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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  July 13, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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welcome back to a special edition as president trump visits the uk. live shots now where we wait for the president to board this chopper and move on here in central london we are live from across london at the u.s. ambassador's residence and outside the uk prime minister retreat >> i actually told theresa may
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how to do it, but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me >> well, good morning, everybody. the uk has rolled out the red carpet for president donald trump. he, in turn, has told "the sun" newspaper there will be no u.s. trade deal under the current brexit plan. >> well, here in westminster, we're seeing the trump baby blimp protest inflate. due to go live at 9:30 local time this is up to 100,000 protesters could be seen on the streets of london today meanwhile, european stocks open in the green led by technology after the nasdaq reached a record high boosted by facebook and amazon.
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political tensions are rising and security is tightening around the uk as the country wakes up to u.s. president trump's visit. president trump has set an explosive tone for his uk visit. he has warned that theresa may's brexit plan could kill any deal. the british government's blue print for its future relations with the eu was a different deal than the people voted on trump added that he told may how to do a brexit deal but she didn't listen to him hosting the president and first lady for a black tie dinner, where she pitched the case for a new trade relationship with the u.s. jeff is standing by near the prime minister's country and he will meet theresa may later this morning. trump may be on the move soon and first sandhursta as we've
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seen restrictions in place around the area 8:30 and 11:30 that seems that is where the president is heading this morning. >> interesting that's just part of the show and tell as far as this country and this working meeting is concerned the president's been treated to a slap up feast at a black tie event and inspect military facilities and globally respected center for turning out leaders in the armed forces and then, of course, he'll come on to the country prime minister residence and he will be here for a couple hours and this is the main focus for meetings to discuss what a future trading relationship with the united states would look like
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this interview with "the sun" newspaper suggesting that boris johnson might be a better prime minister and the current brexit deal laid out would stymie some kind of trade agreement going forward. very interesting since the details of that "sun" interview broke, the comments that we're getting from those around both camps have been interesting. the aides to the u.s. president appear to be able to derail progress in negotiations saying at least he did say positive things about theresa may from the number ten side of the story. they appear to be talking as though president trump is some child who is slow at learning by
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suggesting things like once he's had the full details of the brexit agreement explained to him, then he might understand. saying similar things recently if we sit down and explain the brexit deal to president trump, then he may have a clearer picture of what it means going forward. the suspicion, of course, is that president trump prefers a hard brexit outcome and that he thinks theresa may at this point has backed down, as far as the negotiations with brussels are concerned. of course, all will play out here in less than two hours time as president trump is scheduled to arrive and there is due to be a press conference here. so, hopefully, we will get a good sense from that press conference about just how well or otherwise those discussions may have gone. the question is and just to borrow the analogy from my
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colleague steve, hot air how much hot air will we see here because clearly where steve is there is plenty being pumped into that daonald trump blimp, steve. >> you were making a reference to your colleague. excellent analysis, jeffrey. let me just straight away tell you where we are if you are a great international democrat, you get a statue up here i can see nelson mandela to my left and abraham lincoln in my eyeline and churchill and you've got some of the great of the political history of the 19 and 20th century, as well. and now you have this. it it may be slightly less permanent, but, actually, the protesters and i think they're being a bit cheeky because they
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are not supposed to go until 9:30 it has gone to baby trump and you'll notice in his right hand holding his mobile phone meaning that he is tweeting away as he's inflated over the streets of westminster, as well. we've been speaking to some of the organizers here what they're doing. they call themselves trump babysitters, as well so, i spoke to one of them, literally, as we were going to limp to semi inflated. sheila told us a little bit about the rationale. >> important opportunity for people to exercise their right to protest which is what we're doing and we're doing it in a political way in keeping with a strong tradition of british political satire >> look, we can go back to "vanity fair" and people take satire and really look at the
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characteristics and the physical features of politicians and extend those, maybe. a long tradition why do you think this one has been so controversial? >> i think this one has been controversial because it has resonated with so many people and has become so popular. because so many people have very strong opinion about president trump. you know, we know this isn't the first president and the first head of state to be criticized and protesters coming to this country, but this one definitely captured the hearts and minds because so many people feel that strongly >> one of the trump babysitters talking to me earlier. let me tell you that in all these kind of events they start off very light and noise is what one of the organizers said to me last night what they want to present to the watching mead i aand the watching world, as well. sometimes these events can turn and i've seen it with various demonstrations over the years.
