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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  December 5, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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ing feeling. [ sniffles ] >> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ returning to the tank with a new opportunity for the sharks. ♪ hello, sharks. my name is aaron marino, and i'm here today seeking a $100,000 investment for 10% equity stake in my new company, pete and pedro.
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so, if i look familiar to you, it's because i've been here before, but last time, i was pitching the alpha m style system... -a.2, b.2! -oh, yeah. ...a solid idea, but at $300 a pop for a fashion formula, customers just didn't bite... -shocking. -...and neither did you. thank god. but you gave me something more valuable -- a new direction and life-changing advice. you see, i knew you were right. i needed a lower-price-point product, something that every guy needed and used. well, about a month after i was on "shark tank," there i am styling my hair when inspiration struck, and pete and pedro was born -- a new line of super-awesome men's hairstyling products. pete and pedro equals bueno hair. we're selling direct to the consumer, which means a higher-quality product at a great price. guys buy it, they try it, they love it, and sign up for the bueno hair club, where we automatically ship them their favorite pete and pedro product every four, six, or eight weeks. look, sharks, i'm back, this time with a product that men need and love, and i'm not walking out of here again without a deal,
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so who's ready to partner with me and share the hair? [ laughter ] all right. so, i've got some samples for you guys. cuban: notice there's only four, kevin. [ laughter ] i have six different styling aids and a shampoo and conditioner. smells delicious -- like lime and lemon. yeah, it's actually like a freshly bathed tiger. yours did? aaron, let me ask you a question. mine didn't. let me ask you a question. you're in a very exclusive club, you realize this. i am. the number of people that get back in the tank is very small, so i'd like to know, how fast did the other one go to zero? uh, here's the thing. it was, uh... [ laughter ] so, i was super excited, right? i didn't get a deal. i was like, "no problem. i'm still gonna be on national tv. i'm on 'shark tank,' baby, where dreams are made." [ laughs ] you know how many style systems i sold the first day that "shark tank" aired? one. aaron, let's -- let's call it what it was. basically, the sharks were right. -it was poo-poo on a stick. -your idea went to zero.
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-and it was -- it was... -but great entrepreneurs understand failure is part of the success path. now you have a new deal. why is this one not gonna go to zero, is what i want to find out. marino: because i'm already ahead of the game. this is a $1 million company that i've built in two years. it's making $1 million in sales right now? yeah -- right at $800,000. -what are sales this month? -$55,000. -wow. -good for you. -sorry. sorry. -and i'm growing -- and i'm growing at 15% per month. how did you do that? i am a youtuber. i talk about grooming, i talk about style, i talk about hair. how many followers do you have? um, right now i'm at 600,000. -wow. -yeah. i get 5.5 million views a month on my alpha m youtube channel and my website. i'm a savage on social media. greiner: you're hilarious. but what is the secret sauce? marino: the products themselves. each and every one of my products is a rock star in the respective category. you post a video, you're gonna talk about some grooming element, right? -yeah. -you're getting ready to go out. you show how you put the pomade or the putty, and you demonstrate the product, basically, right? and how many videos do you post like that?
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wait, wait, wait. no, no, no, no. i just want to know if it's every day. -let me -- let me go through it. -okay. and don't wave your hand down on me. i don't like it. cut it out. go ahead. -ooh! -kids! kids! -come on. -shark fight. okay, so, how many views does it get? in the first 24 hours, it'll get around 75,000. i have a 9% conversion rate when they go directly to... -very high. -i don't believe it. no, i-i get -- okay, i get that. -9%? -9%. that's unheard of. all my numbers are unheard of. not for youtube. not for youtube. do you get paid for those, or you're just selling the product? i get paid by youtube. i also get paid by these brands. jc penney sponsored a makeover series that i do. i've done a video for chevrolet for the new corvette. um, i'm talking to a few other big brands now. i mean, i've promoted everything from underwear to bombas socks -- remember them? i am approached by everybody. how much money do you get out of that? i'm just wondering how much comes from you being paid as a great salesman... yeah. ...and how much is from the actual product sale. two separate -- i've got two different businesses. how much did you bring in -- just out of curiosity... from the other business?
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as talent -- as talent as an "endorser." uh, from my alpha m, i did $600,000 last year. -wow. -wow. so, is that part of the deal you're offering us? -so, how do you split your time? -no, it's not. -and here's why, barbara. -that's the problem. marino: i'll tell you why. no, it's not, but let me tell you why. -it's a big problem. -i have no -- no, it's not, because what i have is credibility, and the moment that i have somebody else's money on the line basically determines -- cuban: it's not that this is a bad product, but it's you selling it. the real product is you. this just happens to be what you're selling right now. aaron, there's no other way to do it, because how do you allocate your time? if i give you $100,000 for 10%... mm-hmm. ...of the, uh, the donkey deal... [ greiner laughs ] ...why would i want you spending any time doing anything else? because it's the way that social media and influencers work. here's the thing. this is my full-time job, but another part of this is me creating content, engaging with people. why would i want one of my entrepreneurs spending any time doing anything else except making me rich? why would i do that? it's a byproduct of me doing what i do. -no, it isn't. -sure it is.
