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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 15, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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blood. buy gtx. >> walmart, take the profits >> and geboeing, makes sense. we don't have time time. >> jim cramer begins in four, three, two, one. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. well, the big-time chief executive officers of this country who have worked with president trump on these
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councils desert him? are the resignations we have seen so far the beginning or are the others going to stick with him? not that he needs that much help on deregulation, but on a day when the dow inched up, and the nasdaq declined 0.1%, these issues became front and center and stayed with us right into the president's bizarre afternoon press conference that was slated to be on infrastructure, but he ended up talking tough about some of the r resignees. the executives may influence trump on business decisions, but they're speaking to the choir. it's congress that needs counseling, not the president. therefore, until i think there is any hope for tax reform this
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year, and i i don't think there is, i have to help you become a betterinvestor or a better client so i want to move and shift from politics and talk about fantasy football yeah, you heard me it's fantasy football season and while you may think the skills oh of that peculiar game are a waste of time versus talking about the president's council, i think you're dead wrong. the truth is another story you might believe there's nothing to be gained to figure out who to draft and how high they should go, but i can tell you that would be a mistake. the lessons and discipline of the typical fantasy league are incrkrecredibly useful when youe picking stocks i want you to learn why. i could tell you what i thinkn't the president's council, who's going to go, who's not i care about helping you make money. that's why you come here, to
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help you make money. first, how do i know that this fantasy business has any relevance to our lives here when it comes to our portfolio. is it because i have two super bowl rings is it because i'm obsessed with fantasy to the point where i confuse it with reality or i think it is reality? no, no it's because i use the same methodology, the same schematics successfully at my old hedge fund to learn about new stocks so we put a slew of stocks on the board, and you had to pick them with imaginary money to learn more about what they do and how they trade it was a fabulous lesson one i suggest you perform yourself, if you're just starting out on twitter, i'm constantly stashti i starting out, what do i do i always loved when people have
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to explain why they picked what they did and why they're willing to pay these prices and what was the catalyst to drive it higher? admittedly, these aren't analogous perfectly to fantasy football, unless you're willing to argue with the people that run espn or the fantasy football draft guide. but in a year where so many people trade online and don't interact with a human, i find that one of the worst pitfalls out there is to buy a stock without knowing much about it, measured by an inability to articulate any reason why you're buying it, other than it's going up how many people who own the red hot stock of nvidia actually know what nvidia does? my charitable trust's biggest worries is these kind of shareholders are sloppy renters who run out -- >> sell sell sell sell sell. >> on the first sign of any
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worry leaving the stock in disrepair and therefore -- well, let's just say what happened last friday. how about if you want to play fantasy with a traditional two running back, three wide receiver, one tight end, quarterback, kicker and defense setup? i find this breakup to be educational for us it's for investing purposes, because by the nature of the fantasy football setup, you have to have a diversified portfolio, and that's the only free lunch or think of it like this we all love high flying wide receivers to jump over corner backs and make these one-handed catches, particularly if they play for the eagles. but you can only play three wide receivers in the game, preventing you from owning all the f.a.n.g. stocks, because there are four of them forcing you to find other stocks with mojo. may i suggest nvidia, or adobe,
6:06 pm, tesla. later round picks, activision blizzard, service now, and then another one, broadcom. those are sleeper stocks, write them down. i don't agree with the long held notion that you should pick a quarterback in the later rounds because there are so many of them people are trashing me on twitter for espousing the opposite, but if you can get a green bay aaron rodgers or a tom brady, you can't pass them up. in the stock world -- hey, apple. in the stock world, there's only one quarterback worth taking so early, and that's apple. and hence, my apple phone, which i am taking off and putting over there, because it's ringing. it's been -- i just figured out how to put the ringer on and forgot to take it off.
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i'm talking about apple just when it goes off >> press the red button. >> okay. well, any way, it's been a standout underrated performer when it comes to how cheap it is apple is not a high flier, and if you valued it like a consumer products company, it would be higher the other quarterbacks do very little to me, but my favorites are visa, mastercard, mcdonald's, or boeing. microsoft, which is just a total workhorse, and caterpillar, which some might think could be too risky because of its need for global growth. but cat's got a fabulous line in front of it and everyone else in the categories are running backs by committee we don't draft running backs by committee, so i say no go.