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you can have 99% of protesters on site and it only takes a small and enormous security presence not only at winfield house, but also for anti-disorder protests on the streets of london which, of course, kick off between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. around portland place. an enormous demonstration potentially. the organizers think they'll get near 100,000 let's go with a more conservative estimate. for that, i'll leave you with what i think, i'll be flattered if anyone actually bothers to do a magnificent inflation of me, i think it'scaught the essence o mr. trump and the fact that he's telling the world with his mouth open, telling the world what he thinks with that wonderful shot, i'll leave it back to you >> you only hope that some day someone will do a steve sedgwick blow up. the comments on the ground that
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are taking place among the protesters jeff and i were talking before about the leadership moment that the prime minister should have enjoyed. she had so much noise and disarray around brexit and enjo the fact that she had a visiting u.s. president where she looks prime ministerial. the president has thrown a grenade on one of the key policy initiatives and also suggested that someone else, someone who just resigned as foreign secretary, that he would make a great prime minister how does that play out there on the streets of london for people who are very divided over brexit and very divided around politics. >> i know you so well and you're playing devil's advocate and you're watching what he has done to his host and what he has done in nato brussels to merkel and her government, as well. i think you know full well that the president is very able to lob these grenades, as well.
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he lobbed another grenade and always the danger and we spoke about this yesterday morning mrs. may wants two things. nice language from the president about trade and about the special relationship and about defense and security arrangem t arrangements and already as you say, quite rightly, the bojohns comments how ironic would it be if that helicopter is mr. trump. let's get that shot. it is an osprey. this is one of the vehicles carrying mr. trump's entourage followed by a second osprey and what we have there is they are on their way, as we speak. they will be followed by marine one. what i've seen in the last 24 hours those two vehicles go ahead very often of marine one carrying press corps, entourage and what have you. i'm just listening out for the
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familiar rotor blades of marine one, as well very interesting in fact your question anyway, karen, i think it's already turning into a very tough and perhaps somewhat expected in some ways given the fact that mr. trump tends to set off these explosive comments, as well. we'll keep an eye out for mr. trump. going over to jeff's neck of the woods. let me hand it to jeff who within 20 minutes, 30 minutes see those same vehicles flying into the countryside jeffrey? >> thanks for that my question at this point is, how does the prime minister calibrate the appropriate response we listen to emily earlier, the foreign secretary and she made a point that she felt that donald trump's behavior was inpolimpol and rude to his host and she was absolutely furious aswhat she saw as bad behavior.
