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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  January 11, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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obviously i have no idea what they're going to do. if they guide down and miss subscribers, the stock is going down back towards 300. >> that does it for us see you back here next friday at 5:30 p.m in the meantime "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. and i promise to help you find it "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. welcome to san francisco and welcome to cramerica my job is not just to entertain but to teach and coachia call me or tweet me. this week wasn't just positive it was tumultuously positive the market kept opening down
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before mehanderingier, like we saw today. dow dipping just six points. s&p edging down .02%, but boy, was it ugly at the opening what causes this kind of rebound action when you get benign data indicating inflation is not a problem, stocks can bounce even without a lot of positive companies news but that won't be the case next week, because next week, earnings season kicks off. this will be the craziest reporting period i think you have seen in ages. why? despite fed chief jay powell's endless protestitation the economy is robust, we'll hear more weakness than strength. citigroup reports on monday. they put out a cryptic note on how it's formalizing an active sharing agreement with value act. normally, you expect them to ask
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for a board seat, but they seem to want information. anything that allowed value act to put additional pressure on citi is a puzative but a confusing one. i have been a fan of this bank for long time, but you can follow them by joining the club. an embarrassing pit stop at $48 right before christmas citi has been buying back its own stock hand over fist, but it hasn't seemed to make a wit of difference maybe the strange value act agreement can get them on the right track. i didn't like this after citi, the financial floodgat floodgates open. on tuesday, we hear from wells fargo. both of these banks have a terrific handle on many different flavors of finance i bet wells talks about the slowdown in mortgages. jpmorgan may discuss the slow down in lending and securities both stocks are down i expect they can rally or even a little bit of positivity. and we also hear from united health, the huge health
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insurance company. they're talking about a blue streak about how well it's doing. i don't know if management can top itself i don't know if they can propel the stock higher after the excellent forecast plus, the health care has been falling outf favor since fed chief powell indicated he's more circumspect about raising rates, making a recession less likely, and recession, let's say these are the stocks to go to. that said, i do expect them to give us a great quarter. in the last week, we have seen disappointing numbers from two different airlines, delta and americans. as full ticket prices have impaired their profitability, even their fuel costs have plummeted. united continental tells the same story when it closes on tuesday after close, let's say the airline group can't get mojo, but if any of them can buck the trend, it's unielted, which has been the best of the
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best since oscar munoz took over a lack of growth combined with disturbliing news from the malaysian transaction, and that's put very diplomatically, has devastated the stock we have been buying goldman for the travel trust, and that call has been dead, dead wrong. at these levels, i do think it's too cheap to ignore. however, if they don't try to quantify the damage from the malaysian scandal, even a good quarter might not matter, and i don't know if the government will let them tell what going on bank of america might surprise us given the money it's making off your deposits. it make the bank more profitable than ever and it's very digitized, but like all of the banks, it needs permission from the regulators and shareholders with larger dividends and buybacks after the close wednesday, csx reports. since they took over the railroad and introduced
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discipline to an unruly retrospeblth, there's been nothing but upside thursday morning brings us morgan stanley for my money, this might be the biggest potential for an upside surpriser in the group along with the healthiest buyback. james gormen has navigating regulatory banking better than any executive. i think his intent to buy back as many shares as possible why the stock is down here you know what, i would buy it right along with him after the close, we get results from american express. the stock is down 15 points from its highs so we need to hear that corporate travelers are still spending i most want something about china. specifically the chances of getting a business license that lets amex expand into this market how about a stock that's already up 26% for 2019? you heard me, 26%. it hasn't even been two weeks. i'm talking about the stock of netflix. the analysts who cover this stock have been tripping over
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each other to raise numbers. i typically don't like this action, but netflix is not your typical stock. it's too much for me to recommend buying it. i'm taking a tip from my old trading partner who said jim, you missed it. i don't even care if it goes great. you don't have the right to buy it here. she was almost always right. and we hear from shumbergy we have stuck withschlumberger and i feel like a dope i got the best house in the worst neighborhood this has fooled me repeatedly even as it kept plummeting i want to hear their dividend is safe low bar, even though i think oil did bottom in the mid-40s, it hasn't profited enough for them to make a ton of money it's out for the apparel company because it sells so much product to department stores like macy's >> wall street has turned against that whole cohort. i think people are too negative.
