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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  November 18, 2014 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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next one due out next year. it is the crown jewel. there is exhibition of hunger games costumes and props next fall. though the box office could certainly swing at the stock analysts note strong performance is baked into the stock. >> thank you. good bye everybody. that's "power lunch." >> "street signs" starts now. right now it is records galore. stocks setting an incredible milestone. gas setting the record you will want to hear. a record breaking sports deal you might not believe and record setting nascar champ kevin harvick is here. i think it is a big show. >> let's kick it off with our first record. pump prices lower yet again making it 54-straight days of falling prices. aaa says the average price for a
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gallon of regular stands at $2.87, 33 cents lower than this day one year ago. >> $4.50 a gallon in manhattan probably. slow and steady may win the race. fast and steady may better define the stock market. if we can close 2,040 above that on the s&p 500 it will be the 23rd straight day that we closed above the five-day moving average. not only does that tie the 2 20-year record it would mean it is the second most powerful streak for stocks in 50 years. let's bring in the man who has done this great work digging this out. this is amazing stuff. we have been talking about it every day. we are not up 50 or 150 or 350 points a day. we are going up in 25, 30 batches. what do you make of this run? >> it has been quite impressive.
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i think it goes to show there is the perception that there is a lot of participants in the market that are showing benchmarks. i think the persistent bid without the market being able to retrace a percent or two goes to show you that that probably is the case and that is why we are seeing such a sustained bid here. >> what are you watching out for to know whether or not we can break out to the upside or down side from this narrow range? >> we are watching a lot of measures, the sector rotation. there has been despite the strong rally sustained weakness in the energy sector. that sector cannot get off the floor. that is putting pressure on the high yield market. oil and gas is the largest waiting. that is also a concern here. i think there probably is a little more upside, maybe 1% to 2% on the s&p and then we get into tough rezestance as we head into the latter part of this month. >> if we can do this, if we can
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creep up a little more every day the rest of the week there is a good chance we will set the record, that we will do 26 consecutive days breaking a 50-year record. does it matter at all for the longer term health of the market? >> probably not. i mean, this market especially over the last two years has been an outliar market. we have seen things happen we haven't seen in decades. the last five days have been the narrowest range in 30 to 40 years. what does the streak mean? we went back. there has been about seven times when we have seen a streak this long. there have been two instances most recently '96 and 1998 that saw pretty sustained weakness following the streak. two instances in 1985 and '86 that saw sustained strength. sample size is very small but i think the fact that we are in such an outliar market makes it
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difficult to try to extrapolate from the data. >> what do we do with the information? for people listening saying it is interesting i will put on my nerd alert cap and it is interesting. what do we do with that? >> it is tough to extrapolate too much because we haven't seen many samples of this instance. if you are a short term trader you can use the five-day moving average as a trailing start. on the s&p keep trailing your stop out. if we close below it that would indicate the streak is potentially over and then you re-evalua re-evaluate. beyond that it is more interesting than not and something we keep watching. >> it is interesting and thus it led our television program because disinteresting doesn't rate, but thank you. >> thanks. i think it is cool stuff. we are the only ones talking
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about it. probably means nothing in the long run except it is neat. >> people say that was a cool factoid. >> people say i am still negative and the fed is to blame. >> we try is the message here. it is not just here at home markets are rallying. global markets have been on fire all over the last month. dow indian bench mark index up. dax up 6% and canada up 5%. nearly every other major stock market is higher in the past month. senior international strategist at wells fargo. aside from greece and maybe like one or two other markets in the world that are down in the last month. >> brazil. >> why is every single market rallying? >> a lot of it has to do with the pullback we saw a few months ago where you shook loose weak hands and people who have been
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johnny come lately to the rally. that pullback created a new set of buyers. thankfully they have been rewarded here in the short term. i think you saw long term buyers step in. you had people willing to stick it out. >> if you are a long term buyer which of the markets do you think have more legs to the current rally? in other words, this isn't just a bit of a bounceback from oversold levels. this might be something that is the start of something better. >> u.s. large caps continue to be the favorite. we think people will start to view the u.s. story as starting to peter out a little bit and maybe the strength starts to be picked up in the international side. we are emphasizing the u.s. developed equities are cheaper and tend to be global multination multinationals. we would be looking for rotation to start. we look at the euro area. those are probably the two places where we would start. >> which particular countries?