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i love the gronks of the world there was a time when ge or ibm or home depot would have been natural quarterbacks they would have been taken in the first ten, right these days i'm not drawn to buy any players that warren buffett is trading or dropping home depot is like drafting from the jets or cleveland. two teams that look like the retailers that have been run over by amazon defense is so easy, it's ridiculous pick up lockheed or raytheon or general dynamics l-3 or sleeper stocks like cratos that's really going higher kickers for liability. who isn't rattled by the gurus that say sell everything for all we know, they were picked up on waivers, as soon as we sold the filing go with united health, which
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benefits from the turmoil in washington, travelers, which is playing it real safe coca cola, and american express, which seems back on track. guys that want to make sure the extra pointsare made, they go with american electric power and dm dominion i wanted to show you how fantasy football enforces diversification by filling all sorts of positions and not have a team of just wide receivers. there's no need to pick a retailer beyond amazon how about the oils simple they're physically unable to perform. in other words, stay away. one thing i've learned from my years working on fantasy strategy with espn's adam schefter, is that you might not want to double down on a player from your home team, because a defeat is doubly bad and ruins
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the whole weekend. or worse if it's a thursday night game so i would have to pass on comcast, the parent company of this network but you could make a fabulous quarterback with which to anchor a team and you could never have too many running acks, so consider verizon or at&t. bottom line, i could go on and on, but before you buy a stock, see if you have too many draft picks from one position, especially wide receiver get days like last thursday. that's enough to drive you out of portfolio i want to go to jason in ohio, jason. >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer this is jason calling from ohio! >> i like that very good spirit >> caller: awesome question, go pro we made a lot of money on it we want to get back in it. you talked about the industry not going well and people are
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starting to record their personal things more and more. go pro, they topped out on earnings, and a few days ago it was up today, up 2 1/2 percent. >> goldman sachs had a sell on it, and they put a hold on it, talking about how there's going to be a new camera, and that it's got better financing. frankly, i thought it could go to 11. i don't think that's worth being in there for it's just not enough juice after the stock closes at $9.88. it's fantasy football time that means you're getting ready to train for stock picking, too. on "mad money" tonight, more on nvidia that's right, even my dog, nvidia what do the charts say about this tech stock? i know you want to find out. and i'm investigating grub hub's purchase of yelp's e-24 and what it means for both stocks going forward. and the internet of things is making us more connected and also increasing the risk of cyber attacks.
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the threat is real, but i'll see if cyber ark could help you keep things secure. stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @jimcramer at twitter have a question? tweet cramer at #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to with at&t you can get your entertainment right here. right now, when you get the incredible iphone 7 from at&t you can get unlimited data and live tv. the channels you love. your favorite shows and movies. making your iphone into more of a... oh my tv is ringing.
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and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. ♪ man, things have gotten very dramatic in that semi conductor space over the past couple of weeks. many started getting hammered late july, and the ones that held up got put through the meat kinder as part of last week's selloff. but yesterday, they came roaring back with other tech stocks. but this begs the question, which move was telling the truth, the pullback last week, particularly thursday or the semi conductor rally yesterday and some of the action today where are these stocks headed? because these are probably the most important stocks in the market in terms of leadership.
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tonight, we're going to go off the charts and get an answer from carolyn, who runs a website who happens to be a colleague that i read all the time specifically, because we want to give a broad read on the semis, broaden looked at three different types of companies, nvidia, ultrafast growth, amazing chips for machines, data centers. micron, a maker of flash memor . and applied materials that's helps so many players in the industry manufacture their chips reports on thursday. we favor lamb research let's start with nvidia. this is a stock that i like so much, that i renamed my dog everest after it, and the dog is
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dumb enough to answer to nvidia, but only if i a treat in my hand nvidia's stock has become one of the best performers in the s&p 500 for the second year in a row. last week, though, we got a classic example why you need to buy the stock into any real big weakness as a pullback from $172, that was on monday, down to $155 last friday unfortunately, if you didn't move quickly, you missed that buying opportunity, because nvidia rallied yesterday back into the 160s. needless to say, if you don't own nvidia, you're more than a little late to the party but she thinks the stock is deserving of your attention. fortunately, it's not like nvidia just goes higher in a straight line. the stock occasionally gives you a pullback and you're going to seize. and when that happens, that tends to roll over, as those who owned it only because it was going higher, decide to abandon
6:18 pm
ship so in order to prepare yourself for the next selloff, let's examine what happened. she notes that when nvidia got hit last week, its decline was very similar in scale to other prior pullbacks that have happened within the context of the stock's slower term uptrend. she liked the fact that nvidia had two powerful floors of support. remember our methodology she measures the stock's past swings, and then runs them through the prism of a series of numbers discovered by da vinci she found two clusters of these levels from 151 to 152 and others from 141 to 148 nvidia fell to just under 153, then bounced hard.
