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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  September 29, 2017 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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broad, right it's a matter of, first of all, trying to find some way to plug the subsidies, that's the only front on which i see it being a market issue >> probably leaning even more on alexander to come up with a fix here have a great weekend that closes out the quarter here for "closing bell. "fast money" begins right now. see you on monday. "fast money" starts right now. live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square, i'm melissa lee. to want on "fast," you listened to it right there on "closing bell," health and human services secretary tom price is out we'll tell you what it means for health care reform plus stop us if you've heard this before, but chip stocks are going wild micron, applied materials, intel surging this month one of our traders has a way to buy those names for less than a buck amazon streaming its first nfl game last night. will its $50 million football
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bet pay off? first, a record run for stocks the dow and s&p posting the best first three-quarters to a year since 2013 the race for your money, if you're trailing the market, like in a horse race, what can you buy to get back in the saddle by the end of the year, catch-up trade. >> there's a fun little graphic, kentucky derby what can you buy to get back in the saddle again >> back in the game. >> citigroup, citibank, whatever they call themselves, that's what you do. karen finerman, she fast pitched this thing a couple of weeks ago. stock has done well. the reason why we picked this up with amongst the other financials comes down to price versus book. book value last quarter was $77 or so. if you give citi a multiple that even a jpmorgan enjoys, you're talking about a stock that's probably closer to $95 not to suggest that they deserve the same multiple. but i think you could pretty
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much say 1.4, 1.5 times book for city is reasonable it gets you to a $95 stock >> how much in your calculus is a rate increase? >> we talked about that last night. >> did you talk your shirt and tie? >> no, because i didn't have the same shirt and tie, but it's an actually very elegant. >> it's a cute tie >> the president needs a win we think he'll get the win in some sort of tax reform or tax deal i think that's going to be positive not necessarily for rates. but for the banks overall. >> let's take that off the table. let's say tax reform or tax cuts take longer, which is probably what most of the market thinks, than a q4 event. will rates rise enough to keep the sector going >> tim has made this point i don't know that that is a reason to be bullish my reason to be bullish in banks comes down to valuation in the form of price to book. >> i think where guy has gone with this, you have a case where banks are not trading at
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multiples they traded at ten years ago. there's reasons why. their business model has changed except for the fact that some of these banks have never been bigger and more geared to the economy like citibank. in fact i think the shackles are off these guys, the bullseye is off their backs. citi and bank of america, the biggest poster children for what was seemingly wrong with banks, have the most room to run. european financials are the best place to play in the feathourth quarter. if the euro is recovering, that's great for european banks. eufn is great call >> for me, it's not that i dislike the banks. the other side for argument's sake, you have a flat yield curve, which is generally not great for banks, right that yield curve could possibly be flattening even more. so you had a run on these banks. i understand the book value argument it worked a lot better when they were under one to me, banks used to be an alternative to utilities they should trade like a utility, one-to-one, book value,
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price to book, one-to-one. now they're trading a little above that yes, the shackles are off, i'm not sure they're off that much, where all of a sudden they're these big behemoths, engines of the economy that they used to be i would be more likely to take profits than buy >> you have to go back to tech the action in the selloff of tech, the facebook headwinds, google headwinds that we witnessed. i think tech is going to rally you need to let it breathe, this was premarket stuff. homebuilder seasonality, this is where you buy them, this is the time to pick up homebuilders, even though they're up dramatically year to date. >> a rotation expected going into year end, tim >> well, i think the bottom line for technology is, though, this is a place where people can put
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capacity to work i think it's been defensive and offensive. the market has been very narrow, it's been only technology. the last six to eight weeks, high flying technology has dominated even kind of mega cap technology i think you can make an argument on both sides. i think technology, it's kind of circular, but i think if the market is holding up, technology and momentum will hold up. can it lead the market higher? i do think that apple, google, and facebook are valuations that guys who have not been in these names can buy them >> your picks in the fourth quarter are in tech as well, chinese tech >> we have singles day coming up, this is amazon prime day on steroids this is alibaba's moment in the sun, they've proved they're not only hitting it in terms of their e-commerce but their global platform. al ali pay, their web services, if you will, alibaba, they've had
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nice pullbacks, especially jd. i think these are better growth as better valuations than these names here >> chinese tech or u.s. tech >> tim has forgotten more about chinese tech than i'll ever know so i have to go with him on that i tend to favor u.s. only because i probably know a modicum more about them. singles day, which is november 11, sitting in on the drums in brooklyn, new york, that's a tease for something we're going to talk about coming down the pike >> when you say chinese tech or u.s. tech, you have to look at alibaba. tim and i are both long. it's up 99% year to date that is chinese tech all the rest kind of follow on the coattails of alibaba that's how i'm long, that's how i'm playing the tech space >> bk? >> i don't dislike tech. here's the problem you have with tech, right? it's going to benefit if we get some repatriation because they have a lot of cash overseas. at the same time, if you get a stronger dollar, as dollars come back into the u.s., that's going to be an issue for tech.
