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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  September 13, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the doj is a focus on this company for the two months to come here. so i'm not a buyer >> i like the symmetry. >> play the music. celine shets building what happened to tony braksen but i love intel but i love intel >> see you back here tomorrow. "mad money" starts right now >> my mission is simple -- to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends i want to make you some money. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer unless you're a genuine stock junkie, this could be a pretty boring business. i speak from experience when i
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say most days tend to be pretty darn mundane when it comes to things that drive stocks higher or lower, some wild tweet, a fed that doesn't get it, one that does good employment numbers that send stocks up today, dow gaining 147 points. s&p advancing, nasdaq climbing but every now and then, every now and then, just when you least expect it, we get something big. something that changes the whole darn game. ♪ hallelujah something like we got from innovations like yesterday from apple. some have become jaded about these iphone launches. they don't always move the needle when it comes to apple stock. i've been following more focused, as i love a business model when we pay a country
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every month because their service is so darn essential there was costco, netflix, amazon prime, a couple of support services in i decision to my broad band provider. then in person, someone who will remain nameless, failed to take my phone out of my pocket before she put my pants into the washing machine. that's all it took to make me realize that i-cloud backup is essential. they keep the money rolling in year after year. the service business also eliminates some of the bumpiness caused by the one and done nature of iphone you buy the razor, you have to keep buying the blades i didn't pay much attention to the new phone or the new watch did you see the intros yesterday? i had just gotten the new ones over the summer. but when i look at the new features, like the amazing camera, so much for my sony, the
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dual phone lines, the incredible screens makes me excited and yes, we got some waterproofing. but it's hard to live owithout i-cloud. but the real breakthrough is the watch. i wanted a smart watch that wanted to monitor your heart rate, the atrial fibrillation model. apple has given it to us in a watch. i love all the features of my current watch, but these health monitors become necessities. and for the elderly parts or grand parents, you're being foolish if you don't get one of these devices that we just saw yesterday. i think we should get a break on our health insurance premium it is we wear the new apple watch i think your cardiologist will insist on getting it once you reach a certain age, it's crazy not to have a device with emergency assistance
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capabilities, especially ones that kick in when you're unresponsive when my late father got older, it's almost useless, because if your parent falls, they're probably not going to be falling next to the device so let me put it this way, as exciting as the new iphone features are, i think you're being down right negligent if you don't get the new apple watch. and here's the big kicker. if you get the watch, you're going to get the phone that's the way it works. consider the watch as the gateway drug to the whole apple ecosystem. revolutionary, not evolutionary. just what the doctor ordered now, let's go back to the concept of innovation, because it's important when you're trying to pick stocks right. when i was a hedge fund manager, the best move i ever caught is when intel -- not the 286 chip, the first big pc game changer but the 386, the 486, and ultimately the pentium i mention each generation. why? because they were all
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prerevolutionary i bought stock of intel ahead of each one i stayed with the stock the whole run. it was clear cut innovation. i felt the same way about windows. i held that stock. as intel and microsoft continued to innovate, their stocks made a killing. that's a critical lesson apple, i have no doubt that its self-drive technology will continue the tradition how about netflix which went from being a dvd company to streaming video company that knows exactly what i want before i know it. what do they have in common? they're tremendous stocks with the exception now of intel why? what happened? it stopped innovating. it's now been overtaken by nvidia and even amd, part pit bull, part who knows what? is named nvidia. you know what? i just renamed my pub amd.
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he now answers amd when i starve him and offer him a treat. he's learning. presidential tweets, employment reports, you name it when a company does something revolutionary, it changes behavior and creates demand where it didn't exist before when most companies talk about innovation, it's hot air almost everything that's marketed as new and improved is the same old stuff with new packaging. must have of what passes for innovation is an iteration, a look, a feel there are companies that make things easier with software, and that matters there are devices that can make your life easier, but a car drives you from a to b made with electricity instead of gasoline. the plane takes as long as it always has the pc it's still pc, even if you add a touchscreen. for the most part, even the drug companies have stopped making
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break thrusthroug breakthroughs. but tech that innovation can move the needle it can altar behavior. it can be new and improved to the point where you have -- where it's obsolete what you already own. what you own is no longer good enough yesterday, apple revealed a device that outmoded my watch. alas, poor watch am i upset i bought this one in june no, it's been fine but the old watch is like -- you know what? it's like record player. the new watch leapfrogs the cassette, the 8-track and the cd it's the equivalent of an mp-3 player it makes me wish i were younger, and not for the usual reasons. the kids have a better understanding of what makes the new iphone and the new watch so revolutionary. but even with the baby boomer's grasp of the product, i know i need it for the second line and the better camera.
