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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  November 20, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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jon doesn't agree with it. >> and you get to see the jets! >> money well spent. money well earned. let's do "final trades." >> carnival cruise. >> melco crown, mpel, i bought it. still all about disney, goes higher. >> long deck. >> that does it for us. "power lunch" begins now with tyler mathisen. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. >> all right, scott, folks, thanks very much. we start this hour with danger. a danger in the sky and on american highways. a key hearing is on right now in washington regarding those air bags. but overnight, new and frightening data came back on the safety of, yes, minivans. if you have one, know someone who has one or you're thinking of buying one, you want to see this story. and then danger in the air. major airports including jfk here in new york city have seen a pickup in pilot complaints about drones.
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we have the sound from the cockpit on several near disasters. also today, is best buy back? the company reporting big numbers today. profit doubling from a year ago. and look at this stock. it is up 62% since february. not bad for a company that many people thought was about to go away a couple of years ago. and a brand-new report on housing for homes $1 million and up. first, though, let's check in with sue at the nyse. >> hi, ty. and we will get to the story about those minivans in just a second. but first, to today's hearing on takata air bags on capitol hill. these bags are in millions of cars in the u.s., and safety advocates say they are deadly. phil lebeau is live in chicago with some of the details on that. hi, phil. >> hi, sue. takata air bag hearing just wrapped up on capitol hill. really it raised more questions than it answered. first of all, takata's executive, the one who is -- he said when they were asked by senators, look, you know, we're
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going to maintain a regional recall and go for a national recall. at the same time, questions about moving too slowly, yeah, they probably could have moved faster. not a good hearing for honda. finally, the senators were calling for independent investigations. >> since that day, i endured multiple surgeries and therapies. i have more to go still. my vision will never be the same. i will never be the same. >> they expect them to come back with more information, quickly. so we'll see how long this goes on before we get something more definitive. we are not getting anything out of the hearing today. >> let me turn to the minimummy van story. a new threat on the road
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involving minivans and really staggering statistics and results. >> staggering results. and when you look at the video here, you might look at this and say well, it just looks like any other crash test. they tested five minivans, the insurance institute for highway safety did. only two of them got positive ratings. the two that were the honda odyssey and the toyota sienna. but the chrysler town & country, dodge grand caravan and the nissan quest. and with regard to the quest, look at this video. after the crash test, they had the dummy pinned into the seat because there was a two-foot incursion into the passenger cabin. the iihs had to cut out the dummy, and they had to take a crowbar to pry out the foot of the dummy. here's how bad it was in the words of the insurance institute. >> we see high forces on the dummy's legs. he's trapped inside the vehicle. you wouldn't want to be sitting where the dummy was. you know, based on these tests, i would not go out and buy a nissan quest today.
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>> we reached out to nissan. it said that it has received the test results from the insurance institute. a spokesperson for nissan telling us nissan will continue to review these and other results from the iihs. the testing, as we seek opportunities for improvements. but sue, disturbing video when you see how they had to pry out that dummy in the nissan quest. >> and millions of us have driven minivans at some point in our life. so let's talk more about this and the takata air bag situation. the minivan crash test results. you can weigh in on those. and our question today i think is a very interesting one. who do you trust more in a recall? the u.s. government or the auto industry? go to joining phil and myself right now, clarence ditlow is executive director at the center for auto safety. welcome, clarence. it's a pleasure to have you here. your reaction to those latest results. >> the minivan results? they're terrible. >> yes.
