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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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breaks out to new highs. >> take advantage of decay and use call calendars >> amd, calls, roll them out in the next week, up and down >> our time has expired. i'm melissa lee. thanks for watching. check out the website. have a . my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's also a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey i'm cramer, welcome to "mad money" welcome to cram america other people want to make friends i'm trying to make you money. call me, 180 cnbc or tweet me @jim cramer we keep making record after record high.
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nasdaq climb .22%. but as much as i love it when stocks go higher i recognize the mark can only go up as much as the earnings let it. next week we get a parade of numbers that will challenge that number's fate. monday, we hear from a company that has captivated the analyst this week, netflix all week we've seen analyst tripping all over each other to raise their price targets in how netflix is signing people up worldwide while at the same time increasing its prices. i typically don't like it when stocks run in advance of earnings like this one few companies can ever live up to the elevated expectations, the hype netflix isn't any company. it's a company that pioneered the company for watching the
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programs you like without spending all the money on cable. it's a business that can scale like no other. it even have me watching things with titles. so, my prediction is when netflix reports after the close the stock will go up instantly by a huge amount or go up over time after a dip i think the company's worth currently than this market cap granted, the stock is no bargain on earnings. as we have seen over and over again the earnings are a wrong way to judge a company like this one that's trying to take over the world and succeeding where ever it goes tuesday's a large day, my wife always hates tuesday because i get up at 2:30 in the morning after going to bed around 1:30, whatever before the opening we get numbers from morgan stanley and
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mirr goldman sachs. when i got in the business i briefed at both, got jobs and they were similar. morgan stanley's invested a lot in management. goldman's got a good management but it's really traded or noted. i think these companies are good at finding ways to make money. i like them both goldman sachs should not be negative on its conference call. don't be so hard, stop the self-flatlation. johnson is the johnson also report on tuesday and they're crucial to the market. some think j & j is so overvalued they're saying it's a short, bet against the brothers johnson. others rave about the stock.
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i'm in a ladder camp, i expect a good quarter it'll be aided for the first time in ages by a weak dollar. 24 hours ago i would have told you of all the dow stocks to buy it would have been united health that's the best one to buy ahead of earnings. president trump decided to eliminate some of the the obamacare substances which will likely to cause a big jump in premiums the situation got murky so i'd rather wait until we get some more information before i recommend this great american stock, and send to bullpen i got to wait and see for more information after the close, we hear from ibm. i can tell you this company needs to fix its declining revenues before institutions
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will come back into the stock. ibm is pretty much prep people for another decline this quarter. i think management believes if they deliver another decline the stock could rally as long as they show nice growth in margins and revenues i have to disagree, i think ibm is mistaken if it believes wall street won't base a rev few growth quarter after quarter even if they've told us it will happen while we're on the subject of revenue growth, a company called lam research you probably seen that i have to pro mote a stock this is a cramer fave semiconductor stock which i've challenged for years last time around on the stock it
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got hammered after the lam reported tremendous earnings, it was a total head scratcher at the time we said forget about it, the stock's action is wrong, buy it i'm glad we did. stockee had a fabulous rally since then that said, i expect the same pattern to repeat its. lam will give you good numbers and jockers will sell it and i'll tell you to buy it again. this stock has become a market darling, i expect good numbers but the stock's anticipated a strong quarter if you're desperate to own some credit card fin tech, sticks with visa or mastercard. we also here from united continental and the airlines have been coming back. the stock is down 14 straight points from its high i think it'll catch up to its
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purest and cross the estimates frankly. we get results from another united, united rentals this is another stock we like around here. this a company that rents out all sorts of heavy machinery to organizations who has short-term needs. exactly like the repair jobs being done in florida and texas. thursday we hear from verizon. it won't be as bad as at&t which is really the benchmark of bad, it's not as lever to the quarter therefore it's not as lever to the cord cutting i condition say i'm thrilled about any number verizon's going to put out from any number i can tell i prefer something that offers both dividends and growth. growth is hard to come back any industry john ledger was saying nasty things about verizon today, but it is monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday is when he
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says bad things have been ve verizon. paypal has been doubted incorrectly. the newly rates estimates will be hard to beat. i think the company can do it. friday we have four companies that can give us a real education on a host of different industries first there's slummer jay, and kings pen, the last time they reported they told us 2018 will be tough, not 2017, they've already acknowledged that. it's not enough worldwide drilling to make up for enough oiling being depleted. this is a must listen to phone call then there's honeywell that's just announced a break up and told you the numbers were fine it will be little to surprise you on the earnings front but i think you'll get a good read on the committee. we also hear from
