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tv   Street Signs  CNBC  July 16, 2018 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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better and they've played down expectations for any deal for formal agreement hadley gamble is in the capital this morning interference in the 2016 loex one of the topics that could come up this morning is there any indication it will be a priority, do you think? >> that's right, the president coming out swinging. essentially saying that, as you said, the russia relationship is at its lowest ever he seems to be blaming that on the president's -- as well as members of congress. the big question for them, whether or not he will make the 12 russian intelligence officers indicted on friday really a main
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priority of the meeting against the backdrop against everything else they want to talk about and the situation in crimea. let's listen in to what the president had to say yesterday. >> i don't expect anything frankly, i don't expect -- i go in with low expectations i think that getting along with russia is a good thing it's possible we won't i think we're greatly hampered by this witch hunt going on in the united states. the russian witch hunt. >> it isn't the first time he's used this tactic or this play. he came out after the north korea meeting saying it was a victory for his administration that may play out for a couple of days. they've been very, very clear this is not a regular summit, this is a working meeting. very clear about that. there have been questions about
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there is no agenda set out which is unusual when world leaders come to a meeting like this one. let's listen to what the president had to say about america's oldest allies. >> i think we have a lot of foes the european union is a foe what they do to us in trade you wouldn't think that. russia is a foe, china is a foe economically, certainly. they're a foe. that doesn't mean they're bad. it doesn't mean anything it means that they're competitors. >> essentially the president there lumping in the eu with russia and china when it comes to trade at the same time, it doesn't mean they're bad it means that they're on the other side of a disagreement the big question will be in the next hour or so, what we'll see from the president as well are we going to see further tweets egs said that the russian relationship is at the lowest it's ever been that played into a lot of the
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anxiety we're hearing in the beltway. a lot of noise from senator john mccain has weighed in here, schumer has weighed in here. a lot of folks anxious about what the president could seemingly seem to give away. over the last several decades, these big meetings, whether it be jfk and cr-- or ronald raeag and gorbachev. this positioned america as the leader of the free world a lot of questions over whether this kind of meeting will do the same, willem. >> a p. what have the russians been saying in the days leading up to the summit >> they've really allowed the americans to take the lead here. i think it was interesting that there might not be any bilateral meetings between the foreign
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minister, lauvrov and his counterpart. usually the meetings are accompanied by several other meetings by the secretaries of state, ministers of foreign affairs, that kind of thing. there was never a plan in place for that until the last 24, 48 hours. that's very, very interesting. also, this setting low expectations, the president setting the barlow there they don't know what could come out of this meeting, the fact that there's no set agenda there's been a lot of twittering and tweeting on this topic from the p. washington. nato allies will be watching this closely as well as the president was saying, he's trying to say that the russia relationship is at a low eb he seems to be blaming those in washington and previous administrations without calling out the actions for which they were sanctioning the russians. a lot of questions on how that will play out the next several hours. >> thank you for that.
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u.s. intelligence outlined some of the questions of president putin may make of the american leader when the two meet a breakdown of the kremlin -- head to krchlt it was an abrupt u-turn from his previous comments in a newspaper interview. he looked forward to a great bilateral trade agreement with the united kingdom she was entitled to choose her own approach for brexit negotiations an interview this weekend, theresa may revealed the advice trump had given her on how to handle brexit. >> he told me to sue the eu. >> sue the eu? >> sue them. actually -- no we're going into negotiations with them. interestingly, what the president also said at that press conference was don't walk away don't walk away from negotiations, then you're stuck.
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to negotiate the best deal with britain. >> sticking with the brexit theme, may could face another tough week as parliament votes on the custom plan a rebellion by a sizable number of euro skeptics could further undermined the brexit strategy that she laid out last week. in a facebook post, keep her eyes on the prize. if they don't, we risk ending up with no brexit at all. expected to win a narrow vote. the ecb should become the lender of last resort according to italian european a stairs speaking to italian newspaper, those who disagree with him don't want a united europe he says the italian minister proposed that rome would be allowed to spend an extra 50 billion euros on public investment if you have any views about this upcoming summit in helsinki, get
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in touch on twitter. tweet me directly at willem marks. coming up, concerns over raising oil prices threaten the profit of commercial -- dennis muilenburg will be on later.