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plus, vt is doing everything it can to reward shareholders it managed 6% after they raised the forecast and dealt with an underperforming division, just like he told us he would do when he was on the show last. we had a good run from the bottom, largely based on macro forces, mainly, the fed deciding not to destroy the economy to save it. next week, we see if the move has been warranted based on earnings, not merely hope. most stocks are well off their highs but they rebounded enough that there's a lot more risk going into these earnings that i would like let's go to steven in new york steven >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> of course >> caller: i havea question on gaming and casino stocks the supreme court legalized sports betting last summer i read "the new york times" estimates $150 billion of illegal sports wagers are made every year, and that's set to rise post-legalization so with an average of 5% on a reasonable estimate of bets, an
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extra $5 billion of profits to flow into casino stocks. last week, seizer's struck a three-year deal with the nfl they also have similar deals with nfl teams so far. now, one of the largest sports betting events of the year is the super bowl in february that will be the first super bowl since sports betting has been legalized to top it off, this morning, carl icahn's firm announced they're taking a position in ceasar's what are your thoughts is it the best >> my partner david faber talked about the carl icahn think carl icahn being involved does matter to me i thought ceasar is a reasonable speculation for the reasons you just outlined. and thank you for the call steve in nevada, steve >> caller: hey, jim. thanks for taking my call. >> quite welcome >> caller: my question is about red hat stock, but first, i want to quickly thank you for taking on the fed it's cramer, 2, fed, 0 >> thank you fed has a lot of friends that
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make me try to look bad all the time, but bring it on. go ahead >> caller: you do a great job with it. you ought to be on the board of governors. >> thank you i wish i were. >> caller: so my question is, with the acquisition by ibm that $190 a share, i have noticed red hat stock is continuing to languish in their mid to low, below to mid 170s. >> right >> caller: is there -- is this kind of a slam dunk where it would be a good idea to buy more red hat stock or options in anticipation of the stock getting to that place? >> no, steve what we're going to do is ring the register i spent a lot of time talking to club members you have a big win in red hat. it's time to move on don't want the risk to make the last few points. i'm going to joey in tennessee >> caller: big nashville, tennessee, buyeah fan. how are you? >> i'm doing well. how about you, joey?
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>> caller: doing good. so question for you. i'm tlat years old, looking to build a portfolio of storks. a combination of growth and value stocks i can hold for the next 30 years. i'm thinking of buying cisco systems. what do you think? >> i think that's a great idea it's probably the least expensive high-tech stock i follow and chuck robbins is doing a fantastic job. what a week. we have had a good run, but next week, we have to find out if the move is waurntded. tonight, if you want to see real movement out of china, there are three things you'll have to watch. i'm going to tell you one hint they start with the letter "a. then goldberg staged a comeback, but is this move stable? >> and as many companies deal with driver shortages in the truck business, how is uber working to solve the problem i have the exclusive
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call, click or visit a store today. the chinese economy has gotten tricky, especially for american companies so who's navigating it well, and who doesn't have a handle on it at all today, i heard a ton of people claiming we don't have to worry about u.s. apparel sales in the people's republic because neither nike or lululemon has experienced any kind of slowdown, but what if we look beyond apparel apple has a real china problem, and now goldman sachs worries starbucks might be in the same camp luckett claims they could be, i quote, a significantly accelerating threat in 2019, end quote. contrast that with the strong action in stocks like deere, boeing, and general electric
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deere should be in the dog house. they're holding a billion dollars in subsidies and the trade war in china should be devastating the agriculture, but their stock has been performing well lately. and historically, it's been a darn good forecaster of the future i wonder if the action in deere is signaling maybe we'll get action in the chinese talks. that, or investors don't believe the shutdown can last because farm sudicidies are the thirderally of american politics but you need to look at aerospace, american express, and apple. the three as american express has been trying to get a business operating license in china for decades they even teamed up with the fourth biggest bank provider, but without that license, nothing's going to happen. this would be the teaseiest way for the chinese to show the american financial sector that it's welcome in the prc. we hope to hear news about this situation and am-exreports next thursday how about apple?
