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tv   Power Lunch  CNBC  February 10, 2015 1:00pm-3:01pm EST

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portfolio now. >> melco. melco koun bought it. >> kkr got hit hard. this is when pe firms jump if big. i think the stock goes higher. >> that's it for us. have a great rest of the day. power starts now. >> "halftime" is over. "power lunch" and the second half of the trading day start right now. >> thank you very much. welcome to power lurching. tyler matheson here. mandy drury there. is puerto rico sinking? >> big hedge funds putting new prour the ceo of gm. >> and what it takes to get into that 1% club. we got the numbers, and it turns out that you can actually probably tell whether you are going to make it from your first few annual salary numbers. >> incredible survey coming up. okay. let's have a look at what's
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happening. stocks are moving higher at this hour. it feels like investors are shaking off fears about the debt standoff between europe and greece, but folks, the action is really in oil. prices plunging again after the international energy agency warned of more sell-offs in the near term. we begin with fears in the bond market. we're talking about, yep, puerto rico, and its debt crisis sending its bonds to record lows. why does it matter to investors here? many hedge funds and big bond investors have exposure to puerto rico. kate kelly has more on the fall-out. >> big legal news the last few days on puerto rico which has been struggling with over $70 billion in debt as well as highend employment and other economic issues for some time now. on friday a federal judge blocked the island's efforts to restructure certain debt through a new law known as the recovery act that was passed last summer. the law was intended to help agencies like for example, the purity wroe ricco electric power
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authority or pr epa to make hangs to its credit obligations without necessarily getting the agreement of all of its bond holders. judge fran seveningo argued that the law wasn't sound. they said yesterday it would appeal to his decision without giving much additional detail on when, but one question that is now foremost is whether puerto rico will now be forced into chapter nine or municipal u.s. bankruptcy, which could throw the troubled economy there into even further disarray. puerto rico of late has been a focal point for a number of marriage investors, including the hedge fund manager john paulson, a bull on puerto rico who has put a lot of money into the commercial real estate sector and has also called the island the singapore of the carribean. meanwhile, a group of some 30 "ad hoc committee members," including, for example, davidson kempner and -- roughly $300 billion in assets altogether. they've been arguing that the restructuring of some of the island's debts could be a very good thing. adding to the mix a group of
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several institutional investors that have challenged this recovery act in court, including blue mountain capital and oppenheimer funds, which objected to it on its legal merits. friday's decision, mandy, is a victory for them but the game is, of course, far from over. >> thank you very much kate. i'll pick it up. our next guest says perceive with caution down in the commonwealth. bob is co-head of mchey municipal managers that oversees munis. one of the sores there in kate's report called the puerto rico the singapore of the caribbean. isn't it more right now the greece of the americas? >> you know puerto rico has a lot of issues. we've been telling our clients over the last three years, you have to be very careful. there's way of investing in there, but you have to be very active and understand the nuances of the credits. >> you have been in there since, what, 2013-ish? >> yeah. >> or before? >> well our team has been managing money in puerto rico market for over 20 years. >> have you made money lately? >> we have. we've actually made money for
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the last three years running. if you understand the problems of the economy and what's going with the individual credits, for instance over the last couple of years we've been telling clients, don't invest unenhanced credit. invest in securities that have an insurance wrapper on them. take some of your down side risk away from the equation and wait for the uncertainty that is vunding puerto rico that continues today, especially in light of the court case on friday. until that's gone and, therefore, you have a clear understanding exactly which -- >> so the enhanced credits are the ones you want. we're going to take a quick break and get out to rick santelli in chicago with breaking news from the bonds and come back to you. >> $24 billion three-year notes just hit the street. the fwrad for the auction? d-plus. the yield? 1.05. the bid side of the one issued market is 1.06. lower yield, higher price. kudos on the pricing of the dutch action. if you look 3.34.
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it's better than a 10 auction average. here's the extremes. 48.9 on indirects. it's the best since may of 2010. 7.2 on direct is the weakest since january 2012. dealers take 43.9. b-plus. tomorrow of course tens followed by 30s to round out the week with coupon supply. tyler, back to you. >> all right rick. thank you very much. back to bob. the question basically is if i'm a yield hunter here and i like the idea of tax free income spshgs i see that big fat 10% plus yield higher even than greece, should i be tempted, and your answer is? >> our answer is be careful. when you are talking about puerto rico, general obligation bond, you are talking about the high yield marketplace and distress type of situation. puerto rico officials in san juan need some type of restructuring aeblt. the recovery act was thrown out of the court case so now what they need to do is lobby the u.s. congress to allow puerto rico's municipalities and public corporations to restructure
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through a bankruptcy type of process. when you are talking about investing in these type of securities without that full snanding of what puerto rico neepdz is you have to be very very careful. >> sounz like the answer is probably not for individuals. go with a guy who is actually following it although time. >> i would agree with that. snoo thank you very much. appreciate it. now to dominik with market flash fla. >> hotels are hot. they're being driven by a couple of important catalysts. first of all it's wyndham worldwide. those shares up by 8%. then there's starwood hotels beating earnings estimates, and on top of that announcing it will spin off its time share vacation division so it can focus on core hotel operations starwood shares up by 7%. the news is helping to put a bid to others in today's trade as well. you look at marriott hyatt, both of them up in today's trade as well. back to you. >> okay. thank you very much for that. we're starting to moving
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higher at this hour on hopes of a greek debt deal but will any snags in the negotiations hurt the u.s. market? let's bring in jeremy of ubs wealth management in americas and jim, chief investment officer at pnc asset management. jim, so much confusion about what is happening with oil. very wide forecast. so much confusion about what the outcome with greece will be. how do you trade and invest through that? >> thanks mandy. good afternoon. certainly a number of shifts in the market as we started the year here and you highlight greece. likely a stress point for some time here. we have tough talk and some firm stands while we try to work out a compromise behind the scenes. likely they lshg but it will take some time and we'll probably get to the brink before an agreement is reached there. essential the plunge in crude oil is a net benefit, but it has added some uncertainty in the markets. who are the winners and the losers there 1234 in the end it's a positive for the u.s.
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consumer, and i think a little early here to call the bottom. i think we're in a bottoming process for crude oil. there will be opportunities down the road. in the end consumers benefit here and consumer stocks should benefit in this environment. >> going back to the european question for a second, because i see a couple of weeks ago you upgraded europe even equities. what scenario for greece are you thinking about when you did that upgrade, and does it even matter to you? >> well it certainly matters in the near term, and i think in terms of the performance of european equities the ebb and flow of the negotiations in between greece and the troica will dictate in the very very near term performance. if you look at the back drop for european equities one valuations are quite low. two, you have a lower oiling price that will help the european economy even more than it's going to help the u.s. economy. three, finally you get a lower euro, and that's really going to help the earnings power for a lot of the multi-national companies that are going in europe. >> a stronger dollar on the flip
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side of that hurts a lot of multi-nationalists here in the united states, no? >> it does. but it's pretty interesting if you look at the percentage of the revenues that come from abroad. it's of much higher in the euro zone. we're still bullish on the u.s. as well. u.s. earnings have been coming through in the fourth quarter at a pretty strong rate. even where the head wind of energy sector earnings down over 20%, the strength of the dollar in the fourth quarter, the trade weighted dollar up about 10% year on year it looks like s&p 500 earnings per share are going to end up being up between 7% and 8%. we think the u.s. corporate sector is quite resilient, and even though forward estimates are coming down we think that the market will see through some of that noise. >> okay. last question to you, jim, because we've got an interesting scenario happening. we have stocks moving up and oil moving down. moving down significantly. remember, they were very closely correlated. a lot of concerns about that crash in oil.
