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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  April 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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april 28th but maybe it squeezes into it. >> guy adami and friend? >> puppet says itg group will get you done. >> i'm melissa lee. see you back here . my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a good decision somewhere. "mad money" starts now. high i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money" and cray mayor ka. i am trying to make you money. my job is to teach and educate you. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me jath jimcramer are too many people betting against this market? it sure felt that way today.
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nasdaq, .68%. most nonprofessionals don't necessarily understand all the ways that stock can go higher. sure, sure, they understand when a company reports sales and urge that the analysts will raise their earnings and boost their ratings. incites more buying and less selling and a higher price. this he understand if the company gets broken up into little pieces like sarah lee, fortune brands, conico. they are much easier to understand than unfocused con glam mer ats. much easier to buy than for ceos to manage. they get when an activist comes calling with walgreen's or darden.
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board room shakeups that produce terrific results for everybody. pressure can be a good thing. do you know what can propel a stock higher than you haven't thought of? how about panicking short sellers who bet against, sell sell, sell the stocks of companies that you own. then have to go buy those stocks back to extend their losses when events don't pan out negatively and real owners don't feel the need to dump their stocks which would normally send it lower. they are not scare. the owners aren't scared. just like when you buy a stock that then goes down. you sell it because you can't take the pain. >> the house of pain. >> a short seller will sell a stock he doesn't own and then when something positive or not as negative as expected happens, the stock goes higher and higher until he can no longer take the agony and he has to buy it back
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to close out his position. the mere image of buy high and selling lower. that was on display in a bunch of situations. it can explain some of the biggest movers in the market. first, there is intel. now, intel is a very challenged company. the bulk of its business involves making chips for personal computers. that's in an area that's in steep secular decline. meaning it won't turn around even if the dollar gets weaker or economies around the world get stronger. it just ain't gonna happen. at the same time intel is a pretty fast-growing and very lucrative business making chips for data centers. it's earning call last night, i was depressed to hear how horrid the personal computer business is and truly elated that this other data center business is doing so well. largely, because it is leefrd to the internet of things to mobile computing, to cloud
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computing, which we know are the four true secular drivers of the information technology sector. strength of this division with profits that are growing like a weed help to boost intel's key gross margin line. why does all this matter if everything is just a wash? how could that make intel one of the strongest performers? up more than 4% a leader in the dow. simple. because the short sellers didn't expect it to happen. the good news of the data center business. it wasn't in the darn negative script. ever since the year began, intel has been a golden short. it doesn't rally when the market advances and it sells off hard when the market is down. it had already preannounced a short fall. we know this industry is total cockroach. investors never expect just one miss. it is usually a sign that there could be many more ahead. remember qualcomm couldn't even rally with a fantastic activist
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in there pushing management to do better because investors expect another disappointment looming. another chip maker, my kron was down severely in anticipation of a light number. when the earns came out and they were light, the darn stock got hit again. naturally, the shorts were all over intel before it reported why not? spin the pattern nor semiconductors. intel just didn't let investors down enough to turn them into sellers. it didn't scare people out of owning the stock. instead, they gave you enough hope in that quarter and it caught a couple of research analysts up. the short sellers had to scramble to buy stock. scramble, because it was trading yesterday. that's how intel became one of the biggest winners. of this session. i have no idea how it will go up. i don't know how fast the good
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business can ramp versus how rapidly the bad business will decline. i do know that this company is no longer what i used to call an annuity short where all that would ever happen is disappointment and more disappointment and more disappointment on the way to the mid 20s to the 30s, repealing all of last year's beautiful gains. what you can call intel, a good short spoil. the bears have no choice but to come in and end their pain. hence, today's big rally with tons of pin action across the whole group. there is fear among the short sellers. they are running scared in the semiconductor space but not as scared as they are in the oil stocks right now. we have an amazing thing happening, oil moved up. it was up 6 percent just today.