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week to street signs a lackluster start to the trading day in europe. you can see it's varied slightly in positive territory, up around a tenth of one percent as we look behind that number, the four major industries across europe, bit of a mixed bag with 5100 down. germany, up around a fifth and in france, it's trading on the flat line. in italy, it's up more than a third of 1%. if we look at the individual sectors as well across europe, basic resources as we mentioned in our headline, it's down more than a third of 1%
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that's from a number of concerns over chemical, construction materials, all in positive territory along with media, up more than a tenth of 1% across the european continent dialog shares are rising the german ship maker said it expect operating profits of $26 million for the quarter. that is thanks, largely, to improve manufacturing cost efficiencies they've held talks over the potential merger of the elevator businesses the first discussions two years ago. they ended when the person who recently resigned rejected the proposal the foundation owns 21%. the chinese economy grew 6.7% in
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the second quarter that was in line with expectations other key data pointsp disappointed two-year dip and first half after investment growth slowed to a record low. trade is expected to be front and center when european and chinese leaders meet in beijing today. the two sides increased their corporation to increase tensions with the u.s filed this report from beijing. >> only one day after president trump described both china and the eu as foes of the united states top european officials are here in beijing to strengthen the relationship between europe and shichina. the two sides presented a common stance on the dangers of a trade war. in a not so thinly veiled criticism of the united states, he said it's the duty of europe, china, america and russia not to
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stirrup trade wars he added there's time to prevent conflict and chaos lee meanwhile, said the differences over global trade, he called on presidents trump and putin to support reform at the world trade organization this is what he had to say >> we need new rules in the field of industrial subsidies, intellectual property and technology with action -- as well as a new approach to development and more effective settlement the aim of reform would be to strengthen it as an institution and to ensure a level playing field. >> at this summit, the two sides are hammering out detail on what they describe as a working group to reform the wto. it's one of the items on the agenda for this year the two sides exchange offers on
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market access meant to lead to investment treaty. the premier said they would like to conclude the discussion on the treaty at an early date and that china would significantly raise market access and lower its tariff rates the premier didn't provide specifics. that probably won't go far in washington to convince the trump administration that talks with china will work to change beijing's practices. the summit was seen as addressing concerns of trading partners through dialog. european officials share frustrations for this summit, the europeans have been more optimistic because the chinese seemed more receptive in the face of the tariffs. they hinted at the frustrations of the eu. china knows how to open up its economy and could do so if it wishes eunice yun, cnbc business news.
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soared in hong kong earlier today after the commerce department lifted a ban on the chinese company. this minute meant american firms could trade again on -- $400 million into a u.s. bank escrow account. that was part of a settlement reached last month the chinese firm paid a billion dollar penalty to the u.s. treasury they expect to post a net loss in the first half due to those payments shares slumped off the stock exchanges saying it would not be included in an exchange scheme with hong kong the shares were a lackluster performance. investors were surprised when the shanghai and shenzhen meant investors could not buy shares in -- and so-called staples
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securities the u.s. has rejected appeals from germany, france and the uk to provide a broad exemption for european firms doing business in iran secretary of state mike pompeo and steve mnuchin said limited exemptions would be granted on national security or humanitarian grounds speaking to nbc news, u.s. officials said unprecedented sanctions would be placed on tehran tehran's leader said to support the government that -- in the face of the possible u.s. sanctions. kameni called it the access of the activity in the country and called on other public addms to ba -- administration to back the president. the ink appears to be drying on the deal struck at the air show where defense firms are hoping
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to benefit rolls-royce and leonardo teamed up to build britain's new fighter jets reuters is reporting that they want to unveil a model with $2 billion pounds set aside for the project. speaking to the ceo, they said it was important to be involved in the deal despite concerns on brexit. >> there will be the capability of creating the days for a continuous cooperation into -- >> closing the deal ahead of a key conference outside london. reuters reports that they're working on a deal for the airbus it could be worth 4 hoyne 4 --
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$4.4 billion also an eye on an additional order of neo planes. it's ordered 600 jets of which 2/3 are still to be delivered. meanwhile, boeing is first out of the gates in its orders for airbus they struck a deal to supply the group with 14 triple 7 greater planes the order is worth almost $5 billion. cnbc, phil la bow is at the air show where all the deals are taking place or hoping to. bill, what can you tell us >> it's going to be a busy day let's bring in dennis muilenb g muilenburg, the ceo of boeing. it's a nice way to begin the show first of many deals we expect today? >> still, it's a strong start to the show it speaks to the strength of the