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proctor@gamble will proctor be able to maintain in the growth it's done in the last few quarters. we'll find out finally there's general electric there's good analyst out there who expect major cuts. -- it's been terrible investment but i put the blame squarely on me, not them i believed falsely that the company was a fabulous way to play in global economic expansion, i was wrong it was a way to invest in incompetence i can't think of a single other industrial that reported worse numbers. but it's not their fault that my trust lost money it's my fault for believing in them despite their businetrack record my fault, on me. nevertheless, they now have a new ceo, john flannery
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he's different maybe fool me twice but i trust him to get ge back on track, maybe not this quarter next week start the order and while i like to think the record highs have become the norm i know better without good earnings we'll find ourselv ourselves out of the streak and up the creep without a paddle. justin in california >> caller: booyah jim, first of all i want to acknowledge all the victims in northern california of the wildfires. police officers, pair medics working hard out there >> they're working so hard it's tough out there what's going on? >> caller: that being said, the homes destroyed and displaced residence, people are looking for temporary housing. young this will have a significant impact on the author
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industri -- their industries >> i like thor so much the only threat to thor is that crazy nutjob kent that my daughter has on top of her subaru and i don't think it's going to upset thor quickly. another day another record next week we'll be in the thick of earnings, if they're not good we're going to break the peek. i like my pc, anyway account company keep getting you the better i'm going to talk with the ceo then the semiconductor stocks are nerve racking, tonight i'm offering a play that won't interrupt your cycle on the fang quarter i'll tell you if they still have their bite their bite stick with cramer.
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morgan stanley
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look at hp ink run can you believe when the hewlett packer switched into the commuter component it was considered a losser. fast forward to do it's hp ink plenty of monster, more than 6% move today along am i glad we got behind this one. the reason for this latest leg
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up, yesterday afternoon its company held its analyst day where they told a fantastic story. hp ink has been takening market share. they've also got a new technology that lets them 3-d print metals, we got to find out more about that. ev even better, the company's guidance came in better than expected in part for one like the beautiful pc's i have. let's take a closer look with the ceo. and how he managed to turn into the golden by the way of the hewlett-packard break up deion welcome back to the show >> great to haen here with you n >> you told us that you'd be able to commercialize hp
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printing, give me some and tell me whose adopted it? >> i can't be proud of what's the team's done. in nine short months we had no revenue, no channel partners or ecosystem. we hadn't sold our first product. 9 months later we've got 65 channel partners in every single place all around the world and over 170 country that is we represent. we're selling real products, real technology and incredible ecosystem of partners and real revenue. i guess this will make capitalist ek statistic than what we've done. >> to your right shoulder i see a pair of what looks to be sneakers i know nike wants to permission sneakers but you got to do it in pass production in a inexpensive way. does 3-d printing allow for that
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in an inexpensive way? >> we wasn't interested in home base printing, we see this not as the $5 billion market it is today we really want to disrupt $12 trillion industry. you were there in the beginning with us when we first launched our technologies a couple of years ago and we said we'd get a into that business wen we can interrupt it with speed and cost and we have that today the productivity continues to improve. the influx was $55,000 or less to complete them in 2018 that'll be $103,000. that's going to open new applications nike's an incredible partner of ours andworking on this kind o technologies in other industries whether bm w or johnson &
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johnson. >> what can you do for j & j >> they serve a billion customers a day. but the goal is to serve 3 billion customers a day. they foe they can't do that with traditional manufacturing. they gave me an example, i hope you never see this part. it's what they call a spinal spacer whether you go and have -- when you going and have back surgery they open up a lot of these things and try to find a match they take out fuj technology and they cultivate this with a nan know crystal incoding and that allows it to be safe in the human body >> my idea here just because you mention that had and i know that i hear about this. when you crack a tooth, the
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first time they put in a temporary, second and think try to fit you, you go back again and they fit you again why can't a dentist have a 3-d printer in his or her office, print out a teeth that fits and you save $2,000 in appointments? >> well i think all those technologies are coming. it's a question of matching the right material science with the technology and finding those kind of specific applications. i think that's why it's going to disrupt this $12 trillion manufacturers industry that we're in we're going to fine ways to not only dploktize foundation in a way that haven't happen since the assembly line created a 1 years ago. it's going to let designers design anything in the world and let a manufacturer be a manufacturer anywhere in the world. >> i did as you know get the pc that you suggested
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i dropped it the other day to felon strait i scared the heck out of the whole staff. i dropped it, you can't destroy this thing it's got banging awesome sound the screen the beautiful but i felt heart hearted you created a flu one better and lighter then this one. when do those come out >> they're already shipping. i think it's a constant renewal of innovation. wee understand the market, we're moving into premium, gaining and adding the springss of magic that allow you to have the beautiful design features we're building into all of our products that product you have is still current we just have different sizes for different people depending on what needs are. >> i'll be watching episode nine
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of "narcos 3." doon you are a man of your word. when i saw you, the stock was in 12, i wasn't sure. you won me over. the products are fabulous. deon wiser, president and ceo of hp ink congratulation on everything you've done for shareholders >> thank you jim, and we're just getting started. >> he's right they are this is still an inexpensive stock. stick with hp ink, which is hpq and stick with cramer.
