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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  March 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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afterwards. >> fly like an eagle. "fast money" as promised coming up in just a few moments. >> i want to know what kind of camera was strapped on to the bird. that could be a competitor to go pro. >> a sony camera is what i'm told. >> pretty good picture quality there. vivid ceo. >> i want to see the name in more of these articles. they need to work on that. >> thanks. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq markets overlooking new york city typewriter. traders are tim seymour, pete najarian. big rally but not for netflix. it's providing top content getting too expensive. microsoft's ceo speaks at the tech conference bun bullish analyst cut its price target. we start off with a rally in stocks a big move to the upside as the dollar showed signs of weakening. oil prices closing at a six year low and traders are waiting for
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the big fed meeting which starts tomorrow. pete najarian what did you make of this? >> when you look at the last week or so we started with a market a week ago monday at 2770. volt index has been somewhere in this range but right here around 16 just underneath 16. oil is obviously the story of the day. you look at everything else. the real story about oil is it didn't drag the markets down with it. that has been trend we've seen time and time again. we did not see that today. impressive rally to the upside. financials and health care. these health care names are trading at an incredible level. i don't know if they are overheat. i love the space. i continue to love the space. the evaluation, the dividends. are they now starting to get frothy. >> i thought that was an interesting move. oil and dollar moving in the same direction. >> it tells me price is not truth when you talk about oil. is this one of the things i'm saying. it's about supply issues.
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opec indicated that lower prices aren't cure tailing u.s. production that means they don't do anything in june which people thought the iran talks continue. so it's more data. oil what happens here? oil probably if i look at brent and i think that's what you look at it doesn't go through these numbers. in other words we hit the lows in brent. that's controversial. the commodity complex does concern me because the rest of the commodity should have been rallying. it was also down and a lot of people are waiting on the fed. >> some of the negative data points that the fed won't be that quick to huge. dollar obviously cooperate ad little bit for the bulls. i still say as long as the iwm stays above i'm with pete on health care. i understand where there is froth but the evaluations in these names is still reasonable. health care one, some bank names, goldman sachs, that stock goes higher. >> the dollar is down 1% today
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and s&p was up 1.5%. when you think about that relationship seems odd to me. seems like a lame excuse. to your call on crude might bottom, a lot of head fix there. people get excited about equities right now because of the weak dollar well we've seen sort of head figures in oil since it's been plunging in the last six months. i wouldn't take one day and say go all in. i would say one thing. i agree with pete. i know pete loves when i agree with him. on the biotech stuff when you think about it it's clearly frothy whether valuation. you see companies skipping over each other. we're seeingry ridiculous valuations. can it keep going? of course. one of the things that keeps working. >> why would you say that for amgen or others. they presented real data over the weekend about cholesterol lowering drugs. multibillion dollar draws.
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>> talking about the valuations and yields. everybody is always excited about yields. these biotech's now that they trade in many cases, they are paying dividends up, i think that's huge. i don't know necessarily dan that i think it's overly froth by any stretch but these moves have been absolutely extending and extending and extending to the upside. i love it. i just wonder when we'll see pullbacks then i think there's more opportunities. but it slows down from here. >> let's talk oil. take a look at this video coming out of brazil. more than a million people took to the streets to protest corruption calling for the ouster of the president. brazil is not the only south american country with rising discontent. venezuela is conducting mlt exercises and the venezuelan president is blaming its goes on the united states. what's going on in these south american countries, could it
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impact oil price. >> one would think it would. both countries have problems. in brazil you have just endemic almost nigerian like corruption. in venezuela you have endemic almost nigerian-like corruption and economic stupidity. you have two countries in very dire straits. it's getting worse. in brazil the corruption is unbelievable. every day something new. you always see more cockroaches. not just one. a million people take to the streets. i have never trusted the president. she was a marxist guerilla to begin with. venezuela is about to go into -- if not revolution certainly go into continued discord. the president there is, let's be blunt, a lunatic. he was a former union adviser.