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cargo and freight market and unique value that the 777's provide to the customers it's a fantastic start to the show it tells us about the strength of the market right now. >> when you look at that market, i know you've heard this question before. people always worry that we might see a plateau or a limit to the market. are you seeing -- as the air show continues. >> it is an air show. >> are you seeing any slowdown at all in that demand or do you look at this and say it's still steady >> $8.1 trillion market. close to 43,000 new airplanes over the next 20 years that's an increase in our estimate see more details on that this year 6 to 7% traffic growth around the world. freight is returning in strength this is returning from a highly cyclical market to a long-term sustained growth market. >> which brings up the question. we were talking to the ceo of
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another company, the whole ecosystem, the supply chain globally needs to move faster to expand would you agree? >> it does we're ramping up the supply chain around the globe taking it up over 800 aircraft this year. we'll break the 800 mark for the first time by the end of the decade, 900 aircraft per year. we got to bring the supply chain along. >> they need to invest more. >> you got it. >> it's about talent and people and about capital investment, infrastructure successfully ramping that up it's important that we have an integrated supply chain to work in the elements of that to create -- >> the one concern out there, the big concern for that industry is trade tensions and whether or not that either prompts some airlines or some customers to say, i'm going to cool it on my orders or potentially shift orders, whether it's from you guys to airbus or airbus to you guys, whatever it might be
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are you worried about the fact that this continues to simmer and we're not sure where it's going to go? >> we are concerned. it's clear that the airspace marketplace thrives on free and open trade around the world. we're concerned of tariffs and trade restrictions we're hopeful we'll find alternative solutions. aerospace is good for economies around the world you take a look at the u. u.s./china trade relationship. they created the lift that they need it's u.s. manufacturing jobs and it's creating economic growth here in the u.s. >> have another plane leaving. along those lines, we've heard from some airline ceos who have said look, while this is primarily a trade -- about manufacturing in different sectors, whatever it might be, they're worried that this starts to hurt demand in terms of travel between continents. are you getting any sense in the industry that's a possibility? >> we haven't seen any pullback
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there. that is the broader concern. aerospace thrives in this broad global ecosystem the fact that it's enabled by aerospace. it's really important that we have that healthy trade connection and free and open channels throughout the world. as aerospace grows, it grows jobs around the world. it creates win-win solutions across countries. >> president trump is in helsinki today talking with vladimir putin the topic of defense spending is getting a fair amount of chatter here at the show today you used to run the defense division at boeing how does this market compare to where we've seen over the last five to ten years? do you expect to see greater growth in that area as far as budgets being allocated in that area >> we're seeing an upswing in the defense market also in the allies around the world. about a third of the defense business is outside of the u.s that's a continuing growing segment for us
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we're seeing strength in the defense market at large. the spans are -- spider aircraft commercial derivatives, tankers, mobility assets. i think as you see the growing commercial industry around the world, the fact that defense is growing at the same time at boeing we see a lot of synergy between the two. >> we had a chance to go on the 'em braer flight they announced.joint venture with them. how important is this for being able to ex paneled the product line so when you go to a customer, you can say look, we have an offering for you on that 100 to 140-seat area all the way up through the largest airplanes? >> this is an important move for us we've been collaborating with them for a couple of decades we know them well. have a lot of mutual respect this will grow our product and services lines, offer them
4:26 am
broader solutions. we have collaboration on the defense side of the business, growing our services business around the world and good alignment on our culture and talent as well a lot of respect for the team. >> that lower end of that market, i say lower end in terms of size of the airplane. that 100 to 140 seats, you look at that as a nugget that needs to be grown because you have smaller, medium-sized markets now saying we want point to point connection sns. >> that marketplace will become more and more important in the futu future the combination of.e-2 platform and max platform, put together nicely offers different solutions for customers. we're seeing this point to point traffic grow around the world. this is part of that transformation from a hub and spoke world to a globally connectsed point to point world. >> hyper sonic jet you showed the rendering as soon as you get off the plane at heathrow, you cannot miss the ad as you walk towards the main
4:27 am
point of departure or point of en fri into ttry into the county where do we stand on that? >> the technology is moving quickly. we're investing in mack 5 technology we've done flight testing of the x-51 to prove out the technologies the bigger hurdle will be the business case, the economic case to bring that product to the market when we look to the future, we see a future including evermore efficient sub sonic jets and the introduction of high-speed hyper sonic jets imagine a world where you can connect two cities in two hours. >> you and i will be on the first flight >> you got it. >> i'm holding him to that guys, back to you. >> phil, thanks so much. coming up in the show, we return to helsinki as president trump's first talks down, then ramp up on his expectations with his meeting with vladimir putin.