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unlikely we'll have the v-shaped recovery in oil, but we'll fwet back to higher prices but it will take some time. i think the market is learning that that will probably be the case. we're blending in what those impacts of earnings will be and i think we'll support certainly from the consumer side that we'll see lower energy prices for some time to come which will continue to benefit not only consumers but industrial stocks in here as well. >> thank you very much for joining us. let's get a news alert right now with sue herrera. sue. >> has been hacked. the security firms say that athe hack is related to china.
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if you are a user of microsoft's flagship internet browser and you visited from the dates of november 28th to december 1st when that site was hacked, you may be at risk. we're waiting for further comment from forbes. once again, they have not confirmed that it was china, but the two security firms say that they believe that there is a very strong link to being hacked by china. back to you, ty. >> sue, thank you very much. shares of general motors reving higher this hour as the automaker. you see right there up about almost 3% at 37.01. this comes as the automaker and its ceo mary barra are the target of activist investors wlash do they want? cnbc phil lebeau behind the wheel for us in wisconsin. phil. >> tyler, they want cash because general motors is sitting on a big pile of it right now. in fact, total liquidity of $37 billion. that's what is interesting to harry wilson. who is harry wilson?
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you might know him if you are familiar with the auto sector because he is one of the president obama's auto task force members, and when he was doing that he was actively involved in the restructuring of general motors. well now he is representing four investment groups, and today he announced that he is going to be nominating himself to join the gm board. he is representing four investor groups, including three hedge funds. what do they want? $8 billion to be spent by general motors buying back stocks. certainly that would give the stock a boost and has been today. for gm ceo mary barra this represents the latest issue she has to deal with after a year of wrestling with the recall crisis and all of the problems that were involved there. for general motors liquidity stands like this. they've got $25.2 billion in cash, in securities on hand. another $12 billion brings total liquidity up to $37.2 billion. all of that money has activist investors saying you know what
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we want a little bit of that. gm just announced last week that it plans to increase its dividend by 20%. up to 36 cents per share. as you take a look of shares of general motors, keep in mind that the dividend yield is expected to jump up to about 4.3% if that 20% increase in the dividend goes through. that said tyler, and mandy, that's not enough for harry wilson and some of the other activist investors who are out there now saying you've got $37 billion in cash. start freeing it up for the investors. guys back to you. >> okay. phil lebeau a little windy out there too. ever wonder how the 1% get to the top? well, robert frank knows. >> a new study says your earnings will largely be determined in the first ten years of your working life. we're going to tell you the 1%'s gets there and how they often fall from the top. that's coming right up.
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welcome back. shares of -- that stock is one of the leading gainers in the s&p 500 after its solid earnings beat the maker of construction materials reported earnings per share of 94 cents, 11 cents higher than expected. they also beat on sales as well. the company announced a 20 million share buy-back program, which includes five million previously authorized shares. a big day for martin marietta.
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well ex-spokers hoarding nicorettes. the company recalled the nicotine tablets last year due to manufacturing issues, but has been silent on when they would make them again. well coca-cola earnings tumbling 55%. revenues still topping street estimates. they say in north america its biggest market no surprises there. rising for the first time in four quarters. apple selling off swiss franc bonds. this is the tech giant's second bond sale outside of the united states. the deal raising the eye kweflent of 1.35 billion yon dollars. ty. breaking into the 1% there seems to be a correlation of age and when you can become wealthy. robert frank here with the details of a new study. what's it telling us, robert? >> well it tells us if you want to become a member of the 1% you better start young. a new study says that your earnings over your lifetime are mainly determined in the first ten years of your working life.
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now, most of those who made it if into the 1% got there before it age of 35. as the study says across the board of bulk of earnings growth happens during the first decade. those in the top 5% their income grows 230%. the 1%'s see their income grow 1,500% during their working lives. earnings peak early. most of us never get raises after the age of 45. only the top 2% of earners actually see their pay increase after they're 45 years old. there is one thing about the 1%'ers. they do have their problems. they do experience more sudden drops in incomes, called negative earnings shocks. as the study says the higher an individual's current earnings the more room he has to fall and the less room that he has to move up. the good news here tyler, is that one in nine americans will at some point be in the 1%.
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at least for a year. >> after age 45? most people's income won't go up? >> we've already peaked tyler. as if we didn't know already, right? >> oh man. all right, robert. thank you very much. manny mandy. >> get your freak on guys because the manufacture "fifty shades of grey" is here to break all kinds of records. how some of the nation's biggest retailers are looking to get in on the buzz. plus, social media career killer. what happened when one new employee blasted her employer before she even started a job? you have got to hear this. t a street. return on investment isn't the only return i'm looking forward to. for some every dollar is earned with sweat, sacrifice, courage. which is why usaa is honored to help our members with everything from investing for retirement to saving for college. our commitment to current and former military members and their families is without equal. start investing with as little as fifty dollars.
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>> we are normally talking about kids' toys for movie themed toys. for "fifty shades of grey" it's all about toys for adults. a number of the nation's biggest retailers are getting in on the action. live in los angeles with that story, julia. what kind of toys are we talking about, or should we just not go there? >> well mandy, "fifty shades of grey" is on track to steam up the box office this weekend, and retailers are looking to cash in on products like this blind fold set as well as this massage candle. now, target is already selling an assortment of "fifty shades of grey" themed products. from the blind folds to sex toys, target is drawing backlash when one store put "fifty shades of grey" product display next to
1:23 pm
children's toothbrushes. it's owned by nbc universal, and it earns a fee on that merchandise along with author e.l. james. this is the first time that such a racy movie has inspired merchandise with a wide range of products like an official makeup collection from makeup forever. red sat sxin red and white silk and jewelry, including a $150 necklace made with minihandcuffs. plus, there's clothing and retailer hot topic and lingerie. there's even a teddy bear inspired by christian grey. >> we do expect "fifty shades" to set records at the box office this weekend. it very quickly became the best selling r-rated film. >> julia, there's a chain over
1:24 pm
in london called b & q, and it's giving its employees copies of the book "fifty shades of grey" and saying go home read it familiarize yourself with although products just in case people come in with sensitive questions like, ah where do i get the best kind of robe? where do i get some table ties? where do i get various other thing like tape? i mean how big is this market? >> well that would be an example of some nonlicensed prdz merchandise. a company trying to cash in on the craze without sort of going through the formal license process. i think it's too soon to say just how big this could be. when you hear of companies doing the likes of that it should be massive. mandy, the bigger the demand for the products and all these different types of merchandise, the bigger the box office is going to be, ask vice versa. >> it all happens on valentine's day. how fitting. although it's not really about love is it? it's more about something else. thank you very much. julia. tirl, over to you. are we making you blush? >> gold prices. gold prices mandy, they're closing right now down .7% at
1:25 pm
$1,233. let's look at copper, paladium and platinum. silver, copper paladium platinum. they're all down today. down more than a percent. let's go to dominik for a quick market flash. >> so tyler, you're telling me my valentine's day gifts that i'm giving are going to be cheaper i guess is what you are trying to say. on the heels of those gold price comes your daily look at the gold mining stocks. of course you are talking about gold miners overall. here's a check on numont mining and anglo gold and yamana. back to you. >> fifty shades of gold. to the bond market. rick santelli tracking the action. cme. hi, rick. >> hello there. we've had basically a couple of weeks shades of higher yield. if you look we just aukdzed $24 billion of that. rates came down after that auction. it was a good auction.
