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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  August 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> okay. >> brian kelly made a compelling case to buy metals >> walmart take profits on this news with amonaz >> "mad money" with jim begins right now. my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica my job is not just to entertain but to teach you, educate you and put this in perspective. tweet me @jim cramer why does this market always seem to stall out after it's developed a head of steam?
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why are the big rallies that we had earlier this week -- so lacking in follow-through? s&p declining .21% the nasdaq inching down .11% there are plenty of gremlins at play here. why don't we tick them down. for instance, when president trump sticks to the script on this teleprompter, the market seems to go higher when he's all caught up in the enthusiasm of the moment and starts improvising, he blames the democrats and fake media instead of saying, sorry, i got side tracked legislation isn't like love. where you never have to say you're sorry trump loves to campaign even after he's won you are real media if you agree with him and fake media if you
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don't. so let me be real, mr. president. i like your economic agenda. so would you mind be kind enough to emphasize it even when you ex tem porize it could be fun. it's no coincidence that the market rallied hard after the president just read the darn teleprompter as constraining as i know that can be now, because of this latest fight with congress, we have to deal with the debt ceiling again. just agreeing to paying the nation's bills is going to be a struggle second thing that derailed us? there is a total lack of interest in the stock market other than faang whatever the reason, new money just doesn't want to come in during the great advances of the past without that firepower, it is
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difficult to simply levitate we know stocks have gone out of style as they go to investment it's possible baby boomers are retiring inbig numbers, pullin money out every day. with no money coming in after big gains as there used to be, there's a tendency for people to ring the register. it's become unseemly to champion stocks i think i'm the only one anywhere who says you should buy stocks in the '80s they were buying stocks and there were champions, who were right, by the way it seems dangerous to praise them as a wealth creating method there's faang itself so much of the market depends on facebook, amazon, facebook and the former google. yet those are all the -- they're the only stocks that strike people with spare cash as compelling hardly anyone wants to own any other individual stocks. like boeing that's so great. honeywell.
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they had to keep their money in index funds or faang it's gotten ridiculous the hedge fund managers weighs on us, too we heard from ray, you know the head fund genius, he says things are risky. you almost never hear any hedge fund manager say anything but that, right? you never hear a hedge fund manager say bye, bye, bye! before you laugh, think about it like this. if you took every single market in this risky and overvalued comment that we've gotten endlessly and changed the wording to, this market isn't that risky and it's undervalued, imagine this every hedge fund manager would have been right. the truth is, very smart hedge fund guys have been telling us the market's doomed since 2009 every time, they've been mistaken sure, maybe this time they're
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right. but i still say thanks for nothing. we live in a world where the media quotes managers who have been wrong repeatedly, and there's no harm, no foul if they're not ostracized for saying stocks are too risky, why wouldn't they keep saying it the market goes higher, no one calls it risky and overvalued. there's zero accountability. anytime a big money manager puts out money disparaging about stocks, it's always noted whether the guy is right or wrong. odd that the world's greatest investor isn't afraid to say that stocks are cheap? here's a crazy idea. given how much the financial press reveres big money, the approach to the hedge fund is appalling. i guess they only believe the only way to advance in life is through powerball. i've got to move to massachusetts. the fifth thing holding us back?