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it's a brand easily avoided especially when phones made by huawei are getting much larger subsidies, but the chine oost communist party starts making nice with tim cook, that's a positive development the stock traded poorly today, but it's had a good run off the bottom i say the same thing, own apple, don't trade it, but the most important show of good faith would be for china airlines to place a gigantic order of planes with boeing, an order that would reverberate throughout the entire aerospace complex hey, by the way, it's finally starting to trade like an aerospace industrial stock again. all of these industrials started acting better this week, although it's obviously in tandem with fact they're no longer fighting the fed. still, we're starting to sort out winners and losers in china. the nikes and lululemons of the world are holding up just fine, but after last week's jarring apple news and the downgrade of starbucks, we know the chinese consumers are beginning to take
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time not good news for any american companies that do business over there, even if many of their stocks reflect we might be getting some progress in the trade talks. china has become unfathomable at the moment we have no idea what the government is thinking, what it's doing maybe it's darkest before the dawn, but i would argue it's ill advised to predict the dawn until we're further along into the night. stay with cramer to hey, darryl! hey, thomas. if you were choosing a network, would you want the one the experts at rootmetrics say
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bottom right around christmas, but we may not be, let's say, out of the woods, because there's still a tumultuous time. sure, the federal reserve has stopped vowing to strangle the economy, and wre're seeing
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positive signs when it comes to the trade agreement with china but it should be obvious how quickly these things can unravel. maybe jay powell forgets his notes and gives a bad interview. member the chinese war heats up after a bad presidential tweet automatically goes to 25% on march 2nd right around the corner, so even if nothing changes, that's going to produce more short-term pain for the stock market and maybe the government shutdown drags on 800,000 workers are either being furloughed or working without pay. in terms of consumer spending, it's like nearly 1 million people have been removed from the work force we can't assume it will be a smooth sail for the rest of 2019, so what does that mean for you as an investor if you need insurance for your portfolio the best way to protect yourself is by owning some gold now, i have been saying this for years. i have been saying this since the show began look how gold performed in four rth quarter when the stock market really did melt down. when jay powell made his
6:21 pm
comments when he talked about overshooting, and the next day, vice president pence gave a big speech framing the trade conflict with china as a new cold war, the stock market went into a tail spin gold traded in the $1,200, but then when the sells got extreme in december, gold prices rose by 5%, and it's continuing to edge higher historically, when other asset class become volatile, investors love crowding into gold. meanwhile, long term buying has plunged which makes hard assets like gold more attractive by comparison you're passing up on less income when you buy a precious metal, plus, it doesn't hurt the dollar seems to have peaks versus other currencies remember the history here. when the stock market collapsed during the financial crisis, gold caught fire in the fall of 2008, gold was trading at $800 an ounce three years later, it evolved to more than $1800 an ounce then as the sense of normalcy
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returned to the stock market, the precious metal pulled back that's one reason it's remained range bound for the last five years. although every time something big happened, that made investors nervous, like the fed's decision about their bond buying practice. gold spiked. if you're looking for an insurance policy against volatility, gold is a great way to go. i like the stock market here, as you know, now that the fed has decided to be more patient, the whole point of diversification is to be prepared if something goes wrong, not right. so what's the best way to play gold unless you can afford to buy actual gold bars and store them in a depository bank, i don't recommend owning them. most gold coins are sold at a significant mark up, and it's not like you can sell them that easy however, if you want direct exposure to the precious metal, my favorite gold etf is gold shares fund. also known as the spider fund.