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put them together -- you put them together, and then every dime you bring in, i get 10% of it. that's how it should work. you're working for me to make money. -how appetizing. -that's what i want. -i bet you can't wait. -yeah. that sounds great, but let me... -[ laughs ] ...just for a second -- here's how we're gonna scale this. i'm an influencer. -i don't care. well, you should care, because it's worth millions of dollars! if i give you money, i'm your investor. you think i want you doing anything else for anybody else, if i give you money? cuban: so, if you decide to build this to be the next paul mitchell, right, you're gonna be the face, you're gonna be doing everything, and you're gonna be promoting, but they've got to be the same thing. they go hand in hand. i understand that. i appreciate that. -all right, aaron. i'm willing to make you an offer, okay? so let's just -- this is my first offer in the tank! -well, there you go. -there you go. you might regret it. -here's the deal -- alpha m merges with mini donkey, all right? the two of them come together. -okay. -because i want you full time. i give you the $100,000 for 20%, and i help you as much as i can, drive as much traffic as i can, 'cause that's actually how it works. that's the deal.
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what do you say to my offer? ♪
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♪ there's no place likargh!e ♪ i'm trying... ♪ yippiekiyay. ♪ mom. ♪ or 20%, but he wants aaron to combine his pete and pedro hair product company and his lucrative social-media business, alpha m. what do you say to my offer? i say that it's, uh -- it's -- it's -- it's a haircut. [ chuckles ]
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i think you're a great personality, and i can see why you do so well on youtube. for me, i don't -- i don't get why this is fantastic. for me, i don't think this is the right product, so i'm out. i understand. thank you. what you've proven since you were here last time is that you can drive traffic. what you happen to be driving traffic to is this product, and people are buying it. but there's other products. like, if i invest in this product and you come out with a hairbrush... -then there's another -- -...just as an example. yeah. is that part of the mini donkey, or is that part of alpha m? like, whi-which one? and if your loyalty is split, you're gonna go to where you make the greatest amount of profit. it's all got to be one thing. -it's one business. -so make me an offer, robert. i'm here to make a deal, because i need help, honestly. well, you got to combine the two. okay. you're the product, and the thing you're peddling is enthusiasm and confidence, and there's nothing more magnetic
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in any business field than that quality, and you've got it. i don't think you need any of our help, frankly, on building your following, doing social media. but what you don't know is what i know inside and out for building a business for 30 years. i know structure, organization, when to hire who, who to fire. i know all that, 'cause i've made every damn mistake out there. i'll offer you $100,000 for 10% of your alpha m social media business. that's it. ♪ i want a piece of everything you do. for $100,000, i want 20%, because i add so much more value. yeah, and the value he's gonna add, trust me, is he's gonna make you feel miserable every day of your life. herjavec: i'll give you the same offer as kevin, because i don't think kevin adds anything to this. i'll give you the $100,000 for 20% of the combined business. o'leary: okay. you've been offered three different deals. what do you want to do?
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okay, kevin, i appreciate your offer, but then, if it makes it easier... why don't you just reject him? he doesn't get it. i'm gonna, you know, say "thank you," but i'm not going to accept your offer. -why, aaron? -it's too much, and i don't feel you bring the value that i need. aaron, sorry, do you have a counter? -do you have a counter for the amount of money? -i wouldn't do it for less. [ laughs ] um... 10% of everything -- ooh, god. um...$300,000 for -- for 10%. corcoran: yeah, i'll tell you what -- i'll give you half the money if you get somebody else in the deal. mark, do it. bring on the social-media help. yeah, but i'm -- there's just not enough there for me, aaron. okay. i just think i bring too much value, but i think any of these guys would be great, but i'm out. okay. you're always gonna be the face of the brand. i'm interested in using your platform to move other products. so, how about this? i'll give you $100,000 for 10% of any products. today, starting with the little donkey.
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tomorrow, there will be a sweater, a pocket square. there will be other products. as people pay you for promotion, you -- you keep that money, but i see you as a platform to sell other products that men struggle with. -here's where that gets complicated. -doesn't work. is because i need my authenticity and i still have the ability to say "no." if you're my partner and you're saying, "hey..." -you still -- "'s the next product," and i've got to partner with you. -aaron -- no, no, no, no. hang on. aaron -- -you've got to combine it. -you can't -- you can't sell -- -barbara -- hold on. barbara, that 10% of alpha m, $100,000 -- you good? -yes. aaron... -yes. -let's do it. -[ laughs ] -you're a smart guy. you've got great judgment, you're good-looking. hey, come on! and we're gonna have kids together. -[ laughs ] -[ laughs ] -thank you so much. -thank you. -that's awesome. mm! -thank you. my pleasure. ♪ so, i made a deal with barbara but not for the company i went in to pitch. i'm like, "seriously." i'm like, "i've got such a good product here.