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it is still just slightly less than 50% below where it traded last year at the high. plus ever so suddenly above where it failed to break out last time. however, many oil stocks have gone crazy to the up side. how crazy? it is really interesting. it is arithmetic. sim march rex, which is one of my absolute faves, at $129 today. that's up from $91 in january. do you know the last time it traded at $129? how about september 22nd of last year, when crude was all the way up at 91. oil is up $36 since then. oil is down 36. this stock is back to where it was. the same deal 125 whether oil was at $91. september 22nd. those are incredible moves. these moves in the stocks are much larger than the anemic
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crude snack back. the short sellers are scrambling to bust their bets and bring in what are now known as renegade positions before the short seller's years. their performance is wrecked. some companies are doing so poorly. they are still nowhere near where they were. the drillers transocean nowhere. little guys like mag enough denver, sandrich they are struggling to get anywhere near where they were. most of the exploration and production companies trade together largely as a function of etfs. you know what these are? these are run-away trains. it makes no sense given where they were. that's exactly the thought that got the short sellers in trouble. they did this rational
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reasonable explanation. they are the reason these stocks have gotten to ridiculous devils. i am no tool of shorts. you make up your mind. get this one? shake shack. when they came public $21. closed at 45 dolls on the first day remember danny myer ringing the bell. i said the shake shack was incredibly overvalued versus every other restaurant train out there including the all expensive chipotle. if you had eaton at one of them then you know exactly how darn fabulous there is. there will be plenty of people that have eaton there and immediately gone and bought the stock. i don't blame them. it's an amazing thing to see. no flippers in this one, except the guys behind the grill. shake shack is at 57.
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having jumped up. no news whatsoever. this is one of the greatest short squeezes i can ever recall. more than 36% of the flow to short. that many people betting ghens thing. there is not going to be any new stock being freed up to trade until the end of july when the lockup expires. sure, it is possible that insiders could get an early lockup expiration. it has happened. right now, though it is just pure terror on part of the short sellers as big institutions think they are buying in into the sainted next ship poet lay. smaller individuals keep taking bites after eating there. that's the reason reason after it has gone higher. it is not up like fresh pet jumped by a third when i told you it was heavily shorted. they put up a good quarter just a week ago. finally, there is netflix. a stock that ran so far up short sellers figure no way, no way it could possibly meet these
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ridiculously high expectations. not doenl it meet them? it it far exceeded them. a company that has an astounding 62 million customers. they are growing like wild fire. expect big short recovery in tomorrow's session. here is the bottom line. the short is in the oils and shake shack in netflix. they are frightened out of their wits. they are doing exactly what scared owners of stocks do when they think things are going wrong. they dump everything. they are panicking and closing out their positions by buying and buying and buying some more. with are she stops? let's just say. it is all emotion. so therefore, no one knows. i'm talking to christie in north dakota. christie? >> hi. hey, i bought amazon when you last recommended it and i sold it in march and made a huge gain. as you know my question is should i now buy or look at
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other stocks. >> amazon is a cold stock. i think the sign ups are going to be very good. if you want to speculate with amazon, i bless it. not my style but i think that is good. >> let's go to ed in florida. >> caller: this is ed as far away as southwest philadelphia. eagles and philly fan. anyway, when i asked you about mcdonald's and thank you for all the help you've given us over the years. >> i appreciate it. i feel like the phillys are a challenged team. i have no fear about the eagles or their organization. >> caller: good. i want to ask you about mcdonald's if they get the right ceo in thereby to plunge the stock forward. >> i happen to pull up some executives with mcdonald's franchises. i am hearing good things. i think east brook can turn it around. organic and northerly and that's my style. they are scared.
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the shorts are scared. they are on the run, scrambling to bust their bets and bringing new positions. when will they stop? no one knows. on "mad money" tonight, a major medical error singing a whole new tune. google is facing a potential multibillion dollar fine. it may be more. don't miss my take on what it could mean for your shares. plus, great news if you your dog ate your homework. i did it for you. it could make you some money. why don't you stick with cramer.