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>> so germany is probably the one that benefits the most from the weakness that we have seen in the eurozone. one of the countries that has started to perform a little better but we are still trying to kind of kick the tires would be spain which has had pretty good data recently but gets painted with the perfry brush. >> here is what i think people are missing about europe. people said europe is doomed and the whole continent is screwed. the majority of the biggest companies in germany, france, spain, they sell to america primarily. our strength is their strength. they may be listed there but like volkswagen and others, their biggest market is here and we are getting better. >> precisely. think about the cars you buy. bmw, volkswagen, mercedes. >> the makeup i wear. >> the makeup you wear, those
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different things are made in europe and they get to bring the earnings back. some of that obviously gets adjusted out by analysts but what will help the margin is boosting volumes for the companies and what they are selling. that is where the upside should come from. >> i see you like a couple of the economies like taiwan and south korea, two countries essentially which have to import almost all of their energy needs. to what degree are lower oil prices helping economies and stock markets like those? >> we like taiwan and south korea. that is a play on oil production. south korea is a big player. what is going on with technology. you get a lot of technology products from south korea and taiwan. the decline in energy a lot of people focus on in u.s. dollar terms. if you adjust for the decline in the euro and japan and energy
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prices are down across the board globally. a lot of the countries are much bigger importers than the u.s. is. outside the u.s. is a much bigger boost. those are great positives that you mentioned. >> thank you very much for joining us. we traversed the globe in so little time. >> thanks for having me. >> what should you do with this information? joining us is kathie murphy who oversees 1.3 trillion in customer assets. you have these markets here in the united states sitting around record highs. what are you telling clients and people? is it a bad time to be committing new money now? >> we have a real diverse range of customers. we have active traders. we had a big summit in san francisco. they remain quite bullish and continue to be active. we also have a lot of 401 k participants as well as individual retirement account holders. those folks have to invest for the long term.
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>> what about taxes? it is going to be a very interesting year from a tax perspective with obamacare, gains people have made. how do we adjust ourselves for the next few weeks in anticipation of the dooms day? >> we saw last year with taxes going up that investors had us take a step back and say what do i do here? last year i think they got a lot of practice for what is coming this year. i think we will see more activity in december in terms of how to adjust for the capital gains. what type of dividend producing stocks they want to rotate into. >> the fact that women seems to be increasingly focused. we are generally outliving our husbands. how do you in your job focus more on what women needs in terms of financial security? >> women there will be a $25
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trillion shift in assets to women over the next 15 years or so. women are outliving their husbands as well as the rise of professional women. what we have found is that when women actually engage they are as good or better investors than men. >> they are better savers. >> they are better savers. i'm knocking my own kind. we are terrible. >> you see a flashy car and you are like i think i might like that. >> don't debase us that much. we take studies have proven we gamble more. men take risks. we have -- i'm a genius. not always but we think we can replicate it versus slow and steady which is what study after study says women do best. >> they don't invest, they don't have confidence in how they invest so there is a confidence gap. we are focusing on getting women educated and to have confidence
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because they do better with men long term with investing. >> maybe we can go on the road with that flashy new car you built on impulse. >> that did not happen, by the way. >> no, no. you have millennials and boomers within women and millennials are not as financially confident or knowledgeable? what's going on here? i thought we rur drumming the younger generation to get educated. why are they not doing this? >> we do this study every two years and hoping to see improvement. one out of every four boomer woman will have more confidence and a greater role in the decision making on financial matters in her household. one out of every eight millennials woman is engaged with finances. women graduate more than men from college yet they don't have confidence about investing and financial matters. >> 102% of men know that's not
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true. >> case rested. thank you so much. great to talk to you. our record train here is rolling on with a spot stat that will blow your mind. why the two-car family may be headed the way of the dodobird. the man himself, that guy, kevin harvick is going to join us. we will talk racing and will probably ask him how he plans to invest all of those millions that he just won. (vo) watching. waiting.