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now, the question for theresa may is, how does she calibrate the appropriate response it's all well and good for a foreign secretary to say that. she has nothing to lose. but theresa may has clearly quite a lot at stake here and while it is true the uk has rolled out the red carpet and president trump appears to have thrown somewhat of a metphorical with the "sun" newspaper theresa may is hoping she can save some face from this meeting here. i hope they don't cancel it. i hope we do have the press conference and we have an opportunity to see the body language and hear the answers to the pointed questions that -- >> we seem to have just lost
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jeff that is probably like clockwork there because if those helicopters are heading to where jeff is, typically you get scrambling of communications in the area that may be exactly what is unfolding live in the field that jeff is. apparently there is a crop circle in the country side right ne near, where it was cut into the grain, the crop in the countryside that the president may see when he flies directly over and he'll have a visual let's come back to steve you mentioned yesterday protesters do not start early, but they are alive and well and on the streets of london early on this is their moment and the key moment to demonstrate against a move from the multi-lateral trade environment and we had unilateral to comments on brexit to the types of policies that
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people simply do not agree with. >> i'll get that shot, again, so you can have a look at some of the protesters who are gathered. this time of day you have about 40% snappers and journalists and about 60% protesters of course a large security presence around westminster. i can see several police vehicles at the moment, the police will have a low profile and just try to let things go as smoothly as possible, as well. we have a wide coalition yesterday, for instance, i just talked about some of the wide variety of topics that the protesters are representing. young socialists, stop the war, war on one, stand up to acism, climate change, momentum, impeachment, venezuela, mexico, anti-immigration policies and they were all represented outside winfield house which wasn't bad
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about 300 protesters there just to pick up on jeff's point, as well, it is looking like a very, very tough day for mrs. may, as well absolutely the what the post-brexit world looks like where you can have a framework from which you could build investment, as well. we were never going to get a trade deal today only about mood music between the president and the prime minister, as well. the trade deal would take months, possibly years to take i personally think the latter. so, those people are hoping for trade deal they're not going to get one will they get good mood music? we'll see. >> thank you the london mayor had done,
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quote, a very bad job on terrorism and blamed had imfblad him. >> i think what you're going to see today are londoners and others around the country protesting their views on president trump, some of the policies and this is not anti-america and we love americans. i have been speaking over the last few days with many londoners and they call themselves americans who are protesting today against president trump. tomorrow in london protests from the extreme far right and pro-trump supporters tomorrow. it's important that people realize here in london, just like in many sdcities across america, protest freedom to assemble it's really important that protest today and tomorrow are peaceful >> you said that donald trump is not welcome here so, that's stronger than that, not balanced
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why is he not welcomed >> i have been quite clear over the last two years that i think a state visit was premature. of course, we should have good working relationships with the president of the usa we have a special relationship with him it doesn't mean standing shoulder to shoulder with him, but when we think they're wrong. so, for example, many londoners found the so-called muslim ban wrong and many were concerned what he expressed during his campaign more recently many londoners be concerned about the views and the policies in relation to children being separated from their parents and being bordered on in prisons. and policies from president trump from the climate change deal to the iran deal from other policies it could be, for example, the protection policy that president trump has. the great thing about our city is you can have possible
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relationship with its country and its citizens but disagree with the president >> he said to the son that you're doing a, quote, terrible job. what one word would you use for the job he's doing >> interesting >> an interesting job. would you like to see him change the way he is? >> my view is it's not for me to respond to the tweet he send or the interview he talks about me in ways in which i find surprising what's important for me as the mayor of london that we're seen as a beacon around the world open to talent and investment and one of the great thing about the contributions that americans make to our city and history listed with examples of british prime ministers and american presidents agreeing to disagree on things from the vietnam war