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gld literally owns fiscal gold so you don't have to you don't have to worry about putting it in a savings box. and the logic is straightforward. when the gold goes up, miners see their margins rise, and the stock of a well run gold mine should give you larger gains than the physical commodity, but it's a high risk business. if there's, say, a strike at a single mine, that could crush your stock, or it's appropriated by a government. who knows. whe if the price of gold is rising, you won't be able to catch it. you do have my blessing to own one of the many gold mining etfs, i prefer the senior to the junior, but if you're really a risk taker, go for the junior. it brings me to the stock that has been my favorite way to play the precious metals. rand gold resources. rand gold has a history of operating in countries thereat are, let's say, unstable, like
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the democratic republic of congo or mali, a great growth profile, always a good balance sheet, but rand gold no longer exists, which is why i wanted to do this piece. last year, we learned it was being acquired by barrett gold, and it's created the largest gold ompany. on january 2nd, they started trading under barrett gold although they have kept rand gold's symbol, so is it worth owning they have the lowest total cash cost among its peers has a nice diverse portfolio, and i love that. the best thing is the management, because mark bristow, the former ceo of rand gold is now leading the combined company. in short, barrack has a ton going for it should you buy it here there's still a lot of noise in the company right now, and we don't know exactly how long it will take for the kinks of the merger to be ironed out. however it's worth keeping an eye on barrack has all of the tools necessary to become the best gold minor they release their numbers in a week and a half, and the report
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comes out in a month and a half. bottom line, no, this is not the perfect time to buy gold, but i always advocate owning at least a little as an insurance against the unknown. we know gold is a winner in times of chaos and uncertainty if you're feeling worried, you may want to buy gld, or the new barrack gold i recommend waiting until barrack reports its firstwater quarter as a combined company, even though i like it very much now that mark bristow is in charge let's go to chris in michigan. chris. >> caller: hi, jim thanks for having me on your show >> you're quite welcome. thank you for being on >> caller: i know you have been a bigsupporter of nucor ticker nue. just announced they're be building a $1.3 billion plant somewhere in the midwest they have a healthy dividend, a forward pe of 8.98 and their ceo has lobbied heavily in favor of the tariffs
6:26 pm
on china however, they have lost 14% value in december. they have bounced off their low, but it's still well below the 52-week high of $70. i was under the impression steel demand will be going down, not up, due to the slowing global economy. does a new plant mean they expect demand to stay steady and should i buy more? >> john is a very disciplined manager. he wouldn't be putting up the plant unless he felt he could get a great return on investment it's a best steel stock by far ray in illinois, ray >> caller: yes jim, how are you >> all right how are you? >> caller: good. thanks in advance for the comments you're going to give me appreciate it. >> thank you >> caller: my question involves a recently completed merger with fraxair. they seemed to be a solid company, and with this merger, will lindsay be added to their
6:27 pm
future prospects for earnings and other financial measures and market share of industrial gases? >> i think the merger is unbelievably good. a great industry, industrial gases. this combination is dynamite you should buy the stock right now, it's not the perfect time to buy gold, but that doesn't mean you don't need it in your portfolio. everyone needs a little insurance. been saying that since the show began. much more "mad money" ahead. ever wonder if 18-wheelers can travel at speed? i'm telling you how uber may help i may be leaving my heart in san francisco, but i'm coming back with investing ideas, and let's pull out of the stops before i hop on the red-eye back home edition of the lightning round stay with cramer
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want to get a glimpse of the future talk to some start-ups they're your crystal ball. that's why every time i come out to san francisco, i like to check in with privately held companies, ones you can't own stock in, that are revolutionizing entire industries for example, everyone knows about uber and the way it's transformed the taxi business,
6:31 pm
but have you ever heard of uber freight. it's like uber for truck drivers. we have a serious logistics problem in the country for a variety of reasons, we have a shortage of truckers, but uber freight believes the system we use to route these truckers is incredibly inefficient. i agree. 20% more miles than the road is empty. better for the environment too this could be a game changer earlier this week, i got to check in with the director at uber, who is the head of uber freight. take a look. >> you may be the ultimate technology geek because you have conquered logistics. how is it working? >> it's working great. it's always a pleasure to be a geek applying my knowledge on such an area as logistics. >> we know, and one of things we have been focused on is there's a trucker shortage we know it's caused tremendous friction it's caused inflation in the economy to the point where it's disrupted many companies'