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he was nominated to the presidency by mr. chavez who was his friend. nicolas maduro has no wisdom as far as economics is concerned. he's not have one economist or businessman in his cabinet. both of these countries have problems. they are suppliers of crude oil to the world and they have to do what they can to sell more crude, if they can, to don't pick up what amounts of dollars, what amounts of money they can pick up. this is not a very good circumstance under any situation that you can put together in south america. >> so could be a lot of supply to the market. what's the risk to the down side on the price of oil? >> i lot you. >> so this could mean lots of supply to the market -- dennis can you hear me? what's the risk to the down side to crude. dennis is having problems. >> let me throw something else in the mix. what dennis describes and i don't disagree. hard to disagree with what he just said. i do think in brazil they are
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going -- the risk from the weekend were that maybe they are actually asking for, the social group, the community is asking for a military takeover which they have seen in brazil before. that's very scary. how about the fact that a lot of these places can't pump the oil they used to. how about they are billing the export oil, venezuela's oil output has been cure tailed. they can't produce as much as people thought. if these countries implode that risk taking oil off the market. this is a potential supply disruption. >> you're saying, it sounds like you're saying, dennis is saying there could be downward pressure but you're saying there could be upward pressure. >> there's incredible turmoil. things that dennis is talking about could mean martial rule. if you look at the production
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capabilities of petrobas they are not iraq or iran style. but turmoil in these places risk the ability of getting that oil out to the world. >> we're still having trouble with dennis' connection. we spoke to dennis earlier and he said the situation could cause oil to go down $10 from here. if that happens what happens to oim equities? >> i think it's disruptive right now and destabilizing. it hasn't manifested itself in the stock market at all. u.s. equity market looks right past it. at a certain point have to be right down, some sort of derivative trade, some ramifications. i don't think oil has bottomed. the obex is still elevated which leads me to believe we have another leg down. >> we have dennis back. dennis are threw >> i'm here. i'm in pat robertson's studio. normally we have a direct link to god but apparently this time
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not. >> you spoke to one of our producers and said another $10 to the down side. what does that mean then for the overall stock market here in the united states? >> well, i'm of the opinion that weaker crude oil prices on balance are so good for the economy it's going to drive electricity prices lower. simply going make the production of chemicals cheaper. can't be construed as anything other than good -- >> i'm sorry, dennis. why does it drive electricity prices. electricity is not generated off of crude. >> it's generated off of natural gas and coal. those prices are going to follow on balance, going to follow what crude oil does. if crude oil continues to go down. will coal prices ral sydney natural gas prices rally? likely not. >> eventually it will be thoefl the u.s. stock market. >> it has to be. can't be anything other than that. >> dennis great to speak to you. sorry for the connection problem.
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do we agree? we haven't seen the evidence yet in terms of being helpful to u.s. stocks. >> as long as the there are is doing what it's doing it's a tough challenge. we've seen that in consumer staples. one other point, when you think of bric how famously we talk how emerging markets will lead us out, when you think about brazil, russia, china this week -- it may be tough to hit that 7% gdp. there's weak demand. not just a supply thing when it comes to oil you have to recognize the fact that demand is very weak in emerging markets. >> we mentioned commodities. steel stocks -- >> hammered. >> would you think about going in? >> every time you think about it you just, fortunately i've stepped back because i thought there were opportunities there. i've waited and paused and then they seem to go down further. guy brought up the old vx. oil volatility was over 60 closed towards 57. huge spike today. this volatility in oil i don't know where the bottom is either.
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i don't think anybody does. but you can expect more and more to this volatility. >> brazilian equities? >> the ewz is at ten year lows. you don't need to get in there tomorrow. the discretionaries and consumer are the ones that are outperforming. >> house of problems. netflix shares sinking after the stock was downgraded. one trader called the move weeks ago. he'll tell you what to do next. and we'll tell you how to play the stock. a bullish microsoft analyst cutting the stock's price target. he says tech is a scary place for investors. find out why coming up on "fast."
