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tv   Mad Money  CNBC  July 19, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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position like that to add leverage makes sense another point about tesla and mike said it, you wouldn't be short tesla here but the idea of buying a well-defined put spread makes sense. >> that does it for us see you back here next friday at 5:30 don't go anywhere. "mad money" starts right now my mission is simple, to headache you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you money my job is to entertain, teach, coach and call me at 1800-743-cnbc or tweet me at jim cramer is there a real slowdown coming or a lull before the fed cuts interest rates and reignites the economy. we'll give you interest reports
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that gives you much better sense of where it is the dow slipped and s&p declined and nasdaq lost 7.4% because of an escalation of tensions in the mideast against britain, the united states and iran and before that the market was doing well you need to understand we're about to embark on the busiest week of the year for industrial earnings we will be flooded with new information. if you can't handle it if there is some sort of congregation in the gulf, this might be the perfect weak to take your summer vacation on monday we have two important quarters we hear from whirlpool, the appliance maker and hall l halln if the latest reports and revolutionary guards, republican guard seize. they seize british royal tanker. the price of crude barely budged for heaven's sake. maybe halliburton confirms what
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schlumberger told us this market is not the least bit excited about oil. the banks have told us that the consumer is flushed. we heard that the other day at bank of america but how flushed? wi whirlpool's washer and drier sales will tell a better way iran and presidential tweet about the trade negotiations, you might want to consider buying the stock of american express because wall street thinks it's spending too much money building loyalty you know what? that's a mistake i bet the ceo greg hayes is nothing but good things to say the problem, some investors are extremely critical of the decision he has made to merge the aerospace defense business with rathion haze has got to come out on this
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call and flush out why he thinks this deal is worth doing coca-cola reports, last night i got a question about this nrks ' a stock that goes up over time after the close we get results from an opposite stock chipotle the expectations here are ratcheted up from levels that would be too high but not this i like it. i'd recommend buying some before the quarter and some after just in case it pulls back. then there is visa yeah, symbol v this is an amazing money machine. i often feel like i'm sliding visa when i'm hiding american express but this stock is an erratic trader and sells off on even the best of reports giving you the single finest moment to pick some up into weakness why don't you check -- check the chart out of letter v. it always works. i can't wait for wednesday because wednesday we hear from boeing the company has taken a $5.6
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billion charge for the 737 max heard about it all day it's hard to quantity ffy the my this charge gives you certainty. that makes boeing's quarter a lot less risky as far as i'm concerned and hear from caterpillar. a month ago, we spoke to the ceo and he told a terrific story of a new more consistent cat, consistent being the keyword to spotty growth in the business cycles, big buy back, nice dividend and manufacturing and labor cost good. i think cat will buy ahead of the report and double down more after we see the numbers and travel trust with the position after the close, we find out if tesla is making money. sounds odd that's what we're looking for. now that elon musk can't tweet under the order of the government, we'll have to wait for the quarter to learn how the company is doing tesla is the ultimate battle ground and bad news dogs it but doesn't destroy it anymore as there are too many short
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sellers. the trade is what we call too crowded. people get mad because i won't talk a stand and it's a cold stock and cold stocks are hard to gain so why should i try doing money when money of my themes is easing money facebook, congress is raking them over the coals and crypto currency i think facebook will deliver a good quarter, very good. a year ago was the darkest time for facebook the company is getting hammered and had a nasty short fall but in the end, i don't think facebook's business is hurt at all because the ad vertizers love it because the readers love it and that's called journalism or at least some form of journalism i'm liberal using the term dan will trace out the next phase of the payment company's growth but the stock tends to stall after earnings when it's had a big run going into the quarter as it has this time. if you buy paypal, i have to
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suggestion if not demand that you wait until after it reports. some companies punch above their weight with action and one of my favorite is xilinx it's a semi conductor with huge exposure to 5 g infrastructure listen closely or i'll do it for you. they may know more than anyone else wednesday, talk about one you can buy ahead of it and making money, it's service now. that's the cloud based software company with a fantastic track record no sure things of this market but the ceo john donohue tends to deliver take a look at that chart. thursday we have a make or break quarter and it's the quarter or 3 m. okay last time around the results were not so hot. the previous quarter they weren't hot. other than lackluster earnings, there was a ground water problem caused by 3 m chemical might be bigger than we thought.