1:26 pm
the important part is on the year-to-date chart. rates mostly have been going up. pretty much all maturities since the highest levels really since the beginning of the year. it was still good demand. the three years probably reflecting the propensity that maybe some better jobs data could mean the fed delivers on tightening. if you look at a two-day chart of tens it's not that rates went down, and they did a little bit right, but the fact is today's range, virtually is above yesterday's, is the melt-up in rates continues. mandy, back to you. >> thank you very much. rick santelli. well melting of a different kind. the third major storm in two weeks blasting new england. record amounts dropping on boston and paralyzing travel there. plus, the lawmakers holding hearings into the measles outbreak across america. what lawmakers are planning to do to contain it? that is coming up.
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what makes it an suv is what you can get into it. what makes it an nx is what you can get out of it. introducing the first-ever lexus nx turbo and hybrid. once you go beyond utility there's no going back.
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autoi'm sue herrera, and here's the cnbc update for this hour. the white house says the fbi is investigating the hacking of news week's twitter account
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after a threat to the obama family. in french guiana tomorrow. it hopes to begin europe's first reusable space transportation system. >> city subways have been idle with limited business service as well, and unfortunately for them, more snow is expected on thursday. >> it all gets started at 3:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnbc. and that's your news update for this hour. ty, back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, sue. let's go over to dominik for a quick market flash. >> tyler, computer science is one of the worst performing stocks at this hour. the tech consulting firm
1:31 pm
reported better than expected earnings per share with sales missing analyst estimates. ceo mike laurie said that the company's public sector business grew and managed to contain costs. that wasn't enough to offset head winds in the traditional commercial business. >> stocks are the first in three sessions. bob, market analyst kenny, guys great to see you. you know you are down there together. probably comparing notes. just a quick question. i was noticing right now the dow is up about 72 points right? now, if the dow does not move triple digits today, i believe that will be the third straight session. we've only had double digit or less moves. when will be the first time in 2015. does it suggest to you and maybe the traders are telling you something as well? is volatility getting less? bob. >> in the last three days certainly. i think the concern here or the issue is they're hoping for some
1:32 pm
kind of deal on greece, which i think will be a lot more loose than some people think. i think the thing i'm most worried about is where oil is. oil had a three-day move. when it did that the markets called down. now today oil is sort of reversing. it's moving around. >> i think, though we had such a big move from 43 to 53 that it's once again destroying to find its level around 50 about what it wants to do. i think the overall focus is all about greece and europe for sure. >> energy is the big laggard here, and some of the shale plays and drillers they're down
1:33 pm
4%, 5% 6%. there isn't any news out there. just a slight reverse on the trend. >> that's right. because it's been so kind of volatile lately you would expect those kinds of moves until you get more stability. >> on the flip side of that energy stocks are the layingers, but some of the leaders, at least earlier on today have been the financials. i've even heard people say potentially before. banks would love that. >> any kind of increase particularly in a longer term rate that will help banks out. deutsche bank updating citigroup to a buy. i think price target is up $54. all these banks have a tough time in january. you know they sell off going into earnings seasons. then usually they bottom, and then most of the banks have bottomed now at the end of january.
1:34 pm
i'm not sure it's going to happen in june but if you are talking about june and august it's not a big deal. if are you talking sooner march, april, then the market may say are we really ready yet? is the market prepared for a march-april move versus a june or july move? >> i think the banks would be happy for just a nice rise in long-term rates. if we don't get a solution on greece -- i know it's a lot, but 2% of the euro zoeb economy or something like that, nonetheless, what would happen to the u.s. market? >> i think global markets will come under pressure because it brings p the angst and anxiety. that being said i think european markets suffer more. i think the u.s. markets stabilize rather quickly because money will look to come back to
1:35 pm
the u.s. as a -- as a stabilizing market. >> really that's kind of the safe play. >> got it. >> you going to add something, bob? >> i was going to say i think this is a very serious issue and i'm mother concerned about what happens in southern europe. portugal, spain, and italy, and the bonds and the stock market there. that's where the lehman like potential damage exists. i know that's a bad word. lehman. it's the contagion. keeping the market very very tight, right? until there's more clarity. investors are not going to change their mindset that quick. >> surely any kind of concern that would send the u.s. market down, guys, wouldn't it just be a buying opportunity? >> i think ultimately there's going to be a compromise, and he
1:36 pm
think that was made up. today they came out out and said that they're offering up a compromise because they realize the germans in the euro zone are not going to sit around and give them everything they want. >> absolutely not. no. >> bob, kenny, good to see you. thanks very much. let's head out to the nasdaq from the nyse. kate rogers again following some of the big moves there. >> we are seeing up by 1%. gaining around 42 points on the nasdaq. today coming off of yesterday's losses. of course small cap cmb as well. the russell 2,000 up sligs today. about a quarter of a percent. on the nasdaq 100, one of the biggest gainers we're watching for you here at qualcomm. up around 4%. that, of course, on news it settled on paying the chinese government that $975 million fine. the largest fine in china's
1:37 pm
history. over anti-economytive practices and ending that 14-month ongoing dispute. now, hotels and travel also doing well today. marriott and win resorts among the top gainers here. this despite wyn missing estimates for its fourth quarter, and mattel getting hit today. one of the biggest lose others the nasdaq 100. down over 1%. this as hasbro its biggest competitor, saw its revenues increase as mattel's fell in 2014 closing the gap between the two competitors. tyler, back to you. >> a lot to do with frozen toys i believe. >> it did. >> thank you very much. let's take a look at these charts. the disease bisquely wiped out in the years following, but it is back in a small way, but an left arming way to many. a number of states with measles cases for 2015 now stands at 17. it is spreading from california
1:38 pm
to the midwest and right here in new jersey. at this hearing officials really emphasizing that the increasing cases should be seen as a wake-up call. >> we have indications that some of the unvaccinated microcommunities may be getting larger. >> now the hearing was called the re-meerj ens of vaccine preventible diseases, and it is a re-emergence here. measles was declared over in the u.s. in 2000. they also spent a lot of time on another hot topic, which is the safety of vaccines. >> so when i talk to the public or i talk to parents, i like to explain that as a physician and as a public health expert i can
1:39 pm
tell you that vaccines are very safe and effective and while autism is a terrible condition, one thing we know is that vaccines don't cause autism. >> georgia this week becoming the latest state to report a case of measles. the first in a few years. of course, that one wasn't tied to the disneyland outbreak. that was from an infant that arrived in atlanta from outside the u.s. back to you. >> all right meg. thank you very much. the social media career killer. now, one teen blasted her employer before she started the swrob. it wasn't her employer just yet. if you don't have anything nice to say -- well. plus, iggy azalea wants privacy from papa john's. the rapper going after the pizza chain on twitter after her phone number was shared by an employee. it was all that fancy pizza. i'm so fancy. all that and more "power lunch" rundown next.