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to the dpru nagrenada envisioinn you're our close ally, but we think you're wrong with respect to issues a, b and c the concern that londoners have and concern many around our country have is that people aren't calling out president trump. >> this is the man who allowed the balloon, which is now inflated in the capital. we'll leave you with some shots of protesters, demonstrators as they gather around this giant spectacle. we'll be right back after this there at the worst times. constantly interrupting you with itching, burning and stinging. being this uncomfortable is unacceptable. i'm ready. tremfya® works differently for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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and lets you control your network with the xfi app. it's the ultimate wifi experience. xfinity xfi, simple, easy, awesome. president trump has doubled down on his support for boris johnson. in an explosive interview he said the former british foreign secretary could make a great prime minister and comments he made following johnson's resignation earlier this week. head of political risk economics and country risk of the market joins us on the set. it's not every day that "the
4:24 am
sun" is the number one paper in this country for us to read. not necessarily lately the bottcomments, though, do ex an interesting riff. the special relationship before trump arrives and an interesting comment from trump and may and the comments from the president have been hugely damaging from may's policy measures and her personally >> i think it depends on how it plays. i don't know how popular trump is with the british public with members of the conservative party, this is not going to help >> what if it was theresa may visiting the united states and also suggested that somebody else in the republican party make a better president? >> i don't think it would play out very well. you have to look at how you handle it. you grin and you bear it and you move on. you will have to work with these people in the future
4:25 am
that is how the prime minister is handling this hold the party together and, of course, ultimately hold her position on brexit, as well. >> president trump has been clear and vocal and picking fights with counterparties and a huge trade mismatch or surplus recently china and germany and where is the beef with the uk? supposedly this is a special relationship why attack the mayor of london and humiliate the prime minister when you're coming on this working visit. it just doesn't make sense >> if you look at his history. he loves scotland and he has a hotel and trade agreement with the uk i don't think necessarily, but what he really does is the ideology that is often identified with folks like boris johnson and then, also, on top of that, an ongoing fight with the mayor of london. for him this is another whipping boy he can bring up and say,
4:26 am
hey, listen, i don't agree with this guy it plays well with his base and his movement >> special relationship, again a shared mindset, politically. the country on immigration and when it comes to trade, he has been trying to smash the multi-lateral system and have conversations directly with countries. does he want the uk to be aligned with that psychology and mentality politically? >> that's exactly it he's trying to lead a new movement, i mean, for the better part of 70 years the united states has followed a very much multi-lateral agenda and here he's like, no, we need to change this and focus in on what is best for the united states and that mentality should be followed through by other countries, as well western europe, asia or here in the uk >> how do you thing his performance at nato and the last couple days help put forward that agenda? again, as we came out of the nato summit and yesterday president trump presented a win back to his base and said that he had, indeed, got pledges from
4:27 am
the rest of the nato members to increase defense spending shortly followed up by macron saying no such thing has happened has he undermined the whole nato alliance at this point >> i think it depends on how you look at it a concern there. where do we expect the strongest member of this alliance not in it as much as they were in the decades previous conversely, if you look at it from the united states perspective, the u.s. has been advocating to increase expenditures for decades we haven't seen much movement there, a little bit recently for his idology, i think they were effective there >> macron from the 4% target that trump spoke about whether defense spending should be double, not 2%, but 4%. other countries are struggling to get to 4% >> 3.8 or something. >> macron was pointing out about
4:28 am
the fatigue at home. some photos paying for defense spending when there's so many other priorities, which is quite an interesting comment i think that's how many politicians feel at the moment very hard to sell policy measures i wonder if it's as simple as that macron did not have a win with donald trump on climate change is this ainosatie ati negotiatig out where he could push for greater collaboration at nato and wants something in exchange? >> i think that when we often look at any of these comments that are made by macron or trump or many of these other individuals that there are negotiations when he says 4%, like you said, the united states isn't quite at 4% the idea there is to push a number into dialogue and if you see movement in the direction that you want it to go >> what do you think president trump wants to get out of the
4:29 am
meeting with putin on monday clear they would be pushing reduction on the sanction side what does president trump want to achieve >> achieve agreement on the middle east. something nice, positive atmosphere as far as ukraine but, ultimately, at the end of the day whether it be arms control or whatever you want to look at, he's been advocating for a better relationship with russia since the 1980s anything that is positive and the general semantics, that is going to be good if he can sit there, shake his hand and walk out of the meeting and things look positive that's what he wants to take away from that >> the way the golf plays out whether he has a good round or not? >> that always helps >> feel-good factor from the golf course. thank you for joining us today he live coverage continues