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it's been around but we're seeing big numbers will they address it this time and put it near the top of the call how important is it? will the narrative going forward be changed it's certainly a huge concern. look what legal woes do to johnson & johnson. the stock was pancaked after a great quarter. at least 3 m sold off coming into the quarter it will be hectic. we hear from amazon that's a total horse going into the quarter with a little profit taking after the prime day pay more attention to amazon web services and the outfit to see if it can match the strength of microsoft's competing as your platform that is extraordinary what an opportunity. you know, i'm a huge believer in this stock this is really one of the three largest positions in my travel trust. in part because i think amazon web services is worth more than it's getting credit for. at the same time, alphabet reports, i've been at odds it reports a quarter that's
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incomprehensib incomprehensible we're looking for less spending and more profits is that too much to ask? it's been a bummer every quarter i can recall will it be different don't bet on it. that on shoulder earlier this week, portfolio managers can't get enough of starbucks. it has run into earnings and tendsdisappointment. i recommend buying it into any dip next week. iran, you buy mcdonald's steve is a ceo and the comparisons are getting easy what's not to like i wouldn't get to most of the quarterly conference calls until the wee hours of the night but i'll do it for you, at least a redip. you should, too. if you try to do something during this particular earnings season this week and the week after without doing your homework, i'll guarantee you something. you're going to get hurt james in tennessee, james?
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>> caller: hey, mr. cramer, how are you today? >> having a good day how about you? >> caller: great greetings from the volunteer state. >> go vols. >> caller: i have a question, if you can and i appreciate your help and dedication to your craft and i enjoy talking to people the best in their field. >> you're very kind. i work hard, people are better but thank you so much. >> caller: i don't know about that anyway, my stock is one of our favorites, nvda. my question, actually, i have a two-part question. i bought this stock myself three months ago when it was in the high 100s, 190 range. >> okay. >> caller: excuse me i take that back bought it at the 160s. it had been in the 190s and came down some and the trade thing started. so on and so forth and i caught a segment that you were doing about the connection. i have a two part question, is
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huawei connected with invideo and can it get back to the range. >> excellent question and thank you for the kind words it's connected see, because nvidia is trying to close the deal with the israeli company and need chinese approval because the u.s. is at odds with china and huawei it's being held up. if it gets that approval, it will revisit the levels we seen before let's go to jeffrey in new york, jeffrey. >> caller: hey, jim, jeff, good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> caller: jim, i'm reaching out to june 13th there is activity, i followed the trade by buying the stock. a month later they announced a finalized deal with total who will buy 2.5 tons of gas and invested 500 million into the terminal the next day we had the chairman on the show. he was extremely impressive. obviously, one of the architects of modern liquid natural gas
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world. >> right. >> caller: this wednesday, an analyst came out with almost a 50% price target cut and the stock went from -- or the cut went from $16 price target down to $9. the reason for the downgrade was concern of gas price in the future, however, today just 30 minutes before close, that same analyst announced he mad a math m error but to focus on quote unquote everything else he said. would you agree -- >> he got it wrong that was a really very difficult thing. he made a mistake in the model the out goes jumped all over it and traded 6 billion shares and knocked it down and look, it was a mistake. a legitimate mistake but no, and it really hurt the stock and i think that that's just a shame that was not careful in the part of that analyst. and i think the stock down here is a buy next week will give us a hugely important read on the economy and i'm not feeling very optimistic because so many stocks have run. on "mad money" tonight, i'm
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dropping serious knowledge after the interview with the ceo last night. i'll tell you if now is the time to pick this up and then, will amazon's move to get out of the food delivery war make shares of grub hub tastier i'm digging in it's been 50 years since the moon landing i remember where i was cnn's morgan brennan joins us at cape canaveral talk about the future of space exploration and how it relates to your portfolio. >> announcer: don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter have a question, tweet cramer #madtweets, send jim an email to mad money
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for over a year we've been waiting for stocks to benefit from president trump's 25% t tariff on foreign competition