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uber's cfo stepping down. melissa, back to you. netflix getting rocked. downgrading the stock from a sell to a hold. citing in crease in competition in the streaming industry. the analyst was on "power lunch" early and had this to say. >> as you look now you can start to see where just about any layer in your mobile experience can develop a good video quality and what it does it starts to open up the door for many current content providers of scale to start to leverage these new distribution channels and i think it starts to create some pressure and you have to look at the valuation and start to say is there a guarantee you'll see that outsize return on this investment. >> our gone guy adami has been calling it on netflix for quite a while. listen. >> i think it's getting top at $600. that's up 20%.
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if you're trading the stock you trade it against the high in 2014 which is effectively these levels. >> has not traded well in the past couple of weeks. below this 440 level you tend to have 50% correction of $400. >> guy, you got it right. now what? >> listen, i think certain stocks like tesla, netflix you have to look at them at a certain point. the 320 double bottoms held up. we talked about the potential. now you have to try to figure out where to buy the stock. you do it one of two ways. you buy it on a break out maybe above 450 because north of 450 or below those previous sides or look for a pull back to that level we talked about in the clip 400. a 50% correction of the january low and recent high. >> the reasoning behind the downgrade is interesting because this spending gripe has been with netflix for a long time but he makes a good point in terms of the experience on mobile is a
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lot better now than when netflix started. it opens the door. >> he's concerned about the cash flows. he brought up all kinds of reasons. international is another one of those. rich greenfield had something interesting to say on halftime. he said it was time to loosen up on disney and go towards netflix. i under the pull back but going the netflix part of it that made it sound interesting. >> if you compare these as content, can you not do that. i think netflix deserves a lot of credit for creating their own original content but to me it's not a media company. >> hbo just launched their now. the pricing was surprising at 15 bucks per month. a lot have gone with netflix. netflix at nine, ten bucks -- list enthey got themselves in trouble when they try to raise prices. if they say where they are they
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can take some share as there's greater adoption of this whole core cutting thing. hbo is bullish for netflix. >> coming up next or next up tesla pops after new jersey senate approved a bill to allow the electric carmaker to restart direct to consumer sales and after ceo elon musk tweeted about a tesla conference that would end range anxiety. musk took to twitter and tweeted some people think i tweet to affect share price. this is false. a brief rise in tesla stock obviously does no good for tlaes or me. then this tweet. neither i or the company are selling shares. even if we were, i wouldn't do this. it would be wrong. our long term results are what matter. take a look back on september, 2014, tesla fell 3% after musk tweeted the stock price is kind of high. october 1st he tweeted about
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time to unveil the deed. the stock initially rallied 6% then fell by 13% between october 9 to 16th following the event where tesla unveiled the duel motor technology. then rodster upgrade 400 mile range and the stock moved up by 2.5% the next day. what do you think? >> i'm a little surprised the stock moved up as much as it did today because we know all those other rallies had failed. that being said musk wants to connect with investors and the public in a different way. i give him a lot of credit for that. the news of today was that bill going to the governor of new jersey. i think that these are the sort of cars especially when they go mass market people will need to see it. they can't buy it from a kiosk. the greater awareness the public has the greater the market. that's what i would focus on. as far as them selling shares at some point we know they have to fund this factory. the company is likely actually
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have to raise some capital. he said i'm not selling shares. >> but they are going to do it in a certain way. if tesla shares on thursday hold on to gains leading up to that event. >> i don't think they will. what troubles me about tesla is that all the targets keep getting pushed out and we're getting to a place where we're two years in having to do that. it's pay up time for the company on first of all delivering with their production but valuing a company that really we don't know how to value today. we're valuing as a tech company. it's not a company. you're saying there's no competition. these are the issues. >> i look at the supply volatility. this stock had been trading in much higher area than it is right now. it's trading on the low end of its volatility scale. those that to play in this name i would far new jersey them to do it through options than in the stock itself because although they can have some
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great most to the upsides some horrendous move to the down side. >> seemingly comes into play. we talked about this a hundred times. whether it's justified or not -- >> 177 back in may. it's trading with a price of crude oil today not with standing. if you go back to september overlay a crude chart and tesla chart they mirror each other. if you think oil is going lower still i think tesla may test that 177 level once again. >> next up chinese internet trade, alibaba soaring rallying under 3%. but the others not so well. >> baba has been trading so terribly. it's a case where you have a lot of pressure on the entire space. some people think there's reallocation. go to best of breed.
