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tv   On the Money  CNBC  September 14, 2019 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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hi everyone. welcome to the moan. days are getting shorter action leaves are turning and for sale signs are spreading. what will the fall husbanding market bring amtrak is getting on word the modernization train. how it could be faster and more fun in the future. breaking up is hard to do especially when it comes to your financial adviser. we have the steps to take. get the popcorn and soda ready, from "friends" to operand gone with the wind, the company behind your special events he at the movie theater soon "on the money" starts right now. >> is this is "on the money,"
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your money yourks life, your future we begin with homes for sale as cooler weather approaches the housing market is heating up our diana olick finds thereare more openhouses to visit during the weekends, but it is a buyer's or seller's market that is this weekend's cover story. >> reporter: at a sunday openhouse in dallas, texas, there were plenty of potential buyers for this four bedroom tudor listed at nearly $1.4 million. but not a whole lot of pressure. >> for a while it was just a very, very hot market and it was really a seller's market for a while. and i think it is settling >> reporter: and that is why darrel and kerry smith are taking their time whether to buy a larger home or enlarge their current one. th they worry more about the economy. >> any type of recession could
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affect our incomes >> reporter: the smiths are no alone in their concern eye are notticly investor concern is what is behind the drop in mortgage rates which are now a full percentage point lower than a year ago. that should help sellers, but apparently it is not there are far fewer bidding wars today than just a year ago >> i think people are a little more cautious to pull the trigger. in order to really sell a home quickly and for the best value you will get right now, you really need to price correctly. it is not a seller's are market right now. >> reporter: dustin collins and his wife have a new baby, but not willing to rush into a new house. >> it is more about finding the right house for us than paying a little too much for it maybe so i feel like now the houses are sitting a little longer. it gives us more of an opportunity to find the house they want. wr >> reporter: at a price that sits well within their comfort zone consumer sentiment in housing did improve in august according to a monthly survey from fannie
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mae, but mainly because a lot more people think mortgage rates will keep falling. but other components were not the so he rosie. fewer people think now is a good time to buy or sell a home and more are worried about losing their job in the next year that really takes sellers out of the driver's seat. back to you. >> would you say it is a buyer's market or are we in the no man's land >> reporter: if you are in the middle to upper end, it really is a buyer's market because there is a lot of supply it is that entry level part of the market where there is very lean supply that it is probably still a seller's market. >> diana, thank you. ryan is a top selling real east state broker and star of the show million dollar listing new york and also the author of the book called sell it like serhant. ryan, thanks for being here. you were on the front lines of all of this action how would you describe the market right now >> the market is very much a buyer's market
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and it has been a buyer's market for i want to say the last three years. since kind of the beginning of 2016 there is more inventory on the market now in new york city than there has been in the last couple years combined. which isn't a bad thing. people say too much inventory as if it is a bad thing, but it is not. getting buyers the opportunity to not have to jump right then, it is great if me, i'm a broker, but at the same time, it gives them more time to make the right decision and it brings equilibrium to a are marketplace where when it is sdrat up or straight down, it is never good. >> it is for a frenzied moment, but what does that mean for your job as a broker in terms of what advice you give people selling or buying? >> i mean, we use a lot of different things what is true about right now you is that people are still buying homes. is interest rates are still really low so you can't use interest rates it drive urgency anymore
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i never have been able to because i got into business the day my brothers filed for bankruptcy so interest rates are low.brothr bankruptcy so interest rates are low. a slower deal that you could take today could be even worse next year. and for buyers, it is about findinging ing ing a place hope that you love and get it at a fair 3r50is. >> and let's talk about your job. you mentioned that you've had historically low mortgage rates out there. but you've also had the influx of social media and all of these things coming -- >> everything is different >> so how has that changed your job? >> when i first got into the real estate bit, my first clients were either people i met on the streets like at starbucks or people i met on craigslist. that was it. or you would have connections and from those sellers would come he other b other buyers now we make property videos and put it on youtube. my youtube channel is a huge
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business for me. we just mad a girl who saw a property video we had for a house asking $15 million and she told her mother to come and take a look at it and the mother came flew and she said i was never going to come see this before, but my daughter told me to take a look and here i am and she bought it for $13 million. and that is a high price, but that happens at all different price points because that point of entry for on the product now you has totally changed. it is not the "new york times," it is not craigslist anymore now it is how are you reaching people through instagram, through facebook, through youtube. there are so many different ways that people get information and as a top real estate a little, you have to be everywhere. >> and your tips in the book, you have all kinds of great selling tip and it works for people who aren't just brokers what advice would you be giving to people who they see what you are doing and they think i can be better at what i'm doing too. >> yeah, the book came out a year ago and it has done so