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it's gonna make a lot of money, but you don't want it? "you want me? okay. i'll sell me. let's do this." i don't think you know what you bought. i certainly do. i know what i saw there. this guy's a moneymaker, and he's already fast on that road, and i'm going for the ride. -i would've never done that deal that way. good luck, barbara. narrator: it's been another monumental season of "shark tank." man: ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [ applause ] president obama: welcome to the white house. we have a lot of brainpower here. we even got a few sharks. "shark tank's" become an american phenomenon, and us being here, the support of the president, just goes to show you that the american dream is alive and well, and i think "shark tank" has a lot to do with that. narrator: we've seen the power of the sharks... i pronounce you man and wife. i invested in these companies. now we're building our future on the something wonderful platform. we're gonna grow this to the hundreds of millions. i brought celebrity chef rocco dispirito here. i have big plans for these companies, and they're gonna take their businesses to an entirely new level. welcome to paradise!
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i'm so proud of each of my entrepreneurs. they all work like crazy to make their dreams come true. who wouldn't love a shrek slipper? man: dreamworks animation has reached out about a licensing opportunity. with robert on board, we have credibility now that we could've never achieved without him. narrator: ...and huge sales. so proud of all of you. since i've invested, combined sales are $188 million. [ air horn blows ] man: we've expanded to 28 cities, and our attendance has exploded. we've had $10.5 million in sales. man #2: we've grown to 12 employees, and we've done $2 million in sales. man #3: we've gone from one employee to over 20, and we've done over $10 million in sales. we finished the year over $14 million in sales. man #4: we started with one food truck. we now have 18 throughout the country. our total sales are $15 million. narrator: and "shark tank" entrepreneurs are changing lives around the world. -are you guys all ready to play? -yeah! woman: because of "shark tank," we've been able to get our toys to girls who will one day build our future. man #5: i want to make sure we have a healthy supply of food and water for future generations. if we can have more positive impact on more children's lives,
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that's our company's mission. woman #2: as young women in business, it's an incredibly humbling feeling to be able to do what we do and inspire others in the process. we're so grateful for our experience and know that our future is brighter than ever with the help of "shark tank."
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when you see some of the lowest options fees in the market and no platform fees? is it happy? good. then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. e*trade. the original place to invest online. ♪ narrator: next up is a healthy snack geared towards women when they need it the most. ♪
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[ sighs ] hi, sharks. i'm tania. i'm from boston. and i'm seeking $50,000 for 20% of my company. i know. i don't look excited to be here at all. [ laughter ] i am on the inside. it's just that my back is killing me, i have a splitting headache, i'm so bloated, this dress may pop off, and i'm exceptionally hot. that's right, sharks. i'm talking about pms. 90% of women suffer from one or more of the 150 symptoms of pms, and those symptoms can last an average of 7 to 10 days out of the month. think about that number, mr. wonderful. that's a third of your year where you'd be crankier than usual. [ chortles ] but i have a solution -- pms bites. pms bites are delicious and healthy bite-size snacks specifically designed for women when we need them most.
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they're made with all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients, and they contain a blend of herbs that women commonly take for bloating, cramping, and irritability. pms bites are the perfect snack to help women take those 122 days back and satisfy cravings without guilt. sharks, who's ready to take the bite out of pms? greiner: we all are. [ laughs ] -and i have samples for you. -we're ready to try them! -okay. -that's what i mean. herjavec: what's the most common symptom, tania? -i would say irritability. -lori, we know you need it. -oh, robert. -wow. -thank you. [ light laughter ] oh, i love the packaging. look at the package -- very cute. the main ingredients are dates, almond butter, and gluten-free oats. herjavec: these are really good. -great candy. it's great. -thank you. they're 50 calories each. -they're pretty good. -they're very good. thank you very much. how many have you sold? so, i have $13,400.07 in sales.
