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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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caterpillar the best. >> i think the total return. s&p sector today reached a new high. if you held on from the peak in 2007, you're back to even. >> we'll leave it on that crazy thought. as always,er thank you. that does it for us. "fast money" starts right now. overlooking new york city's times square. tonight on "fast," an extraordinary run to all time highs for apple. about 45% from its the recent lows. one of wall street's expertser says the run is just starting and it is an unusual preen has him so bullish. he'll be here. plus the mobile wars heating up as verizon waves a white flag. is it a race to the bottom is this and we'll tell you the one beaten down biotech stock about
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to break out. first, the grand slam for the markets today. >> record highs are all four of the major indices. they are all taking off on this historic day. with a rise in wages, low oil prices remaining relatively steady. the stock nirvana? >> all three guys have been. but it feels as though things the want to continue to grind higher. i say it all the time. are they sell the highs. the tell has been the russell. it continues to stay above 130. had the vix remains stubbornly low. that said, today is interesting on. a day when the market was up suggestly, the vix rallied today i'm not trying to make a big deal out of it. one trend cause the trend make but that is something to watch.
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er. >> the it tells you some weird stuff going on. the business price is pretty positive. you hear about at least things are positive about the economy. things they're attempting to do. the political press is saying we're in day on the os. the markets, as guy said. things you want to look at to see recovery. transports above key levels. the banks, we've always said. guess what, they've set up new highs. it depends what you want to look at. we've broken fresh new highs and then other part of the economy is what was. the reflation trades. i'm going to say this a couple more times. it feels like 2006 again. it is not just buying comer or ore. mosaic, in potash. had you name it. this is what was going to when they had some wings nd there was consumption and fiscal growth.
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yes. i think these can be higher. the sfed a big wake-up call for the market. if they fear they're sxhinbehin stan fischer didn't say anything about it. forgotten about the fed. >> january aett already says three rate likes, is it status quo? >> i think people are expecting that. they said you the can't fight it. we're not seeing the tripping over themselves. buyers on our desk on the inls constitutional side. we're seeing them adding the position. taking on smaller positions and names they the don't know but not really tripping over themselves. it is fear of missing the upside. this market could melt up. >> an important point you say about buyers not tripping over
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themselves. there's a lot left in the pot. having said that, it will be troublesome. last week we got back on track. trump starts talking about tax reform. the market starts going up again. which better relationships, maybe with china. the market ran. i it does have the potential to run. when trump talks about the phenomenal tax plan. i think the market rallied in just a matter of dats a. >> i agree with that. if you want to say he is backing off china policy, he'll on be backing off other things, too, when it gets a little hot in there. if he is tempting or testing the
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water, he is hearing from smart people around him. not a good idea. then you're saying this is guy on the fly and not going to follow through with stuff that's important. >> i do believe, fwhs rotation. not valuation. if you see the data coming out of hedge funds, there's still more to go. >> isn't trump backing off of being trump-like? the meeting with abe was very successle. the conversation with xi jinping very successful. he still says phenomenal tax plan. at this moment, he is threading the needle. >> the question i have really is a lot of the fictitious demand, or the movement we're seeing in a lot of materials. metals and mining stocks. is it demand-related or
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supply-related? in a lot of cases it is supply-related. there is a fear that production may have stalled. so you're seeing it in the steel sectors. a rise in copper. >> it was a year ago. >> all we would be talking was copper supply and iron supply. for steel companies around the world, especially in you're a european, cutting back supply prorks textist measures is great for steel prices and great for guys who do most of their business at home. >> so the fear of missing out rally, the path of least resistance is higher. >> we walk the tight rope. we've sort off led you down this road. u.s. steel for a lot of reasons. not the least of which any rhetoric.
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up 5.5%. here's the stock that goes up sliming, a percent had and a half. had days ago, a name like adobe. what we say is it sells off every earnings and within two weeks it is making an all time high. all time high today. banks. tim mentioned had in the show, had it has to close 271. the high was halloween 2007. i appears it is headed there now. it is all those things work. what can derail it? you had successful meetings with abe, i don't know to mr. trump, i don't know if mr. abe feels the same way. but saturday night, there north korea decide to do a missile test right as the two of them were having coca-colas or playing golf. something is coming down pike there.