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the bottom line. there are a lot of things that can drive a stock higher but if you want to know what produces massive multiyear gain, it's sustained, revolutionary innovation like what anned just gave you. when you look at the new phone and watch, you realize that apple's trillion dollar valuation is deserved. in fact, it could be worth a lot more than that, if i am right about the revolution that this great company unleashed in yesterday's product introductions. let's go to william in michigan. william! >> caller: boo-yah, professor cramer i'm 24 years old and a graduate from michigan state university >> yes >> caller: on behalf of the spartans, go green >> i like that holy cow, there we go. >> caller: i've been investing for a couple years now and i use the peg ratio as a valuation tool you mentioned that you like to see a company have a peg ratio of below one and if it gets over two, it's too expensive.
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>> yeah, take some profits >> caller: i hold a position in proctor and gamble, and the reg ratio is currently above two my question for you is, do i sell my shares for a profit? >> no, no, the earnings are underestimated and you have that 3.4% yield, which is terrific. don't sell it. let's go to mark in north carolina mark >> caller: jimmy c., a big happy boo-yah from beautiful asheville, north carolina, home of over 35 microbreweries. >> wow, i didn't know that >> caller: yeah. i'm a first-time, long-timer tot where are altria and the other tobacco companies regarding cannabis cigarette smokers are dying offy
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negative it's the liquor companies that are getting the pot headlines. when will altria put the marlboro man be put out to pasture -- >> we don't recommend any tobacco stocks on the show that's just my personal choice i can't do it anymore. constellation is the way to do it if you want to do it. no, let's not wait for -- we certainly -- i love this thing i do not want to wait for the tobacco companies because i don't think you should own them. all right, guys. oh, man, do i have to throw it away i'll give it to regina my
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executive producer i don't need this anymore. there's a better one coming. have a slice, too. a slice and the iphone and the watch. any way, the name of the game, it's innovation. it's what is propelling apple and it has the ability to trump just about anything. on "mad money" tonight, how bar stool sports is swinging for the fences and the sector has been railing but is it full steam ahead first, it's a company that's flying, literally. don't miss my sitdown and flying with the ceo and stay with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow @ jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something
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one company is taking to the skies, with technology built for defense. has the future of aviation already arrived or can this stock find new ways to reach new heights?
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>> last december, we checked in with avav. it's the maker of unmanned aircraft systems, think droep ds for the military we spoke to the ceo who told a compelling story i bet those skeptics are kicking themselves now, because thins that interview, this stock has doubled. last week, the company reported a quarter that sent its shares surging to $99, and now it's at $1 $111 stunning increase in gross margins, 25% to 42%. and turns out the drone business is hotter than we thought. can the stock keep roaring let's take a closer look with the president and ceo of avav.
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welcome back to "mad money." have a seat. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks so much. it's been spectacular. there was a time when some people questioned how you were doing, but it's clear between the defense appropriations, this is a great time for the company. >> it's an exciting time and we're excited about the valuation creation opportunities for the defense markets, as well as the commercial markets. since i just met you last time, we've repositioned the company with a divesture, we're now a pure play unmanned systems company focused on four defining technologies roboti robot robotics, software, sen source a -- sensors and connectivity if you remember last time, we saw the switchblade, made for
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lethality, which is protecting our troops this is designed for submarine applications this would fit into a submarine and a submarine can launch this while submerged at periscope level and it gives it visibility, eyes in the sky essentially, far beyond what the pair scope can see, and without very little signature, with very little ability for the enemy or the adversaries to find out. >> how about if the enemy has drones >> well, drones are everywhere, but what we provide for customers is very unique we're unrivaled in the industry in terms oh of what we offer to our men and women in uniform, as well as the commercial markets the ability to have the sophisticated sensors,
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reliability, ruggedness, small packages, integrated systems and solution, all of that is what we have been doing for decades. >> and you just got -- there's a big appropriations bill, $113 million that's in the budget, obviously this is something that president trump is clearly favored when it comes to military >> we believe that -- we've always believed in the potential of our businesses in general but now i think after several years of sequestration, the u.s. government realized we need to really upgrade our systems within our d.o.d. forces so we represent 86% of the d.o.d.'s drones as a company so we're unrivaled in this space. it comes from the decades of innovation that our engineers and scientists have put into these solutions. >> when you were on last, you said it represents a multibillion dollar opportunity. you were the legal provider of