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so i think in general, it's okay, it probably trades in a range. the one that i would probably stay away from is google we've had a good run after the last couple of days and after the tax reform, possible cash coming over. to me i would stay away from google >> your horse for the fourth quarter? >> energy. this has been kind of an underachiever. in the next couple of months, xop has been the way to play it. you had the saudi arabia ipl, they'll do everything they can to keep oil prices higher. >> we've heard that story, though >> but it's still working. >> i think the story, i don't know if that story is really the reason i think there was a lot of rotation, a lot of the month end stuff. the ipm is up 7%, 8% for the month of september if you look at crude, i think
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it's rolling over. i'm not sure the space can survive. >> up 20% for the third quarter. >> i just think people love to hate oil here. largely at the times they hate it the most has been the best time to buy it the energy sector right now is still not a place where people feel like they need to be and this is still not a consensus trade. north of 56 on brent has proven to be -- i've said this, opec has gotten control not only of the quotas but the exports out of saudi arabia. bottom line, on the part pec is. tom price is out as hhs secretary. the very latest on what it could mean for health care reform. plus bonds getting bashed. the chart master says the rally is about to come to a screeching halt skin irritation, upset nausea, diarrhea >> whoa, come on, it's a family show
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services tom price is resigning. kayla tausche has more >> reporter: a white house statement says tom price offered his resignation earlier today and the president accepted the statement says the president intends to designate deputy assistant don wright as acting secretary. wright currently runs the office that makes policy recommendations but is three levels below price in the organizational chart price came under fire after politico began uncovering details last week about private planes he took for government travel, totaling a reported $1 million. yesterday hhs said the secretary would reimburses treasury for roughly $52,000 or the amount covering his own personal travel in the ten days since, the republicans' effort to overhaul health care in this session failed as well some white house officials say privately the absence of price selling the bill is part of what helped sink it in july, speaking to an annual gathering of boy scouts,
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president trump joked that price, if he couldn't get the votes for health care, would be fired. here is what the president said then >> by the way, you're going to get the votes? he better get 'em. he better get 'em. oh, he better. otherwise i'll say, tom, you're fired. >> perhaps a prescient interaction. reporters earlier today had been told by president trump that he had been trying to save the country money and he didn't like the optics of the situation. obviously culminating in the decision to accept his resignation this evening and memelissa, a statement just came in from speaker of the house paul ryan who was of course a colleague of then-representative tom price, he represented georgia a year ago. he called him a good man who spent his entire life fighting for others and was a superb health secretary he goes on to say, i will always be grateful for tom's service to this country and above all his continued friendship i imagine we'll get many more of
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those statements as the afternoon goes on. >> kayla, thank you, kayla tausche. one thing about tom price and the congress is he was known as a hawk when it came to spending. he was very against excess spending and here he is accused of using planes >> ironic. >> in terms of the health care reform, we already know that's going to come after tax, that's what the president has said. could this give them a clean slate? >> i don't know. it doesn't help them they haven't been able to move that ball over the goal line if you look at the xlv, the health care index, it's up roughly 20% year to date, 19, 20% year to date i've been in the camp that whether you get health care reform or whether you don't, it's a win/win, because these guys will opt out, hmos will opt out of unprofitable areas, or they get to play bay they their rules. drug side effect information has been made more easily available to the public. meg terrell is live at the stock
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exchange with the story. hi, meg. >> reporter: hey, melissa. in a move to make the fda more transparent, scott gottlieb made the database more accessible, causing a tizzy in some biotech names. some of those recovered by the end of the day, biogen closing the day up there was initially quite some worry going on in these stocks essentially because they could look up any side effects or even deaths among patient reports who were taking these drugs. the problem is there's no context with this data so you don't know if these things are caused by the drug or just happened to the patient who happened to be taking the drug soon the companies themselves came out to explain this biogen said about its drug
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spinraza, all deaths reported to biogen are then reported to the fda in accordance with regulations. in an attempt to increase transparency at the fda, causing a little bit of a stir within biotech today, mel >> is there talk within the fda of maybe putting some limits on this database now? >> reporter: haven't heard anything el anything like that these data are limited in their usefulness and no medical decision should be based on them >> thank you, meg terrell. fascinating story, guy >> fascinating story guess what, drugs have side effects, and they list every single one >> people must feel particularly alarmed when you see that long listing. >> ha ha, because i'm good, i get it i'm in my medicine cabinet with all that said, ibb didn't