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the analysts and better than expected ethos that has been the bain of so many existences what moved stocks up short term, the analysts can feel they have the perspective of a mayfly. this is why i'm stressing that you should own apple, don't trade it only on wall street could that be some kind of counterintuitive concept. in the analyst journalist financial community, reporter earlier this week, i've done work, and i wanted to see what was done with the company ahead of time. there were short-sighted people that seized on the notion that the gross margin line wasn't as good as expected that began dozens of articles about how the fourth quarter was subpar i was aghast when the stock didn't rebound now it's up big. to those who bash the stock,
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they scared tons of people away from a great stock at a great price. the stam thing happened today to the stock of hph beautiful rally. amazon the former ceo of depot calls the dark star of depot maybe you should call it the death star the truth is, more and more retailers are figuring out how to fight back against amazon but the perception remains that it's going to wipe out anything it decides to compete against, so why even bother whole foods was known for charging high prices, crushed the stocks of every single supermarket and food company out there. we saw total carnage in the grocery and goods stocks
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did anyone think that whole foods was going to raise prices when amazon bought them? morons obsession with the fed i think it's kept many investors out of the stocks for years. it sickens me. do you know how many times we've had to wait for the fed to signal all clear before we buy they never will. we play this endless parlor game of guessing what they're going to say including this week. a moose is going to tell you more about stocks. still, because we've been told endlessly stocks will get slammed when they raise rates or sell bonds, the nonsense is counterproductive to making money as an investor it should be a financial crime has anyone noticed in the end it hasn't mattered what the fed does now, some would say it's just a lost opportunity i say the fed scaremongering is criminality. it should be a video game. we have no follow-through, because one of the seven
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negatives seems to serve to kill any rally before it has a chance that's what happened with the dark star today. we can't go up here's the bottom line, we can go up overall because remember, this is a market of stocks stocks represents future, longer term prospects of the company, not this trading back and forth. the main event keeps going ever higher because most ceos work hard to create value for the shareholders, which in the end is what really matters dennis in michigan, dennis >> caller: yeah, hi, jim. >> dennis, what's up >> caller: listen, the airlines are constantly losing value. with the insistence on price wars and prices where capacity is no problem, yet they play against each other all of these stock values delta seems cost-conscious and customer oriented. your thoughts on pulling the trigger on delta
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>> delta has too many international lines to make it to handle the price cutting of the small independents over in europe the numbers have to come down still, sir you have to wait for the numbers to be cut before you request take advantage of it how about ching in california? ching? >> caller: hi, jim i have learned a lot from your show thank you for making us money. >> thank you so much for the kind words thank you. >> caller: back in june, you were very negative about owning pandora. the radio streaming service. you said the stock is dead money. since then, sirius xm has invested about $480 million in it, about $10 per share. also, morgan stanley has overwaged rating on the stock. and they have a new ceo appointed recently so i was wondering, right now
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the stock is trading about $8.3 today. is it a good price to own now? >> i would prefer you honestly, i would say you should buy sirius xm. that's the winner in that category that's the one i want you in let's go to steve in california. steve? >> caller: boo-yah from redone do beach. >> we have a lot of callers from there. what's up? >> caller: when you coming here? >> i don't know. i've got to ask the wife i'll press her what's going on? >> caller: four quick questions about adobe. is adobe a hold with a five to ten-year outlook i'm up 47 points should i sell some and why did your trust close out its position >> my trust had to check in a position i was hoping adobe would come back in the stock. because i figured it was so red hot. but it's not going to. i think the stock can go to 200.
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my hope is a broader sell-off. and my travel trust is to buy some so far that's been wrong and you've been right. don't sell it. the grandmas are coming! these seven negatives are in the way. but this is a market of stocks that's why we can still go higher despite them. even the dark star we've calling it the death star later in the show. there's one thing we'll see from the $758 million jackpot today taxes! stock barely budged. time to take a second look at the ceo of a great company i'll reveal the retailers who are not road kill. and a company behind tech gadgets and gizmos aplenty, including our friend alexa why is the stock lagging behind? i'm asking the ceo so stick with cramer don't miss a second of "mad money. follow at jim cramer on twitter. have a question?