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welcome back i'm willem frost relations with russia never been -- tengs of moscow as it prepares to meet vladimir putin in a bilateral summit. slower than expected industrial output weighs on resources the giants of the aerospace industry gather for the air show with the world's biggest makers telling cnbc that they continue to see strong demands.
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>> supply chain age and airbus and boeing are working together. we're in a super cycle right now. you got to make hay when the sun shines we're in a really good cycle right now. we've got breaking preliminary news from deutsche bank for the second quarter, some of which is very different from the -- looking in particular at group revenues they are looking to be 6.6 billion euros. that is higher than 6.4 that was expected net income expected to be approximately 400 million euros. that's the second quarter of this year. the company has announced above consensus preliminary results to repeat that for that second quarter of 2018. 3.5 billion euros of revenues on the investment side of things. in terms of its trading
4:33 am
performance, that is 15% lower than expected. so group sales and trading revenues expected to decline by approximately 15% year on year it compares to 6 billion slightly lower noninterest expenses than expected the preliminary aspect of group capital ratios as of june 30th, 2018 higher than expectations. we're talking about 13.6%. compared to a consensus of 13.3%. just to repeat, they're expecting second quarter revenues of 6.6 billion euros at deutsche bank. these are preliminary numbers for the second quarter they are announcing above consensus results for q2 to give you more details about this, they're expecting that net income number to be 400 million
4:34 am
eur euros. they're expecting pre-tax number to be around 700 million euros these are the consensus preliminary results for deutsche bank many of them beating consensus i'm happy to say annette wise back joins us on the line. what stands out to you, annette? >> they're beating consensus estimates. that's the first time in more than three years that the bank managed to beat the market expectations even if it comes down to revenues because all the last quarter, we've seen a weak line when it came to revenues they're saying revenues should be at 6.6 billion euros compared to what the market was expecting, 6.4 billion euros that should be a positive sign that things are going better at germany's largest lender looking a little bit into the deta
4:35 am
detailp always say the devil is in the details when it comes to the number report of 50% lower revenue line than last year we'll have to look into those numbers when we get the full data set next week on thursday it also means that trading, like the fixed business of the bank is, again, doing worse than a lot of their peers because that is what investors really don't like because here -- came for the bank for all these years looking at those numbers, having said that, also the cost line is a positive test. because what the former ceo did not manage to do is cut costs. it relied on -- top executer and
4:36 am
he's managing to actually cut costs more than people have expected that's quite a thing for the bank the nickname for deutsche bank was that they can do everything but they cannot manage costs so it should be positive as i said, the full data set will get we'll get next thursday this is a positive thing for deutsche bank. back to you. >> annette, you mentioned the line is down noninterest expenses from 6.6 billion as an expectation instead of 5.8 it looks like they managed to cull 700 people from ranks over the last three months. that seems to be a major source of that cost cutting is that something that they will continue based on your understanding of the bank's
4:37 am
position >> actually, that's something they're going to continue. they're going to shed some areas they don't want to do business anymore. that means that they're going to shed people. they have not said how many people they're going to shed that is something we don't know. but it's quite clear that they have to sort of remove some layers also inside the bank and where this is going to happen, we don't know yet. apart from those units which were already mentioned that they are going to shed. they will clearly downsize in the united states even though they have been saying it all over again that they are saying committed to the u.s. market >> thank you so much that was annette weisbach from germany. russian president putin will propose a reduction on -- putin
4:38 am
would like to discuss arms control during the meeting with u.s. president donald trump. they deny allegations of meddling in the 2016 u.s. presidential election but are ready to discuss the issue that's according to that news agency hadley gamble is in helsinki we have the indictments on friday, hadley we're hearing russians, according to r.a. saying they're prepared to talk about this. how could this possibly go today? >> that's a very good question, willem the russians coming out essentially saying they'll be open to conversations about it admitting nothing. essentially denying they will have anything to do with that. the anniversary of mh 17 is today. i think it's interesting to note that we're having the meetings alongside that anniversary remember, of course, the reasons why russia got into trouble in the first place. u.s. sanctions on the country.
