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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  July 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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same dress. good taste, sarah. [ laughter ] >> nice dress, good taste, as well. >> this is ridiculous. >> ladies in red. >> ridiculous. we're trending the all time high in netflix, amazon and google in the after hour session. >> looking forward to it. we'll see you with more on closing bell tomorrow. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market overlooking times square, i'm melissa lee. tonight on "fast" earning season kicking into high gear. we have six stocks that have beaten earnings east mitts and three biotech stocks could surge next week. we'll tell you the names and why traders are so bullish. to the after hours movers tonight, google surging 10% hitting a new all-time high in the after hours session. jon fortt is monitoring the call. john, what is a big upside here? >> the big upside is google's growth, frankly, despite the currency head winds.
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they faced a $1.1 billion currency head wind but managed to grow. youtube is a big part of that. they are saying on the call that youtube view time grew 60%. despite the fact that you've got youtube ads that are bringing in a little bit less per click than youtube, than googled traditionally expected, despite the fact you have some head winds with mobile, youtube is able to make up for that. talking about expense discipline saying yes, they are going to continue the things they have been doing on expense discipline but revenue growth continues to be a priority and they are emphasizing the fact they see multiple ways to grow revenue, but as they do that, they also are looking to continue expense discipline that allows you to have a bottom line that has the street so excited, as well. she's only been on the job there about six weeks. she says she's going to have more to say about some specifics and areas and how they will look and treat things like nests that
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aren't going to produce significant revenues for them until quite a bit in the future but the street still happy to see this, what would be 18% growth constant currency ended up being just about 11 because of those head winds, guys? >> how much cash the end of the quarter, john? 65 billion or so? >> i'm sorry, say again. >> how much cash did they end the quarter with? >> i don't have that number in front of me. you your number sounded right. let me let you hear from ruth talking about the impact of google's youtube views and growth, take a listen. >> youtube again delivered substantial growth in user engagement globally particularly on mobile. growth in watch time on youtube accelerated and is now up over 60% year over year. the fastest growth rate we've seen in two years. >> just about a month ago, i
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caught up with him in california and he talked how the program benefits because of the data google has about users, so maybe not a zero sum game. facebook is seeing benefit because of the data but so is google. they both benefitting from the move toward more data that advertisers are using to decide how much they will spend, guys? >> john, we'll let you go and check back later on. jon fortt, for instant analysis it's bring in neal. great to have you here in house. >> great to be here. >> what are some of your outstanding questions at this point, and do you think this big, giant move in the after hours session is justified given the results you've seen so far? >> yeah, there is a few things. what else can they do to reaccelerate growth? youtube is a strong business for them, but on the merchant end, the consumer side we want to know what can they do to reaccelerate growth?
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secondly, what can they do to close the gap between mobile cpcs. we haven't seen the gap closing fast enough. lastly, expense controls but at the end of the day we know this company is governed by the founders and if the founders want to double down on spending, everything else won't matter. we want to know is this plan that they have in place really going to be long-term and are the founders totally bought into it? >> i'm pretty happy so far. we don't know, but you know, the three most important things in the story are revenue growth, expense control and capital allocation. >> so you have one, right? >> one and two, maybe. sounds like we could have three. that's great. i mean, it seems like a big pop but i thought it was under valued before. getting back to this is not a crazy valuation here. >> to go through met tricks a bit. when we look at cost per click, 11% versus the consensus down 5% or so, is that because the
