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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  February 1, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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google, down, gold, up. >> mike. >> i like gold and i like doing put spreads calendars in google. actually i'll have to say go pats >> that does it for us here on "options action. see you back here next friday at 5:30. my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now >> hey, i'm cramer welcome to "mad money. i'm trying to make you money my job is to not just entertain but educate and teach you. call me or tweet me. we're back we're back we're back in business yes. a world where good news can be bad news for example, the economy creates
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jobs in january, does that mean the fed need to tighten even if we only had modest wage inflation? that's what today's tug of war is all about dow only gaining 64 points it could bring up much, much more that is before they got worried about the fed later in the day i have to tell you, it is a pretty bruising earnings season where home builders, automakers, retailers reported a weak to end 2018 i think the employment figures are welcomed respite from the data points to sukt we should be worrying about a big slowdown. there is an incredible contrast between companies singing the blues and this strong employment figure i have a hard time figuring out why either the u.s.-based international companies or the domestic companies are delivering optimum numbers how the heck are we now in the hundredth straight month of job gains without any explosion in
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profits? the fed slowed the economy down enough, koom it. they are lower commerce and sales. but it didn't wreck the job market and that's why i wouldn't be too concerned about more rate hikes suddenly being back on the table. by the way, jay powell spoke two days ago for heaven's sake we may actually see the beginning of its raw cost coming down would that be a terrific break something that could allow the stock to reassert its leadership in the consumer products group that would steel it back from procter & gamble that has been such a horse we get results from alphabet i know the fast money guys had a lot to say something about it. let me tell you something about it i'm concerned about the stock. amazon just got shelled after reporting a better than expected quarter with a weaker than expected forecast. and some pronz blems in the
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retailing business when you stee a stock down $92, you worry about the rest of the online cohort. i think amazon is a buy here i would wait until tuesday i think there could still be sellers in on monday the concerns i think are wildly overblown including the fears of a slowdown in retail but the sudden decision by the government to create a level playing field between amazon or walmart was a real blow to both companies ambitions in that rapidly growing country. let's get back on track. wh when alphabet reports, they have to show us the way it needs to give hints whether they want to bud on something big for entertainment? i doubt amazon doll any of that. while we still own this one for my travel trust which you can follow along by joining me at club, we're
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getting impatient. although fortunately the trust is still up nicely on the stock. on tuesday morning bp reports. and i think it will be every bit as good as chevron and exxonmobil boenl both of which put up astonishing numbers. i credit the refining divisions. they're back in the drilling business all over the globe again after long period of muted growth. i expect the same thing if not better from bp nice yield too lots of analysts have touting sd lauder i would normally be worried because there is real concerns that the company that chinese economy may be slowing that's a huge market for them. but young china posted terrific numbers and gambling in the cow has been row boust bubust of lae we also hear from ralph lauren i think the current management is doing an excellent job the business we've been in to buy ralph
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lauren but have not pulled trigger. it is tempting i think eger will tell a great story how espnplus is doing. by the way, ultimate fight club is helping them. and the acquisition of fox's entertainment will give them a growth story they're having trouble selling the sports properties. i think the focus is on the long term growth here and the digital driven recovery at espn. these are much more important. we own disney for the trust. i'm hoping it comes down so we can buy more into weakness merk reported results today. the best acting big pharma stock remains eli lilly with the diversified cancer, diabetes, and migraine franchises not to mention the most promising rheumatoid arthritis drug out there. it's a stretch to think that they can still keep running. maybe if you had a marketpull back though perhapsed caused by something that has nothing to do
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with eli lilly that might be a chance to buy some ahead of this quarter wednesday we hear from two companies i like very much that can give you real rye row tech nicks. spodify and take two interactive. there is a regard to missed staples in millions of homes spodify is a music business. i think they can beat anyone as for take two, you know what people whispering negativity about grand theft auto sales of late why don't we wait and see what is happening here. i think red den redemption is selling well we have seen endless estimate bumps of late for chipotle which means you should be ready for a blowout when the company reports on wednesday the ceo orchestrated magnificent turn around here i like stortthe story. guac price is coming down. well, miguel tells me that thursday we find out how much
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president trump helped out the stock of twitter actually in truth the company never discusses anything involving the president's tweets they focus on how they're a whole elections in spain that are determined by tweets either way, i think twitter remains viable alternative for companies that want to advertise on the web i'm interested in grub hub the market is one of the hottest and most contested of spaces out there. employment is so tight in this country, i don't know if grub hub can get all the workers it needs, especially with uber eats breathing down its neck. it may be the labor issue. it is already retreated a great deal toys are all over the place in the wakest closing of toys "r" us i think it is still playing havoc with mattel. and hasbro reports friday. i think the balance sheet needs a fixup. i like it. ventas is one of my favorite real estate investment trusts. it rules the senior housing market i will buy some ahestd results