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zeerchlts america's biggest dairy process promoted sales that messed analyst' estimates. first quarter profits fell below most wall street expectations. ceo greg tanner did say he released 2015 full year results that will be substantially better, tooil, than last we're. back to you. >> all right, dom. time for the power rundown. >> many of his ill advised and private tweets. he immediately apologized. some of these, mandy, had
1:43 pm
unflattering things to say about gay people emails and even a cavalier attitude as you point out, about drunk driving. >> yeah absolutely. i think the bottom line here is nothing. it was never deleted from the internet. >> this goes to the question of when you do these kinds of things, put these things out, you are a publisher, and it is out there for all to see. if you publish after you may have had a few adult beverages, you are responsible. right? >> maybe he skated up to the line and didn't go way over the edge. he still apparently is employable. you have to be careful about your tweets. >> i think -- i think i remember george clooney saying that he didn't tweet because he likes to have a beverage in the evening. this guy i think he has called himself _#maturing. i would say _#doless. next topic, a texas teen being fired on twitter. fired on twitter from her first
1:44 pm
day at a pizza rea for tweeting oh, i start this -- >> blank blank. >> -- job tomorrow. boss got wind of the tweet and fired her over twitter. no, you don't. i just fired you. good luck with your no money, no job life. should we be surprised? it goes to the question of do you have a right to say whatever the hell you want? >> that's it. i don't agree with what she said, and i think, you know hats off to the boss of the pizza rewra. i would have fired her as well. >> of course. >> it really does beg the question as we're increasingly putting our personal opinions out there, on your own social media platform. do you have the right to do that? the freedom of expression. >> i say john you have the right to do it but if you say something unflattering about your employer your employer has the right to empose the consequence, no matter what it is. leaf people don't realize teens,
1:45 pm
tech people for a major politician, the stuff you say in public is kind of permanent. hopefully she learns from this. right now she's been hitting back against haters on the internet. stop doing that. just quiet down and be respectful. >> he like iingy. recent grammy winner. a papa john's delivery guy gave out her phone number. iggy's number. she tweeted out her fury after getting little sympathy from the store manager. papa john's was my favorite pizza, but the drivers they use give out your personal phone number to their family. nobody is calling iggy john? >> iggy needs to pump her brakes. she's right. this is the sort of thing you should get upset about, but she's got twitter beef with everybody nowadays. snoop dogg, this person, that
1:46 pm
person. >> she's iingy azalea and maybe get on instagram and do an action news inc.ry phase. tweet out grumpy cat. something like that maybe. >> when are you named after a mrouring shrub, you need to be careful with your tweets. >> thank you very much. >> who? there? you can see a lot of there. she's on the latest cover. he's embarrassed by his recent returns. that is still ahead.
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>> we talked about the new sports illustrated cover girl hannah davis yesterday on power lunch. it's the photo everyone is continuing to talk about today, but is it too racy?
1:50 pm
we asked david faber all about it. david faber asked her all about it. >> you can't really pull her bottoms down more than that, can you? >> i'm not going to answer that question. >> i didn't even know it was the year of the torso. i'm way behind here. >> david was doing all the talking there, let the record show. >> we were all stamerring. >> this is hour martin marietta after reporting better than expected earnings and announcing a 20 million share buy-back program. computer science down 7%. the worst performing s&p 50000 at this hour. the tech consulting firm reported better than expected
1:51 pm
earnings per share. all lower. if you missed infantry the billing stories over the past hour, go visit our website at power >> we will indeed. well, for the first time taxpayers are required to report their health insurance status in their tax filings, or you face a peblt. yahoo finance question of the day wants to know are you all set with this new rule? 79% say yes. 11% say no. i was aun wear of this rule. i'm glad we were able to make you aware of it. 10% say they don't have insurance. well, we also considered tweets on this because not all taxpayers are killed about the obama care tax rule. we asked viewers to share what they thought on twitter. here are some of their responses. now, we also want to hear your reactions to the daily yahoo poll but here we go. we've got here wx underscore fan
1:52 pm
underscore 1975 says i plan on attaching a copy of my most recent doctor trip too so they can see what health care really costs. also tough to add single dependent health care if different health care coverage and taxpayers two singles versus family. thank you. and i just wanted to add, by the way, ty because a moment ago we were talking with john ford about the need for a new word for someone going on sort of a road rage twitter style. some people have already tweeted in with great suggestions. for example, one person said a twit-slip. i'm throwing a twit-slip. i have twage, twitter rage. some person said it's the age of the rages. >> age of the rages. >> or a twant, twitter rant. >> i like that one. >> we talked about insurance there and how much your medical insurance is going to compliment
1:53 pm
your tax returns this year. how about insurance? ensurers offering plans for companies in the new share-conomy. right after this.ea about, say organic food stocks schwab can help. with a trading specialist just a tap away. what's on your mind lisa? i'd like to talk about a trade idea. let's hear it. [ male announcer ] see how schwab can help light a way forward. so you can make your move wherever you are. and start working on your next big idea. ♪ ♪
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welcome back to "power lufshlg lunch." we've got breaking news with regard to another hacking incident. this time for delta airlines. right now delta airlines facebook page has been hacked. delta put a statement out by their delta newsroom twitter handle saying that the delta facebook page was compromised. we sincerely apologize for the unauthorized objectionable content that was posted now. again, this follows on two other hackings today. one for forbes where a financial news cycle was affected by chinese hackers with spying software, and a news we can sooip hacked. this is the third time today we've had a high profile hacking. it looks like delta saying that they are apologizing for it. they are attempting to fix the problem right now. guys, back to you.
1:57 pm
>> this should be interesting to watch because pwc is going to grow to $335 billion in 2025 from the $15 billion it was last year. it provides insurers with a huge opportunity. especially on the auto side where ride sharing giant uber alone is providing a million trips a day. firpz like metlife, geico and usaa now offering policies targeted specifically to drivers of these transportation network companies. >> they are well established exclusions against carrying passengers for a fee or engaging in these types of business activities. that's why there is sort of a gray area between personal and commercial coverages for this type of activity. that's why we hope to sort of bridge the gap between those two types of coverage. >> the usaa policy now provided in colorado will cost drivers about $6 to $8 extra a month,
1:58 pm
depending on the kind of vehicle they drive. the information insurance information institute says people delivering groceries for firms like instacart may want to look at business ownership policies. homeowners who should pick up the phone or homeowners they should pick up the phones before sharing their homes. here's michael barry. >> the first call has to be to your insurance company and explain to them what you're planning on doing. >> now while firms like the home rental business air b&b provide coverage for damage and liability, barry says your insurance company may still require additional coverage like a landlord policy. again, before you get into any of that call your auto insurer. if you are thinking of doing things on your own, check on the business. >> i have no idea how it works. if i have a house at the shore that i rent out over the summer do i have to carry extra coverage against liability?