6:19 pm
as long as the stock holds above these zones right here, she remains confidentn about the long-term longevity. what a smoke show. given that august and september are brutal months where we get sharp pullbacks, that's my theme for the next seven weeks, you'll want to watch this 152 level, in case nvidia gives you another buying opportunity why would we want to be in this crazy stock? based on this methodology, she thinks the stock could trade up to $180 before it runs into real resistance right there this is what she says first. but get this, after nvidia clears that hurdle, after, there's another one at $187, and if we jump that one, there's one more ceiling at $209
6:20 pm
wow! that's worth getting on. that's her extreme upside target so when we might get -- when are we going to get another buyable pullback she spotted a pattern with nvidia she noticed a low-to-low timing cycle. it typically takes nvidia about 28 to 32 days to go from one low to the next. for example, last thursday's near-term bottom and the stock came 28 trading days from the last low, exactly what you would expect based on this pattern if that pattern holds, the next big pullback could come in mid to late september. couldn't shock me. so if you own it, like my charitable trust does -- if you don't own it, wait for that next selloff in september, if it
6:21 pm
holds these levels, and pull the trigger. i like that. you've got to have a strategy for this boom, s7pboom, boom what about the less fortunate members of the semi conductor cohort take a look at micron, classic commodity chipmaker. micron peaked in june, since then it's been drifting lower. at least until yesterday, when it bounced based on the ratios, she thinks micron has a floor of support running from 25, 26, which is one reason the stock kept finding traction to the 27 level. now that it's bouncing back up to 29 today, she wouldn't be surprised if it can start making you highs. this would shock me by the way she could see micron traveling up to 34, that would break the curse, and perhaps 36 after that however, if the stock breaks down in the mid 20s, my fear,
6:22 pm
she says this whole setup is a bust and you're going to need to capitulate and people know that does happen in my view, keep in mind that micron is a boom/bust business it's recently been booming, because everyone in the flash industries has shown discipline about not adding too much new capacity but that can't last forever. once competitors start boosting production, pricing will fall apart, estimates slashed that's been hanging over micron's head for ages just remember the run in micron has a limited shelf live, it's not like velveeta that lasts forever. applied materials, just like micron and nvidia, they tested the floor support, 41, 42. just last week now bounced up to 43 and change. she says if that stock can hold
6:23 pm
above the flow in the low 40s, she wouldn't be surprised if it could rally and rally hard applied materials could trade up to 49, then clear that hurdle and go to 51, 52 if it breaks down below 41 or its floor of support down to 40, then she says throw in the towel. up six, down two i like that risk/reward. remember, they report on thursday that's a good call to make i like that one. here's the bottom line, the semis started roaring again yesterday after that selloff last week. but we can learn from that decline to be ready for the next buying opportunity the charts show you how to approach the likes of nvidia, micron, and applied materials when they get hit. and given that we're in a historically rough time of year, i bet they'll get hit again in the near future. when that happens, i'm very on board with nvidia. i like applied materials
6:24 pm
micron, it is too boom/bust for me i do believe the easy money has been made and then some. much more "mad money" ahead. two of the hottest tech ipos, snap and blue apron, have fallen flat we're going to be eyeing grub hub and yelp let's see what happens with amazon, too. then cyber ark is down 15% over the past few months. i'm investigating if the drop can be a buying opportunity. and one company is disrupting one of the largest markets in the u.s. any way to protect your portfolio? hmm, i'll reveal stay with cramer
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one of the most talked about tech ipos of 2017 have been having a tough time, blue apron and snap but grub hub, the largest online platform in america, and yelp. yelp the top purveyor of online business reviews a week and a half ago, these two companies announced a major new partnership and their stocks roared higher that day, yelp gaining 27%, grub hub climbing 9% the plan so to combine the database with grub hub's service platform but could the stock have more room to run?