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-[ laughs ] -can you be a little more specific? how do you get the 7 cents in sales? every penny counts, mark. [ chuckles ] i have been selling for two months and executing my retail strategy for two months. how long did it take you to have $13,000 in sales? uh, seven months ago. herjavec: what kind of stores? retail -- independent retailers. are you making these by hand? i've made 7,500 bites by hand. -in your kitchen? -um, no. i have a commercial kitchen. why isn't it selling? oh... yeah, tania, you're the queen of small numbers. ♪ it's not a lack of interest in the market. it's a lack of funding. i'm a one-woman show. so i'm pitching to retailers, i'm making them, i'm packaging them, i'm delivering them on my bike. um... why did you come up with this? oh, i would get debilitating pms. it was horrible. but this is not a medicinal ingredient for pms. it's just a...a bon bon, right? greiner: well, you were saying there's herbs in it that women take to help pms. -yes. how do you know it actually offsets the symptoms of pms? it can't. what i'm saying is, this is a healthy alternative
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for women to any fatty, sugary food out there. cuban: for cravings. the downside to naming it pms bites, because, you know, i'm a guy. i like dates, but calling it pms bites is -- i'm not gonna reach on the shelf and buy that. she's not looking -- no, she doesn't want -- -you're not the target market. -but that's not my passion. -you're not her customer. -but you cut your market in half. greiner: well, let me ask you a question. couldn't you take and make these for everybody... absolutely. them something else, but on your website, you could put "this is great for women with pms"? if i named it "tania's vegan cookies," i wouldn't be in front of you today. yeah, you're one of everybody. -right? -well, but... -good point. it's a marketing play is what it is. i have a ton of testimonials saying, "i feel better when i eat them. i now have a product that i can crave and enjoy and not feel guilty afterwards." -and it's healthier. right. -and it's healthier. dates and brown rice are extremely low on the glycemic index, which means it's not gonna cause a spike in your blood-sugar levels and then leave you crashing later. sugar is the worst thing a woman can put into her body when she's pms'ing.
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it exacerbates your symptoms. -tell us your background. -yeah. what makes you an expert at cookies? i went into two consulting firms and led their marketing departments and branding departments and was not passionate about selling somebody else's dream. this is something that i'm passionate about, i use for me, and i know that women will love it. nobody's asked what these cost. so, they wholesale for $4.50 to retailers. -for three of them. -for three? for three. that's correct. it costs me $1.55 to make, so my margin's 66%. that means they're getting retailed for what? $7? -that's correct. what kind of a store? think of juice bars -- juice bars at high-end gyms like equinox. -i see. -you have these at equinox? i do. i have them at all massachusetts equinox. -and are they selling through? -yes. is there a vegan truffle-like ball that does not have sugar, that does not have flour and things like that in it?
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i mean, do you have competition out there? so, my main competition is any unhealthy product that women crave. direct competitors -- there's nobody adding herbs to the blend. you know, there are three things i think about when i look at a product. is it something people need and want? can it be made at an affordable price? and is there a broad mass audience for it? right? but if you're marketing it as a pms bite, you just lost half the market -- you lost children, you lost men. i'm sorry. i'm out. i love the marketing slogan, and i disagree with lori... -okay. ...because i think there's so much noise out there in this healthy-food category. you stand out because you're unique. but you're talking about hundreds of dollars, as kevin says. the numbers are just so small. i'm out. i feel like you need, um, somebody else joined with you at your hip to really push this thing. i don't see you selling this.
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i don't feel that energy, that drive. barbara, respectfully, i have so much energy. i have been pushing this from day one. i'll have to take you on face value. i hear the words, not the music. i am out. tania, i'm sorry. you are the princess of small numbers, and you have to become the queen of monster sales. it's too small for me. i'm out. okay. thank you. mark, have you decided? cuban: look, this is all about social media. where you go on social media is gonna make or break the product. what are you doing there? so, retail and online is gonna be super important, but i made the decision to be strictly focused on the retail side so that i could perfect the sales pitch, control the sales cycle. i think you made a strategic mistake in focusing specifically on retail. this is such a viral product. this is about "people talking to each other" type product.
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it's inconceivable to me that you didn't focus online to sell, particularly coming into here. and the one big upside isn't to drive people into equinox gyms in boston. -right. -you know? it's online, and so that makes me question things. and to do this, it would have to be an investment, not tuition, and it feels more like tuition, so for those reasons, i'm out. thank you. ♪ i feel like i have a lot of work to do, but they loved the product, and i know that women will be able to enjoy them, and i'm just gonna work so much harder.
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my name is tomer alpert, and i'm from telluride, colorado. i live here with my wife, gracie, and our new baby boy, leo. it's very realistic. as people get more dependent on their devices, they still crave a personal way to connect with each other. our product blends convenience with thoughtfulness, allowing people to share the way they feel with the people they care about most. how you doing, buddy? i haven't brought a paycheck home in four years. my wife and i have both been working on it full time, and we're literally out of cash. when i think about my family and the business, i almost can't believe what i'm doing. so much is at risk -- not only my future, but their future, as well.