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a week ago today, a star was
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born. you couldn't see it. in part, because the cloud cover was soy immense and part because the naked eye was so powerful. i'm talking about the star that is alcoa, the new alcoa. the one that was reported last wednesday. it was a call where the long-term positives almost entirely ignored while the short-term negatives played havoc with the real story. i want to use alcoa as an example of how difficult it can be for this market to process true accomplishments and focus on what will matter in six months rather than the snapshot of what it looks like right now. let me set the stage. kleinfeld has been working fearusly to reinvent his company since he took over in 2008. alcoa had a reputation for being a high-cost producer of aluminum with very little value-added
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product. consider alcoa like you consider an iron or copper company right now. just another interprize that's totally hostage to global economic growth. if the world's economies were doing well and there was strong demand out of china and the chinese weren't making enough of their own aluminum alcoa would win more business. they defined the term levered as if this company was levered to world trade. when it was booming, alcoa boomed. when it busted it went busted pretty much the same. it was the quinn essential uninvestable stock. i want what's known as secular growth, growth that doesn't need a cyclical expansion to beat wall street's expectation. i abhor a company that is levered. how do i know where the companies grg to go. i have enough problems to figure out how a domestic shop keeping
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business is doing. i don't want the gross domestic of every country on earth. it was well-known that alcoa was a high-cost producer versus so many companies that have built-in advantages like cheap labor, lower energy costs, easier pollution laws more growth in their home markets, you really always wanted to pick alcoa if you thought the world economy might be shifting from say, 3% growth to 5% growth. that's no feat. worse, given the basic commodity and nature of aluminum without any special properties to speak of except the ease of which it is being recycled who cared? i know i sure didn't. kleinfeld understood every bit of what i just said. his goal from the start was to win guys like me over. i represent the typical portfolio manager of the age, someone who doesn't want shares of a commodity producer but is instead looking for a high value
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added business that is not levered to worldwide growth. i don't want to worry about the worldwide company but in companies that are reinventing themselves becoming less commodity, more proprietary. that is precisely what drew me to p.p.g. back when it traded in the 50s. it is in the 200s now. ceo, chuck bunch decided he needed to make it so his company was no longer hostage to commodities and could be produced far more sheeply overseas. a into the so hot plate gas and paint company. the old pittsburgh plate and glass. no particular advantage. it is now a specialty plastics paint and coating company with tremendous advantage and real control over its own destiny. you can't really duplicate on the cheap what this company is doing now. it has more pricing power and fewer rivals who can cut into its margins. same thing drew me to dupont under alan coleman who while taking heat for not moving fast
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enough from active investor nelson pelts. he is in the commodity businesses and became more able to grow from new internal production. why my charitable trust has a large amount of dow chemicals. the ceo spun off his most volatile properties to build block plastics and high-value added products that aren't easily copied. klaus kleinfeld had two problems with his reinvention book. alcoa was a much more troubled company, with much more value added than it looked. global growth his a wall from the great recession. while the u.s. is recovered, two other key markets, europe and china, both got very tough. in europe where demand slowed dramatically alcoa had incredibly high cost inefficient production abilities where it
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isn't all that easy to fire people. >> china became fixated in putting people to work pretty much at any cost regardless of the pollution. their aluminum particularly the dirt old state-run facilities employ a ton of people. they didn't need the world's aluminum, let alone alcoas. it became a proxy for slow growth and pet againstbet against the metal's value. the transformation that dupont, dow, ppg have managed to pull off became a her kuehl yan task for kleinfeld. he has been getting it right. negotiating everywhere he can to close out more expensive facilities to move down the cost kur curve. last year, dramatic shifts where it is almost forbidden to lay off workers. they are making it towards the