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when a company reports a really good quarter, the stock doesn't seem to notice, i think it's worth taking another look consider the case of intuit, the parent company of turbo tax and quickbooks on tuesday night intuit had a beat off of a 17 cents basis, thanks to real strength in the small business division. the subscriber base is growing by leaps and bounds. the guidance for next quarter wasn't the big raise people expected the stocks had a terrific run going into the quarter still up to 18% for the year so i think it's for pure profit taking this one is especially good since the possibility of tax form from washington seems less and less likely every time the
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president starts attacking his republican allies in congress. small business owners will need help hence the robust numbers for turbo tax. the chairman and ceo of intuit had a better sense of the quarter. welcome back to "mad money." >> hey, jim. thanks for having me it's great to be back with you. >> i've got to tell you, i was watching a really super video with a man by the nad of atticus tyson part of a sales presentation, and he says that intuit turns drudgery to delightful for taxes? >> i couldn't have said it better you're absolutely right. atticus is absolutely right. we know no one wakes up every day excited to do taxes. so our goal is to take the magic of technology and artificial intelligence and make it go away and still put the maximum money in their pocket. that's what we wake up every day
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excited to do. >> i need you to talk about this sos service. i use your -- we use your intuit in our bar this has got to be stg that people love. >> you know, jim, it is. there are 155 million people who file taxes with the irs every year about 85 million go to someone to do their taxes for them whether it's a tax store or a cpa. and yet they typically have this one nagging question, and if they had that question answered, they wouldn't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get their taxes done, they could get it done for free, or as much as $40. we brought the human expert into the smartphone at the touch of a screen that's what sos does, what we call smart look in partnership with sales force we've been able to bring the best of a human assisted experience into a do it yourself software, and it is absolutely killing it in the market. >> now, when we open our bar, i thought everyone was using
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excel. he just said, they're using intuit the excel base is still big enough to steal from, isn't it >> it absolutely is. the estimates are about 42% of small businesses still run their books on an excel spread sheet with the cloud and mobile computing, you back that up with artificial intelligence, we're seeing a whole new tailwind coming into the category it's accelerating our growth. >> i also felt that the president was able to simplify the tax code, it looks like this year it's going to be as hard as ever, isn't it >> you know, jim, that's actually where there's a misperception. if there is a simplification of the tax code, which we're all for, the 85 million people that still go to somebody to do their taxes will have the self-confidence to do it on their own. they'll use a a piece of software like turbo tax or smartphone and it will be a real
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stimulus for the do it yourself category we've been working hard for years to try to make it happen in the absence of that, we'll do the job for congress, simplify taxes to help people get them down without worrying about making a mistake. >> a lot of people have small businesses where it really would be prohibitive we call it the shift economy people are doing a -- they're in uber, but then delivering for task rabbit, or involved with some sort of, you know, well, you know, these little services. they're using intuit, right? >> they are. in fact, that's one of the most exciting parts of our business right now. if you look at the work force, the research suggests about 34% of people are working in this economy as a free lancer they're driving for uber or lyft, delivering for door dash today they have to separate their personal from their business expense then they have to be able to file using the right tax form
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and the government considers them a small business. so we launched a product called quickbook self-employed, it works with turbo tax self-employed, this year we were able to generate 170,000 additional subscribers, by simply having them swipe left other right, push a button and their taxes are done we're just now at the basically entry level point of this. there are 3 million people filing with turbo tax that are self-employed. this year 170,000 discovered the magic. we'll see how high we can go next year. >> that's an actual accelerated revenue growth for a big company. you're speeding your growth right now. >> we are. in fact, we raised our expectations for next year if you look at what we got this year, we're seeing acceleration across the board last year we got somewhere between 6% to 8% growth. we delivered 9%. the same thing in small business it is strong double-digit growth with the customers growing at 58% in quickbooks.
