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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  June 27, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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i bought it on unusual activity. >> abbott labs. >> kings, and long natural gas. >> you guys have done it exactly to the second. that does it for us. see you on "street signs", 2:00 p.m. eastern. halftime is over. the second half of your trading day begins now. >> and we welcome you to "power lunch." the semiconductor sector has been on fire. check out the chart. year to date the sox is up 17%, a pretty good performance. there's some worry that a cooldown could be imminent. that's about 30 seconds away. without a deal, make ports on the west coast will be shut down by monday. this could have a huge impact on the american economy from sea to shining sea. that's coming up in eight minutes on power. and an exclusive tour of a $118 million new york city penthouse. even if you're used to
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ultra-luxury, you've probably never seen anything quite like this before. the man selling it is the star of bravo's million dollar listing. it's some really amazing stuff, and it's here only on "power lunch." simon is my partner tonight. >> stocks are off their lows down here. the dow and the s&p on track for a second weekly long despite struggling to the finish line in june. unless we see a huge tornado around. the dso and s&p 500 will end the month will gain. that's in a big contrast from recent trends. the dow has only posted gains in five of 15 junes. and while the s&p has gained in eight of 15 junes. the russell 2000 and the nasdaq led the gains in sdwrun up 4 and 3% respectively, both indices are having their best month since february. michael's going public at the nasdaq today. the arts and craft retailer
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pricing at the low end of estimates, getting off to a somewhat weak start, just as you can see moving above the listing price there at $17.22. go pro, as you can see at the bottom there, continues to soar, now day 2 of trading, a sec and a half, and really still making some gains. we've seen it happen in biotech, internet and cloud stocks. our semixhuktor stocks are they next for a breakdown? seema mody looking deeper, and dominic chu with one beaten down group actually staging a stealth, but we'll kick off with you, seema. >> it's been seen as a pocket of strength, the semiconductor stocks, company that is power partphones, tablets pcs and chips, the index up about 17% as investors -- but some wall street analysts believe semiconductor stocks may by ready for a tumble.
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jon tharn criminaathan says sint overbought, expect some consolidation. analysts add goldman sachs agree, writing that they have reached problematic territory in the market's willingness to overemphasis the good news and ignore the bad news, but there are some bulls out there, telling me that the femme story remains favorable, and the allure of dividends. it's in line with the s&p 500 at around 2%, the favor diplomat in paying semiconductor stocks, including sandisk, analog devices, and skyworks solutions. simon? >> interesting. seema has the view there on semiconductor. dom, you're looking at social media, the stealth rally of the dam? itches a lot of investors have been so intently focused like
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utilities on one hand. they have been leading the s&p higher, but even richer rewards have come from the stealth rally, after taking a huge -- traders have been -- enough of an up trend to even call some of them in a bull market again. the ticker here is socl. after losing nearly a third of its value on an intraday base, it's now up about 20% since then. some call it bull market territory. show some even better returns. check on the linked in, up over 20% dun the slow -- it still needs another 50-plus percent rally to get back to its report high. facebook is another gainer, up 23% since its recent lows, and it just needs another 8% to get back to fresh record highs. twitter has gained nearly 40% since its recent lows, and it's
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gone back up above $40 a share. same story here with internet radio company pandora. it's got a long way to go before getting back to its fresh record highs. still, though, it's gained 40%, nearly 40% on an intraday basis sits inns recent lows just a couple months ago. these are more volatile stocks that far outpace the market on the up side, but they also, also fall very fast on the down side as we've seen over the past few months, so momentum is something you want to be aware of when you invest in these stocks, just like a lot of other tech stocks. still a nice healthy return for a couple months of work. back over to you. >> we'll take that any day. the market is on track for gains in june. deutsche bank in fact cut its global growth forecast today, just days after goldman sachs lowered its u.s. growth estimate. is it time, given that, to change your strategy? we welcome back katie nixon. , and dorothy weaver joins us as
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well, chairman and cofounder of collins capital. ms. weaver was the former chairman of the miami fed. welcome. nice to have you here. dorothy, i want to start with you if i can't. the revisions to the down side, does that have you worried? i know you look for strategic opportunities in the market, but does that have you worried at all? >> no, i think it's a reflection obviously that we are in a slow growth environment, as much as we would like to see growth kick in, it is going to, i think continue to be a slow growth environment. that's why we're not trying to call directionality, but look for both longs and shorts that can be noncorrelated, but looking for special opportunities. >> i think that kind of dove tails with your forecast, you're generally optimistic about the economy, and you haven't changed your strategy. >> we really haven't, sue, but i agree with what dorothy said. clearly we're in a slow growth
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environment. the first quarter was incredibly noisy. we still think us gdp growth will be good enough to prevent tightening and keep corporate earnings on a positive trajectory. >> dorothy, when you say you look for opportunities in the market, we haven't had a lot of volatility. sometimes that, in and of itself can be a problem for opportunities, but you're looking for specific areas where maybe things are a bit out of align muppet, m & a activity, things like that. correct? >> right. so kernel lack of volume tilts means you don't make as much money as calling it right on some of the anomalies, but we're looking for a lot more corporate activity. they did it right, coming out of the recession and selling inventories, cutting costs, cutting back on payroll. now in a slow growth environment, we think they're going to have to look at
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creative ways to cede shareholder value, and whether it's mergers, spin-offs, consolidation, and what you're seeing is on mergers that used to be the one acquired went up and the one acquiring went down, now you're see both go up, because you're doing accretive mergers that are win/win situation. >> katie, you still like health care and financials. if you want to pick which one that you are more favorable on, which one would it bell? >> health care, sue. we think the valuations are compelling in general, lots and lots of companies have cash that they're ready, willing and able to use right now for all kinds of reasons. also through share buy backs. could you give us an estimate on where you think will end this year?