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ev it didn't just work out? >> we wanted to focus on the highest roi opportunities for shareholders and our business and stake holders. after several reviews, we realized we need to focus on things we believe has the highest return long-term that's why -- and we still believe that -- >> it's no longer -- your margins just went up so the softbank relationship, what will that give you? >> we formed a joint venture with softbank corporation to pursue the business of 5-g and iot globally what we are going to be doing in this phase of the joint venture is to develop and demonstrate a stratosphere that is powered by solar power, energy. and it's going to fly on the edge of the atmosphere, and
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aerovironment has years of experience with this think of it as a super cell tower up in the stratosphere and providing connectivity for everybody that needs it. >> well, you could have hundreds of those >> well, the world is pretty large, as you know we could be flying this, of course and we're focused on this phase of the development, which is to demonstrate this capability. we have a very rich and deep history there. we have already flown -- in fact, we have the world altitude record, over 96,000 street with a solar powered airplane we did a decade and a half ago. >> how about fires or hurricanes, what can first responders use >> we continue to believe that our systems and solutions, the way they're made, like your fly it in thunderstorms, fly it in rain, dunk it in water and fly it back again, is really well positioned nor the types of
6:21 pm
application that we hear about these days hurricane katrina, we used them in the aftermath in terms of the rescue missions that were there. fires in california, the west coast, our systems are made for those types of really, really mission critical, rugged applications >> at the same time, allies are buying them. i know the president has said, look, we want you to spend more, for instance in nato germany and port gugal just gave you a big order. >> absolutely. we won an important contract with the portuguese army for our systems. now air national customers represent over $100 million of our business and the number of countries now grown over 45 different countries in allied nations around the world >> agriculture i know that we have olive garden, it's hard to check each tree i can only imagine what it must
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be when you have thousands of acres. it would seem to be a natural application. >> i believe, jim, that similar to what we have done in the defense space in terms of our solutions for the men and women in uniform in our 45 plus allied nations. this is a game changer for commercial markets, and initially focused on a the agriculture industry the whole system is a great example of sensors, robotics and connectivity incredible >> since we seen you last, it gets better and better the people who bet against you, what happened to them? president and ceo of avav. this is an amazing story we said it last time, right in the teeth of the people who said it, you're wrong "mad money" is back after the break.
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all aboard >> you want to know why i can't brick myself to get that cautious about this market look at the rails. since the end of june, the four major domestic railroads have all caught fire. rallying anywhere from 10% to 17%. yet they all rallied double digits in less than three months you might think that would be unsurprising after all, an economy as strong as this one, the rails should be on fire. these are transporters they move stuff around when commerce picks up, you expect the earnings to pick up, too, which leads to higher stock prices that's why so many look at the transports as the perfect way to test a rally's legitimacy. the transports tell you the truth. when the rails are running, the economy is truly as strong as it looks. in reality, even though the
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economy has been terrific, the rails haven't been the greatest performers until the last few months, the stocks spent most of 2018 marking time so it's not just a big deal for this one industry but the entire market so how exactly did the railroads get their mojo back and can they keep it going? first, all four of these stocks are very much their own animals. and every time i refer to the rails as a discrete cohort, it is a generallation -- a generalization. csx lost its legendary ceo last december and everyone expected the stock to get oh l obliteratd kansas city southern has been a consistent underperformer because it has more exposure to cross border trade with mexico, and that's problematic with
6:27 pm
president trump. second, these companies and their stock still have a lot in common so we're going to make some generalizations. when you look at the action of the group, they have all trounced the averages with only kansas city southern lagging slightly behind. but outperformance came from two brief periods. last year, they folded higher in anticipation of a strong setup for 2018 then the rally got derailed when president trump suddenly got tough on our trading partners. these railroads connect our ports to the rest of the country, meaning they handle imports and exports and anything that hurts trade hurts them. so they spent this year trading sideways, until the past few months ten months ago, it seemed like the rails were unstoppable from the middle of last october to the middle of january, they had some monster moves union pacific up 25%, csx up 12%. kansas city up just 6% over the