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and this is how it begins. a price increase here and there and the neck thing you know, you're setting on a saturn five rocket going to the moon i'm talking about the price hikes and flat rolled steel, the most basic kind of steel that new core, our favorite steel company just put through a couple of weeks ago. that's right $40 per ton price increase three weeks ago and tacked on another $40 this last week you know what that's called? the up cycle i've been waiting for it and it should allow gigantic steel producers the largest in america to make an enormous amount of hundred when it goes right surprising the analyst and the market why do i think the cycle has finally arrived? this industry has a weird trajectory things were looking good with the 25% tariff from last spring and sold it all over the world for less than the coast of production and a lot ends up here it was the right thing for the
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president to do but those worried about the tariffs preordered a massive amount of steel. that makes sense when the economy started slowing last year, guess what? the service centers had way too much supply a glut that led to the price cuts that weighed down the group and new core didn't do too badly lly and came close to making the money i was wrong. instead, what happened is the marginal players in the u.s. falter because of the glut, the glut kexacerbated about the medi at least according to the ce, oc o. in the last six months that inventory is worked off. we know that because these two price hacks i mentioned in flat rolled steel i know if you're not efficient of the steel stocks, an $80 per ton move may not sound like much but i traded the stocks for four decades and every single turn in the group started just like
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this, couple of price hikes. right now it's as lean as it's been and building plans in anticipation for higher grades of steel i think the federal reserve is about to cut interest rates given the economy and boost. i bet no core will be a terrific stock to earn. our steel companies would be overwhelmed by competition and chinese would dump again but this time it will be a different story. about 30 years ago, i live near the headquarters of bethlehem steel and i was at one point one of the largest companies in the world when i was a kid bethlehem was considered the country club of the steel they were making so much money. why not? they owned two beautiful golf courses for executives and had the highest paid most bloated work force at the top and i never come across it back then steel had been rising relentlessly so the company had a ton of operating leverage. at one point it was rumored right before the late '80s bethlehem could earn $20 per
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share. oh, and then the dumping began because the market was robust and led to an inventory bulge and we shorted the heck out of be bethlehem steel and we didn't ring the bell until the company went bankrupt. i named my cat bessy after that monster win. she had a lot of ticks and stuff. anyway, now the opposite is finally occurred it's too late for bethlehem but not for new core the up cycle was interrupted by the excessive inventory before the tariffs hit, we worked through it the otherwise first increase wouldn't stick let alone the second one if we get a couple rate cuts, it will be a must-own stock think of it as the chick en tha will let you sleep at night. the most dangerous of the steel to own and has a good balance
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sheet. new core has better earn risk reward and the best way to play the fed-induced presidential endorsed steel cycle beginning right now. "mad money" is back after the break. don't miss your golden opportunity
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to experience the luxury you desire on a full line of utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. >> when the facts change, you need to be willing to clang your mind like we were taught but how do you know if the facts have really changed that's the question i keep pondering when i think about grub hub the online food delivery system. back in february i told you to run, don't walk away from grub hub as well as all of the publicly traded competitors. the stock had been obliterated from 149 last september to 83. i bring more downside. why? because the delivery space has
6:23 pm
gotten way too crowded among uber eats, door dash, square caviar service and gold belly, cloud kitchens, that's by the way the latest venture from the founder of uber, there were just too many players competing for the small business while competition is great for you as a consumer, it's the last thing you want to deal with if you run a business and grub hub has a ton of competition they have been spending money like crazy and their efforts, let's say they haven't been that successful sometimes the industry will be booming like this one but there is no real good way to invest in it that's an important take away, people it turns out it was good the stock is down 9% however, in the past month and a half, grub hub has rebounded from lows rising from 60 to 75 and maybe me wonder if maybe i'm missing something or something changed. the reason on june 11th it was reported amazon would be shouting down its own online
6:24 pm
delivery service amazon restaurants. immediately grub hub stock caught fire and multiple analyst told us this is a major positive they are looking for after all, if you can out last amazon, got to be in great shape. stands to reason not so fast. i think the buyers are getting ahead of themselves. they were never a major player to begin with. one less competitor, of course they still got plenty of other rivals and frankly, you can read amazon's decision not so much as they gave up but how about this? as an indictment of the whole industry you have to remember grub hub's margins are under serious pressure for sometime and spending a fortune to fend off door dash, post mates and everybody else that piled in the business that's not a good sign, people in april we stopped by grub hub's head quarters to give the ceo to tell his us side of the story and willing to talk. i asked him if all the ad spending was worth it.