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baidu is trading at 28, 29 times of earnings. chinese companies investing in their infrastructure bust same things that are happening here are happening there. also in terms of the switch to mobile and modernization very impressive what they are doing. you don't run out wholesale on chinese internet. they don't trade on valuation. pick the best ones. >> are you concerned when you look at baidu? this is a stock that had been holding those levels for an extreme long period of time and suddenly it dropped beneath there. is that resistance? >> it's concerning but it's not surprising. sentiment on china has never been worse. all these companies even the golden guess are the ones that are imply indicated. >> the sentiment on baba has never been worse. >> it's going to have these
5:23 pm
sorts of short squeezes. that being said once more shares do dome market the short interest is going to abate a bit and an easier borrow and trade more rationally. one point about pete's baidu. here's the thing, momentum is waning. >> got a news alert on the s&p 500. changes to it. morgan brennan has the details. >> there's a change to the s&p 500. american airlines will replace allergan because activist is acquiring allergan. american airlines coming in to the s&p 500 after the close march 20th. looking at those shares they are up 4% for american airlines. >> thank you. american airlines in general had bean great trade this year not
5:24 pm
so much. where do you see the trade? >> we had that debate i don't know, a couple of months ago. the epic double. >> it was lined up just like this. >> still talking about this. >> they vacillated ever since. jetblue to me continues to stand out. i want to say jetblue made a new high today and probably a five or six year high. >> the three biggies have seen nothing but positive momentum coming towards them in terms of options. the moves have been very slight dwreer tate not a very impressive run. american airlines huge upside calls. very near term. >> coming up deja vu in the pc space. ubs cutting estimates on intel. the analysts behind that call is next. later it's the one solar stock underperforming its peers and trading way below it's $60 ipo
5:25 pm
price. we talk to the ceo of vivint solar. that's ahead.
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. time for the call of the day. ubs cutting its market on microsoft. here's what he had to say about the company's vision. >> that's our identity. we're not about being in this business because we have an ad business on the side or we're not in the business of purely building devices. we are in the empowerment business. we're in the business of enabling businesses in particular to be able to drive their transformation to through
5:29 pm
the power of digital technology. >> microsoft's refocus plan pay off? let's bring in the analyst who made the call today. i do want to get into the details of the note. first i want to focus on something you told our producer earlier today and that's it's a scary time to invest in tech. what would that be? >> in q1 in software for the last decade you had a term which we kind black ice. things look good, the valuations go up and then you start to see valuations have somewhat of a mini avalanche, if you will. we saw this last march where you saw companies, the multiples come in pretty hard. so we're still concerned that there are a lot of companies inside the software universe in broader tech that have pretty big multiples. many of your guests including bill gurley have said this. there's no sensitivity out here on the west coast around
5:30 pm
valuation. i think that, you know, we think that when there's no fear of valuation that's when you should be concerned. i think that's a comment that i made that we saw this last year and just be aware of the black ice in q1. >> what are the companies in your coverage universe that are most at risk to this black ice and what will that black ice be. is at any time currency head wind that nobody or not many people are yet factoring in? >> i think the affects concerns baked in. investors should look at constant currency. the first beginning -- beginning of the year investors didn't look at that. i think they understand that. constant currency is the headline. if you look at the companies to answer your question, the hire multiple names which are the best performing companies the service now is the work day, the tableaus. so it's a little bit of an issue where, you know, this is the best stories again but the higher multiples.