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that's how strong they've been this is also an inherently high risk group, sometimes we forget that, which could mean making riding out some of the gains a bit nerve racking. if you're making chips that means your hostage to markets you don't control, from computers to cars. and the moment we get any meaningful signs of a economic downturn you better believe these high-flying stock wills lose some of their moe joe even if the group is searching high many of your fell shareholders will always have 1 foot out the door, don't forget that. i'm going to give you lower risk, lower stress, semiconductor company, and the name is tex instruments. i can't believe that this is now the one that is the least risky.
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when i was growing up i'd trade this one like a banshee. i think of this one is a semistock. tex can, that's what call on the trading desk texan is one of the semistocks around as the stock is up nearly 30% for a year, seems to make a new all-time high every day. so why am i such a texas instrument bull? what makes me think owning the stock will give you -- than owning nvidia, not that there's anything with nvidia, i love my dog. but it's also the kind of stock that can give you night terrors because i think that runs up this fast as the potential to plunge back down owning texas instruments is like
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taking am bee yan before bed, you'll sleep like a baby text is a unique position. as the company getting more than 85% from analog chips or embedding units. they're chips that deal with the real world on speed, sound or voltage. they're using for power analyst, radio freak frequencies or cell phones along with small processors. here's what i really adore about the stock of texas instruments over the last five years or so this stock has become consistent take a look at this thing of beauty i'm about to show you look at this it's just -- chart aside from a minor hiccup right here its bounced back from any sort of adversity. it's been marching high from
6:28 pm
year after year, this is from 2012 texas instruments has come to its own in the past 30 years gained 28% since the beginning of 2017. what a performer so what made this a sleep yat night semi conductor stop? the reason for that transformation, i think it goes back to the company's $6.5 billion acquisition of national set me conductor in 2011 the national semi would make texas the -- the rest of industry's focused on digital chips which are must more competitive and require heavy investment in equipment. analog can be produced by older equipment.
6:29 pm
before the national semi deal texas had 30,000 international products and introduced 500 new ones this year with this acquisition they added another 12,000 products. look at these industries, medical devices, little economic components tell communications. after this trans action, texas instruments has a commandsing 17% share in analog. that's dramatically high while they did pay a lot for national -- once they got it integrated the benefit first texas profitability has been enormous now it's pined up to more than 60%. that's gold. in short, texas instruments turned its into a safe, low cost high margin chip maker
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in 2011 this company had $2.44 billion repeat cash flow last year that number climbed up to $4.08 billion once you are generated a ton of cash like that there are a lot of ways you can make it to use to make your stock safe, durable and a great investment this is the key, these guys are disciplined about capital allocation they're manufacturer guys. over the last decade texas instruments invested $32 billion back in the business for research,.com, sales, market, capital, and inventory they have spent $25 billion on buy backs. another $9 billion on difrd did he understand. $7 billion on acquisitions those guys have been very smart on rnd focuses on markets for any given
6:31 pm
time they're doubling down on automotive chips the buy back speaks for itself from 2004 through 2016, okay, the company reduced its share count by an as astounding 42%. they've got a great dividend for a semiconductor stock. look, the only reason doesn't need a lot more of course the stock's been rock. as long as side the latest david dent boast the company told us it's increasing purchases by $6 billion in other words texas instruments could repurchase more than 11% of the share back here it's not just texas instruments that's insanely shareholder frie friendly there's something else here the company has shone consistency when it comes to the
6:32 pm
earnings of the share. in the same period, the company sales came weaker than expected once for important for two years neither the sales or earnings have come in below management range. texas instruments is running by some impressive veterans who are great in the space rick took over as ceo, squi andi remember it was like yesterday everything i mentioned happened under his leadership he's the so low key it's probably the if you are time he's been mentioned on t.v the stock is cheap, even at this remarkable run the darn things sells for 21.8 times next year's
6:33 pm
estimates. that may not sound super inexpensive but for a conduct with rising growth margins, no signs the business is overheating, i think the business is cheaper than its expected texas instruments has a better story brian about ceo of intel, whom i like so much. at a time when so many s semiconductor stops has plunged into the stratosphere you may be thinking of what happened when they plunge back to earth. by the way, it only answers if i batti -- if you want to protect your stocks t going to be texas instruments that allows you to sleep at night maybe it's the way to go how about we start the phone calls with george in vermont >> caller: hey i'm calling about
6:34 pm