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we see a price appreciation from here, but you come up with a pretty good 12-month forecast. >> dorothy, does that dovetail ought ought with what you're looking for? >> probably not. we're not counting on market growth to get the run from here. in a slow growth. all right. we'll leave it there. thank you very much. a pleasure to have you with us. come back soon. >> thank you.
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sue, a major lake strike is farce -- and billions of deliveries are at stake. >> this is a really big deal, so on -- at midnight on monday, the current contract, keeping shipments on track at west coast ports expires. it could be the 30 pores the national retail federation says a port shutdown could cost of economy as much a 2.5 million per day. the warehouse union represents nearly 14,000 west coast port workers, and the maritime along the west coast ports. no contract deal has yetting reached. during the last contract negotiations, dock product activity slowed by nearly a third, but a workers strike
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means that they'll by stick between the shore and stores. rye tail aren't taking chances. they have all told us they're exercising some caution, and in some cases invokeses already established contingencies plans. now, one truck driver at the los angeles port told us there are already signs that the union is flexing its muscle, that particular truck driver waited 7 to 8 hours last week to pick up some cargo. simon, back to you. >> let's see if they can sort it out. we are down 40 on the dow. let's get a market flash. >> so shares of allergy again are take a turn just off session highs. the hedge fund big acmax have settled a legal dispute related to a shoulders rights plan or poison pill put in place by allergan.
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they have agreed that pershing square's attempt will not trigger that so-called poison pill. that would allow existing shareholders to buy stock at a deep le discounted price. pershing holds slightly less than that amount right now, so at least one development in the ongoing saga. bag over to you. hailed on the show, goldman sachs is ute with a list of tech stocks that it says is best positioned for what they call the internet of all things. apple and google didn't make the goldman cut. we'll tell you why not, and the under the radar stocks that did. check out the views. just the views from this incent penthouse in new york valued at $118 million. we will take you for an exclusive grand tour, next.
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. being news, hewlett-packard and its shareholders have reportedly settled a lawsuit over the autonomy software acquisition. the deal is said to drop all claims against meg whitman and board members while it consolidates efforts to hold account and they have spiked in terms of volume on that reuters report coming out, but the stock price has not move appreciably.
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it took a charge just last year. back over to you. so what can investoring expect in the second half of the trading year? josh lipton has some predictions. here's what to watch for in the tech sector in the second half. there are nearly 2 billion smartphone users in the world, you might have a few more options when deciding what your next device should be. amazon will ship its new phone on july 25th, and apple is expected to launch its new smartphone in the fall. tech companies could deliver more devices and services to track your health. apple just launched a new app. called health. the tech titans move in this area could motivate areas to jump into the space ago well.