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>> something is coming on. that's the key. something is coming and you stay long. >> the two things today, i've been buying and selling jp. citigets the best part of this. the second. we're starting to see reaffirmation with the man and the supply and you're seeing the crop prices go higher. >> i have a healthy amount of cash still left in case the market does come back but i have added to my pulte, to my kb. once again i think they're trying thread this needle is a fool's errand. if the market is going up, buy the market. i still held on to my qualcomm on. that's showing signs of life right now. i have my micron. i've been buying the market in
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baby steps. >> it went to $20, $25. i think you will see them pick their head up like did he today. you will see that work out. that will close the gap. >> with stukes new record high, what should they be worth a look? off the charts. find out what they are. which stocks are you looking at? >> we'll start out first with macy's. two beaten down retailers. macy's has come down, it might be a little overdone on the down side. a little of this for trace analysis. give myself a head start here on the money map here so as tonight anger it. it is a key support. what you'll notice is we tried to push through that three times. once, twice, three times. that's what we call the three the drives to the low.
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it looks to be a little pop in the cards. next retailer we'll look at is jwn nordstrom. this is weekly chart. there is a bullish pattern here despite that they've entangled themselves in a twitter debate. a little inverse head and shoulder. you have a head, a right shoulder and technicals would say if we get a push up, you might be able to tag 70 region so nordstrom looks pretty good. the final one which ties in, dow transports made a new high. kansas city southern looks very solid. we've will broken through. tried to test it as support. it looks like it can push had higher hxt just a real sideways move here.
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if we can break through the $90 region here, kansas city could move up as industrial commodities. those are my three catch up stocks for 17. >> we're out of time. thank you for coming by. >> and the music? >>er i don't hit the button for the music. it's not up to me. anyway, of the three. which would you bias a basic trade? >> weighed great dating game with that music. i forget which of you it was. the real estate portfolio thurg. the inherent value, if i'm grabbing any stocks, it is macy's and gap. >> macy's sold, jwn sold.
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i would sell those in any bounce. >> i would buy both. if you see anything back off with the border on tax. >> they said could you see it rally on on earnings in short recovery. the record on the tweend will probably be disastrous. >> coming up, after the staggering run to record highs. what is making him so bullish? plus, verizon had going to an unlimited date plan. and love is in the air. much more "fast money" still ahead. new bikes aren't selling guys...
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the mobile war races on.
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let's go to morgan back at headquarters. >> i'll give you one guess who is the center of this latest battle in the mobile wars. it is t-mobile. the ceo unveiling a new deal for t-mobile one users. it will include no charge charge plaurgs plus the promo. verizon has new deal with unlimited date. tweeting, i wrote a v-day poem to verizon. roses are magenta, customers are too. now all offered to varying stenlts unlimited data. that had continues to ramp up. sprint has the cheapest plan. then t-mobile. they do drop the price followed by verizon.
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most expensive is time warner cable. they've lowered prices, rolled out aggressive marketing that criticizes the arrives. analysts say tx sxhoebl to a lesser extent sprint have been very successful. while consumers have been happy, investors, not so much. if you look at shares of the stocks, at&t, the sprint, the takeaway. if carriers offering more for less, where does future earnings growth come from? we should be getting more on that. >> all right. thank you very much. what do we think? is it a race to the bottom? >> yep, sold, sold, sold. >> specially verizon. i think verizon is a no touch. >> hold on. >> i'm not a fan of this. >> i think this is a, when you
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have verizon last month saying they were not going to offer this as service, right? and now they're saying they're going to? they're all in? >> so verizon, the come plaet ramp across the board. so the stock is up nicely year to date. >> i think it is the opposite. at one point, it seems like the guys with the better qualities had more investments. maybe data wasn't being used universally and those that could say, close enough, good enough for you. they said they were up 40% on the on network year over year. the investment probably works. by the way, who has really outperformed? sprint and t-mobile? are those stocks to buy now? >> you have verizon giving away phones. >> if it is a race to the
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bottom, maybe this will make them more open to doing a merger. maybe that could provide the floor to the sector. >> who could that be though? >> i don't know kcomcast? >> the notion that there's a whole other realm that could happen. >> i thoughter you were going on answer. >> i thought you were going to answer. i think at&t is a buy. for the reasons you said. i think on valuation it is reasonable and with the directv deal, they were three years ahead of the game. >> i think you have to go with the disruptor on this. john ledger, friend of the show, friend of mine. t-mobile or sprint. i think the big guys will go down. i've owned at&t forever. i do think the risk reward for a little beta. >> t-mobile is up 18% year to
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date? it is up significantly. >> it is up 6%. >> all the smart money has been in t-mobile. i say it is coming off. with this level of competition, i can't imagine -- >> they leave, the others follow though. >> they're coming in and walking in and changing the rules. >> correct. >> not juster, changing the rules in what their engagement is. i think they'll come in and disrupt. they'll disrupt. the competition will get a lot more fierce. >> moves are irrelevant. the move from 35 to 65 means they've been a step ahead. what is there left for them to do? especially in a world where the resources, the ability to do the
5:21 pm
activity or closing the gap on the differential that's aren't all that great. the investment didn't require them. that has been played out and congrats to t-mobile but that's yesterday. > i'm melissa lee. you're watching cnbc "fast mone money". >> it's just shares of apple. and according to jean, the run is just starting. plus, seaburg is bringing the heat. serving up the pitch on a stock that has doubled in the past year. and he said there's even more room to run.
