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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  January 15, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm EST

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stay with it. it goes higher. >> i like estee lauder i think they will be able to do it. >> that's all for us. see you tonight at ak for "fast money," do not go anywhere because it's "power lunch." >> halftime's over and the second half of the trading day begins now. melissa, thank you very much. welcome to "power lunch," the hills are alive with the sound of the jumping frank. a huge story today, moving currencies and markets all over the globe. what's the impact on the dollar and u.s. stocks we have the answers coming up. let's take a look at where the dow stands for you right now, shall we? with modest moves up for the dow, as you see there. s&p and the nasdaq and the russell there are the numbers for you. relatively calm by comparison with recent days. another huge move target closing up shop in canada, ey? first, let's get to sue at the new york stock exchain.
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>> it's called a tsunami move. the swiss bank stunning markets overnight scrapping the peg against the euro sending its currency soaring up 10% against the dollar now, but it was up as much as 30% right after that announce. . check this out. gold moves on the swiss move this morning. the last trade on the gold market is up 28.5 on the trading session. sarah eisen is following the story for us here with the move that stunned markets all the way around the world. >> shocking policy u-turn. this is what happened. the peg, we're talking about, was put in place three and a half years ago to keep the swiss frank from being too strong hurting exports, a key part of the economy. this goes back to the european debt crisis three and a half years ago when people just could not get enough of the swiss franc. what they did, they got rid of it today. why? it was becoming very costly.
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it was reeking havoc on the balance sheet of the central bank, building up more than 500 franc in reserves defending the line in the sand. why now? that's the interesting part. many suspect it's because the european central bank in europe will pull the trigger for quantitative easing stimulus only leaving money to rush out the euro and into the franc, not to mention the fact that the crisis in russia mass exodus from the russian ruble is a beneficiary. this is making it much more difficult and much more expensive for the swiss bank to defend the peg it promised to defend. the view is the central bank did not want to risk credibility down the line or spend hundreds of billions more in keeping it level so it scrapped it and bottom line switzerland made it clear the market takes control from here and, boy, did it take control. >> in a big way. >> 30%. it's unusual to get 2% in a currency, but 30% is
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unprecedented. yes, it's settling down here at 14%, but, still, that's huge and -- >> rarely see that. >> wouldn't want to be a multinational like nestle dealing with this, and the ripple effects of a stronger currency in the u.s. >> it's interesting because when steve leisman interviewed imf minutes ago, they gave the indication that the -- she was not notified about this. >> yeah. she was surprised she was not called. >> usually they talk to each other. >> i don't know about that. >> will be interesting to see whether or not they contacted any other central bankers. >> i think the message there is policy coordination, something the imf made clear is very important. >> yes. >> on a global stage, and something that imf chief made very important, and policies are diverging and surprise and that's what is creating volatility. >> thank you, sarah, you're doing it all day. back to you. >> as you mentioned, sue, steve spoke exclusively with the imf chief about the swiss move.
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steve, the thing getting our attention was as sue pointed out, the imf was not given the heads up on this. >> tyler, listen that's the sound of the swiss national banker telling the imf he's gout to make a monumental change in currency policy. i mf chief was none too happy about itment investors did not know currency traders did not know, and the imf did not know. this is what she just told me. >> this was a bit of a surprise. i would hope that it was communicated with other colleagues from central banks. i'm not sure it was, and, you know, i'm going to reserve judgment on the pertinence of the move because we have not discussed with with governor jordan. he did not contact me which does not mean to say he has not contacted somebody else in the organization. >> she also said she hopes other central bankers were contacted, but she did not know. what's important here is what sara eisen said.