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seem to care all that much, at up a percent today i get it, it's a story, they have to list everything, just like dunkin' donuts have to list contents may be hot, that's where we are as a society. >> i think you have to buy this space. i wouldn't buy single stocks even though the top names are amgen, celgene, biogen, gilead i would buy the index, buy the ibb. >> ibb looks great to me, we have great risk/reward to guy's point, we know the side effects. not to be coy about it, it is a risk/reward. those side effects are a lot less than the actual diseases that these things are trying to solve. so to me, i think there's still promising potentials ahead, you're watching "fast money" on cnbc, first in business worldwide
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meantime, here's what else is coming up on "fast money." that's what chip stocks are doing. if you missed the move, there's one name our traders think you can still buy. we'll break it down. >> greed, for lack of a better word, is good. >> and so too is the never before seen trailer for the classic film "wall street. and we'll show it toou y for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something
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welcome back to "fast money. amazon streaming its first ever nfl game last night in a matchup between the green bay packers and the bears. julia boostrstin is in l.a. wit all the details. >> reporter: we don't have any details on how many people extremely the game last night, although we expected those numbers a few hours ago. at the beginning of the game, users took to twitter to complain about buffering and low resolution streams on our video, the quality dropped out. there were no complaints for the second half of the game. amazon took to twitter before halftime to say so far customers in 149 countries are watching thursday night football on amazon prime video of course they also directed people back to the stream on amazon prime one factor that may hurt viewer
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numbers, a weather delay that lasted for 47 minutes in the second quarter the stream's viewers will be closely scrutinized as amazon spent $50 million for the right to 11 thursday night games as it beefs up its prime video library. last between twitter averaged 266,000 viewers during its ten games. 2.7 million people tuned in for at least three seconds they didn't even have to log in, let alone subscribe, as you do have to do to access those games on autonomous. and of course it's not just amazon making news in the streaming world. check out shares of roku, they're up 13% after yesterday soaring even more. >> thank you very much, julia boorstin who thinks this could pay off for amazon this is a great test here. >> that's a great word, it's a test it's early beginnings. we know this is a way people
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will consume content once amazon gets this, you'll be able to see the packers at green bay. >> think about how much data they get on these games when they see who decides to tune into those games, they don't have to market you they know which team you're rooting for. it's a no lose situation for amazon twitter loses, the networks lose on this. i don't think it could be harmful to amazon. >> a no lose situation >> no lose situation for them. >> packers, green bay, a little "coming to america" at you amazon can throw money at this if they win, it's great, if they don't, it's no big deal. >> i don't think it's a big deal for amazon it's a big deal for other media. these stocks have priced in what's going in over the top where amazon and others can compete on their turf.
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>> one thing you might want to stream this weekend is "wall street," the iconic film it's billion rereleased in select theaters around the country. there's even a new trailer that was never seen before until now. >> in a world -- >> stock is plummeting >> something big is going down >> mr. gecko, i could lose my license. >> i know what this guy is all about. greed. >> there's no nobility in poverty anymore. >> greed is good greed works. >> trade your peace of mind. >> what's in it for moi? >> more money than you've never dreamed of >> the richest 1% of this country owns half our country's wealth >> all it takes is a little inside information >> he's using you, kid and you're too blind to see it
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>> you may find out one day, if you've had money and lost it, it's worse than never having it at all >> why do you want to wreck this company? >> because it's wreckable. >> when does it all end? how many yachts can you water ski behind how much is enough >> i got a strange call from the sec. they asked to see my records >> what you see is a guy who never judged another man's success by the size of his wallet >> a "fast money" film "wall street." >> that looks better than the original >> i doubt it. but really, if you go to any trading floor, i would think that everybody on wall street has seen this movie. >> i mean, without question. when i was a young pup on wall street, that's all you watched, everybody knows this movie >> what resonated about that movie? >> the social references to the times are unbelievable if you think about the world of
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wall street, the mythic figures that existed in the '80s, we have a lot of them on this show today. the great thing about this is they're being recrafted every day. but that environment was a specific era on wall street that will obviously never come back >> regulations have killed that wall street, for the better, really >> the garments, the wardrobe, is what resonated with moi >> because you're still wearing that wardrobe. >> damn straight, sister >> look at that white collar that's straight from the '80s. >> straight from the '80s. >> literally >> exactly time for the final trade >> we talked about, it's worth the high multiples >> i've been in this one a couple of times this year, i'm going to try it again. ge, you buy it >> olin corp., off 33% year to date poised to go higher from here. >> oliver stone, you see a phone ring, you should pick it up. we talked about maybe doing the
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movie in its entirety. >> you know what, we will continue this movie. we will have to do the redo. >> citigroup, citibank, whatever it is, it's letter citi you. don't go anywhere, "options action" begins right after this.
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