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analysts think they'll see a large venter looking to acquire more companies to build out their solutions that they can offer clines from stork to cloud services. that you are your second half tech outlook. i'm josh lipton. in the meantime goldman sachs is out with a list of tech stocks that it believes are best positioned for the internet, of all things. if you're looking for google or apple to be on that list, well, they're not there. the tech giants didn't make the cut. why not? and which stocks did? joining us is jon fortt and julia boorstin. goldman is upbeat on apple, for example, just not in this list of 17. so there's some names on here like qualcomm, like arm,
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that are actually well positioned, but one you dial down and guess what's going to happen, we don't yet know what the driving products will be. will it be a standout thermostat? something in an air conditioner? a watch? once we see though, did you thus far, the list very much in the weeds. don't sort of bet on all of these forces, and expect them to come in of the 17, i see that five are not buys. what's your take? >> well, i think it's interesting here. we have to remember there are some big names on here like samsung and garmin, a company that a lot of people expected to have gone by the wayside when the gps technology became less relevant, but i think what they're focusing on is the component. and then there's other companies
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on this list that are about the wifi connected to these devices. i think there's some interesting trends on this list. goldman believes that wifi are going to be the key to making device it is smart in the future. >> are all these chips going to be dumbed down, because they don't have to do much but activate the device essentially on command? >> in a way, yes. i was told recently that he expects an order of magnitude of more chips, but lower margin and lower price, so i think something to be careful with on this goldman list, i'll bell you the companies that benefit the most aren't on the list, they won't even be the components. that will be even more of a volume business, but even more of a low margin business. some of these companies will lose big. it might have been a health company or media company that actually comes out on top. >> the big question is what do they do with the operating
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systems. we have to leave it there. jon fortt, julia boosten, thank you both. simon, we have taken a big of a drop in the market just in the past couple seconds. we've down doubled that, down about 67 points on the trading session on the dow jones industrial average. as you can see that drop-off came just a moment ago. we're working on it to see whether there's anything fundamental that's changed. keep in mind we have the russell rebalancing at the end of the trading session. sometimes before that you do get volatility. transportation average is do you 23 points on the trading session. when we come back, a nightmare of a flight. phil lebeau follows they as a hobby. he's never heard of anything as bad as this. that's coming up next. housing in the second half, predictions, plus two big torrie on the home front. diana olick and robert frank to explain. >> i'm going to give you the skinny on skinny houses. are these the next great real estate development deal? or are they actually vulgar?
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robert, this went isn't as expensive as yours. >> vulgar? i can't believe it. this one is amazing, 17,000 square feet with a terrace overlooking the statue of liberty and a jacuzzi overlooking the freedom tower, a tour and the most expensive apartment in all of downtown manhattan. after the break. with all the opinions about stocks out there, how do you know which ones to follow? the equity summary score consolidates the ratings of up to 10 independent research providers into a single score that's weighted based on how accurate they've been in the past. i'm howard spielberg of fidelity investments. the equity summary score is one more innovative reason
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♪ this actually may be specific -- i can't tell you that at the movement, but this sort of move would not be atypical, because the pension funds have to rebalance. in advance of today, equities have done so well on the quarter, on the monday, that actually pension funds could be next sellers of $14 billion in equities from which they will then buy bonds. the sharp moves you get are just potentially part of, sue, the rebalancing. dupont i know has lost ground, issuing a warning today, as they tail write-downs on the
1:25 pm
invento inventory. >> >> we are see that move, because the yield has moved to the low of the trading session, 2.534%. i think you're right on target with pension funds. it has been a good month. >> which will probably be buying tech and consumer staples, but we'll see. for the second half of the year, here's cnbc's diana olick with what to expect in real estate. here's what to watch for in the housing sector, affordability. that's key. after a weaker than expected first half. who chooses to buy a single family home and who chooses to
1:26 pm
rent. after a surge in apartment starts, thousands of brand-new units are set to come online in the second half which could bring rents down. watch for mortgage rates to rise slightly, weakening affordability even further. keep a close eye on housing starts. single-family was weak in the first half with new orders flat. home builders could make an aggressive move, but they're going to have lo lower prices. i'm diana olick. and we'll have more from diana in a moment on another interesting trend within how housing. first we want to pause and focus on the $118 million misting. a massive new york city penthouse right here, downtown manhattan, that is quite a sight and has many sights from it. our wealth editor has an exclusive grand tour. >> we had the first cameras ever here. you had it right, $118.a million making this the most expensive listing.
1:27 pm
we took a tour with is the broker. >> it's almost 16,000 square feet. this will take us a little while. >> i've got my walking shoes on. i'm ready. >> how awesome is that? >> this is unbelievable. >> so then we have the separate dining area fit for a king. a separate den. i love the millwork, the coffee lights. this is awesome. white house. -- wow. >> so this is terrace -- >> incredible. two of four. let's go downstairs. i want to show you the master bedroom suite. this is the beginning of the master suite. this door is bulletproof. it's a panik roc room.