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it's now about my son and his ability to have college and a future. it feels like the most enormous pressure i've ever been under in my life. frank frank, let's go! having a shark on board would validate every decision i've ever made for the business. it would give us the cash i need to pay rent and to keep the business afloat. [ smooching ] my family's put so much faith in me, i can't let them down. i hope a shark will join me and help spread the love. ♪ hi, sharks. my name's tomer alpert. i'm from telluride, colorado, and i'm seeking $200,000 for 6% of our company, felt. think about how wonderful it feels to receive a handwritten card in the mail, knowing that your friend picked the card just for you. and they took time to handwrite you
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a personal, thoughtful message. -hm. -great experience, right? now think about sending the card -- terrible experience. you have to drive to the store, pick a card from a giant wall, drive home, write your message, search for stamps, and still have to trek out to the mailbox. so it's no wonder we don't send more handwritten cards. that's why we built felt. now you can send an authentic, handwritten card from your phone or tablet anywhere, anytime. here's how it works. simply download felt from the app store, pick the card for your occasion, then handwrite your message right on the screen. you can use your finger or a stylus. address the envelope, and we print, seal, stamp, and mail the card for you. it is that simple. -pretty cool. -thank you. now, we're not only making card-sending simpler. we also make it better, because with felt, you can add up to three photos to your card,
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and you can even add a short handwritten message to each of them. and we built felt 'cause we want everyone to be able to be the heartfelt, thoughtful person they really are. so join us, sharks, and let's spread love around the world. i'd love to give you each a handwritten card i wrote you using felt. would this be exactly how i would get it? -exactly how you'd get it. -hm. do you have some photos in there we can see, too? -thank you, tomer. -i do. so, everybody's gonna get a different card. -thank you, tomer. -thank you. each card will be a sample of what you can do from the app. -thanks, tomer. -you're welcome. thank you. ohhh. -which one did you get? -i got the bulldog. that's one of our best-selling cards. so, felt is actually a marketplace for designers to sell their cards, which is a big part of our strategic plan. oh. that's interesting. tomer, can i upload my own jpeg? -yes. -and does it stay in my account? am i building an account for myself? -yes. all of your sentimental mail you send, we at felt -- your handwritten card, your photos -- get saved in the app... -yep. ...and you can come back to them and see them.
6:36 pm
you can also resend them and edit them and change people's names. i've got, uh, an engagement party, and i've got 88 people coming. can i build an invitation and then load in the addresses and then do a mass mailing? so, we don't do invitations yet, but that's where we're heading, because what you can do in felt is you can save every single address you write. so, let's say you're a bride. -yeah. brides do 75 thank-you cards, on average, and they handwrite every address. now in felt, you get saved addresses, so when you want to do invitations or holiday cards next year, all your addresses are handwritten. how long have you been in the app store? since may 2013. and how many downloads? over 60,000, and we have a 4.5-star rating across both of our apps. 60,000 is nothing, so that's why you're here. right? that's not enough to build and sustain a business. and here's why. so we started selling a $4 greeting card, and we're scrappy entrepreneurs. we invested all of our own cash into this. so i've put in $100,000. and who's the "we" in this, tomer? there's four partners. me, my wife, gracie -- she does operations. the reason we're here today is 'cause we've identified two huge markets who have huge problems -- brides and professionals.
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a bride already has the problem. she or he has to has to send 75 thank-you cards. so what we want to do is plug in with registries. imagine if you go to macy's and you build your registry and you learn about felt. and you're like, "holy moly." i-i see what you're doing, but that's just a one-off, right? no, no. a bride turns into a holiday card, so next year, she does holiday cards... eh... ...and she does the birthday cards and she does -- i'm just telling you, because my wife would be, "are you kidding me? you're not willing to take the time to really handwrite them?" the best tool for women -- guilt. yeah. it's totally authentic -- as if you wrote it with pen and paper on your dining-room table. -tomer, there's a lot -- -and that's what customers love about us. tomer, isn't there a lot of people that do this already? there's nobody else that lets you literally handwrite on the screen. everybody else does some sort of mimicking. i love to send handwritten cards as a thank-you. it's very personal. i've never gotten a handwritten thank-you from you, ever. well, you've never done anything that deserved a thank-you, barbara. that's true. you're right about that. [ laughter ] there's a lot of people doing this. there's nothing proprietary about the technology.
6:38 pm
i'm out. i understand. do you know what your customer-acquisition cost is now? -so, for consumers, it's $8. -ohh. and that's why we're focusing on brides... corcoran: yeah. ...because brides will spend $210 with us... -yeah. -...and we net $125. -but you don't have them yet. -yes. i've got four companies in the wedding business. you know, i own honeyfunds. we have all your customers already. -there you go. -this is a good app for them. in the marriage space you want to pursue, i can get you customers for this. i've got them for zero customer-acquisition cost, but i want more than 6%. -[ laughs ] -what are you willing to sell? how much equity are you willing to sell? 6% doesn't get me up in the morning. what would you like to buy? how much do you need -- how much do you need to make a deal? i got to have a minimum -- i got to have a minimum of 10%. i'll give you $225,000 for 10%... ...and all the brides you can eat. you're crazy to say no to that. -[ laughs ] -yeah. that's... i'm giving you free customers. i'm gonna make it easier -- i'm out. thanks, mark. i appreciate your time.