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they took every opportunity she could possibly find to tell central bankers that if you're going to change policy, key thing here is to communicate it. now, there was a very legitimate question as to whether or not the swiss national bank could have at least publicly communicated a change when it came to an exchange rate typically exchange rate changes are done very quickly with no advanced warning from a central bank because once you announce a change it's the same thing as doing it. i want to move on to one other thing the imf managing director told me which regards the issue of oil and lower oil prices. is it seen by the ifmf as a benefit to the global economy? >> we say it's a net positive, but we are seeing a great variety across the map whether you are oil producers, oil importer currencies pegged to the dollar or not, whether you edged against the currency risk puts you in a completely
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different situation, but we are still seeing on a net basis, a positive outcome from the decline of oil prices. >> that does not mean, tyler, we are not seeing serious gyrations in the global economy as we adjust to lower oil prices. sue? >> all right steve, thank you very much. to josh lipton in silicon valley for a news alert on google josh? >> well sue, dow jones reporting news on google glass, that 1500 dollar wearable that google will stop selling the first version of the glass device and close the explore program on january 19 th and release a new version of glass sometime in 2015 also reports that glass will exit google x, the famed research lab, and now report instead to tony fidel. what seems to be more faith and confidence in the cofounder, google glass, the hope is it may find specialized used cases, but will it be a real consumer hit?
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that's the open question. sue, back to you. >> all right, josh thank you very much. let's talk more about the impact of the swiss national bank move. s sara is here as well as michelle caruso-cabrera. the question now is, what comes next? >> well i think what happened today is emblematic symptomatic of human dislocation to expect as a result of the unprecedented economic times we're in right now. when we see the u.s. potentially unwinding, though we are not sure yet and the european central bank winds up for qe we push capital to places we have not gone before and the swiss central bank pushing to a place that they could no longer tolerate, and i think investors have to expect look what's happening with oil. this is another example of the unwinding of something, and perhaps the revving up of something else and unexpected events are going to be big and a lot more frequent than over the last couple years, sue. >> you know sara a lot of people use the words "currency
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war," i don't know that it's a currency war yet, but there's gamesmanship going on out there. >> no question about it. central bankers are in control. what we saw as michelle laid the table for divergance in monetary policy, that's equivalent to massive trades and moves in currencies. that's how you value a currency relative to another currency by what that central bank is doing. that means you're going to see a lot more currency volatility, something we already see as we have divergences in monetary policyies heating up. the question is, what's the response? when you say currency war, you're talking about a central bank taking action like india did, for instance -- >> overnight. >> overnight, cutting interest rates to keep down their currency or fight deflation. you'll see a lot of these moves as currency moves become extreme. >> you know this comes, michelle, as you well know, ahead of the ecb what's expected to be qe. what if they disappoint and does not do what the market some say
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factored in or is expecting? >> yeah it would be a huge risk, and you have a lot of euro currency risk, right? to get back to the idea of the central bank move today, if you're a swiss national and live in switzerland, your shares got hammered today. you really suffered. if you were an american and bought swiss stock, guess what? you're still in the green because the swiss franc appreciated so dramatically against the u.s. dollar so it's a teaching moment. as i said last hour the impact of currency and could see that again if they disappoint. we already see people leaving euro denominated stocks and moving to dollar denominated stocks believing the dollar will be stronger. the economy is better, stock is better, and then the currency is better too? wow, a real winner. that's what we watch for with the ecb decision next week. >> steve, the final word does it impact the fed in any way,
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shape, or form? >> it does. step back and think about the last time any one of my colleagues there sara or michelle, can remember a surprise from a central bank a major central bank. we've been living in a period of forward guidance where it's central banks telling us what they are going to do and tell us it's going to be done and then do it and then tell us why they did it. >> or at least a hint. >> this is the first major surprise i can think of and in the world of forward guidance when central banks try to rely on market guidance the idea that markets now live with the possibility of a monetary policy surprise could hurt the feds and other central banks' ability to use this forward guidance tool in the future. >> all right, thank you, all, so much, saras, michelle steve, appreciate it. domm? >> away from euros to oil filled services slumber jaythey raise a