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aerospace business. among the skin the fasteners and the engines, a plane will contain more product from alcoa than just about any other company. at the same time alcoa has invented new uses for aluminum. look at the skin of your samsung galaxy phone. what material do you think that is? its alcoa, lightweight, strong. it can maintain a beautiful painted finish. i would throw this if it were mine but it is someone else's at the office. how about new truck wheels that are stronger and last longer and use less gas? how about the lightweight of the ford f-150. they can't make that fast enough. they are putting up a new factory for it. these really cool twist-off carbonated beverage bottles. these are actual inventions. these are technological breakthroughs and they are all coalescing to produce 7% revenue growth of which more than half is from new uses of aluminum
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the organic growth in automobiles and aerospace. that's before a key deal closes. the rti international metals acquisition, which will diversify alcoa into other lightweight specialty metals including titanium with a heavy aerospace component. this company looks a lot more like what we get out of 3 m where a huge part of the products didn't exist before. alcoa is going to a relatively inexpensive efficient maker of aluminum and a hot house of organic ideas to solve unmet need specially in the automobile and aerosmith industry. . cramer, why is alcoa's stock down 15% for the year. why did it fall and not rise? the answer is two-fold. the legacy business is getting
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hurt by a decline. it is a lower cost producer. that still smarts. second, the new businesses and acquisitions, they are just begin tofg the impact. they will ultimately raise margins and produce bigger profits. it will take six months before people are aware of the new alcoa that i have just described. so what do you do. do you wait until you get the all-clear? maybe you hold off until the next quarter betting that the commodity price of aluminum will cause a short fall and then you can pounce. market is always impatient. most won't know about it until it gets the next quarter under the belt. others, big money, will anticipate the move and accumulate the stock slowly underneath current prices. i say you join them for half your position and then wait. if you can't be patient, then you can risk waiting to see the next quarter entirely. either way, a star was, indeed born and one day, everyone will
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know that that star is the new alcoa. you decide if you can wait. alcoa has it. will you? much more "mad money" ahead including my take on the potential multibillion dollar fine hanging over google. is there anything it can do to avoid the wrath of the regulators. an oil name i just learned about that has potential to really roar. i am making sure your portfolio is in check when we play am i diversified? why don't you stick with cramer! i love my mileageplus® explorer card. we're saving our united miles...
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play ball. that's my advice to google in this market case in europe. hopefully, it is not too late for them to get with the program. google has strong defenses against these allegations. . they may very well be in the right. honestly, the truth doesn't matter in these cases unless you play ball. what exactly does google need to do to get out from under this anti-monopoly case in europe? how about taking a page if from the sisco playbook. the ceo, john chambers spent time with heads of state to ask what they needed to investy size their companies and invested money in french start-ups to educate people to do network infrastructure jobs and
6:30 pm
participate in the digitty zation. do you think sisco is going to be investigated for market dominance? no. it is going to be celebrated for creating jobs in france no the destroying them. my hope given that my charitable trust is positioning google is that the fop people will go to europe and come up with clever ways to create jobs hire people and develop maybe not rivals but so-called frenemies that it could send traffic to and get the whole thing back on track. right now, i feel that google doesn't seem to comprehend the threat to its core business. almost half of its revenue comes from overseas. a large part is in europe. google almost settled for something that wouldn't be particularly owe nerrous but according to the financial times it was blocked by the french and german governments and lob byists representing media and telecom interests. don't know if they can appease the latter ones without damaging
6:31 pm
the products. it is a simple fact that the europe union isn't biased against american companies. consider that sisco completes directly with nokia and alkatel merging that ploy thousand ns europe. sisco isn't hot in the continent at all. unlike google, they recognize that in europe you have to pay to play. google's so-called anti-competitive crimes rg including the possible favoring of its own apps and an dried operating system or steering search to google entities can be aimmediate yor rating by helping to start european start-ups. it is a small price to pay versus the potential for a $6 billion fine which is the number being bandied about on top after a potential change in business process that is could hurt how google makes its money. there was another company that showed a genuine disregard