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bottom line, we're still basking in the gloef of a fed going pragmatic and inflation is tame. that's the ideal backdrop for stocks i say be ready to buy the next dip. 2019 which is supposed to be going to be the year of the business cycle keels over may turn out to be surprisingly rewarding. how about we go to matt in virginia matt >> caller: hey, jim. i'm calling for your opinion on utanics. they ship to a software and subscription model moving away from pass through hardware sales. in conjunction with their managed cloud services, my question is do you see this is one of the next big tech companies or do you see them being acquire by a larger zmp. >> i don't think they will be acquired by cisco and i don't think going sl interested in them and i prefer bm ware, the sworn opponent i think that's a better bet for
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you. mark in california >> hey. >> i'm trying to live by your words of advice and stay by winners and not by falling knives edwards life sticience reported decent earnings. am i heart smart to stick with my investment in them? >> i like edwards life sciences so much, i think that it is one of those that if it weren't so high i'd say look, it could go higher or get a bid. the stock is a little too high to get a bid they're great. i love the products. i love what they do. more important, so do doctors. ew is a buy. michael in new york, michael >> jim, thank you for taking my call where is the long term cloud market in the hit? hitting like you mentioned yesterday or a cheaper stock like cloud that is not profitable yet but just bought
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out the competition or there is the cybersecurity market >> i am mentioning cloud there why? cloudair just merged you might have an interesting stock there. i think that stock is going to surprise people. i went over the cloud kings. i think the world of them. how about all the people who told you that you could not buy proof snoint prove point reported a real big number and gary steel, he's money let's focus. we're in the midst of a backdrop for stocks so be ready to buy these on a dip. look at. that is that great okay on "mad money," february may be better known for romance than investing. but with the market posting best january in 30 years, i'll tell what you it could signal for the months ahead they could disclose the stake in ebay and the company took notice now seeing the first ever
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dividend a few days later. but is it enough to satisfy the critics? i'll give you my take. it's going to surprise you and it's been a busy year for adp. one of my favorite stocks with u.s. employment on the rise. i'll sit down with the ceo to see what is ahead for the company. so stick with cramer >> don't miss a second of "mad money. follow us on twitter have a question? tweet cramer #madtweets send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc miss something head to
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as january goes, so goes the rest of the year or something like that yep, you can expect to hear that nonsense diddy multiple times over next couple weeks i already heard it a few times today. we had an 8% run in january. and you better believe a host of
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commentators will extrapolate from that number there is really not much correlation between how the market performs in january and how it performs the next 11 months i don't care about the charge. the pundit is always trying to link nonwinkable events with an unbelievable level of certainty. it's crazy the stock market is not groundhog day. last month's rally was unique. it was a reckless fed chief, almost strangled the economy and then backed off allowing it to breathe again how often is that going to happen? can we stop listening to experts that gin up the patterns that lead people astray stop paying them commissions and giving them free publicity when they confuse coincidence with causation? each year stands on its own. i don't know a sole that predicted disastrous december we
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went through this was a nauseating, out november where and short bear market it was very much the fed's creation almost no one saw it coming. no one thought the fed would do what it did. in fact, all i heard going into the fourth quarter was the opposite when the market is doing well for the year going into september, you're going to end the year strong. and another useless truism here's the problem years are not football schedules. and the collective line in football is often right. far more right than the collective line in the stock market we know the odds favor the patriots there is predictability. let's face it. there is a long ball that is bouncing around and the great but unharolded birth bell. on any given sunday there can be an upset that's what i feel like saying about this on any given monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, there should be an upset we should start saying this to the prognosticators. there can always be an upset as i get older, i feel the need to warn people, to warn that you
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stocks are much less about precision and predictability and much more about chance which brings me full circle to this market's phenomenal run you know why they have such a good start this year the reason they had such a bad end last year our federal reserve chairman he laid out a game plan that would have put an end to the current economic expansion that is the goal he thought he had to destroy the expansion to destroy the specter of inflation powell realized he was reckless. there were other forces doing the job of keeping inflation down for him so the fed could afford to be less aggressive. that's why some time after the christmas bottom he made up the mind to let the forces play out, thank heavens. powell unveiled the new responsible attitude at the beginning of the year, the market quaut fircaught fire. it had nothing to do with the calendar hold your ears when commentators who should know better go on and on about nonexistent relationships between the stock market and the months and days of the year.