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dividend to 50 cents a share, 25 %, down 1.2 %, but there was an uptick as the announcement was made. back over to you. >> thank you so much. more on the swiss move with scott collier, and tom, portfolio manager at lk balance funds. scott, you like european equities tips these are inflation protected securities, even though there's no inflation inflation, you like precious metals metals, and coppers's at a multiyear low, and you like emerging markets like china, india, and brazil. you qualify as a contraryian. explain your case. >> i would. along the way of european equity equities equities, the u.s. markets, the time period where you want to be in on it qe starts here qe started in japan, a marker you didn't want to be in in the japanese market. europe is no different. i think, quite frankly, qe is a
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good entry point and tends to work well on asset prices so we tend to go where the value is the value's in europe and the swiss bank knows what's coming from the ecb, and probably acted to be in front of that and they wanted to be in front of it. >> i think that's basically how i would see it too, they wanted to protect themselves there. i want to come back on tips in a minute. >> sure. >> tom, turning to you, your equity choices are much more close to home disney berkshire, why do you like them? >> oh we're much preferring staying in the states, the stronger dollar continues for quite some time and somewhat a different approach than scott's. we like to stay in the states and specifically prefer things that are more dollar denominated, cato's a great example, sourcing costs are going down all u.s. they have no international exposure so you know smaller companies like
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that benefit in today's environment. >> and your second choice is disney, and third, as i mentioned, berkshire hath way, you like disney for the fact there's feets in lots of ponds. >> yeah. disney does great. i mean, in the sense that, you know, look they are everywhere. they are international. they have some exposure but they ran the largest cable television show ever in terms of viewership monday night. >> yep. >> they have constantly come out with new product. berkshire, on the other hand we're in omaha, they're in omaha, how do you vote against a guy like warren buffet and what he's done? one of the things is go with what you know. >> the hometown vote there. scott, back to you. >> sure. >> explain why you favor tips here on the surface, you think, well, why do you want tips in a time people worry about deflation rather than inflation? >> sure. by the way, that's why we favor them because you know we were raised never to fight the fed or
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fight global central banks who are trying to produce inflation, they are trying to raise inflation expectations. they are talking about it. all their actions are pointed towards that. deflation is the boogyman these days, and quite frankly, the tips market is priced with no inflation. that's generally the time we want to buy them. we think that we are on the central bank's side. we believe we don't want to fight the fed, and so we would rather expose assets to tips which, by the way, i think might do better than the ten-year hitting an all-time low yield as we sit here today. >> all right. >> if you look at the prospect of upside tips, it's a better way to go. >> made the case, scott, appreciate it, tom, you as well. dom, from tom to dom for a market flash. >> remember the story with kb homes, this is lenar, first quarter profit in three years
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and forecasted a drop in the 2015 forecast. the shares as a result down 6% sending other home builders down as well. kb homes, you see there horton and kb down. back to you. >> another story coming into focus this hour. u.s. taking first steps to ease the embargo against cuba and new rules again tomorrow. michelle has details on that. michelle? >> just released new rules this morning: i'll answer the two questions most after. can i buy cigars? can i travel to cuba? if you're in cuba, you can bring back $100 worth of cuban cigars that does not get you much, they are $25 each but you can bring them back you can only bring them back directly from cue da. if you travel to london, common for the audience and buy them there, that is illegal. no cuban cigars from third countries. now, travel is complicated.
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permitted forms of travel will now become much easier. there's actually a lot of permitted forms of travel right now. you can go if you're going for humanitarian reasons, family there, religious group, doing some training for an entrepreneurs, that's all permitted. right now, it requires a lot of paperwork. most of the paperwork goes away. you can just get on a plane. however, you cannot get on a plane and go sit on the beach for three days. that will be illegal. tourism is still strictly prohibited. if you do travel there, no spending limits on your travel expenses anymore. there was a per diem, couldn't spend more than $170 a day on hotel and food. that really controlled the price of hotels in cuba all controlled by the cuban government don't forget. that's gone away. prices are going to be able to rise bringing more money to the cubans and restaurants there, many of which are allowed by the cuban government for individuals to run to help out private entrepreneurs there.