4:39 am
crimea and certainly as a result of several years now of what they would call bad behavior it's interesting as well, if you take a step back and think about the fact that there's so much anxiety right now in washington inside the beltway about how this meeting is going to go and whether u.s. president donald trump could give too much away or the perception could be he could give too much away on the agenda, they'd be speaking with crimea and also foresee addressing the indictment of the 12 russian officers last week it remains to be seen. but at the end of the day, if you think about this more broadly, he's already managed to slam european allies repeatedly over the last several days calling into question the relationship that the united states has with nato allies, a lot of pushback from eu countries but the president coming out swinging when it came to nato ail allies
4:40 am
that they had appreciated the tone they took and the forthrightness a couple of days ago. he was saying that the eu was a foe alongside russia and china when it comes to trade this morning coming out swinging, not against russia, but the meddling and the failures of previous administrations to effectively deal with that country >> you mentioned that the lack of any formal agenda firmly issued by the white house. we've now had the comments leaked to a russian government-owned news agency that they have a number of items on their agenda. the u.s. intelligence agency has said these are the things we expect russia to try and get out of this meeting. the president saying i'm open-minded, i want to talk about anything doesn't that give the russians the control over the scale and scope of the conversations today? >> if i would hazard a guess, bill, this is because the white
4:41 am
house officials know through trial and test, it's never a good idea to put words in th president's mouth, especially from a statement from his administration and certainly those who are members of his communication's team it's never wise to put words in the president's mouth to figure out what the president hopes to achieve out of the meeting he himself was setting low expectations but said he was open to talks with mr. putin i think at this point, it's anybody's guess. >> hadley, thanks so much. we'll keep you there if that's okay i'll bring in the senior risk analysis joining us live from new york. both the u.s. and russian governments have said essentially there is no fixed agenda we've now heard things through a russian news agency, there are items that the russian authority would like to talk about why does this meeting matter at all? there's nothing fixed on the agenda >> well, just simply because there's a number of issues and irritants within the buy rilatel
4:42 am
relationships. moscow's leverage in that feeder is something the u.s. would like to see a discussion over of course, there's the issue around arms. i mean, the new star treaty in 2011 is set to expire in 2021. both sides would like to see potentially movement on that accord really just, of course, the issue around meddling in the 2016 general election at least from the u.s. perspective. if not really coming from the trump white house, but certainly from the federal government. like to see language coming out of the summit that addresses that issue >> putin has been the top of government in russia for 18 years. president trump has been president for 18 months. is there more at stake for the american leader than the russian one here
4:43 am
>> probably so i mean, i think putin's aim has been discord in the west and fracturing the western alliance so to speak. trump, some of his statements of -- some would argue have -- i think it's really about gaining some sort of progress in some of the bilateral issues that we mentioned. if they were to at least provide some statements or some sort of way to show that this wasn't just some sort of a meeting as the u.s. ambassador to moscow has stated but actually has some sort of concrete proposals coming out of it, it would be some sort of way to show this hasn't been really a waste. >> we're hearing from the russian news agency, the russians would like to talk about arms control, syria, presumably their ideal scenario involves the ending of 2018 sanctions on high-profile billionaires and the recognition
4:44 am
of their ownership of crimea is that ever going to happen do you think? >> i think some of the ambiguous statements around crimea may increase expectations on the russian side certainly, we don't expect the white house to really make any comments that kind of legitimize the annexation at all. in terms of the april 2018 sanctions which are, of course, some of the harshest out of treasury department, those are not captured under statute which were the obama era ones. that's potentially offering an off ramp to maybe rescind them that's something, again, which would carry tremendous amount of political risk for this white house if they were to move against sort of winding those down and not getting anything in return. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. thanks so much coming up on the show, we'll speak with l 3 technology firm as the firm looks to expand its
4:45 am
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airbus firmed the deal to provide more jets to china's airlines the agreement was previously pencilled. it's worth just over $3 billion. u.s. defense firm l3 technologies has announced it hired steve o'brien as the global head of business development. a fornler lockheed martin employee -- l3 says he'll look after key areas of the businesslike u.s. military programs and foreign sales phil la beau is at the air show and you have someone with you to shine more light on that development at l3. >> absolutely. chris subasic, the president and ceo of l3 technologies, wee were talking about some of the announcements you've been making here at the show focusing on a whole smattering of areas you're uniquely positioned in defense and commercial
4:49 am