6:28 pm
let me give you some back ground for those of you who don't know grub hub, which owns seamless, a big web base food ordering platform that connects more than 55,000 local restaurants with more than 9 million active users across more than 1,000 cities. it's big business. meanwhile, yelp is like the online yellow pages, 135 million user generated reviews of local restaurants to salons, mechanics to dentists. and they have a food delivery business called eat 24, which will combine with grub hub these two stocks have been roller coasters since they became public. after rocking at nearly $100 in 2014, the stock fell back to earth. bottoming back down at $15 and
6:29 pm
change in february of last year. what went wrong? it became obvious yelp was facing more competition from home adviser and angie's list, and even google. plus, they make their money selling advertisers, and fewer people click on online ads it's a real issue. yelp's revenue growth slowed dra matt clichlt howev -- dramatically so the company focused more on local reviews business the stock is at 41, down from its all-time high. how about grub hub this company became public in 2014 at $26 a share, sailed up to $46 there was a lot of enthusiasm for this one, as grub hub was seen as a huge disrupter in the restaurant space they took a cut of every order,
6:30 pm
and online ordering is definitely the future of the food business. but two years ago, the company hit a wall, declining revenue growth, and their take rate, which is the commission they get from restaurants, began to flat line that was kind of freaky and spooked people as the growth of the company's user base decelerated, in response, the stock got slam, falling down to $18 in january of last year since then, grub hub has turned it around. last year, the company started delivering strong double digit revenue growth again and made improvements to help management deliver a series of earnings beats. grub hub reported in april, the company surpassed expectations across the board in response the stock falling to 22% in a single day, propelling grub hub back to the low 40s and it kept climbing to where it
6:31 pm
trades now at $54. the stock bottomed in january of last year. i thought they told us a compelling story, which brings me to the latest development less than two weeks ago, they formed a long-term partnership, with grub hub buying the online food business for $287 million and yelp is going to integrate grub hub's restaurants into the online review platform so when you hook a restaurant up on yelp, you can order from grub hub. one place. to me it seems like a match made in heaven. i don't understand why they didn't merge, but this has the potential to give both companies a shot in the earnings arm
6:32 pm
by plugging grub hub's platform into their site, restaurants will have more reason to advertise on yelp, and they can be signed up for couponing, advanced ordering. and they'll get a transaction fee, which makes them less hostage to advertising the flip side is by teaming up with yelp, grub hub gets access to a heck of a lot more eyeballs it's no surprise the stocks shot up, or that the analyst community was positive about the deal that's without even knowing the financial terms of the transaction. grub hub outlined some of the details in greater detail. even though they'll be paying yelp a percentage of orders yelp generates, this will be more than offset by not having to spend as much on marketing to acquire those orders
6:33 pm
just being plugged into yelp is the best advertising they can get. perhaps more important, by combining forces, grub hub around yell listen be in better position to fend off competition from uber and amazon uber is doing well same goes for amazon prime they just unveiled a pickup service where you can order food and drinks and pick them up in person that will be an issue nor these stocks alphabet has its own review business grant it, dining and delivery are more of an afterthought, but if they decide to get serious about the business, they can spend and spend and hurt smaller, more focused players like yelp and grub hub this partnership helps to make yelp and hub the indisputed kings of the food space.