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no license requirement for airlines. this reduces the amount of paperwork an airline would have to do if it wants to do direct flights to miami to havana, going on every day, by the way, but remains to be seen how soon that picks up. easier trade terms. so, the way commodities and exports in general work in the world, you'll see something overseas, put it in a boat, and the captain of the boat cannot unload it until he or she knows you have been paid. however, under george w. bush what he said if you sell to cuba you know, med sipicines or agriculture products you have to be paid cash in advance. you cannot leave port until the cuban government pays you. you had to go through a third country. took two days to get payment. now it's changed. put the stuff on the boat arrives in cuba cannot be delivered until you are paid. it's now cash before delivery and there's now going to be the allowance of bank accounts by
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companies having correspondent accounts in cuba meaning direct money transfers back and forth between the two countries commercially, which used to take two or three days between a third country. back to you. >> quickly on the travel thing. i'm not a tourist, so i have to have a reason to be there? >> exactly. >> but the paperwork is less? >> almost none. almost none. it's retroactively if they are suspicious why you went you have to prove why you went. >> i went to church a few times and had a religious purpose? >> exactly. >> thanks michelle. the oil boom and collapse of crude prices is a double-edged sword for the top oil producing states. we'll drill down in north dakota. the number two u.s. oil producing state, and cnbc's 10 th best state for business. of course, it gets much of the energy and money from energy. how is it fairing with the collapse of crude prices? the governor of north dakota joins us next.
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welcome back to "power lunch," shares of johnson and johnson, the second worse performing today, moving lower after being down agreed from a sell rate -- to a sell rating from a neutral. they drove the company's growth and valuation subsiding based on diminishing pipeline flow. the shares down by 2 %, sue, on today's trade.
1:22 pm
back to you zplp. >> thanks, dom. adding to the banks misses falling short of the forecasts, sinking 4% on trading session respectively. target calling it quits in canada. the decision costing the retail giant $5 .4 billion in losses impacting 17,000 workers. blackberry shares ran up strongly late yesterday afternoon, and now they are plunging, 18 % after denying reports of talks with samsung on a potential takeover. and they denied the buyout rumors. up to you. >> sue, oil topped $50 before sliding again, and the recent plunge had a big impact on our neighbor to the north in affecting housing, jobs and much much more. brian sullivan is live for us now in toronto, canada with that story. hi, brian. >> all right guys thank you very much. you know listen we think that oil is a big story in the yieds, well, it is, but look at this. it is a huge story here in canada. it is not a headline.
1:23 pm
it is the entire front page of the globe and mail today. this is a major story, guys and that is why we are here in toronto, canada because in signs coming up we'll have the macro impact. we were foesed in calvary, but this is the bigger picture. there's more than 70 companies here trading in the united states. the oil names are down huge. in fact, the average return is a 19% loss in three months. these are major corporations getting a fifth of the market value wiped out in 90 days and five down more than 30%. it's not just a concern about the oil companies. it's a concern about the macro impact on canada. bank earnings, real estate and we care because as we reminded you yesterday, canada is america's number one trading partner, so if this economy slows down, and it looks like it might based on concerns, it could have an impact on the trade that's coming up for the united states in street signs. we'll look at the economic
1:24 pm
impact, real estate impact and the target news also we went to target and got sound from people coming out of there. we got a big show coming up on "street signs" in a frigid toronto, canada. >> ha-ha, brian, we look forward to it very much. get inside until 2:00 okay? thank you. well, as brian mentioned, low oil continues to squeeze u.s. energy producers but it's mostly seen as a bund for the american consumer. what does the slump in oil affect states benefits from the u.s. energy boom north dakota flourished with oil money filling state coffers in the lowest unemployment rates in the nation. cnbc viewers may remember that north dakota was number three on scott cohen's list of top states for business in 2013. joining us by phone is the north dakota governor. welcome, governor, nice to have you here. thanks for joins us. >> caller: yeah jack dalrymple.