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incredibly well and b incredibly and blow my mond. thought only my mom was going it buy it a lot of people who are not in he will radio estate buy the book and i wrote it for anybody who is in sales. people who have written to me saying listen, your book helped me get a second date because it helped me realize what first impressions are and how your first impression is your last impression if you are not the careful. and i talk about all of that and really breaking down all your relationships and the way that you start your relationships and the way that you carry your relationships 00 aon are the mos important thing that you have in life so in sales, that is how i make money. huh i make a relationship to you that then carries on maybe look at a house two or three or ten years from now you is the way i built my entire business it is not about selling banana once, it is about growing the trees and building the farm. anybody can sell and make more money if they want to. >> ryan, thank you for being here great to see you
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ryan serhant real estate expert, reality television start and dating guru. >> my live r life will like that one. up next, rail travel is about to get faster and fansier. the new high speed trains that look good inside and out and later, is it time for a break? how to leave your financial adviser if you aren't happy. right now let's take a look at how the stock market ended the week these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale
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instead of flying or driving, amtrak wants more travelers to take the train. so they are building brand new high speed acelas with more space and modern upgraduates seema mody climbed apboard >> reporter: seeking to attract more business travelers, amtrak is spending more than $2 million to modernize its acela fleet, trains designed to operate at a faster speed of 160 miles per hour, up from 150 on the current acela. they will be manufactured heesh in the u.s., 9d 3% of the component are sourced locally with the exception of the exterior of the train that comes from italy they promise to accommodate 30% more passengers and be 20% more efficient thanks to to new lightweight technology amtrak easy is the goal is to make it competitive with plane as, cars and other forms of
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public transit while also addressing safety concerns following several accidents. >> 75% of traveler tws air and rail are choosing amtrak and on the north end which is between new york and boston, we are just over 50% we see a lot of opportunity for growth on the north end. there is an awful lot of business that is growing in the boston area. >> reporter: amtrak is betting the new upgrades will pay off before the northeast corridor runs from boston to washington and currently carries roughly 12 million passengers a year and accounts for nearly 40% of the u.s. railroad traffic. and amtrak is hoping that a new nonstop service between new york and d.c. will increase bookings. but experts say the future of american high speed rail will be challenged by the aging infrastructure amtrak executives have been urging the white house and 4r5ur7 lawmakers to allocate more federal funds to its railroad, bridges and tunnels but president trump has pushed back saying the individual states should make these updates. >> there is absolutely a risk. i often say won't the new trains
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enter service, we will have the highest generation, the fifth generation of high speed rail technology operating on 19th century infrastructure in someplace. >> reporter: experts say lawmakers need to find a solution to ensure customers stay safe and new trains can operate smoothly >> and we hear so frequently about how infrastructure is a big play where are the trains going to be built >> the new generation acela trains are being built by a french manufacturer but manufacturer in upstate new york and they will generate about 1300 jobs. amtrak is hoping by building the trains here, over time more american engineers will develop an expert tease in high speed rail >> seema mody, thank you up next, we are "on the money. if you are not satisfied with advice from your financial adviser, maybe it is time to say
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that's simple, easy, awesome. add the sports entertainment package for nfl redzone. click, call, or visit a store today to learn more. breaking up is hard to do even when it comes to your relationship with your financial adviser. but if the volatile stock market and your investment returns have you rethinking the advice you've
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been getting, now may be the time to switch sharon epperson is joining us with more. and a lot of people are thinking about this >> there are a lot of advisers out there, so plenty to choose from over 300,000 financial advisers in the u.s. managing nearly $20 trillion and there was a study that ernst and young did, it wasn't looking at whether or not because of the market action most recently, but what did they do in the last three years. and half of clients decided that they wanted to make a switch and that includes with their banks or brokerages as well as their financial advisers and why they wanted to change wasn't so much their investment returns, but it was a life change it was them changing jobs or having a baby, getting married, receivingen a in-hair tansz. these are some of the reasons why people decide that they need financial visitor they need better vnfinancial advice >> for most people that is the only time people think about these thing, are you forced to think of the long term action.