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discrepancy between mobile and pc pricing? >> mobile and part of it is these true view ads on youtube that come in at lower cpc. there is a little drag on that. the paid clicks were pretty strong especially on the sites that actually reaccelerated to 30% growth. that was a positive. so there are some puts and takes. overall the quarter was pretty strong. >> all right. we'll get back to you later on and let you get back on the conference call. seabrook, how are you trading the this? >> it can change on a dime. look what happened to amazon. amazon sentiment changed on a dime. i look at it and say expense son tro -- control. very cheap. they got a ridiculous, their google search is being under appreciated by the street. i think the stocks got a real
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runway here. it can turn and go higher. >> we need to have glimpses of hope for catalysts. >> there are a couple things. only been on the job for a month and a half or something like that so there is a lot more she's going to do, more levers she can pull. youtube very surprising was very good because everyone is talking how facebook is stealing a lit the bit of google's youtube's lunch. the thing that will be interesting on the conference call is you got to listen to last time, last quarter they talked about the ads on youtube and how people are actually watching the whole ad all the way through. if that trend is continuing then they will be able to raise prices there. stocks up 10% in the after hours. bk will not buy something up 10% but we're looking at a massive breakout around 625 so wait for a pull back and buy it. >> the stock is up 10% in the after hours. it's up, what, 8% this week alone going into the earnings report. we're in an environment where the nasdaq hit a record high
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today. facebook is climbing in the after hours sessions. amazon hit a new high. netflix hit a new high. how does that change the trading backdrop for google? >> the trading, the last week you pointed out google which has gone nowhere for 18 months finally was getting out of its way. full disclosure, i didn't know what it meant. it was either people were squaring up ahead of this and it was going to fail or they were getting prepared for the breakout. turned to be the latter. 18, 19 times forward earnings, to me the number that, 600ish is the level you got to trade against. that was basically the high inner 2014 but i won't split hairs with bk. it feels it's breaking out from these levels. >> from a position management standpoint, you were in google for a long time. what do you do? >> hang on to it. you know, i'm not going to be able to trade around it because
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i don't know how i would get back in. hang on to it. i like bk, don't like to buy up 10%. i feel like it will come in. i am not going to trade around it. i like it here. it shouldn't be where it was for a year and a half. >> do we get the all clear for tech to move higher for the nasdaq to resume the run and continue beyond this record high we close at? >> you have netflix, obviously, look what happened to intel today? perfect example where they came back and the street liked that, right? the stock traded up initially and sold off. it basically closed flat on the day. intel is probably going to go lower. this is a blip. they will have to raise in 2016. it's going to go higher. intel should be basically avoided. >> for all technology, i mean, the nasdaq moved to a new record without the help of the semi conductor this year. >> let's take seven conductors out of it. the sent the is pretty bad anyways. they sold off a bit coming into
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this. for me, if you look and want another name too buy, it's microsoft. that has one, two, 3% dividend. it's held up despite the negative news in tech and now with google going higher and getting the market momentum, microsoft is the market. >> up next, janet yellen saying rate hikes are full steam ahead unless one thing happens and steve liesman knows. he'll tell us next. we uncovered a hand full of stocks, 90% of the time. we'll tell you what they are and if you should buy them. bill ackman and company are worried about china. group of concerns very important to the economy. we'll tell you what that is when we come back. stay tuned. attention investors! vectorvest mobile is here and it's free! make faster, smarter, better trading decisions with vectorvest mobile. the most powerful app or managing your portfolio from the palm of your hand. only vectorvest mobile analyzes, ranks and graphs... ...over 16,000 stocks worldwide, everyday,... ...and gives you clear buy, sell, hold recommendations...
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can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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we've got an earnings alert. >> a stock amd up 2%, about 341,000 shares trade sod far. second quarter profits came in line with estimates, a loss there, so the revenues, though, missed by $9 million. blames weak consumer pc demand and these outlook for the