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you know that the overall markets have been strong in the past month. what stocks are the best of the best? you know the ones that are strong like ox. they are at the top. yahoo, thank you alibaba. whole foods market rebounded nicely. edwards life sciences up 27% in about 30 days. >> even home builders are feeling major mojo in november. builder confidence rebounding. what is the biggest take away? >> certainly a surprise to the upside, 4 point jump on the monthly confidence index while the street was looking for one point. perspective is always key. we had the big drop in confidence in october as home prices were surging and mortgage
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rates were higher. the rates dropped at the end of the month which may have brought more potential buyers in the door. builders started offering more incentives and help on financing. confidence is still lower than it was back in september but higher than it was at the beginning of the year when sales and sentiment were in a real slump. analysts are parsing this report, definitely a positive. usually starts and sentiment run together but there seems to be more optimism among builders today than new holes in the ground. >> with home builder confidence going so to speak, through the roof what are some of the best bets for your money? david goldberg joining us now. when i look at your recommendations i see your favorite. when i look at the current price versus target price beazer homes
2:18 pm
seems to have upside. >> beazer is a great name. it is very, very volatile. polte is more appropriate for clients that are risk averse. it really depends what you are trying. it is a question of what your risk tolerance is. >> beazer, if you look at year to date stock performance is down about 20%. >> it is long time turn around going on. they are getting back to profitability. they are on this plan that they call 2 b 10. it's a management team that has been working to turn the business around, delever and bring back operational excellence. it's a long term story. it is very volatile. >> are you making a geographic call? >> we get that question all the time from investors. the big question is what is going on with the houston market because oil prices have come
2:19 pm
down? are you going to see a job issue? it is difficult to make a geographic call because you have to get to the street level and know what kind of land they own. it is tough to do. we tend to think more about overall self-help stories, which we think are outperforming and where valuations are. >> what do you think will do better going forward? >> i think you see more volume in the lower end. we are missing entry level buyers. part of that is jobs. part of it is down payment. they are all contributing factors. the luxury part of the market will always be fine. even as mortgage rates go up the buyers like housing. the big volume push to push us back is going to come from entry level buyer on the lower end. >> we are watching both. we appreciate your time. thanks for coming on. right now we are counting
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down to the big keystone pipeline vote. it will take place tonight. we will take you next inside the battle that is dividing democrats on capitol hill. >> we are cleaning up your portfolio with the stock plays you can find under the sink. stick with us.
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welcome back to "street signs." less than four hours the senate expected to take up a key vote regarding the keystone pipeline. john, this is coming down to the wire independent from maine angus king throwing a wrench to the republicans and democrats plan to supporting the pipeline. >> i think it is a big fat boulder being thrown on the hopes of people who want to pass the keystone pipeline. they have all 45 republicans for it. need 15 democrats. mary landrieu has 14 so far as she was working it on the senate floor this morning trying to
2:24 pm
convince that this is not such a bad idea. >> just fyi to everybody that thinks this pipeline is the end of the world we already have 2.6 million miles of pipe in america. 2.6 million miles of pipe. we're only completing basically 1,000 miles. what is everybody upset about? we have been building pipe lines in this country for a long, long time. >> what keystone needs is 60 votes in the senate. that's one more than we know about publicly for mary landrieu. it needs 67 to override the expected veto from president obama if this bill should go to his desk. in the meantime this is proving to be an element of the runoff senate campaign between landrieu and bill cassidy, the house member fraum louisiana who saw his vote pass the house last week. this would be a leg up for
2:25 pm
cassidy. if he should pass his and landrieu can't pass hers. eventually this will pass because when republicans have 53 or 54 votes depending on whether landrieu survives in the last congress it seems unlikely they will get a bill to the president's desk and then they will have horse trading. we have four more hours to find out. >> down to the wire, then. are you looking to clean up your portfolio? look no further than maybe under your kitchen sink. morgan brennan has been doing fishing around and she has some consumer staple stock standouts for us. >> they might not be the sexiest stocks but the staples are stable. that is why the sector is hitting a new record high just today after lagging the broader market. all year consumer staples jumped 6% in the second half of october. this month they are up another 3%. they are the top gainer in the s&p. the biggest winners whole foods up nearly 22%.
2:26 pm
archer daniels midland up 10.5%. wal-mart up nearly 10% hitting its own new high today, as well. all of these names boosted by solid earnings. it doesn't stop there. there are others, what you might call the household staples of staples. those names that are under your kitchen seng. proctor & gamble, kimberly-clark, these stocks hit 52-week highs. why the recent outperformance of this sector? analysts and strategists note these are more defensive stocks less prone to volatility and have decent dividends. with treasuries yielding at 2.3%. those have made these companies more attractive. however, those same experts caution that staples have become expensive trading at 20 times earnings. buyer beware. >> we have been warned.
2:27 pm
thank you very much morgan brennan. jim cramer went really zen on one particular stock. we are going to show you the clip and talk more about that stock just ahead. a man who just went down in the record books. kevin harvick is with us. we will ask him about how he did it and what he is going to do with his money. "street signs" is right back.