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it was a very rare occurrence that they all closed at record highs. we decided to bring back the faflt "money" theme sopping the celebrate. biotech stocks have been booming but there's a stock that missed out on the rally. this could be the perfect time to buy it. we'll give you the name. and later, our very own david seaburg is here with a stock he says you can still buy. first, a record day for apple closing at a new high. i has been a staggering run for the tech giant since its 52-week low in may. shares have risen more than 44%. josh joins us. >> 133.29.
5:28 pm
that's where apple close in the today's trade and that was a new record. of investigators have been piling into this stock. it is up 15%. that easily bests the s&p 500. and it is up 23% in the past six months. the all time intraday high. tim cook's company reached a high. 196 billion. it has now crossed $700 billion. it is larger handle the netflix, american express. will investigators are focused on the march quarter. that's where could it offer dtls on a new capital return program and on the new iphone expected in the fall. there are some 300 million active iphone that's are least three years cold and many of those fans will want felonies to
5:29 pm
faster, brighter, they will want phone that's are faster and brighter them could upgrade to older models rather than 7 or whatever is introduced in september. right now it is the bulls in charge. gene, we brought in before the discussion. a lot of times a discussion around apple and whether or not to buy it, now pits at a record closing high ander whether or not there will be another big move beyond the iphone cycle. and a lot of it has been around services. what are we missing for those a think it won't that be powerhouse?
5:30 pm
>> this is an important part. it will grow from about 20. so i think that will start to tip over. the overall story, i think you were spot on. it's probably pre mature to talk about it. investors bat a 5 in excitement. what you're talking about is what happens after snf services is part of it. but there's always next wave. it is a foldable phone. i sounds kind of crazy. you will have a phone the size of the phone and opens to a tablet. >> had that you think services will be will running stronger than some investors think. in terms of that, the services
5:31 pm
tragjector trajectory, if apple does run, does it mit goal or does it haved to something extraordinary to get there? >> on the services side, one important part is the augmented reality. people like tim cook are throughout talking about it. in the last six months he's mentioned rara.r. six times of y are putting the hammer down when they talk about these features. they won't dreet experiences and the applications but they will try to reap the benefits through their services business. when you talk about the goal of doubling their services business, they need a.r. to come to fruition. >> so are apple is still having
5:32 pm
a problem in china. can you see a situation where disney who is seeming to knock the cover off the ball in china, somehow, could she help in china? would that make any sense whatsoever? >> i think it is a little bit different. the chinese consumer is willing to try off manufacturers. disney has problems that are hard to replicate. it is really exciting again. and they quit the the iphone 6. in the closed door meetings at apple, they're hoping augmented reality, the chinese tends to gravitate toward these technologies. >> less than a year ago, the company was given the wrap of
5:33 pm
not being able to innovate, et cetera. has the pend lum swung the complete opposite way? this stock evidence to last few years has been through wringer in terms of being in favor and out of favor. is that what could derail the story? >> the risk here, and we're positive. we think the shares moved higher, the 56 you get two months or a week. you start to see some investors selling their stock. you will see the pendulum moves. over time, this rising tide should take some of the ebb and flow out. >> thank you. squin mr coincidentally, you should apply a multiple along the lines of a pay pal and the services business and that gets to you a much higher valuation.
5:34 pm
>> i'll say this. for all the talk of this being a value stock, it is now 16 times. people counted it out multiple times. i has had its palm pilot moment twice. but they had acceleration at record highs. so it is a stock you can still hold comfortably. and the tech flinicals on this crazy good. you're just getting into the powerful stuff of where the this is going higher. >> you said about innovation. you said would it bomb to new highs and, you said it would pop and that was a good call. >>er you asked, what was the innovation, he said he's basing it on iphone 10 sales. >> and a.r., are he's mentioned it many, many times.