6:39 pm
i'm gonna make it easier, because i'm going out, but i think you should take an offer from this guy. -thank you, barbara. -yeah, i got to have 10%. i'll give you $225,000 -- and i'll make it easy for you, too. i'm out, but i think what kevin's offered you here might bring you just what you said you wanted, which was brides. thank you very much, lori. tomer, seven seasons, i've never seen him make this good an offer. seriously. ♪ i appreciate it, mr. wonderful. and i wouldn't do it -- the deal's done! -wow! -yeah! -yeah! -finally! this will be -- this will be good for you. it's a good marriage. he likes marrying people. mm-hmm. we have to integrate the platform of honeyfund immediately. let's do it. that's the key. it's cool. thank you. thanks, kevin. congratulations, tomer. -[ howls ] -wow. -congratulations! -good job. congrats, buddy. i didn't think kevin was the shark that we were gonna get. whaaaat? i need to go have a cerveza. i need to go hug my wife! i can't wait to see her.
6:40 pm
[ voice breaking ] um... this has just been a long road. [ chuckles ] thank you. it was amazing. like, he just -- [ crying and laughing ] [ laughs ] i'm so happy. i can't believe it. [ laughs ]
6:41 pm
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♪ narrator: next up is a unique way to break bad habits. hi, sharks. my name is maneesh sethi, and i'm from boston, massachusetts, and i'm seeking $500,000 in exchange for 3.14% of my company. -3.14. -it's pi day! [ light laughter ]
6:45 pm
sharks, everybody has bad habits, and for some of us, they're minor -- nail biting, hitting the snooze button. but for others, they can be much more serious or even deadly. meet pavlok, the first wearable that doesn't just track what you do, but actually changes what you do. pavlok helps you become aware by alerting you when you do behaviors you'd like to reduce, then simply press the button and pavlok releases a mild electric sensation... that helps you reduce cravings -- [ laughter ] you can laugh, but it's actually something very serious. i am laughing. maneesh: it releases a mild electric sensation that helps you reduce cravings and actually breaks bad habits in the brain. pavlok harnesses scientific methods that have been researched for decades, but it's not just research. since launch, our users have had incredible success in changing their behaviors. now, sharks, which of you wants to join us in our mission to help people across the globe take control of their own behavior? how did you come up with this idea? i've always had severe add. i could never get myself to actually get stuff done. i couldn't get myself to commit to anything, so i did what any normal person would do --
6:46 pm
i hired someone to sit down next to me and slap me in the face every time i went on facebook. -nice. -[ chuckles ] yeah. and i wrote a blog post about it. -why not? -seriously? [ chuckling ] yeah. it's a cool video. and the blog post went insanely viral. -did they actually slap you? -yeah. there's a video of me getting slapped. but did you get the work done? i did. yeah. it was really cool. that made you come up with this idea. yeah. i was visiting a friend of mine. i'm like, "dude, why am i paying? i could just make a -- make a zapper that zaps me every time i go on facebook. -can we try it? -this is fascinating. can we try it? i'm gonna show it to you after one moment. i just want to explain kind of the science behind it, and then i'll bring it out for you. pavlok uses a type of science called aversive conditioning. it was very common in the 1960s. it's a slight electric stimulus that's done while doing a undesired bad habit, and it very rapidly trains your reptile brain to associate that uncomfortable stimulus with the bad habit. herjavec: this is based on the pavlovian principle. can you explain that principle to us? sure. so, when you add two stimuli together at the same time, your brain doesn't know what is causing the stimuli to occur. it just knows that they're both happening at the same time, and it starts to retreat. so i'll go ahead and bring it out for you right now to try on.
6:47 pm
here you go, mr. herjavec. -this one? -yeah. please put it on for me. it's got your name engraved on it and everything. greiner: wow. i like the design of it. -thank you, manny. -thank you. and if you notice... mr. cuban. -thank you, sir. simply press the lightning bolt on the top of it. press down hard. -oh, there you go. -it's just a little pulse. yeah. so, i set it low for you, because i didn't want everybody to get scared. can you set it higher? yeah. i'll do it right now. all right. -oh! -ow! [bleep] turn it back now. ow! wow! how do you turn it off? -i barely feel it! well, let me come back to our results, okay? okay. in a study that we based our first experiment with, it was an aversive conditioning study that was done in 1988 with 832 subjects. so, okay. so wait, so wait. let's -- let's qualify that. after five days... you said, "we based our first study on," right? suggesting that... -in 1988. ...that you did the study, right? did you... so, i'll tell you about a study we did right after, but you can actually look through our evidence pamphlet, where we have 21 clinical trials. herjavec: i bite my nails. i'm trying to not bite my nails all the time. where it falls down for me is if i have the discipline to buzz myself, do i not have the discipline to stop?