4:30 am
here "squawk on the road" and we have demonstrators, protesters in the capital in london and the trump blimp has been inflated. just yet to lift off the ground and yet to take to the skies you can see it is truly inflated and people are no doubt taking photos for twitter andnsgr itaam and facebook accounts. we'll be back with more live coverage.. for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally discovered in jellyfish, prevagen has been shown in clinical trials to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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welcome to a special edition of "squawk on the road" as president trump visits the uk. >> i actually told theresa may how to do it, but she didn't listen to me britain rolls out the red carpet for president donald trump, but he slams prime minister theresa may over brexit telling the son a trade deal could be impossible if she pushes ahead with a current brexit proposal. suggesting boris johnson would make a, quote, great prime minister just days after he resigns. protesters inflate the trump
4:34 am
baby in trafalgar square as protesters get set to take place in london. the nasdaq hits a record high boosted by facebook and amazon the now famous trump baby intended to protest the visit to the uk is in the air let's get out to steve who has been covering this all morning for us steve, i just noticed on some of your social media that the man himself who is at the center of a fire storm, the man that the president has described would make a great prime minister, boris johnson the foreign secretary is on the ground somewhere. >> you're being aughty you know that is just a lookalike. have a look at my twitter feed there is a gentleman i have seen before who looks remarkably like the former foreign secretary
4:35 am
boris johnson. the famous blimp is up behind me i've covered a lot of things in my life and the hedge fund demise and very complex financial instruments and todi think it's very interesting because a lot of american commentators are upset about this blimp and have said it is an absolute insult the city allowed this to fly, the mare of london who we have been speaking to, as well. i am political, as our viewers know, but i'm in favor of good satire and i was looking back over the years and i was thinking about political and sketches such as spitting image of the '80s and '90s and i have no problem with good, well natured and i would agree with some of those.
4:36 am
absolute offense to one of our greatest trading partners. the leader of the greatest democracy on this planet and i think almost a compliment to have such effort gone into depicting the president. now, you can see, we are fully inflated we are getting towards the, i think, 30 feet limit that the organizers were allowed to put the trump baby blimp over london and as you can see, it is not going to get to a height where it is going to be visible from the whole london landscape in not, not even clearing the whitehall buildings behind it. parliament square has a history of saluting some of the greatest democratic figures in history. you can see the likes of winston churchill and behind the blimp i can see david lloyd george, of course, the great liberal prime minister in the united kingdom
4:37 am
i can see gandhi and i think it's fair that not in the short term we'll see a long-term statue of the president just yet being erected on parliament square, as well. this is very lighthearted thing ahead of some serious demonstrations later on. we talked about the broad coalition of interest from a whole host of pressure groups who are very much up in arms about this visit, as well. i have questioned quite strenuously. he should be allowed to come and i think, to be fair, that point has been conceded. but equally so, people have the absolute right to demonstrate in a peaceful fashion whether we get a peaceful fashion later. you have a broad range 50,000 demonstrators is what the security forces think we're going to get nearly 100,000 demonstrators is what the organizers think we could get, as well we will be live here throughout
4:38 am
the day here in central london back to you. >> thank you, steve, that is the question whether the trump blimp is deflated good humor switches around the capital so many people out there but you're covering the demonstrations for us and closely watching how this plays out. meantime, president trump has set an explosive tone for the uk visit. he has warned theresa may's brexit may kill any deal the british government's blueprint for the future relations with the eu was a different deal than the people voted on trump added that he told may how to do a brexit deal but she hasn't listened to him rolled out the red carpet hosting the president and the first lady for a black tie dinner where she pitched the case for a new trade relationship with the u.s. speaking to cnbc earlier emily said that president trump's
4:39 am
behavior in the uk made her feel sorry for theresa may. >> i don't think that feeling sorry for the british prime minister is a good look. i have not felt sorry for him, i have many criticisms of her. imagine how she was feeling when she was standing on the steps of the palace with all the guards around her at the birthplace of winston churchill to greet the american president who had just said that there would be no trade deal that the brexit negotiations were nonsense and that boris johnson would be a good prime minister, et cetera. alongside of extraordinary insults of britain i have to say, really, did he not listen to his mother when you go to someone's house, you do not insult your host. frankly, this is absolutely basic behavior he should not have done that what did she do? she went up the steps with him and she held his hand, again