1:28 pm
you fall asleep to these views. >> this is incredible. >> this apartment was going to turn heads no matter what we priced it at just because of the sheer size, because of the views, because of finishes, and because of what we were offering. and because that's part of my job. as a real estate broker, i mean, i'm a marketer. that's what i do. i need to get exposure for properties like this, so one on a yacht in the south of france takes notice and says i didn't even know i wanted that, and now i do. so like i want, i think this is a deal. >> the most amazing things is this is actually three units. all these will have to be combined. whoever buys this will spend tens of millions on top of the 118 to renovate it. serhant said this apartment is a good value.
1:29 pm
>> 7600 -- 16,000 square feet. always good to have a bulletproof door on the bedroom. in honor of the anniversary we hit ryan with 25 rapid-fire questions. check it out. >> how much was your biggest commission check? >> look at these views. i'm -- maybe half a million? >> what do you think you can make on this place? >> cup million, maybe. >> reporter: what's your favorite work you can't say on tv? [ bleep ]. >> you can see all 25 questions if you go to, for bleeps. it's a lot of fun. you should check it out. two cable tv greats. >> he is great. he is an amazing marketer. he really moves. >> the guy can move. sue, back to you. >> it's tough to follow that, actually. meanwhile, some of the nation's hottest -- land if you
1:30 pm
want to build new homes, is rare. diana olick looking at a new trend with those developers. hi, diana. you're right, land values in hot urban neighborhoods are only going up, so developers are building up. buying the air rights for buildings like these even in the middle of 100-year-old rowhouses, they're called pop-ups, and some say these stick out like a sore thumb, or even worse, a middle finger. >> that's one way to think about it. >> reporter: jenna has been hou househunting, bidding wars, all-cash offers, she keeps losing out. there just isn't enough for sale to meet the demand, precisely why developers are building up, not just here in d.c., but in other tight neighborhoods. the sky is the limit, even if the sky is the only view worth looking at. >> they will take it up as high
1:31 pm
as they can go to get more units out of the square footage of the not. >> reporter: an oversized bookend to a row of three-story houses, this offers four stories. one even a duplex listed at over a million. it is not alone. orders are pops up nearby and more are planned. the neighbors tried to block construction, but the pastor across the street says it's growing on him. >> now the only time when people -- is when they have family in town visiting, they want to show them the building on v street, you know, this is like a tourist sight. >> you have to have the right zoning for it, and interestingly, we tried to talk to three of the developers in the d.c. area, none of them would go on camera. still very controversial, but also still selling.
1:32 pm
you lots more pictures of these online. a fascinating story. down 66 points on the dow, but it's the material stocks and the energy stocks that are leading us lower. you've also got a movement there on the ten-year note. what is a rebalancings of the russell indices, and rae balancing for the month. all nightmare of a flight, passengers on ryanair misbehaving. phil lebeau has the story that the tabloids are all over. >> it seems that me have your friends across the pond have not been behaving very well. folks, you can't make this kind of stuff up. on "the daily mail" flight from
1:33 pm
hell on ryanair as drunk travelers returning, urinate on the ground and injure a passenger. yes, this actually happened. it happened in march of this year. why is it getting attention now? the family involved, they went to court and brought cans of guiness on the flight and really acted up. in fact one passenger was injured as they were running down the aisle. the members of the rowdy family were fined in court, and they apparently made the most of their flight from london to -- or from dublin to london. like all airlines around the world, it's had a nice move over the last six or eight months, but headline of the day. people going from an irish wake taking that celebration on board, that's what i get. >> that is what you get. i'm not going to comment on that. just usually alcohol -- >> i said that at the beginning
1:34 pm
just for simon. >> i know you did. but alcohol and flying usually doesn't mix very well. phil, thank you very much. >> you bet. "amazon rising" don't miss our original documentary. david faber takes you inside the online giant, and he's going to join us for a preview. check out the staggers stats. amazon shipped over a billion items last year. it sells 230 million different things on its website. plus no fear on the street. should you worry about the low volatility in this market? ron insana wrote a great piece and he'll explain why you shouldn't sweat it. and we want to know what you think. will this be a calm summer? or a volatility rise? go to tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 there are trading opportunities
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gold market sitting a two-month highs after it broke
1:38 pm
out earlier last week. the rest of the metals complex kind of mixed on the trading session, as we go into the close of trading for the week. to the bond market where we have seen some inflows, rick santelli tracking the action. hi, rick. >> hi, sue. indeed this week has been about lower rates. as you look at a two-day chart, you can clearly see we are virtually unchanged subtling at 253, maybe more importantly down eight basis points. if you open the chart up, you can clearly see the lowest point on that chart on the left side is the 28th of last month. that low yield close was 244. want to pay close attention to that. intraday of the dollar index, open the chart up year to day, it's exactly where we closed the end of last year, so briefly the dollar index was unchanged. sue, back to you. have a great weekend. >> you too, rick. >> thank you so much.