6:48 pm
people -- okay. people -- do you have the discipline to stop? -well, i don't, but -- -do you wish you could stop? -i do -- -so, can i -- so, here's... -but your premise is -- -sorry. it's all nonsense, robert. it's all nonsense across the board. herjavec: just -- i-i-i can't get around that. like, i'm just -- i want to bite my nails, and for me to stop, i have to hit this thing. sure. why can't lori buzz it for me? she can. um, she absolutely can. there's a remote control -- there's a remote-control app. there's automation. what percentage of the time does it not work? it doesn't work if you don't want it to work. so, it doesn't -- -oh! wow! -yeah, of course. so, if you use it on sugar, after about three or four days on, like, a cookie or tortilla chips, you'll start to notice the flavor changes. now, what's interesting about it, in the first -- you start to notice the flavor changes? -yeah, you do. -you're such a con artist. i'm absolutely not. as for results, mark, more than 50% of our users break their habit in five day-- in seven days or less. first of all, you can't -- first of all -- okay, let me just -- let's leave the skepticism for one minute. -no, no, no, no, no, no. -i just want you to -- i love the skepticism, 'cause he doesn't know what's about to come. because it's all nonsense, because you can't tell anything in five days.
6:49 pm
you guys can argue till the cows come home. you want to get a deal, explain to me why you're worth $14 million. -15. -15. what is it? how much? well, number one -- number one, our sales are great. -what are your sales?! -what are your sales? you didn't even get to that. so, we're in pre-order, and we actually just began shipping this week. we've sold $800,000 of revenue. wait, wait -- preorders. 3/4 of the users were preorders, and 1/4 of the users were prototypes. what did each of those people pay for one device? $200. how much? $200. who buys these? so, our biggest users are sitting too long, waking up on time, nail biting, and eating. so we've started to build out multiple really cool integrations for this product. the first thing is the alarm clock. it's the first alarm clock that works. when you get a slight zap in the morning, it actually knocks you awake with a jolt of adrenaline. -great way to start the day. -[ laughs ] yeah. you'd be surprised. the people love it. can't wait. how could you guys be so gullible? -read the evidence if you're that -- -we're not being gullible. none of it's your evidence! we're asking questions. no one's disputing aversion therapy. -yeah. so, we're -- -aversion therapy works. we're bringing aversion therapy to consumers! you're using other people's studies... but, so, there's nothing that's actually happening... mark, we know you're the smartest guy in the room...
6:50 pm
...besides the... it's not about being the smartest guy in the room! you can't be that stupid, robert, to even think there's any legitimacy. -enough. calm down. -can i just listen to him? geez. ugh. gosh, you guys are making me so add. all right, let me talk about the... oh, we make you add? maneesh: you guys make it happen. all right. maneesh, you're a strange dude. -[ laughs ] -yeah. some of the cool stuff we're doing that mr. cuban would like is this -- we've started integrating with -- i don't think mark's gonna like anything. yeah. aversion therapy is legit, but what's not legit is trying to take credit for other studies and apply it to your product. you're kidding. i gave you an evidence booklet with all the citations, sir. greiner: these are your studies? you've got a booklet that has -- none of those studies are yours! they're just related to aversion therapy. no, no, no, no. these are studies we -- we -- these are aversion therapy studies. aversion therapy studies, so -- okay. outside your realm. not necessarily -- oh, well, you know what? that's -- that's the strongest point here... o'leary: hang on. mark... that this isn't based on anything that you've done. -right! -are you negotiating, or -- okay, so we have had 600 users. so, where are your studies? over half of them quit their addiction in five days -- seven days or less. well, wait. but you don't have any proof that it changes your taste buds. yes, we do. we do. we have users. we have evidence. you don't have any testing. more than half of our users quit -- more than 81% of our users quit nail biting in four days. where is your proof of this? what study do you have?
6:51 pm
you should be doing clinical trials. -sure. i'd love to. -right? -they're expensive. -so, we began -- why don't you have clinical trials? all right, i'm gonna make it simple. i talk about things. i say things are either heroes or zeroes. for me, this is a nowhere-near-o. i'm out. i find your presentation is exhausting and complicated, and i couldn't imagine having the energy to deal with that. this doesn't sound very positive, barbara. i'm out. okay, lori and barbara are history. i'd like to talk a little bit about our numbers this year. let me -- let me just finish. sure. when you first came out, i really liked it. it's habit. habit creates discipline, discipline creates more habit, and that's how you get success. what i don't like about is you have a $16 million valuation on preorders -- it's too much. i'm out. so, i understand absolutely, robert. thank you very much. look, if you had verifiable proof that all your aversion therapy... mm-hmm.