1:59 pm
you still want to check with your homeowner's insurance company because had he need to know. they may have some additional requirements. >> we only see how this is going to be a massive business for the insurance industry. particularly younger people have the idea about sharing economy where they don't necessarily want to own stuff. at least not until they're older, right? they want to either have subsubscription pay until you are done with it and you think can you move on to the next big thing, right? or, you know with the environment. >> it's really about -- >> don't be sharing neglect. they're selling it. >> or rebting. >> they're making money. >> sharing it is i'll give you my condo. if i had a beach house, i would invite you, and i wouldn't
2:00 pm
charge you $600 or $700 a night minimum. >> oh. >> what extras would you throw in nor him? >> umbrella coverage. >> we usually hand it over right at 2:00 on the notices. >> it is 2:00 p.m. on wall street, and you are watching the second hour of power lunch. i am brian sullivan. melissa lee will be joining us in moments. thanks, tyler. the dow is up 73. oil down nearly 3%. more on those in moments. your top story this hour. our activist investors targeting women ceos. our own ran drew ross sorkin out with the column in the new york sometimes today.
2:01 pm
>> actually, he didn't quite say it. i think the headline said it more and asked the question, and actually some of the reporting seemed to show that maybe it is maybe it's not. we're not sure. wron. he showed a lot of different statistics. i think one of the issues is there are fewer women ceos and the companies, these women ceos are running are a little more troubled. vohp is yurn going issues. yahoo has been long undergoing issues. pepsi. all of the witnesses that they're talking about. gm had a really bad situation six months ago around the cars. i'm not sure if if three makes a trend in this kind of case more than anything else. to me it seems like that. >> i will say this. the activists are going after these companies in particular for whatever reason they're not doing a very good job or at least maybe picking all the wrong companies, cara. here are the five-year returns from some of the names you just mentioned. yahoo 190. dupont 134, and -- gm has its
2:02 pm
own issues. those are hardly the kind of returns that ab activist would look at and go "mad money", maybe we should get involved in this company. >> i think in terms of yahoo it was heldz up by the chinese assets. i think the activists were tacking what do you do after alababa, and yahoo has been you should attack a number of teams. you can say dan lowe, put marissa in and he is an activist shareholder and took a man out. i think i more complicated than that premise that is attacking women. i think what's more important are two things. one is more diverse companies tend to do better with diversity throughout the entire organization. two, that what sheryl sandberg was talking about recently in a column is the perception of women leaders is more communal less aggressive less risk taking. .
2:03 pm
>> do you think avon -- that was andrea as well. do you think there's something to that? >> it's an interesting challenge. women are starting to rise to those levels of running these companies, and not all of them are going to be wibers. i think, you know marissa mayer inherited a company. she was lucky to have that stock. she's been able to try to do the turnaround using that stock to keep the stock up. if that stock was down, she wouldn't be able to do anything. it was definitely a troubled company. it was attacked under scott thompson and attacked under jerry. you know the sale thing at gm. these issues were before mary was there. she haves obviously a top executive. meg is inheriting a company that's been in trouble forever.
2:04 pm
maybe women have their own choices in these companies, but that's -- who knows? i think this is -- it's a little soft in the idea of it but it's -- there's definitely an issue around not enough women ceos. >> thank you very much. good insight. good article. good discussion. appreciate it. hey, let's get to breaking news. sue her air wra. sue. >> it concerns halliburton. halliburton confirming to cnbc that they are going to have some layoffs in the range of 6.5% to 8% of their global head count of their global work force. although they say they value every person they have, unfortunately, we are faced with the difficult reality that reductions are necessary to work through this challenging market environment. the impact will be across all areas of halliburton's operations. no layoffs have occurred yet according to hall purton or are planned due to the -- those plunging oil prices even though recently we've seen a turnaround in oil taking the big toll on halliburton and its work force.
2:05 pm
melissa, back to you. >> all right. thanks so much. sue herrera, and brian. this is the latest in terms of the companies making these cuts and it is liable that this is not going to be the last company we've heard making these sorts of cuts at all. >> no. in fact, challenger gray and christmas, job firm saying over 20,000 layoffs have been announced in the last couple of months in the oil and gas sfri. you know we're going to be in texas later on this week and i'm going to throw out data right now very quickly to tell you how important the oil industry is. texas is about, i don't know 8% of the american population melissa. it's accounted for 23% to 25% of all job gains in the past six years. this would now make it a couple of thousand more layoffs primarily most likely in texas, where some of the rigs are being laid down. >> if you have to take a look at the texas-based banks. a lot of these banks really sold off in the declean in the fall so those are worth watching once again. the latest quarter, a lot of them said, you know what this percentage is directly tied to energy loans, but it's not the loans defaulting.
2:06 pm
that's worried investors. it is the ripple effect. it is the demand for loans because those economies won't be as robust as they have been with those jobs from the oil industry. >> the other thing, too, not just job cuts but we're going to move on in a second but also, remember, pay conductors even if you keep your job, i got an e-mail from an oil field services ceo last week. stwloo hedge fund leon cooperman calling his performance embarrassing. something you don't hear every day. kate kelly has the details on that story. kate. >> melissa, lee cooperman has been a gifted stock picker. he is ranked as one of our best and his compounded annual performance for more than over 20 years of investing is 14% netted of hooez fees. last year was really a tough one. although cooperman's omega advise overs has had worse years in absolute terms, they've never before lost money when the s&p
2:07 pm
was up. they did in 2014. again, some benchmark that rallied 11%. omega fell 2%. a performance that he described as a recent letter as embarrassing. the culprit? energy first and foremost. it monotized and hurt the omega portfolio too. >> when i called to talk about whether or how he is positioning for this year the january seems to have extended omega's rough patch. it fell 3.5% for the month, and the volatility in energy of course, continues.
2:08 pm
>> he wasn't fast enough on his feet in terms of changing his portfolio. >> i hope he held to these because hand ridge and others have posted sizable returns over the last couple of weeks. sandridge was up about -- zoog the recent bottom though right? >> i was going to bring up sandridge because he has talked about it at delivering alpha, and he has been a big defender of it as recently as last fall. to my knowledge he is almost in there. you would have to compare it to when he got in and that's a troubled name that people are looking at. if you think about their paper that's trading in the bond market at well below par, they're one of a short list of names that they're focused on as a real concern. >> i'm just saying, if he sold at the beginning of the year he
2:09 pm
missed out on some bounce back debt. >> i don't know that he did that. my understanding is from what i have read, he has kept a lot of the the positions intact. we'll see. >> thank you. on deck forget the monthly jobs number. we have the real data that you are going to need to hear about. see why the jolts is really where it's at. >> one of the pentagon's top means on keeping america safe. it's on power lunch. what does darpa dan think. facebook page packed moments ago. here you go. also, we've been told this is the year of the stock picker. then why is one of the best in the business calling this the year of the haunted house market? yeah. we'll explain. today's menu. we're back after this.