6:25 pm
here is what he said. >> so you think about it this way. you know your ltv, lifetime value of your customer once they order, they are lifers and on forever we can make that revenue model and then we know how much it cost to put the ad on there. so, yes, over time as people see it more and more, it becomes less and less effective but we're nowhere near the ltv. >> i love when a candid executive is willing to answer tough questions after i've krit si -- criticized their company on air. it's wort to spend the money because once you win new customers, they will stick with grub hub forever that's the long-term value i'm not sure about that. in my experience people toggle between delivery service to get what they want if it's on grub hub, if you want mcdonald's, you have to use uber eats and if you want chipotle, you have to use door doosh the when grub hub last reported, the
6:26 pm
company gave sales and guidance for the next year and stock got hit until we learned about that amazon restaurant change in response the stock surged more than 8% in a ink single day and hasn't looked back since i think this development is being blown out of proportion. amazon restaurants was tiny more than 20 cities when you actually read the analysis it's not exactly encouraging as the "wall street journal" put it, the rough and up theble food delivery business is swarming with competitors and largely unprofitable in other words, this industry was too competitive for amazon of all companies how can that be possible for grub hub amazon is involved but doing it indirectly from a british system the competition is just getting more fierce. more and more of these delivery platforms are forming exclusive partnerships dun k dunken donuts delivers via grub hub and seamless but chilis uses
6:27 pm
grub hub mcdonald's had a deal with uber eats but they are partnering up with door dash if you're a major restaurant chain, you can play them to get better terms i know this. we use caviar earned by square at our bar and tavern in brooklyn we have no power over pricing. we have to price take. i'll give this industry its due. you almost have to have takeout and delivery these days if you succeed even if the delivery folks take a hefty double digit percent of the check what else? grub hub is spending to protect the market share turns outdoor dash over took them to become the largest food delivery service in america in may. 300,000 customers. door dash is privately held and got 600 million in fundraising that valued the company at $12.6 billion. grub hub's smart cap isn't even $7 billion everyone is focused on amazon's exit but maybe should have been watching the assent of door dash
6:28 pm
and there may be no winners in this battle. like many, they can toy with small businesses, state level regulators, they are trying to get involved and may start intervening on behalf of grub hub customers. the new york state liquor authority ruled to reduce fees from 15 to 30% down to 10% that would be amazing perhaps worst of all this earlier week, we broke news that i don't think people caught. we spoke to rich alison, the ceo of domino's pizza. alison blamed part of the weakness on money losing companies effectively being subsidized to take unprofitable market share listen to this. >> i don't know how that will shake out once consumers actually have to pay the full cost of that delivery because those fees are quite substantial relative to the cost of the underlying food. i think we also have not yet seen what's going to happen with the supply of restaurants on
6:29 pm
these platforms, as well. >> ouch. now, maybe grub hub will surprise us when it reports next week but the bottom line is amazon is getting out of the food delivery space and doesn't change anything. they are facing relentless competition. it's way too risky and we're initially able to battle honorably and grow unfettered before there was well-funded competitors fighting over the exact same customers greg in new york, greg >> caller: boo-yah professor cramer. >> thank you, greg. >> caller: "confessions of a street addict" now, it's my third book i love doing the homework. >> thank you so much something that didn't catch many headlines, the 5,000 caught fire so my question is twofold. one, when can we get together with the reserve and two, jack daniels is the name brand for
6:30 pm
foreman trading sideways, what do you think >> i like the brand. i like the brand but just so you know, we had a place my wife co-owns. but we -- that's where we serve. we do mexican stuff. i think brown form is a great brand and doing better dennis in rhode island, please, dennis. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> boo-yah. >> caller: my question is about al ir a alibaba. >> the trade war will end to buy baba and that's a reason why i've been low key recommending any chinese stock. it's just too difficult. all right. amazon getting out of the food
6:31 pm
delivery space and things haven't changed for grub hub on "mad money" we're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon walk and how far we've come and where the next frontier space travel will take us. the dog days of summer are upon us over to the pool, you need to make sure your portfolio is in shape for the summer that's right, it am i diversefied time stay with cramer ilable now.