1:25 pm
>> sorry i mispronounced your name, sir. not just the decline in oil, but the velocity in which oil has started to decline. >> caller: well it definitely has an impact obviously, and we're not so much concerned about our dependency on oil and gas revenues because most of that actually goes into reserve funds for the state, but it does, you know, create a concern about, you know the level of economic activity in our state generally, and, of course that impacts sales tax revenues and impacts us eventually, so we're watching the activity level, probably more than anything. >> in 2014 you're unemployment rate was one of the lowest in the nations at 2.7%. have you started to see an impact on the unemployment rolls as a result of the big drop in
1:26 pm
oil? have you seen companies or firms cut back on employees? >> you know we have not really seen anything there yet. we had such a backlog of job openings in north dakota that so far it just looks like you know employers are having a little bit better a chance than filling some jobs and i don't think that that's going to change, you know in the short term, but eventually the level of activity you know will have an impact about three months ago, the number of rigs in north dakota was 195. today, the number of rigs is 158, and that's the lowest rig count we've had since 2010. >> what is it doing in terms of you know household income if you can tell because it -- the
1:27 pm
flip side of the drop that we're seeing in oil, which impacts, obviously, the industries in your state, it also gives the consumers in your state a big, basically, tax credit in some cases, you know oil and gas it going to be cheaper for them. do you see the effect of that in the people of your state? do you see them willing to spend more? >> caller: oh no question about it, you know any time a commodity makes a major move like that there are definitely winners as well as losers. north dakota's a big consumer of fuel oil and diesel fuel and lp gas, and, you know we you know see a great benefit to a lot of people from that and so eventually as soon as people realize that their money is going further, we would expect you know consumption to rise. >> all right governor thank you so much for giving us an update on your beautiful state. we appreciate it very much.
1:28 pm
>> caller: okay talk to you later. >> back to you. >> thank you very much. big battle brewing between two titans of u.s. defense, boeing and northrop grumman, and plus crime and punishment andrea day on the case. >> a war hero and how it helps conman rake in millions of investers investers. that's coming upright here on "power lunch." what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. ♪ [container door closing] what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. ♪ introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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>> look at that smog heavy, heavy smog bearing down on china's province causing a headache for thousands of commuters. that's like, fog, man, orange alert issued for the smog alert. that's the second highest level -- hate to see the first highest level, in the three warning system roads congested with vehicles trying to navigate through the smog. folks with the face masks there. 24 flights delayed at the international airport, sue, in hunan. >> that's where my daughters were born. i've been in the smog. it's terrible. we had a huge gain in the gold market today primarily because of the move by the swiss to unpeg their currency, and right now, the gold market is closing up $30 an ounce, and silver copper platinum and palladium traded as well. the copper market has a gain now of better than 2%. silver has a significant gain. platinum up by $24 and
1:32 pm
palladium palladium, though, negative on the day. back to dom for a market flash. >> following up on the gold mining stocks because of the soaring prices here new mining gold corp., and all of the big gold miners in the green today in today's trade, so, sue, gold miners are a focus begin the bank day. back to you. >> to the bond market to chicago, rick santelli at the cme, rick? >> wow, there's no lack of volatility, and there's no lack of smiles on traders' faces trying to attack it. look at the intraday of tens. we had a 1.75 handle. if you watched last week, that was a support level. there was always support on the way down, does not mean it stops going down in terms of yields but have we recalibrated to the bund? this is a big deal with the ecb meeting coming on the 22nd. what the swiss did today. look at the chart starting in july of last year of the difference between ten year yields and bund yields.