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the one thing i know for sure, their confidence in the calendar and history is misplaced they'll be proven wrong. and they will never, ever, ever admit that they were wrong or that their ignorance cost you money. let's go to paul in texas. paul >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah, paul >> caller: because current turmoil in the market, i started looking for good solid companies that paid dividends. >> okay. >> caller: i'm specifically looking for 5% to 7% yield because of this, i started paying attention to payout ratios but i'm finding anywhere 10% to 300% payout. so my question is, is there any safe payout ratio limit that i should be looking at while comparing these companies and the dividends? >> you know, not really. i mean, look, what i try to tell people, is look, you want to see what the cash flow s let me give you an example if you look at verizon which is
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really solid, they absolutely have a terrific, terrific dividend i look at the cash flow and it's bountiful. that's why they can pay it if you look at the earnings, it isn't. so look at the flash flocash fl. then look at the cash flow and then look at the size of the dividend that will give you the answer. people, do not listen to the nonsense each year stands on its own. judge 2019 and what will happen on its own merits, not what happened the first month of the year much more "mad money" ahead with elliott management circle ebay, could you make a bid on it yourself what impact did the shutdown have on employment and the economy? who would know how about we ask adp's ceo and how can 3d printing help solve the biggest issue in football now. i'm talking about the company of a sei ceo using technology to protect players.
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every time you hear someone ranting about the need for cooperation and civility, they're mentioning this stuff in reference to washington. not me at least not right now tonight i want to make a bold call for cooperation and an american institution, not congress, ebay after spending most of 2018 in the dog house, ebay stock caught fire last week when the legendary tough and rigorous hedge fund announced they had taken a 4% stake in the company and started agitating for changes in order to unlock value. the stock initially surged 6% on the news and for good reason the fabulous work and has a terrific track record. but is that enough reason to bite stock can ebay keep climbing here?