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50 years ago. >> the eagle has landed. >> the first humans stepped foot on the moon. apollo 11 mission cinched america's dominance in space, a lead that continues but waned after the cold wars closed now that's changing. >> lift off. >> companies like elon musk that cut the price to go to or bit. usherring e ushering a new era of space exploration that gives the u.s. more options as it rethinks strategy for the final frontier.
6:35 pm
>> it's easy to be scenical about the government these days but when our leaders in washington actually agree on something, it can lead to incredible things. think about this, tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. one giant step for man kind and we made that happen. after the soviets beat us into orbit, president kennedy vowed to put a man on the moon been the decade that fueled a massive aerospace boom and invasion. all day today cnbc morgan brennan has been reporting live from the kennedy space center on the east coast of florida, the site of the apollo 11 launch she's here to talk about the anniversary and most exciting trends in space. morgan, welcome to "mad money". >> thank you so much, jim. what an honor to be on your show
6:36 pm
tonight. >> you've been great reporting all day. will there come a time i can book a ticket to the moon? >> yes, the short answer to that is yes the big question isn't when or whether that happens but the big question is when certainly we've seen this renewed push by the u.s., the trump administration announced a new program which is named after apologize leelo apollo's twin sister, the goddess of the man and getting another man and the first woman on the lunar service.tious progm and that's just the start where these renewed lunier ambitions go the idea is to go, stay, learn and establish a base on the moon to travel to mars and other places for deep space exploration. >> let me ask you, the world has shrunk of what a government can do are rich people more capable of making this happen than
6:37 pm
governments? >> i think the answer to that question right now is yes, absolutely nasa administrator jim has come out and estimated that to make ardimis happen it will take $20 billion in funding over the next five years on top of the current nasa budget. that may sound like a lot of money but compared to apollo 50 years ago, it's really not the reason he can put an estimate like that out there is because of commercial space and blue origin backed by jeff bay s -- bay sezos and developed blu moon and it will likely move to land on the moon regardless of what happens with the government. >> you know, tesla reports next week and sometimes i wonder after the tweeting storm issue that elon musk is more focused on where you are than on the car factories. do people say that he's -- i mean, i saw one of his
6:38 pm
reusables. are people more excited what he's doing than what boeing is doing and bezos is doing >> absolutely without a doubt. i think the best way to sum this up, chad anderson, the ceo of an early stage investment fund focused on space called space angels told me ten years ago, there were a dozen privately funded space companies in the world. today that number is 462 now some of those names, some of those companies have been very specifically billionaire backed and fueled but there is a lot of venture capital that is coming into this space as well. and you really are onto the cusp of what is being called an entrepreneur space age in the case of spacex specifically, it's the other elon musk company and been over the years because of its reusable rockets and the fact it's drastically been able to help cut and bring down launch costs, it's been profitable and in the private market, it enjoys
6:39 pm
$33 billion. it's closing in on tesla's cap right now. >> think about this. this is "mad money" you're on. i think a lot of viewers hear that and say i want to buy stock. do you think there is a way to -- a publicly traded way to play the excitement that you're talking about? >> there are a few publicly traded ways. i mean, you have the so-called old space companies, the defense contractors doing space since the apollo era and before. your names like lockheed martin, boeing for example also acquired orbitial atk and the ufo that is focused on space companies and satellite providers, satellite manufacturers that are publicly traded but the startup ecosystem is really going to see the first wall street test before the end of this year when sir richard
6:40 pm