6:32 pm
for a government entity investigating monopoly processes. that was microsoft. ineggsly, it seemed the justice department's case wouldn't be serious. then, the companies execs made statements that showed microsoft didn't expect or understand the way the justice department worked. it was a republican judge, it left him astounded and microsoft was caught up in years of legal wrangling. the judge that ruled against microsoft said he was appalled at the executives cavalier behavior towards the process. i quote him when he said i think microsoft didn't take this seriously enough. that was after justice thomas penfield jackson ruled against microsoft and said it had to be sflit in two. that ruling was overturned. the entire case caused microsoft to take its eye off the ball. i believe one of the reasons they didn't see the mobile in social and cloud internet revolutions coming and has been playing catchup unsuccessfully
6:33 pm
ever since. it failed to recover from years of being on the defense. they simply didn't play ball. here is my bottom line for google. it is time to play ball with europe or else i fear replay of what happened to microsoft. hey, sisco is showing them a terrific organic way to go about doing this. google has to follow. or else risk far more than a $6 billion fine. it could risk its entire business model, something that made this company the powerhouse, that's the envy but now the enemy of major parts of the entire free world. let's take questions. let's go to shelly in california. shelly? >> hi, jim. how are you? >> real good. >> caller: thank you for everything that you do. i'm so tremendously grateful that i learn a lot from listening. i really enjoy the show. >> you are terrific to say that. thank you i hope i don't let you down. >> caller: oh, never. listen, i have lost half my portfolio since october. >> okay. >> caller: i'm heavily invested
6:34 pm
in box that i bought at 23. i'm very concerned, because it is doing so poorly. what are your recommendations? >> okay. we have to separate the thing. the company itself is not doing poorly. the stock is doing poorly. i don't care where a stock comes from. i care where it is going to. i think box is going to have a better quarter and a better narrative. they were shell shocked, didn't handle themselves well on the call didn't perform well but didn't give you a good accurate explanation of what good could happen. i say, hold on to box. 17, buy more. flora in florida. flora? >> caller: yes hi jim. i would like to know what you think about the merger of alcatel and nokia. sell, sell, sell, sell sell sell. why? because sisco is the play. these two companies some would say are drunken sailors trying to hold up each other. i don't think that is diplomatic enough. i say buy sisco. let's go to joanie in nevada. >> caller: how are you?
6:35 pm
oh, mr. cramer. thank you for taking my call. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> caller: what i want to ask you, honey. i'm with ibm. i know it is doing pretty well but they made a deal with. >> apple j & j. >> caller: what is that about? >> that's about the health kit. i think it is a better deal for apple than ibm. only 29% of ibmas business is involved with the data collection. i think ibm is going to have a weak quarter. the stock may discount some of that but at 164, frankly, i'm a little worried about it. at 158, 159, i think that's where you can feel a lot safer ahead of what cob a very weak quarter. google don't drop the ball. play it. much more "mad money" ahead. including my response to the cramericans out there.
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>> don't put your hopes all in one company or corner the market. a special hump day edition of the lightning round is just ahead. please, please, stick with cramer! at mfs, we believe in the power of active management. our teams collaborate around the world, which leads to better decisions for our clients. put our global active management expertise to work for you. mfs. there is no expertise without collaboration. ♪ help an oil company overcome minus 47 degree temps, 5 foot ice, and 16 foot waves, to safely keep crude oil flowing 365 days a year.
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spring has finally arrived. time for the most interactive show to do some house keeping and answer the tough questions that dumped us the first time around. back on january 27th hal in south carolina asked me about this pba. pebina is canadian pipe company that owns pipe for regular oil, heavy crude and natural. they gather process and store net gas in canada and the united states. unlike most american pipelines which are master limited partnerships. they are a dividend paying or regular corporation. 1% yield. the company transports over 50% of western canadian light oil.