4:40 am
stop holding his hand. melania trump cannot hold his hand women know when men try to hold our hands we know ways of stopping them. why was she holding his hand and this man is a bully and you have to stand up to bullies, if you don't, they will walk all over you. she is being weak and he does not respect weakness he only respects strength. if you look in the way he responds to the so-called strong men around the world as opposed to those who are democratically elected, you know what he needs is someone to stand up to him. she should do that something for the investors now across the atlantic. banks kick off earnings city we have the like of citi, jpmorgan reporting with the same forces that led financials to record first quarter including tax reform,
4:41 am
volatility and rising rates. head of u.s. equities. nadia, a couple different factors that the market is looking at i just mentioned some of them. but volatility last quarter didn't necessarily lead to stronger fixed income trading as a result rates have been a little tricky, as well. the u.s. has not stayed above that 3% threshold. could it be a little bit of a disappointing season despite the fact that bank reports held in fairly high esteem this quarter? >> i think the reporting season should be okay what has worked quite well has been actually on the landing side last quarter was pretty muted in terms of long growth and what we've seen and that should help most of them >> we also had rates starting to tick higher and maybe not so much for business, but for those who have mortgages, credit card
4:42 am
debt, student loans, that is where the pain point can be felt we have seen warnings around some of these areas from the federal reserve. if there is a tone shift from the ceos of these banks, that could be negative, couldn't it >> right now i don't think so. we were really concerned about the fact that loan growth was very muted and the resurgence of the low to mid-single digit, the fact that we've had a rate hike should be net interest margin. so, we actually think that the picture should be pretty good. financials have very good operation or leverage. so, we think that earnings should be well supported you mention volatility i think equities should be pretty stable from a year over year compare which is a good thing because we have not seen stabilities for a while there. so, overall, i'm very constructive on the result for the bank and very importantly
4:43 am
you mentioned the ten year they're really sensitive on the shorter end of the curve and that's something that gets price behavior so, we will see that through the numbers. the fact that, indeed, the fed increasing rate is supported for their business >> you think that as far as the earnings have been concerned we reached the high watermark remember when caterpillar earnings came out on the conference call going forward you can't really expect us to match the earnings that we already reported in q1 q2 looks like from an expectation side if the escrow is pretty healthy, again, around 20%. but a healthy part of that is on the tax boost that has given many companies once it starts to subside on a forward-looking basis, doesn't it mean it will be impossible to keep matching the earnings of the previous quarters? >> so, earnings growth probably
4:44 am
has been at the highest point our last quarter but it doesn't mean that earnings have peaked earnings are continuing to grow. as you said, you have a very healthy 22%. the consensus expecting for the second quarter on the banks. and if you exclude the tax, you still are growing earning by 13%. so, that's a testament to the strength of the economy and the fact that, indeed, the top line is inflicting on the back of that strong low growth and healthy net interest margin and the leverage you can deliver on top of that. >> whether we can move the conversation away from trade, which has dominated the market action at the start of the week. coming up later, we speak with ceo andy palmer that's an exclusive interview at 12:30. let's just take a quick look
4:45 am
at u.s. futures. the picture is like as we head into the final few hours of trading before u.s. markets open up looks like it is slightly more positive dow is seen opening up about 35 points higher.
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aston martin is expending sales worldwide. but new changes including a move towards suvs and electric vehicles, questions remain over how the british luxury carmaker can keep its handcrafted cachet. phil lebeau joins us from the aston martin headquarters with more an interesting day that we kicked off here as president trump moves across the capital and towards chequers he has taken aim at brexit and they've also had issues with brexit tell us about some of the conversations you're going to be having there >> the conversation we're going to have with andy palmer later today, it will touch on brexit and the question of trade tariff business between the eu and the united states. the u.s. is about one-fourth of
4:49 am
the sales for aston martin we are at the end of the line for the db 11 here when you come to this plant, two things stand out one of them being their manufacturing facility is moving at a higher pace in addition to the handmade craftsmanship. aston martin coming off a hard year they had record revenue topping a billion dollars. the road ahead that investors are focused on seven new models over the next seven years expanding the proconduction footprint and the new facility in wales and the question of a potential ipo. on that topic so many people say, why go public look at the success furaerrari s had.