6:28 pm
same period. investors had good reason to be optimistic we had a booming economy everybody was talking about synchronized global growth, the first time the whole world was in great shape since the financial crisis the rails can practically print money because they're moving so much from point a to b locomotives are the wheels of commerce and yes, that was a fern demand reference. the railroad rally, though, quickly faltered the rails rebounded in february, but in march, the whole group got smacked down by the president's multifront trade war. every time things escalated with china or europe, investors were worried about what it would mean for these stocks union pacific gets a ton of business from ports on the west
6:29 pm
coast. they'll be put by tear roughs. norfolk southern loses out when we have less trade from europe kansas city southern is about moving from mexico to the united states, which made the stock tough to own on top of that, there was some serious service issues, aside from csx, which had already restructured itself. the other three railroads looked like less efficient operators because the tracks were too congested and they've been running all out for too long so what turned things around the broader bull market in the transport helped, thanks to the rise of e-commerce there's tons of demand for trucks and trains. we've heard many companies complain about higher shipping costs, but that's good news for railroads. it means they're getting more business and able to charge higher prices. and the price of crude oil is held above $60 a barrel for nine
6:30 pm
months now, so producers have gotten more aggressive pumping and they ship by rail. we got some top and bottom line beats from all four. even better, the underlying volume and pricing trends were incredibly bullish again, this should have been a surprise, but it was a welcome reminder that there's more to these stories than tariffs than trade speaking of trade, even when the tensions kept escalating, the rails kept rallying. union pacific barely blinked when president trump said he wanted to slap tariffs on china. why? some people believe we'll get a positive resolution here president trump sounds very confident, even as his administration has agreed to new talks with the chinese but he's right that the trade war is hurting them more than us he also reached a deal with
6:31 pm
mexico last month that will get us better terms on nafta, as soon as canada signs on. kansas city southern is the biggest winner but perhaps more important, like so many of the china oriented industrials that have lately, the trade war will hurt less than many initially feared the bottom line here, the railroad stocks are finally getting the credit they deserve now that wall street is not quite so terrified by the trade war. and look, even with this move, the rails remain cheap, selling 16 to 18 times extra earnings estimates. i think they have more room to run, and i think that union pacific is the best of the bunch. >> all aboard. >> austin in tennessee, austin >> caller: hey, jim, austin from nashville, tennessee i wanted to get your thoughts on the chinese electric car maker, neo. >> oh, my. it's so funny you mentioned it the stock is -- it's quintupled.
6:32 pm
this is a dice roll. i'm not recommending any chinese stock. this is a dice roll. it's like betting on raindrops and i'm taking raindrop a. matt in georgia, matt. >> caller: thanks for taking my call, jim. congrats on your eagles' victory over our falcons last week >> go, birds >> caller: my question is on norwegian cruise line. they have new ships coming on line, creating possible overcapacity and diesel pricing is forecasted to rise in the coming year given these head winds, do you feel that norwegian with the few cfo can break out to the upside or do you view the stocking as a safe play? >> first of all, our viewers are incredibly smart and matt raises the key issues, which is the overcapacity and the possibility of escalation and fuel let me just say this, he's talking about frank del rio is the ceo.
6:33 pm
i care more about that than the cfo, and he has it under control. i would be a buyer of nor wean -- norwegian it's a good stock to own guys, it's all aboard when it comes to the rail stocks. they benefit from the trade war worries, and they can keep chugging higher. and union pacific is my favorite much more "mad money" ahead. how bar stool continues to stay on the offense and speaking of sports, the gloves are off why i've had enough of the sports analogies in stocks and tonight's edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer experience a blend of refined craftsmanship... ...and raw power.
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engineered to take the crown. the lexus ls 500 and ls 500h. experience amazing at your lexus dealer.
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i said it before and i'll say it again, if you want to know what companies will succeed in getting your business, they need to know what millennials like tonight, i'm talking about
6:37 pm
barfool sport barstool they've got videos, podcasts, and just this past weekend, they aired the first episode of barstool sports advisers, their gambling advice show thank you, supreme court, for legalizing betting on sports it also runs on even though they're very edgy, that seems to be what the younger demographic likes. let's check in with the founder of barstool sports and found out more how they do it. welcome back to "mad money." >> thank you >> thanks for having us. >> exciting time for you guys. multimedia company just give me the arc first and tell me how it's working business wise. >> started as a newspaper in boston i was handing them out started as a gambling newspaper.