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>> you know, there's just -- they don't sell enough of them to put the engineering and quality into them than what they should. and so for the consumer who's looking at a minivan, make sure you get one that does well on the iihs tests. >> are there any that you think stand out from what you have learned in the past compared to those that phil featured in his report? >> when you look at the -- no, the minivans, it's a vanishing segment in the marketplace. some of the honda vans are clearly pay more attention to crash worthiness. like phil said, adrian mun said, the nissan quest is not a good van. >> let me turn you to the hearing on capitol hill which you have been observing. you gave us a very interesting take on this. let's take a look at it. you say that the nhtsa and takata officials have reached one of the strangest recalls ever seen, without explanation, the agreement relies on absolute
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humidity for which records are scanty and no data are provided by either the nhtsa or takata. can you elaborate on that a little bit? >> well, the criteria for whether or not they're going to do a recall was high humidity based on relative humidity. and you have some manufacturers saying we're going to do georgia and mississippi and the other ones saying no, we're just going to do there are and puerto rico. it makes no sense whatsoever. and at the same time, three out of the four deaths are in states that are not high humidity, and we just uncovered another one that occurred in arizona which is one of the driest states in the united states. >> phil? >> clarence, it's 2014. we have all kinds of ways to reach people on almost any product they buy. isn't it time that we have some kind of an updated system, whether it's run by the federal government or by some other entity in which if there is a recall for your vehicle, you're
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notified immediately. i mean, i feel like we're waiting for the pony express the way the system works right now. >> oh, absolutely. and it took an act of congress to get nitsa to even put on its website a look-up tool so you can check your v.i.n. for any outstanding recalls. bottom line, what nitsa can and should do is go to the states and get the states to impose a requirement that every time you register your vehicle, you can't get it registered if there's an outstanding recall. >> okay. clarence, thank you. phil, thank you, as always. and let's lock in the vote. we asked, who do you trust more in a recall? the government or the auto industry? and it's 65% say the government. only 35% say the u.s. auto industry, ty. >> very interesting, sue. from dangers on the highways to dangers in the air. there's a marked increase in pilots reporting close calls with drones. listen carefully to these recent recordings of pilots talking to control towers.
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>> looks like one of those unmanned drones was flying right on the final. >> two-mile final, 300 to 400 feet. >> that's correct. >> we just had something fly over us. i don't know if it was a drone or a balloon. it just came real quick. >> we're talking with the former new york port authority executive ringing alarm bells on this issue. ken hoenig is program coordinator of critical incident and management training. he formerly worked at the port authority. welcome. good to have you with us. how real a danger is this? what do you hear? >> well, it's a real danger because these hobbyists apparently are flying their uavs into the area that is the flight path for the airplanes. and this presents a real danger. it could be a lot worse than a bird strike. >> what are organizations like the port authority or the faa doing to prevent this, and have they done enough? are they playing catch-up here?
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>> well, the faa has had r regulations in place for a while. they do say these hobbyists are supposed to keep their aircraft below 400 feet, and they are also supposed to keep them away from areas with aircraft flights, around airports, they're not allowed to be anywhere near an airport, and they're not allowed to be anywhere where they can endanger anyone. the regulations are in place, and the port authority and local police agencies are immediately responding to any incidents that may occur. >> to my knowledge, they haven't caught anybody in these incidents yet. so how do you -- it's one thing to have the regulations. it's another thing to be on the ground or in the air and enforcing them and actually bringing people to justice over it. >> well, you know, this is a repeat of a similar incident that we had last year with the kids who were pointing lasers at airplanes. >> mm-hmm. >> it took a while, but in fact, they did catch several people. they were prosecuted.
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they did pay high fines, and that went away. and i think that's going to happen again here. >> obviously -- >> it's only a matter of time -- >> go ahead, please finish. >> -- it's only a matter of time, and in a short order, the police officials and the local officials will get together, and they will catch somebody, and they will make appen example of them. >> obviously, as i believe you point out, we certainly in the new york area and across the country remember very well that usair flight that had a bird ingest on takeoff out of laguardia. this could be even more tragic, couldn't it? >> it could be a real big problem. in that case, both engines were affected. aircraft can fly with just one engine, but it certainly is a major problem. and the other issue is even if the drone or the uav doesn't make contact with the aircraft, what could happen is it could pop up in the flight path and the pilot has to take evasive action which could, even if it doesn't cause a crash, could injure the people on board the
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aircraft. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your being with us and illuminating this topic for us. to kate rogers now, "market flash." >> check out apple, the stock helping to boost the tech sector after piper jaffray, evercourt and morgan stanley all increased their price targets. piper jaffray's gene munster citing improvement in apple's ability to match supplies of the new iphone 6 and 6 plus with consumer demands. the stock currently trading up over 1.5%. back to you. >> kate, thank you. look at this. shares of best buy soaring 6% right now after the company posted big earnings numbers. best buy also optimistic about sales heading into the holidays. the stock up more than 50% in the past six months. back in 2012, i asked best buy's then-ceo, brian dunn, how the bricks and mortar retailer could stay relevant in a digital world. >> you came in at a tough time, 2009. the economy is in the tank. same-store sales have actually declined. how are you going to turn that around?