6:52 pm
...can be well-executed with your device, you wouldn't need to import other people's studies, because with all this advance money you got, you could've gone to any university and said, "you know what? we don't want to rush it. we want to get our own verifiable studies in place so that no one can question us." the one thing that kills tech products is hyperbole... mm-hmm. ...because at some point you have to execute. you violated that one. -let me speak. listen. now your turn to listen. if you would've just said, "you know what? this is a reminder, and everybody is different, so we have different ways to remind you." bam. right? but you went so over-the-top with nonsense, it is everything but a legitimate product, and for those reasons, i'm out. let me tell you -- let me come back to medical, 'cause i really want to answer lori's question. maneesh, all of these sharks are out. they're all out. -kevin's left. they're all out, okay? there is a medical component to this, but i -- shock yourself for a minute. you're a combination of spontaneous combustion and add mixed together. -[ laughs ] -i'm not kidding.
6:53 pm
it's very difficult to listen to you. -yeah. luckily for you, i got my undergrad in psychology. to make money, i worked on a rhesus study that used the same technology as you to modify behavior. -[ laughs ] -how many other degrees, right? and i'm telling you the truth here. so i'm interested, okay? whoa. ♪ ♪ ♪
6:54 pm
♪ ♪ do you want the same tools and seamless experience across web and tablet? yes? great! then you're ready for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. sweet! e*trade. the original place to invest online.
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is it happy? good. then it's time for power e*trade. the platform, price and service that gives you the edge you need. e*trade. the original place to invest online. ♪ narrator: four sharks are out, but kevin seems interested in maneesh's habit-breaking watch, pavlok. i believe this technology works 'cause i've seen it work. your valuation is crazy. -okay. -i'm sorry.
6:58 pm
it's not worth $15.9 million now. i'm gonna solve the problem in the deal structure. i'm very creative. i'll give you the $500,000 as debt on the company, okay? you're gonna give me the 3.14% as equity today, and you're gonna walk out of here with a shark tank deal. i'm gonna put it on for 24 months at 7.5% and balloon payment me back in two years. if 1/3 of your projections are right, you can easily do that. -it's an offer! -it's an offer. this is the problem. um, damn. -there's a problem? -there's no problem. see, the problem, mr. wonderful, is that we're not focused on the money. we're focused more on the habits we're changing. not focused on the money? you've come to the wrong place, my friend. cuban: you're focused more on the what? -i'm here to make money. -let him finish, kev. maneesh: our biggest thing -- our biggest goal is to break bad habits around the world, and, mr. wonderful, i just -- i can't work with you. why not? i'm just worried that if we work together -- he doesn't -- you don't like him. i do like him as a person, but i feel like, as an investor in the company, it would be really bad. greiner: maneesh, you didn't want an offer here today.
6:59 pm
did you really? -i absolutely want an offer. i absolutely want an offer. -you just came in for exposure? okay, you got one, and why don't you want the structure of that offer? why not? it's the [sighs] the structure's actually quite good. uh... -it's the person. it's the person. i feel like... ♪ ...i would take an offer from anybody besides mr. wonderful. ♪ maneesh, you're an [bleep] get the [bleep] out of here. oh! maneesh: um, okay. well...if you -- are you all out? [bleep] you. we're all out. cuban: done, maneesh. see ya. all right, sharks. thank you very much. wouldn't want to be ya. ♪ i had a tinge of regret for rejecting the deal with mr. wonderful, but the truth is our company is building something much bigger than just money. we're trying to change human behavior, and kevin wouldn't be the right partner for us to work with. i'm telling you, whether it was you or me or robert or one of us, he was gonna do that to somebody. it just happened to be you were the last guy. -because it's talk. -i realize he's a gold digger. he's an idiot! he's a con artist.
7:00 pm
this technology has promise. no, he thinks he's sincere. it's not a technology, kevin! he's a con artist. -has problems or promise? -kevin, don't feel bad. -i don't feel bad. -don't feel bad. t, the american dream continues... you can call me the easter bunny. that's egg-cruciating. [excruciating] you can ride it to and from the train station. "i want to be the next scrub daddy." stop the madness. there's more madness! uh-oh. what are you sales? 20 bucks a month. 20 bucks a month? oh! big merchants are going to love this. that's crazy. you are going to get crushed. ♪ first into the tank is a business that hopes to be a popular holiday tradition. [ laughs ] ♪


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