6:38 pm
now we're full circling with the gambling being past. and developed into boston, new york, chicago. and 2 1/2 years ago, we told after of it, brought erica on and have had explosive growth since then >> in terms of revenue, the gambling has to be big for you but this app seems like it's what people want right now how do you balance it? >> we're doing a lot that people want right now we created a snap chat show. it's the top ranked snap chat snow it's been live for two months. we continue to deliver products every day. we understand the market quickly, and we look to find unique ways to make money around those things >> isn't it amazing that, look, the supreme court legalizes gambling and yet, almost no one wants to
6:39 pm
touch it, except for the millions of people who want to gamble it's been a natural for you guys >> and to erica's point, what we do, we talk about things that people like. i enjoy gambling i was a gambler before i started barstool i flew to vegas and interviewed with casinos so we're very good just covering stuff naturally and react, what's legal, we weren't focused on gambling. the supreme court legalized it, let's launch a gambling show move quick and beat the bigger guys >> how does it work? i listen, i get the best ideas and i place the bet? >> well, sort of nobody has retired gambling on sports or horses, at least nobody i know. but we try to be entertaining. combine real picks, real knowledge. i enjoy it we mimicked a show from the early '90s, "the sports advisers," who i grew up watching once they legalized gambling, we
6:40 pm
brought it back. so it's retro, it looks like you stepped into the '80s. it's different and when you turn this on, you know you are watching something else. that's what we pride ourselves in >> i looked at the app, and i've got to tell you, if i were the people at yelp, i would say, wait a second, one bite is what the younger people want. yelp is my age >> yeah. >> did you figure that out yourself just because people liked to talk about pizza? >> dave likes to talk about pizza, so that's where dave was doing pizza reviews, we're getting hundreds of thousands if not millions of reviews. >> including people that will never go to the pizza parlor >> including people who had never heard of barstool sports so dave walks down the street and he's the pizza guy people asked him, how can i find all the pizza places now we're seeing over 100,000 restaurants in under a month in this app we're see 2g00,000 users
6:41 pm
where they can find great pizza, see entertaining review, leave their own reviews and find new places to order. >> so are you going to go full circle >> we are already taking a cut of the orders. >> and no resistance >> people like it. we're helping people discover pizza. there's no uniform database for pizza in the u.s why shouldn't that be from us. >> you want to stick with pizza because that's your favorite food >> yes, we want to stick with pizza, it is my favorite food, but you can go to chinese food, mexican, anything. >> the format is such that i want to tell people. look, i own a restaurant, we're opening a pizza place. >> now i know why you invited us it opens at 5:00 i think every day, so it's a tough time, but that is number one on my hit list it's in brooklyn >> it's impossible to get in
6:42 pm
i love pizza so much last time you were on, you gave me a gift. >> here we go. >> i own it because i love you >> here we go. >> it turned out -- i need you -- >> i was wrong >> i love you even more. >> thank you for making me admitting that >> you're an inspiration to a lot of people and you're doing what your heart desires and making money and you're funny, cool you're what everybody wants to do that's dave portman, the founder of barstool and erica. i love these guys. "mad money" is back after the break. duncan just protected his family
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sit time it's time for the lightning round. >> sell sell sell, buy buy buy >> and then the lightning round is over. are you ready, questiskedaddy
6:46 pm
khalil in texas. >> caller: what do you think about gilead >> it's real low and cheap i wouldn't sell it here, but i do not have reason to recommend the stock. robert in -- no, cyrus in new york cyrus. >> caller: jim, i wanted to get your take on encore capital. >> very, very hard hard business. you would have to do a huge amount of work to convince me to buy that one robert in massachusetts, robert. >> caller: hey, coach cramer, how are you doing? >> doing great thank you for calling me by my real name. what's up? >> caller: a little coaching on kfem, they are confusing me so much >> it's a foundry company and they don't make a lot of money that's the problem we would rather be in amd than
6:47 pm
foundry. keith in michigan. >> caller: boo-yah, and how are you this evening, professor? >> not bad thank you for asking how about you? >> caller: pretty good, except for two problems i'm so nervous i almost forgot how to say boo-yah and second of all, i am in a quandary regarding chevron >> the problem, chevron is a great american company, okay and it yields almost 4%. just hold on to it because it's a very well-run company but it's not going to run away that's the problem may i suggest those who are looking for more yield, go with bp let's go to dave in new jersey, david. >> caller: i'm calling tonight about -- >> that was that -- i liked that guy, but the stock suspeisn't d anything you need infrastructure. it's like u.s. concrete.