5:31 pm
those are the names, you know, last year. fire eye going from 25 times revenue went to five. and so, you you know, typically have seen greatest at risk. less risk is larger cap, microsoft, oracle. intuit is a great story that we like that we think has no affect concern and great fundamentals. >> microsoft today, brian you mentioned microsoft or nadella is coming out of the honeymoon period. what would you give him as a grade coming out of the honeymoon period. he has to go into the execution period which some would argue is more critical. >> nadella is inheriting the company in a position he didn't want to inherit in in. you have to go from living in hawaii to go alaska. it's tough right now. now he's in that execution phase. the grade i would give him, i would grade him very high. here's the reason why. everyone in silicon valley said
5:32 pm
he's doing the right thing. you go through the list. this is small start ups and large are all seeing that behind-the-scenes he's really doing the right thing. i had a 20 year veteran who found a very large online travel company who i won't name. he said look it's cool to work at microsoft again. he sees what's happening. i believe in what they are doing behind-the-scenes. what i may be wrong is how long it may take microsoft to get to the other side. so that's why we took the number cut we did today. >> great to speak with you. thanks for your time. appreciate it. interesting call. >> i think the question to me is where have they priced. we're talking contact currency. if you look at the big cap tech they may now look like value trap. the companies truly growing are the once truly the ones executing. there was so much in the last nine months that was coming from this momentum and all this
5:33 pm
re-valuation, new management teams and excitement of tech offering cheap in a bull market. >> the interesting point these companies with the highest valuations are executing the best. >> deserving. it's a conundrum. at what point do you say they don't deserve that highest valuation. >> you put out something on oracle. they report tomorrow. they had a funky january. maybe you wonder if oracle figured it out. in palo alto networks, $145 stock. every time it sells off people write them off. right back to nearly all time highs. >> i continue to follow her on twitter so i don't know what she was saying. >> i blocked you. so i guess i'm even. >> so a $40 million market cut. they benefitted from this migration to software as a service.
5:34 pm
they get 50% of their sales outside of the u.s. since they reported last in december, the dollar index is up 13%. to me, you can talk constant currency whatever you want when that guidance comes down that's the truth. you have to think about a stock that's got a $40 billion stock like adobe. >> you like that black ice. >> i love it. i think i said it last year. >> coming up next it's the silent player that just reported great results. we're sitting down with the ceo of vivint after the break. move over kentucky. we got the best performing stocks during the ncaa tournament. the inside stock while you'll make more money on these stocks over your college bracket.
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the real question that needs to be asked is "what is it that we can do that is impactful?" what the cloud enables is computing to empower cancer researchers.
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it used to take two weeks to sequence and analyze a genome; with the microsoft cloud we can analyze 100 per day. whatever i can do to help compute a cure for cancer, that's what i'd like to do.
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still ahead on "fast money", the nasdaq and new york city oil closing at a six year low. but there's one recent solar ipo back on the rise. we have the ceo here in studio. if your march madness bracket
5:38 pm
goes bust can you still be a winner in the stock market. we'll tell you which stocks return 100% of the time. and a smile on coca-cola. we'll break down the trade in a very special openings action. we start off with solar stocks. crude oil prices fall to multiyear loss. vivint solar is one of the stocks worst performer but up 28%. joining us for cnbc exclusive vivint solar ceo greg butterfield. great to have you with us. you ipo'd at a rough time. we saw the decline in crude oil. is it frustrating to see your stock trading in a commodity that has no bearing on "your business". >> very frustrating. if you look when we went purks crude oil was $107 now it's 40 something this morning. it impacts our stock.