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time for something we do every day at this time. it is called "street talk." first up we have terex. this is a crane maker. jeffr jeffreis say the shares are cheap. >> a few calls here. let's start with one. alpha natural resources. >> bmo analysts start with an under perform on alpha natural. their target $2 a share, about
2:31 pm
20% below the current price. >> on the flip side bmo capital markets consol energy with outperform. >> implies nearly 20% upside moving more into natural gas and into pipeline. all coal and power companies are not created equally according to bmo. >> argus upgrading tyco. >> about 10% to 12% upside. they like the valuation and moved global headquarters to ireland where pretty much everybody is named sullivan. >> imagine going there. hello mr. sullivan. >> my dream. spectacular. >> our under the radar name is
2:32 pm
ambarella. literally a company i have never heard of before. they make processors for video cameras like the go pro hero. pacific crest raising target and estimates as it looks like the go pro hero are doing well. target is $55, about 11% more upside. this is a go pro play is what we are trying to say. i didn't say is very well. go pro play. let's talk numbers and talk turn arounds. lululemon shares down nearly 24% year to date. listen to what our own jim cramer said last night on mad money. >> here is the bottom line. i believe lululemon is turning itself around. company reported first good quarter in ages. i bet this will be the burst of many and the stock is still 27 points off the high. i think luluis ready to play catchup and i think you should
2:33 pm
catch up with them. >> let's start talking numbers. dana, on the fundamental side you ready to play catchup? >> ready to play catchup. i think 2015 they are going to work on improving the margins, bringing in new product. they are still in a sector that is growing. they can be a part of it but there is work to be done. the stock moved from 38 to 45. it is catching up and now need to show results. >> there was a report out last week, we will stick to fundamentals. this is a company that damaged the brand. said customers are abandoning it and he is wondering if they will ever come back. >> they may not need all the customers who they had before because they had such a wide terrain to grow in terms of number of stores and categories. there is more competition. lulu can continue to work with the competition. >> there is a lot of
2:34 pm
competition. what do you reckon on the technical side? are you ready to play catch up? >> i am mildly bullish on the stock here. i think the worst is likely baked into the stock at this point. it is starting to stabilize and remains 40% below all-time highs. to look at a chart to put it in perspective it shows the stock having pulled back over 50%
2:35 pm
. >> if we can do a segment on lululemon and not mention stretch gate or make a bun pun you know things are getting better. >> be sure to check out the online edition for more puns like this in partnership with yahoo finance. is too much information killing music? if we know what songs will be popular in advance would everyone try to sound like taylor swift? nascar champ kevin harvick
2:36 pm
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can you name the app downloaded more than 500 million times? if you answered shazam you are correct. our next guest is out with what is called the shazam effect. senior editor of the atlantic. explain it in simple words. what do you mean? >> shazam is this magical app that allows you to download and listen to and identify music when you hear it in a bar or restaurant or whenever you are which is fairly remarkable when you consider how difficult it is. most people think of it as a relationship between them and the music the music industry realized when you pull together
2:40 pm
all of the data you have this incredibkrebcredible music popu use it to figure out which songs are hits. where they are seeing tricklings of popularity going from small levels. the piece is really about how all of this information that we are spitting out about our relationship with music online is being used in order to determine the future of music. >> if you think all music on the radio sounds the same it is true. there is an excellent book, the power of habit which talks about the record industry in one chapter and says we want stuff that makes us sound like other stuff we like. it's why the billboard top 100 sounds almost exactly the same. >> the radio industry considers unfamiliar songs to be tuneouts. we tune in to top 40 radio to
2:41 pm
hear songs we do know. in psychology this is called fluency, ideas that more familiar, movies, characters that are more familiar, we are more likely to like them because they don't require as much cognitive energy to think about. we prefer songs that sound familiar to us. we are listening to a song we have already heard. as radio does more and more to figure out what it is that audiences want it turns out we want to hear the same songs over and over again. top played song last year "blurred lines." >> which is absolutely brilliant. if you are a music producer and maybe an agent and you know what everyone is going to like that is great. it's terrible for the music industry in terms of innovation, diversity, risk taking. it is literally killing music as we know it. >> it's tough. i don't really want to say it is killing music.
2:42 pm
what is really killing music is the digitization of music. now it can be duplicated and it is free. it has made music more repetitive and it is easier to see what is working and you make things that sound just like that. it has made hits more static. every time the billboard top 100 tweaks the chart to become more representative of how -- 7% of all recorded revenue. >> i tweeted that stat out because in the excellent article that is the one thing that stuck out the most to me is that stat. they're successful and good for them. we are an aspirational society. i love the fact that some have made it big, but if you are a struggling musician you are going to probably always remain a struggling musician. that is sad.