2:10 pm
2:11 pm
2:12 pm
>> welcome back to power lunch. we are focussing on the energy sector, and the oil services name overall. just the past few moments here. we have had headlines and breaking news on hall burt orn. one of the biggest oil services company say that they will lay off between 6.5% to 8% of their
2:13 pm
global head count. this due to the challenging market environment. they did go on to say that no layoffs have occurred or are presently planned as a result of their pending abbing quization of bagger hughes. still, we're keeping an eye on those shares as well as the other big ones in the business. >> i know you do not cover halliburton, and you cannot comment on that directly. that said halliburton, one of the biggest. we've had other job cuts. do you believe there will be more job cuts and capital spending cuts from other oil field services companies going forward? >> the short answer is yes.
2:14 pm
>> when some people are cutting spending by 80%, it really for a company it means layoffs and more earnings and projects getting delayed, pushed out, canceled in some cases, and some some cases for countries it means, you mg what venezuela and russia are going for. >> thr still below the level that is ultimately needed sustain an adequate level of recovery investment. remember, in the oil business you have a natural decline rate
2:15 pm
of 6% 7% 8% per year if you lead the statuteus quo. you have to refelonyish those or off set those declines and then meet whatever level of demand growth there may be. prices have to get in the 60s before a global delivery can be reached. that was too high. 50, 55 is still too low. >> what you have also said in this hour is that you have said that the equities the oil stocks will bottom before the commodity itself. many oil names bottomed on december 16th for a period -- they could go lower. who knows? has the easy rebound money already been made? >> keep it mind the average oil
2:16 pm
producer stock is discounting probably $70 a barrel in the long run. obviously oil is well below 70. the market is already discounting further recovery over time. >> you say discounting $70 oil. what if we don't get back there? i know everyone thinks that we will. what if we don't? what if we hofr around the 50s or the 40s and all these oil companies that have already made cuts, their estimates are for 70. then what? >> well if oil stays in the 50s, then oil supply will almost certainly number decline in 2016, and that will be a self-correcting mechanism. the global supply declines maybe 1% 2% next year because companies are continuing to lay down rigs shut down projects et cetera. die manned seems to actually be picking up. the fact of the matter is that's
2:17 pm
not a sustainable scenario so ultimately prices have to rebound. when theed you see the rate count, getting mothballed or pushed out in team by the end of this year we think the u.s. supply will be flat on a year over year basis, and then -- >> 11 months away. thank you very much. good stuff as always. >> speaking of oil, folks, big show to tell you about coming up in week. going to go to houston, texas. we're going to talk about the real impact of this crude oil collapse. we'll trace the fall-out yeah from oil to jobs and the halliburton news and other industries. real estate, consumer banking. get insiders views on how low they think oil may go or if it's
2:18 pm
really bottomed out. it's all going to happen friday on power lunch. up next could there be a soon cyber security. more on that. eamon jabbers. when we come back on power lunch, the white house just announced details today of a new cyber security center in the wake of the sony pictures entertainment hack. i'll have all the details on power lunch.
2:19 pm
2:20 pm
2:21 pm
i'm sue herrera. you might call this the day of hacking because we now have word that anthony noto who is twitter's cfo, had his twitter account apparently hacked. there had been hundreds of nonsensical messages or tweet that is have been put out. we did contact our julia -- contacted twitter. they say they are aware and are working to delete those tweets. when asked what caused the issue, twitter told julia that it was premature to comment at this time.
2:22 pm
can't say that's necessarily a coincidence that a big cyber security -- once again, anthony's twitter cfo, apparently his twitter feed has been hacked and a lot of -- hundreds fshlg twug of nonsensical tweets have been going on fwiter. >> i'm just looking at an those ae twitter feed. this is funny. omg. when did you do this? >> i love that picture. >> it's obviously not anthony sending that out. >> it's going to be interesting to see how soon twitter can remedy that situation. 269 tweets. thank you, peter, have been sent over an eight minute period. that's pretty hefty. it appears that all tweets came from twitter for web ak
2:23 pm >> okay. >> sue, thank you. >> thanks, melissa. >> ebbing spoog of getting hacked facebook page getting hacked. it's not alone. forbes website getting attacked. all this as the obama administration announce az new federal effort on cyber security. cnbc's eamon javers is in washington with the latest. >> i had a chance a few minutes ago to ask lisa monaco the white house advisor on terrorism and homeland security. i asked her about that reporting, which forbes said that its website was hacked and people who were the readers of that website were being targeted. she said she didn't have enough information to tell us anything specifically about it, but that is the type of attack where the hackers are after third party eyeballs that she said we're going to see a lot more of. lisa was here at the wilson center. it's a think tank here in washington d.c. to talk about a new effort by the federal government. creating a new agency. they're calling the cyber threat integration information center. they're going to launch that to oversee all of the federal
2:24 pm
government's efforts to collect intelligence on cyber security and she said it's not going to gather intelligence itself but it's going to s wr nthesi sfwl e. one of the big components is communicating with the private sector, which she said the federal government has to do more of. take a listen. >> we're not going to bottle up intelligence. if we have a significant threat about a business, we are going to do our utmost to share it. in fact within 24 hours of learning about the sony pictures entertainment attack the u.s. government pushed out information and malware signatures to the private sector to update their cyber defenses so they could take action. >> now, one of the criticism that is we've seen of this is that it's just another layer of federal bureaucracy. i asked jane harman what she thought of it. she that issed in her opinion this is going to be something similar to what the u.s. government has done on terrorism intelligence. now applied to cyber security. she said it's worked there, and
2:25 pm
she's hopeful it will work in this context. >> thank you very much. let's bring in daniel kaufman, director for information, innovation at darpa. dan, i was going, to listen nobody is safe on the internet, which is basically what you have said. we've got delta airlines hacked less than an hour ago. now we have the cfo not only of its own company, twitter, but a publically traded one being hacked. reason i think companies are doing the best they can with fear walls and anti-virus. reimagine days in which, for instance -- imagine what if every single program was slightly different so that what it hacked would only work on one and never work anywhere else. it would change the roi of the
2:26 pm
attacker and vrlg would change. >> maybe crisis is too strong a word but i will say somebody hacks into delta and they post obscene content. they hack in anthony's twitter. it seems sort of harmless. but it doesn't have to be the next time. >> well i think that's right. the second thing we can do is we have -- we're wushtding whether we can build software that is so good that in real-time you can actually defeat these attacks as they come in. how far are we away from that? >> if it were that easy why not just deploy that right now because brooen was talking about the facebook page of delta and anthony's twitter account. you know i don't care about
2:27 pm
that stuff. what i care about is some hacker from another country hacking into the systems of an oil and gas company to steal their pipeline plans. >> yeah. are you exactly right. you should be clear. darpa is a futuristic agency. if i had it today and deploy it today, you bet i would be out there. i think we're making real progress. we are talking about darpa and best case, 18 months probably more realistly, 24 to 36 months. in the meantime we have a bunch of smaller programs that we freely give out those to government and commercial sector of things we think can at least buy us some time before we get these game changing ground breaking -- zoog do you think, dan, the solution is going to come from government. especially a deposit that has been red sent even recognized that another country is essentially, you know ingauging in an act of war or it could be interpreted as an act of war by hacking into our intelligence. >> remember i'm a techie. i don't look at it as government or not deposit.