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>> our sales have contracted over the last couple of years, and we're now starting to see the front end of a turn. you're seeing us focus increasingly on things like smartphones and the explosion in tablets. >> i think i was wearing the same tie that day. fast forward 2 1/2 years, some inc. thises haven't changed, not the tie. best buy hasn't engineered a turnaround, or is there still trouble ahead? head of market intelligence at >> or market fy. >> market fy? is that what we call it? >> i have the same hairline, by the way. >> go to and tell us what you think. so ron, is this company back? >> well, they seem to be doing some things certainly more efficiently and more smartly than they did several years ago. their online business is growing actually pretty dramatically which is helpful. they're reducing the size and number of stores which, you know, investors were dplaning
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about 2 1/2 years ago quite loudly, tyler. the square footage was an issue. and they've gotten smarter about that. and i've got to tell you, a couple months ago, i bought a tv there. a 35-inch flat-screen for 200 bucks. so pricing is very competitive. now, granted, that's a double-edged sword. but those margins can be razor thin. yeah, from a turnaround perspective, they're doing a much better job than one might have assumed a couple years ago. >> what does their comeback say about the electronics consumer? i mean, i don't know, their big sales growth was online. >> yeah. so they're making the right adjustment. you know, you can look at amazon, you could look at best buy, you can look at any number of large bricks-and-mortar retailers that have significant presences online. best buy clearly playing catch-up here. but where it was to where it is, it's done a good job. >> this has been historically a very volatile stock. >> yeah, yeah. >> when mr. dunn left and hubert jolie came in, it had a little run. and it was after a very bad
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year. i forget the years, but it had a quite good year. but then it went down again. now back, as we mentioned, some 50% so far. is the company benefiting in a kind of one-off way from such products as gopro, from such products as the iphone 6? >> that's the nature of an electronics retailer. >> yes, sir. >> you can go back to the sony walkman. >> hot products bring in people. >> sales. it's hard to say it's a one-off. they've done a good job executing till now. it is still a very highly competitive business, right? you know, people in that industry compete on price as well as on convenience. and so if they get to the point where they can do -- fulfillment, which they do, they deliver tvs at low costs. >> and you have same-day in-store pickup. >> and do that online. everybody's doing that. so whether or not in the long run, they can, you know, kind of find their space amid all the other large players is an open question. but they're executing better,
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again, than you might have thought. >> let's look at the vote here. and there's the analysts' standing, ten buy, seven hold and one sell. 36%, 37%. it keeps going up there, ron. >> it just went back down. >> say there's trouble ahead for best buy. >> the problem, as we know, nobody beats the wiz, you know. >> right. >> crazy eddie if you want to go back historically. this is not an easy business. we've seen a lot of electronics retailers in particular go the way of the dodo bird many times. >> hard business. >> it's not an easy road, but they're doing a little bit better. again, they need a clear advantage going forward to take on their much larger competit s competitors. >> marketfy. sue. good news for the holiday shopping season and the market as a whole. nicok colas and jerry castellin. welcome, guys. nice to have you here. you know, nick, i'm going to start with you. you think that we have maybe another 2% to 3% in the market
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before the end of the year. is that primarily based on what you're expecting to be a good holiday season? >> it's certainly anchored by that, sue. we do expect to see a fairly good holiday season. nrf is calling for a 4.1% comp to last year. that's a good baseline. we're also benefiting from lower interest rates from a year ago and lower energy prices. so i do think there's some good momentum going into the end of the year for the consumer and for the market as a whole. >> and interest rates, as you say, are low. labor markets are improving. we're not seeing a lot of wage growth, though, nick. >> that is absolutely true. wage growth has definitely been the missing component here. the most promising point there comes from the jolts data where we're seeing more people quit their jobs than being fired from their jobs. people tend to quit for better pay or better conditions. so we should see wage growth in 2015 finally. >> all right. jerry, weigh in on this because you've been kind of guarded going into the holiday season. have you changed your mind after best buy's results? >> well, we're certainly excited now. and we have changed our outlook.