1:33 pm
remember, on the weekend, bund yields thus far, down two, and on the week ten-year down 17. yes, that spread's move 15 basis points hovering around 130. this you want to pay attention to. last start, 120 euro versus sit, and parody is the next stop. back to you. >> all right, thank you, rick santelli. a group of men were recently sentenced in a $24 million fraud involving iraqi currency. andrea day has the story. not only did the police investors out of millions but created fantasy hedge funds and a story about a war hero that reeled in the cash. >> i was in the military for 12 years. >> federal prosecutors say you're listening to a man lie through his teeth. >> i was in iraq and suffered an injury and had a liver transplant. >> that's rudy claiming to be a war hero awarded a purple
1:34 pm
heart. >> 50 caliber machine gun bullet ripped through his shoulder. >> that's the business partner backing him up. >> he was laying there in iraq bleeding to death. >> you're about to see how a load of military lies helped a group of men police investors out of millions, a scam so lucrative, cash was stacked against walls, hidden in drawers, and stuffed in the ovrn. >> it's an insult to veterans, else those wounded in combat. >> the lies began with brad. he started a business called the bh group to sell iraqi currency and along with the partner, charles, he told potential investors that one day iraqi currency known as dinar, would skyrocket in value. and buying it right now could make you rich beyond your wildest dreams. assistant u.s. attorney matthew shepard. >> they were going to revalue the currency dinar, 1100 to the
1:35 pm
dollar, and then all the sudden overnight the exchange rate would change, and at the low end they promised was $70% rate return. the highest was a thousands percent. >> all they had to do was by through bh. they charged a 20 % markup and investors would get stacks of the iraqi cash in the mail. the assistant u.s. attorney. >> they sold massive amounts of iraqi currency. they shipped it. people could come in and purchase. >> that's what investigators caught on this undercover video. >> yeah? >> i'd like to go ahead and buy a small amount of dinars. >> see the guy in the yellow shirt? >> okay. >> he's the salesman. >> to reel in more the group recorded weekly conference calls and posted this information commercial on youtube. >> welcome to the bh group. >> they called the revaluation a blessing, the blessing may be coming around christmas, looking
1:36 pm
good for the fourth of july. >> bh brought in rudy a supposed wall street big wig and desert storm war hero. here's brad talking up rudy on a conference call. >> former vp of jpmorgan. background in iraq left part of shoulder there. >> he did actually join the marines, but never made it through boot camp and for the wall street credit he worked at jpmorgan chase for one day. >> he was not what he said he was. >> here's rudy telling investors he'll make them rich. >> i talked to the guys on wall street, well connected on the street. >> with rudy in place, the group told investors they were starting hedge funds for the soon to be millionaires, but first, there was a fee. investors sent bh more than $23 million to buy dinar and 700,000 for hedge funds that did not exist. brad was literally rolling in the cash. >> he was making multiple trips
1:37 pm
to the bank to make sure that his cash deposits at the bank were all under $10,000. >> he says the irs caught wind of unusual financial transactions and checked in to brad. >> they found stacks of this iraqi currency everywhere in the office. they were keeping dinar in the stove, in all the cabinets. >> rudy pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 63 months in prison. after trial, brad and charles were convicted of wire fraud and more. sentenced to 87 months in lockup and the other to 33. back to you. >> wow, what a brazen scheme that was. that was just astoupding. the s&p off three quarters a percent, and nasdaq with a 1% loss here today, and russell 2,000 suffering the worst of all off nearly 2%. there you see. the dow now down 100 points. more power in two minutes.