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it depends that's why i'm making this plea for civility and to be fair, both elliott and ebay's management was very respectful to each other i think they have a fabulous opportunity here to work together the guys at elliott have great ideas that can potentially make shareholders a lot of money. ebay's management team is better than you think if you only look at the stock's recent performance in this what have you done for me lately stock market the ceo knows what he's doing. i've known the guy for a long time if ebay and elliott can work together, then humphrey bogart and rains this can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship ♪ hallelujah >> there is always a chance that activist situations turn acrimonious. one side digs in the heels and then the proxy fight for the board of directors that's not what ebay needs here. i am optimistic that they can cooperate to unlock a ton of value. it's worth remembering a year
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ago ebay was in great shape. then things said it's really good then things got a little rocky there is a series of imperfect quarters and the stock got clobbered. this business is doing better than many investors seem to think. it's better than the stock looks like last february the stock spiked to $47 after ebay guided for $225 to $230 for earnings in 2018 sure enough, they earned 232 the stock is now 34. what is the problem? slowing sales growth at the core marketplace business is a big deal, specifically the total volume of stuff that gets sold on the platform slowed from a high single digit groeblg rawtht a flat growth rate you know, former partner paypal pensioned on our show last night that is one of the reasons why they did not blow away the numbers. there is also a bunch of operational issues in billings, lost photos, warped titles, many problems that management apologized for at the end of
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last year. and that's where elliott comes in on tuesday of last week, they announced the 4% stake in ebay and publish a letter they believe the stock can get to 55 or maybe even $63 by the end of next year, up from $34 right now as long as management takes the advice the plan, they want ebay to consider spinning off an incredible division that i know i use all the time called stub hub, the on line ticket exchange program. these two are growing like crazy. because they're buried within a much larger online marketplace compani, they don't get the valuation they deserve he sees a lot of value in the core business but it is mismanaged they want the company to focus the efforts here they have a bufrnl of suggestions for how ebay could cut costs and propose they return more capital to share olders he didn't call for anyone's head, they argue that ebay needs the right talent and place to oversee the turn around plan elliott ended the letter with a
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simp simple request that management take the ideas seriously and work with them for the gf the business the stoll went up 6% in a single day and up 10% since the announcement that includes a modest rally after an okay quarter on tuesday. now so far i think management hand th handled this well. they rolled out a dividend that yields 1.6%. that's better than elliott asked for. the sources familiar with the situation say the move is in the works before this. the major bone of contention is the breakup. the conference call talked about how stub hub and the classified business drive traffic to ebay's online marketplace but we'll evaluate the assets and continue to do so so maybe they're more open to the idea than it seems personally, i think elliott is dead right on this one ebay's classified businesses are designed to operate independently. they compete with ebay's marketplace. stub hub could be a lot more valuable as an independent company or a take over progress
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for live nation, the owner of ticket master. ebay spun off paypal in 2014 that's been a huge win for share holers do it again. i think stub hub is incredibly value property you can't really tell because it's so deep inside ebay as for the operational issues, i think everybody involved wants to see ebay's margins go higher. it may be easy for elliott and ebay to work in a glove together to fix this. especially since elliott has a lot of experience helping companies figure out where to cut costs. the trickiest part, we don't know if elliott will push for new management or a board of directors. this is a huge hedge fend that is good at getting what it wants. if they give them a chance though, i think they'll be pleasantly surprised when they push for ebay to spin off paypal when he was running the marketplace division and there were a lot of people in the company that were against the split. he argued for it so i suspect it would be open to anything that he thinks can unlock value here. he's improved the customer
6:28 pm
experience and turned them into a business that is number one or number two in most of the markets. he repurchased 25% of the share cap at terrific prices including recently at 28 stock is at $34. they had a slow down in the fourth quarter, but i've been thinking after the hit that amazon took today, they didn't have such a great fourth quarter either when it comes to marketplace. so if they can find a way to work together here, i'm very optimistic and believe the stock could have a lot more upside bottom line, elliott management has done a ton of research into ebay i think they make very good points i want to stress the best person to implement the plans is the current company's ceo. if, like me, you believe that ebay and the activists can work together, then the stock is absolutely a buy here. even after its big move up since elliott's announcement i want to go to bill in south carolina bill >> hey, boo-yah, jim how are you? >> i'm doing well. boo-yah, bill. what's up? >> caller: well, i want to ask your opinion about decker's
6:29 pm
outdoor courts the manufacturers of the ugg shoes and teva i bought the shares in the middle of january. i'm up 20% on them in a qualified account. my question is, you know, they really beat the earnings estimate in the third quarter. they raised the estimates going forward. should i hold out for the stock? >> um, i think so. i think that they're in a big turn i think it's doing well. i think it's cold out. i think that it's -- this is a bit of a trading stock i think that you can let it run a little more. how about marcus in oregon marcus >> caller: hey mighty rogue river southern oregon >> holy cow! yo, man! how about that white water rafting on the rogue >> it's awesome. >> everybody should go everybody should go to the rogue. that's how gorgeous it is. >> caller: yeah. to my part of the country. the only store we have is
6:30 pm
walmart. you touched on it at 9:00 this morning. it's the perfect indicator to the market man, it should be doing good they got a good management what can with he do with this? >> they pay too much for flip coin who would have known with the, you know, they would change the rules there. by the way, you have a good friend admiring you and that is kroger they're coming back. i think walmart is a very nice price at $93 let someone downgrade it on money because they say they paid too much flip cart and then buy, buy, buy i believe in ebay and elliott management i think they can work well together much more "mad money" ahead. i think i was the only one that thought it was great just kidding tonight i'm talking earnings and employment one of the largest payroll providers adp. what a stock and it's a company using the power its using the power of technology to advance innovation
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this morning we got fabulous employment numbers from the labor department the economy added 304,000 jobs in january it was a blowout it is only one number. get a clear read on the labor market, like to hear from automatic data processing, adp the largest payroll processor with a big human capital management business. this is a terrific company we've been behind it the whole way. especially since adp did report a terrific quarter on wednesday. actually, they were humble if not self deprecating about it. take a look at carlos rodriguez. we'll learn more about the quarter and the broader labor market welcome back to "mad money." >> good to see you >> have a seat thank you. >> you're the only guy i have to admit this whole reporting period where i said, wow, what a great stock. what a great quarter fantastic. you're way too hard on yourself.