6:40 pm
it is pretty big. plus pembina has a $7.4 billion backlog of new projects and a gigantic pipeline expansion that will increase 140%. a big, big distribution down the road. pembina stock has been crushed. falling 30% since the price of oil started to crash. all of their new projects are 100% fee for service. toll roads, very little exposure to commodity. they are backed up by long-term prices and volume commitments. with the price of oil stabilizing in the mid-50s. recovery dramatically i think the stock has potential to really roar. my verdict, i am willing to bless taking a position with pebina here. if you like this stock, you should really love kmi, kinder morgan my favorite of the pipeline companies. if you prefer to own an mlp, the
6:41 pm
time is right for magellan or markwest. pebi in. a looks good. these guys are better. nick from maryland asked me about spring leaf holdings the symbol leaf leaf. while i knew the company, they had just made a gigantic transformative acquisition i needed to look over. springleaf is a consumer lender that dates back to the 1920s. it fell on hard times in the financial crisis. the company at that time wasn't called springleaf. it was called american general finance taken private by fortress a pry varies equity firm in 2010. it got changed to springleaf and became public a year and a half ago. since then the stocks have been on fire. it rallied 2 1/2% from the ipo price of $17. how about this major acquisition. on march 3nd springleaf bought a company called one main financial holdings from citigroup for $4.25 billion.
6:42 pm
combine company only taking one main financial. this puts together two very similar companies, essentially doubling the size of springleaf which had a market cap of just 4.4 billion the day before it was announced. i think the purchase price was pretty reasonable in part because citi had been looking to unload this business. since springleaf's stock rallied 32% the day the deal was announced. they are the acquirer not the target. the stock hasn't done much since then. here is my advice. if you owned spring leaf before the deal feel free to ring the register and go buy yourself a cashmere sweater. i think there will be major transaction noise for some time which could limit your up side going forward. the deal is subject to regulatory approval which will likely be done on a state-by-state basis. they may have to raise a lot of capital. while i like the longer term prospects once the deal is done.
6:43 pm
earlier this week we spoke to two major disrupttors which could pose a threat to their business one day. fortress still owns 63.8% of the company. as they unload that steak, it could put enormous pressure on springleaf's stock. that's not good. if you are looking to play the consumer bases, i say go with master card. stock we own for the charitable trust which doesn't have to roar by about competition. with visa i would love to have the guys from springleaf come on the show and talk about why you should buy the stock. next up march 16th. robert called about ac seller rate diagnostics. i had no idea about this one. i said i would get back. this is not just a speculative stock. this is a super speculative diagnostic companies that is developing new instruments to
6:44 pm
rapidly develop drug. they claim the use of a proprietary culture-free process. why don't i love it? to put it simply. they don't make any money. from 2011 to 2014 they generated merely $1.55 million. that's an "m" in revenues. if this company was just a regular person making that kind of money, it wouldn't be in the top tax bracket. the technology would be revolutionary if it was popular. they have been bulking this since 2004. twice in the last decade they broke with major health companies. they wanted to collaborate with them exclusively. both times the partners studied the technology and decided to walk away. sec has been investigating whether they can or will be able to do the things they claim. they put it all together.
6:45 pm
simply way too many red flags to bless this stock. even for speculation. maybe someday the company makes a huge breakthrough and rev lugs nizs the business. to me it feels like a lottery ticket and a risk why i one at that. >> last but not least on april 1st, chunky in texas, called by pegi pattern energy group. they own and operate several alternative power projects mostly wind throughout canada, the united states and chile. now that i have done my research i like this one. i am willing to bless it to play the alternative energy space. i think you are getting a good entry point now that oil prices seemed to have stabilized. the company wasted no time putting the funds to work acquiring three wind power facilities for $372 million. they have been rapidly growing and management has an ambitious plan to nearly triple its energy
6:46 pm
output. i recommended sun edison. i like that one. i think it looks like the best con sol day tore. pattern energy reminds me of that unwith. i of course, the stock is down $4 from july 2014. courtesy of the decline in oil. if oil prices are done going down, i think they could have a lot of room to run. best part they are paying you to wait for this consolidation. with a notoriously 4.5 yield making it a pretty darn interesting growth vehicle. it throws off a lot of income. good ideas from our viewers. "mad money" is back after the break.