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welcome back dow howevering lows off 110 points and choppy day of trading here, jpmorgan
1:41 pm
shares weak overall, and johnson and johnson after a downgrade, and cisco systems and home depot weaker, sue, on the day's trade. over to you. >> thank you. down triple digits and bob has reports here at post nine does not feel good today. defensive tone. >> not good all week. and that's what is right, the tone is defensive. i want to show you tell come utilities, consumer staples. that's the leadership group, huh? that's a leadership group? that's defensive. look at the leaders this year it's all defensive, health care utilities, consumer staples. this is for the year leading. don't lead with utility ossenies on the year. the financials and industrials are dragging us down and, today, we're having real problems with the financials. that's really what's hurting. it's not energy. we got bank of america, citi group, suntrust all regions don. normally, there's weakness in bank earnings season and normally, look at the friends,
1:42 pm
we asked them to run the numbers for us. they show you the kbe, the bank index normally down 1.5 % in the three weeks in the beginning of january, leading into earnings but this is not normal. we are seeing -- look the kb bank index down 10%. normally it's 1.5%. sue, right now, we're down 10%. so this is not seasonal weakness that we're seeing. this is definitely people lightening up on the financials. >> okay. thanks, bob. appreciate it. >> the swiss national bank of course stunned financial markets scrapping the peg against the euro and it sent the currency right off the charts soaring. the swiss up very sharply 20 % at one point, and you see right now, up 13% against the dollar. 30% really after the announcement. we are live in zurich what's the latest? >> reporter: unprecedented market moves, i mean a black
1:43 pm
bath in switzerland. we saw the main market index, smi off 10 % at one point. we saw it closing down by more than 8.5%, and there were massive moves, not just again the euro but the currencies out there. led lower by the big watch maker, and most of the sales coming from abroad. their costs, though are crushing them. same for the luxury group, off 15% on the close, and the maker of -- they own this and mont mont blanc, the banks pulmo. ed at 10 % or so. the pharma sector hit substantially. 10% strengthen of the swiss, transferring into the sales, and 9 to 12% for rosh. back to you. >> thank you very much. if you're a swiss shareholder, owning swiss shares and
1:44 pm
international company, you are getting back fewer when you repatriate the currency. boeing not pleased with the u.s. air force for giving a contract to the rival northrop grumman. we have the story. hi, jane. >> gee, where have we heard this? a big win for northrop and questions from boeing today. they awarded northrop a contract worth nearly a billion dollars for five years to service and maintain nuclear stockpiles, work boeing was doing, and now rioters reports the spokeswoman is, quote, disappointed requesting a meeting with the air force to be debriefed on why it lost, and, quote, will determine a path forward following completion of the debrief. this leaves open the possibility boeing could file a protest when northrop won before and boeing famously protested that contract, won it back on a second go around.
1:45 pm
i have asked, sue, boeing to confirm, and what it means, but they have not got back to me yet. if we hear i'll let you know. >> absolutely thank you, jane. drone showcasing real estate. the tool to rise above the competition. full story on power lunch and full video straight ahead. plus -- >> today's power house is the oldest stock exchange and it's the birthplace of actor kevin bacon. can you name that city?
1:46 pm
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zplmplgts welcome back, extending losses in the afternoon here trading down more than 1 preponderate 35 -- 1.5%, and we're on the second losing streak since the year began. we did not see a single five day losing streak in 2014 or 2013 speaking to the volatility in the market and how much profit taking is underway as earning
1:48 pm
seasonsdropped% edped 2% and social stocks you see with the social media etf, facebook priceline, bigger losers there. bioteches are whacked today. the ibb and epi. lastly, one bright spot semiconductors buck the downward trend seeing that as intel is ready to report earnings after the bell. tyler, back to you. >> morgan thank you. time for the birthplace of kevin bacon! come on man, it's the birthplace, the hometown of jim cramer, can you name the city? philadelphia. we'll focus on the city center area with us is mike from home services fox and roach realtors, 5 mouthful. great to have you with us. checking out the stats, median sale price is $216,000, and inventory is 6,000 and they are
1:49 pm