6:48 pm
you need infrastructure. until you get infrastructure spent, it won't move travis in iowa, travis >> caller: cramer, need your help >> the stock was right around here you know, he's got to come back. it hasn't moved. it's not come up and a lot of the stocks in that area have started to do better so we need to have more intel. let's go to cotton in louisiana. cotton >> caller: how are you doing >> good, cotton, how about you >> caller: i'm doing great i was looking at weatherford >> no, man, the last thing you need is weatherford. this group is from hunger. i can't get anybody in these stocks let's go to ken in virginia. ken? >> caller: jim, how are you?
6:49 pm
>> all right you're up. what's up? >> caller: i just want to say, long-time listener your show remind is great. >> what's up >> caller: i was wondering about a stock called unity >> so high yielding that i have to throw the red flag where -- someone has thrown my red flag away i've got the -- oh, look at this doesn't this come in handy during a trade war let's go to bill in colorado bill >> caller: boo-yah, mr. cramer how are you? >> doing okay. i was up at 3:00 today i didn't get a nap what's up? >> caller: that doesn't sound like fun
6:50 pm
kmi. >> i liked them for a long time, but they did a lot of things in the balance sheet i didn't like and the stock has flat lined you know what? one more otto in florida. otto >> caller: hello, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: i'm calling from sunny south florida. i appreciate all you do. my stuff is ge do you think it's undervalued? >> i think that ge is still a wait and see story, but it seems to have bottomed and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the is the conclusion of the lightning round! >> the lightning brounround is sponsored by td ameritrade at's . it's a pretty big deal. so i can trade all night long? ♪ ♪ all night long... is that lionel richie? let's reopen the market. mr. richie, would you ring the 24/5 bell? sure can, jim. ♪
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trade 24/5, with td ameritrade. ♪
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can we stop it with the sports analogies already i'm as guilty as anyone, but i'm so tired hearing we're now in the seventh inning of this rally, or it's the fourth quarter of the move. it and it's not just the bears doing this kind of thing, it's just as bad when some bull comes on saying we're still early. the stock market is not a baseball game, it never ends so i'm going to stop doing this. these sports analogies are profoundly misleading.
6:54 pm
see in sports you can't turn the clock back you never from the fevenseventh inning to the fifth inning in stocks, you sure can. right at this moment, some of these industrial rallies feel like they're in the seventh inning we could be in the bottom of the seventh after hearing "take me out to the ball game." hold it for a moment, though what if these low level trade negotiations with china accomplish something what if the story yesterday how the chinese are starting to play nice turns out to be true? if china takes an order that was going to go to airbus and gives it to boeing, then are we in the fourth, the second it's not a helpful analogy how about amd, up 196% for the year i heard that we're in the late innings for this one, because they're a chipmaker, and the run
6:55 pm
can't last how do these bears explain themselves being wrong the whole way up do they say we're still in the seventh inning do they tell us it's a brand new ball game? for those of us who believed in $30 stocks, i say thanks for nothing. what inning is it for the housing stocks, top of the ninth? how about the oil companies, game over? how is that helpful? of course, when someone makes sports analogies and it turns out to be right, everyone treats them as some kind of savior. if you say that, and then the market gets hit, you look like a genius ♪ hallelujah you called the shots, you're the new bambino. but if it keeps going higher, maybe that's just because we've gone into the eighth inning. the bears already have a ready excuse they're never wrong, just early. the bulls get held to a much
6:56 pm
higher standard. if you proclaim we're in the third inning and get slammed, you're going to be a youtube joke for the ages. the ninth inning of your career. the best thing to do, lose the analogies. they bring nothing to the table. we should explain what should happen to continue the move. and then you let things play out. no called shots, no youtube clips. but nothing -- i owned my first stock when the dow was at 820. i guess you can say the bulls have dominated but the reality, lots of stocks have done very well over the long haul and you would have missed out on some massive gains if you listened to the so-called experts who claimed we were in the seventh inning the whole way up stick with cramer.
6:57 pm
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sometimes it's tough dog a sh -- doing a show in the afternoon. they priced it up and you're up seven points, what a great sign for iff, one of our favorite companies that do so many things great with flavors i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer i'll see you tomorrow.
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