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it is time. it is the lightning round. and then the lightning round is are you ready? time for the lightning round. i am going to start with josh in alabama. josh? >> caller: hi, cramer. how you doing? >> all right, chief. how are you? >> caller: i'm doing all right. i have been holding on to shares
6:50 pm
of fiat chrysler. i saw a couple of articles about the lawsuit with the jeep and possible mernler with gm and volkswagen. >> are you on it for earnings? >> why? because the jeep is taking china by storm. i like the way the ceos hail it. this is undervalue it. it may be best in show. agnes in illinois. what's up? >> caller: hello. dupont? i have the regular and now some of the trian group. >> oh dupont, i think the quarter is just okay. i like the stock all right. dupont fabro is a real state investment trust with a 5% yield. i like that even more because i like yield. i like income. forest from california.
6:51 pm
forest? >> caller: boo-yah jim. how are you? >> i'm all right there, partner. how are you? >> caller: great. my question is is there any fundamental or technical reason why pri lost 7% from the high last thursday to the low friday? >> no. that's why someone suggested to buy it. i like primerica. i have been blown away by wells fargo and the fact that you have a chance to buy it not at the high. some people didn't like the quarter. let's go to simon in michigan. simon. >> caller: hey, jim, boo-yah, jim. chesapeake energy? >> come on man. don't come on this show with that. we got stocks like cimarex. it has moved up too much. may i suggest that you buy eog, i think it is the best. my charitable trust owns it. i need to go to david in pennsylvania. david? >> caller: hello there, mr. cramer. it is an honor speaking with you. i enjoy reading your book.
6:52 pm
>> thank you. >> caller: i would like to ask you this question. it pertains to domino's pizza. what is the current status? at this time it is it a worthy investment. >> a lot of people betting against dominos. they think it can't keep delivering. i didn't mean that as a joke but i did like it. i think you wait until after the quarter. when it has these runs it tends to trade down. after that is when you buy it. that is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. doug. you've been staring at that for awhile, huh? listen, td ameritrade has former floor traders to help walk you through that complex trade. so you'll be confident enough to do what you want. i'll pull up their number. blammo. let's get those guys on the horn. oooo looks like it is time to upgrade your phone, douglass. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this.
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all right, cramer. our homework is done. even more important than turning in the assignment is checking your work. individual stocks can affect your financial grade. it is your portfolio as a whole that's going to make a big difference. if you have ever indulged in one part of the market and that goes down, you will lose your money. every week we play am i diversified. you tell me your top five and you tell you if your portfolio is diversified enough. >> first up to the plate, let's start with alex in oregon. alex? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah right back. >> caller: big fan of the show. >> thank you. >> caller: my top five are general growth properties bank of america, ford, apple disney. >> let's go over this. very interesting portfolio. bank of america reported just okay. it is expensive.
6:56 pm
you have tangible back value. you will be fine. ford just an okay quarter. we like the european numbers that came out this morning. disney, we are crazy about that stock. we think it is teric if i have. general corp a good retail read. apple, technology, real estate, entertainment, auto and bank. that is perfect. i bless it. >> let's go to virgil in illinois. >> caller: boo-yah from beautiful, sunny northwest indiana. >> i haven't thought of it as beautiful but i will add it to the places i have to get to. >> caller: love your book. watch the show twice a day. first of all, i have bristol-myers, j&j, altria mobile eye, and mila vega. >> mobile eye, comments from deutsche bank pretty positive. that's technology. i like the yield. milavaga, one have o our favorites.
6:57 pm
we are going to trade j.j. and keep pris stall meyers and we are going to buy. let's buy the eog. there we go. the conclusion of am i diversified. ...this isn't that car. the first and only car with direct adaptive steering. ♪ the 328 horsepower q50 from infiniti.
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>> narrator: in this episode of "american greed"... one man's bold scheme to get rich quick. >> the opportunity was there for them to make easy money. >> narrator: albert talton puts a modern twist on one of the nation's oldest crimes -- making counterfeit money. >> this one was different because it was just a computer and several printers that were utilized to print this large amount of counterfeit. >> narrator: talton circulates more than $7 million in phony cash around the globe... >> he was almost proud of what he'd done -- his perverted version of the american dream. >> narrator: ...and launches the u.s. secret service into the largest manhunt of its kind.


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