6:32 pm
earnings per share you're actually doing something about it >> we are. as you pointed, it's a huge issue for corporate america. if you look at the past few decades, every factor of cost has gone down, production cost, employee costs, but logistics costs and transportation costs only went up because it's very hard to find those drivers it's very hard to keep your logistics costs. >> how is uber finding the drivers and matching them with the people who need the drivers? >> we're bringing technology to this market. >> you have an app how many people downloaded it and what companies are doing it? >> with uber, of course we have an app i happen to have it with me. >> this is yours did you write the app? >> i have not written the app. but i'm helping from time to time we have a pretty big team now writing the app and helping with everything involved. now, if you're a truck driver, you can download the app, sign up, we check the credentials and safety ratings and everything about you. and then you can just start browsing and looking around and searching. if i'm a truck driver, i see now
6:33 pm
that i have a bunch of loads available for me on the map. the app is looking for the best loads and the best for me as a driver, where i'm going, where i want to arrive with my family, what do i like to haul and i can browse for the opportunities and just click on something i like see all the details, and if i decide this is a suitable opportunity for me, i just hit book on the spot, and i'm good to go. >> well, there are rules that were put through that took the trucking industry by surprise in terms of number of hours that drivers could go in trucks we often hear that's a reason why prices went up it would see like this is a solution for that too. >> a solution for a lot of the issues that are prevalent in the industry today >> safety. >> it's taking all of that friction out of the task of finding the right loads and really empowering those truckers, those small business owners, to find the right opportunities for them and connect with the biggest shippers and the biggest fortune
6:34 pm
1,000 customers that they wouldn't have access if it wasn't for that connectivity >> the companies have told me things are like beer, soda, big consumer goods, driving to supermarkets all of these play a role these are routes that you can get if you're a driver >> think about it. the more basic a necessity is, the higher the transportation costs for that necessity is. so the food we eat, the water we drink. those cost a lot to actually transport. a bottle of water we buy in the store today would cost 20%, 30% of the total cost of the bottle will actually be the logistics cost so we allowed the shippers to find and have access to a wide array of truck drivers we allow them to understand where the trucks are and we allow them to target the right drivers with the right price and the right time to really have that much more affordable for them. >> here's what we're going to do there's a federal reserve chairman by the name of jay
6:35 pm
powell i don't know if he's in touch with what we're talking about. you're bringing down the cost. you're a deflationary force that the fed doesn't seem to understand 17, 18 months, but you have already started bringing down the cost >> that's the goal we have been active only 20 months, and in our most mature region such as texas and california, the cost is now very affordable again, because of the technology >> now, how many of the companies do you think in the country even know about this because when i heard about it, frankly, i didn't know that uber had conquered this field >> it's new for us, but actually a lot of customers on both sides of the marketplace, both trucking companies and customers know that's the beauty of doing this in a company like uber, which is sahousehold for many of those customers. >> now, what i know i'm trying to figure out is where are all these drivers coming from? or is it just because there's a curious mismatch and there are a
6:36 pm
lot more drivers available, they're just not matched correctly? >> a lot of the drivers in the past couple decades are actually underserved minorities, andthe don't necessarily have access to other opportunities that are readily available. and technology is the biggest equalizer. we have a lot of, hundreds of drivers in the sikh community. hundreds of hispanic drivers that actually don't necessarily understand all of -- >> did you know you would empower these people when you started this >> we suspected so, but we discovered and we're astonished how much opportunity we have to truly empower those small business owners. >> how about your background because it sounds like you're i know you were in the israeli army you have done a lot of different things, but it sounds like this is something that you personally are making a mission >> i'm a geek at heart in technology and i think i have been doing technology for the past 20 years. and there's nothing more
6:37 pm
empowering than applying technology to society to drive impact and for me, logistics is sort of the last frontier, such a big industry 6% of global gdp, that is still mostly in the pre-digital area so bring technology for that area is a mission. and i also happen to be lucky enough to have some family connections to logistics that make me understand some of those challenges >> tell me about this. the reason i say this is because i didn't think there was technology to logistics. so obviously, it's in your blood. >> it's in my blood. my dad was a logistics manager in one of the biggest factories in israel. my grandfather was a crane operator so it's very close to me and you know, most of this industry today is running on facts and paper and phone. and we really want to bring the power of mobile, of big data, of artificial intelligence, to that