blackberry i'm waiting for a throw back in the market and it hasn't happened the new phones look terrific, the price point is attractive versus apple the autonomous vehicle busy they got bm w, mercedes, jm, the radio business, truck tracking business with walmart. the wireless security business i'm thinking there's life time employment there with all the hacking. and thepatent business is paying off obviously, seems to be lots of improvement >> george, you observes know it very very well i think you left out the key detail, the huge amount of cash they have. i can't believer they're not sponsored by anybody or being taken over i think you got it right george, i think it's the history of it that makes people so i'm willing to touch it. you are far smarter than the
6:35 pm
people who follow this company but our viewers are like that. i like the championship makers here, you know that my dog's named nvidia i think texas instrument is the way to play this industry fur nervous, worried and fear full more "mad money" ahead are investor fleeing to fang i'll see if these stocks still have their bite. i got this new thing for fang, don't you love this. i have, yes, fangs for fang. then i'm turning in some homework, including a company that had a hand on the past nfl super bowl and all your calls of like fire. and a look back at the week that was. so stick with cramer for your heart...
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the recession stocks, proctor gamble, campbell soup, colgate this times they flee to fang our alphabet for facebook, amazon and google. the health insurance providers came under tremendous pressure when citigroup created in credit card business, wire number -- traders have been in the banks like clock work the money flowed into the new staples, facebook, ams, and alphabet. it helps that netflix puts in criminal case increase, netflix had been a villain because of it cost a fraction of what you pay monthly to your cable provider
6:40 pm
but gives you all the sports content you need the fang search is truly incredible given the headline risk think of all the headlines we keep seeing about how these companies are too big, too powerful so what explains the love, the belief these stocks are the safest out there i think it's because fang has become the modern day mall in supermarket. advertisers always want to be there in what's known as the point of decision, the point of sale they want shoppers to remember to buy their products not the competitors' products when they purchase things. the old point of sale was the end cap at a supermarket or the mall itself especially the anchor stores. these days the points sell of cell phone as more money flows into ecommerce these sites become vital. brick and mortar retail are
6:41 pm
inefficient versus the web advertising on t.v. or even in the store ends up targeting hundreds of millions of people worldwide who never had any interest in buying your product and never will the weapon is more efficient a facebook group like what would virginia wolf do, a popular sate among women of a certain age may be a perfect place to put your ad for oil of oh lay because a 100 of people reading it always thinking about what to buy in that category do you think these companies care that facebook or google may have been high jacketed by bad apples over seas, please there are some advertisers who seem concerned but they have no choice the return on investment for advertising in facebook is too good to ignore, the same thing
6:42 pm
goes for amazon or google. it's highly unusual for non-dividend paying stocks to be the safety that the fang is becoming our market. the growth has nothing to do with the economy that's what we use to think about tide and tissue paper. we thought about toothpaste. these stocks, fang driven by a secular trend not going away anytime soon, these have become the default stocks to buy whether you get freaked out, until something replace them which is the love of the consumer, i think it stays that way. the pngs and clarks use to be -- now, well now you just get fang. "mad money's" back after the break.
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it is time, it's time for the "lightening round. play the sound, and then the
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"lightening round" is over are you ready? time for the "lightening round." dennis in texas. dennis >> caller: jimmy thank for having me on appreciate it >> my pleasure how can i help? >> caller: my question is something for my portfolio, nutrisystem. >> it's had a big run, it's from my hometown of fort washington, i know they're dang well i'm going to have to say not yet. max in new york. >> caller: professor cramer. need your advice >> okay what's up? >> caller: furm suit call. >> you're talking speck tifr of all speculative, that company doesn't make any money i'm concerned with it. brian in florida >> caller: hello jim and thank you for all you do my question is my stock is
6:47 pm
square, how do you feel about square -- >> we're going to triple square, remember it was a 16 before it got to 17. i recommended it now it's all way up to 32 and it's not done. we are square users. that's full disclosure hope to get there tonight. let's go to jordan in south carolina >> caller: hey jim thank for taking my call i want to asking you about callaway golf. >> people love golf, it's going up i'm not going to fight the strengthened these in new jersey. >> caller: booyah jimmy. >> what's up >> caller: i recently purchased sprint because of the the news surrounding it should i hold on >> yeah you're fine in sprint. i do prefer t-mobile to sprint but that's mostly because i'm color blind. how about we go to john in
6:48 pm
kentucky >> caller: booyah jim. this is john from connecticut. i did my home work and loaded up and i'm flying high with canada goose. >> and you should own it we actually need cold weather -- >> i'm going to ann in indiana >> caller: good to hear you voice how are you? >> i'm doing well how are you? >> caller: great canteen -- >> if this stock is hit again we're going to say -- >> buy buy buy. >> and that's it that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the "lightening round.