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that's up from 41% just 12 months ago. >> one last question we have h & r block. they were bragging about watson. instein versus watson, quite a battle there but how do you tell about the machine learning and ai when they have a visible figure watching as their figurehead >> well, we respect all the competition. we certainly respect ibm watson. we work with sales force we also work with amazon and others we have artificial intelligence and machine learning we've had in our product since 2010. in fact, we have over 100 patents filed in over 30 different applications in the market so ours is not just a joint partnership, it's also real production out there in the market and we believe this is the core of the strategy going forward. we know that no one gets excited about taxes. as atticus tyson said, turn drudgery into the light. when using this machine learning and artificial intelligence, we
6:23 pm
get you the maximum re fund. this is the core to our strategy we've got a several-year head start on our competition. >> i totally agree with you. the stock has been fantastic you do a great job thank you so much, sir, for coming on "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> this is a good stock. back after the break coming up, can a more connected world help connect you to some profits? cramer sits down with a company that's helping their tech with a stock price turn-around when "mad money" returns.
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what's the big retail revelation of this season? some of them have finally discovered there's lots of ways to skin the cat. cat being amazon they realized they don't have to be road kill
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amazon crushed the food industry today when they announced they would slash price force whole foods products in the last 24 hours, we've seen three different ways to beat amazon at its own game the pvh way and deep value way represented by the dollar store, dollar tree. all of these companies produce fantastic results and much higher stock prices. how did they do it after several years of fits and starts, hit-and-miss, i thought this might have some staying power because of the changes they made in the customer reinvention. wsm did a total, total makeover, embracing customer relations management, think sales, time to market, time to delivery, and most important digital advertising which led to an expanded funnel and much higher than expected numbers
6:27 pm
a pe until recently, these sorts of things were exclusive profits of amazon it turns out this personalization which you may know as something like, hello, james, or whatever your name is, can be imitated with limited success. we have higher margins with the new personalization based e-mails. and it should lead to bigger sales gains than they already have they already had 10% same-store sales growth these are the tags that the ceo has been advocating for years. so many retail executives figured, we're doing it, oh, we'll keep doing it the way we've always done it because that's the way we know well, that's over.
6:28 pm
i think they're embracing the new formula is because catalogs understand new lists, targeting. in retrospect they've been flying blind pvh went about it a different way. amazon and alibaba, and realized he had to diversify away from brick and mortar retailers the web is a way to get more sales. but the boldest move is to expand overseas into one of the worst contractions of all-time by acquiring tommy hilfiger before the recession and buying back the licenses to the teeth of the downturn, i'm sure some people thought he was crazy. they had several miserable quarters waiting for europe to take off and the dollar to cool.
6:29 pm
none of that happened. but now at long last it's paying off. pvh is remarkable both in department stores and stand-alones the u.s. continues to pull up. but it's almost down to about 50% in total sales gross margins overseas are prodigious now he's applying the same skills to china. it closed at a new high. dollar tree, with stocks exploding higher today because they crushed the estimates they offer lower prices than amazon that's it. you can do it. we should get used to them being able to deliver these kind of numbers. the dollar stores have been inconsistent, but the verbiage was so good, i think they can deliver going forward. burlington has consistently beaten the street with the closeout model i think the management simply isn't promotional enough
6:30 pm
that's saying something. i can't believe it they should come on the show if it were, though, more than that -- let me say, we need to know more about this amazing story. burlington's time has come i think this quarter can stick a fork into the bears who simply don't believe the company can consistently execute at this high level dollar tree stock jumped four points, burlington increased slightly more than a buck. not one, not two, but three potential force fields, overseas penetration and deep value, they all make great investments the stock of burlington, should have closed much higher today. john in california john >> caller: boo-yah, jim, from sacramento valley. >> thank you, john good to hear from you. what's going on? >> caller: me and the cave man looked into dick's it took a dump about seven bucks one day. waiting to talk to you what do you think of dick's
6:31 pm
sporting goods in the future >> it's come down so much it's probably due for a bounce. i have to tell you, john, this is one of the things that i do for investing. you have a two-quarter rule. this company's in the doghouse if you want to buy it, i would wait a little bit later. i don't see a catalyst of it coming back. i think foot locker, it can bounce but it won't be a big bounce let's go to gene in florida. gene >> caller: how are you >> good, sir, how are you? >> caller: great i'm calling about an old favorite of you, payne celestial. >> of course. >> caller: they went down when they had the accounting problems but then it started going back up, and it made it back up to 45 went sideways. today it had a $2 drop >> right >> caller: and i'm wondering if i should hold it until after the --
6:32 pm
>> the problem with this company along with many others is that they provide food into whole foods. whole foods is now run by amazon and amazon doesn't tolerate companies making as much money as whole foods did so i think hain's margins will be under pressure. looks like there's a way to avoid being amazon road kill we got it from pvh, dollar tree, and my exclusive with the company capitalizing in a more connected world. i've got the ceo and one of the largest investments with the parks, schools, mega plexes across the country. i'll find out if the company can continue breaking ground and continue to raise its dividends. the "lightning round"! stick with cramer.
