qualitative and quantitative. the examples that we have seen of working across the aisle, the bipartisan budget, the agreement last year, et cetera, and avoiding the fiscal cliff, those are important examples. however, we've also dealt with the -- still we see the high level of political bringsmanship associated with discussions around the debt ceiling, the events of last october. so we definitely, if you have prospects of continued steps towards more bipartisan efforts, focusing on the medium term, getting through some of these issues, that's a positive, along with signs of a lower debt trajectory in the coming years. it's stabilized, but also expected to go up absent bolder measures. >> so you're saying if you behave for, what, some period of time, then you'll give them a
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better grade? and what's the period of time? >> there's not a defined period of time. i think it's important to highlight the base case is we have a stable outlook. that's over the next two years we're not expecting a change in the rating. that's because we still see despite the inherent strength, there is a lot of somewhat -- this higher degree of morization, lack of cohesion around some of these important efforts. were that to evolve, that's something we would certainly take a look at. >> thank you for the reaction there. i don't want to sound disrespectful, steve, but how much do we actually care about this? to what degree -- >> i think this is embarrassing for s&p, they downgraded the country and the yields fell, and this shows that their method of thinking about these things i think are wrong. >> do you agree with that, daniel and bob? >> i think that was a mistake, too.
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we have some problems with or political parties, we have the best performing economy in the world, even china has had problems. the growth rate is high, with all kinds of problems. the u.s. economy is performing relatively welt by good global standards. bag by our standards. >> i like the idea if republicans and democrats got together and sang "kumbaya" together, i think this concept is fascinating to me. >> it does make a difference. it doesn't make one iota of difference if we're aa or a. a a. who cares? first of all diana olick picked through today's jobs report. she found a big red flag for housing. i want to bring you in. can you tell us exactly what it was? >> mandy, job growth is the number one driver of the housing recovery, right? more so than lower mortgage
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raids, when you have a good jobs, you're more likely to buy a home. while we are seeing job growth, we are not seeing it where we need it most. that's your red flag. young adults, age 25 to 34, they suffered the most during the recession, and while their employment has been improving, it took a turn for the worse in may, unemployment rising, far her than those 35 and older. the younger buyer are often first-time home buyers, and they have struggled in the recovery. in april they represented just 29%, that's down from a historical norm of an 40%. younger americans are not only paid by lower performance, but also by student loan debt and lower savings, this makes them far more likely to rent than own. that's good news for the apartment sector. guys? >> diana, thanks for that. why does it matter to have these younger people buying homes?
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it's been every other segment of the market there are buyers. historically, what you've seen recently is other age groups -- >> our institutions, particularly in the present market. i think diana is completely right. at the same time, the argument about first-time home buyers, historically maybe it's been 40%, but hasn't been 40% during the recovery. we're getting a lot of speculators, this is a real problem. you take a look at the new market where prices actually down year over year. so clearly there are problems in the housing market. and this gets back to the -- and career opportunities. it's a big problem. >> well, first of all it's not clear to me that some of this
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group are choosing this period of time of a soft job market and not buy a home, so i think that's part of it. i think the employment problems are highly differentiated. when i look at the problems. eye specially high school degrees, and we keep coming up with the same old solutions, and i'm afraid they're the only solutions, but they're all terrible. they have to do with job training and the history, the research has been done on job training shows it's very, very mixed record in terms of the ability to train somebody, give them a job. it has to be an incredibly difficult combination of businesses working with government, working can schools. >> take a punt on them, make a gumbel with the skills the company requires. >> that is true, but in order to scale it up, you have to work with the schools. in order to work with the schools, you have to work with the government. so the places we see where it's
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work, it's very, very local and going national is really hard. >> bottom line, your solution is all of those institutions come together and sing kumbaya. >> very quickly, i would ment n mention. >> it's not necessarily part of the american dream anymore. >> think don't want to mow lawns. >> they want to be mobile. if you're locked down, you can't go to where the jobs are. >> it's part of the american nightmare. the economy is changing, and you need a how is liquid. you've got a how, well, that's harder to sell. the housing sector has made its own problem. >> i know we've got to go. >> yes, we do.