6:49 pm
well, it's earnings season once again. >>yeah. lot of tech companies are reporting today. and, how's it looking? >>i don't know. there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all. well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh. feel better? >>much better. yeah, me too. wow, you really did a number on this thing. >>sorry about that. that's alright. i got a box of 'em. thousands of opinions.
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one estimate. the earnings tool from td ameritrade.
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♪ every now and then some will manage to stump me by calling in about a stock i'm not familiar with when that happens, because this is indeed the most interactive show on television, i always do the research and come back with the answer back september 18th, bill of my home state new jersey asked me about an old stock i used to follow all the time called extreme networks it makes network equipment it's behind cisco, and hp enterprise this one's most -- recent extreme network's gone on what i
6:53 pm
call a take over spree in 2016 they bald zebra's network for $15 million. brocade had die vest in order to get a -- that's one over the reasons why broadcom stocks doesn't go higher. in this past april the company shoved out a million dollars on a network of via they bought businesses to bolster their sells worth $500 million this is stock is up more than 140% since the beginning of the yeerk. that doesn't mean the stock is necessarily worth owning in 2013, they bought a company called inter discuss so bolster their wireless indentation business the boast of their sales turned
6:54 pm
out to be worst than expected. i'm a bit weary of extreme networks if they can't handle one deal in 2013 how are they supposed to handle three con current deals i'm taking a hard pass next up on september 29th, john in virginia called about atnx. at nix is a bio pharmaceutical company that come in june in 2011 the company has drug platforms both focused on fighting cancer. the league drug candidate is a oral chemotherapy agent called e rocks sall they've taken a drug also on the market and added a novel drug delivery mechanism to it you can take it by mouth rather than injection right now it's in phase three.
6:55 pm
at nix also have a phase two compound they're studying for. they and that i have got a drug in phrase one, for glioowe blas stoma. that's a nasty brain tumor athens can be interesting but just for speculation when you're deal being a bio tech that doesn't have drugs on the mark any delay could damage the stock. yes, you've got my permission to stick late with this only with money you're not hurting to lose finally, also on september 29th. steven in new york called by e roes international it's a global entertainment company that coproduces and requires and distributes indian language movies.
6:56 pm
they own a library of more than 10,000 movies they're increasingably monetized by distributing them on cable we're talking about a country of 1.3 billion people with a rapidly expanding middle class in some ways this story is still in its infancy it only have 27% penetration right now and 58 million users online that's a lot of room for growth. plus boly wood movies are getting creative outside of indian it's been experiencing some financial problems this week the company has to address worries about loquidity and reduction. eros have had to change their strategy other companies realize there's
6:57 pm
money to be made in these pictures so eros had to focus on budge films. my view, let's be careful between the balance sheet concerns and other companies moving in on the turf, my suggestion is right now sidelines. let's see if eros can adjust to the new normal stick with cramer. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ♪i'm living that yacht life, life, life top speed fifty knots life on the caribbean seas it's a champagne and models potpourri
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i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor. i have to say the banks that have reported so far, bank of america was the best, it's the cleanest and become the least choppy and most consistent therefore it might be the lowest value versus the others if you want to sleep at night let's call it the texas instruments of the banking group. i think city which my travel trust owns, if you can get it below 70 you're going to have to pull the trigger i'd like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i'll find it for you here on
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"mad money." see you monday >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ (cattle lowing) my name is dan holtz. and i'm liz holtz, and we live in warren, vermont. and we're the founders of liz lovely cookies. ♪ (dan) liz lovely cookies are all-natural, gourmet, vegan, gluten-free cookies. they're the best you're ever gonna taste. dan and i are high school sweethearts. we've been together almost 20 years. you wouldn't believe the hardships


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