6:38 pm
area so we can actually equalize and reduce all of that friction. >> this is incredible. how many drivers do you think you're signing up in a week? >> hundreds if not more drivers. double digits of the drivers across the u.s. have downloaded the app already. with tens of thousands of trucking companies on the platform >> i know that when companies are about to report their quarters, every single quarter last year, i had to hear that trucking costs had gone up i now listen to you, and i think that if companies haven't used you or addressed this, it's their fault. >> that's the hope we can actually help those companies control the cost, have the ability for a supply chain, and at the end of the day, make everything we consume and buy from the companies much more addressable and accessible >> how did you hear about -- i'm going to ask you one of the things you told me, we're now getting parolees involved. a very tight labor market. are you seeing all sorts of people from all different parts of the world
6:39 pm
because the labor market is tight. that is true >> it is tight and you know, truck driving used to be the epitome of the american dream get a truck, go across the u.s., make a living. it's been more and more challenging for those drivers in the past few decades and we want to be there for them we want to help them wherever we can. we want to help them with technology, and we really want to help them make this profession sustainable for us so they can actually go back to the family they can actually make a decent living >> i hear over and over again, millennials don't want to be truck drivers and away from their family, but this sound like a way for millennials to be truck drivers. >> they have access to all the opportunities. they can man their route weeks and months in advance. they can plan if they want to get back to the family we are even offering them a back hold load. if i'm going from l.a. to minnesota, on the app, we'll show you, you can actually haul back from minnesota to l.a. and be back in time for family
6:40 pm
dinner >> this is completely disruptive >> everything we can to empower the drivers. >> totally disruptive and making people have better, more fulfilling lives >> that's the goal >> leo is the head of uber freight. i have to hand it to you you're changing the paradigm stay with cramer [birds chirping] accidents can happen anytime that's why geico is here 24 hours a day everyday. geico, fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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from capital one.nd i switched to the spark cash card i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy. and last year, i earned $36,000 in cash back. which i used to offer health insurance to my employees. what's in your wallet?
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it is time time for the lightning round play the sound and then the lightning round is over are you ready? lightning round. let's start with dan in iowa dan. >> caller: jim, love you love your show >> thank you >> caller: with you give me some electrifying wisdom on in the lightning round about j.m. smucker and company. >> they keep missing the quarter. not good enough. the 3% yield doesn't venture from the downside. may i suggest mccormick, the spice company. in new jersey. >> caller: hey, jim. boo-yah. what do you think about energy transfer, and do you think the
6:44 pm
yield is sustainable in the long run? >> this one is too hard for me i don't like the balance sheet i'm not going to recommend the stock. nor am i going to recommend the group because it's too darn hard my oil stock of choice is b.p. that's a better deal let's go to kyle in pennsylvania kyle >> caller: mr. cramer, i wanted to let you know this is a cool moment for me. i'm an avid follower >> thank you >> caller: i know you spoke about spotify over the summer and how you're a fan of their a.i. i couldn't agree more. i love their product i love being able to listen to your show commercial free. completely reshaped how i approach my day. >> i like that so the answer is the stock is down very big i'm unabashed. i think this is a long term situation and i say bye. now i need to go to gray in california gray >> caller: jim i have been watching your show religiously. >> thank you >> caller: because of it, you have made me a lot of money. >> yes
6:45 pm
>> caller: however, a ways back, i don't remember exactly when, you had recommended wingstop in the low 80s. >> wingstop never traded in the low 80s, never been that high. i like the stock very much, but it hit a 52-week high today. i want wingstop to pull back it's too high. jennifer in louisiana, jennifer. >> caller: what's your opinion on weight watchers >> i didn't like -- all the research i heard this morning indicated the year started off weaker i have to say, no weight watchers paul in connecticut. paul >> caller: hello, jim. i'm looking for growth i'm holding lockheed martin. i'm about even >> that's not a growth stock not with the democrats taking control of the house i'm not going to steer you toward lockheed martin if you want growth, i suggest you do not look at the defense stocks greg in minnesota. greg >> caller: hey, jim.