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current quarter, amd sees revenue growth of 6% quarter over quarter. it's plus or minus 3%. the mid narrowly misses expectations. some stocks, this is a stock down 30% year to date. 60% over the course of 12 months. maybe a little good news, not as much bad and you have a stock popping after hours. back over to you. >> thank you dom chew. the fact they hit eps estimates, you just said -- >> july 6th and it basically was a slight -- >> kept it together for a week. >> good for you amd. >> they still exist so intel won't be a monopoly. if you look to the trajectory over the last five years, that is still in tact. >> any buyers of amd? >> you own stock for a reason. okay, great. they beat their terrible estimates so what. >> fed chairwoman janet yellen
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wrapped up testimony for congress. highlights from that hearing so what are the headlines here? >> the story is that janet yellen over the two days of the testimony slowly has been raising the rhetoric about hiking rates. and it's not all that big in terms of the shift but yesterday she talked about this idea of the economy getting close to the place where it believes it both needs and can tolerate higher rates. here is what she said today about the labor market. >> is getting demon trably closing by any metric to a normal state and the degree of monetary accommodation is sufficient over a long period of time to generate pretty significant improvement in the labor market. >> we just want to give you our yellen euphemism of the day. so i think she's trying to say
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it's coming but not going to be that big a deal, which she said before. on the issue of inflation, she said the fed will probably hike before hitting the 2% inflation target, melissa? >> steve, during the q and a, was she asked about the interchange larry and carl icahn had yet? >> not that i know of. you mean in terms of liquidity? >> no, i believe that came up yesterday a little bit and she said something the fed watches carefully. >> hey, steve, brian kelly. >> hey, brian. >> so i'm curious -- >> what's up? >> the fed had rates low since 2008. six, seven years, what's the hurry? we seen negative, reseen we seel sales were terrible and don't know what is going on in europe and a crash in china, why do they need to raise rates in two months from now? >> i think what she is saying to be clear is that if the forecast goes as they believe it will go
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and they believe that the consumer will come around, everything they have, brian, which is higher wages, higher employment, lower gas prices and overall higher incomes suggest the consumer should be spending more. that's one. the second thing is the big dip that could have been statistical noise. she thinks the economy is going to snap back. if you do three and 3% growth, you have the unemployment rate coming down. it's 5-3. hard to say, brian, given where all of those things are right now, that zero is the right rate, not tightened but certainly not zero. >> all right. we'll leave it there. steve, thank you. >> you're welcome. i'll stay with brian for awhile. we can do this. brian, call me. >> exactly. >> it's sweet. later. so what do you believe? do you believe fed chair janet yellen or do you believe jeff
5:17 pm
gunlock? >> i was in brian's camp and really listened to commentary and feel it's almost an obligation to otherwise you lose confidence. i'm in the camp they will move in 15. >> i agree with you if for no other reason janet can do it. she's able to effect that change. i think she is backing herself into a corner somewhat. >> yes. >> and she's not dumb. she's doing that, i mean, this is a calculate discussion, i think, and so maybe she feels like, you know, she can change the direction a tiny bit and get it started without the world going nuts. >> let's say she does do it in 2015. is that the right move in your view? >> would have been three years ago, entirely different conversation. they control the front end of the curve. they don't control from ten years out.
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given the fact that greece seemingly is off the radar screen, china nobody seems to care about. tlt should have traded through 115 on the downside meaning rates should have gone higher the opposite happened. >> all right. still ahead, when the smart money talks we listen and serious concerns about china. so we're sounding our own alarm on the one space that could get hit the hardest when it comes to the a china slow down. in the meantime, here is what is coming up on fast. ♪ ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year". >> that's right, it's earnings season and we have a special report on the undercover stocks that beat earning's estimates 90% of the time. plus, biotech breaking out to an all-time high. but if you missed the rally, we've got three names that could surge next week on a key drug conference. we'll tell you what they are when "fast money" returns.
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welcome back to "fast money." i'm morgan brennan with this alert. schlumberger beat by 9 cents.