2:28 pm
i look at it as there are technoligical solutions to this. i think the marketplace, commercial companies too. i think this is a problem the whole nation has a a whole, and it should compete. we'll put our stuff out there, and it will get employed and things will get better. >> dan, let's get more granule ar then. microsoft, apple, google. a big part of their new business is to get you to take stuff and put it on the cloud. whether it's at your house or at your office. going the docs apple's i cloud, office 365. right now to our audience, is it safe for mom and pop to put sensitive documents, work or home, on google docs apple i cloud, or microsoft live 365? >> i'll give you a nuanced answers every. i know tv hates it but it is the honest answer. we want all the again fits. there are wonderful benefits by putting these things into the cloud. the companies do a very good job of protecting the security.
2:29 pm
is it 100% safe. absolutely it's not 100% safe. you're trading off the benefit i get from being in the cloud versus the security. i put my stuff in the cloud. i think it's primarily safe but that said i spend a huge amount of my time and a lot of dollars frankly researching to make it safer. >> you are a tech guy. this is what you do. mom and pop may not have time to come up with the various levels of fire walls that you probably have, dan. >> that's true. i agree. i think there are some really simple steps people can take. i know it's -- we talk about flossing. here's things you can do. you should have your updated version of your operating system. if you are running windows, be 8.1. if you are running mack be with wroes emty. when you get the security patches, you should be applying them day to day, and don't be lazy about it and a lot of problems will go away. not all, but we can do an awful lot to make these hackers' jobs
2:30 pm
harder, and that's something mom and pop can do right now. >> updating software is become aing swrob. good discussion. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> all right. one hedge fund hoping to take the mattresses to the bank. details on that rer cryptic sees ahead. plus, the oil close. stick with us. you're watching "power lunch."
2:31 pm
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2:33 pm
here's your krb nbc news update. u.s. soybean supplies tighter than expected due to rising demand on both the domestic and also the export front. that's according to the government usda data. domestic corn stocks also forecasted to be smaller. than that's on increased usage by ethanol producers. airlines reported the lowest number of tarmac delays last year. 30. that were longer than three hours. in 2009 the last year before its tarmac rule went into effect there were 868 flights with delays over three hours. and pay for a snack or a drink on jetblue flights will now be as easy as a flick of the wrist. the airline is partnering with apple's mobile pay system to allow flyers to pay for on board amenities, using apple pay via mobile devices or the new apple watch. the first airline to offer apple
2:34 pm
pay and wifi will not be required to use that service. coming up on "fast money" tonight oil analyst tom kloza who says the worst is yet to come for crude. that's beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern time right here on cnbc. melissa, back to you. >> thank you. speaking of oil falling again today as we head into the -- jackie deangeles at the nymex for that number. >> $50 at 2 cents is where wti settled down. almost $3 on the day. a very significant move to the down side. after the upper trends that we have seen. a couple of reasons for this. >> it really moves to the up side in a meaningful way. right now pressure to the down side. we'll see what happens with inventory report tomorrow. back to you. >> thank you so much. time for street talk. the stocks you need to know about.
2:35 pm
>> down 50% over the past six months. this is, i think, melissa, one of the the worst s&p 50000 stocks over the last six months. >> the hedge fund partners have taken a stake in -- >> the company is disclosing the.9% stake in the mattress company. ceo -- known for turning mattress companies. the stock took a dip following a downgrade at bank of america, and if you take a look at masta firm, that's been a firm over the past 12 months. up 50%.
2:36 pm
>> soft landing. >> third stock equity residential upgraded to a buy from newtedral. about 15% up side. hey, the stock has had a good run. up 35% from that 52-week low. >> it's interesting to see what the reets have done with utilities. the yielding stocks have been taking a dip. >> do keep this in mind though. s only five analysts cover their name. it's not a big stock. their average target 37 a share. that's about $4 below the current price. not everybody is bullish on cyber ark. >> this is a recent idea and this analyst is really interesting. he has been very active on the
2:37 pm
stock. he just downgraded it late november. sort of making these trading calls interestingly on cyber ark. got to get to the under the radar name of date and it is unilife. unis. >> it's based in york p.a. it was founded just six years ago. >> you got about 150 implied return. 150% according to pfeiffer. >> yeah. this is medical technology company injecting technology. they've got partnership with a lot of big companies as the santafee, and a lot of analysts think they have an edge on the technology when it comes to injectables.
2:38 pm
68% reporting. 10% net estimates, and 17% reported below estimates. we're talking about owens corning. it's one of the home building sort of plays because of the supply chain. a lot of great things are happening for this part of the world in terms of sector. we've also got a decline in oil prices that will help with asphalt prices and that will help with roofing margins. a lot of analysts say this is a story that will play out in 2015. it's not 2014. remember in 2014 who builds homes or puts new roofs on in the wintertime. right? >>
2:39 pm
>>. >> the jeffreys analysts basically said this is one of the few companies with oil as a big input, and it has not brought up. stock really has not done much in a long time. i think probably the reason is very slow top line growth. if you take a look at the longer term chart not doing a whole lot. take a look from the october 52-week low, the stock is at 43%. this whole entire sector if you look at a one-year chart, not much going on. since october the sector has been on fire. josh, are you taking a look at pepsco. >> i am. pepsi for the other big story, which is currency, you know coke reported today it's not a bad quarter. not a great quarter. very in between. didn't have much positive to say about the core business. sprite and coca-cola. pepsi is interesting because they've got the snacks business. that's growing almost twice as fast as soda volumes are. all over the world.
2:40 pm
i think with pepsi what we're looking to see is what the real impact of currency was. this is a tremendous multi-national. this is a company that's got exposure to fx all over the world. they also have big exposure believe it or not, to places like venezuela, which i think is about 4% of profit. russia, which is a big portion of the revenue from that pofr the world. this will be the kind of thing where, again you are looking to hear what management has to say about fx impacts and then some of the more volatile regions in the emerging markets. >> do you own either coke or pepsi? >> pepe if it were to sell off on something like an earnings miss because of fx that's the type of stock i would buy. i think ultimately the trend is higher for this name. i think it's a good business. >> all right john. you are looking at arm holdings. >> i have reports before the bell. of course, they're in the u.k. interesting time for that company because we're expecting 342 million in revenue, or thereabouts. some of the trends that worked against qualcomm should be better for ours because apple uses arm chips, pays them some
2:41 pm
licensing revenue because of the ownering ticketral license they have. they should benefit from the iphone six and six plus because they're 64 bit. a lot of analysts excited about the fact that the same kind of inventory issues that they had a year ago shouldn't happen this time because you don't have samsung perhaps misjudges the holiday season the way they did with galaxy s4. that could benefit them. maybe they're not only graphics not into samsung lower highend phone. that could be a positive. if there's any down side it's the possibility that the lower end android makers in china, in india aren't using stocks with android. maybe they won't upgrade to 64 bit to take advantage of android lollypop at the rate that some analysts expect. that and the molly chip the graphics chip are two things to look out for. >> thank you. thanks to you as well. brian, over to you. >> thank you very much. and squad, a billionaire hedge fund manager telling clients he is embarrassed. that's ahead. >> plus i guess this would be a
2:42 pm
bit of a metaphysical question for you. it is obviously wrong to kick a dog, but is it wrong to kick a robot that looks like a dog? we're back with hopefully the answer after this.