5:35 pm
>> we haven't seen anything yet. tremendous optioniality there. but i have not staenl innovation. and the iphone 10 may be outpriced so high. >> somebody could have said that about the last e-phone. >> and they reap the there benefits of in samsung exploding in your ear. people switched over and said why do i need risk? >> my bigger concern if the iphone 10 launch is a big event before it happens. >> this is going to be massive. no question about it. you heard servicesful that's a very important part of the revenue mix. to get there. like he said, many years before they get to a substantial portion of revenue. they need make an acquisition. they need to do it quickly. >> things two or three times we
5:36 pm
have heard this about this company. they deputy markept the margins most expensive. >> i've said the same thing and you've been wrong, too. >> he said roughly $100. buying aggressively to $100. i think it goes to $150. >> i get services. i just don't see how the story changed. what i have said is it is hard to see the other side. it continues to be strong and stronger than expectations and india and china are growing. >> if you enjoyed the run evidence to last six months, 90133 now. the discipline suggests that there's nothing wrong with taking some money off the table.
5:37 pm
other people will say that you put this thing away. that's fine. that's an option as well. if you're attempting to play the stock, you're right up against levels that we flagged. the level in may. 134 and change. i say take some money off the table. still ahead, jim cramer sitting down with the ceo. and seaburg with the one stock he says you must own right now. . that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. and the wolf huffed like you do sometimes, grandpa? well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out,
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(cannon sound) we wrote that letter. i went back had and talked to the entire organization and web cast it and talked about why we did it. then we took a poll to see how did our employees perceive us as team, a position. over 80% positive response that we were being trans parent. we were doing the right thing being at the zpabl we understood we have to be their talking on people. >> that was jim cramer sitting down with him.
5:41 pm
he was one of the ceos to meet with trump back in december. intel has missed out on this rally. >> it has missed out. and it reported earnings. we had a whole conversation. tim talked about resistance at $38. there has been an opportunity to buy this stock at 36, 36.5. the longer term rally since december is intact. this is a pullback. so on i think now is the time. >> or do you want to be in the higher beta stocks. >> nvidia is a look at how good it is doing. if you look at i with gaming, the connected car, the connected home. there's plenty of runway for this. it is pulling back, righted around 105. a smidge below that.
5:42 pm
i'm also long. >> i agree. are nvidia, i would. rather own a growth like that. no problem. if you believe in self-driving cars. >> i think you buy it at 34 for sure. and you can full interview with jim cramer on "mad money." shifting gears. ahead, dan nathan all the way from san francisco to break down all the action. hey, dan. >> hey, guys. this is the other tech that goes on out here, biotech. we talk about gilead a lot. the stock down 35% from its all time highs laid last i am a. on the call volume, it was really hot today. we know what happened last week. the stock had a 10% had gap. it looked like some traders are looking to play for some upside.
5:43 pm
today after the opener, there was a trade that caught my eye. the stock was trading at 67. looking out the january 2018, they sold 2500 of januarysky and used to it guy janel 70 calls. here's the deal with this. they're selling puts and buying calls. they can lose and make money. the best case, the stock above 70. this is a stock that trades less than seven times earnings. this is an interesting play. if you're looking the play gilead over the course of the year, the worst-case scenario is you are putting the stock down about 10%, but to my eye, we have a quick chart. the five-year. if it continues to go lower, 60
5:44 pm
is the next one on the down side. and i'll bet you it factors in. >> part of what was behind this, the reason i bring it up. the notion that perhaps they can get involved in it. they have a lot of cash. the stock has been doing not much. >> they have to make the acquisition. make a substantial acquisition. big theest concern is valuing their franchise. and i think it is much, much higher. i think the numbers need to come down. that's the biggest overhang. i agree with them. i think you can see the near term weakness. but long term, you will see some acquisitions. the stock could really work. >> it sounds like you like your
5:45 pm
trade yourself. >> david just said come down. they are calling for high teams deceleration. when you have a to know down 35% in a such a short period, you may want to use options to find your risk. that's why this trader is looking to jen 18. >> all right. enjoy bay area. are check out the full show friday. had still ahead, tesla to a fresh 52-week high. how much higher kit go? plus, the moment we've all been waiting for. david seaburg has made his way over on. will the other traders buy what he is selling?
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welcome back to "fast money." time for our fast pitch.