1:39 pm
on that note, happy summer. take a look at that. my gosh, after repeated delays, keg keg city is expected to open the world's biggest slide. it's 17 stories, but it's been plagued by snags yesterday was the test run. it went successfully. it's call verut, which is is german for insanity. you would never catch me on that. the bigger fear may be fear itself. we're talking about volatility now with ron insana, who just wrote about investor fear for bob pisani is here as well. for months he'sing telling us the vix isn't quite the right barometer anymore. you penned an interesting piece that volatility may bring every investor back into the
1:40 pm
market if we have a period of calm. >> you and i do back to cover the 19 -- the vxo spiked to 170. volatility spiked to 80 during the 2008 crisis. and to show what volatility looks like. typically -- with periods of more intense volatility, you follow them with periods of calm. if you go back to the middle of the last decades and maybe again down. just because the vix is low does not mean it can't stay there. in my estimation, if the market ain't broke, don't vix it. [ laughter ] >> we have a low volatility environment and i think we're going to stay there for a while. >> i love the idea you're calling this the new neutral, you're basically appealing to the retail investor, saying this may better your opportunity,
1:41 pm
this is markets as they were be, but i'm just looking at the vote one of going under way. you can vote on this now at, and in that real-time voting, the majority is not as extreme as it was a moment ago, but two thirds of people who voted already say they think it will be a crazy summer, in other words, low level on the vix is an indicator of trouble ahead, which is in a sense the opposite of what you're trying to lay out. >> yeah, listen, i understand why people feel that way. they've been traumatized by two bubbles and two crashes. while i reference new neutral, i'm referring with respect to the stock market as the old norm normal. if you go back to before 1997, sue and i have been doing this together since 1974. we had summers that we literally referred to as the dog days of summer. you have they see five-points moves, and, you know, talking
1:42 pm
about a 60-point move on a 17,000 dow is really nothing, and it's possible we might have been having a good old-fashioned regular summer, and an environment that's maybe much more like the '50s and '60s lan the last 30 years we've seen. >> you know, we locked in the vote. we asked will this be a calm summer? 25% say it would be a calm summer, but 63% say that it's going to be a crazy summer. bob, what do you make of that? >> well, my concern, i agree with ron's point. my concern is that the sikh has not been as use an indicator of fear as it used to be. really does it feel like the -- i don't think so. what i think is happening there
1:43 pm
are many other ways to buy protection. for example, we have many different etfs, we talk about the vxx, which is tied to futures on the vix. the volume in this was nothing. it's been around five or six years. it exploded last year in the vix, as people -- in the vxx as people started figuring out ways to --, but -- i would have put up the low volatility etf. it's been very popular, and it looks for low volatility stocks in the s&p 500. it's performed very well. you can do the opposite, buy high beta stocks, too. that's also performed very well. ron, i guess the overall question is why is the volatility so low? is it because of the fed? high levels of cash that corporate america has at this point? there's all sorts of explanations. >> the answer is yes, bob.