5:39 pm
the crazy thing is there's zero correlation between electricity created by crude oil and so when oil goes down our stock goes down. less than 1% of all electricity is created using crude oil. >> that's mostly in the middle east. that's the most interesting thing. we're talking solar installation here in the united states. in terms of how you get that message across what is not getting across because i was reading in one analyst note electricity prices are up quite significantly year-on-year. cost to the consumer are higher. >> that's the crazy thing. has anybody's bill gone down? that's the reality. so it's frustrating. we'll continue to produce and hit our quarterly number. >> the stock is up 28% since the march 4th close so it has been a little bit of a reversal of the decline you've seen prior to
5:40 pm
that. let's talk about that quarter because it was actually a very good quarter, q12015 now we're looking towards where you're expanding. seven of the 20 offices you're planning top this year are going to be in california. you're going to be competing they'd head and i know you do in other states, head-to-head in solar city's backyard. what sort of advantages do you have in that particular state where solar is a competitive market. >> we had a great q4. we gave guidance of 45 to 47 megawatts which is one of the key metrics to determine how much electricity to produce. we did 50 megawatts. congratulations to the employees. as far as competing with solar city, we're basically in the same business of displacing dirty fossil fuels and so even though we're both in the same state, the market is less than 1% penetrated and so there's really not a competitive environment with solar city. when solar city does well it raises the tide and people
5:41 pm
become aware of the advantages of solar energy. >> is there a shake out in the energy? a lot of analysts saying if obama goes through and the itc is extended or actually if it comes to a close, sorry, that will force some competitors out of business. >> we're seeing some adjustments. if you go back to 2012 there were 25 residential solar companies. in 2013 there were about 13. if you look at the q3, 2014 market share numbers, you have solar city, vivint solar and then other. so all the regional resellers who do not have a fully integrated stack everything from finance to install to the engineering, the o and m, all the parts that are key to making a customer installation successful those are the ones that will lose market share. they won't have the economics to survive in the event there's a step down in tax equity. >> in terms of competition with solar city.
5:42 pm
they have a presence in home depot. do you need that face to face physical presence? >> we're gaining market sharer and people are undering who vivint solar is. in our q4 earnings call we talked about opening up retail stores. talked about opening up commercial and industrial business. so we'll continue to do product segmentation, market segmentation, build out additional routes to meet customers needs at the same time maximize shareholder value and reduce the costs associated with those new routes. >> great to have you with us. thank you for making time to be with us. >> so almost 7,000 install accelerations which is about 135% growth year-over-year which is sustainable. you could answer that. you already did. the problem is whether justified or not if crude goes down the stock goes down. if you think crude has stopped going down i think the stock is interesting for a long play. >> it creates the opportunity.
5:43 pm
what excites me is i would like to see some of these solar names go down with crude. it does make sense. but the opportunity to get in some of these names. we're looking for opportunities where it's dislocation from what should be happening. >> if you have oil prices at $40, then what does that mean for the sector >> play the sector relative to itself. play vivint against its peers. a company that's unlike those being created by sun edison this is something where they are selling off commercial and industrial assets. spending some of that out. >> time now for pops and drops. big movers of the day. proctor and gamble up 2%. >> word they will spin off their beauty brands about 25% of their sales last year. good news for a company that's been, really had a tough time with the strength of the dollar and all their overseas exposure. before today's 3% rally i was
5:44 pm
looking for a move back below 80 important,ly 78. round trip into whole one year is an ideal move. >> union pacific. >> no one knows what to do with them. they got an upgrade. they put a buy. the stock does very well in this environment. they have pricing power. 114 to 122 is the range and you don't need do anything more. >> raymond james. >> upgrade. stock is catching up. it might make that $22 level. >> dupont down. >> all on rejection of nelson peltz being a member of this board. the stock was off of those highs of $80 a share. pushed it down again. another name where i think opportunity on pullbacks. >> up next in case you haven't heard it's march madness time and when it comes to the stock market, several stocks clock in as top performers during the
5:45 pm
famed tournament. why you should be betting on stocks not your bracket after the break. later it's bean rough week for shares of coke but the options market saw some bullish activity. a look at the action next.