5:49 pm
when they're done, the trade letters vote whether they're buying or selling that pitch. seaburg is up. what are you pitching? today i'm pitching iac. this is a company that basically has been misunderstood in my opinion for the past, almost six months to a year. the crown jewel is really the business. the home adviser business. that's the crown jewel mainly because of the growth. we saw it in the last business report. roughly 35%. i think that's an amazing business. 630 million, going to 850 next year. certainly they're spending a real stabilization. the legacy business has been decelerating, the growth has been decelerating at roughly 50% a clip. growth has stabilized. google has helped that out. it is throwing off roughly $100 million. they've been really tied to this
5:50 pm ownership them own roughly 85%. they've been really tied to the stock performance of match and i think people haven't been able to look at the growth of their old legacy businesses and new businesses. i can just value it very quickly. and home adviser, if you look at that business alone, and you strip out every other business they have on the legacy side. strip out that $100 million. all those businesses, just apply a zero valuation of that. you're looking at a company trading roughly at 15. angie's list is trading at 11 times even. you're buying a company with superior growth to angie's list. and you're getting everything else for free. so i look at i and say this is a stock i would stick with for the long term. if you look at the chart and i want to make sure i'm picking
5:51 pm
this out. this is correlation. this is had match here. the correlation with match. you are starting to see iac break out from that correlation pattern. people really understand it better. it is a name i the want to own. >> 2015, the stock was making all time highs. had hit a precipitous fall, if memory serves. i want to say it was accounting regularities. all they do is acquire companies. are you any bit concerned that you could see a replay of december 2015? >> no. not at all. as you pointed out, when i talk about the legacy search franchises, that destabilization caused a lot of fear in the story. we saw the stock really get dismantled because people were confused about where the metrics would come from. we have it now with home
5:52 pm
adviser. i think the balance, the stabilization of those business sows throwing off $100 million hxt there could only be upside. >> are you not worried about something like tinder? he's not a millennial but, i don't knowy brought up guy and tinder in the same sentence. is it tough to monetize? it may be a successful brand except that. >> i agree with you. i think the trends have been relatively strong. so i look at tinder and stay trends have been strong. they're seeing european trends that are stronger. i think the monday at this theization aspects of it. you're looking at those businesses. >> let's vote. >> what do you say? >> let's call it buy. but look at 2015.
5:53 pm
and currently on a relative stranlth index. maybe you see a 100% pullback. >> you don't agree with him. >> it's a bye. >> dave, dave, it's not you, it's me. >> exactly hfl i was going to say steve should be going on match with that. i think a sell. guy says no to tinder. >> i think the company has done a remarkable job. it is up 70%. i think the growth was in the rear view mirror. >> it's funny. that's something, i think it is like you put it in your fireplace. >> that's kindling. >> regardless. they're presenting -- a tinder
5:54 pm
box. >> i'm with seaburg. >> but buying at a lower level. that's not buying now. >> he is using the support. >> he did his work. >> still ahead -- wasn't just apple surging today. another tech is making an all time high. say carl, we have a question about your brokerage fees. fees? what did you have in mind? i don't know. $6.95 per trade? uhhh- and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $6.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer,
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tesla just 4% from an all time high. the company is getting toward report earnings next week. >> we talk about this stock a lot. he shows up at the white house. a tech company, a car company. he doesn't even know what it is. so he shows up at everyone of these president trump meetings. i think he is positioning himself for successes he normally does. so i have to tell you. i still think the stock could move higher. >> still 11 to an all time high.
5:58 pm
>> up $11 today. so in perspective. i think it continues to go higher. i think that they changed their name. i know it sounds stupid but i think it had a huge part. >> tesla inc. to tesla motors. >> i don't think there are any sellers until it gets north of here. >> this thing has a 90.4 rsi. the highest one its had in its history. i'll say, this is treated, people now accept that they won't get model had deliveries anywhere in 2018. if you believe and it is not in stock price. knock yourself out. >> anywhere 18? >> some. but not 500,000.
5:59 pm
>> change the name to teflon. >> it doesn't matter. >> take it off. i'm not a buyer. i think you sell here. >> and you're buyers. >> buyers. >> split desk. i'm agnostic. >> you're starting to see a recovery here. if you want to buy, i think this trend continues to get back. >> david seaburg? >> i am buying the ibbs. i think you will see a relative value catch up from the trump election. the ibb buyer. >> that's really cute. >> is that tinder? >> no. >> find trade. >> it is above that level.
6:00 pm
5 53.77. it took few days. >> all right. see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 on valentine's day. my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. ♪ hey, i'm cramer. welcome to a west coast edition of "mad money." welcome to cramerica. we're from cnbc one market in san francisco. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some moifrn. my job, not just to entertain but educate and teach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbcr


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