6:35 pm
first thing you talk about is you're unhappy with the 1% growth for your bookings everything else was fabulous that's yts stock why the stock . >> by a margin improvement standpoint, it's the best we've done in many, many years i appreciate the opportunity to say that appreciate the opportunity to brag a little bit. >> you deserve it. now let me understand something. we have this oddity here we're hiring a lot of people yet, a lot of companies i talk to had a really bad december co. you please try, you know more than anybody in the labor department, can you explain that to me how it is possible that so many companies were belly aching, things were not good in december but so many people hired? >> it's maybe fear around tariffs, uncertainty, what's going on in the political environment because our numbers are v. been pretty consistent. every time i talk you to, i think i share what we see in the economy. i think we've been seeing steady growth in employment, steady growth in wages which i know is important to both of us for the average american >> yes >> so it's been good news all
6:36 pm
along. i think you had some of your own contacts telling you things about manufacturing. >> oh, my. look at. this a company -- major american company, dell. terrible terrible auto ompanies. terrible every housing company, terrible. it's a very difficult thing to reconcile. >> not in the numbers. not seeing it in the numbers >> it's incredible we don't talk enough about what you've been doing with your professional employment organization you talk about this peo business explain it to people it is growing like wildfire. it is the most bankable part of the portfolio. >> i love that business, jim i started in that business that's how i ended up at adp and it's an outsourcing of the entire hr function it's a fantastic solution for small and mid size companies where we help companies with their health benefits, not just payroll which is the foundation of what we do but also hr, benefits, worker's compensation, retirement plan that you wouldn't have if you were with a small company. so it's really the way to go if
6:37 pm
you're a small company it's really tough out there in terms of complying with all the regulation and laws h it's tough competing against other companies for talent i think a peo really levels the playing field for you. >> i don't know if people understand the small and medium size business, the biggest -- i don't want to make this sound hypocritical, but the biggest enemy for a small business company is that the government can come in and put you out of business and you don't know -- you tend not to know what to do but we use adp at my restaurants sfwlchlt do you? >> absolutely. and we wouldn't know what to do with it. we just care that somebody doesn't come in and puts us out of business. >> even with change in tone around regulation, it's tough being an employer. no matter what size you are. if you're a small employer, it's almost impossible to be an employer and stay out of trouble. i think do you have to get help. i think companies like us are there to help. >> they tend to do the payroll
6:38 pm
and get every piece of the business >> as you know, we go from small companies to large companies and payroll to the full hr outsoorsing lioutsoor outsourcing that we talk about >> do you notice a difference in the attitude if the fed is geared toward having multiple tightenings which i like for you. i think it's more important frankly that you have job creation than cash balance >> you're dead on, jim it's not only about job growth and having a healthy strong economy. i think if the fed, as you've been saying for several months if, they tighten to the point where everything comes to a halt, that's not good for anybody. that's not good for adp. so, yeah, we like increasing yields but frankly, yields are coming off such a low that we still have a little gas in the tank where w. where they are today because our portfolio is laddered and we will be really happy if this results in the fed pause results in a strong economy that endures here for a couple more years. >> absolutely. one last thing we had this company shut down.