6:34 pm
yelp and grub hub were already improving before this partnership. but i think this tie-up can power these two tech names to higher territory provide amazon doesn't make this business a priority because hopefully it's too busy destroying everybody else in retail that's why i believe both stocks are worth owning here, even after these runs all right. let's take some calls. let's go to carol in florida carolyn. >> caller: thanks for taking my call i love, love, love your show >> thank you >> caller: i've been watching square go up and up and wondering if it has more of a run or should i wait for a pullback >> thank you for asking about this square had a gigantic run into the quarter. i thought the quarter was excellent, and then the stock started turning down that tells me that all the good
6:35 pm
news, carolyn, was priced in the stock. and now you have to wait for exactly that kind of substantial pullback that you just outlined. 10% to 15% would be right. the stock is up 82% for the year i like the management. i've urged them to come on so far, i seem to not be on their to-do list it's a match made in heaven. yelp and grub rub, i think the partnership can give a boost to abandoned tech names much more "mad money" ahead, including my take on cyber ark could the drop be a buying opportunity? don't miss my exclusive with the ceo of one of the best security playing out there. and home depot, not enough to protect it from the dark star known as amazon. so what should you do with the stock now? i'm going to tell you. and rapid fire in tonight's edition of "the lightning round. so stick with cramer
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♪ what do you do with a stock of a fast growing company you really like that gets eviscerated in the wake of some
6:39 pm
really weaker than expected numbers? that's the question that's been weighing on cyber ark's software, the security play that protects vileged accounts they're basically the keys to the digital kingdom of an enterprise a month ago, cyber ark shocked me the stock lost 16% of its value in a single session. since then, it's kept falling. last week, the company reported the full quarter, and while it was above estimates, the estimates had already been sliced even though revenue grew by 14%, earnin earnings shrank. this quarter might not have been as bad as it seems cyber ark was hurt by the fact that some deals were supposed to chose in europe, but got pushed back tepid guidance makes me worried. so is the weakness in the stock
6:40 pm
a buying opportunity we have to find this out or does the company have longer term problems that we better be respectful of? let's take a closer look with the chairman and ceo of cyber ark to get a better sense of where the company is headed. uni, i was surprised, and disconcerted as you were about the shortfall in europe. how far along are we about getting all that business back and was it new customers or just people that you were working with that you wanted to add more on that didn't close on? >> hi, jim it was a combination of new and add-on businesses that didn't close on time in june. but all the deals are alive. many of them closed in july, and up until now to start q-3. we were disappointed after 11 consecutive quarters of beating target, but we took decisive action to put it back on course. >> are there companies moving
6:41 pm
into the privileged account space offering deals that undercut you >> no, it wasn't a change in the competitive landscape. it was pure execution and some noise in europe in june, especially the uk. but our market leadership is as strong as ever >> you mentioned pure execution. you have made some personnel changes. initially, i was thinking, what's going on with udi tell me why these changes are better than what we had. >> i would say that we even overcorrected in a good way. we took this as a catalyst to globalize ourselves and appointed a leading vp of america who did very well in our americas business, to be a chief revenue office, thus globalizing the sales force. so we think we're going to come out strong from this he's highly respected, so a change that was welcome. >> let's step back for a second. how bad are things out there and give me a sense, the united states was very strong
6:42 pm
how are we in this country versus how we should be when the bad guys come? >> so in our market space, it's very much greenfield, most companies do not have this layer of security and there's high demand for it. as i mentioned, we see a strong opportunity out there. it's a layer that's on top of other security investments that companies have made. and so it is welcome, and we have a very strong pipeline. most of the market out there is greenfield we just talked about this quarter adding two fortune 100 companies. we now have half of the fortune 100. most of the market is open ground here in the u.s., it's the most highly educated market in terms of awareness and where our pipe hooin is the strongest but most companies do nod vit. therefore, we see it as our mission to introduce, educate, and put this layer in place. >> how many companies have been attacked that we do not know about that have paid off the bad guys because they did not use
6:43 pm
cyberark >> it's happening daily. the attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated where it's not just encrypting grandma's computer with you going after enterprises and either encrypting for ransom, but also destructing so it's very much open ground right now, especially in europe. they're still not forced to disclose, but beginning of next year, they will have to disclose when they are breached we think that will expedite the education process of cyber attacks also in europe >> speaking of not disclosing, the way that i understand some of these companies are paying off the bad guys is with bitcoin, which you cannot trace and cannot find. is that a correct assumption >> it is correct it is correct. that's the requirement of most of these hackers, and several -- many companies choose to buy bitcoin in some state or fashion, and pay them off.
6:44 pm
the enterprises that we see and work with are trying to be smarter than that, and learn from other company's mistaking and putting the means to prevent such attacks from taking them down >> one last question we have had a lot of firings in this country what are the odds that some of these ceos, when they left, had accounts that the bad guys see change at the top, i'm cracking in and getting inside that organization, i'm going to find out everything >> they're using social hacking all the time so it doesn't have to be the ceo moving around. it can be executives and others. but that's just as a means to get in so once they're in, they're stealing credentials to wreak havoc. but the more disruption there is, the more they have ways to send these false e-mails and get inside >> i think you have a real good business going and you've always been straight with us. if europe was soft because of execution and they're closed, you have a real interesting
6:45 pm
situation going here thanks so much to the chairman and ceo of cyberark. always good to see you >> thanks for having me. >> this is unfortunately a real growth business and the companies that are in it have growth for a long time "mad money" is back after the break. hi.