branson's virgin galictic is the first traded company in the markets and focused on space tourism. >> i got to do this because you're so good at defense budget, because i know we talked together a lot and people don't know two talks off air but there is a real big issue in iran today that some people are actually saying war. boeing is involved you mentioned the defense contractors. is that on anybody's mind you're talking to today, word in the gulf because it sent the stock market down 100 quick points. >> yes, and on the flip side of that, what you did see is the defense contractor stocks rally when those headlines did break earlier in the trading session today. i don't think anybody that i've spoken to in terms of the defense and space community, the ceos i speak to hope we don't
6:41 pm
see an escalation or conflict with iran that being said, our capabilities and the money that is being put towards our ability to fight wars heaven forbid we have to, they feel they are ready and it certainly speaks to the fact we have seen an increase in the defense budget over the last couple of years. there has been a lot of speculation about whether that could continue to increase but when you see geopolitical threats like this one with iran, i think there is good reason to believes specially as the 2020 defense budget moves through congress right now that you'll continue to see some sort of increase or at least maintenance at these elevated levels. >> i want to thank you for coming on the show and congratulate you for a fabulous, fabulous bunch of hits as we call them in reporting and best of luck and look, you cover this beat really well i want people to know that because i follow these stocks. you follow them better morgan brennan, thank you for coming on "mad money". >> jim, thank you. it's my pleasure. >> "mad money" is back after the break. (vo) the ant mindlessly marches on.
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it is time, it is time for
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at the lightning round are you ready for the lightning round. i'll start with adam in iowa, adam. >> caller: boo-yah, jim. long-time listener and first-time caller. >> i like that long time first time. >> caller: my stock is wk, hold or buy >> there are so many cloud-based mobile companies i have to do a breather and do work i'm always looking for the next cram cramer family fav. let's do work and come back. let's go to j.j. >> caller: your thoughts on t tegna? buy, sell or hold. >> i don't want to get into the tv business. my travel trust has a big position let's go to richard in florida,
6:46 pm
richard? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. my fiancee carly and i watch your show every night and thank you for all you do. >> you'rer terrific, thank you. >> caller: nept. >> i have to do work because it's become controversial and i can't just come out and say you know what? i like a supplement company because there is a lot of short squeezes and a lot of let's say lack of charity and i'll get some let's go to sam in ohio. sam? >> caller: boo-yah jim cramer. >> boo-yah. >> caller: we got earnings expected on thursday any other upward catalysts on insight? >> i recommend novocure in the 15s or 20s a friend of mine who is supposed to pass away had novocure. he had brain cancer and lived an additional three years, and i'm standing by the fact that you
6:47 pm
don't want to buy it for the earnings but own it because it's really a remarkable product. let's not play earnings with that one john in michigan, john >> caller: cramer, how are you >> cramer is okay. how about you? >> caller: not bad i'm 20 and have been investing into my roth ira since my junior year of high school and have a question of ally financial. >> they are doing quite well the automotive market isn't that hot but they are well run. it's doing well. look, i'm more of a jp morgan bank of america guy but i won't disagree they are doing well. let's go to derrick in ohio. derrick? >> caller: jim, my largest holding reports next week. >> look, this is an industrial company that i have always liked. it does a terrific job if they would ever come on, it would be great it's a metal bending company that does a fantastic job. let's go to frank in new york, frank? >> caller: frank, yeah, how are you, cramer? >> how are you doing
6:48 pm
>> caller: i want your thoughts on accelerated diagnostics. >> we'll do a lot of homework because this is in vitro diagnostics. that's controversial we'll come back. that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade ♪