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the reality is, this entire move in the market here is most likely reflecting a seat change in terms of inspector expectations and spending patterns. best buy's probably just the first one where you're going to see company after company say gosh, we're starting to see surprises on the upside. and it's been so long since the discretionary part of the economy has seen top-line surprise. we're probably going to underestimate the impact it's going to have on earnings. and that should lead to a very strong fourth quarter earnings numbers across the board. and for all the economic reasons and probably more. >> you know, nick, you say the bottom line is the next six weeks will be fine. but past that, get ready for a tougher market. does a tougher market translate into a more volatile market? >> yeah, it absolutely does. if you look at seasonal trends in the vix, it does tend to bottom in december. and/or january. but past that for 2015, we have the whole uncertainty about the fed interest rates cycle. and that, i think, will be not as volatile as, say, 1994, the
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last time we had a big cycle. but still more volatile than we're seeing right now. >> all right. jerry, what do you like in this market? you like some of the retailers. >> yes. clearly, the retailers could be the big surprise particularly as we get these numbers that will roll in over the next six weeks. but then we look out into 2015, and while we're going to have to acknowledge a potentially higher rate environment, that's remotely not consequential for this market. seeing interest rates go up is an important thing mid to late cycle for any equity market. and that will just put a floor under people's expectations for growth. i think you'll exit 2015 at a 3% to 4% forward gdp growth rate, and you're going to need to be in more of the cyclical names along with these discretionary plays and move away from the defensive that everyone's held on to now for probably too long. and that's going to be a whole different part of this cycle. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you so much. appreciate it.
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ty, up to you. sue, check out this time-lapse shot from a building in downtown buffalo. you see the lake effect. that's what a lake-effect snowstorm looks like. parts of the area around and in buffalo, especially close to the lake, have already been hit with six feet of snow. some years they don't get that much in a year. the bills stadium is so packed in that they are calling on the public, offering $10 an hour to come help shovel the estimated quarter million tons of snow so they can play the jets this -- why don't you just punt it? you know, come on. then you get free tickets on top of that. here's the weather channel's tom niziol. >> that cold weather that's been locked in across a good part of the nation will recede into canada this weekend. let's show you how that is going to work. the jet stream really drives northward here. and as a result of that, we get a large area of above-normal temperatures that develop across the east. that's going to be accompanied by a fair amount of moisture
1:20 pm
that comes out of the gulf of mexico. you know, as we take a look here, the midwest is going to be above normal by saturday. and by sunday, even places like chicago and into the great lakes, running some five degrees above normal. speaking of the great lakes, take a look at buffalo here on sunday after all of that snow just south of the city. they'll get to 50 degrees. that combination of warm temperatures and rainfall is going to elevate the flood threat across that region. now into sunday and into the weekend, as i mentioned, the arctic jet recedes back into canada. but i'll tell you what. as we get into next week, take a look what happens. our computer models are showing yet another blast of arctic air that makes its way across the eastern u.s. and a return to colder than normal temperatures as we head into the holiday. we'll send it back to you. >> all right, tom, thank you very much. we have some big news today here at cnbc. we now have a revolutionary new tool to bring you a whole new dimension of the markets and your investments. bob pisani's going to join me next to explain. see things in a whole new way.
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welcome back to "power lunch." i'm kate rogers. check out intel. the stock moving higher after the company increased its annual dividend 6.7% to 96 cents a share. it said revenue growth for 2015 will be in the mid-single digits and that capital is expected to be down with spending of about $20 billion. the stock currently trading up over 2.5%. sue, to you.
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>> kate, thank you very much. we have some very exciting news here at cnbc today. we're bringing you an entirely new dimension of context to our daily coverage. giving the viewer and the readers access to information that was previously reserved for a small group of elite hedge funds. bob pisani's been, as he says, playing with this for a couple of weeks. and you really like it. there's a lot to it, right? the viewers can use? >> this is kensho, strategic partnership we're announcing today. it's about big-data analytics. it used to be hard to get access to get data to trade on. >> and very expensive. >> a lot of hedge funds, that was their secret sauce, these relationships. this is a lot easier. the fact that we have big-data analytics in relationship with kensho. we want to show you a couple examples. we've been looking for things like overbought and oversold conditions. how do you know when to buy and sold? you look at the historical examples. an oversold stock right now. take a look at facebook and what's been going on. facebook's had a good year.