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revenue of $9.01 billion was better than expected. oil field services company said the 12% decline overall in revenue from q 1 was driven by a quote dramatic decline in north american land activity as the rig count fell 40%. schlumberger ceo now expects 2015 investment to decline more than 35% and decline 15% internationally, also saying that the north american rate count may be touching bottom and that the latest oil data quote points to a tightening of global supply demand balance with, even with additional supply from iran. so a beat on both the top and bottom line but keep in mind, still lower than we saw a year ago, still lower than we saw in the first quarter, melissa, back to you. >> morgan brennan, thanks so much for that. the stock is moving higher and yet, the outlook looks terrible down 35% north america. >> i think schlumberger is a consensus long. people are hiding out in the
5:23 pm
stock and sure all the lower quality, sure the pten, or the basics and they are along short those names. i think that trade will come off. you'll see schlumberger get sold tomorrow and you see some other names get covered. that's my feeling in this name. there is also concern about head count reductions, they cut head counts in the year and there is rumblings about another head count reduction. that would not boat well. >> so fade the slob is your bottom name. >> fade the slob. >> fade the rally. >> fade the slob. >> how would you like to own stocks that beat earnings at least 90% of the time? dom chew has uncovered this mystery, dom? >> it's all about the time frames, right? all about the assumptions. our team at cnbc proput together a list of stocks that will report earnings over the coming week to find some of the ones that tend to beat analysts estimates on a regular basis and produce stock gains on the heels of those positive reports. they took data from an
5:24 pm
investment group and filtered the list to stocks worth at least $1 billion in market value and beaten earnings estimates at least 90% of the time with at least six quarters worth of data. that's the key here. among the stocks topping the list, you got a workplace cloud commute putting company. averages a 5% gain and engineering consulting firm exponents has a beat track record and gains 3.5%. semi conductor company makes the list, as well. a 93% beat rate you can see, 3% gains. a few others to give you an idea. dolby labs, signature bank and amphenol impressing beat rates on an average basis. the rest of the names, melissa, guys on the list are available to cnbc prosubscribers, go to back over to you guys. >> thank you, dom. these are names we don't talk
5:25 pm
about, interesting but this raises the question. we know what they did with eps but don't know what they do with revenue, which is always the question. >> that's the great question. i'm of the belief that the kasim between eps and revenue is widening out. maybe it stopped for now. it is expensive at 20 times earnings but sawed off a little since the all-time high. it could be a play into earnings on the long side. >> this to me, this list highlights what perception is reality in the market because guy brought up amphenol. dlv has gone nowhere. same stats on earnings but gone nowhere. clearly, the perception is that dolby is a dog. >> i love to be with the sandbaggers. so that kind of thing consistently beating is help but you're right, if the street knows that, you're the greater
5:26 pm
fool there. >> what's the surprise? as we head to break, let's look at google baulz tecause th is about wrapping up. google is holding onto the gains and sitting at new all time highs. we heard from the cfo and will hear what else drove the strong quarter. chinese equity proving to be a large bump in the road for u.s. auto makers, what names could be hit the hardest when "fast money" returns. canada just like in the u.s. and call and text as much as you want to and from the united states, mexico, and canada. you heard right! unlimited calls to any phone - even mobile... in mexico and canada for free! it's included with simple choice plans. only t-mobile gives you coverage and calling in three countries for the price of one. switch today.
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welcome back to "fast money" stocks higher as fed chair janet yellen wrapped up testimony. tech was a big winner helped by a jump in netflix the that reported strong earnings. nasdaq gaining more than 1% to close at a record high. here's what else is coming up, sounding the alarm on china. fear over the chinese economy came up again and again. which stocks are getting hammered and biotechest hottest names this weekend a. special preview of the three companies that could make waves in the latest edition of stock therapy.
5:30 pm
first, back to google and tech, in the after hours session google is sitting at an all-time high up 10% and consequently, we're seeing if the queues open up now, it will be a new high. we're seeing other stocks high momentum names sitting at new highs, as well. netflix, amazon and facebook. brian kelly, does this trade scare you? >> i actually think you have to make a distinction of the names facebook -- >> sorry, brian, the president is making a statement on the shooting in chattanooga. let's go there. >> what appears to be a loan gunman carried out these attacks. we've identified a name. at this point, the full investigation is taking place. the fbi will be in the lead working closely with local law enforcement. we've also been in contact with the department of defense to make sure that all our defense facilities are properly
5:31 pm
attentive and vigilant as we sort through exactly what happened and as details of the investigation proceed, we'll make sure that the fbi as well as local law enforcement are providing the public with all the information that's involved. my main message now is obviously, the deepest sympathies to the american people, to the four marines that have been killed. it is a heart-breaking circumstance for the these individuals who have served our country with great valor to be killed in this fashion. and although the families are still in the process of being contacted, i want them to know that i speak for the american people in expressing our deep
5:32 pm