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>> welcome back to power lunch. we've been watching the market entirely overall with the s&p 500 move steadily towards where it is right now. the s&p is up. the dow is up about 122 points. can you see there the s&p up by 18. very much a green day overall for the market there. a very green day for the overall sectors. all -- well nine at least are in the green so far. led by health care stocks and utility stocks. they are the leading gainers among sect ors in the s&p. the one notable layinger are the energy stocks. still feeling the pain. lower oil prices of course. it didn't help that we had halliburton announce those job cuts as well. very much a story about energy being the layinger today. if. >> if it's a green day you can say today is -- >> anyway sorry. take a look at shares of ralph
2:46 pm
larn. they're down 18% this month. not only is ralph lauren the worst performer in the s&p. >> time for point counter point. you pick the topics and you decide who is right and wrong. you let us know on twitter at melissa lee, cnbc, and at sully cnbc. let's get right to it. >> by the way, yes, your friend producer lisa keep saying you win on twitter before we even argue. >> i know. she's so great.
2:47 pm
>> everybody got called out. i'm sure some people made money on shorting these names, and doug cass actually just e-mailed me with a great quote. i don't know what is -- i guess mickey mantle helms. mickey mantle or somebody said i never realized how easy baseball was until i got in a broadcast booth. all right. next up another hedge fund titan calls this a haubted house market year where investors will not want to know what's around the corner. my point? he is right, melissa, but he is not right enough. because it's really been a haunted house market the last i don't know six or seven years. >> take a look at what the stocks have done because the bottom line, brian, is that it can be a haunted house market and the stocks can still go higher. you take a look at what the xhb, the housing etf has done since the october lows. it's up 40% there's plenty of investments even if it is a haunted house market. it seems spooky with all these
2:48 pm
black swans around the corner. >> the ghosts don't give a sheep. >> roll my eyes. >> motorola reported a sale bloomberg says it's hired banks to explore the possibility motorola throughings is the last remaining piece of motorola after people bought motorola mobility. brooen, i think if you actually feel bad for this company in some way. yontd why. this is a corporate darwinism at its best. >> east man kodak, these are companies that have changed the landscape of their industries. they had dominant market share. they went by the wayside. black bear of coursing of course, coming back now. we feel bad for them too?
2:49 pm
>> yeah i feel bad -- >> cry me a river, brian. this is what happens. >> my heart is two sizes too big. melissa, thank you. tesla gearing up to report earnings tomorrow. the stock up today, but down 12% in the past six months. the trade ahead of the numbers on tesla. coming up next.
2:50 pm
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2:52 pm
take a look at shares of apple or listen closely if you're on the radio. it hit another all-time high above $121 a share. that also means an all-time high market cap for a u.s. company and using the straight equity share number out there, apple's market cap hit $706 billion. by the way, not making comparison between the two, very different, but tim cook has now added more market cap to apple than steve jobs did. let's go to sue herera with developing news on the twitter hacks. what now, sue? >> the latest developments for you, here brian. apparently what happened this is per our partners at recode. the twitter pr rep jim prosser tells our partners that basically it appears that mr. noto clicked on a spam link and twitter's team figured that out. they've locked his account. things are back to normal. keep in mind within an eight-minute period of time 269
2:53 pm
tweets were sent out under his handle, and at first they were not sure exactly what happened but now we know he clicked on a spam link. they've managed to return things to normal and we're going to keep you posted. it's ironic is it not, that this comes on a day when everybody is taking a close look at cyber security. there are a number of key meetings going on and conferences going on and here we have -- i think i have reported on three separate different types of hacks so far today. >> wow. sue herera thank you for the update. let's talk about tesla reporting earnings tomorrow. i want to talk about how tesla is tracking oil because they are inextricably linked almost at this point. this is a year-to-date chart of tesla versus oil. you see here this is pretty much the low, the recent low in tesla. $120.15. since then the stock is up 13. this is wti, the red line.
2:54 pm
it is also up 13% on wti. andrew cups is founder of cups capital management and a tesla shareholder. andrew, it's interesting how closely this stock has tracked oil. are you concerned that at least in the near term it's going to face headwinds as we have oil looking like it's sort of stagnating here? >> no i'm not concerned. i think it's been surprising that tesla and dozens a dozens of other stocks we didn't think about when we thought of oil have been so highly correlated. i think over the course of the year or year and a half or so oil will tend to drift higher but, frankly, tesla is going to i think, decouple here over 2015 or at least probably have a positive bias regardless of whether oil does. >> what is your number one concern going into this quarter? is it china because of those elon musk comments he made saying that the china rollout is a little slower than he had expected? >> it's not because i really -- i think in any perspective as we
2:55 pm
step back a year from now, two years from now, it won't be whether they had a soft quarter in china. china is a huge market. the tesla proposition will resonate in china over the course of the year the next couple years. that's not going to be a long-term problem to the best of my insight. >> and in terms of the recent comments about profitability being pushed out to 2020 you're a long-term investor. that's got to worry you. that's a five-year difference from what the street was anticipating. >> i think that the big delta there is about wlthether we're using lease accounting or more insightful kind of unit-based sales-based, cash flow-based earnings measurements and i think that tesla's, frankly, one of the cheaper stocks on a pe to growth basis using nongap earnings at about a 40 multiple and growing well over 40% in the
2:56 pm
next year. so that surprises people when you step back and appreciate that. >> andrew our thanks to you. appreciate it. andrew cups cups capital. brian? >> by the way, if you can find me somebody that was going to buy a tesla but says, you know what? i'm not going to buy one now because oil and gas prices are low, i will buy you lunch. >> how about when lesstesla rolls out a lower end version. >> that's a different car. it's not gas price sensitive at all. maybe the stock is. and a reminder be sure to sign up for cnbc pro. right now cnbc pro is free, but for a limited time. go to by the way, if you're there, check out my new weekly column. going to try to roll it out every monday morning. it's called new ideas because i couldn't think of anything better. check it out. all right. kicking a robot dog. is it wrong? we're back after this.
2:57 pm
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know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today. is it wrong to kick a robot dog? the reaction to this video from boston dynamic says yes. the dog is designed for military use. the company said it's just showing its durability. i think you'd kick it. >> i would not, but how would you punish a robot who tried to kick a real dog, melissa? >> you'd unplug it brian.
3:00 pm
>> that's just cruel. >> i will see you tonight on "fast money" at 5:00. we're going to be talking about gas prices how low can they go. tom kloza will join us and the ceo of unilife. >> we'll see you tomorrow. do not kick robot dogs america. >> i'm try not to. >> "the closing bell" starts right now. good afternoon and welcome to the standing hour of "the closing bell." i'm simon hobbs in for bill grific. >> i'm sara eisen in for kelly evans. we're at the session high. hopes of a deal with greece and its creditors are taking stocks higher. more than a triple digit gain on the dow. >> absolutely. 143. investing legend bill miller telling kelly evans yesterday he expects a fed rate hike in june.


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