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just because a company's tied into a powerful long-term theme, that doesn't necessarily mean its stock can come up a winner look at what happened to syna, a
6:36 pm
company all about the rise of connectivity in the internet of things they make what's called human interface solutions. fingerprint readers, high-quality displays. over the summer they announced two major deals that connect systems. and the business of marvel technologies they say it will give them more exposure to the internet of things think of the voice activated devices we have now. then they reported three weeks ago. while they reported a moderate top and bottom line beat, it was a lot weaker than people expected forecasting revenue growth for 2018, they're seeing softness in mobile, weakness in china, slowdown in the touch display integration. if you back out the deals,
6:37 pm
they're predicting a 10% decline next year. ouch now down 26% for the year. that said, we're always willing to listen to the other side of the story. let's check in to get a better sense of how the company is doing. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you, jim. >> there's kind of a gap here. a connection acquisition at one point i owned 4% of it when i was a hedge fund manager. but then you had the slowdown you just experienced can you kind of give me the brief first time on why someone should buy the stock right now when there's uncertainty about the near term, even if the later term can be very good? >> jim, as you mentioned earlier, some of the key cycles are really in our favor. there's a big transition ongoing in the smartphone market around the new display types.
6:38 pm
in the fingerprint area, and in the touch area in the core mobile business, we're well positioned as screen shift into what's called the whole displays as you mentioned in the iot space, we finished up two acquisitions which give us a whole new area to grow as we look forward over the next 12 to 36 months. >> now, connection has a terrific tie with amazon with alexa. will that continue >> absolutely. we have a long history with amazon, ourselves. and connections have done a great job enabling the ecosystem. with amazon as well as other ecosystems arnold the world, in china, and we're in the middle of all those different ecosystems with the incredible voice technology that's just become a part of sinantics we have display drivers.
6:39 pm
we're ready to go. as soon as the panel manufacturers are ready to ramp, we're ready to ramp with them. we have an in-display fingerprint solution so you can authenticate on the home screen, so that's a key technology what we're best known for is touch. you want flawless touch performance when you have a smart screen and again, we're the leaders in the number one market share with the touch. >> you did mention that the fingerprint business is a little bit weaker, and that a major customer may not use your sensing. are we through that? are we worried about that? >> we're going through a transition that certainly presents opportunity for us the transition we're going through, today most people have a fingerprint sensor on the front of the phone in the button or the back of the phone not the greatest places to put it by the end of this calendar year, we'll be in mass production with what we call an optical fingerprint that allows
6:40 pm
you to authenticate on your screen, right in the middle of the screen no buttons perfectly beautiful display. to maximize your display area and ease of use for the end user. >> that does have customers. even though sometimes you can't name customers, but there's a great demand for that particular product. >> we're seeing interest from all the oems out there we did during the call that you mentioned formally announce that we have one major chinese tier one oem that will be deploying that technology by the end of the calendar year. it's passed the qualification. it's a very difficult technology so we've been hard at work on that technology for several years. >> where are you on that mode? that's a big market for the chip companies that i deal with >> automotive is wonderful it just keeps growing and growing. it's a very long life. unlike some of the other consumer products. we started two or three years ago. we have all types of different design-ins with the major oems
6:41 pm
just starting now, we're starting to see that turn into revenue. in the next two to three years we'll see it be a profitability source. >> rick bergman, thank you so much for coming on "mad money." >> thank you very much >> there's a lot of future ahead for the company. i want you to read all the documents so you understand what the trials are for it. but obviously the future looks pretty bright. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it is time time for the "lightning round" are you ready? i'm going to start with bo in south carolina bo >> caller: jim, a big boo-yah from south carolina. >> i'm going to give you a bo boo-yah! >> caller: all right, i'll take it my stock is kip pharmacy. >> i like kip.