east condolencines and knowing that they have our full support as they try to overcome the grief involved here. i also want to say that there are reports of injuries to chattanooga local law enforcement officials. thankfully, as far as we know at this point, they have survived the assault and we want to make sure that they know that we're thinking of them, they are in our thoughts and prayers. we take all shootings very seriously, obviously, when you have an attack on a u.s. military facility, then we have to make sure that we have all the information necessary to make an assessment in terms of how this attack took place and what further percussions we could take in the future and as
5:33 pm
we have more information, we'll let the public know, but in the meantime, i'd ask all americans to pray for the families who are grief stricken at this point and i want everyone to understand that we will be thorough and prompt in figuring out exactly what happened. thank you very much. >> we've been listening to president obama making a statement about the tragic shootings in chattanooga. just moments ago from the oval office. he said the families are still being contacted. it does appear it was the act of a lone gunman. hopefully, everybody survived those injuries in the police department. co condolences to the victims' families. >> google sitting high, jon fortt has been on that earnings call, which just wrapped up. john? >> melissa, the shares were up
5:34 pm
7% when the release came out and grew throughout the session. now they are up about 12%, i've never heard a new cfo prepared on a first conference call than ruth. she wasn't just talking about this quarter where she was really only em plployed for six weeks but all the products historically. this was about cost control on the one hand and she said she'll have more to say about that going forward. they have been working on that for several quarters, working on it more now but it was also about growth and youtube was an area that they specifilly pointed out viewing time on youtube was up 60% year over year. the strongest growth rate they had in two years. mobile viewing time was up 100% and presents challenges on certain lines because of the true view ads. auto play ads they have lower cost per click so as youtube gets more popular particularly
5:35 pm
on mobile, you see the cpc number that gets watched so closely come down. carter and ruth saying don't pay too much attention to that because we know where the levers are. we'll invest in growth as we are being disciplined on the expense side and again, they said they will have more to say. i want to reiterate the head winds they faced on currency. growth would have been 18% if not for the currency head wind. that head wind was $1.1 billion for the quarter up from $795 million last quarter, melissa. >> all right. john, thanks so much for that. jon fort from headquarters. let's get more analysts. neal, the stocks seem to strengthen. were you getting more confidence during the earning's call. >> i think ruth did a terrific job. she really answered a lot of the questions. the big questions were is desktop search declining? she said desktop search is
5:36 pm
growing and cpcs are strong and mobile cpcs are closing the gap. they talked a lot about youtube, advertiser spending up year over year and mobile use up 100% and this will be a really good setup for potentially the stock to move up from here. >> quick question, i mean, we talked about investor sentiment. you know, you talk to investors all day long and talk to the big institutional guys. what will push the guys on the sidelines to jump in? is it this quarter? >> i think there is a couple things, one is the level of disclosure from the call is better than we've had for the past several years. secondly, you know, we're getting more comfortable around t fact that mobile cpcs are closing the gap and people on the side haves been worried about desktop search declining and it seems like desktop search continues to be relatively stable. so those factors alone i think set the stock up for a pretty good potential run from here. >> let me ask you something, so
5:37 pm
we should hopefully get some great valuation for youtube, what do you think is this positive or negative for facebook and their valuation for their business. >> yeah, you know, facebook's video ad product is still pretty nay sint right now. it's user generated stuff you've seen years ago. i think it will be awhile before facebook can get to the level of youtube. youtube really constitutes about 20 to 30% of total video usage. facebook is 2%. if we think how usage is trending, youtube is a big force to be reckoned with. we are concerned. i do think facebook could be nipping at youtube's heels and once they do figure out how to add professional content and add around that, i think, you know, that could be a potential threat for youtube down the road.
5:38 pm
>> neal, we'll check in with you later on in the show. interesting, you know, the facebook, google comparison or side by side in the after hours session, both are sitting at new highs. what do you do, guy? >> i don't think google should trade the same. facebook is 35 times forward earnings and probably deserves it but it shouldn't be traded at 18 times forward earnings, closer to 25. let's say 23. you know, you say $32 a share next year and get to this a $750 stock easily. the move we've seen has basically made up for the last 1 18 mondays of under performance. it's not as ridiculous expensive. >> i want to get back to the question that i asked brian kelly concern. >> oh, oh, oh -- >> that is about tech overall and where we trade tomorrow -- >> i -- >> all of those stocks on the side there, they are at new highs in the after hours session. >> what guy is getting at and david, this is going to pull
5:39 pm
investors into the market because there is a fear of missing out or fomo. >> is that a bad thing or good thing? >> rally is a rally. the same, money is good, you know. >> all right. coming up, stock market struggling to regain major losses and one group getting rocked over fears. what it is. plus, the most important things you need to know ahead of a major event that could send three biotech shares soaring or sinking. meg terrell will have more right after this break. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping. i built my business with passion.