6:39 pm
there were companies that got extended is everybody okay? did they snap back quickly or do we incur some real damage because this went on for so long >> that's a great question it's unprecedented. >> totally >> how long that shutdown lasted the economy has a lot of momentum you look at our jobs data and wage growth, it's hard to naej th imagine this is going to be anything but a pothole in the road i'm optimistic that the momentum will continue and certainly we hope that for ourselves and also for everyone else in the economy. >> okay. so everybody listen at home. if you see those job numbers and you see they're so big like they are 100 straight months, best way to invest in it is with carlos rodriguez, the president and ceo of adp "mad money" is back after the break. ♪
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alonzo >> caller: boo-yah, jim. alonzo of winchester, virginia love your show >> good to hear. it's a long weak >> caller: i'm work ong a long term portfolio for my 16-year-old son miguel what do you think of bac >> i think brian moynihan is doing a remarkable job it is one inexpensive stock. they keep buying back stock. has a good yield and going to get better buy, buy, buy. john in california >> boo-yah, jim, in sacramento happy super bowl friday to you >> john, how you been? man. i've been thinking about the mayor. i was remember something good times out there in sacramento. what's up? >> okay. well, you no he what i've been, you know i'm long on gilead i'm getting impatient with that we moved on to pilgrims pride. we're waiting for some moves and buy them and throw them in the drawer what do you think? >> i think it is a bottom feeder
6:44 pm
there. i like this one more than tyson. it is a $5 billion company i go with you on that one. i mean you had to think about that let's go to stewart in new jersey. >> hey jim, how are you? >> i'm good. how about you? >> i'm great i've been an action alert member for a year now and it's been real well. >> thank you, man! we help on to that facebook didn't we? what's up? >> yeah. i want to thank you for canopy i took a cue from you. i name my rescue dog canopy. >> out there trashing the canopy and cannabis sector. canopy has the stock >> i'm up 40% on. that thank you mr. cramer. >> yes, we want to help people make money how can i help >> i'm interested in kem >> sure. you're interested in that. >> well, thats an inexpensive stock. i'm going go with you. it's a very inexpensive stock.
6:45 pm
after the cohorts moved up how about the way that they nail the smh on tuesday night look at the archives if you missed it. let's go to anthony in minnesota. anthony? >> what about mirna. >> you know, i put up with them recently inthe jp morgan conference i'm sticking by that bristol-myers. i think maderna has a lot of work it's a weird period in the ipo market it is clinical stage biotech are we done completely not john in north dakota john >> boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah >> new residential invest comment e.ment corp. nrz. >> i do not recommend these residential mortgage related companies. i don't know what they own even though they could be very good companies, i got stick with what i do know and not recommend
6:46 pm
things that i don't. how about we go to kevin in massachusetts? kevin? >> good luck this weekend. i don't mind saying. that how can i help? >> yeah, appreciate it i just want to talk about boston beer company it is off the 52 week high >> beer is flat. beer is flat that's pretty funny. beer is flat i can't recommend anything in that category. i can tell you that diagio is really good. you know what? the sarah eyes eyes eisen. gri own. that diagio has game and that, ladies and gentlemen, that concludes the lightning round! >> the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade
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you know and i know that
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investing is about trying to predict the future we like to go off the tape with privately held startups, the ultra innovative companies that can potentially revolutionize an entire industry and we got one tonight. companies like carbon which is developed -- that's the name of the company. developed alternative to traditional 3d printing that they call digital light sin though sis basically, the carbon technology uses light and heat to transform a pool of resin into an actual product. the big advantage, a lot of companies use 3d printers to use prototypes they're not great for mass manufacturing. the hardware and software on the other hand can create finished products at mass scale plus, the technology allows customers to make things that previously are unmakeable. for example, they announced a partner swhp riddell they digitally manufacture a customer latest liner for each helmet, okay, so that everybody's will fit individual
6:52 pm