1:44 pm
it's not just the stock market. you look at the bond market, the currency markets, and you look at the fact that 56% of world monetary policy is in zero mode. >> right. that has a dampening effect on volatility around the world. we're seeing that in a lot of different places. again, individual stock volatility is higher than market volatility. if you get the market -- this might be a decent environment to be a buy and hold investor, as opposed to a trader. traders are getting chopped to pieces. >> ron, thank a million. i know you're visiting mom. give her a hug for me. >> i know, california karcasual you know. amazon, 97,000 employees, more than 1 billion items shipped last year alone. 230 million different items sold on the website. cnbc's david faber took an inside look, so don't miss the
1:45 pm
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welcome back. we have seen some action to the down side. it's not a panicked or dramatic moved, but you can see there, the dow etf, the diamonds, if you will, on the right-hand side, a nice move down, also with the spdrs moves out of their lows, a move down and now back up to the flat line, so simon, the etfs mirroring what's happening in the overall market. >> as you might hope. pro-russian separatists have released four of the eight international observers they were holding. they were from the austria-based
1:48 pm
organization. and ukraine signs a historic trade pact with the -- and -- our international correspondent michelle caruso-cabrera is here with more on the russian market and a pretty balance call from the white house, as it turned out, michelle. >> that's right, simon. at that agreement was signed today, angela merkel threatened new sanctions again against russia if there isn't quick progress on peace in eastern ukraine, but investors in russia don't appear to be too afraid of those anxiouses. do you remember when former white house press spokesperson jay carney said this? >> i wouldn't if i were you, invest in russian equities right now. unless you're going short. >> you know when that occurred? right there, march 18th. that was about the bottom of the russian market. that being pointed out to us
1:49 pm
today, i'ming by jim grant at grant observer. >> wow, but a good contrarian indicator. >> big time. >> thank you, michelle. turning to the sunni group between the in an attempt to set up an islamic state, does i.s.i.s. have enough? >> remember the report last week they stole money? nbc news report that is not true, say the mayor of mosul probably exaggerated. likely they goal millions, not hundreds of millions. experts also highly doubt reports that i.s.i.s. could be worth $1.5 by onand believe they don't have enough money to keep control of the massive area they have under control. keep in mind, there are 8 million people in this region
1:50 pm
they control, the size of wyoming. focusing on just the iraq part, the government in iraq has a yearly budget of roughly $120 billion. normally they send $12 billion or about $1 billion a month to this area in iraq. it's usually for salaries, food subsidies, hospital, infrastructure. that money has stopped, thereon. former ambassador chris reese sass economically isis will struggle to keep control. >> while they're quite entrepreneuri entrepreneurial, they're doing kidnappings, robbing banks, charging taxes on trucks crossing their territory, but $500 to a billion a month is quite a large overhead costs of maintaining the population. >> and keep in mind the region they control has no oil. in syria they've got a little bit, only a little bit of oil. we have more of this on if you want to hear more from the ambassador. back to you.
1:51 pm
>> absolutely, michelle, thank. for amazon it may be seller beware. see why, coming up next. david faber has a great documentary airing. it's a company changing the retail. more "power lunch" in two minutes. e
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it's an exciting weekend on c anybody else, jeff bezos created one of the most admired and feared companies in the world. here's david faber. >> reporter: in 2012, they started selling their products on the site, right alongside amazon's own inventory, reaching an audience beyond their wilest dreams. >> if the two stores represented 1% of your sales 18 months ago, when is it now? >> we've got to be quadruple that? >> so your sales have gone up enormously. >> reporter: that sounds like good news, but the herberts aren't celebrating. they noticed a disturbing pattern. >> we might put out 100
1:55 pm
products, let's say 50 of them do well, amazon sees that, because they have access to our sales, and they will buy that product directly from the manufactur manufacturer, and sell that, taking us out of the picture. >> reporter: we spoke to a lot of the merchants, many saying they only have positive things about their reliship to say about amazon, but many also point out, i don't understand the construct under which i'm selling on amazon, and then they compete with me on my best sellers. it is definitely a trend worth watching. some wonder if they're taking 15% off the top, which is what amazon charges for even selling on the site, why isn't that enough? >> exactly. >> well, we look forward to the documentary very much, 9:00 p.m. eastern time and pa tisk. thank you, david. >> a focus about the dark pool. the bank is saying that bill white, head of electronic
1:56 pm
trading in new york, he has been removed from daily operations at the company. he's not suspended, he a not stepping down, but removed from daily operations, as the company seeks the answers it needs as part of that investigation. bar clax declining comment. once again. removed from daily operations. again, he -- the source saying he is focused on helping the company find the answers it needs. what's coming up on "street signs"? >> hey there, sue. while you were watching the world cup we are keeping score on what stocks did well. also panera bread says hilo, robots. and we're counting down the happiest cities for workers, and we have brian live in houston. why? you've got to tune in to find out. lots of things coming up at the top of the hour. see you in a couple minutes' time.
1:57 pm
back to you.
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the nasdaq is unaffected. the yield on 9 ten-year. don't forget it's jobs thursday next week. >> we have some data that is out next week, which may move the market. simon, it's been a great week. thank you. >> a pleasure to be here. "street signs" begins now. ♪ oh yes it's ladies' night oh, yes, it's time to forget about soccer and get back to work. no world cup matches today. we have amazon looking to get into another business. this time takeout food delivery. if you can order your food online when at home, why not at the restaurant? that's what panera is doing, with automated kiosks, but here's a question, is this


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