on the market for 74 days. let's begin here mike with our first listening, a starter home row house, $239900, two beds one and a half bath, tell me about it. >> this is the millennial special, fantastic for the young, single female male or young couple. exciting area that's expanding right in the heart of downtown philadelphia. two bedroom. >> looks brand new inside. nicely done, right? >> yes. 99% redone beautiful wood floors finished basement custom kitchen and bath excellent value. >> this is $875,000 and taxes over $3,000 three beds, three and a half baths, over over $2,000 square feet of living space. go ahead. >> yeah, that is my move up buyer, impepble builder, a home that's 99% new, three bedrooms,
1:50 pm
three and a half bath, finished basement balconies, impepble details, great school district right there, low taxes with the ten-year tax abatement. >> these are unprepossessing houses on the outside, but, boy, on the inside can't judge a book by the cover. this one listed at nearly 1.2 million, but taxes are just $48 2 because of the tax abasement on new construction four beds three and a half baths, 4700 living space. that's a lot in the city mike. >> fantastic, off the avenue of the arian of in the heart of center city, institutions restaurants, theaters garage roof tom deck a whole view of the city of brotherly love. you've not been to philadelphia in the last five years, you've not been to philadelphia. the energy is unbelievable. the young people and empty nesters, everyone in between. it's an exciting time in philadelphia. >> daughter of one of my best friends works in phillie, just
1:51 pm
out of school loves it. i love it go there a couple times a year. mike, thanks. >> thank you. >> this is a listing in california just north of the hollywood hills, 360 degree views, so beautiful, there was a drone used to capture the views for buyers costing $5 million, it was at the home of ashley simpson, younger singer of jessica simpson, you get all access to it, go to powerlunch sue? >> the latest in the bill dollar divorce, oil magnet forced to lay out a lot with his ex-wife. what's at stake for him? that's coming up. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything for all your help. through all life's milestones our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way.
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in this hour of power, google stops selling the first version of google glass, the next version due out this year. johnson and johnson lower, and lenar lower after reporting numbers this morning. miss the big stories this last hour, go to power >> this is an exceptive and
1:55 pm
messy divorce, report frank is here. >> exceptive is right, tyler. writing a check to pay for the divorce, how he got the cash and why it could cost shareholders. that's coming up.
1:56 pm
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welcome back to "power lunch," a couple tough days for biostocks, focusinge kite focusing on therapy productings, down 12 %, and you can see there in the session, and juno therapeutics engaged in developing cell based cancer therapies, also down 12%. no specific news on each but profit taking say some traders here both up triple digits in terms of the moves since going public last year. back to you. >> thank you. stakes are higher in the billion dollar divorce. so far, it's a personal matter but now it could affect shareholders, and the share price of the company, cot continental resources. he to pay his ex-wife close to $1 billion, and wrote her a check for $974 million, and she cashed it last week. he could have paid that over seven years, meaning interest payments of $90,000 a day.
1:59 pm
he saved millions by paying all at once but he took out a loan against the shares in continental, and he pledged $8 -- 68 million shares or 18% of the company for collateral of the loan. he owned 235 million shares or 68% of the company, this is a small share of the total, but the fcc filings state he could pledge more shares if the stock price does not meet minimum requirements. at a time when oil is falling, the share price is falling, that's a risk. >> he margined holdings in a major, major way. >> at the wrong time. >> robert thank you very much. sue, great to be with you on this rocky, another bumpy day for the dow, off a little compared with earlier sessions. >> coming back nicely for the poll bulls. we are watching oil, art cashin said watch oil that's the key how the market ends the session. we are off 78 points on the dow,
2:00 pm
and s&p down two-thirds a percent and nasdaq and russell are the laggards russell leading a way down on percentage basis. >> hurry home stay warm that's all for today's edition of power lunch. thank you for watching. >> "street signs" starts right now. ♪ ♪ oil down big, dow falls again, welcome to "street signs," live in toronto, canada we continue to examine the macro economic impact of the oil shock, not just this country, but how what happens here impacts america, and your money, just another down day like the temperature, oil crushed again. >> you really couldn't have picked a better time to go to canada, brian, not just the big oil story, but so many headlines coming out of the northern neighbors. think about it. in the past 24 hours, we've had those takeover rumors of


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