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college basketball's march madness tournament kicks off tomorrow and by the time april 6th rolls around there's one winner. same isn't true for stocks. chairman has crunched the numbers. joins us now with stocks that could pay off much more than your march madness bracket. this is amazing stuff because for some of the stokcks it's 10% of the time. >> several stocks. look at march 17th to april 6th they are up every time ten out of ten times. names like avon, colgale palmolive, waste management. if you look at the entire market, 97% of the s&p 500 is up in the last ten years in this time frame. sharp ratio in the market is 11. so there's money to be made here. there are estimates of $9 billion getting put into
5:49 pm
brackets. most of that money is going nowhere. you're in a bracket with 50 people. 49 chances out of 50 you'll lose. but the market is your opportunity to make money. i know you'll ask some questions. i'll answer it now. it's not about basketball. it's not up because of basketball. quarter end. portfolio managers try to move up their marks. the ira deadline for last year is april 15th for this you have the time now to get that investment funded and then, of course, tax refunds people are putting that into the market. i talked to paul hickey. he said the march-april period is the best two month stretch for the markets going back 20 years. and this three week period you get that advantage. >> productivity declines. we've seen that. does that help sort of just push stocks higher, mindlessly push stocks high center >> sometimes you trade too much and you can hurt yourself. i don't think anybody on this panel trades too much. >> i think the seasonal elements
5:50 pm
of this are very important. the march to app 15th season and then you get into selling may go away. this is a period where you see enormous asset allocation. avon, this is a stock i'll take the cynical side this company just got done reporting year earned. this company has been structurally broken for five years. it's a company i own. i don't think 2015 is necessarily the year the company turns around. i believe the stock is starting to bottom around here but not a stock i would be trading on march madness. >> pete, 100% of the time. >> it's impressive. authors odds you want to be on. >> do you like any of those stocks >> avon. that's an absolute no touch. ford was one of the names as well. >> average return. there are medium returns but a couple of down years. means versus medium. game stop is the true winner.
5:51 pm
earnings coming out next week. they are up double digits. 13% on average. >> that makes sense. fiddling around your game watching the tube. >> eric, thank you. >> there it is. >> starting tomorrow we are getting into the march madness sphere with march money madness. we'll debate key winners and losers. weigh in on each debate on twitter and cnbc pro subscribers will get exclusive access. it cooks off tomorrow on "fast money". remember last year we had a big trophy. it was fun. >> great trophy. >> not everybody gets one either. >> only one. >> coming up next, traders may be betting the stock may pop. trade after the break. can data help cure a disease? the right treatment for you is out there. the problem is some of it's in this lab.
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a good day for coca-cola shares and traders are betting that the stock will move higher. >> volume is six times of that of puts. the stock is having a hard time at 40 bucks. sold off about 9% this month
5:55 pm
alone before it bounced. this is the chart in the last month. you see this move. it came after earnings. it's a little bit what's going on with the dollar strength. the big trade today that caught my eye was a buy where the stock was 40.25 of 7,000 of the april 41 calls. paying 59 cents. 18,000 of them traded on the day here. that was making a bet this stock will recover a bet. here's the move. there's the one year chart here. the stock is at 40. a huge, huge support level. traders betting the stock will get back here before april expiration. it will catch its next earnings report that's when they should give a little better guidance about how they are dealing with the dollar strength. if you're looking to play a name like this, you define your risk to the upside. >> would you rather? >> no. >> i love this game.
5:56 pm
>> coke or. cy? >> coke or pepsi? >> the way coke pushed themselves into monster and other areas milk as well. coke has more upside. >> quickly would you rather coke or dr. pepper? >> definitely coke. i agree with dan. dan has defined the risk. i think like pete said they are a catalyst doek. change is afoot at coke. activism. there's a lot of cash. people want to go after this stock. >> we'll be right back. thank you.
5:57 pm
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just because i'm away from my desk doesn't mean i'm not working. comcast business understands that. their wifi isn't just fast near the router. it's fast in the break room. fast in the conference room. fast in tom's office. fast in other tom's office. fast in the foyer [pronounced foy-yer] or is it foyer [pronounced foy-yay]? fast in the hallway.
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i feel like i've been here before. switch now and get the fastest wifi everywhere. comcast business. built for business. final trade time. >> today it's spain, ew 36r7b. >> hcp. i like this name. >> tesla bounces after thursday. still in the down trade. it uses an opportunity to get the t swizzle. >> there you go. >> we do this thing called bein the lead.
6:00 pm
killing it. we did a fedex one. go to the website check it out. fedex into earnings on wednesday. giddyup. >> thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow. meantime "mad money" make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always improvement somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." other people are here to make friends, i'm here to make money. my job is not just to entertain you but teach you, to educate you and to coach you. so call me at 800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jimcramer. why does this market fail to discount all sorts of good news even whent


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