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a minus 1 in the first quarter, so we'll probably do dan's old 1 1/2 to 2 overall in the first half. the investment question now is -- >> good questions. steve, thank you very much. dan and bob, thank you very much as well. bertha coombs has a market flash. >> check out sees dar entertainment. the story we've been tracking all asp. the company confirming it's received a notice of default from owners purporting to hold at least 30% of the bonds due in 2018. in heavy trading, the stock is currently done here over 2% here. >> thank you very much, fwerta. another big blow to obamacare's bottom line. a few numbers reveal how few will actually pay the penalty. later, it's off to the races with a triple crown stock
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is there some free marked relief coming out of v.a. scandal? the senate hats r50e6d a deal to give veterans the chance to seek out their care in the private market. dan, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> do you forseen that the shift will be such that many veterans
2:18 pm
will opt to go the private route? >> i think if they have the o -- to be clean, this at this point applies for veterans in rural areas. veterans who have been on the waitlist for a very long time. we think this is an important reform and starts to chip away at the inefficient, ineffective system. >> i understand you worked for two years handling constituents' issues with the v.a. did you during that time have any inkling of all those issues that were going on there? >> i had no inkling out here in phoenix. i did deal with the phoenix v.a. hospital. there were serious problems with getting veterans in to see a doctor, primary care figures in a timely manner.
2:19 pm
additionally, with veterans on the veterans benefit administration getting their claims processed in a timely manner. there were clearly serious problems. a lot of times i would sigh them come in. my first week why can't they see a private provider. we have president great private providers here in phoenix. like, why are they waiting months on end to go to a primary care provider at the v.a. when there's great private sector options out here. there was is it actual a program in place called a fee basis program that allowed veterans to do that, but they were refusing to use it out here, because i think many v.a. bureaucrats saw that as a threat to the status quo. >> by allowing some to opt into the private market that would clear out some of the wait times. >> it will. >> time another proponent is to allow the v.a. secretary to fire people and get rid of
2:20 pm
underperforming workers within the system. do you see that as being a major milestone? they're also allows thor people to actually appeal. the good news is they're not getting paid. it's only 21 days, if they're removed from the service or fired, they're off the payroll. sharon hell man, in charge of the phoenix v.a. hospital, where it's now been confirmed that 18 veterans have died. it is a revolution yar piece of legislation, but pretty sad to say on the state of affairs of the v.a. where giving the secretary the ability to fire a manager who has engaged in gross misconduct is revolutionary. you had a pretty remarkable thing here in phoenix, where the acting secretary came out and in
2:21 pm
effect begged congress to give him this power. that's reflective on how bad things are at the va. >> dan, thank for coming on. i pressure it. cnbc has another report on retaliation at yet another v.a. facilities in the colorado area. look for that in the coming weeks. in the meantime go to investigations to watch "death & dishonor." how many people will pay the penalty for not having some kind of health insurance. according to the congressional budget, only 4 million out of estimated 30 million uninsured will pay a fine. in other words, that means 87% of people without coverage will either not pay or they'd get some kind of exemption. let's bring in -- it does seem like lately there have been a number of headlines chipping
2:22 pm
away at obamacare. this is the latest. >> you mentioned the 87% that the congressional budget office says won't pay the man dade for one reason or another. the important number to know is the original estimate was 77%. the reason i say that is when congress actually designed and passed the man dade in the first place, it was already weak. the white house was worried that people would say you're going to be forcing me to buy insurance i can't even buy. so they watered it down further. they drove a mack truck through the mandate. >> you mentioned the election, all of this to appease the voters. why can't we take the politics out it. if you're always pandering to the electorate, you will never have a perfect system, will you? >> the exchange, they charge more to young people to to help older and sick people, but the younger people will make more to
2:23 pm
insurance, how do you make them do it that? you force it. if you repeal the man dade or drive a hole through it, a lot of people, but if you keep the mandate there's also politics, because the young people get mad. >> you look at the numbers, it's staggers. the exemptions for those who don't have to pay the penalty that could be $27 billion less being paid into the system. isn't that the real problem here? part of it is the fiscal problem. the bigger worry, of course, is it helping young people to not sign out? do you think there's a fix to this? >> well, if you talk to the insurers, they'll say make the mandate stronger. another way -- >> is that a possibility? >> it's not a possibility in this congress. the other possibility is to actually make it more affordable for younger and healthier people to buy the insurance.