6:45 pm
but ptla, that's the one we did the work on that we like the best that's the one you should be in. ed in new york ed >> caller: good afternoon, mr. cramer. >> good afternoon. >> caller: okay. i have a position in this stock j com. >> it's okay it's cloud based everyone gets excited. you should be in sales just because it's cloud, it doesn't mean they're necessarily analogous. but that's the better stock. doug in california doug >> caller: thank you for taking my call. >> of course. >> caller: the market took a downward, what's your opinion? >> you know, this is all in. universal. look, i think the company is set up for 2018 and '19. so i'm not deterred. mike in new jersey mike jersey mike? >> caller: hey, jim, how are
6:46 pm
you? can you hear me? >> you sound fabulous. >> caller: hey, jim, you've got a great show, and i love your personality. >> tell my wife. that would be great. >> caller: jim, i got involved with irobot. i sold the stock and it did fairly well. i think i caught almost the high. >> i think you should buy it i've been seeing that product. i like it. the military applications are good i think it's a good one. leonard in california. leonard? >> caller: how are you doing, jim? >> all right how are you? >> caller: i'm all right my stock is bank of america. wells fargo based, citigroup seem to be doing quite well. but bank of america seems to be lagging. >> bank of america needs rate hikes more than any other. big number in the future
6:47 pm
everyone's so worried the fed is not going to raise anything this year that's why it sold off i urge you to hang on to it. andrew in new jersey andrew >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. what do you think about go pro >> it had a better quarter and gave a good outlook. i would rather see you in best buy. nicholas in florida. nicholas >> caller: hey, jim. how are you doing? >> oh, man, i'm doing great. how about you? >> caller: good. rainy day in key west, florida but other than that, doing good. >> still a lot of good things to do that. i like cards on a rainy day. it's really fun. anyway, what's up? >> caller: wanted to get your take on norwegian cruise line. >> oh, buy, buy, buy royal's real good. and we think that carnival is great. we're going to charlie in idaho. charlie? >> caller: jim, boo-yah! from smoky wildfire salmon,
6:48 pm
idaho. >> on fire hit me, man. >> caller: my stock has been on fire since i owned it a little bit over a year right now. ticker symbol eri, el dorado resort. >> hospitality, good stock, absolutely i was thinking about rolling into wynn here marriott vacation, back up again. but i like your stock. we'll go for one more. we'll go to ben in pennsylvania. hopefully an eagles fan. >> caller: boo-yah >> okay. >> caller: i'm from pittsburgh. >> all right. >> caller: longtime listener, first time caller. >> excellent. >> caller: i have a couple of questions about buffalo wild wings, bwld. >> this is too hard for me right now. we don't have to spend that much time on it i like the mcdonald's of the
6:49 pm
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in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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what's it going to take for the stock of epr properties to get its groove back? a year ago the real estate trust had all types of mega plexes to
6:52 pm
amusement parks, retail centers, golf complexes, ski parks, even a casino it was seen as a terrific play from the experiential economy. they failed to gain much traction this year stocks down 5% for 2017. part of this is because of the epr made a large acquisition that was largely paid for with stock. it created a new group of shareholders many who probably decided to sell in late spring, early summer now that the deal has been done, we know the epr is in good shape. the company pays a 6% yield. down more than 15 points from the highs. time to circle back on this one? let's take a closer look with the president and ceo of epr properties, find out more about how his company is doing welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir have a seat. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm digging ahead of when you
6:53 pm