1:25 pm
up 34%, but it's been trending down the whole month. now, that's interesting to us. we noticed that. right now it's $4 below its 50-day moving average. in terms of standard deviation, that's a fairly significant move for them. so it has traded in the following week higher 9 of the last 9 times when it's been this far in terms of standard deviation below its 50-day moving average. i think that's a very interesting potential buy signal for facebook right now. let me give you the flip side. let me show you an overbought condition. kraft has had an enormous rally this month. kraft is up almost 32 to 38%, about 20% in the last month. so it's had a really nice move. it's almost $4 above its 50-day moving average. again, that statistically is significant. it very rarely happens. the last time that's happened, 9 out of the last 10 time, it has traded down that following week. so what we're looking for is relationships. there is a potential sell signal that's going on. so the point about all this is
1:26 pm
this stuff used to be very expensive to get at, and it took a lot of time. i'd spend hours. sometimes i'd have to go outside and bring in people to give us the information. >> to bring you the info. >> now we have the ability to crunch this on our own quickly and efficiently. that's big-data analytics. we're hoping to uncover and mine real interesting buy and sell points and data points that are going to help people understand the markets a little bit more. >> fantastic. it's very exciting, bob. thanks. >> it's a very important development for us. >> no, i think it is. >> we'll show relationships that didn't exist before. that's what i hope exists. >> i think you're right. thanks, bob. ty, up to you. thanks. forget the water and fire truck. this may be the new way to fight fire. it could be a game changer. we will have the incredible pictures. plus, investigations inc., andrea day on the case. >> all right, tyler. he's the mega developer behind some of the biggest projects in the country. so what has some buyers scrambling to get out of it? that's coming up right here on "power lunch."
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1:30 pm
it was sold as a luxury time share in the heart of the city. and buyers jumped in. but right now there are lots of questions, plus an attorney general investigation. >> when a concept works, the next thing i try to do is blow it up. >> reporter: that's mega developer bruce eikner. it's from his website where he talks about the secrets to his success. >> i probably bought the single greatest development ever. >> reporter: the billionaire behind some of the biggest projects in the country. from miami to vegas to new york city. but there's one deal he may not want to brag about. >> the reality is, if you own this, you can't get rid of it unless you give it away. >> reporter: it has the new york attorney general crying fraud. and some owners scrambling to get out. >> i was cheated. i was scammed. i was misled, and i was lied to. >> reporter: the manhattan club opened its doors in 1997. 26 stories and 286 suites. the price tag, $141 million. but unlike eikner's other
1:31 pm
projects, it was sold as time shares, and buyers jumped in. >> we were told, we can sell it at a profit to the manhattan club. >> reporter: the sales pitch also hooked in bob grady for two penthouse suites. >> they only had 40 units left, if we didn't buy today, we could probably never get a unit because they're going like pancakes. >> reporter: soon after they signed on, reality struck. they say maintenance fees began skyrocketing, and worse, they had paid tens of thousands to be club owners but say booking a room was next to impossible. even a year in advance. >> we were never, ever told that it would take a year to reserve something. >> reporter: after trying for a year, some owners say they wound up being able to book only a handful of nights. >> we have no investment. >> it's worthless. totally worthless. >> i told my manager, this is unethical and immoral. >> reporter: this former sales rep now revealing the secrets that he says helped bigwigs reel in more than 18,000 buyers. he agreed to talk to cnbc if we concealed his identity. what was the reality? >> if you own this, you can't get rid of it unless you give it
1:32 pm
away. >> reporter: what was the promise that was made to potential owners? >> you'll never have a problem booking a room. that's the biggest lie, number one. >> reporter: he says operators kept almost half of the club's 286 suites on hold to rent out like a hotel. but that fact was hidden deep in the paperwork and given out to owners only after the deal was signed. during the sales pitch, when was it revealed to potential owners that these rooms were also open to the public? >> it is never revealed, never. >> reporter: owners claim it was only after they signed on that they got this, terms of the time share offering plan in writing. but they claim those terms kept changing year after year, amendment after amendment. in fact, we know of 88 amendments. >> somewhere in here, there are a few words that say they may rent in unisome units. >> reporter: grady took a
1:33 pm
$90,000 hit. >> not going to continue to pay $5,000 a year plus taxes for the privilege of not being able to use the facility. >> time shares are especially susceptible to misrepresentation and fraud. >> reporter: and according to attorney tom melshimer, as long as time share operators are open about the number of units sold and availability, even if it's in fine print, that could be a defense in a case like this. >> it's just hard to believe that there wasn't at least some disclosure to them of the restrictions, other issues that might come up. >> reporter: manhattan club developers maintain the time share is desirable, releasing this statement to cnbc yesterday. "the eichner's have been fully cooperating for the past two months with the attorney general's office and have turned over thousands of pages of requested materials. the entire issue is moving towards a resolution. in fact, the vast majority of the manhattan club's units are used by its owners on a nightly
1:34 pm
basis. owner satisfaction with the property is excellent overall." and we contacted the attorney general and were told that the case is still under investigation. we will, of course, keep you posted on the very latest developments. sue, back to you. >> andrea, thank you very much. all right. to michelle caruso-cabrera for breaking news. >> yes, this is the governor body of soccer internationally, and fifa has just done a major backtrack. they have said that they are now going to continue looking into the corruption probe into the bidding process for holding the world cup in russia in 2018 and qatar in 2022. this is a complete and total reversal from what they said last week when they had said, look, we looked at this 330-page report done by this independent investigator we brought in, and yes, there's lots of things to be concerned about, but bottom line, we don't think the bidding process was problematic. still, the investigator in that case, michael garcia, was obviously very angry, put out statements saying that that wasn't necessarily the case.