2:43 pm
>> i think right now if you are a musician who doesn't want to make money for music and just want to be heard this is the best time in history. with youtube and spotify you can get the music out there. it is not really monetized. concert revenue overtook recorded music revenue to be the number one most important way that musicians make money. you can't really make money from the selling of your music. you can only make it from getting a lot of people to pay a lot of money to watch it live. >> it's fascinating. if people want to read more it is called the shazam effect. >> always find cool stuff. follow me on spotify. i put out cool stuff all the time. >> christmas crooning play list. i will sign up for that one. >> i sense sarcasm. it is modern stuff like grisly
2:44 pm
bear, flee tick. frightened rabbits. >> you can check out tech drivers. and brian's spotify play list. announcements from facebook and twitter. julia boorstin joining us with the latest. what are they announcing? >> facebook announcing it is launching a stand alone app for its groups tool saying it has 700 million people using it monthly to share with small groups of people. this is all part of mark zuckerburg's strategy to create a portfolio. twitter announcing a move to bolester search. it is indexing every tweet published which could boost search related ad revenue. they are looking to extend beyond core tools. the richest contract in the history of american pro sports. we will tell you how much it is
2:45 pm
worth. hint, it has a lot of zeroes. nascar just completely changed the way it determines a champion, made it harder and kevin harvick took the title. we have a big interview with the nascar champ coming up. in a world that's changing faster than ever, we believe outshining the competition tomorrow requires challenging your business inside and out today. at cognizant, we help forward-looking companies run better and run different - to give your customers every reason to keep looking for you. so if you're ready to see opportunities and see them through, we say: let's get to work. because the future belongs to those who challenge the present. there's a difference when you trade with fidelity. one you won't find anywhere else. one-second trade execution.
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comcast business. built for business. dow is having a nice day, up 77 points. the s&p 500 is up 13 points but again it is above 2,040. that is the number we pointed out if we finished above it would be the 23rd straight day above the five-day moving average which is one of the strongest rallies in the history of the stock market. biggest contract in the history of american pro sports has just been signed by miami marlins giving stanton $328 million over 13 years. when you consider he turned 25 years old last week he will be 37 in the final year of the deal. let's go to a real sport,
2:49 pm
car racing. after nascar changed the championship format to create one of the most entertaining and dramatic ends to the season in years the man on top this guy, kevin harvick did it in unbelievable fashion. he joins us from new york. he warmed up with letterman and kelly and michael. now he has the big show. i hope you are nervous for this interview. i thought the biggest was bringing budweiser. how much are you involved in the business side of this championship? >> i think when you look at winning the championship there is a lot of potential to where we take my brand personally and budweiser and jimmy john's and outback take their brands. there is a lot of opportunity to capitalize on a moment that we are all really proud of. hopefully as we move forward you can imagine the planning in the early stages in everything is going on right now. it will be interesting to see it
2:50 pm
develop. for me it is fun having owned several race teams in the past and having the sponsorships go in and out of the sport this is an exciting time for us as a team and for me personally. >> it was a hell front. logano with the jack man problem. you were up front. i was on the edge of my seat, as well. it is 48 hours. take us inside when's happening to kevin harvick the brand. you have been a successful driver. is this just a different level? >> i think it is just a different level. when you look at obviously you know there's going to be some new opportunities coming forward, but you also want to be, you know, very loyal to the brands and people that got you to this point and see them be successful. i think the biggest key that you bring up is just the fact that, you know, we have been fortunate to have a good career up to this point and success as a team and now it's just really trying to make the right decisions and make good, quality decisions moving forward.