2:24 pm
that would also require congressional action. >> okay. thank you very much. interesting stuff. thank you. we are continuing our diagnostic check of the u.s. economy with a look at what is powering our future. here's a hint -- think homer simpson. the most popular video game of all time hits a huge milestone today. but first check this out. this is the cia, just officially joined twitter. they also officially have a accepts of humor. the first tweet -- we can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet. we'll be right back. type 2 diabetes effects
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ask your doctor about invokana®. happy birthday, at the timeries. the most popular video game of all times turns 30 day. it was created on this date. since then more than 100 million versions having sold. if you are wondering, the name at the time tries comes from tetronomo, which is a geometric shape. >> i feel like -- >> i can go home now. >> there is a nuclear power play
2:28 pm
going on, and it would be a big boost. mary thompson has more. >> reporter: hey there i'm at south carolina electric & goods, where i'm at this mass i have been construction site where they are going to build one of two nuclear reactors. these two reactors are the first being built in the u.s. in 30 years. at the peak of construction, the site will employ 35,000 workers, but sce & g has been focused on hiring a permanent staff of 650 to 800 who will run the reactors, even though they don't go online for another three or four years. here's the chief nuclear officer jeffrey archie. >> we'll be looking for folks who have backgrounds in physics training as engineers. we'll be looking for maintenance workers, mechanics, instrument and control techs, electricians,
2:29 pm
also chemists. sce & g isn't alone. the nuclear institute says 39% of the industry's workforce will be retiring by 2018. that means 20,000 jobs will be available. sce & g has already filled 450 of the 800 positions drawing workers from the military, industry and local high schools and two and four-year colleges. workers like those you see in this video need to be trained and licensed, mainly at a simulator located here at the site. >> we have focused on the front end to bring in training instructors, get them qualified, bringing in operators, and now we're also in the process of bringing in engineering, maintenance workers. >> so what does it pay? the nuclear center institute says starting salaries for many of these industry-level jobs are
2:30 pm
between 52,000 and 62,000 a year. sce & g would only say that the pay is competitive and they do offer full ben fits. melissa and mandy, back to you. >> mary thompson rocking the hardhat. thank you very much. hertz is really hurting today. could now be the best time to get into the stock? we'll be talking numbers on it ahead. and the belmont stakes this weekend as california chrome trying for the first triple crown in 36 years. the bus might have a song that he has in his headus but he just can't get out. with the technology of cloud, we change all that. i can sing something into my device. up to the cloud it goes. back down it comes sounding better. we break down the walls of creation, and we give music creation for the masses. ♪ ♪
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but that would require wifi. switch to comcast business internet and get two wifi networks included. comcast business built for business. news and analysts recommendations. we kick it off here. goldman sachs raising the rating on consol. the firm is says that consol is benefiting from increased production, but in the same call they cut the rating on peabody saying the company is being hurt by falling coal prices. up 8% this week alone. bank of america, merrill lynch upgrading angie's list. >> moving in a positive direction, always a good thing, and they noted the relatively large number of short sellers
2:34 pm
may -- it is, by the way, kind of suffering so far this year. over the past year down 51%. down year to date. >> and the short interest 31%. >> yeah. apache is worth watching as well. >> wells also cut their price target range to 95 to 105, currently is thing at 94.50. and they cut that from 116 to 120. it is up about 10% -- about -- let's say 8% year to date. >> and a new high for humana. >> this is based on better visibility on reimbursement rates, also the same continued growth in the -- and what they call a history of proven results. the price target is being set at $155, already doing very well over the past year, up by 57% and you -- and let's look at today's under the radar pick, because this one is not moving too much
2:35 pm
right now, actually in negative territory, but tmh getting a downgrade from deutsche to hold from buy. they're keeping their price target based on valuation, just a bit higher than where it is now. they still maintain a fail away long-term outlook. there is such a thing as physician outsourcing market. over the past year, it is up by 34%. let's talk herds now, the giant down 9% after the car giant said it will have to restate results due to accounting errors. this is a name that has attracted big-name activist investors, including dan loeb. let's talk numbers. chad, let's start it off with you. whenever you have a company restating results, that's never a good thing. >> no, definitely not a positive. we would avoid this stock at
2:36 pm