1:35 pm
we know he was in zurich today and that he signed a deal with fifa and now as a result of that, they are saying that they're going to continue to investigate. so world cup 2018 in russia and world cup 2022 in qatar, those are now once again in question. sue, back to you. >> and in play. thanks, mcc. appreciate it very much. all right. metals markets, the gold market is closing right now. and right now we have about a $3 loss in gold. silver, copper, platinum and palladi palladium, showing just minor moves in platinum. palladium is down about a quarter of a percent on the trading session. to the bond market now and the interest rates out there in currencies. rick santelli is tracking the action at the cme. rick? >> reporter: thank you very much. we had some pretty wild data this morning, especially philly, a little hotter inflation and pretty decent housing numbers. you look at an intraday, we saw the market pop in all the right places but it just didn't pop out of the range. if you look at something that does matter, look at bunds
1:36 pm
versus tens. it widens about four basis points. our data, unique for once didn't get a similar move in bungds. that's important. look at dollar-yen. close to 119. haven't done that since about august of 2007. and i went back and looked at the december read of 1993 when last time we were over 40 in philly. what i found was the s&p was around 450, didn't give you any clues to the next several months. interest rates, ten-year was around 5.5%. didn't give you a lot either. however, five months after that data, we did go from 5.5% to 7.5% on the ten had-year. tyler, back to you. >> thanks very much. oil a little higher. the dow up by 20. we've got them covered when "power lunch" returns aof this. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company.
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"power lunch." i'm diana olick. sales of existing homes edged higher than expected in october to the highest level in a year. but the real standout was in the million-dollar-plus range. it's just 2% of the market, but homes priced in the pricey range jumped 16% from a year ago.
1:40 pm
the realtors point to strength in the stock market, making wealthier consumers more confident. and another survey by redfin shows homes priced above $5 million jumped 18% in q3. but they warn a lot of that is international cash, and those sales appear to be slowing. if you want more, there's always more online. go to, tyler. kate rogers now, "market flash." >> checking out the home builders right now all moving higher as existing home sales hit a one had of year high, suggesting a turnaround in the housing industry. kb homes, pulty and d.r. horton all to the upside. sue? the way we fight fires could be changing. you're looking at a video of a drone from lockheed martin helping to put out a fire. that story straight ahead. plus -- >> today's "power house" is the birthplace of singer/songwriter lady gaga. the first u.s. pizzeria opened here in 1905, and it's home to retail company ralph lauren.
1:41 pm
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on select models at the season of audi sales event. visit today. welcome back to "power lunch." i'm kate rogers. check out yum brands. the stock moving higher after janney capital upgraded the operator of taco bell and pizza hut to buy from neutral and raised its price target to $88 from $68. it cited valuation as the brunt of its issues with meat safety in china subsidies. the stock's currently trading up 2 1/2%. over to you, sue. >> thanks, kate. it is time for the "hower pous." today's city is the birthplace to lady gaga and home to the first pizzeria. can you name that city? it's new york, new york, our backyard. we're focusing on the borough of brooklyn. it's the prospect heights neighborhood. let's check out brooklyn's market stats. kings county, and according to zillow, the median price is
1:44 pm
about $535,000, inventory of about 3,000 homes. the local mls service says properties are on the market for an average of 70 days. joining me here at post 9 is tamara with halstead property. nice to have you here. >> nice to be here. thanks for having me. >> our first listing is a co-op. it is 427 sterling place, unit 4r, listed at $685,000. with a monthly fee of $721 for maintenance and property taxes, two bedroom, one bathroom, 850 square feet of living space. it looks very bright and airy. >> it is beautiful. it's south facing so you get a lot of light from the windows. this is listed with sara zoellermeyer-diaz. it's a two-bedroom, one-bath, huge master bedroom, walk-in closet. >> no new york city, you've got to have that. >> it could be a third bedroom. it's really nicely laid out. the owners upgraded the kitchen which opens to a lovely living/dining room. it gets tons of light. >> look at that view on that terrace.