6:46 pm
greg in minnesota for two harbors. looking for retirement income there. >> we don't know what two harbors really owns. therefore, we're reaching for yield. i will not let anyone reach for yield on this show that's not what it's about it's about safety. i need to speak to bill in south carolina >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, bill >> caller: greetings from the home of the national champion clemson tigers >> true, and congratulations >> caller: a great thing my question, though, is about corning. simple glw >> too inconsistent, too up and down i don't want to be there that's the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade ooh, so close. yes, but also all... night through its entirety.
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what a week. here's what i learned in san francisco. we had a bifurcated set of observations first the first led to the jpmorgan health care conference the second related to the tech companies we talked to health care is confusing here. my ultimate takeaway, from a buzz perspective, there are too many companies getting involved or some say chasing the fight against cancer we heard from bristol myers
6:50 pm
which is doubling down on cancer now, i like the deal because celgene is so cheap, but i am concerned the combination will be going against merck with its keytruda anti-cancer franchise we learned about eli lilly's $8 billion purchase we fleshed out glaxosmithkline's takeover from last december. again, to develop cancer drugs as a human being, i love that so many companies are spending big to beat cancer, but as a stock picker, i'm concerned this market may be getting saturated with competition at the same time, i like that glaxo and novartis are shedding their smaller businesses to become more growth oriented. they're combining with pfizer to create a new company that will dominate the drugstore aisles. i was impressed with vas, the ceo of novartis, and with emmett, the chief ceo of glaxo by the way, glaxo stock is very
6:51 pm
enticing i would buy that one boush health and aren january are both challenge companies, but i like the way their ceos are handling these challenges i think the turn around at baush is well under way. i came away thinking allergen stock has become too cheap and the power of its upcoming migraine drugs if saunders can get the stock to rally here, i bet the company might be acquired. sure, allergen is losic exclusivity on its dry ice franchise, but i think the company can work through the challenge thanks to its strong pipeline what else? we had a tale of two device makers the maker of revolutionary drug monitors, medtronic, one of the big dogs, shaded down its forecast i love dexcom's growth i think it becomes the way to play the diabetes epidemic in the world. it has a huge addressable market that keeps expanding by leaps
6:52 pm
and bounds how about medtronic? their device portfolio is strong, and the stock is now derisked here. the ceo shelled out more than a million dollars to buy shares at the new reduced price in the open market. makes me think this rock will repeal its recent decline and then some. big institutions, they can't resist buying the stock of medtronic. remember, wall street loves growth above all else, which is why i still love dexcomafter its run as it was the star of the conference now, the defensive health care cohurt has lost a bit of its luster as jay powell has backed away from his commitment to hit us with two more rate hikes. never mind that macy's delivered some truly disappointing numbers yesterday or we got a negative consumer price index today the moment powell decided to crack down on the nonexistent inflation, the health care stocks will get right back into the winner column. health care, how about tech,
6:53 pm
which has really been strong of late different story. i see this group roaring back to life for a bit after a crash of epic proportions going into the christmas eve slaughter. by that time, nearly the entire cohort was laid to waste a bear market. why? first of all, right now, i think the bear market is fading, and the bull market is beginning again because of a huge resurgence in the data center. although in reality, that business never really went away. it just got written off for all the wrong reasons. if you listen to our interview with bob swann or keith buck, you know that the worldwide process of digitization continues unimpeded. intel stock is just too cheap at ten times this year's earnings and it's getting little to no credit for its growth of the internet of all things i feel the same way about nvidia they both have autonomous driving companies, chips, a lot of capacity, and nvidia is starting to make a real and deserved comeback.