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>> exactly >> what are signs that your financial adviser might not be acting in your own best interests? >> your financial situation if it has changed, you want to make sure that the advice changes as well, that that vnks advifinanc adviser understands your long term plan and how that may have changed. keep in mind how much technology has changed over the last ten years. has the financial planning firm kept up with software, with statements, are they communicating with you regularly or just now they have gotten so big you just get a newsletter. or when you do get a phone about call, they are trying to sell you a product that they will get a commission on.about call, they are trying to sell you a product that they will get a commission on. and that is key, have they explained the fees and how they make money the key that you want for any financial adviser, make sure they up old the fiduciary standard and that mines that they are putting your best interests ahead of their own >> so 50 ways to leave your lover. what is the best way to get rid of your financial adviser? >> you always have to plan ahead, make sure that you have
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all your documents in order and that includes your investment documents, but also your tax returns, insurance policies. because you want this adviser to give you a holistic view of what you will do for you next meet with a couple different perspective advisers just like you would kind of ask around for a second opinion with a doctor, you want to do the same when it comes to your financial adviser. you want to have a conversation though out of courtesy, let them know your concerns because they may step up. you never know >> if i've gotten this many bad vibe, i'm not coming to you for a second chance. >> then put it in your -- >> here is my note that says i want all my money. >> put it in write, saying that wand to close your accounts and the new adviser should be able to handle all of that. you shouldn't handle all of that paperwork yourself depending on where the investments are held and depending on what the new advisory firm policy is, you
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shouldn't really have to incur any additional cost, no tax consequences, you shouldn't have to sell the investments. you may have to pay a small termination fee, but by and large it should be a seamless process. and make sure that you have really interviewed and reviewed the new adviser to make sure this is going to be the right fit. >> sharon, thank you be strong. >> you can do it up next "on the money" a look at the news for the week ahead. and feel like there is nothing at the movies that you want to see? how about an old favorite or even a broadway show the company bringing big events to the big screen, that is next. oral-b power brushing. 's oral-b just cleans better. it's the one inspired by dentists... with the round brush head. oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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here are the stories coming up that may impact your money. on tuesday we'll see how busy factories were with the industrial production report also the 74th session of the united nations general assembly will begin and then on wednesday, we'll get a statement from the federal open market committee. the fed is widely expected to lower a key interest rate. on thursday, the philadelphia fed manufacturing report for september will come out. we'll also get a report on the housing sector with existing home sales for august. and it is also national talk like a pirate day. and what if you could watch an old favorite or even a live
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performance of the metropolitan opera? there are new and old choices on the big screen and joining us to sprain how it works is ray nutt, the ceo. ray, as part of this, is it the idea that people are more reluctant to go out to the movies to watch a regular movie, they will wait until it shows up at home with the big couches so you have to do more to draw them out? >> i think so. this business started off as a monday through thursday business and we were trying to put butts in seats during slow times and it has key evolved into pretty much a 24/7/365 business at this point. so we offer specialty content that isn't distributed like a normal disstrib buts tore and wt >> and so it feels like opening night. and how do you pick the content? >> the content is very diverse and that makes it fun.
5:55 am
we acquire about 150 titles every year and it ranges from like you said the metropolitan opera on the arts cite all the way to ann there. im ament e to broadway to original programming sflp is the ticket price the same or pricier? >> it is pricier and the reason it is pricier, there is always added value. when you go to a fathom event, you will see some back gound fr gound of the cast, you will get a poster, you get something special. >> who tends to go i guess it is different with every offering, but what are some of the more successful oneones staple with us is the met proceed tony romo metro follow tan offer and that audience averages 73 years old animae has content that ranges from children you all the way up to older folks as well
5:56 am
and probably the biggest title that we had was "they shalg not grow old." that did about $8.3 million with us and that was the peter jackson world war i documentary. >> how does it work for a business model, are you profitable >> we are profitable we have no debt. we are owned by amc, cinemark and regal, the three largest cinema companies in the world. be distribute not only to them, but 3 oth00 other services. >> and it makes sense to see those three big cinema companies getting together because it started as something to fill the seats when most people wouldn't be coming for movies but sounds like it has expanded quite a bit. >> it has expanded we've seen sdindouble digit gro and we're celebrating our 15th rear it has really come into its own.
5:57 am
>> what are some of the biggest hurdles you've had to overcome >> i think brand recognition is certainly one. when you go to the movies, you will see fathom events and people are saying what is fathom, how is that different. and then they go to an event, a couple that we have coming up for example, our "friends" which i'm excited to -- >> the tv series >> the tv series we're taking three different nights, 12 different episodes. so you will see a different episode or episodes each night that you go. and that will do very well for us we went on sale for tickets on a monday and within a couple minutes we had 30,000 people who were wanting to buy tickets. >> wow is it people like me who grew up with friends oig on the air or a younger generation who is watching it on streaming services >> believe it or not, when we did the research on it, it is all the above. so that is what makes it so popular. and you know, i would analogize
5:58 am
it when we grew up watching "friends," we would watch it on our television at home or now on devices and that type of thing what we're trying to recreate is the studio environment so for the first time you're going to be watch beiing "frien shoulder to shoulder with your friends. >> thanks for coming in. great to see you that is the show for today i'm becky quick. thank you so much for joining us next week, buyer beware. do you know who makes the stuff that you buy on amazon you might be a little surprised. each week keep it here, we're "on the money. have a great one and we'll see you next weekend
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all right. happy "options action" friday. i'm tyler mathisen in for melissa lee. live from the nasdaq market site a huge show on deck for you. and here is what's coming up tonight. >> how's the yield. >> on the 10-year it's flying. but carter wirth is about to bring the situation back down to earth. and we'll show you how to take the portfolio higher at the same time then -- >> i'm with the government. >> that's all google keeps hearing every time there is a knock at the door. but the stock has held up.


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