1:45 pm
>> an incredible view. you get a private terrace. just designated for this apartment. and private storage in the basement as well. >> that's great. all right. let's take a look at the second listing which is also a condo. it is 238 saint marks avenue, unit 5a. listed at $1.225 million. with unabated taxes of approximately $8,000. two bedrooms, two bathrooms. square feet, 1,125. >> this is a perfect two-bedroom, two-bath in my opinion. it's listed justin dupri with corcoran. and the amazing story about this apartment is the sellers bought it two years ago for $875,000. >> wow! >> so this is an amazing example of what's going on in prospect heights and across the borough. >> it's very hot. >> it's just beautiful. very modern. open living/dining, kitchen. upgraded closets. you've got everything in this apartment. and then you've got a private terrace. incredible manhattan skyline views as well as a private balcony off the master bedroom. >> oh, lovely. two balconies, basic pell >> two private outdoor spaces.
1:46 pm
i bet it will go over $1.3 million. >> that's what i was going to ask you, will it go for that with two terraces? i think you're right. the "power house" of the week, a two-family townhouse, 743 dean street listed at $2.599 million. estimated annual taxes of $745. four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms. >> this is listed with ari harcove and kate akerly at halstead property. it's -- this is my brooklyn dreamhouse. it's unique. it's super cool. >> beautiful. >> it's edgy, it's functional and it's super luxurious. it's got floor-to-ceiling windows in the main floor, on every floor. the kitchen is incredible. it's a polished concrete slab countertop. the light everywhere is just amazing. very dramatic staircase leading you up to the second floor. >> beautiful. >> this is just an incredible property and amazing location. >> thank you, tamara, for coming. we really appreciate it. >> my pleasure.
1:47 pm
thanks for having me. >> ty. pharmaceutical spending set to break the trillion-dollar mark this year. let's go to cambridge, massachusetts. our meg terrell is there in the thick of it with a special guest. meg? >> reporter: hey, tyler, that's right. we're joined by dr. elie sirhuni, global head of research and development. doctor, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, meg. how are you? >> great. you're making this presentation to investors. clearly there's been questions about the company's future given the lack of ceo right now and the outlook for slower growth in diabetes. do you feel that the street is giving you enough credit for your pipeline? >> not for the pipeline. i think we understand the reaction because, you know, when you look at diabetes franchise, it's not going to grow as fast as it grew before, but it's going to be stable or growing slowly. so i think we have a very solid base. i think the other growth platforms are performing, the emerging markets, that's the second solid base. and on top of it, i think we have a pretty exciting portfolio. and the pipeline that i wouldn't
1:48 pm
trade with anybody right now in this industry. >> you mentioned in your presentation you have not a 2020 pipeline but a 2015 pipeline. >> right. i think that's what's underappreciated. we have six launches in 2015. how many companies doub that can launch six new products in one year? and then we have 12 more in the years following. we have about a launch every six months. and we -- it was hard work. and in about five years, we've rebuilt a very credible portfolio. and the portfolio allows us diversification. we're no longer dependent on any one platform like we were in the past. >> reporter: where do you think is the most important area for you to grow right now as you are looking to the next five years? >> look, we have great opportunities. diabetes we still have opportunities in the growing market. we are creating a new franchise in cardiovascular. i think it's going to be a very strong franchise. vaccines remain very strong. and immunomodulation. we are in an area of allergy
1:49 pm
that is growing worldwide. i think we're going to be a top player in that as well. and new growth platform for us. >> doctor, thank you so much for your time. >> you're very welcome. >> reporter: guys, heading it back to you where unfortunately the stock is down about 2% after the presentation today but a strong outlook for investors. meg, at the top of the show, we told you about the close calls involving drones at airports. what about the positive uses of unmanned aircraft? jane wells is in los angeles with some details. hi, jane. >> hey, tyler. you know, these huge wildfires can create their own weather systems. it can be very dangerous for pilots trying to fight the fire. well, what if the nation's largest defense contractor could swoop in using an old-war tool in a new market? we'll have that when "power lunch" comes back.