this point in time. it's had a huge run. they're up 100%, but the valuation just doesn't make sense. when you look at the companies it has a $12 billion market cap, and after looking at the 2015, they should have net income of about a billion, so trading at 27 sometimes better price value. that to us is pretty lofty. any time of downturn, this exude company is somewhat sensitive. so what i would do here is pear back my gains, if you have it, and if you looking to re-deploy new money, i would say away from the sector and stay away from the name. >> stay away from hertz. what about the charts? do they suggest the same kind of thing, ari? >> yeah, i have a good indicator for this one. if the stock has under accounting review in the news headline, you want to stay away. there's just too many attractive charts in the market that i want to have to worry about this accounting blowup. so avoid it. if you're in it, here's how you
2:37 pm
get out. here's a look at the charts. one, the big down gyred gap, and it is finding stable asian, so you may get an oversold pop here, fill that gap, if you get a bounce back up to about $29, i'd get out of it there. >> message is very clear there on hertz. down about 4% year to date. >> thank you. be sure to check out the online edition of "talking numbers" in partnership with yahoo! finance. big news out of the uber-, speaking of car companies, that company securing a 1.2 billion. bill and kelly, you've got the ceo coming up. >> yes, we do. i mean, and, you know, that 1.2 billion placement, what that does is values the entire company at roughly $17 billion. >> $17 billion, $18 billion. >> somewhere in that range. it's raising eyebrows today, but would you imagine any company
2:38 pm
coming out and saying we're overvalued as this amount and we go, that's it? >> we were just talking about hertsds hertz, if you look at the valuation of uber-, it's much bitter. -- bigger. and all the tame, the ceo is -- we're going to ask him about this, quote/unquote, well known that prifl valuations guys are lower than what might be ascribed. if you were to look at it that way, then if this company were publicly traded, the value could be somewhere upwards of 20, $25 billion. >> it is insaid. out in silicon valley, they say, no, no, not insane completely. >> but yet i will be here with raised eyebrows. >> keep them raised. okay. thank you. silicon valley, talking of which, has a unique problem. i would say a number of problems, but let hayes focus on one. too many good jobs, but not enough workers. we'll tell you which amazing new
2:39 pm
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♪ monster beverage has to pay $1.7 million to the beasty boys. the company said there was a misunderstanding about whether it had permission. this case was about more than money to the beasty boys, the third member of the group died in 2012, and his will specifically prevent companies from using -- what you believe you're listening to is "sabotage". >> how do you know that? >> for every segment, i do extensive research. >> you really do. that's your excuse, anyway. in a lot of places it is still heart to find a job, except in silicon valley, where
2:43 pm
there may be job, but the catch is the competition for the workers is really fierce. josh lipton, that's why those carrots to lure you in is real sweet itches competition we know is red-hot, so startups need to offer the right perk they're going to attract the best engineers and developers here. we toured the bay area to find out how they're doing it. now, one popular perk -- free workouts. gym memberships, we know they can be pricey, so startups bring fitness into the office. at nerd wallet, a personal financial start-up in san francisco, a boot camp trainer comes to the office and gives their 80 employees a free hour-long workout. >> i think boot camp does more for team bonding than even happy hour. we end up interacting with people across the company we don't normally see on a day-to-day basis, there's
2:44 pm
something coalescing about doing pushups together or struggling through a set of kettle bells. >> start-ups know that mental health is as important as, connects users with local services form its employees take part in rooftop yoga sessions, which the company says it speaks to the broader mission of the people getting out of the office and -- startups offer free room and board. meta is working on this augmented reality product. its 30 engineers actually live together for free in a house in pour tolla valley, california. you can think of it as a modern-day commune. ultimately recruiters say it's the work that will attract prospective employees, but the right set of perks don't hurt. >> i hate to see it. i'm so much more of a free beer than a boot camp kind of gal. what company offers that?
2:45 pm
>> one doesn't exclude the other. >> maybe boot camp and have a beer with the mates and completely cancel out that hard work. >> but the commune situation, josh, sounds like jail. it sounds like endent injures servitude. >> i guess it's in the eyes of the beholder. it's a beautiful house with an incredible view. the engineers working day and night living there for free. >> if you're no longer on the air on monday at cnbc, joshie, we know exactly where you have gone. >> that's right. >> good luck with the commune. one problem with air b & b is people may not be comfortable with strangers in their home, but what about serving dinner? the web side is encouraging hosts to offer group dinners. maybe you could find a nice home-cooked meal and maybe new friends. there are web sites doing this, like feastly. i would totally do this.