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as i said earlier in the show, next week's earnings are pivotal to the economy and heart of earning season and one lesson proves itself very important and that's diversification, maybe your only real savior but these start going nuts next week and this is where you call me and tell me your top five holdings and i'll tell you if your portfolio is diversefied enough we have a tweet from russell on twitter. and he says, thanks what you do for us home gamers, yes. am i diversefied apple, united health, microsoft, dowel, #mad money, #cramerica. this is actually harder than you think and i'll tell you why. because right now this and this
6:53 pm
are no longer trading together they are both technology but they have been differentiated because of the incredible quarter microsoft played so what we're going to do is we're going to allow both of them, i know that's unusual but not trading with each other which is what we're concerned about. j.p. morgan the largest bank with a fantastic quarter and dow will report soon i own them i'm concerned about the quarter, not the dividend it's safe. united health reported a quarter that i was so furious about because they did not give you a heads up and they could have given you a heads up there was things that were wrong which is why the stock went down. sorry, i'm emotional about it. i was emotional on the call but we have health care, we have an industrial, we have a bank and we'll say this is buy itself microsoft and apple. you got to make a change i can't do that. i need you to own both that's good. that's a different lesson. let's go to drew in georgia,
6:54 pm
drew >> caller: jim, my teacher, i love you as a peer i want to live off dividends but am i diversefied. >> okay. >> caller: i got disney, i got lockheed martin, i got slab, i got master card, and i got under armor. >> interesting this is a very interesting portfolio. okay lockheed martin, big defense contractor and some people are fretting about turkey. i think it could be right. technology, okay so we've got chips and under armor, which i think is having a very good quarter. kevin plank is back and walt disney company and 38 out of 5 two weeks and mastercard and entertainment, apparel, tech,
6:55 pm
defense. that is completely diversified let's go to georgia. raleigh in georgia riley. >> caller: yes, sir, dr. cramer, thank you for taking my call. >> i love being a doctor >> caller: my stocks, see if i'm diversifie diversified. i have bank of america, apple, gold, disney and facebook. >> old familiar names here okay let's go to work bank of america, amazing bank. we have brian on yesterday i thought he acquit himself well walt disney again in the world barrick, there is nothing wrong with having gold facebook obviously a strong technology company and apple so we did apple, microsoft can we do apple and facebook again? they don't trade with each other. i am allowing this i know that some of you probably think that is not correct.
6:56 pm
enterta entertainment, gold, financial, internet, media and hardware, which i wish were frankly occurring revenue and that's what i'll talk about let's go to keith in wisconsin keith? >> caller: boo-yah dr. cramer. >> hey, man, i must be a doctor, everyone is calling me it. what's up? >> caller: thank you for taking my call. long-time listener, first-time caller. >> perfect. >> caller: thank you for everything you do for the home gamers, shows, books are great reads. >> thank you >> caller: i think of you as a modern day ben graham. >> no, no, he's a brilliant man. i'm a communique tore. he's a brilliant man i try to communicate common sense in a way i think helps people best handle their portfolio or best client how can i help. >> caller: i'm very thankful for advice you've given so i haven't made many mistakes. >> thank you. >> caller: i'm hoping i'm diversified. my five positions are apple, burerkshire hathaway.
6:57 pm
bristol myers, caterpillar and costco am i diversefied. >> we have a big week next week. caterpillar and brit l mystol ms report the stock is down all the way because they have to get rid of otesla bristol is good. berkshire ma berkshire hathaway watch being walmart, amazon, target, costco and home depot. caterpillar reports next week. i think it will be a good quarter and apple, technology, industrial, retail, drug, wow. that is very diversefied and i want you to stick with cramer. a visual snapshot of your investments. key portfolio events. all in one place. because when it's decision time... you need decision tech. only from fidelity.
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6:59 pm
i like to say there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to find it for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer and i'll see you monday
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