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at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact..
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kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. the biggest all tizheimer's conference of the near could move the needle for three biotech names set to present. time for stock therapy with biotech reporter and resident therapist, meg terrell. [ laughter ] >> people are feeling very excited about this data presentation next week. wednesday is the big day at this conference, even though it does kick off over the weekend and names people are watching is bio
5:43 pm
again, lily and axovant. it could drive the stock up or down $50 based on what we'll see. this all tizheimer's stock is driving it. they work on what is thugt to be potentially an underlying cause of alzheimer's and that's the plaques that build up in the brain. drugs on the market now work on symptoms help you not be forgettable and increase levels of brain chemicals. these bind to the plaques in the brain and suck them out. they seen in earlier stage sudties has an effect on cognition, helping people remember things better and think more clearly stemming the declines in cognition. what we'll see from bio gen isa dose that will line up with what we've seen from the earlier data. it's a 6 milligram dose.
5:44 pm
we've seen three other doses and needs to line up between the highest dose and middle dose to show the drug is working the way we think does. if it doesn't line up, it could throw into doubt the drug works as well as they hope and for lily, they have data on a drug in late-stage studies similar to biogen and axovent works differently and not going to be the big data but another look for the street at this drug and they will have an investor effect. significant events for those companies. >> sounds like the drug is different with bio gen and eli lily will compete? >> they could. they could be use in combination, maybe not those two but they would compete and mark put out a note saying he thinks that people generally think the
5:45 pm
biogen drug is a little better but we have yet to see that. >> hopes there is going to be good data out of the context. >> morgan stanley downgraded lily. what you're seeing is a little tempered tempering ahead of this. so people have been up into this biogen and you're starting to see people talk it down a little bit. if it comes in line, i think it's going to be very well received this is a consensus long name. >> does it have to be by design or -- >> it potentially could be. the whole thing is they have a lot of other drugs going on. for axovaxovent, that will be b. goes down to $3 it's negative this is make or break. it could be a big move but won't make or break the company. >> biogen is a $20 billion opportunity.
5:46 pm
incredible. >> thank you. our stock therapist. [ laughter ] still ahead, smart money sounding the alarm on china but one group of stocks right here in the states that's feeling the blunt of the concerns. we'll tell you what that is after the break.
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5:49 pm
all right. the smart money is sounding the alarm on china. listen to what bill ackman and jp morgan said at yesterday's delivering alpha conference. >> you must understand what is happening in china if you are going to be a global investor today. it's irresponsible not to understand what is happening given the impacts. >> you look at the chinese financial system, you look at the shadow banking, look at the amount of leverage and how desperately they have worked to get the stock market up. it looks worse to me than 2007 in the united states. much worse. >> and today barclay is down grounding to under perform as china car sales decline. general motors, lear following. the steals started to slow down
5:50 pm
prior to the china stock market slow down even though they had to cut prices. >> yeah, that is, i mean, we know the chinese economy has been slowing. they came one a gdp of 7%. that is clearly, clearly a false number. don't buy into that. the real question you have here on china is the stock market a 1987 type of event or does a 192, 2007 event where there is a massive deleverage and shadow banking system. china has a big, big shadow banking system. their regular banking system is 2.5 times gdp. this is a big, big deal. we don't know the outcome but look at the stocks, even free fort mac getting killed. >> since sacks downgraded gm. gm was 36, north of 36 when they did it down 40%. ford is down five or six. good call by them. that's a to stick with. ford is not working but short and gm is working better. i think it still continues to trade at that trajectory.