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
in this hour of "power," apple boosting the tech sector after piper jaffray, evercorp and morgan stanley all increased their price target. intel moving higher after they increased their dividend 96 cents a share. and riverbed moving higher on a reuters report that the company has received expressions of interest from several firms. ty? earlier we told you about the latest drones disrupting the
1:53 pm
airspace around some airports, but those unmanned aircraft, of course, could be put to good use as well. and in many cases are. one way is to fight fires. jane wells has that story from l.a. hi, jane. >> hi, ty. you know, budgets are shrinking. so defense companies are working overtime to find nondefense markets. and here's a case in point. the lockheed martin is an unmanned helicopter used in afghanistan which the company is now pitching to firefighting agencies. if you watch it here in a test, it dropped fire retardant several times, wog in tandem with the second drone that flies ahead to scan for hotspots. it can also deliver vehicles and cargo. think humanitarian missions or ebola. lockheed hopes to sell it to contractors for the forestry service, the interior department which could be allowed to use these drones domestically by the faa because that is often restricted airspace. now, afghanistan, what was the cost here? it cost about $1,300 an hour to operate there.
1:54 pm
that is a lot less than what some u.s. states in the west are paying for these manned helicopters in fires. i saw one report in washington state, guys, saying they were paying over $3,000 an hour. in oregon, they were paying over $6,000 an hour for a manned helicopter. again, tyler, these would be $1300, at least that's what they were costing in afghanistan. >> and take the human danger out as well. >> yes, absolutely. >> jane wells, thank you. let's see what's coming up on "street signs." mandy? >> so much for the santa claus rally. our guest thinks the markets could be in for some turbulence. we're also witnessing the most successful debut by a fast casual restaurant chain this year. we'll be speaking to the man behind the restaurant. and we'll also have on the arizona attorney general. his state is suing general motors over the delayed recalls. it should be an interesting conversation. join us for "street signs" after "power lunch" returns after this quick break. she's still the one for you.
1:55 pm
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for all of your wealth management and retirement goals, discover how pnc wealth management can help you achieve. visit to find out more. welcome back to "power lunch." i'm kate kelly on capitol hill. coming out of a combative hearing in which senators grilled goldman sachs executives over their handling of the metal markets in the u.s. and specifically on the question of whether they manipulated prices
1:58 pm
in the aluminum market. i'm joined by nick madden from novellus. and he talked today about some of the issues created in his market by goldman's involvement. nick, were you surprised by this 400-page report and the questions today suggesting that goldman sachs's behavior directly pushed up prices of aluminum? >> well, kate, i think maybe the tactics that were being used in the warehouses, we were not -- we were very surprised with. but the situation is something we've been very publicly advocating against for 3 1/2 years. >> reporter: you said the evidence confirmed your worst fears. what were they? >> well, it would appear that the whole new business that had arisen within the rules of the metal exchange that awared the warehouse to move metal out but not really away and retain it in the pool so it could bring the metal back at some point in the future and keep the warehouse full. and with the owners paying rent to the warehousing company.
1:59 pm
>> reporter: so these so-called merry-go-round trades where they moved metal from one warehouse to another exacerbating the waiting list drove prices higher. >> absolutely. an example -- we're the biggest buyer of aluminum in the world. if we buy metal from a warehouse in detroit today, we won't get -- receive it until september 2016. >> reporter: so this has an impact on cans, on aluminum-bodied vehicles, on aluminum foil. 90 billion cans consumed in the u.s. per year. how much of an impact to the consumer is this sort of activity creating? >> you know, we're the world leader in the beverage can and the automotive market. and we know that we're forced to pass through these higher premiums to our customers. and ultimately, you have to believe that the -- it's like a tax in the end product. >> reporter: a tax. >> the cars, the cans and everything. you'll be carrying -- like a can will be carrying a fraction of a cent of extra costs because of this issue.
2:00 pm
>> reporter: thank you so much. we've got to go. back to you guys at "power lunch." >> thank you very much, kate. as the hours have turned green here, sue, that will do it for this edition of "power lunch." >> yes, they have. we'll see whether or not the market can hold on to these very modest gains in the afternoon session. ty and i will see you tomorrow. have a great afternoon. "street signs" starts right now. ♪ that is the perfect open because the american recovery is winning the fight right now. huge economic reports powering stocks once again. i know we don't have huge gains, but the market continues to make all kinds of recorded. by the way, i'm not rocky balboa. i'm brian sullivan. welcome to "street signs." amanda drury, the numbers are beginning to get a little bit staggering. >> they really are staggering. >> yo, amanda. >> yo, my name is amanda, mandy drury. if the s&p managers close again abe


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