came on, because the box office wasn't that strong somehow epr properties should be sold could you just please refute that i know it sounds simplistic, but there are people who are selling on that. >> i think there has been a little softness in the summer. but the reality is the softness only affects potentially our percentage represents, which are $1 million or $2 million of the total revenue. our underlying kind of day-to-day represents are very highly protected and not impacted by this softness. if you look, we always talk about box office on a yearly basis. >> right. >> so we still think that the 2017 box office is going to be relatively flat to 2016. when we look at it quarter to quarter, we'll see these fluctuations, but over the year, there's never been a year that's been down more than around 5%. we're coming off two record years. this is really kind of a re version to the mean. >> in other words, you've raised the dividend in each of the last eight years. we shouldn't look at the box
6:54 pm
office and see that that's flat -- >> remember, our rer newsare not tied specifically to box office but our rents continue to increase it's not simply box office in the theater tenants, it's the concession, with the introduction of expanded food and beverage and high amenities, we're seeing that pick up. so overall revenues can do well even if box office is flat. >> i think off with the glaring light, there's a movie chain stock that has been very bad i would think the only way they could actually maybe improve that is do the kind of thing you're talking about >> i think what was occurring for them is they made three major acquisitions in a short period and having challenges with the integration they still have been an innovator. they continue to modernize their theaters they established a plan that we think will execute that and get things back to normal. >> that's what matters the last time i saw you, you had
6:55 pm
just completed shuffling in properties. >> it's been favorable for us. you mentioned earlier about the retail ownership our retail we were primarily institutionally whole. we moved to about 20% retail ownership. now we're about 12%. we've seen some sell-off it was very orderly. we didn't see any mass selling we retained a majority of those shareholders so we still feel very good about the performance of the property. but having this new group of shareholders part of the epr family. >> charter schools, secretary of education, any impact there? >> again, talking about school choice is always positive. again, that's more a state level issue. but having someone at the front talking about school choice is good. >> some sort of transaction that occurred there >> i think they're growing they talked publicly about where they're looking at there was a recent article about calloway i think long-term, they will
6:56 pm
probably have a strategy that involves the public markets. but right now, it's a great tenant for us. they continue to set records everywhere they open up and we're great to have them in our family. >> when we first started about the epr, we love solid income, this gleam in the eye about a casino now we have it, resort world it will open up next year. can there be a one time transaction or do you want that revenue and it's good and it's going to somehow grow over time? >> probably it's that. again, remember, we're a ground lease. resorts building on top. with it moving to resorts world, the affiliation is positive. they're ahead of schedule. we'll come online either at the end of this year or by spring of next year. that will introduce an opportunity for some percentage rents. >> right. >> which could be a nice additive to the story. >> last question again, i'm trying to figure out the underperformance, just
6:57 pm
trying to check each box how is the credit quality of the overall portfolio compared to, say, three and five years ago? >> actually, i think we've improved it. again, if you look at what we've done over the last six to 12 months, we've sold 200, 250 recycled that capital. we're constantly looking at portfolio quality, and trying to continue to improve that we feel very good about where we're positioned. >> i think this is the opportunity. the idea that there have been a couple of dud movies and your stock goes down is, frankly, ridiculous president and ceo of epr properties i feel as strongly about this as we've been recommending this stock for multiple years stick with cramer. ♪ ♪ the world of fast food is being changed by faster networks. ♪ ♪ data, applications, customer experience. ♪ ♪ which is why comcast business delivers consistent network performance and speed
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not all food and grocers are going to go under. come on, calm down out of amazon whole foods, there's a bull market somewhere. i am jim cramer. and i'll see you tomorrow!
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