2:46 pm
especially if you're traveling for work, you're by yourself, instead of sitting in your room with room service watching bad, trash tv, right -- >> i like that nirgt. >> i would go to something like this. >> they're charging $25. >> which isn't much. >> but you can get quite a nice dinner at a restaurant. >> so you're more a restaurant kind of girl. >> yes, i don't know what i'm getting for $25, no offense, at your house. >> i suspect with the same sort of system where airbnb would vet the hosts. >> do they vet the cooking? >> that's my impression. he would have to. otherwise anyone would say come over for mac and cheese, i'll charge you $25. >> what if you do and there's only one other person there. it would be awful. that would be the worst scenario. 36 years and no horse has won a triple crown. will california chrome break the streak tomorrow at the belmont stakes? what does this mean for the
2:47 pm
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2:51 pm
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tomorrow california chrome will try to become the first horse to win the triple crown since affirmed in 1978. in the 36 years since the popularity of horse racing in this country has declined, if he wins, will it provide a boost to the industry? morgan brennan is live at belmont for us. morgan? >> hello, ladies. i hope you like my hat, upgraded in honor of the race tomorrow. so, tomorrow. this racetrack is going to be jam packed with more than 100,000 visitors, all here to see whether chrome can take the crown. the new york racing association, which owns belmont, says a stakes with a triple crown hopeful can pull in 40% more attendees and tv ratings could pop as well with viewership on average more than doubling, but the overall racing industry that is been on the decline. that was perpetuated in the
2:55 pm
downturn, but it really started in the early 2000s. now, belmont's new boss says he's trying to turn that around with new events like an ll cool j concert tomorrow night. >> we're beginning to come back, and you see that in a number of ways, including how much money people are paying now to buy stallions at the auctions. what we're trying to do is to make sure we can grab people's attention on a couple of different days, big days. >> he says belmont is on track for one of its best years ever, but analysts say racing needs to better target a key demographic. >> the horse racing industry has opinion in decline for a number of years. seeing the average customer, kind of an older age group and the younger generation really hasn't taken to the sport. >> okay. another issue, the takeout. that's how much race tracks pull from your winnings. that's pushed heavy betters in other forms of gambling like blackjack and poker, not to mention the convenience of
2:56 pm
watching from your home. we've seen online betting really shoot up as well. back to you. >> okay. morgan, thank you so much. i love the fascinator, kind of one of those fluffy bantam chickens. >> i was wondering if the hat flew. does it fly? >> might take off in a gust of wind. thank you, morgan. be sure to catch california chrome's attempt for triple crown history in the belmont stakes all starting tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. eastern on nbc. >> i think it flies. >> and while you are out there picking your winning horse this weekend, also a few stock picks to look at as well. joining us is the director of investments and, gentlemen, where are your hats? that's all i want to know. let's get to the stock picking. ted what, have you got at the top of your list? >> boeing airlines. boeing is probably the only company that has a faster
2:57 pm
growing backlog than california chrome. the company has $440 billion in backlogs for the 747 dreamliners, clearly on a growth trajectory. they have been through tons of delays and now they are finally producing the plane which is a once in a 100 year plane and the demand is really hospital we think the earnings cycle will be really robust over the next three to five years and the current estimates are dev hit out of sync with what the company is going to end. trading below the pe multiple. dividend at 2.5% and it was increased 50% in the fourth quarter of 2013. we think that there's a lot of good demand for the product and some other areas of this business are really growing well and we'll see stock over the next 18 to 24 months go to up about $200 a share from 135 right now. >> i wanted to ask about one of
2:58 pm
your pick and that's sotheby's. recent love when three of seven seats were gotten on the committee that looks at options. how are you waiting for the exit strategy? are you waiting for dan lowe to exact value? what's your strategy here? >> we've spoken to dan lowe and the company, and we think they have now got it together. five new directors and we think they will work together town lock value. i'm using like a 20 multiple on 2015 numbers about $.80. this thing is down 25% year to date so i think -- you're talking about 50% upside. i mean, they can unlock value in real estate in their headquarters in new york and london and can do some things with cost-cutting. paid a one-time special dividend last year of $4. in january 2015 we'll see another one-time special dividend. i think they are going to work together and unlock the value that this 250-year-old company has. >> it's been a really rough year for the some of sotheby's.
2:59 pm
a couple of stocks you have in your portfolio, aflac and celgene. >> yes. aflac, i mean, it's always been -- it's been beaten up for a long time. you know, they are the largest underwriter of supplemental insurance and 75% of the businesses are in japan so that tells the story of why it's done. the yen is down 22% over the last year versus the dollar. 25% of aflac's business is in the u.s., and the growth for that supplemental space is looking to be about 7% to 10% of volume growth which bodes well for aflac which has a p multiial of about 9 versus an industry of about 12. nice dividend that's growing and the company is very well managed. managed their way through the toxic debt crisis in europe as well as maintaining their dividend through the crisis so we think the company has good management, it's cheap and the future looks bright. cell fine, on the other hand,
3:00 pm
was beaten down with the other biotech companies and they are being challenged on one of their key drugs, and we think that they will overcome that challenge. indications are that they will, and the company is 25% -- >> we've got to go guys. >> ted and sandy, thank you so much. >> we think celgene will hit 200 this year. >> and sandy's other picks were sanchez energy, already up 40% year to date and everbank financial. >> "closing bell" is up next. hi, everybody. happy friday, and welcome to "closing bell." i'm kelly evans down here at the new york stock exchange and bill is back. >> i'm back, at least for one day before the weekend here. we've got the markets trading higher today. in fact, we are suddenly -- we find ourselves on dow 17,000 watch. the market -- the dow was up 86 points


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