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lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ♪ >> you can't trade for any player from a team that you hate so much. the giants, you see this right arm? i am happy to cut it off, as long as i don't have to draft a giant. left arm, happy to cut this off as long as i don't have a cowboy it is time for the lightning round. [ indiscernible [ buzzer ] and then the lightning round is over are you ready, skedaddy! it is time for the lightning round. let's start with eric in washington eric >> caller: hey, jim, love the show been a long-time watcher with my dad, but a short-time trader speaking of short, teva jumped
6:49 pm
5% today >> you don't want to touch that. there's a ton of that for sale no, i can't say i forbid it, but i don't want you to do it. roland in new york, please, roland >> caller: jim, thanks for taking my call considering the quantity size of all the stocks that you can take for use in e-commerce, is international paper is a good investment for the long-term >> yeah. we got to get mark back on honestly, the stock is too cheap. i like it. chris in florida, chris. >> caller: florida gator boo-yah. any stock is integen >> i like the medical device play and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade
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amazon to destroy home depot. amazon to eviscerate macy's. amazon to decapitate khol's. amazon to destroy advanced auto parts. amazon to crush dick's sports goods. ouch
6:53 pm
that is the theme ofthis retai earnings season, and frankly, i have never seen anything like it i can't remember another time when a single company could so disrupt every aspect of one of the largest industries in the united states. the retail sector. and almost no one is immune. not each the companies that put up incredible numbers. ♪ hallelujah companies like home depot, which reported a classic beat the estimates and raise the quarter guidance and these were not just small beats. this was not like that home depot gave you the best quarter it ever had. it had fabulous margins, a fantastic spring selling season, a much bigger forecast boost than anyone expected so what happened
6:54 pm
its stock got pulverized it fell four points, 2.65% the conference call, which is usually a beautiful primmer on how to run a big box business, became a nightmare for the company, almost from the first questioner, which was to paraphrase, how long can these good times last, you guys? because they're long in the tooth. for a moment, i thought shareholders might be okay because home depot executives link the company sales with household worth, which keeps going higher shows no signs of cooling. so it will continue. then boom! the same questioner asked about e-commerce, with the implication that you should -- people are buying cheaper tools and appliances online. and you know who they're buying them from. then the flood gates just
6:55 pm
opened question after question about online competition it was as if home depot had a terrible quarter and they were trying to figure out how much of that business is being taken away by the dark star! the former ceo used to describe amazon in a talk he just gave in atlanta. quote, i really don't like amazon he pointed out the unfair nature of amazon's alexa that shows a preference for amazon's products and the customer may not even know if they're getting the best deal he said, "every retailer is going to have to figure out a strategy for dealing with alexa. i would agree, given that the analysts on the call did everything but say isn't alexa killing you, home depot? how disheartening was this conference call?
6:56 pm
at one point, an analyst asked what worried the company the answer, the customer's treatment by associates this high volume stores but it fell on deaf ears i swear, i felt like they wanted him to say amazon, of course we're being killed by amazon can't you see? but the truth is, they aren't. no matter. the analysts have spoken they say it's only a matter of time so the stock just gets creamed to smitherines, and home depot joins the list of companies zapped by the dark star. is this all ridiculous maybe it doesn't matter anymore. in the end, the market simply isn't going to pay as much for the stock of a company that competes in any way, shape or form with amazon even if it competes as effectively as home depot does, unless the merchandise is underpriced versus what you can get at amazon. even a gigantic raise can't
6:57 pm
shield the company from the dark star so what do you do with the stock of home depot, long favorite of mine i think you have to wait until it gets so cheap that there's some immunity and the company can buy back all the stock it wants while giving you a huge dividend it will have force shields otherwise, the stock may be too hard to own right now, because the analyst community has deemed it too vulnerable to amazon with their questions on the call. even as the reports are made for the most part positive about the best do it yourself chain on earth. stick with cramer.
6:58 pm
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and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up to 45 days. breathe happy with febreze. a birthday boo-yah to dorothy, who turned 101 today. she's part of the women's investment group happy birthday, dorothy. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer, and i'll see you tomorrow
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