5:51 pm
gm lower, ford will just sort of scoot along. >> were you surprised at what mary callahan said about china. >> it's interesting. her job is to be a cheerleader but clearly, there is a concern here so i appreciate that she's, you know, bringing that to the forefront. it is important, it does make me nervous. she does have a great global view and traveling the world speaking to investors everywhere. it's of some concern. >> gm and ford may stink but fiat, chrysler is okay. tie out toyota is doing okay. would you be in the auto sector? >> it's predicated like china. it's a massive swing and the data we saw yesterday is clear that they are not being honest and truthful. i would say that their stock market can go up and the actual demand for the u.s. product could really stall tremendously. so i think the u.s. companies are much more, you know, sort of
5:52 pm
in trouble during the scenario. >> market flash on an auto play. taking off, dom has details. >> melissa, we got a tweet request. shares of hertz are soaring. right now up about 15% on relatively heavy volume. 1.8 million shares traded so far. the car rental company announced it's restructuring plan including cost cuts and said it was all up to date on the regulatory filings after restating all those financial results. hertz said it remains committed to the previously announced $1 billion share buy back program and the plan to celebrate equipment rental business. hertz said it expects to cut costs by $300 million by the end of the year, up from $200 million. you couple that with the fact the stock is down 30% year to date, 40% plus and a nice pop in the after hours session. back over to you guys. >> dom chu, thank you. >> too big of a pop. one thing is resolved which is
5:53 pm
financials coming up. big thing, clearly worth value. the buy back, that will be eventually used but the last part, the equipment rental business, that has not been a good place to be. uri is much better than hertz. it's not a great time for that spin, but i'm glad they will do it anyway. i think the pop is maybe a little over done, actually. >> yeah, guy, any thoughts on hertz. >> tesla, in the autos, right? want to go back to hertz real quick? $20 was the level of support for months. it will trade to 20 and fail. >> guy was going to say something about tesla. say what you want to say about tesla. say it now. >> can't. going to break. won't do it. >> tesla will have trouble because of china? >> no, my point -- >> quickly. >> it failed at that the level. we talked about that 2 290 leve. you got to sell, take profits and look back to 225.
5:54 pm
>> thank you. >> sticking with autos, analyst sends shares of gm to the lowest level since october but despite the troubles, one trader is betting better days are ahead. >> we saw cdouble the average upside call buying and where we saw a lot of that activity was out to january of 2016. buyers of the january 32 calls paying $1.25. that's a bet the stock could be up 10% or more in about six months. we also saw activity on the 35 strike and basically what we saw there, people selling general motor shares and buying options so you can still play for a rebound but limit your risk if there continues to be weakness. >> mike, thanks for that. for more options, check out the full show tomorrow at 3:30. coming up on "mad money," cramer has two hot exclusives, the ceo of dominos and the key corpse on today's earnings miss
5:55 pm
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let's get back to neal for the final word about what investors should be expecting tomorrow with google. neal, as we've said, google is at a new all-time high. what are you telling your clients tomorrow morning? >> we have a neutral. we worry long-term about the sustainability about this 18% revenue growth and amazon and facebook, they are off definitely nipping at google's heels. this is a good quarter for google so we think tomorrow the stock will continue to trade up but over the long term, we do worry how sustainable google's revenue growth could be. >> are you worry that your clients are going to call you and say neal, you missed the whole run? >> it's possible. we take a 12-month outlook and we've seen google stock act volatilely. we'll see how things go. the stock continues to work tomorrow and in the short term but over the long term, we do think there are still big concerns out there. >> quickly, neal, you're more
5:59 pm
confident about facebook or other stocks near universal. >> we definitely feel more confident about facebook there is low hanging fruit. they have been targeted in the spend and we think that video and instagram could be big businesses in the next 12 to 18 months. >> neal, great to have you with us this entire hour. neal joining us on google. to the final trade, brain kelly. >> we started talking about bond deals and how they went lower despite the fact the fed said they will raise rates. >> david buseaburg? >> i'm pbuying japan etss. japan will out perform the u.s. >> karen finerman? >> macy's, actually don't sell it even though it's a big runup. i think there is something to this greek thing. >> guy? >> 5:30, tune in.
6:00 pm
love oa. >> you're such a liar. lies. facebook. >> facebook is breaking out and will continue to rally. >> i'm melissa lee. thanks so much for watching. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00. do not go anywhere, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain and to teach and put it in perspective so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. wait! i thought nobody likes the techs and the financials that these market's laggards have turned into leaders as the techs and finals


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