4:50 am
investors have snapd up furped p furarry over tfurar ri and you talked about the handmade craftsmanship and this is one of the selling points someone will pay $200,000 for a particular vehicle and they want to know who is working on it caroline here is one of the people who works on the interiors, signs every single thing that she makes this is the interior just a taste, guys of what you see when you come here to this plant. back to you. >> wonderful insight, thank you, phil lebeau, thank you for joining us look forward to the krvegdz ycon you're having later today. president trump's first full day of his visit will involve a visit with theresa may where brexit and trade amuong the issues discussed later he will meet the queen at
4:51 am
windsor castle it's working trip, typically you see these meetings really reserved for a state visit how significant tea with the first lady and the president held with queen elizabeth ii >> it is important clearly even though this is being described as a working visit, it is somewhat grander than that, given the black tie dinner that donald trump was treated to last night at the birthplace of winston churchill. probably britain's most revered prime minister and then, of course, you have that important meeting with the queen, as far as the u.s. president's personal bucket list is concerned but let's just dwell for a moment on what will happen here at chequers. we have less than an hour now until the president arrives
4:52 am
here we have a police helicopter that has taken to the air within the last ten minutes you do get a sense that the security protocols are tightening and they are lifting, if you like, the level of security generally around the country residents. this is possibly the most important, i think, venue for his trip because this is where the working meeting will take place and we will find out whether president trump sticks to what he said in that "sun" interview that there is little idea of any progress on a trade agreement with britain as welong as the conference remains in place. we will hopefully have a good sense from the body language and from the answers to the questions given by both leaders as to what room there is for further progress in this important relationship back to you. >> that's right, jeff. i think if there was some kind of doctrine for the foreign
4:53 am
policy narrative we saw it thus far and that will have to be picked up later today. now, of course, just about 20 minutes ago this is the scene and swurming with police vehicles and you can still see behind me and right there behind the gate at winfield house and this is the u.s. ambassador's and before he headed for the jam packed meetings and a lot of things on his agenda and clearly his british counterparts are trying to keep him pretty, pretty busy and that is all in line with what we have seen coming off the back of that very contentious nato meeting keeping the president who has a famously and, this is all about a working meet as opposed to a state visit and all the protests that our very own steve sedgwick
4:54 am
will bring to you live >> a lot of the organizers have said to me they really want to be a carnival of noise they want some strong messages sent out against a whole host of donald trump policies and a whole host of uk government policies, as well. this is as much anti-brexit paraphernalia and flags and i've seen one very popular sign here and the big protest is the blimp over my left shoulder, as well a lot of criticism from commentators stateside from the, others are saying, look, get over it. it's like the throw back to the good old days of victorian and
4:55 am
it is a light-hearted way to draw attention to some of the trump policies but, again, you can take your view on that diverse views on social media. the real big protest kick off 2:00 p.m. this afternoon going on to 3:00 p.m huge demonstration, you can pick your number and it is going to be big and the hope in london that it will be a strong, political message about democracy to president trump we'll wait and see, back to you, karen. >> the scene is set there for the demonstrations i want to come back quickly to jeff because you might have the most difficult task of the day because we've seen discrepancies on what happened in the meeting and what actually happened how will that play out between trump and may today? >> the question for me, really, is how the prime minister chooses to respond to what has generally been quite an
4:56 am
undiplomatic tone in that "sun" interview. a number of key touch points and the criticism of the london mayor and the criticism of the brexit process and the apparent support for the former foreign secretary boris johnson. so, clearly, there is a lot going into this meeting that could make the discussions very awkward but the chancellor has already said that theresa may will use this as an opportunity to explain very clearly what the current brexit deal looks like karen, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, jeff, steve and hadley terrific show. very much enjoyed the coverage that's all for our special edition. >> special relationship. >> we have plenty more coming up on the day on cnbc stay tuned
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