players. not one size fits all. that doesn't work. let's take a closer look with the inventer he is the co-founder he serves as the ceo i have to tell you, one amazing helmet good to see you, sir >> all right i have to tell you when i asked moms and dads when they let their kids play football, they say are you kidding me they have not developed the technology so that my boy won't have a concussion. am i looking at it i know that therealways will be but making it a safer helmet is a big deal to people. >> look at all the sport, all the exercising, whether it is bicycle riding, skiing, soccer, football, it's all about protection and these are fraught with injuries we're plowed to be a silicon valley company that brings technology, advanced technology free throw tekt t to protect the ones we love. >> you scan the head but can you still mass produce. >> we do
6:53 pm
so you think about this. intraoral scanners, tunable. >> aligned technology. >> no one's ever done that for football helmets we take digital technologies and get a perfect -- you want a perfectly fitted helmet. if you have a hair bun or ideal for your head. we take that imavenlgt we take the best fitting helmets and then we apply advanced analysis and sample thousands of different laties we use a laties to dissipate the energy >> it happens to be this weekend is obviously the super bowl. but you have to be able to statistically show that it can produce fewer, right you're never going to eliminate it any sport can have it. it does produce theoretically fewer con xu fewer concussions. >> what is great about a lattice, foam was invented in 1937 here we are, you know, we have all the athletes we bring state of the art unmakeable things. the lattices, every time it
6:54 pm
buckles, you dissipate the energy to a larger area. we certainly believe in changes of attitudes and behaviors, proper tackling, the kickoff but taking these lattices allows us to dissipate it more effectively. >> give me things that you're mass producing that are unmakeable or not done as well >> i'm wearing these adidas running shoes. you take the lattice designs this is a data matrix. we have traceable parts. we can make she's at scale big partnership with adetroit as j & j, we got the same lattice design, same computational engine with the material that for a surge tral implants, it provides the function and then after a few months it completely dissolves, untraceable >> that's what they've been looking for. >> j & j is a big eninvestor wi us you have our favorites
6:55 pm
the man who saved ford so it didn't go bankrupt >> allen is amazing. we have board members that are really passionate. he has done that with lead engineer, 777 back at boeing. >> right. >> we have abig partnership with ford a couple weeks ago at the detroit auto show. we're first 3d printed parts on a production vehicle the f-150 truck and ford focus >> and how about allen coleman former ceo at dupont, he will sen our lead director and really passionate about materials and impacting people's safety. she started the security business at dupont and a great mentor >> i have to tell you, i didn't know of your company until allen checked in you guys have been flying a little bit under the radar >> we are. so this is silicon valley based company. we raised $200 million in december of 2017 >> okay. that's pretty new. we have -- it's breakthrough in
6:56 pm
having a subscription model for manufacturing. think install base like -- intuitive surgical, aluminum we have growing install base that is hardware service and printer. and then we have an app store for residence. okay silicon valley, you need an app store. we have the resins they have the properties for all the different parts. between the two of them, we have an annual contract value acv. it start at the floor, $70,000 per installed unit and we're in 11 different countries now. >> you're telling me that 3d printing en masse. >> finally for production. you go into the large volume applications, what happens is you start procuring resins we're selling more resin in production applications. this industry, 3d printing historically is an $8 billion to $10 billion prototype industry we're going after a $300 billion injects molding marketplace. that scale, resin pricing can
6:57 pm
come down. >> and it's in use this is not a dream come true. you had someone on the rams playing with this. >> we had a player on just about every team for the second half of the season, roger saffold has been wearing it for the rams we're very excited about that. >> we're all excited that maybe the rams can beat the pats. >> we would love the ole guy quarterback for the pats but certainly -- as long as the game is as good as last year >>, no outcome is as good. that may not happen this year. but thank you so much. very exciting. he is the co-founder and ceo of carbon i bet you're going to hear a lot about carbon in the future stick with cramer. al bank. al bank. capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed capital one cafes. you can get savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. and one of america's best savings rates. to top it off, you can open one from anywhere in 5 minutes. this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet?
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