6:54 pm
as for salesforce, the company keeps taking share from old school software pervavers like oracle they may have been the strongest presenter in a week of pretty incredible interviews, or at least it would have been if it were not for two other standouts, one public and the other private. one was uber it's truly a shame you can't yet invest in this company if this was publicly traded, i would feel like recommending it because of uber freight, which is literally reinventing logistics and reigning in the out of control cost of trucking. we have heard company after company complaining about skyrocketing freight costs uber's solution, their freight app connects drivers to opportunities that are kurbt going begging. the founder of uber freight has visions to bring down the cost of shipping, also empowering minorities who are able to get more work thanks to the consumer friendly app here's a prediction.
6:55 pm
if you still hear companies complaining about a driver cost, they haven't brought in uber freight. by the way, for those of you worried about climate change, empty trucks are a huge source of unnecessary green' house gases. uber freight can do a lot for that the other big opportunity we heard about this week, apple oh, look, i know, they're in the penalty box. everything from the lack of detail in phone use going forward to the murky situation in china might be contributing to slumping sales. that said, ceo tim cook was the most forceful i have seen since he came on "mad money" when the stock was trading in the low $90s a few years ago have to question whether apple's decline might be an overreaction especially when you consider the company's continually growing service revenue stream now, i found apple's health care initiatives impressive a lot of watch action. listen to what tim cook told me about what he thinks apple's biggest legacy will be >> if you zoom out into the future and you look back and you
6:56 pm
ask the question, what was apple's greatest contribution to mankind? it will be about health. our business has always been about enriching people's lives as we have gotten into health care more and more, through the watch and through other things that we have created with research kit and care kit, and putting your medical records on the iphone, this is a huge deal. >> that made be wonder how much money apple could make if it combined its smart watch health care franchise with epic, a private company that holds 64% of client medical records in this country i believe apple's stock would soar on this kind of deal, and i wish i had recommended it to tim when i was speaking with him the bottom line, as always, coming out to san francisco is a breath of fresh air. they're trying to change things out here, trying to make things
6:57 pm
better the fountain of innovation starts in san francisco, and there's one market with wall street, where we'll be next week stick with cramer. the network ad by rootmetrics and j.d. power.twork ad buy the latest galaxy phones, get galaxy s9 free.
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by rootmetrics and j.d. power. buy the latest galaxy phones, get galaxy s9 free. first, i want to thank everyone out here on our fantastic bureau one market. always make us feel alt home i know we descend on here, we parachute, and they make us feel terrific they help us take us to the next level. so thank you to the bureau at one market second, this was a breakthrough week for us because we saw a lot of really interesting stuff with health care, but i think far more important is technology there are too many stocks that have come down too far too fast. particularly, may i also add apple. i think the group is fine here for investment, not just a trade. and then finally, once again, i want to point out, intel may have been the cheapest stock we saw here like i said, there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday
7:00 pm
>> welcome to the shark tank, where entrepreneurs seeking an investment will face these sharks. if they hear a great idea, they'll invest their own money or fight each other for a deal. this is "shark tank." ♪ um. i'm dawoon. i'm soo. all: and we're the kang sisters from san francisco, california. these smell really good. it's french lavender. wow, that's amazing. the three of us were born and raised in korea. and when we were teenagers, we immigrated to america. i went to stanford business school. and i went to harvard business school.


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