2:51 pm
>> here's the only beef i got with nascar and of course nbc has a partnership. it will be spectacular. do you think there's too many cars in the field, kevin? >> i don't know. that's a good question. in the nationwide and truck series, the fields dropped a little bit just to close that field up. we have great participation in all 43 spots and sometimes 45, 46 cars that show up so, you know, i think obviously the huge argument is whether it should be franchised or shouldn't be franchised and that's for a whole other show and won't get into that debate today. >> a birdie told me an aussie racer ambrose is returning. returning to tasmania and going to go back and do great things there, no doubt. is it time to bring up another aussie into the field of nascar? >> marcus is a great part of our sport and a fungi to race and been fairly successful on the road race side of things as he's
2:52 pm
coming to nascar so he's going back, you know, obviously race the australian v-8 super car series and a fun guy and would love to have another aussie. >> how would you change nascar, kevin. >> somebody asked me that earlier. >> i'm falling in line with everybody else. >> i'll tell you. i didn't tell them. >> thank you. >> you know, for me, i think it would be the schedule. i think, you know, not the number of races. i think we should run some midweek races and really try some different venues here and there to shake things up and if we could run four or five midweek races and shorten that season up by a month it would do everybody good. >> you would have a thursday night in kentucky or something? >> absolutely. wednesday, thursday night, put it in prime time and our guys are going to work at the shop regardless. that would condense the season about four weeks for an extra month off. >> you're a rich guy already,
2:53 pm
right? successful, winning millions every year. you have endorsements. you named it. you have a bigger check coming now. this is ynbc. you know where i'm going with this. what does do with his money? >> we'll sit down with the team at bb&t wealth to distribute that and fits into the retirement plan. we have a strategy meeting at the end of year year and working on it for months and they'll sit down and present two or three plans of how much risk you want to take and how you want to move forward and whatever investment it may be so definitely don't want to mess that up. >> you sound like a wise investor. going to some professionals out there and getting some professional advice. what do you like? real estate. how do you like to spend or invest your money? >> real estate is fun. we just went through a real estate investment we went through in south carolina. great investment for us.
2:54 pm
you know, a lot of great properties that we went, you know, through there and wound up with a great property and just recently moved that. so i like those because, you know, you can also enjoy them and for a short amount of time and move forward with things after that. so it was -- i like the real estate side of it, as well. i also like to leave things to smarter people than me, for sure. >> although, kevin started to fight, the jeff gordon got involved in it. gordon -- i won't call him soft. jimmie johnson, he was here, they own apartments in new york city. they're media superstars now. do you own a property in manhattan? have you gone city slicker i? >> do not. we have a management company that has ufc fighters and country music stars and different things like that so i'd rather go to a ufc fight than -- i enjoy coming to the city but there's too much traffic here for me. >> final question. some guy tweeted this. i don't know if he made it up or what. the amount of beer after the title was 80 cases.
2:55 pm
under or over? >> that's correct. that's the amount that we brought to the celebration and to the small gathering afterwards. >> wait. how many people? how many people drank 80 cases? >> hard to keep track of the people. it was free beer. good time. >> we're just trying to figure out -- i suspect he did not pay for it. >> no pay. >> kevin, thank you very. congratulations. when a year, man. >> thank you, guys. appreciate it. >> appreciate it. all right. so, speaking of different kind of driving, you know that uber disrupted the taxi. disrupted the taxi industry and killing the two-car family. we'll speak about that.
2:56 pm
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old american idea of a home in the suburbs and two cars in the driveway is changing and apparently the family on the way out with two cars. you don't mean three or more cars? >> reporter: no. they're going down. brian, take a look at this map from kpmg and the trend seeing in the u.s. 57% nationwide is the average number percentage of two-car homes. you see a number of cities far below that and the trend is moving more towards the city side of things with lower percentage. why? a couple of things. urbanization. city growing, con vegestion growing. car sharing services more popular and the price of autos is going up.
2:59 pm
all of that has people rethinking how many vehicles they need for their family. >> it is very expensive to own a second car and with mobility, uber and lift and all these other alternatives, we think that the two-car family over time not going down to zero but significant amount of people are going to reduce that number. >> reporter: so the percentage to expect, by 2040, according to kpmg, 43% of the american households with two or more cars. 57 right n 57% right now. that's what they're expecting. >> thank you very much. let's recap the markets are up to. bring a board of the three here. we have a nice gain going on across the board there. nasdaq up by .7%. brian, you were telling us an amazing stat. s&p 500 grossed at a record yesterday for the 42nd time. today, the 43rd time this year it looks like. >> this is a powerful rally.
3:00 pm
thank you for dragging that out. going to friday, the all-time strongest fastest stock market rally in history. at least based on a short -- that's pretty cool. >> it is pretty cool. >> little christmas gift in the 401(k) envelope. >> early christmas gift from us to you. thank you for watching "street signs." and welcome to "the closing bell" on this tuesday as we sit at record highs once again. i'm kelly evans at the new york stock exchange. >> this is an actual rally sort of. >> oh no, it is. the dow up 70. s&p 500 especially impressive up 13 points. finally punching through the levels art cashin is watching all day. >> and that puts us in record territory. who knew? but very, very quietly. we were talking earlier today of how we have had fivetr


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