let's start with defense first how encouraged are you by what you're seeing in terms of the demand and the appetite at this show >> we're very encouraged i think the demand is up the budgets are up there's a lot of demand for more products l3, we're a little more innovative and more affordable than a lot of the other expense contractors. that's playing well as i travel to asia, it mideast and here in europe. >> does it uniquely position you because of the threats out there, they're coming from areas we may not have expected in the past and you can be more nimble and quicker in terms of addressing them for your customers, right >> absolutely. we've started with innovations we do one week sprints where we get the men and women together and try to solve complex problems it's been very effective modeling what they do out of the silicon valley area. >> when you look at the commercial side, you've
4:50 am
announced and opened up this facility here in the uk for pilot training globally, there's no slowdown in demand can you crank them out fast enough in terms of your pilot training academys? >> absolutely. we invested 100 million for eight full flight simulators about a 30,000 per year pilot shortage most of that driven by new aircraft a little bit on retirements. we see no end in sight so yeah, it's a good investment. it's an area we're focused on. >> there would so many who look at the pilot shortage and say this is going to limit airlines or cargo operators from expanding as quickly as they are forecasting. do you share that concern? >> i do. i think so there's clearly a shortage in pilots we rolled out a couple years ago our pilot academy. we bring in about 1500 students a year for 18 months and here in the uk, portugal, new zealand and in florida and 18 months
4:51 am
later, they know how to fly commercial aircraft. that's our contribution in addition to the simulators and the training academy. >> yet that demand continues to go and therefore that shortage is not going away. >> it appears to be that's the case, absolutely. >> let's talk about your baggage scanning technology. we see most of it, biggest deployments here in northern europe. >> right. >> how quickly do you see other airports saying clear scan technology needs to be implemented as soon as possible. >> i think there's a big demand for that clearly, what we're seeing the passenger experience has to be improved as does the security. so the clear scan machine does both it allows the passengers to get through more quickly with better technology there's a recapitalization coming and this is clearly the obvious choice to replace the old machines it does allow the passengers to keep the liquids and the laptops in their bags.
4:52 am
that's great for all of us as we travel. >> is the issue the fact that you need the capital deployed whether from the tsa or from other government agencies around the world, does it need to go a little bit faster, so to speak >> we believe it does. we've made great progress in the european region. amsterdam placed a big order and we're talking on a regular basis in the u.s. with the tsa and congress and we're hopeful that more comes soon. >> one last area, mergers and acquisitions that's the dna of l3 you did eight last year. you've got a couple more in the pipeline that market is showing no sign of slowing down? >> absolutely. we've committed to spend up to a billion dollars a year in m and a. that's our top priority. we wake up every day trying to figure out how to grow and help our customers. we plan to continue that >> you're confident that that market stays robust in terms of the funding, et cetera >> absolutely. absolutely a lot of the acquisitions that
4:53 am
we make, two we closed on we've been working with for three years. we find a lot of the individual entrepreneurs come to l3 because of our business model where we balance the perennial spirit with the -- entrepreneurial spirit with the be company the president and ceo of l3 technologie technologies these folks are uniquely positioned on the commercial and the defense side it's a nice pulse of the market, if you will from them at the farnborough air show thank you for bringing us that well, the world cup is over. it's france that has emerged as champion winning the trophy for a second time. it was a frantic filled end as the french beat croatia 4-2 in moscow here are the details. >> thank you, willem
4:54 am
a sixth multiple winner. france adding to their 1998 triumph. they beat croatia in the final they did do it the hard way. they beat belgium and uruguay, one of the favorites and argentina in a round of 16 also one of the favorites. a day after bastille day it was fitting that france beat croatia, they've gotten through three extra times. two penalty shootouts and effectively ran out of steam this is how they did it, france. a fortunate end goal got them on their way. what a goal here the first touch with absolutely -- get out of his feet and drive it past reese then, well, is this deliberate a penalty decision in a world cup final. a brave referee making the call there. he kept the call france 2-1 up at halftime. this man here, signed him for 90
4:55 am
million pounds you may be asking what he does for you. everyone knows what he does. 19 years old wasn't even born the last time france won a world cup now, emulating pele, 1958 was the last time a teenager scored in a world cup final france, a world champions again. some people call this man the water carrier because of the way he played leading france to a world cup win. well, he's certainly the water carrier in some records. rain teeming down in the stadium when the trophy was presented. the officials getting a shower becoming the third man in history after france -- to win the world cup as a player and a manager. maybe it wasn't that much of a surprise that france won the world cup. these were the scenes in paris on the champs did --
4:56 am
[ naming players ] >> this was the score that france took to the world cup the most popular and estimated expensive squad at the world cup. a 1.4 billion euros. england second getting to the semifinal p france making up a large part of that money winning the world cup. >> adam, thank you so much for that we're going to end it there. thank you so much for joining us i'm willem marks world exchange coming up next. you're awesome and xfinity would like to say, "thank you".
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